My Merc A Class needs replacing

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PrizeyPrize Mon 17-Oct-16 20:30:36

My 10 year old A class which I've had for one year has repairs that need doing which will cost me about half of its value. Is it fair to say I should replace at this stage or pay for repairs? I have no clue about this kind of stuff, (what will me being a fair maiden newly on her lonesome, I haven't faced this problem on my own before so please someone help)

If I replace what do I replace with?? I need
a) Cheap to run (ideally diesel)
b) largish boot
c) just me and 2 kids so smallish
d) reliable

The A class fitted the bill nicely but I also like the Note (and would love a Mini, but it's probably impractical), any other ideas or advice for me?
My budget is very little, realistically no more than £5k

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