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Treacle tart.

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TiggyKBE Thu 17-Apr-14 22:25:10

Pastry is no problem, but what do I put in the case to stop the golden syrup sloshing about? I've seen recipes with breadcrumbs, rice crispies, cornflakes, and even ground almonds. Which is best?

RustyBear Thu 17-Apr-14 22:33:01

I haven't made a treacle tart for ages, but I used to use rolled oats, they took the edge off the sweetness for me.

TiggyKBE Thu 17-Apr-14 22:37:58

Not another option! confused

Allalonenow Thu 17-Apr-14 22:39:53

Bread crumbs give a lovely soft gooey texture, delicious! tbusmile

Breadcrumbs and a touch of lemon juice

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