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surprise inside biscuit cake

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Has anyone got a recipe for biscuit shapes inside a cake? I don't have much time and am hoping to bake all in one go rather than making little cakes and then baking another cake around it. Plus I only have a heart cutter not heart pan. I found a blog with directions for putting star shaped cookies inside, the pictures looked good but couldn't see any actual ingredient list or instructions. Was thinking maybe red dyed shortbread inside choc cake would that work?

Original blog is the hidden stars one on 'once upon a pedestal' blog, lots of technical discussion but no recipe beyond 'sugar cookies', sorry can't link on phone.

PourquoiPas Thu 18-Jul-13 14:20:48

It has a recipe on the blog -

Duh didn't see it on my phone! Went straight into page via google search. Thanks, will set to operation anniversary cake after collect dc, need to finish by 6!

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