Anyone work in a bupa --care-- home?

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Hi, I've worked in one for a couple of years and have come to really hate the money grabbing company! Anyone else got any experiences good or bad, or have any of you got family in a bupa care home? I'd love to hear all your experiences.

poshcyclist Fri 26-Dec-14 15:01:52

My father is in an excellent home, but the new manager used to work in a bupa home and is reducing the standards - staffing especially - to the bupa level. Staff bullying has reduced their morale so much they are all looking for new jobs, and some of them have worked in this lovely home for 25 years. If anything goes wrong they get the blame, even when it's not their fault. Her priority is getting the place redecorated even though all the chairs (which the residents sit in all day) are filthy and falling apart. She is putting up lots of 'home sweet home' things on the wall, even though the residents can't see them. Fur coat, no knickers is certainly appropriate.
Having read all the comments here, I am in total despair.

meat123 Sat 20-Sep-14 20:57:18

I hate BUPA to the extreme ..... for a non profit organisation they make me sick, the don't make profits just massive bonuses for the executives and managers, In the care homes the less the manager spends repairing or buying everyday essentials the bigger there bonus,
i wouldn't put a dog in there, what a vile evil company big brand no morals
Shame on BUPA steal from the poor and give to the rich and treat the staff like muck

Blondy79 Sun 14-Sep-14 05:20:08

Hi guys
I at the moment work in a Bupa home I've done care for 13 years which I like to say I'm very caring and does make me wonder why some do care we are not all the same anyway, I am actually leaving already after 14 months being there I read before cutting staff levels yes too right then wonder why there is no one to stay in lounge when two people that needs hoisting needs toileting and only have enough staff to do this cut the budget on food cooking so the poor chef who actually cares about these people has limited money there are as a senior I spend more time with paper work then I do get to spend time with residents and if I don't finish it on time a pulled into office not to mention the pay is appalling compared to some other run homes the girls I do work with are really good at there job and very caring but it's sad how they are leaving for better hence why I am leaving all companies like to earn money but I feel with Bupa that's really all it's about

Tiredemma Thu 11-Sep-14 15:31:29

I worked for Bupa whilst training to be a nurse.

I wont hammer on about how crap they are.

I wouldnt let them look after my plants if I went on holiday- never mind care for a loved one.

Jimbo2 Thu 11-Sep-14 15:30:03

Do not under any circumstances put a relative in a BUPA care home. Any complaints will have you the relative put on a blacklist and denied access to your parent. Think social services cover ups and children being taken away from parents who have done absolutely nothing...nothing...on some chance remark by a child. They are little Hitlers. My poor mother has no friends and they spend money on bringing ponies to see them..,can you believe if they are was clearly a day out for the staff. is it healthy to bring horses into a building full of old people. It is typical NHS type bureaucracy........they only want to cover their own backs. Patients in my mothers home sit there all day with nothing to do, before staff arrive, the place is filthy and they go bananas watching tv all day.

Avoid Bupa at all costs

AliceInGallifrey Thu 31-Jul-14 10:20:06

I'm a carer ( not bupa) I currently do community care and have been seriously considering switching to a home ( 15 hours driving around or sat in the car each day paid for maybe 10 of those hours and £90 a week out of pocket for fuel)
Reading these comments I don't think I will - I can't stand poor care and I would be a care homes nightmare I would think nothing of phoning the qcc.

Yes some clients are hard work but that is no excuse to belittle another human being!

GCchicky2014 Thu 31-Jul-14 10:09:42

Does anyone on here still work for BUPA in Australia. If so I would love to hear from you. Please message me. I am interested to hear about staffing levels, being overworked and underpaid, poor care standards that are a reflection of BUPA's commitment to profits before residents.
Please contact me asap via this forum. If you have any family members in BUPA care facilities and are equally concerned about the poor care due to overworked staff, then I would love to hear from you too.
Many thanks

Tanacot Sat 12-Jul-14 07:02:01

I know it feels pointless (and nearly always is), but please do take 5 mins to (anonymously!) report these homes.

Paste your comment in here and put the name of the home in after . You don't need to put your name or contact details or anything.

nurseskuno Sat 12-Jul-14 05:41:05

I've got my training there and it was horrible. The staff are all bully from RN down to Kitchen and cleaners.No wander why they are always short of staff. Those people who works at Bupa for long time are those who are desperate for jobs due to lack of english proficiency, and who doesn't care for the resident and for themselve. Why themselves? because Bupa knows that they hired low level of uneducated people so they abuse them by giving 10-23 resident to shower. Management say that lifter must use but the AIN doesnt use it as most of time it doesnt work so its only a waist of time to get it. And come to think of it... how can you manage to use a lifter if your partner is so stupid that all she want is to finish the job quickly so she could say to everyone that she is very quick.
One of the staff told me that she is not there to make friends with the resident. She is only there to work for money but if she's in front of the management she is really caring.That 's B#####!

jmdjmde1 Wed 25-Jun-14 23:27:41

I currently work a 12 hour nightshift but only get paid for 11. They take an hour off for a break that you NEVER get. You are fastened in a unit for 12 hours a night on your own with 14 residents with very advanced dementia (EMI unit)
The nurses are vile to us, the owners are so tight, won't even buy face cloth's, we get shouted at for getting towells dirty and for using too many gloves. The residents-bless their hearts- do not nearly get the care they deserve. Not only is it degrading and unfair on them, it is soul destroying for us good care staff who strive to do the absolute best we can for people. I'm in the middle of fighting these issues out with management but feel I am losing..

Loobydoo1 Tue 17-Jun-14 02:44:39

I agree we were given three weeks to choose and book our holidays for the whole year so bupa could save 10 million pounds???? How??.

Loobydoo1 Tue 17-Jun-14 02:41:50

I work for a bupa care home in the Cotswolds,our carers are hardworking ( the majority) we regularly get abused,kicked,punched bitten and all for the joyous amount of £6.41 an hour. Bupa pay different amounts in each care home which as staff is very bad for moral. We have the bare minimum staffing levels due to cost cutting and our residents are only allocated £25 per person per week for food,even though some are paying £1200 pw for their room. I love my job which is why I stay but Bupa needs to address the serious problems within their company.

Tonikim Sat 31-May-14 04:10:00

I've worked for them for 14 yrs and sadly must agree with most of the comments here.Recently the nurses here asked for a face to face with the regional manager as we were all so stressed out and constantly understaffed,we were told it's a business and to put up and shut up or leave!!!Over the years I worked here we lost 30% of staff per shift but dependencies increased by 50%,we earn around 35% less than other nurses and carers locally so cannot recruit or retain staff,we have 3-4 times more pointless and poorly designed documentation that's only there to meet CQC guidelines regardless if the care is happening.So why do I stay? The majority of the people I work alongside(from kitchen staff,laundry,activities and care/nursing)have worked here for many years and refuse to let our own standards drop.We give the best of care 24/7 365 days a year for minimum reward other than the reward of doing a job well done.We are physically and verbally attacked almost daily by our frail,dementia elders and threatened by our managers with disciplinaries for failure to complete paperwork or appearing to care or challenge ridiculous policy changes.The latest insult is being told that our holiday entitlement will be told as to when it's convenient for us to take it(if it's not used when were told we just lose it!)All this after 35 yrs of nursing and now on the lowest wage and worse hours ever.I won't walk away from the people in my care but Bupa may break me yet!

sillymoo0797 Sun 25-May-14 18:09:18

god i thought australia would be alot better than england

mimishimmi Sun 25-May-14 09:10:20

They have an awful reputation here in Australia too.

NurseMummy Tue 13-May-14 14:55:20

I have just left a bupa home because of the awful standards of care and staffing. I worked there for a month and couldn't take it anymore. I'm an rgn and have worked in nursing homes and the nhs as a carer, senior carer and nurse for the past 10 years and this place was an eye opener for me. I have never seen such heartbreaking care standards or such terrible management. It was all about the paperwork. Bupa pay lip service to wanting a high quality of care but dont provide the staff or environment to give the care people deserve.

NurseMummy Tue 13-May-14 14:40:15

I have just left a bupa home because of the awful standards of care and staffing. I worked there for a month and couldn't take it anymore. I'm an rgn and have worked in nursing homes and the nhs as a carer, senior carer and nurse for the past 10 years and this place was an eye opener for me. I have never seen such heartbreaking care standards or such terrible management. It was all about the paperwork. Bupa pay lip service to wanting a high quality of care but dont provide the staff or environment to give the care people deserve.

Doobydoo Sat 12-Apr-14 08:55:35


Doobydoo Sat 12-Apr-14 08:55:02

I am a nursing..starting new job on Monday as manager for a Residential Home...mainly for people with is daunting as cqc,councils etc pile paperwork on you.I need to remember why I am doing it.This home is one on it's own.I have worked in 'corporate' ones and decided they weren't for me.Wish me luck!

expatinscotland Fri 04-Apr-14 17:41:19

This is what happens when healthcare becomes profit driven.

sillymoo0797 Fri 04-Apr-14 15:38:33

I am on the sick at the moment i need a MRI scan. The manager where i work left a few weeks back and a intrim manager has taken over, and i'm not kidding you this woman is a nasty peice of work she is on the phone constantly harrasing me calling me a lyer about visiting hospital. I sent her the hospital appointment and she rang again this morning accusing me of changing the time. i told her the hospital changed the time. so she said i rang the hospital and your appointment is 6.20pm not 2.20pm so you can attend your sickness appointment to discuss why your off. which she knows as i have provided doctors certificates. she also said if you are lying about the hospital appointment i will mark you down as a no show for the meeting saying you failed to attend for no reason. Help i dont know what to do to get this woman off my back she also said she will not pay me for my holiday pay for last year she will carry it over to the new year, which after speaking to the cab she cannot do.

MoominsYonisAreScary Sun 23-Mar-14 09:32:46

I worked in one for a long time before training as a nurse, it was awful. Training for staff was crap, so was the pay. Staffing and some of the staff they took on was awful

Domt have a good thing to say about bupa

fedupandexhausted Sun 23-Mar-14 09:30:03

Please don't accept shoddy standards. If you work in a home where you run out if incontinence aids, get residents up at 5am, don't have enough thickeners, leave people waiting for the loo, place is dirty and in disrepair then you have a duty to report it.

All care assistants should have safeguarding training and need to recognise these matters and reprt them to the local authority/ cqc. Check your companies whistleblowing policy. It won't change if people in the industry don't challenge poor standards.

Jennyscott94 Sun 23-Mar-14 09:08:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jennyscott94 Sun 23-Mar-14 09:06:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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