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Using Candy Melts in Chocolate Lollipop Moulds - Some advice please

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Katnisscupcake Tue 14-May-13 16:44:01

So... I'm nearly there with DD's Peppa Pig Birthday Cake (8 characters made out of fondant that I coloured, 3 to go, plus some ducks for the mni duck pond) so now I'm focussing on the Chocolate Lollipops that I want to put in the party-bags.

There are some PP moulds on ebay but I haven't decided yet whether to get them or just stick to the 'Wilton' Flower lollipop moulds that I got from Hobbycraft...

Either way, I need to know how much in advance I can make the lollipops and what is the best way to make them.

I have pink and orange candy melts and will use one colour for the centre of the flower and one for the petals, alternating the colours to use an even amount and using piping bags to hopefully reduce spillage.

But are they best refrigerated or put in the freezer after making them? If so, how long do they need to be refrigerated/put in the freezer for before I put the wrappers on them.

And how much in advance can I make them so that they are still OK?

Any advice gratefully received!!

By the way - I have a Peppa Pig Cake Tin if anyone wants to buy it!! I was only able to find one place who sold them online and I decided not to use it after buying it. It's £20 + postage if anyone wants it or knows anyone who does! PM me if you're interested and I will email a pic of it. It's still in it's wrapper that it came in, I haven't opened it.

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