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Disney Frozen cake - come and improve my ideas please

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Dd's 6th birthday in a couple of weeks. I'm going to try a Disney frozen themed cake. My plan is to make two Victoria sponge cakes, one larger than the other and make a kind of tower. Thought I'd cover both in white icing. I've bought ice blue icing and some snowflake cutters so plan to make different sized snowflakes and stick them all over the cakes. I've got ribbon in the same colour blue to cover up the inevitable bodge ups with the edges.
I've got little Elsa and Anna figurines.
So what else? I've seen on the internet fabulous looking shards of blue sugar that look like ice but no idea how to make such a thing. Might try a kind of blue carpet of icing going up the tower.

LizzieMint Sun 13-Apr-14 22:27:53

Shards of sugar you can make by boiling sugar and syrup (ordinary golden syrup is fine, but will give you a yellowish colour).

Can you make royal icing and pipe it into icicles? You can also buy pearlescent spray (I think our tesco has it) which gives a nice shimmery effect for snow. Roll some white icing into balls and make an Olaf?

Great ideas, thanks. May try the spray rather than attempt boiling sugar. My last attempt was when I was 15 and I nearly burned the house down!

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