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How do I make a French stick?

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Flossbert Thu 06-Jun-13 11:15:24

I'm dusting off the old bread maker this weekend, and while I've got the bug I thought I'd try to make a baguette (not in the bread maker, obvs)

Does anyone have any guidance or tips? Should I be using a different flour or is it just a normal loaf stretched out a bit?

inneedofrain Thu 06-Jun-13 12:01:20

A french baguette

is a sticky wet dough, best made in a food processor (i´ll dig out my recipy if you want?)

Also you really want a baguette mold (its a tray with 2, 3 or 4 indentions and bumps) for second prove and baking.

Pre heat oven but a tray in the bottom of the over, and when you put the proved sliced baguets in tip a cup full of water into try.


Flossbert Thu 06-Jun-13 15:55:47

Thanks inneedof. I had no idea I'd need a special pan du pain! I'll get one sorted and then I might trouble you for that recipe.

Thanks again

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