Best way to get info to parents in schools?

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almondblossom Wed 02-Apr-14 09:18:12

I'm diversifying what I do and want to run workshops for parents on specific aspects of parenting and school life (I'm qualified to do this BTW!)

I'm using social media websites but as it's all local ( the workshops) I really need to get the info into schools.

I'm out of touch now with how schools distribute flyers or info- so can anyone help with some advice?
would a poster to the head work?

An email to the Head would be better, showing the range of promotional material you could offer. Flyers in bookbags is the usual distribution method, although a fair percentage of them will be thrown away unread.

Even better would be a meeting with the Head, or the school's Learning Mentor if they have one. If you have references or recommendations then show them.

Be aware that schools often have their own sources of parenting outreach i.e. their own staff or services such as Best Start or support organisations run by local councils/churches.

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