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If you have two rear facing car seats...

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HootShoot Wed 02-Oct-13 07:30:10

What car do you drive? Our toddler is in a rear facing be safe and whoever is sitting in the passenger seat has their knees virtually on the dashboard. We've just found out we are expecting baby number two and don't think we would be able to fit two rear facing seats in our current car. So can you share what cars you driveso we can start car shopping!

We have this car.

Behind the passenger seat is a Multi-tech fitted with the seatbelt. I've got enough room in the front for me and I'm roughly 5'8"

Behind the driver (OH) is the baby in his Britax babysafe SHR 2 on an isofix base. OH is 6 foot and has enough room to drive.

I can fit between the 2 seats and I'm not skinderella. Not particularly comfortable though, and not something I would want to do long distance.

When the baby outgrows his seat, he will end up behind the passenger in the multi-tech, and dd (3.5yo) will either end up behind the driver in a seatbelt fixed TWE as she will probably be too tall for the multi-tech by then. or if she is too tall for the TWE, then she will end up behind the driver on a ff isofixed hbb.

I can do you a photo of the current set-up when OH gets home tonight.

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