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getting a new car

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issypiggle Thu 28-Mar-13 16:26:06

sorted something to do when dd is in bed smile

AlexMumsnetCars (MNHQ) Thu 28-Mar-13 14:48:38

You might also want to take a look at our guide to the Top 10 cheap new cars. And if you want to be sure you haven't missed anything else, you could check out all the four- or five-star superminis in our car reviews section. Perhaps make yourself a cup of tea first… smile

Waferthinmint Thu 28-Mar-13 06:39:31

Get yourself a copy of what car magazine and it has loads of comparison tables to browse through

Oodsigma Thu 28-Mar-13 06:38:14

If you want a similar sized car, I love my Yaris, economical, reliable, versatile.

issypiggle Thu 28-Mar-13 05:54:48

cool. sounds like the best option and i can pick up a decent one for my budget

I'd go for the fiesta. Cheap to run, very reliable and good amount of space for a car of that size.

issypiggle Thu 28-Mar-13 04:14:03

cool cheers guys

Mondrian Thu 28-Mar-13 03:58:53

Fit not for

Mondrian Thu 28-Mar-13 03:58:37

Who's listed all the main contenders so if they for within your budget then can't go wrong with any of those.

issypiggle Thu 28-Mar-13 03:39:31

ford fiesta sounds good.

it was a lovely car all the while it was working, but (the reason i'm getting a new one) it's now costing me a fortune to keep fixing and i'd like a complete change and see what else is out there.

i know i could be unlucky and end up with a duff car but i'm hoping i won't

Mondrian Thu 28-Mar-13 03:33:47

How did you like/not like Corsa?

WhoWhatWhereWhen Thu 28-Mar-13 03:33:42

I'd have a look at Ford Fiesta, Renault Clio, VW Polo, Mini & Audi A1

WhoWhatWhereWhen Thu 28-Mar-13 03:32:20

I'd have a look at Ford Fiesta, Renault Clio, VW Polo, Mini & Audi A1

issypiggle Thu 28-Mar-13 03:19:59

I'm getting a new car, but have absolutely no idea what to go for. i currently have a corsa but i know i don't want a corsa again.

the only requirements are has 5 doors
2.isn't massive-only me and dd, but possibly her little friend too reliable (or as reliable as cars can be)

and the usual must have 4 wheels and start lol

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