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Popping Candy in a cake - yay or nay?

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JeffActually Wed 14-Aug-13 22:44:30

Ah blueberryboybait - I had not thought of that!!

Oh bother - I was getting very excited for a moment ... back to the drawing board!

For it to work in the cake it would need to be coated in something first (maybe choc?) or when it comes in contact with the liquid in the mix it will fizz away before it is baked.

PartyFops Wed 14-Aug-13 22:33:55

I would just try it and see if it works! grin

littlemissnormal Wed 14-Aug-13 22:33:11

That sounds amazing! I've never had it in the actual cake but I have in icing and chocolate.

JeffActually Wed 14-Aug-13 22:31:50

I am making a very unusual wedding cake for some fabulous friends who have pretty much given me permission to do anything I fancy with it (to give you an idea they have requested a carousel and a bucket of popcorn as two of the four layers...)

So....can I add popping candy into the cake mix - would it work? Or should I add it into the decoration somewhere?

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