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Something scrummy to take camping?

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Need something chocolatey that kids would like for camping.

Loaf cake type thing would be good.

Does anyone have a good recipe they would share please?

Edendance Wed 26-Jun-13 16:33:51

How old are your children? What about something they can toast on a campfire? There's lots of recipes on pinterest for campfire cones which are ice cream cones filled with various marshmallows and chocolate type things then wrapped in tin foil and toasted on a campfire.

If you just want to make a cake then a plain chocolate sponge with marshmallow fluff through the middle and melted chocolate on the top could be fun and a bit campfirey!

Vibbe Wed 26-Jun-13 17:37:45

Marble cake or brownies?

But wouldn't it be easier not to have to cut cakes when on camping?
How about instead making cookies - they are easy to serve and eat on camping, keep quite well and are easy to transport.
Or muffins - plain chocolate ones, and if they need icing, one with icing sugar and water or flavour such as the juice and zest of an orange (or whatever you like).

lucamom Thu 04-Jul-13 14:29:58

Good old-fashioned chocolate concrete (like we had at school in the 80's!). Cut into slabs to munch on the go (or add pkt instant custard to your shopping list and you've got pud too):

11oz s/r flour
8oz block marg (stork etc)
9oz sugar
1oz cocoa
1 egg

Melt Marg
Put dry ing in a bowl
Add egg & marg and mix well
Press into a tin, brush with water and sprinkle with sugar
Cook at 180 for 45 mins
Cool for 5 mins, cut into portions in the tray and cool completely in tray

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