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nigella coffee and walnut cake disaster

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reup Sun 29-Sep-13 18:24:54

Thanks. I think the thermometer broke too . I put it up and left it for another 15 min. It was a bit crisp on top and fell apart underneath! But it was salvageable! Camp is a great idea. I used to have as lovely biscuit recipe with that.
It tasted nice but couldn't have sold it to a cafe!

nannycook Sun 29-Sep-13 17:31:38

oh dear reup, i just baked a coffee and walnut this very minute, i back for a local cafe, i always use the same recipe, an 8oz mix with about 60 grms of chopped walnuts and i use camp coffee as you can pour however much you require, i cook it in two 8inch tins for 30 mins on gas 4 or 160 fan/ 180 normal, hope that helps.

reup Sun 29-Sep-13 16:35:13

Got the recipe online followed to the letter. Just open the oven and its not cooked at all and some of it has overflowed the tons.

I have as problem with their numbers rubbing off the temp dial but I used an oven thermometer.

Should I turn up dial or cook for longer. Am worried it will be burned on top but uncooked inside.

Have never had this with a caked before!

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