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manly changing bag

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Miffster Fri 19-Nov-10 10:19:51

I already have a stripey changing bag for me, which I thought was pretty unisex, but DH is scared of it, (as he is scared of any kind of bag that is a 'ladies bag'. If I ask him to hold my handbag for any reason he holds it like it is radioactive).

DC1 (boy) due December.
DH is taking 2 momths off work after birth and is very excited and proud and very keen to be hands on daddy ( I know, make the most of this while it lasts grin). He already loves the fawn and black McLaren XLR, has practised opening and closing it one-handed, and can't wait to push it about the park grin so I am thinking of getting him a manly changing bag for Christmas. Black probably, and under forty quid.

Yes, he can use a rucksack, or his manky laptop bag but he will probably have the baby in a Baby Bjorn type carrier thing some of the time so a bag he can sling on the pram or over his shoulder would be good.I know he would like one with a changing mat and stinky nappy containing bag and what have you so...any suggestions?


aendr Fri 19-Nov-10 17:22:54

I have a nice and stylish (and not at all girly) black and silver JuJuBe rucksack (Be Right Back). There's also one which is both rucksack and over the shoulder.

I found that when using a front carrier the rucksack helps balance the baby's weight, and is better for my back.

Miffster Fri 19-Nov-10 18:41:55

ooh thanks, will look at them. Do they hang off the back of a buggy okay?

Blatherskite Fri 19-Nov-10 19:03:05

I am totally in love with my plain black Skip Hop Via change bag - it has more pockets than you can shake a stick at and funky toggle clips that clip round the pushchair handle to save you having to change the length of the shoulder strap all the time. Also comes with an antimicrobial pocket for keeping messy clothes in and a nice grey change mat.

Mine wasn't under £40 but I think some of the simpler messanger bags are cheaper.

I've seen some called Baby Sherpa too which are quite manly but again expensive I think.

Alternatively, sign up to the Boots baby club and they'll give you a black and grey basic bag for free and you can save your £40 to buy him and the baby these

Blatherskite Fri 19-Nov-10 19:03:49

And congrats on the December baby too. My DD will be 1 on the 17th. Made for a magical Christmas last year.

lljkk Fri 19-Nov-10 19:06:26

We just use a regular cloth bag -- Bookstart freebie one, I think. You don't need a "fashionable" changing bag.

lljkk Fri 19-Nov-10 19:06:55

I tie it onto the bars of the buggy, ctw, easily done.

Miffster Fri 19-Nov-10 19:23:22

I know he doesn't need a fashionable changing bag, but it is our first baby and it is a Christmas present - it would be nice for him to have one 'daddy' present I think, as he is so excited about being a dad (and as me and the baby are getting all the attention and presents which is a bit unfair). I think he would really like a smart bag, and why not? I was going to buy him a man bag anyway, the black rucksack/laptop bag he uses is manky and falling apart. As he's taking time off to be a full time dad, let him have a cool 'dad' accessory! TBH anything that makes him excited about pushing babies and changing nappies is a plus. grin

Thanks for the congrats, it is SO exciting to have a December baby, think December is a great month to have a birthday in, life will always be twinkly and festive and involve time off school/work for him and his friends!

Just hope he doesn't make an early appearance...

Blatherskite Fri 19-Nov-10 19:29:13

Ah, life would be boring if we only bought what we needed. Treat him.

I'm buying my DH one of those T-shirt sets to share with our 3 year old son

Miffster Fri 19-Nov-10 19:34:45

Those pint/half pint T shirts are heinously cute...{grin]

Blatherskite Fri 19-Nov-10 19:37:49

And they come in teeny tiny sizes too wink

Miffster Fri 19-Nov-10 19:51:46

I got a T shirt, argh, and have bid on ebay for a Skip Hop, only snag is the bidding closes in 9 flipping days. I don't know if I can wait that long. I am nest-tastic right now.

Blatherskite Fri 19-Nov-10 19:56:00

Yey for me being a bad influence grin

Which skip hop was it? Mine is this one but in Black

Miffster Fri 19-Nov-10 19:57:36

This one,looked bargainous.

I won't get it at that price but might as well start low.

JeanLouiseFinch Fri 19-Nov-10 20:00:27

Miffster, congratulations.
I would like to add that I went through the same thoughts as you last year then finally bought a Skip Hop Via Messenger in black. It's a great bag and definitely unisex.

Blatherskite Fri 19-Nov-10 20:04:20

Looks like a Duo. Not quite as many pockets at the Via but then as a man, your DH is likely to be carrying less stuff that you anyway.

Still has the fab shuttle clips for hanging it off the buggy.

They're really well made. Mine's a year old now and still looks like new

Miffster Fri 19-Nov-10 20:32:45

I might just buy him a new one.

I don't know what is the matter with me, I am suddenly obsessed with buying DH a nice baby bag. I think I am excited about the baby and also excited because DH is so excited, so it's all built up into a must-have-bag-now nesting hormonal frenzy.

Blatherskite Fri 19-Nov-10 20:47:28

lol. I know the feeling but you will probably save yourself a fortune if you wait for the auction...which can be spent on other things grin

Currently looking for uber cute "I love Daddy" type books for DD to buy DH for Christmas now that DS has the T-shirts to give hiim.

BikeRunSki Fri 19-Nov-10 20:52:07

DH refused to carry my polka dot Cath Kidston bag, but was more than happy to carry my freebie Boots bag - v plain and black.

Blatherskite Fri 19-Nov-10 20:56:10

My BIL refuses to carry my sisters "Yummy Mummy" bag.

Which is fair enough, I would refuse to carry it too grin

Miffster Fri 19-Nov-10 21:16:36

^ grin

Blatherskite Fri 19-Nov-10 21:20:10

Oh phew!

Posted that and then thought "oh shit, she just said hers was stripey not what make it was. I'm sure there's a stripey Yummy Mummy bag. Bet I just offended her!"

sapphireblue Fri 19-Nov-10 21:23:18

I have this. DH doesn't like it much.

Miffster Fri 19-Nov-10 21:57:37

God no I have a pathological aversion to the concept of a Yummy Mummy, whatever sort of baggage it refers to. Mine is just a generic stripey brown and red bag from some random company on ebay, cost about 20 quid.

Blatherskite Fri 19-Nov-10 22:17:31

So Daddy's change bag will probably cost more than Mummy's! That's got to be a first

Going to get this from DD to DH I think. Looks cute.

aendr Sat 20-Nov-10 08:53:41

Miffster: mine came with clips to attach to the buggy and there are loops on the bag to attach to the clips. But I found my overpacking overbalances the buggy unless I also used buggy weights on the front.

aendr Sat 20-Nov-10 08:55:22

Oh, and I liked the fact that JuJuBe bags are machine washable (so many aren't).

Miffster Sat 20-Nov-10 10:33:05

Oh God, aren't they? How incredibly stupid to design bags to contain poo-smothered nappies that aren't washable. confused bear biscuitat swanky bag manufacturers.

Where do you get buggy weights? Motherbearcare?

aendr Sat 20-Nov-10 20:41:54

Um, just google "buggy weights". I got mine from but they don't seem to have them right now. Mothercare doesn't seem to be mumsnetters' favourite shop, and I agree except for clothes.

ItsJustMyOpinion Sat 20-Nov-10 20:45:53

We got our changing bag free from the boots parenting club. It is black so DH was never embarrased about using it. It could also hang on the handles of the buggy, or over the shoulder. Tend not to use it now as DD like to take her Pepa Pig bag everywhere with her, or her zingzillas record bag, which I love taking out and about grin

we have one of these - in red. It's really great - lots of pockets (including for phone, pens, etc), bottle section, internal pockets for food, wipes etc. It also has a changing mat, which has proved incredibly useful. It's pretty unisex too, despite the blurb.

we have one of these - in red. It's really great - lots of pockets (including for phone, pens, etc), bottle section, internal pockets for food, wipes etc. It also has a changing mat, which has proved incredibly useful. It's pretty unisex too, despite the blurb.

Miffster Sat 20-Nov-10 22:21:38

Well the upshot was that I got a Skip Hop Duo in black, apparently unused, on ebay for 23 quid.

Hopefully DH will like it.
I can't tell whether it's washable or not, despite googling.

Thank you all very much for all your help ladies.

Blatherskite Sun 21-Nov-10 07:39:13

Wow, that's a bargain.

I can't remember if my Skip Hop is washable or not. tbh, if it got dirty enough to need one, I'd probably stick it in the machine on a handwash cycle anyway because I am lazy It's tough, durable material so I think it would cope. I've put the change mat through the wash and that's always been fine. It is easy to wipe clean too though.

You could spend some of the money you saved filling it for him? A few nappies, wipes, nappy bags and some cream?

Miffster Sun 21-Nov-10 08:03:04

I'm going to put some nappies and bags and wipes in, (already have them for the baby because I've been buying them on offer over the last few months to save money) plus the cute pint/half pint T shirt present from earlier in the thread!

Oh, and the 2 Xbox games he wanted for Christmas, and doesn't realise will probably never get to play wink.

Happy Christmas Mr Miffster and welcome to parenthood!


Blatherskite Sun 21-Nov-10 08:42:52

Sounds like a fab present

Chique26 Sat 25-Aug-12 17:44:33

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Chique26 Sat 25-Aug-12 17:44:56

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MsDannyGr33n Sat 18-May-13 15:55:22

you could try the babybeau Kobe it is currently on offer

pypsik Wed 05-Jun-13 12:12:09

Ok. Storksak do amazing baby bags especially for men. Brad Pitt has one.

That is If you are willing to invest.


Irene (

nevgav Sat 17-Aug-13 10:35:17

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SallyTurner Sat 21-Sep-13 23:55:54

Just found the Kobe Messenger on Amazon for £91.27

TeamSouthfields Sun 22-Sep-13 00:03:33

Ur going to get 'him' a manly change bag for 'christmas'

Okey dokey then !!

PaisleyW Sun 09-Feb-14 11:10:41

Have you checked out the oxford? I've got the Whitehall and it's excellent quality

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