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Grinch cake

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Screamqueen Tue 26-Nov-13 22:22:32

Hi, am fairly good at baking and have planned a Grinch birthday cake for my son, basically square sponge stacked like a chimney, covered in red fondant and model a Grinch figure coming out of the chimney in green fondant. But need a bit of help, firstly want a snow type effect around top of the chimney - I could cut out snow dripping shapes from white fondant icing but want it a bit more 3D effect, buttercream is out as I can never get it snow white, have googled and it seems cream cheese mixed with icing sugar seems to be ok, what do you think? Also saw marshmallow fluff?

Also not that great making figures and Ive read about tylo - do I need to add this to my paste?

Not till 14 December but I will post a picture!! smile

Royal icing might work for the snow though I have never tried it. Can't wait to see the finished cake.

Screamqueen Tue 03-Dec-13 22:21:04

Thanks, cant wait to make it! smile

Still not sure about the figure.

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