Ok so what is the most comfy option for a camp bed/mattress if price not an issue?

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newpositiveme Sun 06-Mar-11 20:26:04

Went camping last summer and enjoyed it, planning on doing lots more camping as the two DC's get older. The only 'downsie' was that I was so so uncomfy at night, we took two fairly cheap airbeds plus a fold out camp bed which I tried to sleep on one night.
Am not an experienced camper and fee I need some advice on what else might be out there which is more comfy, I am willing to pay more for the sake of a good night sleep!!!

SlubberKongWubba Sun 06-Mar-11 20:32:17

You did say money was no object

At a slightly smaller price thermarest base camps are very good.

Lilymaid Sun 06-Mar-11 20:36:49

Slightly less expensive Alpkit options much loved on this forum.

MisSalLaneous Sun 06-Mar-11 21:16:19

Ooh Slubber, that first one looks lovely!

We've got an Alpkit one (Fat Airic, now replaced with Dozer), which is great.

I should be very embarrassed to admit it, but as it was so nice, here goes: Best night's sleep I had whilst camping was the following combination: Inflatable double mattress topped with two Fat Airics next to each other. Deep fitted sheet over it and you've got your perfect bed. Self-inflating provided great insulation and airbed height. Obviously not worth the hassle for a weekend trip, but really good for longer trips if you're a princess like me fussy about beds.

millypip Sun 06-Mar-11 21:17:12

Oooh interesting! After payday I've got to kit the whole family out and I liked the look of the alpkit package for 4 people. Has anybody slept on these for more than a few days? Are they really more comfy than airbeds? I love the idea of them! I used to have thermarests in the days when I could trek up mountains etc but had forgotten all about them....

Thank you newpositiveme, I'm following this with interest! :-)

(btw - I think we're also going to take duvets in compression sacks instead of sleeping bags as I and my DS (2) don't sleep well being so restricted, have yet to test this for practicality though!)

SlubberKongWubba Sun 06-Mar-11 21:21:03

Doesn't it Sal grin you can get a super light weight and yet thermal feather duvet thing that poppers on to it for total surround sound thermarest comfort.

Do you still not get that wobbly lurchyness that you get on a normal aired even with the sims on top? One of the reasons I hate air beds, they make me feel a bit seasick.

MisSalLaneous Sun 06-Mar-11 21:30:48

Love the duvet combination idea!

Well, airbed combo was obviously more wobbly than just sims, but we made airbed very hard, so not the whole rolling out of bed horrible feeling you get with the usual set-up. Try it out at home once - it's really good. Very important to have deep fitted sheet though, as otherwise I think it would feel like it's about to slip off any second.

I sleep on my sides, so maybe that's why I get a bit tired of just mat after a while. I won't ever take just airbed though, that's horrible. Wish someone had told me about sims before I went camping for the first time, they're awful on their own. Camping shops should be fined...

SlubberKongWubba Sun 06-Mar-11 21:36:52

Sounds all very luxurious Sal. I'm a side sleeper too and find my basecamp fine, although my self padded hip regions may help with that.

MisSalLaneous Sun 06-Mar-11 21:45:00

Haha. Not sure why my hips get so sore, as I have enough covering for all three of us. In my defence, I did have some problems with my legs (broken, had to have physio for years) when I was small. That's my excuse anyway.

badger21 Mon 07-Mar-11 19:26:20

I'm sure I've jumped in on a similar conversation before ...

I (and now my OH) have one of these:
Completely fab - especially when it's cold. Packs up tiny, and weighs very little, so perfect for backpacking luxury, but not cheap, even with the 10% BMC discount that The Outdoor Shop offer. On last thread I think someone didn't get on with one of these though.

Friends of ours have these:
Take up much more space, but even more comfortable than the downmat, and also quite a bit cheaper. I don't think I have EVER laid down on anything so comfy in a tent.

Also just seen these, new for this year: www.theoutdoorshop.com/showPart.asp?part=PN19409 Look even more seriously comfy bit of sleeping kit.

I really don't think you can underestimate the value of getting this decision right, but the answer also sort of depends how you plan to use it. For me, the downmat has made camping much more enjoyable (no more sore hips in a morning).

newpositiveme Tue 08-Mar-11 11:29:09

Wow thanks to everyone who has replied, am going to go of and investigate all of the suggestions!!

poppyboo Sun 13-Mar-11 12:34:27

Slubber i was actually thinking about buying the first option (seriously I actually was) but then decided not to b/c I find memory foam makes me feel a bit sweaty and uncomfortable. I am actually thinking about this one now in the XL:

as you are the camping expert do you have any thoughts about this? Of course , I could go for the basecamp b/c they look really comfy too. Money not really a problem though as I have some birthday money put by for me to buy my ideal matress..... grin

poppyboo Sun 13-Mar-11 12:36:44

I just wanted to say I disagree with badger21 in the nicest possible way. I bought an exped matress and sent it straight back, it was so uncomfortable but then I HATE air matresses and this was like a air matress, but filled with down. It was extremely warm though!

AitchTwoOh Sun 13-Mar-11 12:51:29

so am i fucked with my little weeny 2.5cm sims, then?

CheerfulMe Sun 13-Mar-11 13:34:33

I have an alpkit fat airic and it's lovely! Really comfy, though no good with a duvet either camping or at home - it benefits from a blanket or quilt slung over it to stop things feeling chilly underneath you. Have heard good things about thermarests though they are hellish pricey.

poppyboo Sun 13-Mar-11 17:44:22

AitchTwoOh what brand, if it's a thermarest you should be Ok grin

CheerfulMe you can get bargains on line if you look around, sometimes £20 cheaper them in camping shops. Oh, have you thought about laying a sheepskin rug under you on your alpkit? It is very warming (if you're vegan you might not like that idea..... I once got a huge telling off from someone who was vegan about having sheepskins in my home so now am scared to mention them...and I am a vegetarian too LOL grin )

AitchTwoOh Sun 13-Mar-11 17:45:39

outwell, not thermarest...

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