Can we have a thread to list every day what we've eaten?

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shiningcadence Thu 01-Aug-13 15:51:26

Hi, I've recently started cutting down ready for my holiday at the end of Aug. also my 3 year old asked me why I had a big bum grin

I'm not calorie counting per se because I haven't got the time but I've cut down lots and am eating quite healthily most days.

I'm still tempted by the odd treat though and I think a massive motivation for me would be if I knew I was coming on here every evening to list what I'd eaten that day. Does anyone else else think this would help them? If so, please join!

I also think it might be helpful to see what others are eating to give me ideas for healthy snacks and meals.

Also, is anyone excercising as well as cutting down? I haven't got the time to do any 'proper' excercise (sahm with 3 dc, dh works long hours, no family nearby etc) but I've been doing squats and arm lifts when the dc are playing and have also been hula hooping in the garden grin - I find this a really good way to tone up my stomach. What excercises are others doing? Any tips for excercises that can fit around the dc?

I will be back this evening to list what I've eaten and what excercise I've done today - hopefully this'll keep me on track this afternoon smile

redmayneslips Thu 01-Aug-13 18:50:52

Hi there
I'll join you for support, I started a thread about something similar on chat but this is a more appropriate place.

My dh is having a significant birthday in Aug and we are going away for a week and vanity is making me take control of what I eat (having been very lax all summer so far) I would like to lose about 7 or 8 lbs.

Today so far i had:

Breakfast: 3 x crackers with butter and sliced banana, small glass of juice and a coffee with low fat milk

1 coffee in work with low fat milk

Lunch: wholemeal bread sandwich with 2 slices of chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, sprint onion and a tiny spoonful of coleslaw. Glass of water

Afternoon: had a friend over so had a cup of tea and a sliver of cake (just to be polite!)

Dinner: king prawn red thai curry with extra veg - carrot, celery, mange tout, pepper and boiled rice. Water to drink

Supper....who knows, maybe a low fat yoghurt maybe nothing, depends how hungry I get later.

How's your day going so far?

shiningcadence Thu 01-Aug-13 19:30:54

Hi, thanks for joining smile

That's good that you have an idea of how much you want to lose - I haven't a clue. I don't even know how much I weigh blush I just go by how my clothes feel I guess. But my youngest is 3 and I still haven't shifted the baby weight. Day to day it doesn't bother me but we've booked a lovely holiday, haven't been abroad for 4 years, and I'm determined to look half decent!

Will you do any excercise today? Though I guess if you're working you'll be burning calories. The dc wanted to stay in today, playing in the pool and in the garden, so I haven't been burning many calories so I've tried not to eat too much today. So far I've had:

For breakfast: muller rice with strawberries, coffee with semi skimmed milk and one (brown) sugar

Snack: raisins, dried cranberries and cashew nuts with 2 squares of melted dark chocolate

Lunch: breadsticks and carrot sticks with houmous. A handful of sweet corn (I know the sweetcorn's a bit random, I just fancied some grin)

Snack: Alpen light bar and a coffee

Dinner: 3 Quorn chicken style dippers, low fat coleslaw, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce.

Lots of water to drink all day.

I have been naughty though and pinched a couple of chips off dd1's plate (with a dollop of ketchup blush ) and dd3 had one of those choco dips and I pinched a stick with a dollop of chocolate. Lol.

I think I'll have a low fat yogurt later too.

It's funny because I used to eat loads and always felt hungry but now that I've been gradually eating less I never feel hungry. It's as though your stomach shrinks/expands depending on what you eat. Do you feel the same? I was worried I'd be going to bed hungry - and I was at first, but now I'm absolutely fine.

I've also done 5 mins on the hula hoop (much to the dc amusement!) I know it sounds like a strange way to lose weight but honestly, it works. And you don't feel like you're doing excercise at all.

DiaryOfAWimpyMum Thu 01-Aug-13 19:34:08

Mine was terrible today but I will try do better:

Beans on toast (wholemeal bread) supposed to be low carbing but


Cappachino x 2
Tea x 5 skimmed milk

Chicken with peppers and veg stir fry

more toast with lurpack

I Wont eat bread tomorrow, DC are here so I bought some.

shiningcadence Thu 01-Aug-13 21:02:45

DiaryOfAWimpyMum I am very jealous of your Kit-Kat sad

I am a chocolate addict so I've had to had to go cold turkey (kind of, allow myself a couple of squares of dark chocolate every so often).

I looked into low carbing but I don't think I've got the time or energy to be planning meals like that. This way I just eat less and hopefully that will mean weight loss!

Tomorrow will probably be a naughty day for me as we are going out for food. Will report back tomorrow evening.

KateBeckett Thu 01-Aug-13 21:15:19

Hi can I join in? DP and I are trying to cut down and excersise in preparation for our holiday in a couple of weeks... Might have left it a bit late tho!!


Breakfast was a bowl of Special K mixed with friaries a skimmed milk.

Then went to the gym, 5 min of interval training on the bike and then a swim ( plus some jogging in the pool as I'm not a strong enough swimmer to burn much)

Then lunch - a banana / peanut butter / honey / protein powder smoothie ( thanks DP :/ ) half a tin of minestrone soup and 1 slice of bread.

Dinner was nandos blush butterfly chicken breast with no skin and Luso beans, with water followed by 1 1/2 espresso macchiatos and 1 Nutella filled pastry things at a little Italian coffee shop and a scoop of Ben and jerrys chic brownie frozen yoghurt at the cinema.

Will be doing some wii fit yoga before bed to work off the cinema snacks!!

KateBeckett Thu 01-Aug-13 21:16:53

Ha! Friaries = frosties :D

shiningcadence Thu 01-Aug-13 21:34:00

Wow KateBeckett really impressed with all that exercise! You more than deserved your treats!

What exercises do you do on the wii fit? The dc have got wii fit, I'll have to give it a go if it's any good.

I just had a Muller yogurt drink to add to what I've eaten already today.

KateBeckett Thu 01-Aug-13 22:54:40

Aww thanks Cadence smile Was the first day of the new regime, and it was a shock to the system!

The Wii fit is quite good actually, I use it for yoga and some strength exercises (squats etc) and there is a good hula hoop game on there too! smile The second one is really good, you can create your own sequences and it tells you how many calories you've burnt.

Currently trying to distract myself from eating... bed soon to avoid the temptation!!

redmayneslips Fri 02-Aug-13 09:15:51

Hello ladies, nice to have a bunch of us all aiming for the same thing - holidays :-)

I didn't have a yoghurt last night as I found a low fat cadbury's hot choc drink sachet in the cupboard and had that instead and it was perfect, totally took away the desire for the habit of tea and a biscuit watching tv in the evening! Have a few of them there so might just use them for a few evenings.

Friday, friday...always a bit of a temptation for me to say 'feck it, lets's get a takeaway and a bottle of wine when dc in bed' but I am determined this time not to. Dc and I meeting friends in afternoon so will have to be good snacking wise too.

I tried on the outfit for my dh's party last night and after a week of being very good it is already feeling better and I am feeling good about that. It's nothing too fancy - but I got very nice pale grey skinny jeans with a top and it is pretty unforgiving so I want it to look good!

Off to work now - have a great day ladies - chat later!

KateBeckett Fri 02-Aug-13 11:04:32

Hmmmm well I had a midnight snack of bread an Nutella as couldn't sleep and was really hungry! Regretting it now!

Going to go swimming again tonight and hoping to fit in a 30 day shred (eek!) hopefully that will make up for it. Actually kind of annoyed with myself this morning, which is unusual- I don't normally worry too much about what I eat. Ah well, today is a new day!

Your outfit for the party sounds lovely red smile

shiningcadence Fri 02-Aug-13 13:04:24

Oh you've got to be kidding me! I just typed out a massive reply and it bloody disappeared! Grrr! I have to go out now so I can't type it out again at the moment. I will be back later instead.

Can't believe that! sad

Hope all is going well for you today ladies. Speak later!

redmayneslips Fri 02-Aug-13 18:23:24

Evening everyone,
So, how did Friday pan out for you all?

I did ok so far (but the night is young yet ;-) )
I have an unexpected opportunity to meet dh for lunch so had a main meal then instead of now, so here's how today went:

Breakfast: 3 x sesame rye crackers with butter and banana, coffee with low fat milk

work: coffee with low fat milk

lunch: (In a restaurant) hake with samphire, steamed new potatoes (with butter - it's the law), veg and salad, tiny pot of delicious tartare sauce which i didn't finish
homemade lemonade / water

Home now and don't know what to have for tea as having the bigger lunch has thrown my dinner plans and dc are not here. Plus i crumbled and bought 4 x cans of pre-mixed gin & tonics in Aldi on the way home - they are my new discovery and I LOVE them, am tempted by one now, but it is so early that if I do, I will have more than one and then get the munchies and ruin all my good work so far.

I may make scrambled egg on wholemeal toast and have that soonish and then think about the gin!

Happy Friday to you all.......!

shiningcadence Fri 02-Aug-13 21:23:33

Evening all.

Well, I'm not even going to list what I've eaten today because I'm so ashamed of myself. lets just say it included chips, a veggie burger, full fat mayo, ice cream, cake, crisps, chocolate and coffee with full fat milk blush In my defence, it was my friend's birthday but I feel a bit annoyed at myself for giving in so easily and losing all the willpower i've built up over the past few weeks. I tried to do some hula hooping when I got in half hour ago but I've eaten so much the movement made me feel ill blush So I've resigned myself to the fact I'll just be flaking out on the sofa tonight sad

Right I'm going to post this bit then add more in another post to avoid losing a massive post like I did earlier.

shiningcadence Fri 02-Aug-13 21:35:09

kate I know what you mean about evening temptation! I think for me it was getting out of the habit of sitting down in the evenings with a cuppa and a biscuit or 5 I saw that as my 'me' time - a reward for a hard day with the dc grin

When I first started cutting down I really felt the temptation in the evenings but honestly, it does get easier. I am absolutely fine now and don't even think about snacking in the evenings. I also think that chocolate and sweet treats are a kind of addiction and it's hard to break that cycle - I'm trying my best to break it but not brave enough to go completely without sweet treats so I'm trying to eat low/healthier versions when I do crave something sweet like a couple of squares of dark chocolate mixed with raisins and cashew nuts for example or a Jaffa cake or an Alpen light bar.

shiningcadence Fri 02-Aug-13 21:45:14

Also, thank you for the wii tips, will have to dig it out. Did you manage to do your planned exercises today?

red I think clothes are a great marker to weight loss, you can really see the difference that good eating has made by how different your clothes look and feel. And it's lovely when you try on an outfit that looks and feels better than it did before - a real reward for our hard work smile

You were very good today considering it's Friday smile
What did you have for dinner after?

KateBeckett Sat 03-Aug-13 09:21:42

So yesterday was a bit rubbish, didn't mange to go or a swim, but did do the shred - I am feeling it now I can tell you! Ended up going to bed really early (for me) as I was so tired I was falling asleep on the sofa.

Food-wise was okay:
Breakfast- a bandanna and an apple
Lunch - omelette with loads of veggies
Dinner- spaghetti with leeks peas and pesto

Snacks - 6 celebrations and some Nutella blush I really need to kick my Nutella habit...

So not too bad, but not brilliant either. Today I am having a bigger breakfast as I don't think yesterday's breakfast was very satisfying. I'm also going to try and snack in fruit instead of chocolate, I have bought some apples, grapes and strawberries which will hopefully satisfy the sweet tooth.

Don't worry about yesterday cadence just do some exercise today to balance it out. I heard a good tip from somewhere - to think about your diet and exercise weekly instead of daily, so if you have a day where things don't go quite to plan it's not the end of the world. Helps me when I give in to the Nutella! ;)

Have a good Saturday everyone smile

DiaryOfAWimpyMum Sat 03-Aug-13 09:34:11



2 slices brown toast


ww meal - lemon chicken risotta
orange ice lolly


tea x 5 - no sugar uht milk
vodka + vimto x 2

redmayneslips Sat 03-Aug-13 14:25:31

Shining...don't dwell on the party blow out, in fact I think when you are cutting back a lot 99% of the time, the odd blow out does you good and keeps the metabolism going.

Dh suggested chinese and a movie last night since we had a dc free night, I was VEEEEEEERY tempted, but was actually really tired after a hectic week in work and a month of very busy weekends so after a sit down with a G&T and a think i decided to have a quiet one instead (SO not like me!). We rented a dvd (cloud atlas - excellent if you haven't seen it) and i did make scrambled eggs & toast. But then I had a second G&T and a handful of pringles and 3 triangles of toblerone when we were watching the movie, so not great really (but could have been a LOT worse if I'd gone to the chinese!)

We're off to the inlaws now for a visit (and that ALWAYS makes me reach for the cake and then the vodka....)

So far today I have had:

Breakfast: 1 slice of toasted fruit loaf with butter, coffee with low fat milk & juice

Lunch: wholemeal bread BLT sandwich, heavy on the lettuce and tomato, light on the bacon (2 small strips of grilled streaky bacon, not the healthiest choice but we had it in the fridge and needed something quick and easy before getting in the car)

Dinner: no idea....but it will be late by the time we're back so could well be chinese or fish'n'chips etc

I am likely to have coffee and a cake while we are out. But I think feck it, if I have to put up with my PITA in-laws the least damage I can do is have a piece of cake!

Back later - good luck today everyone :-)

shiningcadence Sat 03-Aug-13 15:06:12

Aww thanks both, I feel a bit better about my blow out now smile

I've been a lot better today. I've had:

Breakfast: Muller rice and strawberries, coffee with semi skimmed milk and 1 brown sugar

Snack: an apple

I decided to have a bowl of cereal for lunch so had Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

Lots of water to drink.

And I found a good exercise video on YouTube so did that for half hour.

Here's hoping the day continues this way!

red good luck with your in laws!

KateBeckett Sat 03-Aug-13 17:11:36

Having a good day so far!

Breakfast was all bran and half a bananna and an innocent fruit smoothie

Lunch was a baked sweet potato, half with baked beans and half with homemade guacamole because I couldn't decide!

Snack so far is just an apple smile

Dinner will be turkey meatballs with Thai veg curry, made with low fat coconut milk.

Did the shred again this morning and DP and I went out or a walk to try and find a mic antique shop- we couldn't find it but did find a lovely wool shop instead smile plus I am going to try and go for that swim later! If I keep saying it, it will happen eventually!

Red I think you did well with the movie, I always end up eating loads when DP and I sit down for a film! Hope the in laws visit goes okay!

shiningcadence Sat 03-Aug-13 20:43:09

Evening all.

I've had a better day today:

Muller rice with strawberries

An apple

Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

Special K 'Biscuit Moments' blueberry flavour (these are new out and lovely btw, 2 biscuits is 99 calories)

A cheese and tomato omelette (only had a tiny bit of cheese, promise smile)

Carrot sticks and houmous

A banana

3 Jaffa cakes blush

X3 coffees (1 sugar, ss milk)

Lots of water.

Did half hour exercise and also did little bits of exercise whilst watching tv - squats, lunges etc.)

I am still drinking my last cup of coffee and feeling nice and full so not planning on eating/drinking any more tonight.

kate I dug the wii out and my 3 dc pounced on it. Funny that they haven't given it a thought for about a year but as soon as I wanted to have a go they were all over it grin dd1 is currently playing tennis and I am still waiting my turn!

redmayneslips Sat 03-Aug-13 22:12:48

Good evening ladies, you all did great today considering it is a weekend and a bank holiday at that.

The trip to in-laws went surprisingly well, it can be very up and down (complicated family) but today was short and unusually sweet.

I did ok-ish on the food front in the end, had a coffee and a small slice of BIL's birthday cake at about 5pm

Just had a cup of tea at MIL's

We needed to eat on the way home as it is quite a long drive and it wad getting late for dc. Ended up stopping for fish & chips in a town we don't know very well and it was really crap - horrible stodgy fish etc. So the up-side is we all at very little indeed! It was enough to get us home, and it broke up the journey and we got to use the bathroom etc but we will NEVER stop there again!

Home now, dc eating cereal and once in bed I am having a gin & tonic (I am not really a lush - trips to in-laws require fortifying!) have a second movie (a special deal) so we have 'Hick' with my favourite Eddie Redmayne grin

Tomorrow is another day!

shiningcadence Sun 04-Aug-13 14:00:18

Ooh my thighs are a bit sore today after all that squatting and lunging yesterday! I finally managed to get on the wii too but the batteries had gone in the board so I did jogging, tennis and bowling on wii sports.

I went swimming today, forgotten how exhausting it is!

I haven't eaten much today so far, just a muller rice and a banana.

red I'm glad it went ok at your in laws. And of course it's the law to have cake on people's birthdays grin

Is it really a bank holiday this weekend? I didn't realise!

DiaryOfAWimpyMum Sun 04-Aug-13 14:03:33

I forgot to come on again yesterday hmm

I had a bit of a stressful day so:

breakfast - 2 slices wholemeal toast with lurpack

Went to see a friend with a new coffe/cappachino maker and had 3 cappachinos and 4 cups of tea throughout the day, then went to bed and forgot about lunch and dinner

Trying the 30 day shred but so far can only do 10 mins, my upper and lower abs ache bad though, I am pleased to know they are still there --under all the fat--`

shiningcadence Sun 04-Aug-13 14:08:08

Sorry to hear you had a stressful day diary. Ooh a new coffee maker, sounds lush. Haha I know what you mean about the aching - it is reassuring to know the muscles are still there in good working order!

KateBeckett Sun 04-Aug-13 15:56:46

diary I'm doing the shred too, should be on day 3 but had to have a rest day as my calves are killing me!

So far today had rand on toast for brekkie, and a sweet potato with avocado for lunch. Also had a slice of Nutella on toast as a snack! Oops!

Dinner will be salmon, fennel and tomatoes with a few home grown potatoes.

cadence sounds like you are doing really well, keep going smile

red glad the inlaws was okay, shame about the chippy though!

redmayneslips Sun 04-Aug-13 16:30:12

Hello everyone,

It's gloomy and overcast here, but we are having a lovely lazy day so I don;t really care.

You lot are putting me to shame with the exercise too. I bought an exercise bike last year and it is gathering dust in our room - really must get cracking with it again today, no time like the present eh? are eating VERY little, please look after yourself x

Kate and shining - well done, you are both doing great. I reckon every effort adds up in the end and the odd snack here and there won't really make a major difference.

So far today I have had:

Breakfast: 3 X rye sesame crackers with butter and banana, coffee with low fat milk

Mid Morning: coffee with low fat milk & 3 squares of Green & black choc with seasalt (new addiction!)

Lunch: sliced breast of chicken sandwich with loads of black pepper and a good sprinkle of salt, cup of tea, sliver of cake (bold!)

Dinner: stuffed chicken breast (a little chicken heavy today but had to use it up), steamed new potatoes, carrots, marrowfat peas and gravy
There are profiteroles in the fridge but I may forfeit mine so I can have a glass of wine with dinner. dc will be happy to hoover up any extras

Might go on the exercise bike later.

Day off tomorrow so if it's not raining, will take the dogs for a long ramble - saves me sitting at home snacking and also gets in a bit of exercise.

So far I have lost 4lbs! I have gone from 11st 7lbs to 11st 3lbs. I would love to be 10st 13lbs by the party Friday week - what are my chances????

shiningcadence Sun 04-Aug-13 17:57:21

I'm not sure this thread was a good idea because reading what everyone else is eating is making me hungry! Ooh Nutella on toast and green & blacks chocolate sound so delicious. Actually the savoury food you're all eating sounds rather nice too. Haha I'm only joking, I'm enjoying reading what you're eating and it's nice to know there are others in the same boat smile

red I think a long ramble with the dogs is perfect exercise. Exercise is always better when it doesn't feel like exercise isn't it. Hope the weather improves for you. That is a great loss btw. I have no idea what your chances are for Friday because I have literally no idea about how quickly weight loss occurs. I haven't even got a weighing scales at home! Although I did remember that you can weigh yourself on the wii board so I might go on there tonight and then I can track whether or not/how much I'm losing. I'm sure I've lost some because my clothes feel better smile

Today so far I've eaten

Muller rice

A banana

Spinach tortellini with tomato and mushroom sauce

Pack of Special K 'Biscuit Moments'

X3 coffees (ss milk, 1 brown sugar)

Lots of water

I'll update again later smile

DiaryOfAWimpyMum Sun 04-Aug-13 18:01:18

I've just read back and yes my appetite seems to have vanished since I started posting on here, I swear I normally eat lots and weighed myself last night and have lost zero pounds!!


Brown bread x 2 - lurpack

cappachino x 3 (nescafe)
tea x 6 skimmed milk no sugar

Will do better tomorrow!!

Exercise - walked dog x 2 for 30 mins
10 mins of 30 day shred - why are the pressups at the start?

I will do a 5 minute abs crunch workout later too with weights, if I can get my feet off the ground this time. I will get some shopping in on Wednesday and am stealing some of your meal ideas as they sound great!

Plan for tomorrow will be breakfast (fruit) lunch for me and one DC (sandwiches or soup), chicken stir fry (with rice for boys), or steak and salad for dinner (+ chips for boys), I have taken both out of the freezer.

KateBeckett Sun 04-Aug-13 20:29:32

diary you need to eat!! It might actually be why you haven lost anything - if you don't eat enough doesn't your body go Into starvation mode and not lose any weight? Look after yourself!

red thanks! Only just started to make an effort with working out, but I'm feeling a difference already - not with wight loss yet, but just generally feeling better. Long ramble with the dogs sounds lovely, can't wait till we can get a pooch or 2 smile

cadence I know what you mean, I am drooling reading some of these!!

Tumford Sun 04-Aug-13 20:30:27

I'd like to join....back on the ww wagon Tuesday

redmayneslips Sun 04-Aug-13 20:55:00

Hi Tumford, welcome!

Is anyone else finding that listing out here what you've eaten in a day actually makes you stop before snaffling that biscuit / cake etc because you know you'll have to admit it? It is for me anyway!

I actually dusted off the exercise bike at about 5pm and looked up the programme of exercise that came with it and started the programme again. 8 minutes of cycling 4 fast, one slow, 2 fast, 1 slow equalled 2.7km cycled so felt great after that, had a shower and came down to make dinner.

I think i will keep this up now.

Had dinner and sucummbed to tasting the profiteroles - had 1 and a bowl of strawberries so not too bad and left me feeling not deprived.

Will tighten things up tomorrow, but so nice to have a more relaxed sunday.

Kate: our dogs are rescue terriers and they are 9 years old now and the loves of our lived and totally spoilt. Along with our kitten, of course! I recommend having 2 together, they really keep each other company.

shiningcadence Sun 04-Aug-13 23:17:51

Hi all!

red I totally agree about the fact that coming on here to list what I've eaten helps to keep me on track! Although it didn't stop me having a slice of cake today blush. Friend popped in on the way home from shops with a Victoria sponge which she asked if we could open and have with a cuppa - would've been rude to refuse, right? grin But overall I haven't done too badly today. Altogether I ate/drank:

Muller rice


Spinach tortellini with tomato and mushroom sauce

Pack of Special K 'Biscuit Moments'

Dairylea triangle and breadsticks (sophisticated aye smile)

Carrot sticks and houmous

The naughty piece of sponge wink

X3 coffees, lots of water

Excercise: I went swimming and managed to get batteries for the wii board smile so spent and hour on that tonight doing jogging, hula hoops, step aerobics, lunges, squats and leg lifts.

diary your meal plan for tomorrow sounds perfect smile

kate I know what you mean about generally feeling better after exercising - even if you don't notice a weight loss you just feel healthier overall don't you - I say that as though I'm an expert, I've only been excercising for a few days grin but I do feel better for it already, it's surprising how quickly it makes a difference.

tumdord, welcome smile

Well, considering it's been the weekend I think we've all done very well and each deserve a pat on the back!

Chat tomorrow.

FadBook Sun 04-Aug-13 23:31:39

This is exactly what I need - holiday coming up, I'm not dieting, just making better choices (trying to at least). Doing sit ups and squats daily but hard with work and dd.

Food intake-
Breakfast - Banana, 1 toast, decaff coffee

Lunch - lamb dinner, more veg than potatoes but still had 4 roasties. Refused dessert (cheesecake) but had nieces home made crispy cake

Dinner - 1 toast, loads of grapes

Snacks /adhoc - finished dd's milk shake off whilst out (1/4 pint of nesquik) and plum

Exercise - 30 sit-ups, 20 second plank and 20 squats

More exercise tomorrow and less bread!

shiningcadence Mon 05-Aug-13 13:32:48

Welcome FadBook smile

I haven't done too well today, just been feeling really peckish. I guess it's the exercise I did last night. Btw I wouldn't recommend exercising late at night, it took me ages to drop off last night as I still felt all geared up!

Today I've had:

Muller rice

Bowl of Crunchy Nut

Pack of Quavers

3 squares dark chocolate

1 coffee, just about to make another

And haven't done any exercise!

Anyone else find this weather just makes them miserable and want to curl up with a coffee and cake/biscuits/chocolate?

Ah well the day is still young, might get off my bum and do some exercise soon. Dc hogging the wii again!

Hope you're all doing okay.

redmayneslips Mon 05-Aug-13 13:57:26

Welcome FadBook.

Hi Shining, I know what you mean, I ended up having 2 G&T's last night watching tv and woke up very unmotivated this morning. I appear to have regained 1lb of my weight loss (though could be bloat from yesterday too - fingers crossed)

I am finding these days at home hard going, easier to stay strong in work and when rushing about the place during the week.

So far today I have had:

3 / sesame and rye crackers with banana & coffee low fat milk

2 thin slices of seeded brown loaf with light philadelphia, smoked salmon, thinly sliced gherkins and lots of black pepper and squeezed lemon, really delicious! The only advantage of going to inlaws is the FAB independent supermarket in their town, pricey but I reckon I deserve it whenever I go there :-) Got yesterday's stuffed chicken breasts there, the bread and organic smoked salmon as well as local strawberries etc - really gorgeous produce.

I had sparkling water with lunch and avoided tea 'with something nice' option.

We are heading out for a long ramble with the dogs in a short while and I will have left over chicken breast tossed in sweet chilli sauce with salad and cous cous for dinner. Dc will have pesto pasta with olives - Dh can have either / both

No alcohol for me for the rest of the week now and I will keep up the exercise bike too. Need to keep the scales inching in the right direction! Have to allow room for expansion on hols in Italy grin

Can I join? I too am cutting back, but for my wedding anniversary in October. I eat a lot more than you lot though, so perhaps I need to cut back further!

Today I have had 2.5 scrambled eggs for breakfast

Snack- half a jam donut (my Mam had made them, from scratch, just for my visit, so I had to show willing, gave the other half to DC)

lunch- a salmon fillet stir fried with peppers, broccoli, bean sprouts and spring onion.

Dinner- lamb meatballs in tomato sauce with a herb salad. I'm going to weigh the meat balls, as lamb is high in cals, but so easy to gorge on.

I have measured 100ml of skimmed milk, and will drink numerous cuppas until it's finished.

Exercise, I have done ten minutes on the exercise bike, five minutes on a stair master and five minutes on a ski type exercise thing. Along with some weight resistance training and ab crunches. That sounds alot more than it was, I spent 40 mins excersing all together.

Are any of you on mfp? I've been using it to log my food and exercise, but haven't got any 'friends' yet- if anyone wants to add me, my username is Joneshaysmile

KateBeckett Mon 05-Aug-13 17:49:03

Hi pregnantpause fadbook and tumford smile welcome aboard!

red your dogs sound gorgeous - any chance of a pic? We will be getting rescue hounds (grey/lurcher type) when we get our own place or somewhere with a secure garden at least! Your smoked salmon thing sounds gorgeous! I might have to get some in for my lunch tomorrow...

cadence mmm quavers! Yum! :D

So far today- I have done 10 min of wii yoga, and the shred.

Breakfast was half and half frosties / Special K with skimmed milk and a black coffee

Lunch was chicken and avocado salad with a corn on the cob and slice of toast (rubbed with garlic instead of using butter, as I had butter on the corn cob)

A couple of little Cadbury thank you chocs I got at the end of term

Will be back when we decide what to have for dinner smile

Keep it up every one, you're doing great.

FadBook Mon 05-Aug-13 20:28:17

Thanks for the welcome everyone <waves>
It was on my mind today that I would have to check back in with my intake - it's helped me lots so I'm loving this thread!! Second day of 'healthy eating' -

Breakfast - granola, semi skimmed milk, banana, tea

Lunch - ham salad (lettuce, cucumber, pepper, tomato)

Dinner - chilli con carne (lean mince, home made sauce) little bit of cheese (couldn't resist!)

Snacks - grapes, sugar-snap peas (raw - so boring compared to chocolate!), aldi own equivilent to Alpen cereal bar and handful of blueberries

Drinks - 2 large coffee with sugar and semi skimmed milk, water

Exercise - 30 sit ups, 20 second plank, 20 squats

Legs hurting today from the squats, that must mean it's working. Might do some more sit ups tonight. I need to work on my jelly belly sad which arrived exactly 2 years ago tomorrow (DD's birthday)

KateBeckett Mon 05-Aug-13 20:37:19

Dinner was salmon with tomatoes, fennel and new potatoes from the garden smile

Pudding was to celebrate national waffle day (thanks for discovering that one... [oops] ) was a waffle, Nutella and strawberries. Soooo delicious! I want another one blush

redmayneslips Mon 05-Aug-13 22:12:04

Fadbook, I know what you mean about reporting back being on your mind, we got a take-out coffee going on the walk (low fat milk smile ) and dh got us twirls, I had one finger and even as I was eating it, i was thinking 'crap, I'm going to have to own up to this!'

Still, I didn't have too bad of a day, we walked the dogs approx 2.5 miles though not as fast a pace as I would have liked as dd was being pretty uncooperative, she is nearly 8 and seems to be going through a massive spurt in independence which is driving us all a bit mad as she is not actually old enough to do many of the things she wants to do - go places alone, and the not listening bit is a headwreck! A fair bit of the walk was spent 'negotiating' with her - keep back from the edge of the River which was flooded, don't climb trees overhanging said flooded river and on and on - drama each time she was told no. I swear she had a radar for the most dangerous things today.

Anyhoo...dinner was a lovely big chicken salad, was very tasty but I am done with chicken for a good while now!

Have some BBQ ribs in the fridge - saw them in Aldi and thought we'd try them with baked potato and reduced fat coleslaw tomorrow for a change.

I may round the night off with a low cal hot choc drink - wild, eh??

Back to work and normal routine tomorrow and I have a dentists appointment in afternoon, 2 fillings (one new, one replacement) confused

redmayneslips Mon 05-Aug-13 22:13:57

kate - WHY did you have to mention waffles. Hot. With nutella. And strawberries. WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY................grin hope it was delicious!!!

KateBeckett Mon 05-Aug-13 22:59:10

blush sorry! It was absolutely lovely, and I feel I was very VERY restrained stopping at 1!

Will be reporting very boring non yummy meals tomorrow I promise!

shiningcadence Tue 06-Aug-13 08:19:14

Well I had a rubbish day yesterday:

Muller rice

Bowl of Crunchy Nut

Pack of Quavers

4 squares dark choc

X4 Jaffa cakes

Bowl of jelly

X3 marshmallows

Jacket potato with cheese and red onion, low fat coleslaw, tomatoes, cucumber

Carrot and houmous.

X2 coffees

An hour on the wii so hopefully burned some of it off though.

kate thank you for inspiring me to use the wii, it is fab and an easy form of exercise to fit around the dc smile

red I absolutely agree about days at home being so much harder. Today we were at home until late afternoon and I just felt so bored and peckish. Today we are out for the day so hoping to be so busy that I'm not thinking of food! I find eating out difficult sometimes though because it can be hard find healthy food - the big indoor play centre we are off to today is notorious for selling greasy, fatty food. I'll probably end up buying a cereal bar for lunch and having something 'proper' when I get home later.

You're all doing great, keep up the good work smile

shiningcadence Tue 06-Aug-13 08:33:00

Oops posted before I'd finished.

red According to the wii I have also put on 1lb sad no idea why, though my dh said that I might experience some eight gain because of building muscle with the exercise - muscle is heavier than fat - so it could be a sign that we're becoming lovely and toned wishful thinking for me I think grin

Hi pregnantpause,welcome smile. I think that's a fab idea about measuring your milk for the day and just seeing how many cuppas you can get out of that. I do like my coffees very milky and should cut down on the milk a bit really.

Happy birthday baby fadbook smile My youngest is 3 and still losing the weight I gained when I was pregnant with her blush

red Your walk sounds lovely - apart from having to keep an eye on your dd, it's a worry when they're striving for independence too soon isn't it. Good luck for the dentist today!

Chat later.

shiningcadence Tue 06-Aug-13 16:36:29

Hi again, how are we all doing today?

For breakfast I had a muller rice, a probiotic yogurt drink, a banana and a coffee. Ate a little more than I usually would for breakfast because we were off out and I wasn't sure when I'd next be eating (haha that makes me sound like a right greedy guts!).

I was right about the play centre having nothing healthy whatsoever on the menu - they didn't even sell cereal bars or anything. So I had a Diet Coke and 6 of my dd's Jelly Babies to keep me going grin - Jelly Babies have very little fat or calories btw smile

When we came out at 3pm I headed over to the Boots across the road and bought myself a Meal Deal which I was pleasantly surprised with. I had a lovely salad with rice and roasted vegetables which was 170 calories and 3g fat, a packet of Special K crisps and a bottle of water.

Just got home now and about to have a sit down with a coffee and a Jordan's Frusli bar. I bought some skimmed milk today as I do have a lot of milk with coffee and cereal and am probably consuming quite a few calories/fat there. Hopefully skimmed will taste ok.

Planning on a cheese and tomato omelette for dinner and a fruit salad for later.

Exercise wise, well put it this way, I'm exhausted grin. Walked there and back (half hour each way) way back uphill most of the way. Then running around after the dc in the play centre burnt a fair few calories I reckon!

Hope you're all having a good day smile

redmayneslips Tue 06-Aug-13 18:56:14

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all doing ok? Shining - you did great resisting the fried food in the playcentre, I would probably have caved and had some chips or something, so I think you were great.

I had a good-ish day so far

the usual breakfast: 3 x rye crackers + banana + coffee with low fat milk

Then I walked across town at a fast pace (late for a meeting) which is about 1 mile each way, had a small coffee with splash of milk at the meeting and walked back to the office.

En route I stopped and M&S and got a hoisin duck wrap (280 calories) and a small bag cherries and a bottle of water which I had at my desk before going to the dentist.

Dentist went ok, I never like going but don't hate it either. Got the 2 fillings and then walked about 20mins to the nearest shopping centre - had to grab a few things there so had a skinny latte and half a muffin there - felt I needed something after all that.

Home now and will have a baked potato, oven cooked BBQ ribs (I will have small portion as not really mad about ribs but dh likes them) and low fat coleslaw for dinner.

May go on the exercise bike later if I am very good!

Curious about the 1lb gain too shining, let's hope we are just toning up :-)

Kate - any more waffles today????

Evening folks. Well done red and shining, I commend anyone who can go to either the dentist or soft play and refrain themselves from gorginggrin

I made the mistake of taking DC to the cinema on an empty stomach today. only afterwards did I discover the calorie content of my consumptionsad here goes

Breakfast- 2 poached eggs on a slice of buttered toast (at this point the toast was a treat for myself as my eating plan for the day was so saintly)
Dinner- salmon and broccoli stir fry, with peppers, beansprouts,mushrooms, ginger and garlic.
Tea- cinema nachos (900 cals if anyone is considering them next time you go to the fliksshock ) and 16 gummy sweets. sad

you won't be surprised to hear that I have chosen to forego the chorizo and egg salad that was planned for this evening.

I have done some exercise though, a 5 mile cycle, and the shred. Still, 900calories! I'm reeling from that, I mean the cheese is so melty and processed you know it's not good for you, but 900calories! They should come with a warning!

KateBeckett Tue 06-Aug-13 20:23:04

Haha no waffles... Yet ;)

Breakfast was cereal with skimmed milk

Lunch poached eggs with smoked salmon and an English muffin.

DP and I went for a mooch around a local market town and stopped for a coffee and cake, didn't eat all of it and walked up a huuuuge hill to compensate!

Dinner was more smoked salmon with a slice of toast, chive Philly and salad (you inspired me red- nom nom) no pud yet, but I have a no added sugar vimto jelly or muller light yoghurt later if I want. Dreaming of more waffles but the cals are horrific.

No excersise today as I pulled my neck yesterday and I want to give it a rest so I don't do myself a proper injury.

On phone so will check back later and reply to everyone!

FadBook Tue 06-Aug-13 21:16:58

Well done shining, red and pregnantpause - sounds like you've all been very restrained today. I feel I've done ok and I'm upping my exercise regime too; did more sit ups and squats last night before bed after I'd posted!

Well done on no more waffles Kate. I love them and crumpets, croissants, pain au chocolate, muffins I'm missing my bread and carbs but I must decrease them. It's exactly what bloats me. I'm proud you only had one, I don't think I could have been so restrained smile

Breakfast - granola, blueberries, banana & 1/2 piece of butter toast (dd had other half off my plate)

Lunch - we were out for dd's bday so after a long walk made good choice of cold chicken, rocket salad with mozzarella, tomatoes and cold veg rice we brought dd cake and I didn't finish it off, didn't touch it. Felt very proud

Dinner - chicken and spinach salad with sweet chilli sauce and a hard boiled egg

Snacks - ^grapes, blueberries, large black coffee, 1/4 of round of toast dipped in dippy egg off dd's dinner^blush

Exercise - 2.5 mile walk around a lake, am: 40 sit ups, 20 second plank and 20 squats will try do more sit ups tonight.

I feel really well and I'm not thinking of food as much. It's dd's snacks and food that are hard - she eats the same as us (except today as it was her bday and she'd had lunch before we went on walk), but her snacks of cheese cubes, triangles, croissants and toast are so tempting to finish off, and whilst I'm eating healthy, she still needs her carbs so I have to cook / handle them. I just need to be mindful.

It's definitely helped knowing I'm reporting in! smile and I'm being organised with my lunches for work too as otherwise I'd buy a sandwich from the van that comes around.

I've also joined a new netball team tonight as well. Should be starting in next few weeks.

redmayneslips Tue 06-Aug-13 21:51:21

Fadbook, you had a GREAT day - well done, great choices all the way. And happy birthday to your dd (and congrats to you for having her 3 years ago grin

You have really upped the exercise too so that will stand to you in another week or so when it really adds up and the weight will be falling off you.

Dinner was fine and I didn't overeat at all. Ribs were salty so drinking a lot of water since. Will have a low cal hot choc in a few minutes and early to bed tonight.

Fadbook, I am the same with carbs, they really are my downfall, I could eat fresh bread, doughnuts, cream doughnuts, cake, english muffins, toast croissants pastries etc all day long if it had no impact on my waistline. Sadly it does, so I have to really limit myself...I dream of a time when there will be no restrictions grin

notanyanymore Tue 06-Aug-13 22:02:10

Could I join please? Trying to loose the baby weight, went to a wedding at the weekend, thought my dress looked fab till i got there and found I had to spend the whole time pulling the top up, and the split at the back down, felt like a sausage splitting its skin! dreading the photo's!


Breakfast: Half a slice wholemeal toast with butter and jam
2 cups of tea

Lunch: Wholemeal pasta with tomato and bail sauce (and lots of cheese... blush )

Tea: 2 poached eggs on wholemeal toast with light spread and a 'Shape' chocolate yoghurt.

Also had 2 cups of tea with wholemilk (its all we buy, because its what the DC drink, wondering if I should try almond or soya milk?)

Is that ok do you think? It is quite carb heavy.
Oh, and i'm bf'ing too so have to be sensible about it!

FadBook Tue 06-Aug-13 22:32:18

Thanks Red, my baby is all grown up. She's 2 not 3 <sad face> where does the time go? Been very nostalgic today and tearful at bedtime hmm

Welcome notanymore - you sound like you're doing well so far. If you're bf, you will need you calories still, so don't restrict you diet too much. Perhaps more exercise rather than cutting out food? I used to power walk with dd in pushchair to the park and back. She'd only be in the swings for 15 min and I'd come back, but always felt I'd exercised! How old is baby?

notanyanymore Tue 06-Aug-13 22:37:36

She's 6 months, but also have a 4.5yr old and a 3yr old so I'm trying to do exercise DVD's in the evening but only seem to be managing one a week at the moment. Hopefully this will pick up come september!

shiningcadence Wed 07-Aug-13 09:43:34

Morning everyone.
red well done, you're doing fab.

pregnantpause Wow 900 calories for cinema nachos! Thanks for the warning. We are off to the cinema tomorrow so I will be avoiding! Don't be too hard on yourself though, I think everyone indulges at the cinema. And you went without dinner and did lots of exercise so I'm sure you're back on an even keel.

kate I hope your neck is feeling better today, painful injury isn't it.

fadbook I take my hat off to you for not having any of your dd's birthday cake, well done smile I don't think I could've shown the same restraint! I know exactly what you mean about handling the dc food/being tempted to finish it off. It's so hard when they are eating exactly what you fancy and then they leave a lovely big untouched helping. I think just shoving it in the food bin as soon as possible works best for me grin As for handling the lovely buttered toast, cakes etc., I have no advice I'm afraid.

notany Welcome smile It is hard fitting exercise around the dc isn't it. I don't know if you've read the whole thread but, if you haven't, I bought a hula hoop and 5 mins on that a few times a day is really making a difference to my waist and stomach. It's easy to fit around the dc and seeing their mum hula hooping is highly amusing them grin I also do squats/lunges/running on the spot whilst they're playing. In the evening I go on the wii fit which is great for exercise if you have one. I think the food you're eating is fine, you need your energy if you're bf and you'll probably find that exercising will make you more hungry too.

Well, yesterday I had my omelette as planned and I was very good and didn't put any cheese in it - first time I've had an omelette without cheese grin. I do like cheese and eat too much of it I think so decided to go without and it was surprising still tasty. I had tomatoes and red onion instead. For dessert I had a big fruit salad but then I had a Mini Milk ice lolly and some marshmallows, neither of which are high in fat or calories but I'm still cross with myself for picking needlessly.

I had 2 coffees with skimmed milk - not too impressed with the skimmed milk but needs must, aye.

Look forward to checking in later.

Have a great day all smile

redmayneslips Wed 07-Aug-13 20:17:10

Evening all,

Dashing here as the evening seems to have run away with me. Just wanted to say hello to notanymore - welcome!

Shining, you are doing great, I love the idea of the hoola-hoop and I could really do with trimming my middle area, I am tall and reasonably lean but run to apple-y very easily, it is my real problem area. I think the hoola-hoop could be the trick.

Took dc to town after work to get school shoes and books etc - groan!

Didn't do too badly, treated them to an ice-cream in a new gelato place and had a 1 scoop of pistachio in a very small tub myself (to keep them company grin) but it was quite rich and I didn't finish mine which is surprising.

So today I had:

3 x rye crackers + banana + coffee with low fat milk
Lunch: M&S egg and cress sandwich, latte with low fat milk, the tiny biscuit that comes with the coffee in M&S cafe, water
Snack: half a scoop of pistachio gelato
Dinner: Bill Granger's creamy parma ham and mushroom pasta (name is deceptive as there is only 80mls of cream in the whole dish and that serves 4 of us) but it is really delicious and super fast, it is my fail safe in-a-hurry dinner. Dc had olives, I had green salad with a drizzle of homemade dressing
supper: will be a low-cal hot choc drink once I get to sit down

Walked what felt like miles lugging heavy bags so that HAS to count for something!! My legs are tired now too.

Actually I bought a swimsuit today for the 1st time in years, got it in M&S navy & white, vaguely nautical, tried in on earlier and didn't keel over as I had dreaded, it was ok, not nearly as traumatic as I had expected. It has spurred me on to keep it up another while anyway......

FadBook Wed 07-Aug-13 20:22:58

A good day for you shining, well done grin I eat far better when I'm not with dd, her dippy egg and toast was just too tempting yesterday, far more than the cake! God help me this Saturday - I've ordered a birthday cake for her party confusedconfused and I'm doing a buffet for about 15 kids and adults - might do a huge bowl of salad to much on!

Food intake
Breakfast - granola and banana. Large tea. My dd is loving granola the moment. She asks for hoops or shreddies and then ends up saying "mummies cereal" and eating most of mine!

Lunch - egg salad with home made garlic and herb dip (low fat Greek yoghurt) and a plum. Another large tea.

Dinner - chicken fajitas (1.5 as dd gain stole half of one!) loads of veg was in as DP made it and he always puts more in (2 large peppers, 2 onions, mushroom and courgette). Did have cheese but not much, and my low fat dip again. I'd also cooked some broccoli for dd and ate that as she hasn't touched it.

Snacks - portion of grapes, hot chocolate out of work drinks machine. Have folded and had one piece of clotted cream fudge we'd brought back from Devon hmmblush I even thought of you all as I ate it as it was so lush. I'm now feeling guilty!

Exercise - 30 sit-ups this morning; will do some tonight too.

Fad- that's a great day, let's be honest if you don't have any treats then it's not a sustainable option. in terms of daily calorie intake, along with nutritional intake, that's a brilliant day! Even with a cube of fudge!

I had a stupidly early day today, meeting in work at seven til twelve, so breakfast was a garage chicken on a stick and packet of skips.
Dinner- bulgar wheat and herb tabbouleh
Snacks- strawberries and grapes
Tea- warm chicken salad

My usual 100ml of skimmed milk.
Exercise- the shred and a 2 mile cycle.

shiningcadence Wed 07-Aug-13 22:53:19

Hi all,

You're all doing so well with both the excercises and food intake. I am almost drooling over some of your meals though, especially your fajitas fadbook with loads of veg and homemade dip, mmmm. In fact I might do some fajitas on the weekend.

red ooh you are lucky with your figure, I am a 'pear'. I have a very slim upper body (though tummy needs a bit of toning after dc) but huuuge hips and thighs sad I wish my tummy was my 'problem area' because there seem to be a lot of exercises aimed at tummy toning. Toning the hips and thighs are another matter - even squats and lunges which are meant to be for toning thighs seem to make my calves ache more than anything - maybe I'm doing them wrong! grin I know it sounds silly but sometimes I wish I had a bigger upper body so that I was more in proportion iyswim. I feel that because my upper body is small it accentuates my bottom half grin. I would love to be tall and lean!

So, today I had a good(ish) day:

Muller rice and strawberries

Jordan's Frusli bar


2 breadsticks

2 squares of dark chocolate, melted, with cashew nuts, raisins and dried cranberries

x6 jelly babies blush

Rigatoni pasta with light mayo and salad

x4 squares dark chocolate

x3 coffees with half a sugar and skimmed milk
Lots of water.

Exercise: x3 5 min intervals on hula hoop and 1 hour on wii fit.

Tomorrow we were planning on watching a film at the cinema but I had second thoughts - dd3 is only 3 and it would've been her first time at the cinema and I decided today that I don't think she is capable of sitting through a film yet. So we are off to a soft play centre instead - different one to the other day, hoping they will have some decent food on the menu here. I will try and eat a bigger breakfast though, just in case. I am hoping to be burning a lot of calories tomorrow running after dd3 in the soft play. When we go during term time I let her off on her own as it's quiet (as long as I can see her) but during the hols it's so busy and it's such a big play centre so I end up in there with her, running around and climbing and sliding and recapturing my youth and burning lots of calories smile

redmayneslips Thu 08-Aug-13 16:32:22

Hello everyone,

How are you all doing today?

Shining - hope you are having fun at the soft play centre! running around after little ones will burn off calories for sure. It is so funny about the body shape isn't it? A girl I work with is a lot shorter than me and way more 'pear' shaped and I always envy her tiny waist and more shapely hips. she can wear skinny jeans and a shorter, tighter top and look good were as I seem to be always trying to cover my mid-area and am conscious of it. We are never happy with how we actually are!

I did very well yesterday, and have done ok so far today. I was down to 11st 1lb this morning but it can fluctuate. It is that time of the month too so that often causes bloat for me.

Anyway, had a really really busy morning in work with meetings out of the office so a good bit of fast walking about town, fingers crossed that will help.

Breakfast: 2 x crackers + banana + coffee (was 3 crackers but dh didn't seal them up properly and they were stale and I am a bit sick of them now so need a change)

Work: 2 coffees at meetings

Lunch: homemade egg salad sandwich (egg, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and spring onion with a scrape of extra light mayo)
Cup of tea and 2 choc rice cakes

4 x fizzy jelly haribos that dd left lying about

Dinner will be the same as last night - pasta with parma ham & mushroom as I have enough ingredients to make it again and it will use them up and we are trying to use stuff up before hols next week.

Talk soon

FadBook Thu 08-Aug-13 18:56:35

Shining - hope the soft play has had you sweating and out of breath, and you resisted any cakes and chocolate?? wink

Red - you've had a good day again, well done.

Today has been good, apart from a stupidly early start at 4.54am when dd decided I needed to get up hmm I therefore took the chance to go to work earlier than normal so was in for 7am [tired emotion]

Breakfast - granola, banana and coffee

Lunch - lemon & pepper chicken leg from Morrisons hot food counter and a large salad bowl from their help yourself bit. Loads of salad and a few noodles, coleslaw and a boiled egg. Was well nice and pleased I put my own 'chicken salad' together as their pre made ones wouldn't have filled me up and would probably have tasted shite grin

Dinner - grilled pork steak (no fat), vegetable stirfry (onion, pepper, sugar snap peas, carrot, courgettes) and 3 wedges (potato cooked in microwave and fried in a little olive oil).

Snacks- strawberries, banana, (soon to be one cube of's calling my name FAD...BOOk? FAAADBOOK??...confused)

No exercise today. Need to get on it!

FadBook Thu 08-Aug-13 20:09:02

DTD is classed as exercise, yes??blushgrin

shiningcadence Thu 08-Aug-13 20:44:33

Not so good today for me...

Breakfast was a Jordan's Frusli bar and a banana with a coffee (half sugar, skimmed milk) So far so good...

Lunch at play centre: veggie breakfast (healthiest thing on the menu) - x2 veggie sausages, fried egg, mushrooms and tomatoes. It also came with toast and chips which dd3 obligingly ate smile

A chocolate and hazelnut brunch bar - 165 calories and 7.3g fat sad I needed something full of sugar to keep me able to chase dd3 around the 4 storey soft play frame! And this kind of set the tone for the rest of the day...

Coffee (2 sugars - in my defence it was a very strong coffee and just tasted ick without the extra sugar. Also had full fat milk - all that was available)

Bottle of Diet Pepsi

Packet of skips

Small Milky Way

Rice Crispies cereal bar

Coffee (half sugar, skimmed milk).

I just seemed to be craving sugar like mad today, guess it was all the running around, but what I should've done is taken some fruit/dried fruit in my bag, though saying that they do have a strict policy regarding not bringing in your own food so I guess I ate the best I could in the circumstances that's what I'll keep telling myself anyway. Also, thinking back to the last time we visited this play centre, I had a cheese toastie and chips for lunch, as well as a full fat Pepsi, a cupcake and 2 lattes blush. So I've definitely improved! grin God, looking back I ate so badly, although I did eat better at home, honestly! Just days out with the dc would send me into junk food overdrive!

You have both done really well today, well done!

red, it's funny how we are never happy with what we have isn't it. I was discussing this with my friend recently, she has always envied my thick, curly hair which I hate with a vengeance and always try to blow dry straight and have layers cut into it to thin it out. Whilst I have always lusted after her straight, shiny hair which she desperately tries to curl and thicken up with different hair products. We're a strange bunch us women aren't we grin

FadBook if you aren't tucked up in bed now I hope you soon will be, that is a very early start and I think you've done especially well today to refrain from gorging whilst being tired. When I'm tired all I want to do is eat.

About to do an hour on the wii now - not going to have dinner tonight, I've consumed far too much already but I'm feeling very full so that isn't a problem.

Off out shopping with dh tomorrow so will hopefully burn lots of calories rushing around the shops, also hoping to be too busy thinking about clothes etc to be thinking about food! God I sound like such a gannet grin.

Chat tomorrow.

shiningcadence Thu 08-Aug-13 20:45:59

Oops missed your last post FadBook. Yes I'd say dtd is definitely a form of exercise especially if you are on top grin

You really did get on it then fadgrin any cardio where you are exercising enough to be out of breath will burn an average of ten calories a minute. dtd counts if done rightwink

I had a good day, though a bit backward

Breakfast- smoked salmon, with poached egg and homemade hollandaise (only used one egg yolk and a teaspoon of butter so no worse than if I d had a slice of toast alongside)
Dinner- roasted new potato, red pepper and chorizo
Tea- a 30g bowl of cereal.
Snack- Dh and I shared a mars bar as desert.
Snaxk 2- ten strawberries

My breakfast is a meal and my tea was a breakfast, so it reads wrong but I weighed today, and after a week I'm four pound lighter. Yay!

FadBook Thu 08-Aug-13 22:03:32

grin I was too tired and too lazy to go on top! blush need to do some sit ups tonight too grin

sorry you've had a shit day, I think you have made some better choices that you did previously (cheese toasty vs vege sausages etc). Do what you can on the wii tonight and I'm sure you'll feel better.

FadBook Thu 08-Aug-13 22:08:27

cross posted Pregnantpause!

You've had a great day and 4lb light is amazing, well done.

I haven't got scales in the house - daft really, we've just never had any. I randomly weigh myself at my friends house every 5 weeks (she cuts my hair) and I weighed myself today and I was 10lb 10oz which I was pleased with as was around 11lb about a month ago.

I'm tall and "carry off" my weight if I wear the right clothes, but none of my clothes have even fit me recently and when shopping, I was picking up size 14 not 12's. My whole body shape has changed since having DD so whilst I'm tall and 'look' lean, my belly and waist look bigger and curvier to me. I just want a flat stomach. DD played with her tea cups on my belly this afternoon and said 'jelly belly' again grin she's only 2 so she's only copying the words I've said but it's annoying!

Evening, hope all, hope everybody had had a good one.

Breakfast- salmon and scrambled eggs
Dinner- spaghetti hoops and toast
Tea- steak stir fry with half a nest of egg noodles
Snacks grapes and a slice of toast.
100ml skimmed milk

Exercise- a three mile cycle at 17mph.

Very happy today, it has gotten easier, I'm not as hungry or snacky as I was last week, which can only be a good thing.

Well, that was eloquent wasn't it? I meant I hope everybody has had a good daysmile

shiningcadence Fri 09-Aug-13 20:27:15

Evening all,

Well done pregnantpause, a really good day.

I've been good too smile

Breakfast was a Jordan's Frusli bar and an apple with a coffee - skimmed milk, half a sugar.

Dh and I went shopping for holiday clothes so there was lots of whizzing round shops and carrying bags so hopefully lots of calories burnt. We ran into Burger King for a quick lunch (classy, aye grin) I had a veggie wrap which was according to the menu 400 odd calories but it was very filling and kept me full for the rest of the day. When we got home I was still feeling quite full so dinner was just half a tin of tomato soup.

I'm off to have a coffee now and that will be it for me today.

Not sure how much I've lost because I've been doing this for around 3/4 weeks and only weighed myself a few days ago but I have to say I can notice a massive difference in the way clothes fit. Unfortunately my bum still seems to be twice the size of my head and showing no signs of shrinking but my thighs are smaller and looking more toned and my 'love handles' have gone! Yay!

FadBook Fri 09-Aug-13 20:50:26

Happy Friday to Pregantpauce and Shining! Well done!

I've had a good day too I think.

Breakfast - granola, banana & tea

Lunch - left over stirfry veg and pork from last night with extra salad as it wasn't quite a dish full and 1 small potato

Snacks - banana, apple and mixed fruit salad bowl of the food van-man (who basically has lots of nice sausage baps, bacon rolls, cheese pasties etc) - I picked the healthy option of strawberry, melon and grapes !

Dinner - large salad (pepper, spinich, mix salad leaves, cucumber, celery) and grilled chicken breast. We had a bowl of oven chips between us which I felt guilty about then realised I hadn't really had much carbs today other than my little wedge

Exercise - 25 squats, 40 sit ups this morning and 30 second plank. DD was counting my sit ups in 10's, which was quite cute until I realised I'd done 40!! This stomach better be flat by Thursday when I get on that plane!!

redmayneslips Fri 09-Aug-13 22:28:49

Oh god, you have all done SO well today <hangs head in shame>

I am having a TERRIBLE day food-wise, no idea what has happened other than stupidly tired after a very intense few weeks at work, lots of outside-work stuff to deal with and not enough time in the days and a horrible af .....anyway excuses exschmuses.....

I will list it ALL in the interest of being honest here:

Breakfast: 1 slice of fruit bread toasted, butter, coffee (so far so good)
Work: nothing (no time)
Lunch - after work I had to pay a babysitter so I could get my hair cut and coloured, sounds like a treat but I hate having to do it and I had a MILLION other things to squeeze into a 30min slot before the hair appointment, raced around town organizing stuff like Birthday cake for dh for next week etc.

Had 15mins left to eat, well, before I know it I am in McDonalds - very close to hairdressers etc etc etc (excuses!) Had a quarter pounder regular meal with diet coke, ate about half the chips, all the burger, Dashed to appointment.

Home: snaffled a handful of crisps left by dd. And 6 squares of turkish delight chocolate. 2 glasses of sparkling water.

DH texted to say as a treat he is bringing home chinese - prawn schezuan (sp?) boiled rice (his fav, told him to only bring 1 portion and I will have a spoon of his, haven't told him about the lunch I had yet!)

And to top it all, I tried on a pair of jeans I wanted to wear tomorrow and they are STILL TOO BLOODY TIGHT ON THE WAIST Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Why, oh why did I fall off the wagon so badly??????

I am contemplating a G&T now, have just thrown the towel in.

On the plus side, my hair looks lovely. For going to bed.

Someone save me from myself here...........

shiningcadence Fri 09-Aug-13 22:57:06

Aww red cheer up smile

You have done brilliantly with both your food intake and exercise over the course of this thread. A one day blow out won't make a difference, just be very good tomorrow. It's very hard to stay on track when you're busy and stressed, I know. But on the up side think of all the calories you burnt rushing around today. Enjoy your Chinese, don't feel guilty.

Is it your dh party tomorrow then? Don't worry about the jeans, find something else that does fit. Think how much nicer you will look and feel for all the hard work and effort you've put in. Hope you're feeling better soon, honestly you should be so proud of yourself smile

redmayneslips Sat 10-Aug-13 00:38:02

Oh Shining,

You are so kind! Thanks for the support. I did have some of the chinese and it was very nice AND I had the G&T. Heading to bed now and feeling ok.

No, party is this night next week and the jeans I have for that are ok at the moment. We are going to visit friends tomorrow to stay overnight and I bought Stupidly expensive jeans last year which have always been a bit on the tight side on the waist since I gained these extra pounds and I really want to get back into them, I thought given the 4lb loss they might fit again, but they are too tight on the waist (fit everywhere else fine) and they are giving me dreadful muffin-top.

I will be away till sunday night now, so be good everyone!

Thanks again Shining!

shiningcadence Sat 10-Aug-13 20:45:49

That's okay red, hope you enjoy your weekend.

My day has been so-so I guess, not great but not terrible either.

Breakfast was a Jordan's Frusli bar and a piece of toast with marge and a cup of coffee (skimmed milk, half a sugar)

I had a v v busy day so no lunch but lots of naughty(ish) snacking: 4 squares dark chocolate, around 7 cashew nuts, bottle diet coke, packet of skips, muller light yogurt.

Dinner was spinach tortellini pasta with a mixed veg sauce.

Then 3 Jaffa cakes blush

I've also had lots of water to drink.

Not doing the wii or anything tonight as exhausted but prob burned a fair few calories running around today.

Hope you're all doing well smile

Well done everyone! red, it's not a bad day, you know what you ate, you know why, I really think that when we put so much emotional value in food we cause problems for ourselves. You haven't had a bad day because of what you have eaten, nor should a day be made good by eating junk. The idea of comfort food, naughty cakes, good eating is charging food with so much emotion. I think that just awareness of what you're eating is the best way to long term benefit. it's eating mindlessly that leaves us overweight. That's why I think this thread is effective. Whatever you eat, it's mindful, even if in hindsight., For me, it means I've evaluated why I am eating and what.
That said,today I am over calorie wise
I have had
Breakfast- cornflakes
Dinner-spaghetti hoops and toast
Tea- pan haggerty (bacon, potatoes and carrots)
Snack- an apple and banana.
Drinks- a bottle of wine (not finished yet, but dh just opened the second bottle between us and we won't leave it unfinished I'm sure)

FadBook Sat 10-Aug-13 23:18:54

I wrote big long post then my battery on my phone went dead angry

Red- it's a one off, right yesterday off and move on. You've done so well this week.

Shining and pregnant- you've both had a good day (again) well done!

Manic day here, dd's bday party which I'd turned in to a house warming (8 months late) so 30+ people here which I catered for (6 loafs of bread for sandwiches, quiche, sausage rolls, cake, cake and more cake)...HOWEVER, I've done so well if I say so myself

Breakfast- banana. Was cooking early so wasn't hungry.

Lunch-salad inc tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, spinach, rocket etc. home made chicken nuggets, low fat Greek yoghurt dip

Dinner-jacket potato and chilli with cheese

Snacks-shit loads of fruit. NO cake or treats. Late snack tonight was grilled chicken and mayonnaise.

My only 'fall' tonight has been vodka and diet lemonade x4! grin But I don't think that is bad.

Can't believe I've not had cake! hmm

Da iawn fad! A birthday/housewarming sans cake is a feat not to be unrecognised! And vodka doesn't count- it's an occasion!grin

Da iawn is well done in Welsh. I probably shouldn't have had the fourth glass of wine. I forget which language is which ( my poor husband who doesn't speak Welsh suffers most, after a few I don't even realise I'm talking a different languageshock and get angry that he's not listening)

FadBook Sun 11-Aug-13 06:53:19

Wow that must be so cool to speak another language and not realise! Do you shout explicit words at him when he pisses you off? gringrin

Yes all the timegrin arguments are very confusing in our house

FadBook Sun 11-Aug-13 18:55:00

Right I'm going to confess now that I've just ordered an Indian takeaway. I've done so well this week that I'm just craving a bit of food.

So far today:
Breakfast- 2 poached eggs on 1 x wholemeal bread, handful cold naice ham bits off the left over sandwiches.

lunch - half a tuna mayo sandwich on wholemeal bread

snacks - whole raw carrot (as sticks), banana, little bitesize bit of birthday cake blush

dinner - ridiculously fattening masala curry AND nan bread!

Exercise - I've just finished a 45 minute workout DVD (Janice Battersby / Vicky Entlewhistle). Felt dizzy when I finished so know I've worked out and can justify my curry. I also went clothes shopping today and brought size 12's which pleased me. Whilst my bikini body isn't what it used to be, I feel much better until I see my bloated self after eating this lovely curry

Hope you have all had a good day so far

shiningcadence Sun 11-Aug-13 19:49:46

Enjoy your curry fadbook. I've just had a Maccy D's grin

We've been stripping wallpaper all day so were exhausted and hungry. I had breakfast - muller light yogurt and Jordan's Frusi bar. Then did a little snacking throughout the day - bananas, strawberries, packet of skips and a Rice Crispies cereal bar then had the Mcd's - veggie wrap, chips and Diet Coke. About to get back to the wallpaper stripping so hopefully will burn some of it off!

Chat tomorrow smile

shiningcadence Sun 11-Aug-13 19:59:24

Prynhawn da pregnant

Dwi'n siarad Cymraeg (Tipyn bach). Dwin'n hapus heddiw achos dwi'n bwyta McDonald's grin. Sut wyt ti heddiw?

That probably doesn't make sense because I haven't spken Welsh for years!

I don't blame you shine, I wish I'd have had McDonalds. I had a wetherspoons gourmet burger and chips. 600 cals more than the McDonalds I wanted. It wasn't even that nice.
I also had a Chinese soup with veg and pork meatballs. Very low cal and healthy.
Snacked on a caramel bar (dh bought it for me, I could hardly refuse)
I climbed about two mile up a mountain wimberry picking so did some exercise.
Dh is off this week, so I'm given to eat more, and tempted to bake, but I'm still going to log what I've eaten as it stops me mindlessly eating through the day.

redmayneslips Mon 12-Aug-13 18:11:06

Hi everyone, I'm back! Feels like I have inadvertantly wandered into a Welsh convention here grin I love it!

You are all doing great, Fadbook, I can't believe you had a big do and managed to not eat cake - well done, in my mind you more than earned that Indian!

I am sort of laughing at all the burgers, McD's, takeaways sort of hits a point and then you NEED that stuff once in a while!

Well, I am back from a night in a mobile home with dh and 3 kids under the age of 9 (dd brought a pal), it is not my idea of a relaxing break AT ALL, but the kids had a ball as we were right on the beach etc, we were catching up with friends there and their kids, so many glasses of wine were had and lots of rubbish food and I am feeling bloated and a bit crap today and dh's party is this friday and then we're off on Monday on our hols.

I was 11st 3lbs this morning, so back up 2lbs since last week - DAMN this, it is so fecking hard!

Today wasn't too bad so far

Breakfast: very small bowl all bran cluster cereal, low fat milk coffee
Work: coffee with low fat milk, sliver of colleagues birthday cake (had to!)
Lunch: seafood chowder (and it was more tomato based than very creamy), I slice of brown bread, glass of sparkling water
Snack: 1 chocolate rice cake
Dinner: don't know yet, was going to be bolognaise as kids need a 'proper' dinner after the weekend, but dh has gone out in the car with the shopping in the boot so will rustle something else for dc and we may have a prawn stir-fry later when they are in bed.

I am craving salt and sugar today though.........

shiningcadence Mon 12-Aug-13 21:49:41

Hi all,

red sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I think we rely on weight measurements too much - I've never relied on my weight as a measure of how fit and healthy I am so I think that as long as you're feeling more fit and toned - which I bet you will be after all the exercise you've been doing - then you're doing something right. We all have days where we eat unhealthily, it's an unsustainable goal otherwise. You did very well today though and I bet the bloated feeling will be gone tomorrow.

Today I was out shopping all day again - lots to buy for hols but I'm all done now (I think). So breakfast was at home: Muller Light yogurt, Jordan's Frusli bar and cup of coffee (skimmed milk, half a sugar).

Lunch was an egg mayo sandwich and a latte in the M&S cafe.

5 marshmallows and a Diet Coke.

Still haven't made myself any dinner, not sure what to have, I'm not feeling that hungry (for once grin). Might go and have a pick at some carrot sticks and houmous and maybe a fruit salad - strawberries and bananas.

shiningcadence Mon 12-Aug-13 21:51:50

pregnant, shame about your Wetherspoons, I find them a bit hit and miss. Your soup sounds lovely though your Caramel too smile

FadBook Mon 12-Aug-13 22:08:54

Shining - good day so far, well done! I've been picking at fruit and veg today but blew it tonight (see below!)

Pregnantpause - weatherspoons food used to be lovely (I'm going back 10 years when the beer and burger was £2.99 and was amazing!) not so good these days. Can't believe the calories though! Bloody 2 mile hike up a mountain - you more than deserved your burger!

Red - you've done well too. Jeeze, I'm going to bring the thread right down now.

It started well but I've been on the road 10 hours today (travelling for work, absolute nightmare, covered about 450 miles....)...

Breakfast - porridge, banana, tea

Snack - plum, another banana

Lunch didn't happen as was delayed in traffic so straight in to meeting I drove down to (200 miles away) and come out 2 hours later starving. So nipped in to M&S. Got one of those Japaneese low calorie / 2 of your 5 a day thingy's (so rice wraps with loads of veg, pork and sweet chilli dip, not like a tortilla wrap).

Dinner - I'm in a hotel and quite a posh one (I'm not paying!) and so have had - duck croquettes with cucumber, corriander and springonion salad with chilli sauce (starter) and Brie rissoto cakes with balsamic tomato and pepper salad. Basically - deep fried potato in breadcrumbs with a bit of meat; and more deep fried carbs (rice) in breadcrumbs.

Oh and I had wine.

So tonights meal has wiped out the good effort I put in today.

There is a gym here and I've brought my gym stuff but forgot my costume (pool here too). I've never been a lover of gyms, they intimidate me - I feel like everyone is watching and I don't know what to go on!

FadBook Mon 12-Aug-13 22:12:49

Forgot to add:
1 filter coffee (chose this instead of latte) and had skimmed milk (but 2 sugars) this morning

1 vanilla latte - only me being exhausted and tired, pressed the button on the Express Costa machine in the Shell garage and went to counter to pay, only to realise I should have put the cup underneath (thought it was like the machine at work and pulled the cup down itself - I was tired!!) so I had warm vanilla milk grin grin grin

it is why I'm blonde!

shiningcadence Mon 12-Aug-13 22:51:14

Aww fad that's not too bad. Lots of fruit and veg packed in. And considering the day you've had you've done bloody brilliant. I also hate the gym! I find the idea of a kind of exercise simulation room very strange and I when I've been to the gym I'll be running along on the treadmill all sweaty, running alongside other sweaty people, thinking how embarrassing and bizarre the whole situation is. (I know I'm over analysing the whole thing but haven't been able to get past that 'weird' feeling). I think walking/running/swimming are much more enjoyable and it doesn't feel as though you're exercising for the sake of exercising, iykwim? Although I do know people that enjoy the gym.

shiningcadence Mon 12-Aug-13 22:52:47

Also, I ate a bowl if Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and am some carrot sticks and houmous for my dinner (strange combo I know grin).

Rummikub Mon 12-Aug-13 22:56:30

Hi is it too late to join in? I really need to monitor my food intake. I weighed myself yesterday and have put on 5lb in weight. Weight that took awhile to take off.

I also must must cut down on sugar. Addicted to it.

mummaemma Mon 12-Aug-13 22:57:21

can i join smile please

mummaemma Mon 12-Aug-13 23:03:15

3 weetabix milk
12 rich tea biscuits
6 crackers with spread
1 slice birthday cake
spaghetti bolognaise

not a great day!

mummaemma Mon 12-Aug-13 23:22:04

sorry didnt introduce myself. mum to 4, weight has been creeping on over last 3 years, now need to lose a stone or 2. Love exercise do boxfit, zumba, combat and circuits but havent done any for 2 weeks as hurt my back so resting for a month. my mums taking us all to pizza hut tomorrow. going to have to watch them tuck in. too tempting to have some myself

Hello newbies, not my thread, but I'm sure you're welcome. The more people to bolster one another on the better I saygrin
Fad- not paying, but no desert? You're a beacon of self control. With no real sustenance all day, I don't think it's too bad--not over compensating.for my own eating today at all--

breakfast- scrambled.egg
Dinner- pasta with onions and mushrooms fried in a small amount of bitter and fresh basil
Tea- take away pizza, I know no excuses but a friend is back.from China, unexpectedly turned up at my door and I wasn't going to cook when we haven't gossiped for two years. She brought wine, (and filled a guest room with no warning, she's bloody lucky I haven't had another child in the interim or she'd be stuck with the sofa!) I bought the pizza.

Rummikub Tue 13-Aug-13 01:17:39

Oh good smile
Though I am quite ashamed to post my food day,
Tea, toast, butter & jam
Ham sandwich
2 pieces of fudge
Prawn cocktail crisps
Spinach &ricotta cannelloni ready meal
2 custard doughnuts and cup of tea
Fab lolly

I' m hoping that having to write what I've eaten will make me more mindful of my food intake.

Rummikub Tue 13-Aug-13 01:18:58

Pregsnantpause, your day sounds quite good! No snacks is major achievement!

shiningcadence Tue 13-Aug-13 10:14:46

I forgot to say yesterday that my latte in M&S came with a lovely little biscuit which I ate blush. It was lovely though and worth the extra few calories. Just what I needed during a full day shopping smile

Hi newbies, all welcome smile I've definitely found that listing my food intake here helps to stop me gorging too much. Seriously, it really helps me to fight the temptation, knowing I'll be coming on here later to list everything.

Hope you all have a good day today. Chat later smile

Rummikub Tue 13-Aug-13 12:44:21

Thanks shining. See you ready with my list later. Hope you all have a good food day.

mummaemma Tue 13-Aug-13 15:32:20

Afternoon everyone. Hope you all being good today. Am trying my best but so want to grab something sweet now. thought id come on here to try and resist the temptation. Shining it definately does help listing our food intake. Thanks for starting a great thread.

redmayneslips Tue 13-Aug-13 18:01:34

Hello Rummikub and Mummaemma, welcome!

It's getting harder to keep up with everyone's food lists now, but I just wanted to say - fadbook - your hotel dinner sounds delicious, wish I had that now!

I am rushing about like a lunatic all day and am hoping that some of that activity will counteract my boldness on the food front.

Breakfast: all bran clusters cereal, low fat milk, coffee
Work coffee x 2 (meetings)
lunch: egg salad sandwich, diet coke (too much caffeine today)
Snack: mug of decaf tea, cream doughnut (!) and it was delicious - I was in ordering a cake for dh's party on Friday and couldn't resist the display
dinner: bolognaise cooking now so will have some of that, I don't love it but dc do so I make it for them. Means I won't go over board portion wise.

I am really up the walls trying to get everything wrapped up in work for Thurs, dh's party Fri night with a lot to organize for that, then hols veyr early mon morning so need to get sorted for that, the day after we get back I go away for work for 4 days and then the day after i get home dc go back to school.

My 'd'-sis rang to see if I would make an appointment for her before the party (quite why she couldn't do it I have no idea) and then asked me if we were having fun getting everything ready - I proceeded to tell her the above and all that we have to do and she utterly rubbed me up the wrong way, basically suggesting I was too up-tight and should 'relax' more and 'go with the flow'. She is SUCH a the. arse. sometimes ! Family eh?????

mummaemma Tue 13-Aug-13 20:25:03

thanks for the warm welcome

Had a relaxing day today- am luckily enough to work term time only.
Mum took me and the kids to pizza hut for a treat and have just got back from kids swimming lessons.

Red - a busy week for you then. Where you going on holiday to? somewhere relaxing? sounds like you deserve a good break.

My Breakfast: 2 weetabix/semi skimmed milk
Lunch: 2 small slices of thin crust pizza with salad
Tea: baked beans on toast/ 2 slices wholemeal
Treat: a packet of fruit mentos
drinks: Sprite free, water, 1 cuppa tea

shiningcadence Tue 13-Aug-13 20:28:16

Evening everyone,

mummaemma if I find myself craving something sweet I down a glass of water and bizarrely, it stops the craving. In fact I find that drinking lots of water throughout the day really curbs the hunger.

red I think that all that running around and stressing out will definitely be burning calories. Sounds like you have a really busy (but fun) time coming up.

For breakfast today I had a Muller Light yogurt, some strawberries, a pack of Special K 'biscuit moments' and a coffee (half a sugar, semi skimmed milk - I'd run out of skimmed!)

Snack : 3 squares dark choc, handful cashew nuts

We were planning on meeting at the park today with a bunch of friends and their children but the sky was looking quite overcast so it was decided we'd meet at a local pub instead for lunch. I inwardly groaned when I heard this because it is so hard to eat healthy when out I find, there often just aren't any healthy options - I'm vegetarian so limited that way too. I was quite lucky today though as there was a lovely homemade vegetable soup which I chose and it was delicious. It did come with a small baguette and butter which I also ate. Dessert then and literally everyone else was having dessert so I didn't want to make a big thing of not having dessert so I had a rhubarb crumble with custard which was lovely.

I've eaten out pretty much every day the last week and that really has been my downfall but with it being the summer hols and being out and about with the dc I usually have no choice. But I think being mindful of it and choosing the healthiest option where poss means I'm still keeping on track with the weight loss. I am going to try and eat out/eat less takeaway from now on though. Less than 3 weeks till my holiday.

Dinner was an omelette with red onion and a coffee.

Also drank lots of water. No exercise today though. Just haven't had chance and loads to do tonight so no chance to later.

Oh well, hope tomorrow is better .

Hope you've all had a good day smile

shiningcadence Tue 13-Aug-13 20:31:08

X post mummaemma, you've had a great day, well done smile

mummaemma Tue 13-Aug-13 21:11:37

shining - i love rhubarb and custard. my favourite smile
Glad you had a lovely day with friends. I must admit i don't drink enough. So will drink more and see if that stops the sugar cravings. So you and Red are on holiday soon. We're off to Devon week friday. smile

FadBook Tue 13-Aug-13 21:42:59

I wrote a post this morning but MN decided to play up just as I posted it, so it's not there now.

Made good choices today:

Breakfast - fruit bowl, coffee, apple juice, 2 x poached eggs, bacon with fat cut off, beans and grilled tomato (hotel breakfast, could have had EVERYTHING - crossiants, crumpets, sausages the lot). I did succumb to half a piece of fried bread though blush

Breakfast - on the go but chose tuna mayo sandwich on wholemeal

Dinner - grilled chicken salad with corn on the cob and (quite randomly) brocolli as it needed eating and I wasn't having potatoes. I did have half a white roll bap blush I have also had full fat mayo with my salad but I can't stand low fat stuff.

No snacks today as haven't been at home.

Welcome to the newbies! It's good to check in and write what you've had, it stops you eating things you shouldn't

Red and Shining - a good day really for you both, despite the traumas, well done!

Holiday in less than 48 hours now for me! Can't wait. Had toes done tonight and had tint on my lashes and eyebrows. Feel more excited now, one more day at work and it's manic. I'm been on my laptop tonight for over 2 hours and I'm still no where near where I wanted to be to hand over before going off.

Rummikub Wed 14-Aug-13 00:28:25

Fad book that sounds very good for while being in a hotel! Hotel breakfasts are a license for gluttony (I remember!)

Today I had tea, toast, butter, peanut butter and jam
2 pieces of fudge, 2 custard doughnuts (leftover from yesterday)
Tuna mayo sandwiched
Do I need to list alcohol?? Vodka, and couple of cocktails

A bad day, but my need to socialise and for doughnuts out weighed all sense.

I will try that tip shining about drinking water to cut the sugar craving.

mummaemma Wed 14-Aug-13 11:56:29

FAD -you did make good Breakfast sounds yummy. well done for keeping away from snacks. bet u cant wait til ur holiday.

RUMMI- lol you like your custard donuts. Me too. smile yep you need to list your alcohol too. be interesting to see if the water tip helps the sugar cravings.

this thread definately helps me. on a normal day i would have eaten, cake, biscuits, chocolate. and lots of it. Have really cut down. weighed myself the other day so interested to see if i lose anything this week.

Rummikub Wed 14-Aug-13 12:04:41

Mumma, yes in total I ate 5 custard doughnuts in 2 days! I won't buy anymore now for months <hoping>

So far, just tea and toast & jam and 2 glasses of water. I didn't buy any sweets at the supermarket to take away temptation (though have some left from last week, but will ration).

redmayneslips Wed 14-Aug-13 17:28:51

evening all,

having a busy day here so will just list food intake and run, but will be back later for a chat

Breakfast: all bran cluster cereal & low fat milk and coffee
Work: cup of tea
Lunch: M&S egg and cress sandwich, cup of tea, 1 rice cake with choc
snack: coffee and small (aldi) cream doughnut (my weakness obviously!)
no idea what we will have for dinner now. Bolognaise for dc from yesterday but don't know about dh & myself - am tempted to say 'take-away' as am up the walls but will root in freezer and see if there's anything there we can use up.....hmmm......which option will win?????? smile

shiningcadence Wed 14-Aug-13 17:51:34

red What about a healthier version of your usual takeaway? So, say it was Indian, going for a tomato based sauce rather than a creamy one. You could go meat free too and save some cals there (though if you did indulge in something calorie laden I wouldn't blame you, you've got so much on and we do need extra calories when we're running around doing lots as you are!)

shiningcadence Wed 14-Aug-13 18:17:31

mummaemma Did the water help with your cravings?

fadbook Really good day for you yesterday. Your breakfast sounds lovely and you did so well not to binge I always binge at buffets. Did you manage to get everything ready for your handover at work? Ooh holiday, how exciting! Can't wait till mine smile

Rummikub I love custard donuts too, yum. So hard when you start to wean yourself off those kind of foods. It is doable though, promise smile

Today I had:

Breakfast: Muller light yogurt, strawberries, coffee (half a sugar, skimmed milk)

Snack: coffee, Special K biscuit moments

Lunch: jacket potato with marge and low fat coleslaw, cucumber, tomatoes, carrot sticks and houmous. I normally have my jacket potato with cheese and beans and it's one of my all time favourite meals (sophisticated tastes, me grin) so it was absolute torture the prepare the dc's jackets with my favourite toppings sad I just kept downing water to distract me grin. Cheese is one of my downfalls, I love it. But I have banned it for the next 2 and a half weeks.

Snack: an apple

Dinner: a Dairylea triangle and 2 breadsticks.

Exercise did 5 mins of hula hooping, hoping to get on the wii for an hour later.

I think I may treat myself to another coffee and either a Jaffa cake or square of dark choc. I'll update again later.

Hope you've all had a good day smile

shiningcadence Wed 14-Aug-13 18:29:01

Haha just realised I totally contradicted myself by saying I'd banned cheese and then listing a Dairylea triangle grin. I meant I am banning the hard stuff, soft cheese ok as I'm not that fussed on it so won't over indulge smile

mummaemma Wed 14-Aug-13 19:38:13

Evening Fad, Red, Shining, Rummi

Breakfast: weetabix, semi milk

Lunch: low fat sweet tai chill noodles, slice french stick (no butter)
fat free strawberry yoghurt

Snack: treat size twix

Dinner: Veggie burger in a bun, a few fries, salad (radish, cucumber, tomato, spring onion)
another helping of yoghurt.

Drank only water today. still getting the sugar cravings. really want to tuck in to a couple of kitkats. (going to try another glass of water)

Went on a 6 mile bike ride with the kids which was great fun.

Shining - is that hula hopping on the wii or can you really keep it up for 5 mins shock

mummaemma Wed 14-Aug-13 19:40:58

oops sorry think i missed out PREG -evening to you too. Hope you have had a good day

shiningcadence Wed 14-Aug-13 20:26:24

I hula hooped for 5 mins but not non stop! Lol.

Bike ride sounds fun smile

If I get a bad sugar craving I eat a Jaffa Cake (they're 1g fat, 43 cals) or a pack of Special K biscuit moments (99 cals, 2.5g fat for 2 biscuits!)

Rummikub Wed 14-Aug-13 21:42:55

Hi all, as well as tea and toast for breakfast, I had cup of tea and 2 pieces of fudge and 2 Oreos. Dinner was chicken & mushroom encroute with mash. Glass of orange juice.

I decided not to have an evening cuppa as then I'll want a biscuit.

Shining your lunch sounded so healthy and balanced. I'm a cheese lover too. I do dairy lea too for the slight cheese fix without masses of calories.

I used to love hula hooping but doubt I could do it now; my hips an waist don't quite work like they used to!

mummaemma Wed 14-Aug-13 21:59:31

damm ! gave in to cuppa tea and 4 rich tea biscuits.

Rummikub Wed 14-Aug-13 22:03:11

Rich tea are not so bad in biscuit world are they? When I'm paying attention to my food intake I tend to buy boring biscuits in case I want something with my cuppa. Currently, I'm buying tasty cream biscuits, fudge and doughnuts blush

shiningcadence Thu 15-Aug-13 08:43:23

Well, you know how I said I was going to have a square of dark chocolate or a Jaffa cake... I ended up having both blush

Oh well. I did an hour on the wii so think I earned it smile I'm loving the wii at the moment, I've got my own little routine on there now which I'm going to try to do every night. I start off by doing step aerobics to warm up then the hula hoop then the jogging. Next I do half hour muscle and yoga exercises - on the wii fit plus you can organise your routine and save it so that you don't spend extra time dithering over which exercises to do. I then cool down by doing another jog, another hula hoop, another step aerobics. I finish off by doing the heading game, just because it's fun grin. If anyone has a wii though definitely dig it out because it's a great way to exercise if you don't have lots of spare time. And it is a great workout, you can really feel your muscles working.

I agree with Rummikub, Rich Teas aren't so bad smile

shiningcadence Thu 15-Aug-13 15:22:53

Oh dear, I'm having a rubbish day sad

We were supposed to be having a delivery yesterday so stayed in all day waiting. I didn't mind staying in yesterday because we've been really busy lately so I thought it'd be nice to stay home and chill out and I had lots of things planned to do with the dc... Anyway, the delivery didn't turn up. They reckon they knocked the door and nobody answered. Well, I didn't hear the door and neither did the dc. So, they promised to redeliver today. I was paranoid about not hearig the door so have pent the entire day in the living room. I've got washing to put on the line, wallpaper to strip upstairs but I can't bloody do it in case they turn up. I've run out of milk and can't go to the shops. The dc are bored and haven't stopped moaning. Argh feel like I'm going mad.

So, because of my shit day I have had a massive binge sad

Breakfast was a Muller light yogurt, Special K biscuit moments and a black coffee (which was gross).

Snack: 5 Jaffa cakes shock
Handful of dd's hula hoops

Lunch was an omelette with red onion and tomatoes and low fat coleslaw

Snack: 5 little Milky Ways! shock shockshock
Another black coffee
Somebody please save me from myself! I can't stop munching my way trough the kitchen cupboards.

(And still no sign of delivery angry)

How are you all doing?

shiningcadence Thu 15-Aug-13 15:36:08

Oops forgot to list the packet of Walkers salt & vinegar too sad

redmayneslips Thu 15-Aug-13 17:14:59

Hello everyone,

Shining - that's a pain being stuck waiting for a delivery , I tend to eat mindlessly at times like that too. Hope you are sorted now and can leave your sitting room grin

I am finished work today for my hols - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
And tomorrow is dh's birthday and party - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
Got a spray tan done today and so far it looks nice, very natural so I am delighted. Have appointment for hair and make-up tomorrow, I am rubbish at them so always try to get them done for occassions. I did not do great this week, but I can't worry about it too much, I am still lighter than when I started 2 weeks ago, so that can only be a good thing.

Today I had:

Breakfast 3 cream crackers with scrape of butter & jam, coffee
Work: coffee
Lunch: was late as had to run all over town after work sorting stuff - had an M&S low calorie hoisin duck wrap, bottle of water
Snack: had a cup of tea and a doughnut (left from yesterday)
Dinner: my parents are arriving tonight so will make a large chicken and veg curry with rice, chutneys on the side and poppadums - most likely a glass of wine later.

Tomorrow - god only knows - I have nice stuff in for breakfast for dh's birthday, then we'll have to dash about getting stuff sorted, having a family meal at 6pm so will eat light during the day. Then the party,we are have some very nice food lined up and tonnes of drink and black forest gateau for his cake so all bets are off tomorrow night grin

am sort of worried about the swimsuit now..........<gulp>

mummaemma Thu 15-Aug-13 18:16:21

shinning- well done for keeping up with exercise. very impressed. Sorry to hear u had to wait in for delivery. such a pain when they don't specify a time. did your delivery arrive in the end? a few treats isnt that bad. think you needed them. hope you have a better day tomorrow

Red - bet it a great feeling finishing work. Bet you are looking forward to DH party and holiday. Have a great time. Yum Black forest gateau. Enjoy.

Breakfast -extra large bowl rice krispies, semi milk
2 slices of toast with lemon curd

snack - brunch bar and mini twix

Dinner - Jacket Potato with beans

shiningcadence Thu 15-Aug-13 18:28:29

Delivery came at 5 so at least the dc had an hour in the garden and I had an hour to give the kitchen a much needed clean (garden not in sight or sound of the living room so they'd been confined in till then).

After I last posted I had another packet of crisps and 2 glasses of full fat Pepsi blush. In my defence I was hungry and tired, bored and fed up.

Pizza in the oven for the dc and I have decided to say it and have a little slice grin

Will do an hour and half on the wii to make up for it no amount if exercise will make up for the crap I've eaten today!

mummaemma Thu 15-Aug-13 19:02:20

shining - if it make u feel better ive just had another 2 mini twix fingers.
i find it extra hard in the school holidays. so tempting to just grab something yummy quick. We all have good and bad days. hope tomorrow is better. Are you doing anything nice?

I had some good news today. My DD got her AS Art result grade B she already has distinction in her business. A reason to celebrate wine

shiningcadence Thu 15-Aug-13 20:39:41

Woohoo for you red, sooo exciting! I've always wondered about getting a spray tan. Was it in a booth or did somebody spray you? I'm also thinking if getting a seaweed wrap before hols - apparently they wrap you in seaweed, cover you in cling film and you lose a few inches from different areas of your body. My friend had it before her hols and said it did work - I was thinking it sounded too good to be true. It's lovely getting pampered before holiday isn't it. I'm going to have a manicure and pedicure too smile

Happy birthday to your dh for tomorrow. Hope you all enjoy the day and especially the party. I bet you will look fab in your outfit. Don't worry about what you eat tomorrow, calories consumed on birthdays don't count - that's the law grin

shiningcadence Thu 15-Aug-13 20:43:46

Congratulations for your dd mummaemma! flowers Massive reason to celebrate!

You've done really well today, well done smile

Just watching Corrie and then about to hit the wii for 1.5 hours. Swimming tomorrow so hopefully burn lots of calories! smile

shiningcadence Thu 15-Aug-13 23:14:18

Hi again, just finished 1.5 hours on the wii and feeling much better about my binge. Bizarrely, I have lost 1lb since last night! Though I guess it will take a few days for the crap I ate today to be turned into fat and register on the scales?

I have just realised tonight that it's always after I've done a workout on the wii that I feel famished the next day. I should've noticed this sooner really, I mean it's common sense you'd need more food if you're exercising isn't it. So from now on I'm going to eat more good, healthy, energising food in the hope that I won't binge on sugar throughout the day. I think the key is to have a biggish breakfast too.

Anyway, speak tomorrow smile

mummaemma Thu 15-Aug-13 23:25:36

well done, never been on the wii for that long before. might give it a go tomorrow.

Rummikub Fri 16-Aug-13 00:51:30

Congratulations to your dd mummaemma!

And an hour and half on wii is loads! I think I'll have to start using the wii too.

Today I had tea, toast and jam; then slice of lemon drizzle cake made by dc and an oat cookie also made by dc with a cuppa. Dinner was chicken & mushroom encroute and mash again. I feel sick at the thought again so won't be having that again! Much smaller portions today. Glass of orange juice.

Just had another cuppa and 2 ginger biscuits.

mummaemma Fri 16-Aug-13 16:28:42

well ive been on Wii fit for 7 mins (hoopla and step) but got kicked off by the kids. smile and made a batch of scones. so far have eaten only 1) let u know later what ive eaten grin

shiningcadence Fri 16-Aug-13 16:37:06

That's why I go on it in the evenings otherwise it gets promptly taken over by the dc! It was funny because we hadn't had the wii out for months and they hadn't given it a second thought but as soon as I dug it out and dusted it down they were all over it! Kids, aye grin

Chat later smile

Rummikub Fri 16-Aug-13 17:07:02

Tea, toast and jam fir breakfast. Cup of tea and home made oat biscuit. About to eat roast gammon, mash and peas. Still not done any wii. Admire your motivation!

shiningcadence Fri 16-Aug-13 17:32:29

I had a Brunch Bar and a coffee (skimmed milk, half a sugar) for breakfast.

Really busy in between breakfast and lunch so no time for snacking, yay smile

Lunch was an omelette with 2 pieces of toast (with clover light marge). I was trying not to eat bread but I'd rather fill up on bread at meal times than eat chocolate and biscuits throughout the day and do you know, it worked. No hunger pangs or cravings today so I'm going to try and eat bigger lunches from now on in the hope it'll see me through to dinner time.

No snacks since lunch but I did have 2 cans of Diet Pepsi (didn't sleep too well last night and seriously needed something to keep me awake). I've checked the can and it says zero fat and 2 cals per can so although it's full of other nasty shite at least I haven't gone overboard on the fat and calories like I did yesterday.

Dinner is a 'roast' dinner (roast potatoes, veg, gravy etc). Because we're veggie we have vegetable fingers or veggie sausages instead of meat. Going to try on get on the wii again tonight. Will report back later.

You've had a good day rummikub. I absolutely love jam on toast. Yum smile

STIDW Fri 16-Aug-13 20:05:18

Today I did 40 min cardio, 25min swim, 1 hours walking and ate well;

Breakfast: Small orange, 2x Weetabix with 100ml milk (222cal)

Snack: Small square of tiffin (200cal)

Lunch: Prawn and mango salad, 0% fat greek yogurt and blueberries with 2 tsp oats and 1 tsp roasted nuts and seeds, 1 tsp honey (387cal)

Dinner: Vension (on special offer!) with garlic, balsamic vinegar and blackberry sauce, pot mash, broccoli and sprouts.(390cal)

Total = 1214cal

MumTo2x Fri 16-Aug-13 20:46:20

Anyone mind if I join this thread? I could use some motivation.

shiningcadence Fri 16-Aug-13 21:12:41

For dinner I had 2 veggie fingers, some roast potatoes, loads of veg (broccoli, carrots an cauliflower) and gravy.

Snack: 2 Jaffa cakes

I'm really glad I had bigger meals today because it meant I felt full all day and didn't snack as much.

Really interesting programme on ITV+1 at the moment about food.

mummaemma Fri 16-Aug-13 22:34:14

shining - Well done, im impressed, a snack free day. does helps when your busy to stay away from them and of course having bigger meals helps. did enjoy hula hooping on the wii. beat my record and got 309 points smile I eat mainly veggie too. dont eat red meat, just chicken and fish. wish i could join u on the Wii tonight. Hubbys watching TV so no chance for me.

Rummi - you did great today. go on get on that Wii grin definately makes me hungry reading your posts.

hello and welcome STIDW, very impressive, you would have burned all your daily intake and more. do you exercise this much everyday?

Hello and welcome Mumto2, not my thread but fine with me smile

mummaemma Fri 16-Aug-13 22:42:11

Red -Hope you are having a great party grin

not a great today.

Weetabix, semi milk
Jacket pot with tuna and sweetcorn,
3 home made scones with black current jam (no butter or cream! (well they were yummy,
2 mini twix fingers

missed dinner as out at sons footy so had a bowl of rice krispies when i got in.

shiningcadence Sat 17-Aug-13 12:25:52

Hi all,

Did my hour on the wii last night but I was so tired afterwards I couldn't be bothered to cool down properly blush. Now my calves are really aching sad That'll teach me!

mummaemma, that doesn't sound too bad. You didn't have dinner so made up for the snacking.

Welcome newbies smile

STIDW Well done, that's great exercise and eating. Your dessert with the Greek yogurt, blueberries, nuts etc sounds absolutely delicious.

MumTo2x The more the merrier smile How did you do yesterday? Have you got a specific goal in mind or just looking to eat better overall?

Chat soon everyone smile

mummaemma Sat 17-Aug-13 18:17:14

been busy today, having a good clear out in the loft. 3 black bags full for charity and listed some items for sale. got loads to get rid of.

not exactly a healthy day. blush

breakfast: weetabix. semi milk
Lunch: French stick with Houmous and tomato
Dinner: macaroni cheese, courgette with garlic and sesame seeds, piece of garlic bread.
large slice millionaires desert

snacks: handful of vindaloo nuts
4 rich tea biscuits and still hungry.......

shiningcadence Sat 17-Aug-13 18:24:42

Hi mummaemma, I haven't had Weetabix in years but seeing you list it has made me fancy it grin. Dh off to do the weekly shop in a bit, will be putting Weetabix on the list!

Well Saturdays are usually a bit rubbish for me because it's the day we do our weekly shop so not much in the cupboards or fridge till we go.

Breakfast was one piece of toast with clover light spread, coffee - skimmed milk, half a sugar.

Lunch - half a pack of super noodles blush. I did pop in half a tin of sweetcorn in the hope it'd make it a little bit healthier. Also had a piece of bread with it, again with the clover light.

Snacks: 2 Jaffa cakes, couple of dd's jazzies.

Can Diet Pepsi
Lots of water

Chat later smile

mummaemma Sat 17-Aug-13 20:37:14

shining - weetabix is my favourite cereal. served with a cup of warm milk and a sprinkling of sugar. i love supernoodles. usually get the low fat version but they dont taste quite the same.

wondering where u r all from? funny if we were neighbours grin
I'm from East Sussex

mummaemma Sat 17-Aug-13 22:30:07

wheres everyone gone confused just me and shining

BronaghT Sat 17-Aug-13 22:40:25

Today I have eaten..
Breakfast - two slices of raisin toast and a cup if coffee

Morning tea - half pot if yoghurt and herbal tea
Lunch - one slice if brown bread with baked beans and pint if orange cordial
Afternoon tea-, banana and cup of coffee
Dinner - grilled pork medallion, spinach and one corn in the cob.

Drank water during the day. Gym this morning for class.

Rummikub Sat 17-Aug-13 23:04:16

Reporting in! Dc only just gone to bed after watching Harry potter. They are still stomping around! Anyway, today I had tea toast & jam. Then lunch was gammon & Branson sandwiches. Dinner- spiced roast chicken, rice and natural yoghurt. Followed by homemade lemon drizzle cake. And back of prawn cocktail crisps while watching film. A small bag between 3 of us.

Oh and mid afternoon cup of tea and 2 slices of fudge. I think I will stop buying fudge and stick to dull biscuits like ginger and rich tea (though I do like them!)

Rummikub Sat 17-Aug-13 23:06:41

I might also have to add weetabix to my list after you all put it in my head now! I did used to like the mini weetabix.

My downfall is biscuits, cake, chocolate. Going to meal plan and buy accordingly. My fridge is looking pleasingly empty!

STIDW Sun 18-Aug-13 00:15:57

mummaemma, Thank you for the welcome.

I usually just walk once a week but I workout in the gym for 40 minutes everyday, swim 25 mins 5 x weekly and aqua aerobics 3x a week. It's not as impressive as it sounds because I have mobility problems and need crutches so I can't do high intensity. I concentrate on doing what I can manage each day instead and the exercise helps my mobility.

Three years ago I lost 10st 6lbs (half my weight!) and didn't eat less than around 1400 cals. Unfortunately some of the weight crept back on and this time I've needed to cut back to 1200 cals to maintain weight loss. I think age perhaps means my body needs less calories.

I just love scones BTW.

shiningcadence, The yogurt snack is quite filling and I need something because I've burned up most calories early in the day in the morning. I dry roast 100g oats and 20g each of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and chopped hazelnuts and keep it in a jar. Then I add 3 tsp to 0% fat Greek yogurt with a tsp of honey. If I'm eating too many calories I only add one 1/2 tsp of the seeds mix and 1/2 tsp of maple syrup. Usually I alternate between adding blueberries or a small banana because they help with high blood pressure apparently.

Anyway today I've eaten;

Breakfast: Orange, Weetabix

Lunch: Ham and cheese omelette, mushrooms and a small slice of wholemeal bread

Snacks: Yogurt with seeds etc, a banana and a Cafe Nero double choc biscuit (they come in packs of two and I've kept one for another day)

Dinner: Chicken fajita, Wrap and salsa.

Total 1212cal.

Good to see others eating Weetabix. At one point I just had an orange and yogurt for breakfast but I found my intake of iron dropped significantly.

shiningcadence Sun 18-Aug-13 15:49:15

Lots of Weetabix fans grin

Hi all,

Yesterday turned out to be not so good. Whilst dh was shopping I ate 2 pieces of toast with a coffee - this was going to be my dinner, I knew I wouldn't get on the wii tonight with the dc hogging the tv so thought I'd be eat something small. Anyway, dh then comes home and says he fancies a Pizza Hut and although I protested at first (honest grin) eventually he twisted my arm and I ended up having half a vegetable supreme blush. But I did have it on a thin base and there wasn't lots of cheese on it. Still...

Today I walked into town - 25 mins a lot of it uphill and I walked quickly so that I was out of breath. Hopefully that burned some of it off!

I had Weetabix, a banana and an apple for breakfast.

Snack : Special K 'Biscuit Moments'

Lunch: Muller Rice with strawberries (trying not to eat too much after scoffing the pizza yesterday but tbf I'm not feeling very hungry today)

Can't decide what to have for dinner. Will report back later.

You are all doing so well. STIDW I am particularly impressed with your exercise. Even if it's not high intensity that's still very impressive.

Rummikub You have the exact same downfalls as me. Anything sugary - cakes, chocolate, biscuits yum! Do you feel as though you're addicted to them because I do. And once I haven't had them for a while I seem to not crave them as much.

mummaemma It did look like it was just for a while! red, kate and fadbook are off on hols I think. I wonder where pregnant is <waves if she's lurking>.

Chat later smile

Rummikub Sun 18-Aug-13 19:19:44

Hi, today, I had tea, toast, jam (can you see a theme for breakfast?), late lunch/ early dinner of chicken, rice, natural yoghurt. Blueberry yoghurt. Cup of tea, 4 (eek) ginger biscuits and a piece of fudge.

Shining, yes I do think I am addicted to sugar. I had to go on a restrictive diet for medial reasons and basically all the things I loved I couldn't have. I surprised myself though that I didn't miss chocolate really. But did miss cheese! God my 1st taste of cheese was soo amazing!

shiningcadence Sun 18-Aug-13 19:30:53

Mmm cheese... Melted cheese... On jacket potatoes... Cheese on toast...

Stop it Cadence! grin

shiningcadence Sun 18-Aug-13 19:36:47

Dinner was a jacket potato with clover light spread, a small portion of baked beans, low fat coleslaw, tomatoes, cucumber and carrot sticks and houmous.

Snack - a Jaffa cake
Another pack of Special K biscuit moments blush. I usually eat the blueberry flavour but dh had picked up some strawberry ones which I only noticed in the cupboard this evening. So of course I had to try them (and um pleased to report they are lovely smile).

I've had 3 coffees today - skimmed milk, half a sugar.
Lots if water.

Hoping to get in the wii for an hour later.

shiningcadence Sun 18-Aug-13 20:07:45

I just had another Weetabix blush. Forgotten how lush they are! That's definitely it for me tonight though! grin

Rummikub Sun 18-Aug-13 20:26:39

I just had another cuppa with a flake, swiftly followed by a finger of fudge! Dc just gone to their dad's and I guess I have that instead of a vodka!

shiningcadence Sun 18-Aug-13 21:03:47

Well it is Sunday night grin

mummaemma Sun 18-Aug-13 21:04:07

evening all.

yep once again i had weetabix for my brekky. (warm milk of course) oooh will have to try min ones Rummi.

lunch: mushroom pate on 2 slices wholemeal toast

dinner: well everyone had roast pork (did i forget to mention my hubby does all the cooking grin i had the roast without the pork.
roast potatoes, sweetcorn, cauliflower cheese sorry shining grin peas.
strawberry yoghurt.

Snack: fizzy sweets, 4 rich tea, 2 mini twix fingers, nectarine

3 cups of tea and water

STIDW -wow you have lost lots of weight, impressive. your food/exercise balance is spot on. keep it up.

Shining/rummi - we all have the same downfall. cake biscuits and chocolate. think i could live without cheese grin when r u off on your hols shining? rummi, omg flake and finger of fudge. have no chocolate in the house and want some NOW

still not done any exercise. back to boxfit, combat, zumba and circuits in september.

mummaemma Sun 18-Aug-13 21:05:55

what have you done shining? lol

Rummikub Sun 18-Aug-13 21:10:24

I did go through a phase of if I wanted something sweet I would just have a spoonful of sugar! It gave me the sugar hit without the excess calories and fat. Is it called syndrome x when there is an addiction to sugar?

Stidw, your diet sounds v healthy!

MumTo2x Sun 18-Aug-13 21:40:07

To whoever asked, I'm aiming to lose weight since we're moving to Mesa, AZ at the end of this month, would like to make a nice impression on whoever our new neighbours may be.

Breakfast - French Toast filled with nectarine's/plums (French toast on weekends is sort of a family tradition)
Lunch - Potato and Tomato Soup + Croutons
Dinner - Broccoli, Mash Potato, Veggie Sausages.
Snacks - 4 lightly salted rice cakes + 2 rows of cadbury's dairy milk (could have done better here)

Rummikub Sun 18-Aug-13 22:00:45

This thread makes me so hungry! French toast sounds yummy. How do you make that mumto2?

MumTo2x Sun 18-Aug-13 22:49:21

Rummikub, I'm not the best at explaining things! Probably best if you google a recipe.

Rummikub Mon 19-Aug-13 00:10:45

Just did. Didn't realise its eggy bread! Though French toast sounds soo much more tasty. I will have to try with cinnamon. Yum!

I'm back. No internet connection for the last few days unfortunately. I'm not going to list a weeks worth of food eaten, but suffice to say I've had a more calorie laden week than I would have if I was recording it.
Yesterday I knew that I had to catch myself before I put the lbs lost back on! So I had
Breakfast- salmon and eggs with chopped chives
Dinner- kung PO noodles in a container, 292 calories.
Dinner- chickpea curry with three low cal popadoms.
Snack- a slice of banana bread (homemade, with half sugar and oil instead of butter, so vaguely healthier than most)
Drink- 100ml milk and half a bottle of wine (not together thoughgrin )
Sounds like you're all doing well. Although I fancy eggy bread now, and the amount of butter I use make it a no no.

feelinlucky Mon 19-Aug-13 13:22:19

Today I'm on a 500 calorie day. I've had a nectarine, peach and a tiny 3 crab stick salad. I think I've used at least 200 of my 500 calories. I've already drank about 2 litres of water. I ll have a couple of veg sausages, a small potato and some fresh carrots for tea. How bloody depressing but its only one day smile

shiningcadence Mon 19-Aug-13 14:22:13

Hi everyone smile

mummaemma I was referring to rummikub's post about eating chocolate when I said it is Sunday night lol.

You Weetabix fans should try Oatibix too if you haven't already. I love the sultana one, it's gorgeous..

rummikub, I haven't heard of syndrome x, I'll have to google it!

Hi pregnant, welcome back smile ooh chickpea curry sounds lovely, I'll have to have a bash at making that when I have more time - probably when the dc are back in school.

I didn't manage to get on the wii again last night. We are decorating dd1's room so we stayed up late doing bits and pieces in there and dd1 slept in the living room. I've found that since I've been doing the wii every night I'm really behind with some of the housework because it's usually in the evening when the dc are in bed that I get most of it done. My washing basket is overflowing with ironing! And there are things I should be sorting out for holidays that I haven't so I think the wii is going to be a thrice weekly thing from now on. I'm just going to have to try to do a bit more exercise during the day, it is hard when there are children running around though. Oh well, I've lost a bit already so as long as that stays off I can't ask for more...

Chat later smile

feelinlucky Mon 19-Aug-13 17:55:30

I didn't have sausages, I bought a little aubergine and mushrooms and made a korma with a roti and a couple of spoons of rice. Twas faboolus smile

shiningcadence Mon 19-Aug-13 18:13:53

Hi again, well I managed to get an hour on the wii this afternoon! Dds 1 and 2 were busy elsewhere in the house and dd3 - who's 3 - pretended to workout beside me grin. I am so chuffed because I've lost another lb since Friday! Yay! Since I first went on the wii (4th August, so that's 2 weeks ago) I've lost 3lb smile I think it just goes to show that even having the odd 'slip up' day - of which I have at least one a week - it's still possible to lose weight at a good, steady rate as long as you're exercising and generally eating well. I think to abstain from all treats is unsustainable for some people - me included! Having said that I would love to eventually cut all the shite out of my diet but I think baby steps is best. That will come eventually. And we're all doing so well at the moment.

Anyway, speech over grin

Today I've had:

Breakfast - 2 Weetabix with skimmed milk. Banana. Coffee - skimmed milk, half a sugar.

Snack: Muller rice and strawberries

Lunch: red onion omelette

Snack: Special K biscuit moments

Lots of water.

Not sure what to have for lunch, will report back later.

Hope you're all having a good day smile

shiningcadence Mon 19-Aug-13 18:14:52

Ooh that sounds lovely feelin, I love korma.

feelinlucky Mon 19-Aug-13 19:18:08

Shining, it was only a homemade one with zero, Yes, zero fat! Next to no calories and it was a methi roti. I don't think it was anymore than 300 calories. I ll have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Yum smile

STIDW Mon 19-Aug-13 20:25:46

French toast with fruit and the veggie curries sound very good.

Yesterday I had an orange and porridge with banana, pecans and maple syrup for breakfast followed by bacon, egg, tomato, mushrooms and 1/2 English muffin for brunch. I made fishcakes with a yoghurt dressing for dinner and had a salad on the side.

Today was really hard. I usually go to the gym after breakfast and need some calories midmorning. Today I was later so my energy was low and I couldn't reach my usual levels in the gym. Afterwards I scoffed a fruit scone. So I had;

Breakfast: usual orange and Weetabix

Snacks: fruit scone, strawberries

Lunch: fishcake with yogurt dressing left over from last night and salad

Dinner: cajun chicken, sweet potato wedges and salad.

Rummicub, My big problem was bread and cheese. I've never liked fizzy drinks nor used convenience foods much. On the other hand I've always had tea and coffee with no milk and only drink water and the occasional glass of wine. Also I work freelance often from home and currently there are no at home so it's easier to have a healthy diet, although I still have my moments!

STIDW Mon 19-Aug-13 20:30:25

grr ... no children at home

mummaemma Mon 19-Aug-13 22:37:29

evening everyone. just a quick post.

weetabix, semi skimmed milk
2 slices toast lemon curd

houmous on cream crackers x 5

1/4 quiche with lettuce, toms, radish, cucumber, sweetcorn.salad cream

2 french fancies
5 rich tea
4 chocolate wafers

shiningcadence Mon 19-Aug-13 22:44:01

feelin can I be cheeky and ask for the recipe for it please?

STIDW you've done really well again.

I had 2 pieces of toast with clover light spread and a coffee for dinner and then 2 Weetabix for supper. Can't get enough of them grin

shiningcadence Mon 19-Aug-13 22:46:12

mummaemma Houmous on crackers sounds lovely, (I love houmous) as does the quiche and the chocolate smile

Rummikub Mon 19-Aug-13 23:44:05

Hi everyone. Today work day, so needed lots of sugar! Breakfast was just right cereal, milk, cup of tea. Mid morning- apple, soreen slice. Lunch ham sandwiches, tea and blue riband. Afternoon snacks- apple, kit kat, latte, coffee, fudge. Dinner- ham sandwiches, tea and kit kat. Got home and had to have a cornetto.

Think I need to get some healthy snacks for work...

feelinlucky Mon 19-Aug-13 23:45:52

Shining, Yes of course. It's really simple. If calories allow a smidgen of creme fraîche at the end gives it a creamy edge smile
Red onion, garlic (lots of), mushrooms, aubergines, fry it all in the pan until lovely and brown and soft. Sprinkle in a couple of stock cubes and add korma powder (I get mine from the local Indian shop). Fresh green chilli and voilà an amazing totally fat free korma. I use a couple of squirts of one cal olive oil but to be honest the liquid from the veg helps it all fry nicely. I buy roti from the Indian shop too (about 100 cals) and allow a couple of spoonfuls of basmati rice. No more than 300 cals. I use nice Indian bowls for authenticity smile

Yesterday I had
Breakfast- cereal
Dinner- new potato, runner bean garlic and olive salad
Tea- ribollata (veg stew with greens)
Snacks- numerous slices of bread and buttersad(4, they.went alongside the stew, but DDS left theirs and I can't bear it to waste)

I'm still within my goal Cal but I've a serious bread addiction.

shiningcadence Tue 20-Aug-13 11:25:58

Thank you feelin flowers

feelinlucky Tue 20-Aug-13 15:22:02

Today I had weetabix x 2 for breakfast. A big handful of fruit and nuts for a snack. Lunch left over korma and roti - very small bowl of. A nectarines and pear. Just ripped off a small bit of tiger bread. Doesn't leave much for tea tonight. I think I ll make a stew with veg soya chunks.

STIDW Tue 20-Aug-13 16:11:09

I've just made some savoury flans and flapjacks. The smell is amazing and making it very hard to resist!

shiningcadence Tue 20-Aug-13 20:57:57

Evening all smile

Breakfast: muller rice, coffee - skimmed milk, half a sugar
Snack: Special K biscuit moments
Lunch: 2 pieces of toast, banana
Snack: latte in cafe - one sugar - and small Milky Way
Dinner: one slice of vegetable pizza
Snack: 2 Weetabix and a banana

Chat soon smile

mummaemma Tue 20-Aug-13 21:03:21

just me reporting in grin

breakfast - 2 slices toast with lemon curd. ran out of milk so no weetabix.

lunch - french stick with houmous and tomato, nectarine

dinner - tuna /tom pasta

snacks- been a pig today 5 rich rea biscuits, 2 twix fingers, a french fancy. i wonder why im not losing any weight.

mmmm u cant beat homemade savoury flans. Haven't made one in years. cheese and onion my favourite.

Rummikub Tue 20-Aug-13 21:54:12

Hello, another haphazard day. Tea, cereal. Then, a chicken pasty!, and a cornetto.

Morning, checking in for yesterday.

Breakfast- scrambled egg
Dinner- new potato salad
Tea- chorizo and egg wrap
Snacks- magic stars snack pack
One slice of bread and butter
Drinks- 100ml milk and two glasses of red wine.

I'm very happy that tbh.
Mumma- considering how low Cal your meals are, I don't think the snacks are that bad, in fact its probably keeping you in quite a low calorie total for the day.

Rummikub Wed 21-Aug-13 15:59:05

Pregnantpause, new potato salad sounds tasty, what was in it... Looking for inspiration. So far I have had tea, 2 toast and jam. Now going to have a cup of tea with Madeira cake and thinking about what to have for tea. Hope everyone else doing well.

I used new potato, sliced runner beans (both boiled, beans added in last three mins), garlic fried in a little oil, chopped black olives a handful of basil and rocket to wilt amongst the potatoes. Squeeze a lemon over with s and p. It was a variation of a hugh fearnly recipe I think, but couldn't be bothered to unearth the relevant cookbook. It was very satisfying actually

So far today I have had

Breakfast- cereal
Dinner- toasted beetroot and salad wrap with 25g cheddar.
For tea, I'm making macaroni cheese for the DC, but know it's not a good idea for me, so a bit downcast at the prospect of watching them eat the cheesy goodness without me. I will have some form of noodle soup I think.

feelinlucky Wed 21-Aug-13 17:01:56

Today, nothing for breakfast. Half bowl cauliflower and stilton homemade soup for lunch and dinner. A nectarine and pear for snacks.

Rummikub Wed 21-Aug-13 17:57:05

Wow, that's sounds sophisticated and tasty.

mummaemma Wed 21-Aug-13 19:23:36

Evening everyone.

breakfast: 2.5 weetabix, semi skimmed milk
Lunch: 4 crackers with houmous, nectarine
dinner: chilli with tortilla wrap, corn on the cob
Banoffe ice cream

Snack: 2 breakaways, homemade apple puff

went on a 6 mile bike ride

Thanks rummi, I feel grown up having made a sophisticated saladgrin
I caved. Had half a bowl of Mac and cheese. But, as 250g of pasta served 6, I'm sure it can't have been that calorie laden. Well, not alone that is. I also had some of the apple crumble I made to follow. Have just finished the shred to compensate. No snacks today though.and no alcohol, despite dh sitting with a large glass of red in hand opposite me, the bottle next to him..

STIDW Wed 21-Aug-13 23:14:34

Yesterday I had an orange and porridge with a banana, nuts and 1/2 tsp maple syrup, then a double chic biscuit for snack and ham rye bread sandwich with salad for lunch. My daughter came for dinner and we had bacon, asparagus and cheese flan made with filo pastry, beetroot and feta salad followed by a meringue nest with strawberries and half fat cream. My energy was very low and I didn't manage to reach my usual levels in the gym so I gave into temptation and had a flapjack!


breakfast: orange, Weetabix, milk

snack: pancake with tsp Nutella

lunch: turkey slice, potato salad with beetroot and feta salad left overs

dinner: tuna with spring greens, chilli and sweet potato wedges followed by a meringue nest with strawberries and half fat cream again

That lot was just a little under 1200 cal.

Rummikub Wed 21-Aug-13 23:41:03

Added to tea toast, Madeira cake and tea, were cheese toast times 2 plus tea followed by more Madeira cake. My diet is atrocious!

shiningcadence Thu 22-Aug-13 10:38:58

Hi all, sorry didn't check in yesterday. Had a lovely day, very busy though and very bad food wise.

Muller rice
Piece of toast
Packet of Walkers prawn cocktail crisps
Special K biscuit moments x2 blush
Burger King - veggie wrap, chips and diet coke
We went to Burger King as we were rushing around like blue arsed flies, hadn't had lunch and didn't think we would be having dinner as were off see friends at 7 and didn't expect them to feed us. But, when we arrived they decided to have an impromptu BBQ and of course it would've been rude to refuse the lovely food they were making smile - so I hada veggie burger - in a roll with a cheese slice, relish and onions. Then a raspberry donut blush.

No exercise either.

Oh well, today's another day. In going to be very good. So far I've had a muller rice and a coffee - skimmed milk, half a sugar. Lunch will be an omelette. Report back later.

Btw, pregnant I also love the sound of your potato salad, looking forward to trying it out smile

feelinlucky Thu 22-Aug-13 12:24:17

I woke up ravenous. Breakfast 2 weetabix then ate one of my tuna sandwiches. Then had a pear and a handful of dried fruit and wasabi nuts. Also had my other sandwich for lunch but still hungry.

feelinlucky Thu 22-Aug-13 13:39:29

Just been and bought a big bag of dry roasted peanuts.

mummaemma Thu 22-Aug-13 17:20:48

well so far have had

breakfast: weetabix
lunch: 2 slices cheese on toast (Edam)
snack: breakaway, packet of peanut M & M's

Dinner tonight is takeway Fish n Chips.
Off to Devon tomorrow for our hols for a week so wont be reporting in.
Hope you all have a good week. grin

shiningcadence Thu 22-Aug-13 17:45:16

mummaemma Hope you have a fab time on your hols. Devon is a lovely part of the country isn't it.

feelin It's horrible when you're ravenous no matter what you eat isn't it. You've done so well not to cave and go on a mad binge though! That's what I've been known to do grin In all seriousness though, I always find that eggs fill me up when I'm hungry - you've probably noticed from my food lists that I eat a lot of omelettes! I also find Muller Rice really, really filling.

Well, yesterday I forgot to list the latte I had at a cafe when we were out and also 2 glasses of cider at my friend's house, so quite a lot of calories consumed sad

I've tried to be good today, honest, but I've been been feeling really peckish. I've had:

Muller rice
Omlette with red onion, one piece toast with clover light spread
Small Milky Way
X3 Jaffa cakes blush
X2 Weetabix with skimmed milk
Coffee skimmed milk, half a sugar x2
Lots of water

Not shaping up to be a great day but I'm feeling full now so hopefully won't be snacking too much more this evening. If I'm feeling peckish later I'll probably have a Dairylea triangle and some breadsticks. Dd3 was eating them earlier and I have to admit, they looked quite appetising! smile

Hope youre all having a good evening. Chat again soon.

cooeeyonlyme Thu 22-Aug-13 17:50:42

Kendal mint cake
Chicken sandwich meal with coke
steak, potatoes and salad
Mars bar
3 cups of coffee

Rummikub Thu 22-Aug-13 19:14:07

Shining, 3 Jaffa cakes sounds fine.

Today I had tea, toast, jam. 8 chunks of plain chocolate. Spaghetti bolognaise, made with 4 types of veg, and 1/3 of garlic flat bread. 1 glass of water. Will be having a cup of tea in a moment with couple of ginger biscuits.

shiningcadence Thu 22-Aug-13 19:32:15

Thanks rummikub smile I also had 2 squares dark chocolate and a small Milky Way grin.

Dinner was 2 vegetable fingers, couple of roast potatoes, loads of veg (carrots, cauli, broccoli) and gravy so didn't get to have my Dairylea after.

mummaemma Thu 22-Aug-13 21:37:39

Thanks Shining, i will. have a good week smile

IDontBowlOnShabbos Thu 22-Aug-13 22:28:39

Ohh can I join? Need some help to keep on track and having to write it all down might help!

Today I started off well with yogurt and honey for breakfast, then it kind of went downhill!

For lunch I had a bigmac meal with full fat coke and for dinner three Krispy Kremes...

In my defense this is not a normal day for me and the Krispy Kremes were the fault of my MIL, god bless her!

Rummikub Thu 22-Aug-13 23:49:54

I thought you were going to be super healthy after the yoghurt and honey start... Ending with doughnuts! grin

After my tea and ginger biscuits (3) and a fudge, I had some hula hoops, a cornetto and a cola lolly. I really shouldn't calorie load at the end of the day!

STIDW Fri 23-Aug-13 02:28:15

Today or rather yesterday wasn't very well thought out. I had an orange and Weetabix with milk for breakfast; smoked salmon 1/2 bagel with cream cheese and salad for lunch and sea bass with potatoes and green spring veg for dinner. So that was three fish meals in 36 hours. I went to the gym, swam and went on a group walk so I also had a fruit scone to keep my energy levels up.

I'd ordered the new Hairy Dieters book which arrived on Monday and I only got round to looking at it today. Has anyone else seen it? The recipes for veggie burger, chicken piri piri, pancakes and muffins look interesting.

feelinlucky Fri 23-Aug-13 13:33:08

ST, that doesn't sound bad at all. They were all healthy meals smile

Today I just had to have croissants for breakfast and one weetabix. I've had one low cal mozzarella sandwich and a pear. Yesterday was a complete write off. I ate nearly half a bag of dry roasted peanut and had 3 large glasses of wine. I did however have hours of vigorous sex smile I'm sure that used up some of those calories.

Rummikub Fri 23-Aug-13 18:30:51

Hi all, tea, toast jam. Couple of spoonfuls of dd's coco pops & milk. Glass of orange juice. Dinner in short while will be lasagne, garlic bread and peas. Followed by slice of homemade chocolate & orange loaf cake.

It seems I only eat lunch when at work. Oh but guess I miss dinner out, and end up snacking. Anyone have any good healthy snack ideas for out and about. I resort to chocolate. I've bought malt loaf slices as an option. Fruit, bananas. Anything other tips?

shiningcadence Fri 23-Aug-13 19:49:56

Hi all, IDontBowl welcome smile I certainly find it helps with my food intake, knowing that I'll be coming on here to list it all.

rummikub, I sometimes find it's at the end if the day too when I have a massive calorie overload. Do you think you're hungry or is it like a habit? I think for me I was in the habit of sitting down when the dc were in bed with a cuppa and lots of treats and i saw that as my reward for a hard day with the dc. It was a hard habit to break but I think I'm almost there, I tend not to binge in the evenings now. I've been trying to eat well for around 6 weeks now and that evening sugar rush was what I struggled to get over more than anything! For out and about I like bananas, cashew nuts and Special K 'biscuit moments' - these are gorgeous and 2g fat, 99 calories for a packet of 2 biscuits smile Special K also do some lovely crisps which are again low in fat and cals. What about a little pot of fruit? Boots/supermarkets sell them but I tend to buy the fruit and make up pots myself - much cheaper ad you can choose what fruit to put in. I also find carrying a cold bottle of water helps stave off the hunger.

shiningcadence Fri 23-Aug-13 22:43:54

STIDW, I haven't seen the hairy dieters recipe book, it sounds good.

feelin You didn't do badly at all despite the peanuts. Especially as you had so much sex afterwards! grin

Well, today we were out all day visiting friends and family so I was at the mercy of the hosts cooking and fully expecting to be eating lots of fatty food. However I was really lucky and was offered good, healthy food.

So, I had:

Muller rice
X2 Jaffa cakes
Cheese salad roll with coleslaw, boiled egg
Scrambled egg and baked beans
One square dark chocolate
Can diet coke
Cup of tea (skimmed milk, no sugar)
X2 coffees - skimmed milk, half a sugar)

Yesterday and Wednesday were really bad days for me - I ate badly and did no exercise. When I weighed myself tonight I was disappointed to discover I've put on 1lb sad Did 1.5 hours on the wii tonight and hoping to lose that 1lb again quickly - holiday in a week! smile

Hope you're all having a good Friday smile

STIDW Sat 24-Aug-13 00:35:11

Mmm.. lasagne and garlic bread sounds very nice.

Today I didn't get to the gym as I was cat sitting and managed to shut the cat out. I ended up frantically searching the neighbourhood instead and by the time I found the cat (sitting on a neighbour's doorstep) it was too late.

Today I ate;

Breakfast: Orange, Weetabix with milk

Lunch: Turkey, Bie and cranberry sandwich with salad

Dinner: Lamb, spinach and potatoes curry (recipe from the first Hairy Dieters book) with WW mini garlic naan

Snacks: Chocolate Frappe, yogurt concoction

mummaemma, have a good holiday!

Rummikub Sat 24-Aug-13 01:39:27

Hi, I do buy those prepped fruit pots sometimes, they are expensive aren't they. I love nuts, but eat far too many and again expensive.

STIDW, my dd said it was the best lasagne she'd ever had! <proud>

Just realised I haven't snacked at all tonight! Maybe that's the key, stuff my face at dinner grin

I have been making a list of all the food stuffs in my larder cupboard. So I can meal plan properly and use up the many many tins of beans I have, such as tinned aduki beans... Never used them, don't know why I bought them! Any suggestions??

I think if I bought long life milk and bread, I wouldn't need to go to the shops for weeks! It's quite satisfying making the list <deluding myself that I am organised>

shiningcadence Sat 24-Aug-13 21:22:15

Hi all,
STIDW, glad you found your friend's cat!
rummikub I think filling up at dinner is the key to avoid snacking... Never had aduki beans, what about throwing them in a salad?

Well it's countdown to hols now, 6 days to go! (Flying Friday evening). And I'm going to be very good this week - no binging! And if I do succumb (which I won't!) I want one of you to give me a virtual kick up the backside grin.

I didn't say anything before in case it outed me (but I've decided there's little chance of that and anyway, I wouldn't be that bothered) - my sister is getting married when we're away and I'm chief bridesmaid. That's why I'm so desperate to be slim and toned - so that I look half decent in the wedding photos. That's why I really want to make this last week count now.

So, today I had:

Breakfast - muller rice
Snack - 2 Jaffa cakes
Lunch - 2 Weetabix with skimmed milk, a banana
Snack - bowl of strawberries, asda yogurt, raisin and apple slice (1.9g fat, 76 cal)
Dinner - omelette with red onion, low fat coleslaw
Snack - another yogurt, raisin and apple bar (from now on I'll refer to these as yra bars to save me typing it all out every time! grin)
X3 coffees - skimmed milk, half a sugar (tomorrow I'm going to try drinking coffee without sugar!)
Lots of water.

Did an hour on the wii.

Hope you've all had a great day, chat soon smile

Rummikub Sat 24-Aug-13 21:37:58

Aw how lovely shining. A lot of it is about inner confidence. Hopefully as you've been looking after yourself you'll look and feel good x

My intake for today; tea, toast, jam. Slice homemade chocolate & orange cake with a cuppa. Pizza toast, banana with salted caramel ice cream.

STIDW Sun 25-Aug-13 00:01:48

HOmemade choc & orange cake also sounds good too. I made some l muffins today. They were a funny shape because I couldn't find the muffin tin but they tasted great and only came in at about 180cal each.

Today I had: an orange and Weetabix with milk. Feta and spinach pancake , yogurt with 1/2 tsp maple syrup. Chicken fajita in a wrap with salsa. Wholemeal blueberry muffin. Lots of tea, coffee and water but I don't take milk or sugar.

shiningcadence Sun 25-Aug-13 14:43:44

STIDW the food you had yesterday would literally be my ideal food for a day. I love fajitas with salsa and spinach and feta too. And the muffin sounds lovely. Yum!

Thanks rummikub, hopefully I will have inner confidence on the day smile your cake also sounds lovely. A good day for you.

Speak later.

Rummikub Sun 25-Aug-13 17:01:54

Today I have had tea, toast and jam. Aduki bean lasagne, glass of orange juice.

STIDW I love feta. And those pancakes sound yum.

Shining, I usually think I've done badly on any day. So I worry that I haven't had my 5 a day usually.

shiningcadence Sun 25-Aug-13 18:47:21

Today I've had:
Breakfast: x2 Weetabix with skimmed milk, banana
Snack: muller rice
Lunch: went out for pub lunch. I had an all day veggie breakfast - x2 veggie sausages, x2 poached eggs, beans, fried tomatoes and mushrooms.
X2 coffees - half a sugar, skimmed milk
X2 glasses diet coke in pub
Lots of water

rummikub, you found a home for the aduki beans then grin. I think you're doing well but maybe not eating enough which means you'll be tempted to snack more.

Rummikub Sun 25-Aug-13 19:50:10

I was impressed with myself for making that lasagne with leftovers and store cupboard ingredients. Couldn't tell it was meat free either. Think I will have to try it out on the children and not mention the beans..

shining thats interesting you say that. I feel greedy, possibly as I do snack I guess. I have just had a cup of tea and slice of that chic/ orange cake just now. Think putting my food intake down on here is making me think.

shiningcadence Sun 25-Aug-13 22:00:01

Since I last checked in I've had:
X 5 squares dark chocolate, x5 cashew nuts
Dairy lea triangle, x2 breadsticks
1 Weetabix, skimmed milk
Lots of water

An hour in wii.

rummikub, you're definitely not greedy, you usually miss out either lunch or dinner. Well done for making the lasagne from what you had in the cupboards. I do love lasagne smile

Rummikub Sun 25-Aug-13 22:56:00

Thank you shining. I think because I'm short weight shows on me very quickly. Think I'm about 8 and half stone, but could do with losing half a stone. I would say a full stone but think it can be very ageing.

You're very good at having a bit of what you fancy. I couldn't stop at 5 cashews!

shiningcadence Mon 26-Aug-13 22:08:43

Hi rummikub (and anyone else who's about).

Breakfast: muller rice
Snack: x2 yra slices
Lunch: Burger King blush I was good though and just had a veggie wrap and diet coke - no chips! smile
Snacks: handful dd1's marshmallows, handful dd2's haribo blush
Dinner: 2 Weetabix with semi skimmed milk, a banana
One can diet coke
X2 coffees skimmed milk - 1/4 spoonful of sugar - couldn't bare to have no sugar at all grin Might do it tomorrow. No exercise and no time to do any tonight.

Hope everyone's had a good day smile

Rummikub Mon 26-Aug-13 22:36:13

Hi everyone, sorry for late posting. Had a late start to the day. I have had tea, 3 toast & jam. Tea, slice of that home made cake. Dinner of aduki bean lasagne. 2 bananas and salted caramel ice cream.

Shining, you did well at Burger King!

shiningcadence Tue 27-Aug-13 18:14:29

Hi again, rummikub looks like it's just you and me!

After I posted last night I had a piece of toast and a bowl of strawberries.


Breakfast: x2 Weetabix with skimmed milk. Banana

I had no lunch but did quite a bit of snacking: muller rice and strawberries, x2 yra slices, x5 cashew nuts, x5 squares dark chocolate.

Can diet coke
X2 coffees - 1/4 sugar, skimmed milk
Lots of water.

Just making dinner, will check in again later. Hope you're having a good day smile

mummaemma Tue 27-Aug-13 18:33:19

Hello, only me. Still in Devon but thought I would have a sneaky peak. Looks like you're all doing well.good to see you are
still eating weetabix. Have tried the fruit mini ones. They r yummy. Have a great holiday shining

Rummikub Tue 27-Aug-13 23:10:44

Hi shining and mummaemma.

Today work day, so bit random! 2 ginger biscuits grabbed for breakfast blush, the rest of the day is no better. Cup of tea, malt loaf bar, flake, banana. Cheese & onion baguette from greggs, tea, another flake. Half a punnet of grapes, glass of orange juice, and a iced latte. Oh and bottle of water.

shiningcadence Wed 28-Aug-13 15:18:34

Hi mummaemma, lovely to hear from you smile

Hi rummikub, again it's not too bad because you didn't have dinner. It all sounds yummy too smile

Yesterday for dinner I had jacket potato with clover light spread, low fat coleslaw, tomatoes and cucumber and carrot sticks and houmous. Then 5 Jaffa cakes in the evening blush

Today I had:
X2 Weetabix with skimmed milk for breakfast
Snack - x2 yra apple bars
Lunch - boots meal deal - houmous and falafel wrap, walkers baked salt and vinegar crisps and a berry flavoured water - cant think what it was called.
Snack - 5 Jaffa cakes again - think I'm addicted to them grin Must try harder!

Had a manic day running round sorting out last minute bits for hols. Feel like I want to sleep already, don't know if I'll manage the wii tonight.

shiningcadence Wed 28-Aug-13 19:54:32

Dinner - red onion omelette, low fat coleslaw
Snacks - mini twix blush
1 square dark choc
X4 mini cookies blush blush
X2 marshmallows blush blush blush

Oh dear, not done very well at all. I think I've just been reaching for the sugary treats because I feel so knackered sad

Rummikub Wed 28-Aug-13 20:55:57

But is that all you have eaten? It's not many calories!

I haven't eaten well today either..

2 toast, tea, a chunky kit kat, 4 cracker bread with dairy lea. And I will probably have a cup of tea with something sweet.

Menu planning is definitely key.

lurkingfromhome Thu 29-Aug-13 18:35:40

I might join you, if that's ok! Trying to be a bit more aware of everything I eat on a daily basis as when it's written down it's much easier to see how it could be improved ...

Breakfast: snack-sized Eat Natural bar, 1 peach, cup of tea with milk

Lunch: home-made veg soup, 1 apple, can Coke zero (v. bad)

Snack: slice of Burgen low-GI soy and linseed bread, toasted, woith slice of cooked chicken and a large tomato

Dinner: haven't had dinner yet, but it will be home-made fishcakes, roasted veg and whatever else needs used up in the salad drawer

Rummikub Thu 29-Aug-13 20:46:13

Lurking, that sounds like a great day!

I had tea 2 toast & jam. Tea and kit kat. Potato salad with tuna, sweet corn and feta. Tea and 2 short bread biscuits.

Rummikub Fri 30-Aug-13 18:46:58

Today, tea, toast and jam. Tea and malted milk biscuits (4!), potato, feta, coleslaw salad. Cornetto. Is everyone away <lonely>

STIDW Sun 01-Sep-13 01:06:50

Not logged on for a few days. Today I was experimenting to make lower calorie baking recipes. I made 40 mini scones and a banana loaf which was a bit disappointing because there wasn't enough banana in it.

Today I had;

an orange, Weetabix with milk

ham & cheese omelette with salad and small slice wholemeal bread

grilled fish, boiled potatoes with 1/2tsp half fat butter and broccoli

mini scone, slice banana loaf, yoghurt with blueberries and 1/2tsp honey

lurkingfromhome Sun 01-Sep-13 08:38:58


Breakfast: snack-size Eat Natural bar, apple
Lunch: slice of soy and linseed bread, two slices chicken breast, tomato, cucumber
Dinner: spaghetti carbonara, big salad
Snacks: handful of black olives, chocolate-covered rice cake


Breakfast: slice of soy and linseed bread, toasted, tiny bit of peanut butter, scraping of rhubarb and ginger jam (this combo makes my DH feel sick, but I love it)
Lunch: M&S Vietnamese marinated pork rolls with dipping sauce (I love these and they're only about 150 cals for a whole pack as they're mostly veg)
Dinner: salmon fillet, wholegrain rice, tomato and fennel salad, green beans
Snacks: apple, Dr Karg 3-seed cracker with slice of ham and a tomato, chocolate-covered rice cake

Tonight I'm doing roast chicken but trying to make it lighter, healthier and more summery (so alas, not making any Yorkshire puddings, which are my favourite thing in the whole world and so I make them with any roast meat) sad.

Going to roast the chicken, make a very light gravy, will do smashed new potatoes with herbs for DH but will not have any myself, then will fill the plate with green beans, broccoli, parsnips (not very summery but I lovel them) and roasted squash. Will report back.

Rummikub Sun 01-Sep-13 13:08:58

Hurray friends! I though I was going to have to post on my ownsome.

Friday I had tea, 2 toast. Tea and biscuits. Kit kat chunky. Pizza and coleslaw and cornetto.

So far today, tea and 2 toast, stopped having jam.

Rummikub Sun 01-Sep-13 13:10:21

Lurking your days look so healthy! I feel embaressed by my poor efforts!

STIDW Sun 01-Sep-13 18:50:22

Yes I agree Lurking's diet looks very healthy.


Usual 40 min gym and 25 min swimming

Breakfast - orange, porridge with banana, pecans+ 1/2tsp maple syrup

Lunch - ham, half fat cheese, rye bread, salad with beetroot

Dinner - jerk chicken (anyone else tried Bart's seasoning?) with rice, pineapple salsa and rice

Snacks - M&S chic frappe dessert and homemade banana loaf

TOTAL 1202 cal including iron supplement

lurkingfromhome Mon 02-Sep-13 10:43:48

I'm trying quite hard at the moment. I have a terrible sweet tooth and quite a sedentary lifestyle (work at home) so over the summer decided I had to just stop eating cake and chocolate at home. Still eat it when I go out to meet friends, but I'm trying to make it an occasional thing.

Anyway: here's Sunday's meals:

breakfast - the usual Eat Natural cereal bar, cup of earl grey with milk

lunch - one (out of a pack of two) egg & cress sandwich from the Sainsbury's Be Good To Yourself range. Horrible. I hate supermarket sandwiches but decided at the last minute to go out straight from doing the food shop and I knew I'd have to eat or would faint from hunger. It was minging.

afternoon snack - a nectarine, can of coke zero (bad habit but you can't give up everything or life wouldn't be worth living)

dinner - roast chicken, few spoonfuls wholemeal rice, green beans, roast parsnips, savoy cabbage with chestnuts, light gravy. Pudding was a pack of melon & grapes.

I wish I liked porridge as I know it's about the best breakfast you can eat and really keeps you going until lunch, but it makes me gag! Have tried every possible variety of it but just can't do it. I'm going to have to kick the cereal bar habit, though smile

STIDW Mon 02-Sep-13 19:22:36

I work from home too but I make a point of getting in some exercise before I start work so I get up and go to the gym and swim first thing in the morning. Usually I'm back around 9:15am.

Funny enough I didn't have a particularly sweet tooth until I started to lose weight. My nemesis was bread and cheese.

Now I eat Weetabix or porridge before I go to the gym and I'm quite hungry when I get back so I have a daily treat with a coffee. I find homemade flapjacks, mini scones, banana loaf, pancakes, mini muffins, coffee cake and carrot cake can all be made with no sugar , less fat and fewer calories than bought ones. Most of them keep well in the freezer out of sight! If I'm not going to have many calories left I just have one mini scone or muffin but if I need more calories I can eat 2 or 3 of the minis or have a slice of one of the cakes.

Today I had an orange and Weetabix for breakfast;

ham, cheese, rye bread and salad for lunch

dinner - salmon fishcakes with yoghurt and watercress dressing and salad

snacks - a large wholemeal and blueberry muffin (180 cal!), yogurt and pineapple

Total 1210 cal

lurkingfromhome Tue 03-Sep-13 07:25:36

That's really great advice about the cake, thanks STIDW grin I might make a low-sugar, low-fat version of something and freeze it in small slices to have for breakfast. I'm really struggling with the healthy breakfast thing as I don't really like cereal & milk. I do like granola-type things but they are laden with calories.

Well done on the pre-work exercising. I am doing the Couch to 5K thing at the moment but I have learned that I can't run first thing in the morning as I'm too stiff in the mornings and need to wait until lunchtime when I've loosened up (I realise that makes me sound like I'm 85).

Yesterday's intake was as follows:

Breakfast: the usual Eat Natural cereal bar; cup of lavender Earl Grey
Lunch: another pack of M&S Vietnamese pork rolls, giant salad with rocket, tomatoes, cucumber, roasted peppers and assorted other salady things that needed used up
Dinner: home-made chicken and veg soup made from Sunday's chicken carcass. Pack of melon for pudding.
Snacks: apple, Dr Karg cracker with mini tub of Philadelphia lightest, dark chocolate rice cake

Total 1242 calories (although I made a wild guess at how many cals were in the soup)

ArtemisatBrauron Tue 03-Sep-13 13:00:09

Can I join? I've put on loads of weight over the summer and need to cut wayyyy back. Mainly chocolate, biscuits and wine blush

Today so far:

Breakfast - black coffee, bowl of chopped fruit & soya yoghurt

Lunch - vegetable soup, salad leaves, grated carrot and beetroot

Snack - 4 after eights and a cup of tea

Rummikub Wed 04-Sep-13 00:28:45

Hi, well I am far too ashamed to list yesterday's food, suffice to say it involved a McDonald's breakfast meal, lots of chocolate, coffee, lucozade, curry. Hangover food.

Today was much more reserved. Tea, toast, jam. Fudge finger. Rice, Dal, chicken. Choc ice cream.

lurkingfromhome Wed 04-Sep-13 08:08:10

Welcome artemis! I'm finding that it does help to list everythng I eat and see it written down. Rummikub, what else can you do on a hangover except get some carbs and fat down you? It's the only solution ...

Yesterday for me was:

Breakfast: Eat Natural bar, cup of tea, nectarine

Lunch: Dr Karg 3-seed crispbread, a sardine (drained of excess oil), a plum tomato, bowl of chicken & veg soup left over from Sunday's dinner

Dinner: lean pork medallions in cider sauce, carrot & swede mash, broccoli

Snack: dark chocolate rice cake with cup of tea

calculated at 1220 calories but I have no idea about the chicken soup - just made a wild guess at 350 calories for the bowlful

ArtemisatBrauron Wed 04-Sep-13 08:21:24

Hmm my day went a bit crap after I posted yesterday!

Snack - slice of toast with peanut butter

Dinner - roasted squash and fennel salad with pearl barley and walnuts, scoop of dark chocolate sorbet

Cup of hot chocolate with 2 marshmallows before bed blush

ArtemisatBrauron Wed 04-Sep-13 21:58:49

Breakfast - chopped fruit, soya yoghurt, 1 boiled egg and black coffee

Snacks - an orange

Lunch - veg soup, tofu, 1 slice bread, 2 x small biscuits

work drinks before dinner - 2 small glasses of prosecco, large handful of plain crisps

Dinner - spinach pesto with pasta, served with roasted carrots, 1 scoop of chocolate sorbet

Rummikub Wed 04-Sep-13 23:29:25

Some lovely sounding food on here! Today, brioche, latte, jerk chicken wrap from shop, latte, flake. Spicy stuffed bitter gourd. 2 glasses orange juice. 2 mallow tea cakes.

Once the dc have settled back in school I plan to be more organised so I don't resort to chocolate.

Lurking, yes I definitely needed all the fat, salt, sugar, caffeine that day to feel human again!

mummaemma Thu 05-Sep-13 07:10:24

Hi everyone I'm back,

Am back at work today too so quick update on yesterday

Breakfast weetabix semi milk
Large hot chocolate from costa
Low fat veggie sandwich choice m & s.
3 falafels with uncle Ben's rice

lurkingfromhome Thu 05-Sep-13 08:11:23

Everyone seems to be getting back into some kind of a routine. Artemis I am liking the sound of chocolate sorbet as a treat.

Anyway, yesterday:

Breakfast: soy & linseed toast, scraping of (no added sugar) peanut butter, scraping of rhubarb and ginger jam, an apple, cup of tea

Lunch: two mushrooms stuffed with tomato and pepper sauce (courtesy of M&S - only about 150 cals and very filling), watercress, tomato & cucumber salad

*Afternoon snack*: cup of tea, dark chocolate rice cake

Dinner: hmmm, DH was on kitchen duty so I had to eat what he had spent hours lovingly cooking. Home-made rissoles (leftover lamb, chicken, ham, all put through the mincer with onion & herbs, formed into patties, breadcrumbed, fried, oh dear...), baked beans, broccoli

Again, had to wildly estimate calories for the rissole part. When in doubt I just bung in 600 calories as that's as much as I can imagine a dinner being, as long as the portion size is reasonable, which it was.

So just under 1300, I think. About to make porridge for this morning's breakfast and will see if I can eat it without gagging.

ArtemisatBrauron Thu 05-Sep-13 20:14:27

2nd day back at work and totally knackered!

breakfast black coffee, chopped fruit (grapes, bananas, grapefruit segments)

lunch cup of veggie soup, tofu, slice of bread and sliced tomato

snack a square of orange chocolate

ANOTHER post work drink, grrr 1 small glass of wine

dinner veggie stir-fry, noodles, (last of the) chocolate sorbet

ArtemisatBrauron Thu 05-Sep-13 20:15:39

Tomorrow is the last "induction" day at work so after this there should be no more "drinks" afterwards. I know I could refuse to drink but people are so annoying if you say you won't and ask lots of questions etc, it's way too much hassle.

lurkingfromhome Fri 06-Sep-13 08:47:26

The thing is, artemis, I think if you stick to your calorie counting at home and don't go overboard there when there is no one around to throw wine and crips in your face and make it awkward to refuse, then you can allow yourself a little leeway when you're out and just try to have a slightly lighter day the following day. If it balances out over the week you should be fine.

See below: night in with some friends last night so way over my calorie count for the day. Today I'm going out for a run and will try to not have any snacks so that might make up for last night.

breakfast: porridge (hurrah! finally found one that I can eat without gagging), nectarine = 256 calories

lunch: M&S filled mushrooms again (the half-pack left from the day before); 1 dr karg 3-seed cracker, mini tub Philadephia lightest, tiny bit of shredded lean ham, a plum tomato = 269 calories

dinner: 2-egg omelette with lean ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, cooked using olive oil spray. Also a rocket, tomato and cucumber salad with a tsp M&S low-fat French dressing = 281 calories

snacks: dark chocolate rice cake, two glasses prosecco, handful of tortilla chips, few mini poppadums, piece of M&S chocolate brownie = have estimated this at 700 calories

Total 1500ish. Will do better today.

mummaemma Fri 06-Sep-13 18:14:46

breakfast: weetabix

Lunch: small portion of Mexican rice

snacks: 4 crackers, apple, 2 plums, bowls of shreddies

dinnner: omelette, salad
rice pudding blob of jam

STIDW Fri 06-Sep-13 19:20:50

Wednesday I went out for a curry but I just had tandoori lamb and a small portion of rice. Yesterday was weigh in but as I feared my weight loss had ground to a halt. Only to be expected I suppose after losing 2lbs a week since 10th January.

Anyway today I was back on the straight and narrow;

Orange, porridge and ss milk

prawn and mango salad

cod with parmesan and breadcrumb crust, potatoes with 1/2tsp half fat butter and broccoli

banana loaf and yogurt with roasted oats, nuts and seeds and 1/2tsp maple syrup

mummaemma Fri 06-Sep-13 21:46:45

STIDW - yum. is it all homemade?

ArtemisatBrauron Fri 06-Sep-13 22:03:57

breakfast 3/4 of a cinnamon bagel with vegan cream cheese and jam, black coffee

lunch 1 banana, 1 clementine, 2 mini chicken fillets and 2 mini sausages (= the dairy free option at work lunch angry

Snack/LAST work drinks - 3 cups of black tea, handful of ready salted crisps, 2 glasses of wine

dinner (BBQ) 1 sausage, large plate of green salad, tomato and basil salad, 2 crackers with vegan butter.

What a random day!

lurkingfromhome Sat 07-Sep-13 08:39:11

That does sound random, but plenty of fruit & veg so not unhealthy grin

Friday for me was:

breakfast half an Eat Natural bar, one oatcake with scraping of no-sugar peanut butter & rhubarb jam

lunch a Dr Karg 3-seed crispbread, half a mini tub of Philadelphia lightest, a plum tomato, a nectarine

afternoon snack out to Scandinavian cafe with friend. Had tea & a muesli bar thing that was mostly nuts, seeds and honey. Not unhealthy (especially compared to the other amazing cakes that I resisted) but still about a million calories

another snack half a bag of skinny sea salt popcorn

dinner whole grain pilau rice fried (in oil spray) with onions, peppers, mushrooms, courgettes, chicken and spices; a separate portion of green beans; a dark chocolate rice cake

No idea about calorie count for the day but have estimated 1185, including 320 for the muesli bar. That might be way off, though. It sounds a bit low given that I seemed to be eating all day. I exercised for half an hour though!

STIDW Sat 07-Sep-13 20:46:29

Most of it was homemade, mummaemma, but not the prawn and mango salad. Hope you had a good holiday BTW and ate at least one Devonshire scone.

Today I had the usual orange, Weetabix and ss milk for breakfast.

Lunch: Turkey, brie & cranberry sauce, one medium slice of bread and salad

Dinner: Chicken Piri Piri (recipe from the new HDs' book), potato wedges and salad

Snacks: Scone (300 cal in M&S instead 65 cal for my homemade mini scones shock ) Yogurt and raspberries

lurkingfromhome Sun 08-Sep-13 00:43:07

STIDW could you pass on the recipe for your super low-cal scones, please? Even with a blob of jam, I guess that would still come in under 100 cals.

Today I had:

breakfast real porridge (just made with oats, none of your fancy instant ones), teaspoon maple syrup, nectarine

lunch a leftover portion of the wholemeal pilau rice and veg thing from the night before

afternoon snack out with a friend for tea and cake. Happy to report the cafe sold packs of two biscuits that came in at 105 cals. Just the thing to go with tea & I didn't feel deprived

dinner chicken escalope, baked in BBQ sauce, celeriac, broccoli, mange-tout, green beans

evening snack slice of pineapple, small water biscuit with slice of goat's cheese & blob of chutney

Total 1028 cals (again am sure I have underestimated)

ArtemisatBrauron Sun 08-Sep-13 20:40:14

breakfast home-made porridge with blueberries, strawberries

lunch wrap filled with leftover veg + tomato sauce (squash, sweetcorn, chilli, garlic, olives, tomatoes, lettuce)

snack 3 crackers with vegan butter

dinner vegan tofurkey, steamed carrots, potatoes, roasted beetroot, squash, courgette, 1 glass wine.

lurkingfromhome Sun 08-Sep-13 22:46:43

that sounds very healthy, artemis. on a weekend, too!

today's for me was:

breakfast slice soy & linseed toast, rhubarb & ginger jam

lunch dr karg 3-seed cracker, mini-tub lightest Philadelphia, tomato, cucumber; pack of melon & pineapple

dinner home-made chicken korma, lentil & chickpea dhal, half a chapati. actually, I just remembered I barely ate the dhal as my husband had made it and it was far too hot

I've just realised that today has been dreadful in terms of fruit and veg. will make up for it tomorrow as stocked up on lots of fruit & veg today

ArtemisatBrauron Sun 08-Sep-13 23:01:34

Did you notice I kept discreet silence over what I ate yesterday though lurking grin

Let's just say it was not restrained...

ArtemisatBrauron Mon 09-Sep-13 20:55:38

breakfast blueberry porridge with strawberries

snack tea and 2 oat biccies

lunch 3/4 of a chicken breast in tomato and mushroom sauce, a large brocolli floret and 1 new potato

dinner 1 merguez sausage, corn-on-the-cob, 2 large scoops of roasted veg (courgette, squash, beetroot, carrot, potato)

STIDW Mon 09-Sep-13 22:41:46

I'll look up the scone recipe. In the meantime today I ate an orange and Weetabix with milk for breakfast;

lunch - beetroot and feta flan with salad

dinner - parmesan and herb crusted cod, potatoes and cabbage greens with chilli and garlic

snacks - carrot cake (HDs recipe) and yogurt and raspberries with roasted oats, nuts and seeds

exercise - 40 min in the gym and 50 min in the pool

lurkingfromhome Tue 10-Sep-13 09:08:31

Thanks, STIDW

Yesterday for me was:

breakfast apple and cinnamon porridge, dollop of stewed apples (unsweetened)

lunch a leftover BBQ chicken escalope, rocket & tomato salad, a Dr Karg crispbread, half mini-tub Philadephia, a milk chocolate rice cake

dinner more chicken salad! needed something quick I could just assemble from the fridge, so pretty much the same as for lunch, except with half a ball mozzarella. Very dull and uninspiring

snacks half bag skinny salted popcorn, fruit salad (half a kiwi, half a nectarine, handful of blackberries, handful of raspberries)

Husband is on kitchen duty tonight and is already muttering something about a giant pork rib and potatoes dauphinoise. Aaargh. Will have small portion of each so as not to offend and then stack the plate with veg. Going out for a run later so that should help too.

ArtemisatBrauron Tue 10-Sep-13 20:05:23

breakfast fruit salad (some grapes, blueberries, 1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 banana with 2 tbs vegan yoghurt)

snack tea and 2 oat biscuits

lunch plain poached chicken breast, broccoli, courgette, scoop of potatoes.

dinner spinach and tomato pasta

lurkingfromhome Wed 11-Sep-13 08:17:26

Thanks to a spectacular failure to multitask, husband's potato dauphinoise were not cooked in time to eat them, so I escaped those last night. Phew. Feel like I dodged a bullet made of pure carbs and fat.

breakfast apple & cinnamon porridge, some stewed apples, a nectarine

lunch pea & ham soup, dr karg crispbread, half a plum tomato, Philadelphia lightest

dinner oven-baked pork chop, broccoli, mange-tout

snacks another dr karg crispbread & lightest philadelphia, milk chocolate rice cake

Plus 30 minute run

Estimated calorie count 1200 (although as usual that could be way out as I have no idea how many cals are in a pork chop)

Going out for drinks tonight so will try to eat especially wisely today

lurkingfromhome Thu 12-Sep-13 08:36:10

God, has everyone deserted me? grin

breakfast Eat Natural cereal bar, peach, cup of tea

lunch pea & ham soup, dr karg crispbread, half plum tomato, Philly lightest

dinner chicken and tarragon casserole, carrot and parsnip mash

snacks chocolate rice cake, apple, 2 gin and tonics (realised after I'd ordered I should have asked for slimline but never mind)

As usual, estimated calorie count 1268 but really, who knows, as I have no idea about the chicken casserole.

Porridge this morning as getting ready for a run later.

ArtemisatBrauron Thu 12-Sep-13 16:47:32


breakfast porridge with sliced pear and blueberries

lunch mexican chicken slices, 1.5 slices brown bread, lettuce, tomato

dinner veggie sausages, spinach, new potatoes and green beans.

snacks 2 biscuits and chai tea

ArtemisatBrauron Thu 12-Sep-13 21:46:58


breakfast slice of brown spelt toast, vegan chocolate spread, banana

lunch chicken in soya sauce with noodles, fennel and tomatoes

snack 1 biscuit and chai tea

dinner tofu scramble (tofu stirfried with onion, garlic, spices, grated carrot) served with lettuce, tomato and 1/4 slice of home made flat bread
100 ml wine mixed with soda water and ice

mummaemma Fri 13-Sep-13 07:03:38

Havent been on here for a week. I've been a greedy pig. Starting again today. When's shining back from her holiday? Will update food intake this evening x

mummaemma Fri 13-Sep-13 07:06:51

And Rummi how u doing.

lurkingfromhome Fri 13-Sep-13 08:23:04

Oh good, I thought I was going to be the only one left here, sadly posting away my food intake every day grin


breakfast porridge, unsweetened stewed apples

lunch butternut squash & sweet potato soup, a Dr Karg crispbread with Philly lightest, a tomato

dinner duck leg, carrot & parsnip mash, roasted courgette, pepper & fennel, small portion potato dauphoinoise

Ran for 35 minutes
Total calories (as usual, had to guess half of them): 1428

lurkingfromhome Fri 13-Sep-13 08:25:33

Oh, I forgot: snack DH went shopping and came back with a freshly baked pain au raisin for me. Aaargh. He is sabotaging my healthy eating efforts.

However, I ate only half of it and froze the other half. Estimated that at 200 calories although I think it would have been less. Am going to try to have a slightly more restrained day today.

Rummikub Fri 13-Sep-13 09:57:17

Hey everyone! Mummaemma, i haven't posted for awhile, quite possibly from same of my awful diet!

Lurking, I felt like that too and dd post my intake on my own for couple of days. I thought I was putting everyone off with my bad food!

I will start again with yesterday. I had 2 toast with jam and tea. Chicken sandwich, tea, 2 Jaffa cakes. A banana. Dinner I made carrot and lentil soup eaten with crusty bread & butter. I was a bit disappointed with my home made soup. I got excited by the soup thread and decided to have a go.

My iron levels are v low and the doc asked if I was eating enough (I am not skinn, just average size 10/12). So that made me think about eating a lunch before I go out, usually I go out without eating lunch and end up famished that I grab chocolate to kep me going.

Catch you later.

mummaemma Fri 13-Sep-13 18:54:26

Well I had every intention of being good today but it all went terribly wrong. But here goes

Wispa bar
Twirl ( well they were giving away free chocolate at work)
2 tracker bars
Monster munch
Blueberry muffin
Jacket pot with beans and corn on the cob
Feeling sorry for myself. Binge binge binge.

mummaemma Fri 13-Sep-13 19:04:34

Sounds like you doing great Rummi. Iron rich foods it is then. What was wrong with the soup. Too runny? Wish I was a 10 / 12. I've crept up to 12 / 14. No surprises there. Have stopped my gym membership so planning on walking more and biking. We have a great cycle trail nearby. How's everyone else doing?

Rummikub Fri 13-Sep-13 22:28:06

It was way too thick the soup! I have lots to eat, frozen into portions now. I am on high dose iron tabs from docs but they are really hard on my tum, so increasing iron in diet prob best way to go. I nearly bought monster munch too mummaemma.

Tea and toast for breakfast, blueberry yoghurt, chunk of cheese, packet of rolos, 2 packets of onion ring crisps. Dinner ready meal of spinach & ricotta cannelloni and garlic bread.

Not a good day!

lurkingfromhome Sat 14-Sep-13 09:12:56

Nice to see other people back! Rummi, sounds like you're doing fine - you can always thin down soup that's too thick smile. Mummaemma, I would love to work somewhere where they gave away free chocolate. What a perk grin

Anyway, yesterday for me was:

breakfast porridge, a peach, a cup of tea

lunch butternut squash & sweet potato soup, a Dr Karg crispbread, half minitub Philly lightest, a tomato

dinner venison burger (no bun!), celeriac chips, done in the oven with oil spray, big pile of mange-tout

snacks olives, a milk chocolate rice cake, one teaspoonful of DH's cheesecake to see if it was any good grin

1100 calories - I think, but again it might have been more. I'm trying to keep a bit under the daily allowance I've set myself as I know you always tend to underestimate rather than overestimate, plus I never count the milk in my tea.

Rummikub Sat 14-Sep-13 10:33:31

Lurking that is an amazing day! Are your energy levels ok? I think I must be on some sort of sugar roller coaster as my energy levels plummet esp when out and I do just buy chocolate.

STIDW Sat 14-Sep-13 10:51:16

Basic scone recipe I use is here;

I substitute the sugar with 50g agave syrup and the butter with 50g coconut oil. Although agave and coconut oil have similar calorific values to sugar and butter less is required so it reduces the number of calories. I use the smallest pastry cutter. Last time I made the recipe it made 40 scones although some of them were not very thick. 30 is a better.

I've had a couple of disastrous days this week. I was out for lunch and coffee on Wednesday, dinner on Thursday and again for lunch yesterday so no weight loss. Back on the straight and narrow today and I'm going to have to increase my exercise for a few weeks I think. That means finding 1.5 hours day which is a bit tedious.


Breakfast Orange and porridge

Lunch Smoked salmon 1/2 bagel with salad

Dinner Pasta Bolognese with 2tsp parmesan

Snack Carrot Cake, Strawberries and half fat cream

STIDW Sat 14-Sep-13 10:51:41
ArtemisatBrauron Sat 14-Sep-13 12:46:39

yesterday again

breakfast toast, chocolate vegan spread, banana

snack biscuit and tea

lunch fish and chips, sweetcorn and sugar snap peas (I work in a boarding school and we get what the kds get!)

dinner pasta with red peppers, sausage, fresh tomatoes and onions, 1 glass red wine.

SubliminalMassaging Sat 14-Sep-13 12:54:19

Breakfast: glass of V8 spicy tomato and veg juice, and a couple of mouthfuls of blue cheese and a pickled egg hmm

Lunch: Small ceasar salad with chargrilled prawns, diet coke

SubliminalMassaging Sat 14-Sep-13 13:00:00

oops. I see I'm doing this wrong. should have posted for yesterday as haven't finished today yet. Ok will start again.


Breakfast: Just one of those Dr Karg crispbreads with all the seeds etc, and loads of butter on. God, I bloody love those things. It's hard not to eat the packet.

Lunch: A small bowl of berries with splenda and some cream.

Dinner: Vague efforts to low carb went out of the window - I ate one very small slice of onion tart, three ritz crackers with smoked salmon and cream cheese on, a couple of bites of salami, and 2 little thai fish ball things.

Also far too much red wine - was at a party.

mummaemma Sat 14-Sep-13 16:37:43

Sub -not heard of Dr Karg's crispbread. will look out for them. you have a small appetite, i could eat that in a morning. grin this thread is making me hungry !!!!!!!

SubliminalMassaging Sat 14-Sep-13 16:42:31

Oh I don't have a naturally small appetite at all. I am very consciously eating small, small meals. Almost one stone down, and two to go. Try to stick (mostly) to low carb/low GI foods, but sometimes I fail, which is where training myself to eat tiny portions comes in useful - it doesn't get too out of hand!

Google Dr Karg - they are gorgeous!

SubliminalMassaging Sat 14-Sep-13 20:57:10

Ok, so total for today is:

Breakfast: glass of V8 spicy tomato and veg juice, and a couple of mouthfuls of blue cheese and a pickled egg

Lunch: Small ceasar salad with chargrilled prawns, diet coke

Dinner: A buttered Dr Karg cracker, a handful of salted almonds and a sugar free jelly, 2 large glasses of wine.

ArtemisatBrauron Sat 14-Sep-13 22:16:24

breakfast fried egg,1 slice potato bread, mushrooms, black coffee

snack tea and 3 biscuits

lunch poached chicken breast, steamed carrots, broccoli, 2 small new potatoes, water

dinner 2 large glasses white wine, homemade flatbread with tomatoes, mushrooms, sweetcorn, garlic, pinenuts, chilis.

Rummikub Sun 15-Sep-13 11:07:35

Hi yesterday I had my usual tea and toast. Lunch was home made carrot soup and bread, butter. Dinner mince & pea curry, yoghurt and rice. Tea and several biscuits. Shared a pack of haribo funny mix with dd.

lurkingfromhome Sun 15-Sep-13 11:13:15

subliminal and mummaemma - just look at my posts and you will see how I share the Dr Karg love. grin God, they are delicious. I am trying to eat only good carbs most of the time, so these are ideal. I do ration out the pack and only have one a day, though, or it would all get out of hand. I like the spelt ones and the 3-seed ones.

subliminal - well done on the weight loss! grin

rummikub - yep, my energy levels are fine. I have a very sedentary job (I work from home and literally roll out of bed and roll into my office in the next room), don't have children and so it's easy for me to not move around very much at all. I have taken up running in the last couple of months and am really trying to eat a bit more appropriately. I've always eaten well (no processed food, lots of fruit and veg, etc) but am very prone to far too much cake, chocolate, biscuits etc etc. Working from home is TERRIBLE for this - I was literally having a biscuit or cake every single time I had a cup of tea, so it had to stop. I only want to lose around a stone, so not tons, but it's more about getting out of bad habits.

STIDW - thanks for the recipe. I am trying not to get into the habit of baking, but these look good and are just the thing for a very small but tasty mouthful.

Yesterday was not healthy, though, as DH was on dinner duty (he is fond of all the things I try to avoid):

breakfast porridge, unsweetened stewed apple, a peach

lunch a Dr Karg, bit of Philly lightest, some crayfish from a tub, rocket & tomato salad (low fat dressing), handful of olives

dinner a M&S posh dog sausage (no bun), home-made coleslaw (I forced DH to make it with only one spoonful of mayo and the rest Greek yoghurt), onion rings

snacks a rice cake with more Philly lightest, a milk chocolate rice cake

Not great. Not nearly enough veg. I did run for 35 minutes though. Estimated calories 1311.

DH is on the kitchen again tonight and doing roast pork. Also tomorrow I am meeting a friend for coffee and cake. Gaaaaaah. Losing weight would be much easier if I (a) lived alone and (b) never met anyone for lunch, dinner, coffee or drinks.

SubliminalMassaging Sun 15-Sep-13 12:45:02

I do that too lurking - apart from anything else they are blimmin' expensive so one a day is my treat. But I rarely allow myself to eat normal bread any more - I can't be trusted around it and I end up with hearburn anyway. grin

SubliminalMassaging Sun 15-Sep-13 17:40:37


Glass of spicy tomato/veg juice for breakfast

One small homemade cheese scone thing mid morning blush I made them, so I had to try them

Lunch: one Dr Karg crispbread with butter, cream cheese and cucumber.

Dinner: Minced lamb casserole thing with a cheesy scone topping and some mash on the side. I tried not to eat too big a portion but I have failed a bit today. It wasn't huge - certainly not the size I would normally have eaten, but it was more than I intended to eat. Cross with self now. grin

1 glass of red wine with dinner and will prob have another later.

SubliminalMassaging Sun 15-Sep-13 17:42:24

I'm not so much cross at the volume, it wasn't a lot for a day's food really, but it was not low carb at all. I either have to eat bigger low carb meals or tiny carby ones if I am to get anywhere at all. I failed on both counts today. confused

Rummikub Sun 15-Sep-13 20:09:06

Hi all. Today, tea and toast. McDonald's fillet fish, fries (my dd made me), evening dinner was mince curry, rice, yoghurt, mango chutney followed by rum & raisin ice cream.

ArtemisatBrauron Mon 16-Sep-13 07:48:49


breakfast fruit salad ( 1/2 banana, grapes, raspberries, 1/2 orange)

snack tea and 2 biscuits

lunch 4 mini falafels with hummus

dinner 2 slices duck breast, chard,roasted fennel and a large bite of DH's pie grin 2 large glasses of white wine

ArtemisatBrauron Mon 16-Sep-13 07:49:17

oh and a large scoop of carrots with dinner too!

lurkingfromhome Mon 16-Sep-13 07:54:56

Subliminal don't be too hard on yourself. It's hard to keep up good habits every single day and if you go a tiny bit overboard once in a while perhaps it just kick-starts your metabolism a bit, so no real damage done. That's the theory I work with anyway smile

Yesterday for me was:

breakfast porridge with raspberries and about 5 grams of dark chocolate chips. That was a mistake. Either I have conquered my sugar addiction or porridge and chocolate just doesn't go together. grin

lunch a Dr Karg, Philadelphia lightest, bit of John West dressed lobster (I found this in Sainsbury's beside the tinned tuna and thought it might be nice on a Dr Karg, and it's not laden with calories like most patés are), plum tomato, an apple

dinner a baked pork chop (very lean), roasted parsnip & butternut squash, broccoli, slow-cooked red cabbage, sneaky helping of potato dauphinoise (but not a huge portion like I would have had a few months ago)

snack a rice cake with more Philadephia, then a plain chocolate rice cake. God, it's not like I especially like rice cakes but I seem to have them every day.

Estimated cals 1100 but as usual it was probably more. I really do feel like I must be underestimating the calories of everything that isn't specifically listed on MFP.

Today I am going out for cake. Hurrah! Am also going out for a run later and will just have soup for dinner so hoping it all evens out.

ArtemisatBrauron Mon 16-Sep-13 14:19:18

Today so far...

breakfast porridge with chopped apple and raspberries, black coffee

snack nakd fruit bar, 1 biscuit, water

lunch lean pork chop with 3 dried apricots in gravy, broccoli, carrots and rice

SubliminalMassaging Mon 16-Sep-13 18:33:10

Today have had VVVV stressful day which I don't want to talk about but it has made me realise what a comfort/stress eater I am. In moments of stress/anger/frustration I reach for some food (usually high carb/high fat) to counteract my negative feelings by giving me an instant hit of something delicious (or just hunk hmm) to take my mind of it.

Today I had:

Breakfast: very small glass tomato juice (not much left)

Lunch: a Dr Karg cracker with butter, loads of cream cheese and cucumber, and a piece of smoked mackerel. It was lovely and I had to make a conscious effort not to eat loads more, but I managed it.

A couple of handfuls of salted nuts

Dinner: Shepherd's pie. I dished it up onto a small side plate so I wouldn't eat too much but I did have seconds, and really had to stop myself from eating more. I at least recognised the signs of eating to spite myself. grin

I managed not to completely cave in and eat loads though. Two glasses of wine already due to v.stressful day.

SubliminalMassaging Mon 16-Sep-13 18:33:44

just junk, not hunk

STIDW Mon 16-Sep-13 18:52:20


Breakfast; orange, Weetabix, ss milk

Lunch; Turkey, brie & cranberry on 1/2 roll, green salad leaves and beetroot

Dinner; Jerk chicken, sweet potato wedges (1 spray oil 1tsp wholegrain mustard) and salad

Snacks: banana with half fat cream, flapjack, spicy BNS soup

I've got about 60 calories leftover

Rummikub Mon 16-Sep-13 22:31:33

You lot have amazing will power. I just cave in to my cravings. envy

Today, cereal, milk, cup of tea, 2 biscuits. Mid morning (before 10!) I had a banana, cheese chunk, twix. Lunch ham sandwich, banana, tea, chocolate. Dinner (late) mince curry and bread, crisps, flake. Work day today. I think I need the food to keep me going!

lurkingfromhome Tue 17-Sep-13 07:54:16

subliminal, sorry to hear you had a bad day. You did really well not to cave in, though. Hope today is a better one for you flowers

Yesterday for me was:

breakfast porridge, unsweetened stewed apples

lunch a Dr Karg, Philly lightest, bit of tinned dressed lobster, bowl of leftover roasted veg from Sunday's dinner (squash, parsnip, broccoli) served as a salad with rocket and low-fat French dressing

dinner broccoli & stilton soup, half a small wholemeal roll, a peach

snacks (quite large) florentine biscuit when out with friend.

Ran for 35 mins, so that probably compensated for the biscuit! Estimated cals 1200.

Today, though, I have just realised that I have run out of Dr Kargs! The horrors! Will have to make emergency trip to supermarket or I will have no idea what to have for lunch grin

SubliminalMassaging Tue 17-Sep-13 09:13:09

thank you lurking - yes, in days of old I would have consoled myself with a whole cake or something, just to spite myself, and then feel even more like useless crap for a week, so I suppose it's progress. smile

I am disappointed that my weight loss seems to be slowing right down and even going up by a couple of pounds some days, in spite of eating very little over the last 6 weeks.

I have to just face facts - I can't do white carbs even in small doses if I want to lose any noticeable weight this side of the next year. sad

All this 'eat less and move around more' only works to a point. You have to eat ALOT less and move around to a crazy degree otherwise nothing much happens. Eating what you want to eat in moderation, like a normal person, only works once you are already slim I think. What I need calls for more drastic action.

ArtemisatBrauron Tue 17-Sep-13 21:41:22

breakfast 1/2 bowl of porridge with chopped apple, black coffee

snack nakd fruit bar, tea

lunch vegetable and chicken stir fry with noodles, water

dinner veggie burger (no bun), green beans, carrots, 3 small new potatoes, small portion of apple crumble with soya cream

Rummikub Tue 17-Sep-13 21:52:55

I am not listing today's food. Suffice to say it was all junk. Just thinking... Yep, all junk beginning to end. Food shop tomorrow.

SubliminalMassaging Tue 17-Sep-13 22:05:22

I have had a good day. Yay! Onward and upward.

Breakfast: Tomato juice

Lunch: v. small portion of leftover shepherd's pie from last night (I halfheartedly scraped most of the potato off to make it more low carb)

snacks - none

Dinner (out with friends) : small steak, little bit of peppercorn sauce (it wasn't creamy) and a small portion of mixed steamed veg. I gave all my chips away. didn't even eat one. <proud>

3 glasses of red wine. Oh well. confused

lurkingfromhome Wed 18-Sep-13 07:47:35

Well done, Subliminal and Artemis. Sounds like you both had a good day. I know what you mean about how it is just so hard to lose weight (especially once you start to get a bit older). I lost a stone and a bit five or six years ago then gradually put the whole lot back on. This time round it is much much more difficult.

Rummikub, your honesty made me laugh grin. Onwards and upwards today, eh?


breakfast: the usual porridge and unsweetened stewed apple

lunch: butternut & sweet potato soup, a rice cake, Philly lightest, a peach

dinner: pasta bolognese: bolognese sauce made with turkey mince and no oil (also it had lots of onion, carrot, celery & mushrooms), had it with wholewheat pasta, no parmesan. surprisingly tasty. Is 75g pasta (uncooked) too big a portion, do you think?

snacks DH was cooking haggis bonbons and made me try one. Aaargh. It was delicious, but at least I only had one. Also, I accidentally ended up in the pub and had two gin & slimlines.

Estimated cals 1300. DH is muttering things about having the haggis bonbons for dinner. Think I will attempt a plate of roasted veg with two of the said bonbons and that might keep calories reasonable. Going out for a run today too so that should help.

SubliminalMassaging Wed 18-Sep-13 19:27:20

Today....meh. Not great, not awful.

Breakfast: Large glass of Clamato juice (American brand of tomato and clam juice which I am addicted to and is luckily quite low carb.)

1 Dr Karg cracker with butter and cream cheese, 2 sticks of celery with salt

Lunch: nothing as such, had late breakfast and early dinner, but did snack on two smallish cubes of cheddar and ate a few mouthfuls of very coconutty curry sauce which I made for everyone else's dinner.

Dinner: An small omelette made with one egg and stuffed with some leftover meat and veg.

Evening snack: another Dr Karg cracker with butter and cream cheese

2 very large glasses red wine.

shiningcadence Wed 18-Sep-13 20:27:23

Hi everyone <waves>
Lovely to see lots of newbies to the thread and to see you rummikub and STIDW still here smile
Sorry I buggered off on holiday without saying goodbye. I wanted to come on before I went away to thank you guys for helping me smile Honestly, if it wasn't for you all on this thread I wouldn't have lost any weight, it was such an incentive to know I'd be coming on here in the evening to list all my food for the day, really helped me keep on track most days grin But seriously, big thanks flowers
I ended up with a 4lb weight loss for holiday but more importantly I was a lot more toned and didn't look half bad in a bikini - if I may say so myself grin
But by the end of the holiday I think I put it all back on - and probably more too! because of the eating, drinking and lounging about all day grin So, from tomorrow I'm going to be reporting back in as before and I'm hoping to get that 4lb back off - and any more I've put on. And my aim is to be half a stone lighter by Christmas. I think (hope) that's a realistic target.
Chat to you all tomorrow smile

Rummikub Wed 18-Sep-13 22:55:08

Today, cereal & milk, cup of tea & 2 oat biscuits. 2 chunks of cheese. Malt loaf, tea. Finger of fudge. Ryveta 1. 2 slices of cheese & tomato pizza. Tea, homemade cupcake.

Shining, great that you lost weight and were more toned for your holiday.

lurkingfromhome Thu 19-Sep-13 08:03:43

shining, I thought you'd abandoned your own thread! Very well done on your pre-holiday weight loss. Sounds like you got that "bikini body" all the magazines tell us is actually possible grin. I think holiday weight is fairly easily lost so a couple of weeks of posting here every day should sort you out. grin

Half a stone lighter by Christmas seems very realistic. I would like to lose a stone altogether. I only weigh myself once in a blue moon as I have a tendency to stand on the scales obsessively. I'll weigh myself at the end of the month and see how things are going.

Yesterday, I am annoyed to report, I made a special trip to Sainsbury's to stock up on Dr Karg, only to find that they're not selling them any more. The cheek of it! The shelves were starting to fill with Christmas food, so I guess there was no room for robust spelt-based crackers. Am suffering withdrawal symptoms so will need to make a trip to Waitrose.

Anyway, yesterday:

breakfast the usual porridge, unsweetened stewed apples

post-run snack rice cake, dressed lobster spread, leftover tomato & fennel salad

lunch pea & ham soup, bag of bite-sized caramelised onion mini-oaty cakes (delicious! don't know if you get them outside Scotland, they are like healthy crisps), milk choc rice cake

dinner celeriac, parsnip, butternut squash, all roasted with olive oil spray & herbs. 2 of DH's haggis bonbons. onion gravy. An entirely weird dinner that I wouldn't be serving to guests but which managed to taste really quite nice. Pleased that I only had two haggis things.

snack snack-size Eat Natural cereal bar. The last one in the pack and I will try not to buy any more as they're not v. healthy, although they pretend to be.

Estimated cals: 1175. Also had a 30-minute run.

Rummikub Thu 19-Sep-13 08:21:08

Lurking, your dinner didnt sound weird at all, it sounded super tasty.

lurkingfromhome Thu 19-Sep-13 10:48:32

It was, actually, but I am a bit of a sucker for gravy ... grin

STIDW Thu 19-Sep-13 18:42:48

Welcome back Shining, it sounds as though you had a good holiday.

breakfast orange, porridge with banana, nuts and 1/2tsp maple syrup

lunch grilled bacon with pancake, spinach, feta and mushrooms

dinner beef and lentil bolognese, pasta, salad with beetroot

snacks banana loaf, yogurt with nuts seeds and oats.

1203 cal

WI today and I've lost 1.5lbs this week which isn't bad I suppose considering what I ate last Wednesday and Thursday.

lurkingfromhome Fri 20-Sep-13 07:41:27

Well done on your weight loss, STIDW. That sounds great. Do you have much more you want to lose?

breakfast porridge, unsweetened stewed apple

snack slice of low-GI soy & linseed bread, scraping of rhubarb jam; mini Babybel light

lunch pea & ham soup, pack of mini oaty bakes

dinner veg korma (chickpeas, spinach, squash, mushrooms, courgette), brown basmati rice, half a mini naan

I had a bad day yesterday. Was hungry mid-morning for no real reason hence the snack.

Also, I realised that it is well-nigh impossible to keep the calories down on a curry even though I had a fairly restrained portion. I'm just glad I didn't put any meat in it or that would have bumped it up even more.

Far too many carbs, although at least most of them were the unrefined sort. Shouldn't have eaten the half mini-naan though (even if it was just three bites - MFP really does make it obvious when you're throwing calories away). I think that came in at about 1300. Have leftovers tonight for dinner, but no naan and am going out for a run later so that should balance things out a bit more.

ArtemisatBrauron Fri 20-Sep-13 08:37:47

breakfast slice toast with vegan chocolate spread, banana, black coffee

snacks 2 biscuits, tea, 4 crackers with vegan butter

lunch chicken curry (tomato based) with rice and salad, water, a clementine

dinner pasta with spinach, garlic, carrots, mint, pine nuts; 1 small piece of orange chocolate.

SubliminalMassaging Fri 20-Sep-13 09:07:42

Hmmm....well yesterday started fine nd then went a bit downhill. confused

Small glass of clamato juice first thing, then a low-carb protein shake mid morning, then no more food until I went to some reception/drinks thing with canapes and stuff at 6pm. I was bloody starving and tried not to eat the ones with carbs but it was pretty impossible as the meaty ones didn't come out until quite late and I was ready to keel over by then, and dangerously at risk of getting too drunk due to an empty stomach!

I had two mini sort of mexican type things of chorizo on tortilla bread topped with guacamole - each about two bites each piece. Then two little thai fishcake things, then some dips of cheese fondue with some small bits of bread, then two skewers each of barbecued chicken, and barbecued halloumi and tomato, and then a v. small portion of chicken curry but no rice. 1 small dessert canapé, about two bites. 3 large vodka and slimline tonics.

It was a mistake to go there hungry. I should have eaten something earlier so my resolve did not crumble under the influence of drink.

In the scheme of things it was not a particularly excessive day's food but ONCE AGAIN it was not how I set out to eat! My self control is seriously pants. blush

Rummikub Fri 20-Sep-13 10:01:49

I weighed myself this morning and am now over 9 st shock. Not happy with this at all. Yesterday, tea & toast. Lunch (I made a conscious effort to have lunch!) was a sweet chilli chicken wrap from tesco and a twirl.
Dinner quiche, coleslaw, roasted tomatoes. Cup of tea and 3 oat biscuits.

I looked at the dr Karg crackers and they do look v tasty but expensive, so have stuck to ryveta for 99p.

Today starting with tea and toast.

Subliminal, those do's with that food are so easy to over indulge in aren't they. Esp when done well.

Rummikub Fri 20-Sep-13 10:02:37

You sounded v restrained. I would have downed all the Thai fish cakes! Yum!

SubliminalMassaging Fri 20-Sep-13 11:49:57

I know! Each thing was only little, but the trouble is they just kept coming round. blush

If I'd been at home with my little side plate in front of me I oculd have measured more easily how much I was eating in one go, but when I added it all up at the end of the night it was much more than I had realised. confused

Have not had a good start to the day so far, but I must not allow a small setback to turn me into a pig for the next three days.

Rummikub Fri 20-Sep-13 12:14:05

No don't let it set you back. I like to view my food intake from a weekly perspective, it all evens out. I am also trying to look for opportunities for nutrition and vitamins rather than calories from quick fix sugar.

Having said that for lunch I have had ham and tomato sandwich, tea and finger of fudge (only 111 cals). I don't do lunch so planning it in (not choc) is new to me.

SubliminalMassaging Fri 20-Sep-13 13:35:06

That means that on the 5:2 fast days you can eat 5 fingers of fudge for your 500 calories. there's an idea...grin

Rummikub Fri 20-Sep-13 15:38:35

Like your thinking!

shiningcadence Fri 20-Sep-13 18:56:18

Hi all,

I weighed myself today and I've only put on 1lb since holiday, yay! Though I suspect it might come on gradually, I'm not quite sure how gaining/losing weight works.

Today I had:
Breakfast - 1 Weetabix with ss milk, a banana
Snack - coffee - 1 brown sugar, ss milk, 4 Jaffa cakes blush
Lunch - subway - veggie pattie sub with salad, walkers prawn cocktail crisps and a diet coke
Snack - muller rice
Dinner - wholemeal pasta, mixed veg sauce, piece if garlic bread.
Snack - coffee and 4 squares dark chocolate.

Not the best day but I'm easing myself back into this slowly grin

You all eat such lovely food, puts me to shame. But at least I can get lots if inspiration from all your posts smile

Chat tomorrow smile

shiningcadence Fri 20-Sep-13 19:02:16

rummikub, I am just over 9 stone too. I'm within a healthy bmi and 9 stone is a perfectly healthy weight for some but because I have a small frame it just doesn't look right for me to be that weight, if that makes sense? Are you the same? What do you want to weigh ideally? I'd like to get down to 8 and a half stone which is what I was before dd3. I found it easy to lose the baby weight after my first 2 dc but for some reason after dd3 I haven't been able to shift it sad She's 3 now so it really needs to be gone now!

Rummikub Fri 20-Sep-13 19:24:46

9 st I can just about get away with, but want to be 8- 8.5 st. I am small framed and short. It's a balance between looking and feeling slim and not losing too much from my boobs and face. I was between 7.5 to 8 st pre children. I am still claiming baby weight! (Sshh my youngest is 7)

Rummikub Fri 20-Sep-13 19:26:53

For tea it was a ready meal chicken curry and rice shared between 3 of us. And about to have a cup of tea and 2 oat biscuits.

ArtemisatBrauron Sat 21-Sep-13 12:35:27

yesterday (Friday)

breakfast slice brown toast, vegan marg, jam, black coffee

lunch baked salmon, courgettes, cherry tomatoes and 5 chips (!)

snacks 3 biscuits, tea, bite of a boy's spare rib at work, bite of another boy's chocolate at work [they like to share their food - I need to learn to say no!]

dinner spicy kidney bean burger (no bun) with green beans and new potatoes.

ArtemisatBrauron Sat 21-Sep-13 12:36:23

Today will be crazy at there is a black tie dinner at work so skipped breakfast, am having lunch with the pupils as usual and will try to eat as healthily as possible.

shiningcadence Sat 21-Sep-13 20:56:57

Hi everyone,

Not a great day for me.

Breakfast: muller rice
Snack: a pear, Greek yogurt
Lunch: 2 slices vegetable pizza, a potato waffle, low fat coleslaw, cucumber, carrot and pepper slices with houmous and tzaziki (sp) dips.
Snack: 5 cashew nuts, 2 squares dark choc, 2 small Milky Way bars blush I have to stop eating chocolate!
For dinner I decided to have a banana and a piece of toast as I'd been quite naughty with the snacking, so far so good... Then dh brings home curry and chips on the way home from work - I know I could've refused but it was there in front of me smelling all lovely and vinegary so I succumbed blush. I did have a small plate though, honest.

lurkingfromhome Sat 21-Sep-13 22:27:30

Ooh, lots of posts since yesterday morning, which I will read properly when not on the phone & about to go to sleep. Yesterday I didn't eat enough:

breakfast slice low-GI soy & linseed bread, scraping of rhubarb jam, a peach

lunch beans on toast, made with another slice of same bread and not quite enough beans (DH's leftovers), a chocolate rice cake

dinner was meant to be home for proper dinner at 8 but ended up not getting home until 10, so no proper dinner, just 4 oatcakes with Philly light and a plum tomato, a mini Babybel light and another chocolate rice cake. Not nearly enough fruit & veg and not really enough calories, also had a 35 minute run.

ArtemisatBrauron Sun 22-Sep-13 01:16:55

breakfast black coffee

lunch chicken, snow peas and green peppers with noodles

snacks glass cava and crisps at pre-dinner drinks

dinner salmon and grated raw veg (starter), game stew with 3 potatoes, carrots and spinach (main), blood orange jelly (pudding) lots of wine and 1 whiskey blush

lurkingfromhome Mon 23-Sep-13 13:13:25

Artemis, I wish I worked at your school grin. That sounds like a proper Sunday, food-wise.

Saturday for me was:

breakfast Total 0% Greek yoghurt, with a peach, a tiny scattering of toasted flaked almonds and an even tinier scattering of dark chocolate chips
lunch a pack of the M&S vietnamese pork roll things (only 150 cals and so good...)
dinner DH's lasagne, green salad, tomato salad, an apple
snack a small scoop of spiced coconut gelato from the most amazing ice cream shop that I'm afraid I can't walk past

Estimated 1100 cals (can this be right? I did try to have a sensible portion of lasagne, which had been made with turkey mince and not beef, but even so...)

Yesterday was:

breakfast slice of soy and linseed low-GI toast, scraping of rhubarb jam, scraping of Philly lightest
lunch a Dr Karg, bit of M&S cottage cheese with prawns, a banana
dinner roast chicken, green beans with bacon, roasted celeriac, squash, peppers, couple of spoonfuls leftover brown rice
snack two squares divine milk chocolate

Alas, DH had been in charge of the chicken and stuffed lots of tarragon butter under the skin, which I did my best to not pour onto my plate. Had a 30 minute run, though. Estimated cals 1300 (hoping this is accurate...).

SubliminalMassaging Mon 23-Sep-13 13:33:26

I've had a funny couple of days (not awful but mixed) and I've lost track of what I ate. I'm bac again today with renewed vigour and determination to really make an effort to a) stick to low carbing and b) just eat virtually fuck all. grin

Today: Coffee with coffeemate x 1

Breakfast: An Atkins protein shake

Early Lunch: very small bowl of egg and tuna mayonnaise with red onion and celery.

Afternoon snack: Small bowl of cold roasted cauliflower with garlic.

Dinner: prawn/cod/tomato/green pepper/chorizo thing tonight, but won't have any french bread with it like the rest of the family.

Will try really hard not to have any wine but we have some people popping over so I might just have to have one. blush

It's been absoutely weeks since I have allowed myself to eat a big meal, or be free and easy with the bread, or any chocolate, or sugar of any kind, hardly any potatoes, no pasta. Just don't understand why my wight loss has completely stalled. Oh well, I'm still lighter than I was, so I guess I must just stay positive. confused

lurkingfromhome Mon 23-Sep-13 19:50:30

Subliminal, I feel your pain. I have been eating so well for the last six weeks or so, with only a biscuit here and there, hardly any normal bread, mostly wholemeal rice & pasta, tiny portions compared to what I used to eat, no coffee and a diet made up of all the right things - you'd really think the weight would be melting off me instead of every half-kilo being a battle of will and endurance grin

SubliminalMassaging Mon 23-Sep-13 19:54:01

It's not fair is it? sad

I did succumb to a very small piece of French bread and two glasses of red wine, but the dinner was all fish and veg, and I had an elegantly small sized portion.

ArtemisatBrauron Mon 23-Sep-13 20:01:14

It's great, but there is a lot of food I could do without in many ways! grin

breakfast porridge with blueberries, black coffee

lunch 1/2 chicken breast with carrots, parsnips, courgettes, in plain passata-based tomato sauce

snacks 1 biscuit, black coffee

dinner mushrooms with garlic, 1/2 slice bread, home-made veg curry (no rice).

STIDW Mon 23-Sep-13 23:12:07

I was away over the weekend and lost track of what I ate. I don't think it was too bad although I did buy a bottle of wine to share and ended up drinking most of it myself.


Breakfast: Weetabix, ss milk and an orange

Lunch: Broccoli soup, Waitrose prawn and mango salad

Dinner: Chicken fajita with salsa and cheese

Snacks: Yogurt with blueberries and roasted nuts, seeds and oats/rock bun

lurkingfromhome Tue 24-Sep-13 08:13:40

I got MFP to recalculate my allowed calories based on the weight I've lost (actually I estimated my starting weight as I was too scared to stand on the scales and I think I was lighter than I thought, so probably haven't lose that much!). Anyway, I'm now allowed 1240 a day. I've roughly divided it into 200 breakfast, 300 lunch, 600 dinner, 140 snacks. It's doable, of course, but it doesn't allow for any slip-ups.

Grrrrr. I swore I was just going to try to eat well and not become obsessive about calorie counting and here I am angry.

Anyway, yesterday:

breakfast porridge, half a pear, handful of raspberries
lunch chicken & sweetcorn soup, a Dr Karg, cottage cheese with prawns
dinner leftover lasagne, roasted squash & celeriac
snacks 2 dark chocolate rice cakes

Estimated at 1080 but that could be wishful thinking. I have no idea how to count calories of home-made things without getting really anal and weighing everything as it gets cooked. I think DH would get quite exasperated if I made him do that as he was trying to make dinner ... I'm doing it in a really unscientific way and assuming that an average dinner containing lean meat but cheese sauce would be maybe 600 calories then knocking a hundred or so off because I'm having a smallish portion. I'm really plucking figures out the air, though ...

Going out for lunch with DM today. She is a feeder (despite being no more than a size 12 herself) and believes anyone who doesn't put away a hearty lunch followed by a giant slice of cake is malnourished and wilfully starving themselves. Heaven help me...

lurkingfromhome Tue 24-Sep-13 15:00:09

Just back to say that lunch was indeed a calorie disaster. I have 550 left to last the day. No snacks for me ...

SubliminalMassaging Tue 24-Sep-13 19:03:08

I have had a good day today. I went to my book club on an empty stomach and my friend decided we'd crack open a bottle of wine at 11am. hmm So that was my breakfast.....

has ONE MOUTHFUL of delicious homemade brownie (to soak up the alcohol, that's all grin) and then when I got home I ate a pickled egg.

(this is shaping up to be the weirdest day's food ever.)

Drank plenty of water today, for a change.

After doing the afternoon school run I ate a few bits of cold roasted cauliflower. (more peculiar randomness) then I popped into my neighbour for something and she MADE ME drink another glass of wine (this is all by about 4.30 hmm) Honestly, I know how it sounds.....

Then for dinner I had a nice, small portion of Cobb Salad. chopped egg, chopped bacon, avocado, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, crumbled blue cheese etc. And lots more water. No more wine.

Apart from the wine I am very pleased with today and feel quite in control. I had better have lost some frigging weight by tomorrow.

SubliminalMassaging Tue 24-Sep-13 19:05:43

I hate people that do that lurking. My MIL does that - always putting cakes and puddings in from of people that she never touches herself.

lurkingfromhome Wed 25-Sep-13 08:38:32

It is really irritating. I kknow it comes from the best of intentions and all that, but aaaaargh. When you're surrounded by cake and trying not to eat any, the last thing you want is someone practically pinning you to the table and force-feeding you.

subliminal, I am laughing out loud at your day of random foodstuffs and alcoholic beverages. Any day that starts with breakfast wine, chocolate brownie and pickled egg is going to be quite bizarre grin. It sounds like a good day all round.

So yesterday (I managed to claw things back in the evening):

breakfast: small dollop natural yoghurt, raspberries, half a peach, toasted almonds

lunch: 3/4 of a pack of M&S saefood selection sandwiches. 3/4 of a slice lemon drizzle cake

*post-run snack*: a Dr Karg with cottage cheese

dinner: baked salmon fillet, tiny bit watercress sauce, tomato salad

snack: chocolate rice cake

Estimated at 1250. Had a 30-minute run, though. Will try to have a restrained day today as am not leaving the house and don't have much in the way of enticing food that would tempt me. Have decided to weigh myself again on 7 October. Surely I will have dropped a pound by then?

ArtemisatBrauron Thu 26-Sep-13 07:58:01


breakfast porridge with fresh raspberries

snack an orange, 1 biscuit

lunch vegetable soup, 3 slices of smoked tofu, 1/2 slice of bread

snack a plain oat cracker, 2 mint chocolate sweets

dinner 1 veggie sausage, 1 lean meat sausage, 3 new potatoes, grated raw carrot and beetroot salad, french beans, 1 large glass of white wine

lurkingfromhome Thu 26-Sep-13 11:19:29

Wednesday for me was:

breakfast porridge, half a pear, handful of raspberries, sprinkling toasted almonds

lunch chicken & sweetcorn soup, a Dr Karg

dinner oh dear; DH had gone to town and bought lots of deli bits so we could have a picnic dinner. I had to try to restrain myself: 2 slices wholegrain soda bread, Philly lightest, prawns on one slice, parma ham on the other, handful marinated anchovies, handful olives, roasted veg on rocket, tiny spoonful egg mayo

snacks a mini Babybel light, a dark choc rice cake

1235 cals? who knows ...

SubliminalMassaging Fri 27-Sep-13 07:50:13

Woohoo! My weight loss has finally kick-started itself again. After a couple of weeks of annoying to-ing and fro-ing, in spite of eating small meals and not indulging in anything really sugary/carby, I have finally seen the scales start to go in the right direction again. Only one more pound to go and then I'll have lost the first whole stone. grin

I had a very good day on Wednesday although I can't remember specifially what I ate.

Yesterday it started well then went a bit adrift. I ate/drank:

A flat white from Costa

A Dr Karg with butter and Philadelphia.

Out for lunch with DH as he had the day off. Had a green salad with prawns for starter followed by steamed fish and vegetables, no carbs.

One glass white wine.

No dinner as such, due to lunch out. Saw friends in the evening, ate some salted almonds and had two Cosmopolitans mixed by my friend and then a large glass of red wine (Cosmos full of sugar syrup hmm) which then made me peckish so I had a small slice of my DS's cold pizza when I got home.

Not great but not ruinous. I still think I'm on track and feeling positive today.

lurkingfromhome Fri 27-Sep-13 08:29:22

That sounds pretty good, subliminal, considering you had a lunch out and saw friends, which can both be perilous activities ... I have a day and evening out planned with a friend who needs cheering up today. I foresee cake, prosecco and probably something not entirely diet-friendly for dinner. It can't be helped, though, and I'm trying to look at the weekly picture rather than the daily one <clutching at straws).

Yesterday was:

breakfast porridge, half a pear, raspberries

lunch a Dr Karg, Philly lightest, chicken & ham soup

dinner four thin slices baked gammon, broccoli cheese, celeriac baked with olive oil spray

snacks packet of oaty bakes, chocolate rice cake

1140 cals, apparently, even allowing for baked ham & broccoli cheese, which I'd have thought would have been about 5000 in themselves smile

ArtemisatBrauron Fri 27-Sep-13 14:08:47


breakfast porridge with raisins and chopped banana

snack small packet salted crisps, carton ribena, 1 small "finger" sandwich from buffet (school trip, failed to bring healthy snack blush)

lunch grated carrot and beet salad, 60g smoked tofu, cold french beans, 1 slice bread. 1 clementine

dinner 70g of whole wheat pasta with roasted tomatillos and tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil, soya chicken pieces, 50ml passata, lime juice and diced red onion. 1 mint chocolate sweet.

snack 2 cups chai tea with unsweetened soya milk.

Rummikub Fri 27-Sep-13 14:51:28

Hi I have been AWOL last few days and not really planned my food well. I will start from today. Breakfast tea & toast. Lunch chicken breast sandwich, tea with malted milk biscuits, dinner will be lamb curry made with carrots and spinach with rice.

lurkingfromhome Fri 27-Sep-13 20:30:26

I have had a terrible day. The only things I can say in my defence are that I had a healthy breakfast, I didn't have pudding with dinner and I only had one gin & slimline and half a small glass of wine. The rest of the day had cake, biscuits and fudge involved. Let's just say no more about it and start afresh tomorrow. With a long and a lot less food...

lurkingfromhome Fri 27-Sep-13 20:38:47

A long run. Fingers too fat through excess cake consumption to type properly

ArtemisatBrauron Fri 27-Sep-13 21:56:25

breakfast 1 slice toast with marmalade, black coffee

snack tea, 2 oat biscuits

lunch huge salad plate (including small portions of raw carrot and beetroot, pasta, tomato and chicken, green leaves, lentil-couscous-pecan-mint mix)

dinner tofu stirfry with carrots, onion, garlic served with home made salsa (tomatoes, coriander, garlic, onion, chillies), green leaves and 1/2 slice of bread.

snacks 2 large glasses white wine, handful of pistachio nuts

40 min run - planning to hit the road tomorrow and Sunday as well (weekend off work from boarding duties!)

ArtemisatBrauron Fri 27-Sep-13 21:57:08

lurking don't panic - one day won't do any harm!

ArtemisatBrauron Fri 27-Sep-13 21:57:49

argh also had 2 mint chocolate sweets after dinner.

lurkingfromhome Sun 29-Sep-13 08:12:16

Thanks, artemis grin Tried to get back on track yesterday; partially succeeded

breakfast natural yoghurt, half a peach, toasted almonds

lunch a Dr Karg, Philly lightest, a tomato

dinner odd combination of fridge leftovers: 2 oatcakes, Philly lightest, leftover prawns. Then a bowl of home-made chicken soup with a small slice of wholemeal soda bread; then a salad with rocket, broad beans, tomatoes, celery, radish, little bit of bacon, anchovies, hard-boiled egg (nicer than it sounds) and another small slice of soda bread

snacks couldn't walk past the amazing ice cream shop and had a small tub with spiced coconut and salted caramel flavours

Also, a 30-minute run and a lot of walking around town. Estimated cals 1230. Going out for dinner tonight but only to the pub so will try to have a main course only and choose wisely from the menu.

itried Sun 29-Sep-13 08:17:16

2 Weetabix and SS milk

Seed roll with ham, carton of plain yogurt, an apple

Sweet potato wedges and eggs.

I did walk 12 miles, though.

Not nearly enough fruit and veg :-(

ArtemisatBrauron Sun 29-Sep-13 08:45:24


breakfast black coffee, small fry-up (1 sausage, 1 bacon, 1/2 slice black pudding (don't like it but was trying to be polite), 1/2 grilled tomato, mushrooms, scoop of beans)

lunch 4 crackers with vegan butter, an orange and two oat biscuits, water

dinner bean burger (no bun), green leaves, home-made tomato salad and 1/3 of a pot of M & S lentil and couscous salad.

snacks too much wine, handful of cashew nuts, 4 crackers, 2 amaretti biscuits

No more wine until next Saturday at least. Too many calories in itself and leads to evil grazing!!!

ArtemisatBrauron Sun 29-Sep-13 23:38:53

Today (Sunday)

breakfast grapes, blueberries, chopped banana, soy yoghurt, teaspoon honey, black coffee

lunch fish finger sandwich (3 fish fingers, tomato, lettuce, 2 slices brown bread, scraping of tartare sauce) with handful of chips, 1/2 pint of cider

dinner vegan spag bol, 2 mint choco sweets


Rummikub Mon 30-Sep-13 00:37:50

Artemis, applause for no snacks!!

Saturday I had tea and toast for breakfast. Lunch of cheesy pasta bake. Tea and malted milk biscuits. A finger of fudge. Then out for drinks, but was quite restrained and had a mojito, vodka & coke, a shot (of ? I have no idea!). I did have chips and curry sauce (yum!) it felt like I was in 'the fried chicken shop' (love that prog!)

Sunday for breakfast tea and 3 toast, fish fillet sandwich, tea and a finger of fudge.

lurkingfromhome Mon 30-Sep-13 07:34:45

Sunday for me was:

no breakfast - unheard of! got up late and was dashing about doing various chores so it was midday before I knew it

lunch two dark rye Ryvita (had run out of Dr Karg), Philly lightest, tomato, bowl chicken & veg soup, apple

afternoon snack dark choc rice cake, peach, cup of tea

dinner decided not to go out for dinner but have pizza delivered from lovely pizzeria instead. Dear oh dear.

Estimated cals 1500. Amazingly I still came in at 600 under my weekly target but the pizza was definitely a mistake. Back on track today and going out for a run later so that should help.

ArtemisatBrauron Mon 30-Sep-13 21:49:25


breakfast blueberries, raspberries, banana, pineapple, black coffee

lunch chicken tagine with rice, 1/2 a mini naan

snack 2 biscuits, tea

dinner leftover vegan spag bol, salad leaves

lurkingfromhome Tue 01-Oct-13 09:58:59

Sounds like a restrained Monday, artemis. Mine was too:

breakfast natural yoghurt, peach, toasted almonds

morning snack 2 dark rye Ryvita, Philly lightest, tomato

lunch 2 M&S large filled mushrooms

dinner should have been linguine with mussels and clams but alas DH lost his ability to cook pasta and served up two bowls of barely cooked linguine angry. That went in the bin, so ended up having 2 Dr Karg, Philly lightest, wafer thin ham, an apple, a banana and one square of Divine milk chocolate.

Also went for a 30-minute run. Estimated calories 800 - eek! No wonder I was tired by 10 o'clock and woke up starving. I am cooking tonight so at least we will get a proper meal with actual veg smile

ArtemisatBrauron Wed 02-Oct-13 07:39:08


breakfast chopped fruit (rasps, bluberries, pineapple, 1/2 banana) black coffee

snack slice of ginger cake, tea.

lunch stir fried prawns and vegetables with egg noodles and chopped spring onions

snack a couple of olives/artichokes etc from a plate of nibbles at work.

dinner 2 sausages, curly kale, green beans, new potatoes. 2 mint chocolate sweets.

lurkingfromhome Wed 02-Oct-13 08:22:37

Tuesday for me was:

breakfast porridge, a pear, cup of earl grey

lunch chicken & sweetcorn soup, a slice of soy & linseed bread, toasted, with Philly lightest and a slice of wafer thin ham

dinner roast spatchcock chicken, roasted peppers, courgettes, squash, chickpeas, 2 tablespoons couscous

snack pack of bitsesize oaty cakes

1150 calories or thereabouts

keiraash82 Wed 02-Oct-13 17:03:33

Tuesday I had...

Breakfast: Kelloggs Bran Flakes with skimmed milk

Lunch: Banana, Greek yogurt and whole meal (Hovis nimble) sandwhich with chicken.

Snack: Apple

Dinner: Some Bran Flakes with banana

lurkingfromhome Thu 03-Oct-13 08:10:01

Wednesday for me was:

breakfast half a large fruit scone with jam

lunch a Dr karg, Philly lightest, slice wafer thin ham, an apple

dinner chicken and sweetcorn soup, sandwich made with brown soda bread, chicken, Philly lightest, wafer thin ham, rocket, tomato

snacks two squares dark chocolate

Not a good day in terms of fruit and veg - I seemed to be a bit busy to eat properly. 900 calories so not even enough food. Will eat better today.

ArtemisatBrauron Thu 03-Oct-13 12:43:24


breakfast chopped fruit with 3 table spoons plain yoghurt, small slice wholemeal toast with vegan marg and 1 teaspoon of jam

snack slice ginger cake and tea

lunch leftover stirfry (fake chicken, green beans, kale, spring onion, mushrooms with soy sauce)

dinner fish and chips (boarding house food strikes again!)

keiraash82 Thu 03-Oct-13 15:59:25


Breakfast: Weetabix raisin minis with skimmed milk

Lunch: Wholemeal sandwhich with chicken, banana, greek yogurt

Snack: Go ahead cereal bar

Dinner: Weetabix raisin minis with soya milk

Quite bad :-/ I've been in such a rush this week and have had no time to make a meal for myself! Slap on hands, next week will be better when i have more time!

lurkingfromhome Fri 04-Oct-13 10:16:32

I know, I too am having a terrible week. Quite stressed, not much appetite, very very busy with assorted things.

Thursday was:

breakfast natural yoghurt, a peach

snack a hobnob and a cup of tea

lunch M&S filled mushrooms

snack pack mini oaty bakes

dinner a sandwich with roast chicken, wafer thin ham, salad, and a tiny bit (30g) goat's cheese

Awful. Not nearly enough veg and not enough calories. Must get myself back on track.

ArtemisatBrauron Thu 10-Oct-13 19:25:53

back! Have been away with work.


Breakfast: porridge with apple and pear slices

Snack: 3 x 13 calorie crackers with scrape of pate

Lunch: chicken breast with 2 tablespoons pear barley, green beans, carrots

Snack: 2 x plain 13 calorie crackers

Dinner: home-made leek and sweet potato pie with wilted curly kale, 1 glass white wine, 1 square dark chocolate

ArtemisatBrauron Thu 10-Oct-13 19:26:25

pearl* barley

lurkingfromhome Fri 11-Oct-13 08:50:07

I've been away too, back night before last, so yesterday's food was:

breakfast natural yoghurt, raspberries, banana

snack cup of tea and a Hobnob

lunch celeriac soup, a Dr Karg with Philly lightest

snack cup of tea & dark choc rice cake

dinner lean sirloin steak, mushroom sauce, tomato, watercress, another dark choc rice cake

approx total 1200

ArtemisatBrauron Sat 12-Oct-13 08:11:41


breakfast: porridge with slices of apple/pear

snacks: ginger cake, tea, 2 oat cakes with vegan marg

lunch: weird obvious leftovers in work canteen- tomato rice with prawns, chicken pieces, peas, sweetcorn and peppers. (apparently this is "paella".... ) 1/2 a clementine

dinner: slice of home-made leek and sweet potato pie, wilted curly kale, slices raw tomato, small glass of red wine

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