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which cars have three isofix points?

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newnhambolton Mon 22-Feb-10 14:18:14

Does anyone know which car models have 3 isofix points across the rear but not using any foldable seats in the crunch zone in the back of the car? or alternatively, does anyone know which cars can fit a baby, a 4 years old and a 6 years old in the rear using at least two isofix points. I was thinking the 6 years old can sit in a belted up booster seat wedged between the two isofix car seats.

Thanks for any suggestions.

nicm Mon 22-Feb-10 14:54:23

i know the big people carriers have all setas with isofix.

what weights are the kids?

you will laugh probably, but i have 3 in the back of my golf, one in a KISS(klippan isofix safety system), one in a britax two way elite and the 6 yo in a maxi cosi rodi sps(have a priori in at the minute but can change it if i need to).

the KISS behind the driver, twe in the middle and the rodi at the edge. i find it easier to have the one you have to do up the seatbelt each time at the edge.

nicm Mon 22-Feb-10 14:54:55


Loopymumsy Tue 23-Feb-10 06:38:38

You'd be surprised how many cars don't have 3 x rear isofix!!! New Galaxy? Only 2. Zafira? Only 2. Toyota 7 seater? Only 2. S-max? etc etc. (Can you tell what was on our shopping list when we bought a new car 3 years ago?)

We found that a couple of the Citroens do, the C8 was one which had 5 x rear isofix, and they did another one (can't remember which model now which had 3 x rear isofix in the middle row. Kia Sedona had 4 x rear isofix, (2 middle row, 2 back row). Renault Grand Espace has 5 x rear isofix. VW Sharan/Seat Alhambra/Old Galaxy can all have up to five as well, if any of the seats in these cars are the integrated car seats (with the built in harness) then they don't have Isofix as well.

HTH, we ended up with an Alhambra FWIW smile

nicm Tue 23-Feb-10 14:43:17

sorry yes by big people carriers i meant vw/seat and ford. not the mini zafiras and scenics.

would stay away from renault-i had a grand scenic from new and it broke my heart! have now downsized to a vw golf and think i would get a sharan when i change again.

3l15a8eth Tue 02-Mar-10 19:10:49

The only car that has three issofix seats in the back is the c4 grand picasso. I have one it is really nice to drive and very easy to park no more difficult than a zafira it has a really goo turning circle. it also has 7 seats. I'm sure more cars will follow suit but as yet I have not seat another car that does.

Katy1976 Thu 28-Oct-10 16:18:05

If anyone still needs to know check out Peugeot. I'm getting a Peugeot 308 SW. It's got 3 sofix points across the rear and if you want you can move one or two of those in the the boot space. I've got 3 little ones and I can get all three stage seats in the back or two group 1 and a group 2 all isofix. Ideal if you dont want a massive thirsty car that doesn't fit anywhere! Also looked at the 5008 and it too had three across the rear and a further two in the boot. x

Katy1976 Thu 28-Oct-10 16:19:52

Oh and I know the 308 SW has a 5* encap safety rating too.

my dad's audi (a3) has one in the front as well as the 2 in the back
my polo and DH's golf just have 2 in the back

Volvo xc 90 I am told has 3 isofix points, we want to have 3 fixings too for when number 3 goes onto her group 1 rear facing seat!

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