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Do you make cakes for people who have differing tastes or dietary requirements?

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onetiredmummy Thu 20-Mar-14 11:08:23

I have just had the best idea! smile If I make a cake usually I have to cater for; a vegan, non vegans who don't like icing or butter cream & those that love it all . So I make a vegan cake & ice half of it to save people scraping buttercream off shock & that way everyone is happy. Until they start moaning that a traditional cake tastes nicer than a vegan cake.

But I've just found the best mould ever! I'll see if I can link it in a bit, its a farm cake mould with a farmhouse, barn, tractor & kennel all in separate bits of the mould. So I'm going to do a vegan cake mix for the barn then split the farmhouse in 2, on the bottom half it will be plain sponge with a bit of jam to sandwich it to the top half which will have a buttercream roof! Everyone has the cake they like from one mould!

I also think I can use it for Christmases if I hang it all with edible coloured lights, its not a use once mould.

I'm really excited about it! grin

Mogz Thu 20-Mar-14 16:41:14

Just be warned some vegans get upset if their food has been in contact with no vegan food
Sounds tasty though.

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