Hi ladies Please help with rough textured icing

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I am making a wedding cake next week.
I do this, I know I can. However this bride wants rough textured icing.
The cake is going to be outside (if it is sunny) so I am avoiding buttercream

My thought is to do royal icing however I have only ever royal iced fruit cakes and only the 12 inch is a fruit the other 4 layers are sponge.
Would it work to do a layer of fondant as normal on the sponge layers then put a royal icing texture onto the fondant base (as if it were a marzipan base as per the fruit cake)?

What do fabulous cakey people think?

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anyone around?

I rough-ice my Christmas cake, and do it over a base of marzipan. I can't see that there would be any big problem with doing it over a layer of fondant icing - though it could be quite a lot of sweetness.

Do you have any texturing mats you can roll the fondant on?
See I would have done it with buttercream and let it set but if its a hot day I see where you are coming from.
Can you link a pic of what she wants and I can have a think?

this is the icing that she wants

TheDuchessOfSalford Sun 25-May-14 16:57:44

Yep, thin layer of fondant then royal icing is the only way I can see you'd be able to get that effect.

thanks I think if I use my scraper to put a v thin layer on then another layer. The thing with it being sponge is that I can't do it weeks ahead as I normally do with a fruit giving me less time to sand down the layers. I usually put 5 very thin royal icing layers.. Not going to have time to do more than 2 but I guess if there is a thin layer of fondant underneath it won't need much.

Oh I see, that's pretty. Yes your plan sounds good.
Now just to make the flowers....

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