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Graco Snugsafe car seat and Evo pram any good? And do they fit a ford focus?

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CuttingOutTheCrap Tue 20-May-14 15:08:32

Currently expecting DC1 and we're looking at prams/car seats/travel systems and feeling a bit overwhelmed.

We've looked at lots and the Graco Evo stood out, even though it's a lot more affordable than other we'd considered - and the Snugsafe car seat (which has an isofix base) is compatible so seems a great buy- it seemed to tick all our boxes,
- light (I have an old back injury so this is a bonus but not a necessity)
- Easily manouvered
- One hand collapse
- Decent size when collapsed (to fit in car, we are rural and don't have public transport nearby)
- Easy to swap the car seat/seat/carrycot in and out
- seat can be parent facing or outward facing
- isofix base for car seat

Does anyone have this system and if so, would you recommend it?

We currently own a ford focus and are thinking of buying another as a second car but keep hearing that they are poor cars for car seats due to short seatbelts, but hoping the ISOFIX will mean it's ok.

Does anyone know if the car seat fits in a focus? We are trying to find a store that can try it out in the car for us,but finding it hard to track one down (we'll probably buy online in the end if it suits).

Any advice gratefully received!

HappierThanEverBefore Wed 21-May-14 14:20:53

Check that your focus has Isofix as a friend has a focus and hers didn't have Isofix. The focus was a 56 plate

CuttingOutTheCrap Wed 21-May-14 21:29:33

Thanks for replying Happier, it definitely has isofix, it's a 2013 model that we own and the one I'm thinking of buying is a 2010 or so. I think it became standard for all models in 2007 - but i've been checking anyway just to be sure smile

jennyschreurs Mon 15-Sep-14 13:27:08

Please do not buy the snugsafe car seat...i did and really struggled to the point i had to return it. Have a look at the reviews on mothercare they are shocking. I am currently in heated discussion with graco.. its unsafe
1- its not lightweight. The maxi cosi pebble is bigger but much lighter...i know as i carried it through town
2- the straps do not adjust well and my baby had marks on her legs where they were digging into her. Even mothercare staff could not adjust it and she is a tiny baby of 4 kg!
3- mid journey her head looped forward and we had to emergency stop on the M5.

the pram is excellent. But the car seat is dangerous....i just want your little one to be safe

burns82 Mon 15-Sep-14 19:16:01

After Reading Reviews on Mothercare I rang Graco and they said they was aware of certain complaints from Mothercare website of the Snugsafe, and the problem is with the Mothercare staff not knowing how to correctly adjust the waist and buckle strap. I admit it is difficult especially as it does not tell you how to in the Instruction book, They sent me a email with the different ways on how to adjust all the straps which i now know how to do. The Seat has passed all the safety Checks.

Regarding th Evo We love it, We brought the whole system with carrycot and was by far the best value for money we looked at.

I have a 59 plate Focus which did not have Isofix, Ford fitted it in for me for £75 all in. The seatbelt in my focus would not fit any rear facing Carseat as belt is too short.

Hope this helps.

Mummy2two60 Sun 21-Sep-14 19:00:12

Hi. I'm really worried. I got this whole travel system before lo was born. I am so unhappy with the car seat. Head falls forward, straps seem in wrong position, buckle does not have enough strap and digs into legs. Went into mothercare on sat and staff agreed did not look correct. I therefore got bus home and do not want to use this again. Graco are closed at weekends and I have no idea what to do as I bought the whole travel system so can't just take seat back and no other fits the pram system or the isofix base. Waiting on mothercare to call tomorrow but worried they say graco say its fine. ???

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