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Frugal cakes and bakes

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cheeseandchive Sat 16-Mar-13 19:56:42

Yeah, am trying to make flapjacks/scones rather than buying snack bars as an extra to lunch.

Cheese bread/scones and biscuits also look like a winner!

HindsightisaMarvellousThing Fri 15-Mar-13 11:58:09

Old fashioned cakes and traybakes are almost always cheaper than newer recipes. Think along the style of cakes your mother or grandmother would have made - rock cakes, ginger snaps, flapjacks, chocolate cakes made with cocoa powder rather than the finest dark chocolate a la Nigella.

cheeseandchive Fri 15-Mar-13 11:53:02

I love baking, but find that all the extras (good quality choc, glace cherries etc) can really add up and can be more expensive to make at home than to buy!

So let's share our sweet or savoury cake/bread/bake recipes that mainly use store-cupboard basics! Always lurking in my cupboard are; honey, fruit and veggies, raisins, herbs and spices, olive oil, preserves, oats and of course the baking basics like butter, eggs, flour etc.

My recent discovery has been olive bread, we always have olives to hand as DH loves them and I had everything else needed, so total upfront spends = £0!

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