Campsite near Monkey World in Dorset

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brazenhussy Sun 20-Jun-10 20:51:49

Hi all,
We fancy going to Monkey world in the summer hols.
Can anyone recommend a campsite within a reasonable distance please?

brazenhussy Sun 20-Jun-10 20:53:03

Sorry blush I was so keen to post that i forgot to say, its in Dorset!

redskyatnight Sun 20-Jun-10 21:16:56

We went to Pear Tree Park over half term. Fairly simple campsite but plenty of space even for our large tent and loos were spotless. Loads of children about (we didn't see ours most of the time we were there) and the whole site felt very safe - so we were happy for them to go off (even the 4 year old). If you like lots of amenities etc though, it's probably not for you.

TitchWillDoIt Sun 20-Jun-10 21:22:45

right next door

brazenhussy Sun 20-Jun-10 22:13:01

Thank you, both look just right

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