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Melted breast pump air tube!

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ItsMumkara Sun 11-Oct-15 09:02:46

tommee replacement air tubing on ebay bellow

ItsMumkara Sun 11-Oct-15 09:01:19

This tubing is just the job, its on ebay at good price, i tried my local store and it did not seal properly, its well worth getting a spare as its usually the first thing you need, see link bellow

ItsMumkara Sun 11-Oct-15 08:59:34

tommee tippee breast pump replacement tubing, here is the link, i tried others and had problems, this one is good pric and perfect.

ItsMumkara Sun 11-Oct-15 08:58:26

ItsMumkara Sun 11-Oct-15 08:56:07

Just search "Tommee Tippee Replacement Pipe" on ebay seller is "must be nice" as others id tried were either 2 flimsy or to stiff

ItsMumkara Sun 11-Oct-15 08:54:10

Hi, i had similar probelem i melted my tommee tippee breast pump air tube so tried to find a replacement, i went to local store to buy tubing but it kept kinking and did not seal properly.

i then found a seller on ebay must-be-nice selling replacement tubing and it worked excellent at a good price, well worth knowing as its worth having a spare as its usually the first thing to go on the pump.

I tried to get from tomme helpline but it took ages to arrive im still waiting after 10 days, the ebay one was here in days....hope this helps smile

reallytireddad Fri 22-Aug-14 11:57:23

I had the same melted-airline problem, a quick visit to the local aquatics store and I had purchased a replacement at 30p per foot length.

RickEmmaandIsaac Thu 12-Dec-13 12:05:13

Hi, we had the same problem yesterday! I managed to salvage a couple of inches from the tube so it's still useable. I've just ordered a replacement tube from ebay:

It's not a tommee tipee one but will do the job. The size is 3mm ID x 5mm OD. Hope this helps.

Beccy1234 Fri 09-Nov-12 17:55:55

I have been a little bit silly and microwaved the air tube from my tommee tippee electric breast pump (closer to nature single breast pump). Unfort it's melted completely and is unusable (I blame the sleepless nights!!). Has anyone ever damaged the air tube from any tommee tippee breast pump and needed to look for a replacement? If so, is it possible to get one? and where from? I've tried the tommee tippee website but all I can find is a helpline number where they apparently call you back (but haven't done so as yet and probably won't until next week I'd have thought). I've found nothing else online other than that.
If anyone has any advice that would be brill!x

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