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Been quoted £80 for a 1st bday cake - wtf?!?

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u32ng Mon 13-Jan-14 21:04:38

Am I being naive or ripped off??

Just want a vanilla sponge in the shape of a no.1; white icing with coloured dots that spell DS's (short!) name; & a little icing bear on top. To feed 30. It's just a local lady too not some fancy pants cake maker.

Me & DH had not expected or budgeted for this!!

Seriously thinking of making it myself even though I don't get home from work until 6.45pm (and his bday is a Saturday)....

MarvellousMechanicalMouseOrgan Sun 19-Jan-14 09:08:08

We got a birthday cake from our local cafe who make their own cakes. It cost £25 and was really gorgeous. Do you have a place like that near you?

OP if you are Newcastle/Gateshead way, look for Mrs Bou Cakes on FB.

A friend of mine gets her families cakes through her and they are the nicest cake Iv ever eaten.

Sorry I dont know how much she charges, but they are divine!

MikeLitoris Sun 19-Jan-14 09:24:08

I am normally the first to point out how much making cakes actually costs and how people can be ridiculous
In their expectations but that cake is not worth £80.

Get yourself onto fb and look for local cake decorators.

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Sun 19-Jan-14 09:29:39

Number cases

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Sun 19-Jan-14 09:32:26

Sorry, stupid phone.

Number cakes are easy and don't even take that long. £80 is absurd.

My advice would be to make a large rectangular cake in advance, freeze it, and then ice the night before. Should be do able. Lots of tutorials online for decorating etc.

Katz Sun 19-Jan-14 09:36:53

Waitrose one -

Only serves 16 but you could cut smaller pieces or cheat and have a yellow covered sponge ready cut to add to it!

Katz Sun 19-Jan-14 09:37:02
nannycook Sun 19-Jan-14 13:18:28

U32 thats a very simple cake and nothing that simple and small should cost that much, have a go yourself you'll be suprised at how easy you will find it .Have a look at some of my cakes and see if you look my designs. Good luck.

nannycook Sun 19-Jan-14 13:20:27

Just some of the cakes i made last week.

What area "up north" are you? I'm a caker myself, and know a few dotted around the country that I can recommend to you. I would charge £40 for the one in the pic

Chopsypie Sun 19-Jan-14 13:41:15

Bloody hell. I only paid £80 for a single tier sponge fully decorated with pearls and flowers that fed 60 for my parents wedding anniversary. If you are around Cleveland I can recommend a few people.

this is the one that cost me £52 that was for mine/dh's 40th

Some lovely cakes on here!

I make and decorate for friends/family (in lieu of a gift), so can't tell you how much I'd charge.
However, I've hired shaped cake tins from my local baking supply shop before for £5 (with a £20 deposit) and ingredients have cost around £15 including icing.

Pic is one I made this week.

Picturesinthefirelight Sun 19-Jan-14 14:01:52

I paid £35 for one to feed 20 for dd it was a square cake with her name & iced ballet shoes/tutu on.

MikeLitoris Sun 19-Jan-14 16:53:53

For a frame of reference I made this for a friends dd and the board, box cake and icing cost £12.50. It took around 1 hour to bake and another 1.5 hours to decorate. (Obviously cooling time was more)

Also I dont waste money on shaped tins. I just bake two big rectangles, sandwich together and cut into the number I want. Shaped tins are too much faff!

u32ng Sun 19-Jan-14 21:40:04

Believe me I wish I could bake it myself but the lead up to his birthday is my first week back at work after a year's maternity leave so it's going to be a bit of muddle week especially as I get home late. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew & get all stressed out so think it's wiser to outsource this birthday's cake!

Plus our freezer is crap and small! No room for cake!

MsAspreyDiamonds Mon 20-Jan-14 15:37:13

I ordered my dd's 1st cake from M&S as I work next door so convenient for me. The cake was lovely, moist victoria sponge which kept for ages & less than half the price of the price quoted to you.
They also do one with a teddy as well.

MsAspreyDiamonds Mon 20-Jan-14 15:41:56
patchesmcp Tue 28-Jan-14 18:55:15

If you're a member of Costco or know someone who is their cakes are great for the money. Various designs and big but only about £15.

scarlettsmummy2 Tue 28-Jan-14 19:05:50

Marks and Spencer's do personalised number cakes for about £30

u32ng Wed 29-Jan-14 20:16:38

Ended up going with another cake maker for £50 which was a bit better!

Ordering the food from markies though! grin

busyboysmum Wed 29-Jan-14 20:20:59

I'm up North and use my friend's sister in law who makes amazing cakes for around £35. And they are delicious as well - massive bonus.

nannycook Wed 29-Jan-14 20:31:26

god u32, i'm defo doing something wrong
i charged that the other week for a double figure, got 6 cakes to make over the next few weeks, think i'm gonna rethink my prices, i'm currently working on a gardening cake, lots of work, i've made a greenhouse, pots with flowers , watering can, various veg and a vine of toms in another along with two sacks of pots, the price,£45.00.

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