How to stay awake during night feeds part 6 - all welcome to join us!

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funchum8am Thu 03-Jan-13 14:05:36

Hi everyone, cannot believe we have exchanged over 5000 messages!

mrsn when we shared our locations on here a while back, heff, goat and I all turned out to live near Uxbridge so we met up having met on here. It is lovely, if you are ever down south let us know!

macaroons sounds like we are in the same boat hmm I officially return to work on 15 Feb but that is actually the Friday before half term so only have that day and then another week off before full time return hits. I am lucky that DH is being a SAHD til 1st July so no drop offs, pick ups or worries about the childminder ringing me because babyfunch is ill etc, and she is in great hands with him, much as I have been critical of him til we talked it over recently. However I am worried about being at work on no sleep - I will get in a lot of trouble if I lose my rag with a pupil or indeed a member of my team (one of whom is a pain). I will have to perfect the art of letting some things go (eg uniform issues in the corridor as opposed to in my lessons - I spend a lot of time arguing with pupils about these and intend to stop save for the very worst!) and dealing with others by just reporting bad behaviour to heads of year rather than dealing with it myself. I am head of faculty so will focus just on what happens in lessons in my faculty rather than working quite so hard on having the best corridor behaviour in the school in my area - it is great having that but takes a lot of time, energy and conflict so it will just have to go n the back burner until I am getting proper sleep again. At this rate dd will be in year 7 by then herself and can help me!

Smallgreenone Thu 03-Jan-13 14:44:52

Just marking my place for later.
How's potty training going heff?
Boobs are seriously engorged now and enormous, have sent dh out for cabbage leaves as heard that helps. hmm
Thanks for the formula tips, think we'll go with ready made as its easier I'm too lazy to go downstairs. Baby small also wont take it unless warmed as think he's got used to breast milk temperature. I've put a bottle warmer in his room for night feeds.
Hope everyone's having a nice calm day x

MrsNPattz Thu 03-Jan-13 15:05:03

Marking place!

Aw that's lovely - I will defo let you know if I'm in that area smile

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Thu 03-Jan-13 16:02:12

Marking my spot for tonight

Susieloo Thu 03-Jan-13 17:13:24

Marking marking

Susieloo Thu 03-Jan-13 18:24:59

Babyloo has not slept all day-at all, he did fall asleep on boob for approximately 20 seconds three times but that was it-good night-bad night to come who knows!!

Susieloo Thu 03-Jan-13 18:48:45

Third transfer fail in 30 mins-I'm guessing bad night!!

Goatbongohohoandjinglejingle Thu 03-Jan-13 18:57:05

Part 6???!!!!
<clicks false teeth, waves walking stick and stares at gigantic baby still requiring midnight feed... Oh no, that's just a nightmare!>

Smallgreenone Thu 03-Jan-13 19:33:16

Baby small lasted all of 10 mins asleep. Am
on third transfer fail. Guessing long long night ahead. Also starving because DH didn't put supper on at requested time angry

Ameybee Thu 03-Jan-13 19:59:48

Wow part 6!! Will we ever graduate??! We had a nice day. Took DD to a play centre, she had a ball (was too noisy for me with my slight hangover). DS been super cute & happy all day. Attempting bed now, early for us but he seems shattered!

I'm craving chocolate tonight big style. Not good that I know there's a huge bag of twirl bites downstairs - yum! X

heff how did potty training go today? Xxx

Tooodlepip Thu 03-Jan-13 20:00:07

Hi everyone

seriously 6 threads worth of no sleep

baby pip would only nap today for half an hour and is asleep now in his car seat in the kitchen, we had just come home from my mums

I hate seeing him so miserable he had a huge overtired meltdown in my mums house

So I am tonight on the laptop researching the EASY routines re the baby whisperer. I don't think I can do the cio, he is really small even though if i had the nerves of steel and just did it, it would probably do baby pip better in the long run he really is a baby who likes sleep and needs it shock

so I think (know) he is a sensitive baby so gets over tired and overstimulated really quickly and needs help calming down for sleep wink now if I could only figure this all out hmm

hope everyone gets some sleep tonight smile

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Thu 03-Jan-13 20:20:25

I've been feeding for almost 50mins now which is unusual for baby J. Hmmm wonder if its a growth spurt?? Or he's tanking up to sleep all night!?!

Loislane78 Thu 03-Jan-13 20:38:39

toodle I do a loose version of EASY and works for us. DD feeds about 3 hourly (she's 20 wks) and until 4 month sleep regression would wake once, maybe twice a night. I don't rate the BF advice and never do controlled crying but there are some useful tips on alert warnings and sleep cues etc.

I still say DD is fed on demand as she is (or I offer) its just her natural rhythm. I tried to feed every 2 hours hoping for longer night stretches but she didn't like that and made no difference to sleep. Its not for everyone, I took it as a guideline rather than a strict routine if you see what I mean.

goat grin

MrsNPattz Thu 03-Jan-13 20:49:44

I swear I am on a self destruct mission - since I've told myself I'm joining weight watchers next week I am just eating and eating, I swear my tummy has doubled since I have been in Chester. I seriously can't wait to start but until then it's like my head is saying eat as much as you can before it's too late!! Feel crap because of it which isn't helping my mood. Sorry for whining, just feeling rubbish. Spoke to hubby again today and really think I might go and see my GP about increasing my AD dose.

We went to see one of my friends today, and then my other friend came to us and has just left. Think it was a bit late for little man as he was very grumpy.

It's our last day tomorrow before going home on Saturday sad

Hope you had a successful days potty training heff

GirlOutNumbered Thu 03-Jan-13 21:28:32

Hi, I'm new! Would like to come back at say 11, 1 and 4 ish and say Hello!

Susieloo Thu 03-Jan-13 21:30:24

Welcome girlgrinwe'll all be here.

GirlOutNumbered Thu 03-Jan-13 21:35:26

smile Am thinking I should probably go to bed to get in my z's now.... particularly as DH is running around on Call of Duty!

MrsNPattz Thu 03-Jan-13 21:46:12

Welcome girl!

MissingMyBaubles Thu 03-Jan-13 22:05:40

Marking spot wink

Tooodlepip Thu 03-Jan-13 22:13:08

baby pip in bed don't know if its going to last hmm

welcome girl

MrsN I joined weight watchers online when baby was 4 weeks old I paid for 3 months up front and I think my subscription will self renew, I haven't logged anything all month grin £28 say no more

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Thu 03-Jan-13 22:16:55

Were feeding again. We never go up to bed til after 11 as doesn't seem any point. I'm hoping for a good night as going to theatre tomorrow night for dirty dancin :-)

funchum8am Thu 03-Jan-13 22:17:44

Welcome girl, you will find the thread busy at those times! Unless we all get lucky with sleep on the same night...what are the chances?

I am going to break up babyfunch's usual 6 hour stretch of sleep (7pm - 1am) at 11ish and feed her then to see if she will the go through til nearer the morning. She is still getting up all chirpy and ready for the day at 4 and it is killing us! Unfortunately she doesn't stay chirpy for long if we don't join her in chatting and generally welcoming the chance to salute the sunrise confused

We are off to DH's parents' flat in Stratford on Avon tomorrow til Sunday. They are not there as they live in the Hebrides (ideal in law location!) but still have their old flat where DH grew up and he loves to go visit. Will be a nice change of scene but god knows what it will do to babyfunch's sleep, having another change of scene just after trips away for Christmas and New Year.

I did my third couch to 5k run and am feeling good....also ate the last of the mince pies and ice cream today so healthy me starts tomorrow blush

heff hope the potty training is going well. Definitely up for meeting up next week, maybe you and Goat can show me where Langley Park is!

funchum8am Thu 03-Jan-13 22:22:30

Toodle I am reading the baby whisperer at the moment. Like the idea of EASY but we seem to be stuck on get the idea. She eats little and often, both before and after naps. We seem to struggle with sleeping without feeding so I need to tackle that. The good news is she took a bottle from DH for the second night running though then needed bf top up but to be fair it was only a tiny amount in the bottle.

The Y bit of EASY only happens when she sleeps from 7pm - I never know how long she is going to sleep for any other time, so I never bother trying to do anything that takes more than 2 mins!

Hi all, still here lurking. DS' sleep has been truly awful since Christmas, many nights of 1.5 hrly wake ups - and he's 8mo now! sad he's been rather under the weather the last few weeks, and teething has escalated yet again, but my precipice of not being able to cope anymore is edging closer and closer...

MrsN sounds like a good idea to speak to the GP again - but is there any chance the ADs are messing with your appetite? Try not to give yourself a hard time - you have plenty to deal with as it is, without setting yourself more targets (although I completely understand the wanting to lose weight and feel a bit better - I had an attack of the slummy-mummy-miserables this evening)

Welcome girl! Hope your LO obliges you with those timings tonight smile

toooodle and Lois I agree Baby Whisperer is good for cues and such, but I couldn't stomach the book as a whole, not sure why, it just really pissed me off (maybe I shouldn't have started with her chapter on prems, really irked me). Many friends have said the EASY routine has really worked for them, though.

Anyone who is feeling the pressure to do some kind of sleep training but feels uncomfortable about it, a friend linked to this article earlier - I thought it was lovely and reassuring:

Wishing everyone good nights thanks

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Thu 03-Jan-13 23:12:00

Feeding again here but looks like its a quick top up before sleep as he's just suckling for a few seconds at a time. Wonder when I'll be back

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Thu 03-Jan-13 23:46:55

Wasn't a quick feed...he fed to sleep, successful transfer so I'm going to sleep finally!

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Thu 03-Jan-13 23:51:21

tea that's a lovely link, I couldn't agree more but I could never have put it so beautifully!

Thanks for the new thread funch, enjoy your trip away smile Langley Pk next week sounds great, I hope I can escape from the house by then! I did my second C25K run today and was pleasantly surprised that it was already a tiny bit easier that the first one. Ive got the my fitness pal app now too which has been helpful in judging my meals and snacks as I'm clueless when it comes to calorie counting and pretty rubbish at portion control too!

mrsn so sorry to hear you're sill feeling so low. Definitely going back to the GP sounds like a good plan. Hope you can get things in hand soon.

Welcome girl smile

Today has been exhausting! There have been lots more accidents than successes but she keeps talking about her new big girl knickers like they're the best treat ever so I'm just hoping she works out soon that saying "oh no mummy, wet!" after the event is not really the aim of the game. Also hoping not to have too many 'solid' accidents as for some reason I found that one particularly gross! Being confined to the house is driving me potty (no pun intended!) so fingers crossed for some improvement tomorrow.

Off to bed now, if transfer fails I may be back in ten minutes! Spreading liberal amounts of sleepy dust all round...

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Fri 04-Jan-13 00:20:59

If transfer fails?? IF?! Of course that should say when transfer fails, seeing as how damn certain it seems to be that it always will sad sad

Macaroons Fri 04-Jan-13 01:17:34

Funchum I've read the baby whisperer too. Can't help but smile when I saw your EAESEAES! Haha! Baby mac is still feeding more often than every 3 hrs so he really doesn't need a nap every 2 hours.

I really want to put him into 3 hourly schedule but he really isn't having any of it shock

Doing night feed now. He vomited an oz of milk half an hour ago. That means a change of clothes for him and for me. He seems to be ok snd was feeding again just now. Will transfer now fingers crossed!

Have a gd bight everyone

Goatbongohohoandjinglejingle Fri 04-Jan-13 01:40:51

funch I'm so sorry but you did make me grin with your description! I hope she is obliging with some sleep for you tonight! (Her new year's resolution maybe?)

welcome girl bring your virtual brew and draw up a chair.

Hello tea sorry that sleep remains so elusive for you. Seeing as we are on part 6 I had a quick look back and was shock to see you are a valiant original from the first thread. You are a saint.
Someone else said that she couldn't stand the "condescending nanny" tone of the Whisperer - maybe it is this you don't like?! Funnily enough the someone else is a prem mum too. (Haven't read it, can't bring myself to) Your link is lovely.

I too am not doing well on the weight loss resolution mrsn though I am hoping that that improves when DH goes back to work next week and I am in charge of cooking again. Bless him, he cooks what he knows I like, but doesn't really like masses of veg himself so leaves those off the plate rather... He is 6'5" and really rangy and can eat anything! Next week breakfast and lunch will include as many fruit/veg as I can pack in. Am going to go down the route of healthy eating rather than focussing entirely on weight loss, I think, as I am always a little worried that I will return to the excesses of my youth blush I have never been good at moderation!

O-kaaayyyy... kid has just figured out rolling front to back. And apparently this needs lots of practice. Right now. Loudly. Great. And the one successful attempt was obviously a fluke so cue much suspect-sounding groaning and straining! hmm

BrainGoneAwol Fri 04-Jan-13 01:43:17

Evening all.
Welcome girl
goat hahaha! <cries>

So far not great. Don't know what has got into babybrain, but so far bed at 8pm, wake at 12.15 and now 1.00am. Full on sadness and crying. Poor little mite. He's now drifting off but still whimpering. Hoping calpol helps hush teeth. sad

Hoping good sleeps to you all.

Smallgreenone Fri 04-Jan-13 01:47:58

Welcome girl
I like your article tea it's hard sometimes but good to remember that these little guys are so teeny tiny and they will sleep through eventually.
Baby small currently asleep in my arms looking adorable. Expecting 3 transfer fails before I give in and take him to bed with me grin
funch hope you enjoy Stratford. I grew up in the midlands and we'd often day trip to Stratford, the butterfly park was a favourite. No idea if its still there.

Smallgreenone Fri 04-Jan-13 01:55:49

Transfer fail 1.
I've tried easy too and we don't get an Y time either grin we are great at E and A though! I'm naively hoping that bottles will change everything although so far no different although its only day two. Also tonight's remedy for engorged boobs is cabbage leaves in bra sooooooooo attractive! I went looking for the pump earlier, dh has hidden it so I can't sneakily express. Cold turkey is agony I think my gp is a sadist for recommending it!
heff your little girl sounds v sweet with her big girl pants treat!

GirlOutNumbered Fri 04-Jan-13 02:23:33

Well, I'm going to write down what time you may see me every night from now on, as instead of 11 and 1, this is my first wake up tonight. smile

funchum8am Fri 04-Jan-13 02:44:42

Nice one girl! Could your LO be tempted by some consultancy work ie telling mine the secret of decent sleep?!wink

I did an 11pm dream feed as planned. It went swmmingly and she fed loads without seeming to wake, yet here we are 2.5 hours later. I thought she would go another 4 or so sad . Still she is draining boob 2 now so may last more than the usual hour we get after 2am this time. Fingers crossed for all of us!

BrainGoneAwol Fri 04-Jan-13 02:47:30

Hello again. Thinking this is going to be a long night...

small I'm hopefully ages off stopping bf but dread the idea of cold turkey. Respect for sticking at it so far. I hear warm showers and gentle massage are also good (though a little inconvenient at night). The cabbage look is so this season!

tea lovely link. Thanks for the reminder of why we do this the way we do. smile

goat hope kid stops rolling long enough to sleep...

HeyMicky Fri 04-Jan-13 02:54:34

Hi all, Meant to join a few threads ago but ended up staring into the darkness in despair instead wink

DD is 15 weeks, wakes at least twice a night. She has reflux and is on the small side so is unable to take enough at any one feed to go more than about 3 hours. W had 4 blissful nights of 8-4 and I was about to add a dream feed in the hope she'd go till 6 or 7, then the 12 week growth spurt hit

MrsNPattz Fri 04-Jan-13 03:34:36

First feed here! My brother and his girlfriend have just got in from a night out - I though it was quite funny that I was changing a nappy and they were just getting home drunk.

tea lovely to see you but sorry it's not getting any better! That article is just perfect - thank you so much, I totally agree with her. I think I'm just being greedy to be honest, have been on ADs for a while now.

Goatbongohohoandjinglejingle Fri 04-Jan-13 03:54:44

Hello micky we are much nicer than despairing darkness! wink

I just had to change Kid completely. I swear he has developed an extra set of limbs overnight. I have a baby octopus!

funchum8am Fri 04-Jan-13 04:05:58

Just had to do a full change too - babyfunch coughed so hard she threw up an enormous amount sad. Have sent DH to the sofa and got her in with me and she is feeding lying down so will hopefully drop off soon. I have a cold and DH feels like he may have a tummy bug so this could be a lovely weekend!

Welcome mickey definitely better to be on here than alone in the dark! smile

More sleepy dust needed around here for a few of us by the sounds of it!sad

Off to read the WIO link...sounds promising.

Goatbongohohoandjinglejingle Fri 04-Jan-13 04:18:04

Oo! What do you mean I'm shouting,of course I'm not shouting, I am just soooo happy that it is morning! And what a lovely morning it is, can you see how lovely it is! Gosh, it's lovely!
What, it's still dark? Pffft, stop with the silly and unimportant detail already! Honestly, what a party pooper. Because truly, it's a LOVELY MORNING, SEE HOW LOVELY IT IS...

Etc etc etc


funchum8am Fri 04-Jan-13 04:29:28

goat I think we can hear kid from here! Or at least babyfunch can, something is keeping her awake! Though I think she is heading for sleep at last (i will regret tempting fate like that soon!)

tea I really like that site, read a few posts and it is great to have a name for what I am doing in waiting it out. I only wish I felt as confident as the author that I had actively chosen this way of doing feels like the only possible way!

Goatbongohohoandjinglejingle Fri 04-Jan-13 05:04:25

Oh sorry funch I will make Kid explain himself next time he sees you! grin

DontYouJingleMyChristingle Fri 04-Jan-13 05:12:37

Hello ladies another newbie here, signing in on feed 3 of the night.

Nasty cough won't let mine settle back to sleep, been up for over an hour sitting in steamy bathroom.

Coupled with a home sick niece who screamed for an hour at bedtime, meaning that my 3 year old and 10month old baby had to go to sleep in our bed and I am done in.

Smallgreenone Fri 04-Jan-13 06:12:41

Hi dont and micky
Well baby small has for once been in his cot all night but I really struggled to get back to sleep and then since 5.30 he's been making noises so I'm now cuddling him and he's fast asleep again. So I am up but the rest of the house sleeps- no change there then!
How's kid doing now goat still up?! He sounds like a great communicator wink

funchum8am Fri 04-Jan-13 06:40:39

I am still up (have been since 2) but hoping you have managed to get some sleep goat!

Babyfunch was sick earlier (too tired to remember or check whether I posted that!) and then when I finally got her back to sleep in our bed I thought I'd risk transferring her back to her crib, where she promptly coughed til she threw up again sad It was all pooled in her ears and had wet the back of her head, the lot. So we got up and i gave her a bath which only encouraged her belief that 5am is morning. She was amazingly energetic, cute and smiley, and I rather despair of ever changing her sleep patterns!

So I have had a bacon and egg sarnie and a cuppa, listened to the start of the Today programme on Radio 4, checked on dh who is asleep on the sofa totally oblivious (so he may really be ill as this is past his usual getting up time, I blame him for babyfunch's sleep pattern!) and got her to go back to sleep, albeit fitfully in her Moses basket downstairs. Now to change the crib upstairs without her waking down here and waking DH - I want him well rested so I can have some sleep later!

Thank god for this thread,I would have nowhere to moan on at this time of the morning without you!!

funchum8am Fri 04-Jan-13 06:41:02

Welcome dont!

Smallgreenone Fri 04-Jan-13 07:27:55

Well we're definitely up now. I took him into bed after posting and slept a bit more too so I think I'm now saying he slept through? 1am feed through to 7 is that sleeping through or am I clutching at straws?!
Have a good day all.
funch jealous of your bacon and egg sarnie

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Fri 04-Jan-13 07:33:03

Babylump seems to have lost the ability to go back to sleep after a feed sad We got sleep from 1am to 6.15 but despite being fed and obviously still sleepy she just won't drop back off. I'm getting desperate now as its more and more likely we'll just have to get up but not sure I can face the day just yet.

goat grin hope you got back to sleep!

Welcome to everyone new!

smicha Fri 04-Jan-13 08:44:14

Morning! Sixth thread!!! Poor us.

I'm still lurking and here every day, but trying not to use my phone during the night as I want the room to remain as dark and silent as possible - and me to remain as sleepy as possible! DS is back to a 1am and then a 4am feed sad and then he wakes up at between 6 and 7am for the day. When do babies start sleeping through?!?! Everyone around me seems to have a baby who goes down for 12 hours now! (are they lying...hmm) I suppose I am lucky in that he goes back down almost immediately after the feeds... for now at least!

I really thought last night would be a good night as he hardly slept through the day and then fed pretty much solidly for two hours before falling asleep at 8pm. I'm not sure what to do!! Suck it up and get on with it I suppose.

Welcome to all the newbies, sorry to hear you're having sleepless nights too. goat kid sounds like such a lovely little thing - a wideawake octopus! grin

MissingMyBaubles Fri 04-Jan-13 09:28:53

Another rubbish night in the Marbles household. Up 1 1/2 - 2 hourly right the way through sad Too tired to post overnight. Now in a rush to get car to garage and visit nursery (sad) Will catch up with everyone later.

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Fri 04-Jan-13 09:55:20

We had an ok night but I fell asleep again holding baby J sad don't think this is very safe but I don't want to stop feeding in bed as its so comfy and easier to transfer. Might have to rethink tho. Sorry to those with awful nigjts.

GirlOutNumbered Fri 04-Jan-13 10:11:52

I only managed one post on my first night with you all. I was oo sleepy to look at the screen. We had a better night though, maybe it's because DS2 knew I had a date!?

Tooodlepip Fri 04-Jan-13 10:47:58

Hi everyone

tea that was a lovely link, I read through some of the other posts on the blog as well. I think the thing that really surprised me was that the writer had other children as well as her baby daughter shock as I have been finding it a bit difficult to manage 3 at the same time. For example at bedtime when baby pip wants to be held and cry to sleep continuing my other two's bedtime routine isn't easy.

we had a much better night last night I had some time to myself and baby pip stayed in bed after 9 so we didn't have him up until 1 am, he then had his two normal feeds at 3 and 6:30. He is upstairs cooing at his brothers no in much better form smile now if he naps well today that would be great smile

heff hope the potty training going well do you have wooden floors?? that always made it bearable for me wink its still not fun when accidents happen though

welcome mickey smile

I'm sorry goat but you did make me smile grin I do feel for you though, baby pip is starting to try and roll to his side so I'm sure he will figure it out soon, and then the next stage of waking up to play all night long will start hmm

ok baby pip just yawned does that mean nap time smile

funchum8am Fri 04-Jan-13 11:01:39

Emergency situation here - DH is feeling really ill with a mystery stomach/gut problem so can't take over baby duty. So I have been up since 2, managed to get babyfunch to our GP appointment to gt more Gaviscon, but now have to cope on my own for an unspecified time confused This is where I really take my hat off to those of you like toodle with 2 or more DC and partners who work away! Am sure I am going to fall asleep and not hear DD crying at some point soon unless DH recovers hmm. She looks like dropping off for a nap though so will try to nap when she does.

MrsNPattz Fri 04-Jan-13 11:25:56

Morning, we got up about 9 after it took little monkey over an hour to go down again in the night.

Have a good day all

Ameybee Fri 04-Jan-13 11:59:51

Lovely link tea good that we all feel similar!

We were up at 1 for bottle, then bf at 5. After the bottle I couldn't sleep - I read a link in Facebook (the ones that come up if one of your friends comment) about that poor girl raped and killed in delhi, it was a bit graphic & I couldn't sleep after sad. Made me think about what a horrid world we live in & how much my 2 babies mean to me & how I will worry about them so much!

We were supposed to be at DB's for weekend in welwyn but they are all poorly so we are going to my parents tonight instead.

small I got this tommee tippie travel bottle warmer off Amazon - is really good is a flask and pot to warm/cool bottle in, my SIL recommended it when out & about. Hope your boobs didn't explode blush when I was cutting down over Xmas I just expressed off enough to be comfortable & eventually didn't get that engorged feeling.


DontYouJingleMyChristingle Fri 04-Jan-13 14:55:52

Hello everyone.

well littlejingle was awake till 5 then bigger jingle woke up, managed to convince her to go back to sleep from 6-8, then they all woke up.

So I decided to preserve my sanity (biggest jingle and my niece are close in age and very competitive/poor at sharing) and take then to playgroup this morning.

Luckily my older niece is taking her younger sister home later and DH is out tonight so I can go to bed when the kids do and catch up.

fumchum as I am new I don't know how old baby funch is. Is she able to sit up and play in her cot for a while whilst you snooze? When I was desperate for sleep with my first (who reversed cycled and fed every hour when I went back to work) I used to put on in the night Garden on the laptop and leave her to it for half an hour just to get a little extra zzz.

GirlOutNumbered Fri 04-Jan-13 16:28:21

Ah jingle, I love it when DH goes out, so I can go to bed the same time as the children! He thinks i'll miss him!

funchum8am Fri 04-Jan-13 17:11:41

Babyfunch is only 13 weeks unfortunately so can't do much on her own at the moment - I think sleep is the only thing she can do on her own for more than about 15 minutes (she is happy to kick about on her playmat or sit in her bouncy chair for that long). I cannot wait til the tv can babysit her though I promise to use it only when in dire need!

I managed a nap from 1:00 to 3:30 in the end as she slept then and that has been enough to make me feel loads better. I had to resort to washing up and changing the bed before that just to stay awake! DH now feeling a bit better too so I am no longer on my own, and so of course she has gone back to sleep grin

Just went to the chemist and noticed the duty pharmacist's name was the same name as my boss' husband's. I asked if he was any relation to her and yes it was her hubby! We had a nice chat. He seemed to have heard a fair bit about me and generally good (eg my boss is looking forward to me coming back!) so that was nice. He also let me know that if you have a cold and are bfing you CAN take things like day or night nurse, there is no evidence that they are actively harmful, but there IS a risk some tiny amount of the active ingredient may pass to baby. Day Nurse contains stimulants so I avoided that and have got some Night Nurse as it might even make her drowsy (though he said it was not likely!). I think to get a decent night's sleep through this cold I have, I need drugs, and frankly am willing to risk a bit of a drowsy baby! <bad mummy emoticon>

Hope everyone else has had much better days!

StuntNun Fri 04-Jan-13 17:31:58

Sorry I haven't been on much. I think hope J is having a growth spurt as we've had three or four (can't remember) bad nights with some hourly wakings and I have been too exhausted to MN, nearly went on strike myself last night! I have made a big pot of beef curry for dinner tonight so who knows how that will affect J but it has a LOT of spices in so he may not be pleased with me tomorrow! grin

Susieloo Fri 04-Jan-13 18:08:09

Evening all and hello to new posters, will catch up on the thread during first feed, we are on last feed before bed and I've skipped his bath tonight because we were at Mil's until half five and he fell asleep in his pram on the way home for a few minutes and I thought a bath would wake him up too much. Too bleary eyed to post last night but not a bad night at all really, he woke at 10.30 and then 2 and stirred at half five but put himself back to sleep and I woke him up at 7.15. Dp and I having a couple of glasses of wine and working or way through the box set he bought me for Xmas and I'm aiming for bed at half nine at the latest.

Sorry not to name check especially new posters and hello to anyone lurking who is too tired to postsmile

MrsNPattz Fri 04-Jan-13 18:20:28

Blurgh, what a day. Crying and arguing with hubby is the gist of it. I'm so scared about what is happening to our marriage. I feel unsupported by him, when he thinks he is being supportive. He's not being like that in a nasty way, but for example telling someone to stop stressing when they are already stressing is not particularly helpful - I just needed a hug and for him to say everything will be ok. Feel like I can't cope and that I'm a failure. Feel so sad. The thought of going home tomorrow makes me feel sick. Half of me just wants to say I'm going to stay here - but that's not going to fix anything. I don't want to go back to his family, I want mine. I am trying to focus on little man and be strong for him but it's hard, my heart hurts when I think about how much I love him. I just don't know what to do. Sorry for bringing the thread down, I just feel I can talk to you guys.

Smallgreenone Fri 04-Jan-13 18:32:05

Oh mrsn I'm sorry you're so down and I don't have any useful advice really so am sending a virtual hug. It must be so hard to be so far away from family and feel so unsupported I'm guessing the answer is talk talk talk with your dh and eventually it'll sort out?
I'm hoping for a repeat of last nights sleep I can totally do 1til 7 sleep obviously would like more but as a start its way better than 2 hours! He's just had his bottle and is snoozing happily now so will attempt transfer shortly.

Susieloo Fri 04-Jan-13 18:37:39

Transfer fail

Mrsn I'm sorry things are so rough for you, it sounds like a classic case of men and women thinking entirely differently about the same thing and its so hard to get through to them sometimes. I agree with small I think all you can do is keep trying to talk it through. You've said how close you are to your family and how there are some issues with his which must make things so difficult for you.

Keep posting xx

Ameybee Fri 04-Jan-13 20:10:21

mrsn so glad you feel like you can talk to us! Me and DH went through this a bit (without the family bit) I think men are 'fixers' and they just want a solution when sometimes all we need is a big hug and them to say 'its bloody hard work and you're doing amazing!'! My DH went through a phase of thinking just giving up bf would solve everything (in the early days) & it made me feel very distant from him, but when I told him that he said he felt opposite & very close to me & like he was being supportive. Sometimes I think hormones, sleep deprivation can make things feel worse. Virtual hug!

I think DS might have started teething confused chomping everything in sight and been a grumpy chops at my mums! About to attempt transfer but am not feeling lucky in slightest!

Waves to thread newbies grin see you later! X

MrsNPattz Fri 04-Jan-13 20:35:30

Thanks guys, means a lot. Had a really good chat with my mum after I posted which helped.

Little man is absolutely shattered tonight and is already sound asleep in his cot. I'm going to have a little read then get some shut eye myself. Probably see you in the night when I will try and be a bit more cheery!

funchum8am Fri 04-Jan-13 21:35:40

Mrsn please don't ever feel bad about telling it like it is (no, I am not American, maybe just had a bit too much TV recently!) on here. I would hate to think anyone was struggling on without a place to get a sympathetic set of ears and voices to support them through tough times. I am guessing you have tried telling DH that is how you feel? It got better for us recently when we had a big talk but then also when we were in a bad moment I told him right then what I needed, even if it was through gritted teeth. Sometimes at first he reacted badly eg 'what good is a hug going to do, it won't stop dd crying?' But when I told him repeatedly in similar situations that a hug was what I needed right then, he eventually tried it and guess what, I felt more able to cope, pulled myself together and he saw the difference it made. It was hard getting through the times when he reacted badly but it has been worth it for longer term gains. But I am a bit of a hard faced cow when it comes to behaviour training DH - he doesn't get to make many mistakes with regard to having a baby as it was all his idea!! But I hope that helps. You are definitely not alone in parenthood affecting your marriage, it would be a strange couple who didn't find it a strain. Get it all out on here, that is what we are here for smile

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Fri 04-Jan-13 22:50:47

Massive virtual hugs mrsn. We're all here to listen and help as much as you need xx

funch how is your DH now? Your night sounded horrendous again hope you're in for a better one tonight!

Still not sure we're progressing much with the potty training, unfortunately the living room is carpeted but luckily most of the accidents so far have been in the tiled kitchen. She's managed two on the potty today but the rest in various spots around the house sad

This afternoon has been good and then very quickly turned horrible. We had a lovely lunchtime coffee with goat and the very handsome and talkative Kid smile until I woke DD1 from her nap at about half 4 and she was a bit tired and whingey but I thought she'd wake up eventually so asked my sister to entertain babylump for a bit while I had a cuddle with her, ten minutes later she threw up in spectacular fashion all over me, the chair, the carpet and anything else within arms reach sad My poor little sausage was so ill for the rest of the night until about an hour ago when she finally got off to sleep sad Babylump has been such a good girl seeing as how I've had to dump her on the floor or with my sister pretty much all afternoon. Both girls asleep now and I'm hitting the wine Luckily no one else seems unwell so it must have been something she ate...hopefully not my cooking though confused

Good luck tonight everyone, each night down is one nearer to that mythical full night's sleep!

Goatbongohohoandjinglejingle Fri 04-Jan-13 23:46:37

mrsn so sorry it is hard about the families and distance - I really do sympathise, as mine is 12000 miles away and to some degree we are reliant on DH's parents if we need any break, which I find very hard. I have had an up and down relationship with my mum but she has been absolutely lovely about her one and only grandchild and sometimes I just want her close by! Hugs to you and hope things improve for you. Talking about it is always better. Here is good!

heff I hope your DD1 feels better! She is lovely and seems super on the ball, and her concern for Kid's poor head where he has scratched himself to smithereens was touching. smile hope you enjoyed your wine too!

Having woken so early last night, the cheeriness from Kid eventually descended into hysterically tired meltdown, which lasted two hours. I took him in to DH who had him a while so I could sleep a bit. But Kid is really behind on his sleep, cue another meltdown of epic proportions tonight, before he zonked out completely. Have just changed nappy and fed and is back sparko so fingers crossed he catches up a bit on sleep and doesn't try an early start again! This rolling lark is obviously knackering!

Ameybee Sat 05-Jan-13 00:59:44

Oh no heff hope DD1 is ok! Sickness is horrid!! Maybe if potty training is tough leave it a week & try again?

Repeated transfer fails after 7oz of milk here angry he's doing 'tricking asleep' not out cold just snoozing on mummy, it feels a long way down putting him in travel cot! I'm going to be tired Tomo, be nice to think he might sleep through, ha ha I'm hilarious!

Sleepy dust to all! X

MrsNPattz Sat 05-Jan-13 01:31:08

First feed here, after I have only had 2 hours sleep blush but that's my own fault as I was reading and then couldn't get to sleep.

Thank you goat and funch. I have told him how I feel but it always ends up in an argument. I have a good man, I just wasn't prepared for how much such a little person was going to effect our marriage! I'm so glad I have here to come and let off steam!

heff oh no, poor DD1! I hope she is better in the morning. I bet it was lovely meeting up with goat and the famous Kid smile

Hopefully this will be a successful transfer - we have a long journey tomorrow!

funchum8am Sat 05-Jan-13 01:33:23

DH is ok again now thanks heff. Some sort of tummy thing. I hope DD1 is better, poor love sad

Second feed here, or third if you count the transfer fail we just had. Babyfunch is also tricking asleep as you put it amey - fine asleep on me but transfer looks ok but give it 5 mins and she is wailing again sad

Susieloo Sat 05-Jan-13 02:51:05

2nd feed of the night and hoping for a repeat of last nights easy transfer and through till 7.

Hope your lo feels better after a nights sleep.

Have a good journey home mrsn.

He is looking pretty awake to me at the moment........

StuntNun Sat 05-Jan-13 03:08:24

Second feed of the night here after a huge crying session. DH keeps putting the dummy in at night so by the time J gets fed he's absolutely starving and screaming at me. I really hate this attitude of 'he can't be hungry yet he was only fed x hours ago'. Hopefully this feed will last him a couple of hours instead of the recent hourly feeds of this time of morning.

Sorry to hear you're feeling down MrsN and I hope DD1 is feeling better Heff. FC for transfer successes for Amey and Susie.

Ameybee Sat 05-Jan-13 03:22:39

mrsn I think a baby is such a test ok a marriage! We had DD before getting married and some stupid annoying idiots made comments about us not being married - but hey when we got married we knew we could survive anything after a baby!! grin Makes you realise how crazy people are to have babies to fix their relationships!

Well we are having a night of 'look at me I can now move around - lots - & spin round in travel cot, get stuck then cry!' confused Its been a long night already.....


BrainGoneAwol Sat 05-Jan-13 04:10:03

mrsn agree that babies are such a test. But also perhaps one of the most difficult things you will face so while it's hard, to survive is a testament to the strength of your relationship. Sending virtual hugs and hoping for sleep for you to help.

Had an awful night last night. About 2 hours sleep over multiple wakings sad so haven't been capable of much beyond browsing on here. Tonight is a bit better. Third feed so far, but I got 2.5 hours at the start of the night.

Saw paed yesterday who was lovely and prescribed gaviscon. So far no difference but I think it has to build up maybe. It's nice to know someone is on the case. She wants us back in a week to follow up.

Dreading dp going back to work on monday. It's been so nice having the extra help over Christmas. Onwards and upwards...

Goatbongohohoandjinglejingle Sat 05-Jan-13 04:52:12

Oh, what's with the insistence that the day starts at 3:30! funch have our two been conniving?...
amey the nighttime athletic routine is so much fun isn't it!!
brain also dreading Monday when DH goes back to work, as my day really WILL start at 3:30! DH gets up at 5 for work so can't really give him Kid during the week.
stunt you could try telling your DH that there is no dinner for him, as he only ate a few hours ago?...

Ameybee Sat 05-Jan-13 05:25:19

Yes goat nighttime athletics are interesting! New for us! Not sure how he's going to find it in a normal cot tho blush at least the travel cot sides are squishy good job as he's been pressing his head up against them all night!

Hope everyone is getting sleep because we are not confused x

Ameybee Sat 05-Jan-13 05:36:00

This level of movement and 'tricking asleep' for so long is new to us.... Hmm. Perhaps this is part of 4 month sleep regression although how can we regress when we have only just progressed?!?

DH suggested yesterday I might like to join Virgin active again problem solver see, you fat - go gym he says I can pay out of joint account if there's enough. Its £42 per month. There's loads of classes and I did love it before, main reason I'm considering it is the kids pool which is fab, can take DS there when DD at nursery & take DD possibly in evening & at weekend (can't take both together). What do you ladies think? Part of me wonders if ill ever be awake enough to exercise, well I
Do tonight anyway! X

StuntNun Sat 05-Jan-13 05:37:15

Third feed of the night here and DH is snoring away. J only fed for a couple of minutes then went to sleep which makes me think he was looking for comfort or relied from tummy pain rather than food.

Do you use a sleeping bag Amey? There was a tip on the November birth club thread that you can tuck the end under the cot mattress to restrict nighttime movement up the cot.

NettletonMummy Sat 05-Jan-13 05:38:08

Hello - I'm new here so checking in for the first time. Nettleton baby is 4 weeks old today, and we're on feed no 2 of the night (it's not morning in my world until at least 7am.. Even though dc disagree with me...). Seem to spend most of our feeding time on mumsnet and this looks like a good thread to join smile.

Susieloo Sat 05-Jan-13 07:10:11

Welcome nettletonsmile

We are on first morning feed so not a bad night but still shattered, really enjoy staying up with dp but it makes such a difference to how I feel the next day, the wines probably not helping either.

Bed at same time as babyloo tonight with new book.

Right sausage sandwich and coffee needed, have good days everyonesmile

MrsNPattz Sat 05-Jan-13 08:06:05

First morning feed here and then up time so we can get going, so I got about a 5 hour stretch!

Thanks stunt and brain

amey little man is doing exactly the same thing - he starts off lying the proper away but is sideways in the morning!! He is also in a travel cot at the moment so a bit worried about him doing it when we get home and in his normal cot!

What is everyone doing today?

smicha Sat 05-Jan-13 08:27:17

We just had one wake up at 3 last night and then up giggling at 7 for the day, so pretty reasonable!

mrsn I hope you're ok. My DH and I had a rough patch too, I never knew having a baby would put such a strain on a relationship. Our fights were always about different ways of dealing with DS, especially when he was having an uncontrollable tantrum and it was all made worse by DH feeling pushed out. It all came to a head with a huge barney just before Christmas and I was scared it was the beginning of the end for us. But we spent a lot of time talking things through and although it's not perfect we are getting there! Hang in there, it happens to more couples with new babies than I think let on about it.

My ds also likes to wriggle up his cot! I find his grobag impedes his progress slightly, but I think it will only be a matter of time before he is banging his head off the top of the cot!!

GirlOutNumbered Sat 05-Jan-13 08:29:59

Was up between 4 and 6.30! Stupid 16 week jabs!

funchum8am Sat 05-Jan-13 08:56:41

Well babyfunch was up 2 to 4.30 but with DH then slept again til 6.30. So a slight improvement on the night before! We have come to DH's parents' flat in Stratford for the weekend so a nice change. PILs are coming down from where they live in Scotland this week to spend a couple of months in Stratford, and no doubt will come see us a few times so I will no doubt be posting some of DFIL's classic comments about my weight! Luckily they never stay at ours overnight so visits are short and sweet!

We are seeing some improvement here - wake ups at 2:30 and 6:00, so that is getting better, little by little. Unfortunately more sleep for me seems to = nightmares at the moment, so that's not very pleasant. Also DS decided to have a meltdown when we came to bed (post-feed) - DH offered to take over, but his methods are so utterly ineffectual, I had to give up in the end and swap back with him, as I couldnt stand DS' crying any longer.

I seem to have completely messed up DS' "routine" with my holiday laziness. He used to want to get up at 7:30am, but that now seems to be 8:30 - fantastic, I hear you say! But not so helpful for days like tomorrow when I have to leave the house at 8:30 and I rely on DS as my alarm clock blush

Today is probably going to be a clearing up sort of day. I have packed away all DS' clothes up to 3m (at last), so they will go into storage with the carrycot and Moses basket, etc. Is it Twelth Night tonight or tomorrow night?

funch I have a wet fish on standby for you if you need it to slap DFIL grin

larlemucker Sat 05-Jan-13 13:32:27

Hello, glad I've found this thread. My ds is 9 days old and at the moment we're up all night constantly feeding and he will only sleep with me, not in his Moses basket.
I'm sure I'll be back here in the early hours!

StuntNun Sat 05-Jan-13 16:49:29

Congratulations Larle. We've all been there so you'll get lots of sympathy here.

funchum8am Sat 05-Jan-13 17:58:23

Thanks for the fish tea. There should be some comedy comments to report on, he is sooo unintentionally rude it is hilarious. I actually like him but seem to have given him the impression that I believe myself to be unaware that I am pretty big, and he feels that as he cares about me and his son he wants to motivate me to sort it out shock

Welcome and congratulations larle!

I am in bed already settling in to try sleeping when babyfunch does. I have bought nice brekkie foods for a 3am feast as our day should begin around then (dh asleep on sofa!)

Smallgreenone Sat 05-Jan-13 18:35:50

Night night funch! Hope your day doesn't start at 3am and you end up with a super long sleep grin
Congratulations larle
Baby small and I have been on our own today, had forgotten what it's like as feels like DH has been off work forever. Anyway I really enjoyed myself and we've had a lovely day although we have failed at all naps. He's had about 6 catnaps instead of three nice long naps but hey ho you can't win them all!
Last feed before bed here and hoping for another good night. He's been doing 11pm, 1am, 7am for a few nights now so I'm hoping this is progress although dont know why he just doesn't drink a full bottle at 11 instead of two half feeds at 11 and 1 confused
See you later xxx

BigPigLittlePig Sat 05-Jan-13 19:24:01

Hello, me and little pig would like to join in please. Little pig is 6 weeks old and has had problems with reflux, so our 2-3 hourly night time feeds now take that bit longer as need to convince her to have gaviscon via bottle if she's ever going to sleep in her cot...

Teaandhobnobs - second the nightmares. Last night saw me ripping the head off a bat - thank goodness only in dreamworld!

Susieloo Sat 05-Jan-13 19:35:05


Trying to access mumsnet via safari on iPhone so this is a test message iPhone app driving me demented

Susieloo Sat 05-Jan-13 19:36:37

Hello and welcome bigpig, I'm in bed reading a book on my new kindle for the first time-rocking Saturday night!! Have good nights all, see you in a few hours

Yikes BigPig that sounds horrible! sad

MrsNPattz Sat 05-Jan-13 20:09:28

Evening, we made it home ok at about half 3. It hurt leaving - but I feel a bit better now I'm actually home. Been doing a bit of unpacking and listed some things on eBay. Now watching the launch of big brother from the other night, having had pizza and cheesecake for tea!!

Welcome to all new newbies - this thread is great for support, laughs and food porn!

BrainGoneAwol Sat 05-Jan-13 20:41:02

Welcome nettleton, larle and bigpig smile

mrsn pizza and cheesecake definitely sounds like the right thing!

Last night wasn't great. Sensible two wakes (bed at 9.30, wakes at 12.00 & 4.00) except that he didn't then go back to sleep. Sigh. Hoping tonight is better.

Babybrain is settling for the night now. So far gaviscon appears to have mostly made him throw up sad. Tried it before bf this time and this time the signs are promising.

Hoping you all have good nights.

Ameybee Sat 05-Jan-13 20:42:33

Evening all! small DS does same with bottles during day - has 2 lots of 3oz! He's just having a bottle then going down for bed hopefully. He amazingly took a dummy today! Before today he wouldn't entertain it! Sent him straight off to sleep n I'm more than happy for him to have one if it helps with naps and bedtime! Especially naps as they are a nightmare with having DD to look after too.

Had a nice time with my mum n dad but can tell my mum is still so worried about my brother sad at least there's not long to wait till op now thank god.

DD made DS giggle so much tonight & it was the cutest thing, even tho its been harder work than I thought with 2 and I've felt guilty for DD not getting as much attention I think I've realised just how much she loves her little brother today and its so lovely to see! grin Xx

GirlOutNumbered Sat 05-Jan-13 21:32:50

Are you guys like me...just think to myself well tonight will be better! I have realised what an optimist I am. I was up 4-6.30 l can't go back to sleep while DS2 is grunting, he may have to go in his own room sooner than planned.

Have a good night everyone.

BigPigLittlePig Sat 05-Jan-13 21:46:05

Girl - earplugs! Block out the snuffling/grunting (by the by, little pig isn't called piglet for no reason!) but not the louder "feed me NOW" noises...also block out dh's snoring so would a pillow over his head

sweetpea1112 Sat 05-Jan-13 22:16:52

hello all smile
I would love to join if I may.
I have an 5.5 week old baby boy (dc1) who is completely wonderful. He currently feeds at 10ish which is when we all go to bed, then again at 12:30ish and 3:30ish before getting up at about 7. I'm assuming that's about right for his age?

The whole feed/wind/change cycle can take over an hour though so not getting huge amounts of sleep. Babypea also prefers to sleep on us rather than in his cot but am trying out Ewan for the first time tonight so fingers crossed....

MrsNPattz Sat 05-Jan-13 22:46:46

Welcome sweetpea! Lots of new little babies keeping there mums awake at the moment!

That's little man finally gone down so off to sleep myself, hope it's a good stretch!

BrainGoneAwol Sat 05-Jan-13 23:20:17

Welcome sweetpea. That sounds pretty good for 5.5 week old. Of course you will always get those who say their dc slept through by 1 week and were bringing them breakfast in bed by two weeks, but yours sounds much more normal.

Unfortunately we are on second feed already. Ho hum. Hoping this one lasts a bit longer.

goat ugh. Nasty having to start your day at 5am. Hope you get some decent sleep in there somewhere.

So many new babies smile

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Sat 05-Jan-13 23:29:19

Welcome all newbies, and congratulations on your new babies smile Hope we can help keep you company through the nights, although you need serious willpower to resist all the food porn!

Only one accident today toilet training wise, are we getting the hang of it?! <hopes>

Glad you got home safe mrsn, it must be difficult having to leave your family but you will be back, not the same I know but I hope you're feeling ok tonight.

funch that's awful is he really unintentional about it? You're a better woman than me for letting it go over your head, I'd be so upset if anyone commented on my weight, for my own good or otherwise <hides the chocolate>

I've just watched 'Shutter Island' with my sister, she's been on at me for she's to watch it so I gave in after triple checking that it was definitely suitable for me in my emotionally wobbly and scardey cat state. For those who haven't seen it, don't. It's horrible sad I was so annoyed with her that she didn't think to maybe warn me a bit of the content and now I will probably have nightmares sad

How has everyone's day been?

Susieloo Sat 05-Jan-13 23:47:07

1st feed of the night so not bad going, hoping he will drop the next feed and just merrily sleep until 7 ish never going to happen

Welcome sweetpea your feed times sound great for your lo-I would be happy with that now and ds is nearly six months!!

heff -it is a really disturbing film, I saw it ages ago and it stayed with me for a while.

tea nice to gear from you and hope your improvements continue.

larlemucker Sun 06-Jan-13 00:05:31

first feed of the night done although I have had to wake him up and he only fed for 10 mins. Not worried about that though as I am sure he will be awake by 2 and then be feeding all night as this seems to be his routine!!

Sat watching pirates of the caribbean with ds on pillow propped up by me and chair arms as he wakes if I put him in basket, must purchase a swaddle tomorrow (tried to do it myself - not a good result!) Either that or he may end up with a dummy!!!!

DontYouJingleMyChristingle Sun 06-Jan-13 00:07:23

Welcome Nettleton, Larle and Sweetpea. smile

Glad you are feeling a bit better now you are home MrsN, pizza and cheesecake always help I find.

On third feed already, but this one is for comfort as littlejingle has a cough and upset tummy from all the mucus from her cold.

Just eaten lemon cake and custard to help me through nightshift, yum smile

Should have been on here last night but was on Namechange live birth thread, but she had her baby tonight so I will be checking in later.

Dd2 slept better when she was newborn than she does now, she is just teething constantly at the moment.

StuntNun Sun 06-Jan-13 00:35:16

Hello newbies! First feed of the night here but on a second lot after transfer fail hmm

I know what you mean about too fragile Heff. I have three episodes of the Walking Dead to watch but I just can't handle it at the moment.

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Sun 06-Jan-13 00:36:30

Just brought j upstairs. He woke up a bit as I needed to change his nappy so I fed him a little and he fell asleep. Had successful transfer and he's snoring away so I'm going to try too. Not overly tired as I slept a lot today as felt rubbish after a bad night. Speak soon no doubt!

larlemucker Sun 06-Jan-13 01:58:15

been feeding on and off since 12. got some sleep before hand but still really tired and ds has just been sick in sleep so will probably be feeding again soon

MrsNPattz Sun 06-Jan-13 02:36:33

First feed here - I jumped out of my skin as we have a new projector and he somehow managed to put it on! Was having such a nice sleep too.

heff I've not seen that one, hope you are managing to sleep with no nightmares!

I have been reading threads on here about putting garlic up your bum and everything.......... Not seen a live birth one though!

NettletonMummy Sun 06-Jan-13 02:54:39

First feed for NettleBaby, went 10.30 until 2.30- here's hoping for another 4 hour stretch. (Wishful thinking probably)

MrsN we also have new projector and screen just below bedroom. Sounded like bedroom floor collapsing when dh rolled the screen up just after I had gone to sleep - bit unnerving...

Smallgreenone Sun 06-Jan-13 03:06:32

Well he's moved the 1am feed to now and taken a bit more this time, does mean though that our 6 hour sleep will disappear if we're getting up at 7 like we are supposed to do hmm. Baby small has a dummy for sleep amey and it is a godsend as my nipple used to be his dummy and it was exhausting. I'll wean him off it eventually if he doesn't do it himself but it has been useful.
Hi to all the newbies! Sorry not to name check, too tired. So
many new names though that I feel I really should have graduated sad
Attempting transfer

Susieloo Sun 06-Jan-13 03:06:38

2nd feed so not too bad, we are in the dreaded 3-4 zone so hoping for an easy transfer then through until 7.

StuntNun Sun 06-Jan-13 03:10:56

Second feed here as well so there's not much space between feeding. He's only feeding for a few minutes then popping off so it hardly seems worth getting up for.

sweetpea1112 Sun 06-Jan-13 03:18:03

Wow, isn't this thread a godsend? If nothing else, it really helps to know that I'm not alone during the lonely night feeds and that my fecking SIL and her magic sleeping through baby may be the exception rather than the norm

MrsNPattz Sun 06-Jan-13 03:21:08

Transfer fail! And little monkey was lying playing with Ewan rather than sleeping so up feeding again! Wah I want to go back to sleep. An hour awake during the night seems to be becoming the norm - no likey.

Susieloo Sun 06-Jan-13 03:21:14

Transfer fail

BrainGoneAwol Sun 06-Jan-13 03:40:23

Third feed. Got a nice 3 hour stint if sleep though which feels amazing after the last couple if nights. Babybrain is being extremely fidgety though so I'm not overly hopeful if how long this one will last...

nettleton unnerving sounds like an understatement! I'd have a heartattack!

Garlic up the bum mrsn?! Intriguing! Presume that's for constipation?

Hope transfers are working...

larlemucker Sun 06-Jan-13 03:53:42

small how old was your LO when you gave them a dummy? not sure how it might effect latch.

have not attempted to move ds to moses basket yet!!! I'm chickening out!

sweetpea1112 Sun 06-Jan-13 03:54:37

second feed of the night - started an hour ago, now on the post - feed cuddle to sleep before attempting transfer if I don't fall asleep cuddling him first

GirlOutNumbered Sun 06-Jan-13 04:18:42

Second feed of the night... Those of you using dummies, which do you use? Baby2 has been taking longer and longer over feeds and I fear he is teaching himself to suck to sleep. So how old are all the LOs. Baby2 just hit 17 weeks and is doing a great sleep regression.... He used to wake once at 4am! Sigh.....

larlemucker Sun 06-Jan-13 04:27:46

my ds is now 10 days old! so we're very new to all this and up most of the night feeding.
If I could just get him to sleep in his moses basket instead of on me I could go to bed!!!

GirlOutNumbered Sun 06-Jan-13 04:36:15

Keep trying larie, he'll get there. I found swaddling with a swaddle me blanket worked wonders.

BrainGoneAwol Sun 06-Jan-13 05:02:44

Fail sad
larle what about cosleeping? I would have loved to have coslept but our bed is too small for 3 (sounds like a nursery rhyme!)

Ds is 19 weeks today. Once got down to one wake between 10-7, but now I count it as great if it's only two. 4 month spurt seems to have brought lots of other things with it such as reflux and teething.

Hope silence from others is due to happy sleeping

StuntNun Sun 06-Jan-13 05:15:12

Third feed here but after an hour if screeching and complaining. I'm done in. Three hours consecutive sleep, is that too much to ask?

Larle try swaddling it'll help transfer. I put a hot water bottle in the Moses basket to warm it before putting J in (then took the hot water bottle for myself!) That got him used to sleeping in there.

Goatbongohohoandjinglejingle Sun 06-Jan-13 07:07:13

Welcome to all the newbies! This thread is definitely the place to see and be seen! And the resident fairy godmother waves her magic wand and bestows the gift of calm, easy and looooong sleep on all the LOs.

Sorry... Return to earth from planet lala now... Really wish we had one though!

Looks like we are doing the four month sleep regression at adjusted age. sad last night was a lovely cycle of wake, grizzle, feed sloppily, grizzle, transfer, throw self round bed until so knackered fall asleep. Half an hour later repeat.

Kid is now talking happily to the door handle again - he seems bright-eyed and bushy-tailed despite all! Unlike his haggard mum...

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Sun 06-Jan-13 07:08:50

Wow!!! First feed since my post at 12,30am!!! Maybe the waking up and small feed before bed helped? Is that a dream feed?

goat I think that happened to us too - things were going great until he hit 4 months corrected I'm afraid that was now 2 months ago and things are still a bit shit!

I'm in the swaddling camp too! Worked complete wonders with DS - unfortunately he has developed impressive Houdini-like skills and I just can't keep his arms in anymore, no matter how tightly I swaddle him (little monkey).

(My DS was 8mo on Christmas Day, and is 2 months premature, by the way smile)

Another bad night here - woke every 1.5 - 2 hours. DH seems to be trying to prevent me from feeding DS when he wakes up screaming the house down hmm but frankly I want the quickest route to shutting him up and going back to sleep. I'm also a bit bitter that I am now up getting ready to go out while they are both still fast asleep upstairs I guess this is how DH feels every weekday morning

Did I say that I'd reinstated Ewan the dream sheep? He is doing a fab job! I forgot to take him with us over Christmas, and ended up using a white noise app on my phone, and it is amazing the difference it makes to getting him to go off to sleep.

MrsNPattz Sun 06-Jan-13 08:47:19

Up here for morning feed so I got another 4/4.5 hours!

Girl My little one is 16 weeks today!

Brain I have no idea - the OP wanted to do it to her baby but didn't say why!!

Izzy that's a great stretch!

HeyMicky Sun 06-Jan-13 09:57:59

Heartily agree with Tea - have just got a Ewan and my goodness, the difference! Last night we got 6-12 then 1-6! Plus we've had a 1.5 hour nap this morning where we'd normally only get 45 mins. While I don't want to abdicate responsibility or a mechanical toy, I luffs that sheep!

Anyone else swimming? Took DD on Friday and the half hour in the pool absolutely wore her out - got a solid 5 hours that night

funchum8am Sun 06-Jan-13 10:26:14

Morning all and hello to all the new ladies! Was MIA last night as phone died sad . babyfunch excelled herself - woke for a bit at 6, which bearing in mind we normally spend 5-7pm desperately trying to keep her awake was a bit galling since last night I was in bed by half five!

She slept a lovely long stretch til feeding at half 12 but then was wide awake, and a bit too early for our plan to have worked as we had only had about 5 hours' sleep sad

DH ended up taking her out in the car which sent her to sleep but she woke within ten minutes of getting back at about 3 sad . So I brought her in bed with me which got her loads of sleep but I got very little as my hips hurt lying on my side, and she wailed regularly if she lost latch. I don't want her to feed all night long as I am back to work mid feb, plus she is becoming enormous! And it would not be ideal reflux wise either.

I am in work for the day tomorrow but then I will be getting tough i have said this so often before!

We will be up at 8 every day and making sure she naps properly at lunchtime and does not start her nighttime sleep at 2!!!

DH and I both feeling a bit miserable, it is ruining parenthood for us to be honest, but this too shall pass etc.

Hope everyone else is feeling better than me today! sorry not to namecheck, better go as we are off to visit friends which will cheer me up!

Ameybee Sun 06-Jan-13 11:00:27

Poor you funch sad are you having any more luck with bottles? I'm finding them no magical cure but they are adding structure to our day.

stunt thanks for gro bag tip to stop him wiggling everywhere - will try that!

DH let me have a lovely lie in today, I feel a bit bad as he never gets one although he does get lots of sleep.

I did one bf during the night but that was the only time I felt I had milk and my boobs have been hurting last couple of days (not engorged) so not sure what's going off.

DD being a monkey this morning, she seems a bit hyper & bored! Trip out may be required ASAP!

I'm finding posting more difficult when bottle feeding, he likes to hold my finger so I don't have a spare hand but I def wasn't blissfully asleep last night! X

Goatbongohohoandjinglejingle Sun 06-Jan-13 11:02:10

funch I am sorry to hear that babyfunch's sleep is making parenthood shard for you. I do understand thugh - for ages DH andi hadtotagteam absolutely everything with Kid, which meant we pretty much never saw each other. Things have improved vastly ( although after last night I may change my mind on that!) so every do often we get to eat together or some such radical event! I'm sorry that I have no wise advice though, other than the feeble it does get better. Not helpful I know!

tea shock don't tell me I have two months of last night to look forward to!! You are amazing, still dealing with sleep deprivation after 8 months. (So babytea was born on 25 April? In my country that's always a holiday... smile )

mickey shock don't call Ewan a mechanical toy, he might hear you! He is a god! (Though not convinced he is a he... surely he would be Ramon if that we're the case?)

Hi to everyone else and am off back to bed now DH is up... Zzzz....

MrsNPattz Sun 06-Jan-13 11:18:04

Oh funch I'm sorry you are feeling so rubbish - sending lots of virtual hugs although I have no real advice. Can you speak to your HV? I hope your visit does cheer you up!

Mickey we might be starting a swimming group in Feb - glad to hear it tires them out.

I have just cleaned and sorted out the nursery, feeding little man then grabbing a shower! Then the in laws are coming round later, Yey blush

Ameybee Sun 06-Jan-13 11:18:41

Oh and I'm starting to absolutely HATE nap time hmm such a mare getting him down & half the time I end up taking him out in pram (won't be able to do that now DH back to work).

We use mam dummies and he's decided today he's not intrested. Great! Contrary mary! Groan! X

Susieloo Sun 06-Jan-13 13:43:29

Hello all especially the new people.

We had a very unusual night in that babyloo woke at 3 for a feed and then screamed for two hours unless I carried him around-I had to wake dp at 4 because at nearly two stone I physically couldn't carry him-not sure what's going on - teething maybe?

Sorry you're having a rough time funch. It's relentless at times. I'm getting desperate for a night out as in babyloo stays at my mum's but there's no way I can leave him and not worry as he is still waking at least twice a night and that's a good night.

I've got a major Chinese craving and dp isn't playing ball because we are skint now I'm on SMP-I'm not great at being denied what I want food wise grin

BigPigLittlePig Sun 06-Jan-13 15:20:29

Maybe it was joining this thread, but had the best night last night in a long time (admittedly can't be that long as dd only 6 weeks old...) - woke dd to feed her at 10.30, then she slept through til 2.30 this is because I fell asleep cuddling her as bloody knackered, then woke with light still on Up again at 5.30 and 8, but feel a little bit human today. Also helps that have semi-abandoned the dead-of-night gaviscon, as dosing her up at night seems to do the trick.

All attempts at feeling human ruined by inlaws turning up with minimal notice at crack of dawn 10am

Susieloo Sun 06-Jan-13 19:19:59

Horrible last two hours sad

We've had a repeat of last nights middle of the night screaming, his little face is on fire so it must be teeth. He's had some calpol but is screaming every time I put him in his cot. Attempting transfer number 456,567000 ish...

Ameybee Sun 06-Jan-13 20:25:43

Oh no susie have you given ibuprofen too? You can give both and we found it worked better & lasted longer with DD. we just use to go all out - teething powders, bonjela etc! Hope you have a good night xx

MrsNPattz Sun 06-Jan-13 20:46:01

Poor little man susie and poor you! Hope you manage to have a good night.

I'm just watching Dancing On Ice then will go up to bed with baby Pattz. Probably won't be sleep time though!!

I'm going to try and get a Drs appointment tomorrow, then the post office - I'm sending off some of little man's clothes to get a keepsake rag doll and blanket made. If anyone is interested then I would highly recommend Babybundles Gifts - I already have a bunny and they are just perfect. She personalises them with name, DOB etc. Her page is on my FB! It's such a lovely thing to keep.

I then have my first counselling appointment at 5!

funchum8am Sun 06-Jan-13 21:17:16

Oh Susie that sounds truly awful. I really hope things improve very quickly.

Thanks for everyone's kind words, I felt dreadful this morning when I posted that but feel much better now after some morning sleep as DH took babyfunch to the church where she will be baptised (as it is in Stratford - he was an altar boy there shock). Hope God saw the bags under his eyes and took pity....

Friends we visited today were lovely. They have two kids and were so sympathetic and supportive. They are going to be her godparents and took loads of effort being really hands on with her which was wonderful. Their two kids (almost 2 and 4yo) were lovely with her too and she stayed awake almost all afternoon til 5:45 so maybe, just maybe, we will get a bit of sleep! <tempts fate enormously>. I am at work tomorrow so fingers crossed!

Sleepy dust for everyone!

MissingMyMarbles Sun 06-Jan-13 21:58:00

Just a quickie as have had horrendous evening with Missmarbles. Sounds similar to Babyloo, and whilst I am sorry you are having a hard time too, Susie, I was really encouraged to read your post, as she has done the same thing. It's reassuring to know that it's unlikely to be anything serious, and just another phase. It took from 6.30 to 9.10 to settle her; we had transfer failure after failure and she sounded in pain when she cried sad settled when picked up but stirred straight away. She's seemed a wee bit refluxy again, too. I've also gone back to smooth purees with weaning as she has taken to spitting out any lumps which she has been more than capable of managing up to now, or just plain not opening her mouthconfused I think her teeth are giving her gyp, hence slavering and burping up a bit more, and it would also explain the decision to go on food strike.
I've just heard her again, but it was just a whimper and all quiet again. Last night, we fed every 3 hours, but I was too exhausted to post. Would like to get some decent stretches tonight, but not hopeful.
I loved that link that Tea posted the other night, as that is how I think of it, especially as I know how quickly they grow up (DD1 is 7 and 9 months already), but I would love a decent night's sleep. I don't sleep well when pregnant from really early on, and whilst sleep now is better quality, it is such a rarity, I haven't slept well for over a year shock
Sorrysad this has turned into a self-indulgent moan. Knackered as DH been poorly today toosad
Hope everyone has a good night tonight.

Susieloo Sun 06-Jan-13 22:35:31

Up again and cue round two of the screaming every time I put him down, I've got ibuprofen calpol ready, thank you amey, in case he doesn't settle any time soon, its been an hour so far and all he wants to do is sleep on me which is very unusual for him, will be attempting transfer number 89 million in a minute, don't hold out much hope.

Oh susieloo (DontYouJingle here post Christmas name change), I have had a lot of this recently only succeeded in getting dd2 to sleep in her cot by getting in there with her. I was that desperate I climbed in, lay down with her until she went to sleep then climbed out again. Co-sleeping would be easier, but I don't want her to get in the habit of coming into our bed now.

Big sympathies susieloo that sounds like a night with DS when is teeth are bad - it is really tough going. Everyone I know recommends ibuprofen for teething pain too, so fingers crossed that helps. Just wanted to mention (as I didn't realise this until someone told me) that you should only give them ibuprofen in conjunction with a feed, so they don't have an empty stomach (just as we would).

We all had an early night here tonight - everyone to bed at 9 - but I can't sleep sad

sweetpea1112 Sun 06-Jan-13 23:01:57

Evening all
Hope we all have good nights ahead.
Until now we had been taking Babypea to bed at 10pm with us but he seems to regularly fall asleep at 9 so came to bed early with him tonight. made no difference as was awake again at 10:20 and now feel like I have three night feeds to do rather than two sad. wishing I stayed awake until this feed now. Feel much worse for just an hours kip.

We are approaching the 6 week mark (wednesday) and am dreading the growth spurt - not really sure what to expect and if him being ff will make any difference? He has slept loads during the day today including a 3hr nap which is unheard of for him. Wonder if that is growth spurt related or just him getting over his illness (was in hospital for the day last weds with suspected mild bronchitis)

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Sun 06-Jan-13 23:16:55

Oh susie hope things improve tonight sad Same for you amey

funch fingers crossed for you tonight too, especially with work in the morning.

stitch I've spent more than a few nights squished in to DD1's cot (lucky its a cot bed at least) as a desperate last resort to get her to sleep on nights when I really couldnt cope with any more! DD2 doesn't have a cot bed, I'd have as much chance of fitting into her cot with her as I would of fitting though my letterbox so praying we can get a new bed/mattress soon so co sleeping becomes a possibility on difficult nights.

Had a lovely day today, went to see The Hobbit with my dad which was my Christmas pressy to him as it was his favourite book to read to us when we were little. It was fantastic and also meant I got a whole 3 hours to relax and switch off a bit. DD1 was out with DH so mum said she'd look after babylump and attempt to give her her first ever bottle of ebm, so I nervously left her the bottle and supply of ebm with instructions to call if it got too fraught (DD1 would never ever take a bottle, gave up trying in the end) but when the film finished and we got home she said she'd guzzled it down as if she did it every day...I'm amazed, although happily so!

Off to bed now, hoping for a peaceful night. Going to risk taking the girls to play group tomorrow morning, my first outing alone with them both since we took DD1s nappies off...I'm a little but nervous! <visions of toddler pooing in the sandpit>

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Sun 06-Jan-13 23:34:21

Sorry to hear of the teething troubles. We are a bit away from that although I may have a bad day and night tomorrow as J has his first lot of jags sad I'm not looking forward to it all.

He has slept loads today so I'm expecting a bad night. He is currently snuggled in daddy but we will go upstairs in half an hour or so.

larlemucker Mon 07-Jan-13 00:26:45

Attempt at co sleeping not going well, ds won't latch when lying down so goes into a screaming fit. He isn't hungry as he isn't properly sucking most of the time so going to try a dummy tomorrow and see if it settles him.
So it looks like we'll be having another night on the chair, major fail.
Tried swaddling but we're not very good at it so have ordered one online.
Bit fed up, I ache all over cos of the positions I have to sit in to feed, can only get him to latch in the rugby ball position, and his head is so heavy my hands hurt sad

Can you get some extra pillows and use them to support under him in rugby ball position Larle? Dd1 needed to feed in that position at first and I am convinced it was because still got jammed against my pelvis in asynclitic position during her birth. Some cranio-sacral osteopathy might help.

larlemucker Mon 07-Jan-13 00:44:24

What's cranio sacral osteopathy?

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Mon 07-Jan-13 00:45:29

We have just came upstairs and baby j has taken piddly little feed so will be back soon no doubt sad

Attempting transfer and have Ewan ready in crib!

I second lots if pillows in a stack larle. I used to only be able to feed on my left in a kind of rugby hold with his body and legs in the pillows.

larlemucker Mon 07-Jan-13 01:00:35

Don't have room in the bed for anymore pillows unless I want to suffocate the hubby.
Can't see me sleeping in bed ever again

BrainGoneAwol Mon 07-Jan-13 01:21:55

Well, last night went ok til 4ish and then no more sleep. Babybrain just cried and cried unless he was on me. Too tired to post. Turns out the gaviscon is helping reflux but he now can't poo! sad

Halved the dose but he's still straining. So far on second feed but keeps coming to, pulling up his knees and crying. Seems we've just swapped waking with reflux to waking with constipation. Think it's going to be a long night.

Sorry for no name check. Keep drifting - need to attempt transfer before I fall asleep and drop my phone on him again

Wishing you all well smile

StuntNun Mon 07-Jan-13 02:05:50

First feed here but so shattered. Why do I feel like I'm getting more and more tired? Will try and read more on the next feed.

Susieloo Mon 07-Jan-13 02:12:06

Up again for a feed, he's stirred a few times but managed to go back to sleep-I didn't know about combining ibuprofen with a feed so thank you tea. I decided to give him his second dose of calpol before I picked him up to feed him and I'm hoping this will pre empt any horrendous screaming. Going into town tomorrow so will get some bonjela for his gums.

Good to hear from you marbles and ditto re reassuring to know that miss marbles is going through the same although rubbish for you. Interesting what you said about food, babyloo still on smooth purées but has been struggling with some of the thicker ones.

Really hope we get to go back to sleep now and are not up for a couple of hours.

larlemucker Mon 07-Jan-13 02:19:15

cracked open the hob nobs, think I'm going to have a long night. Just spilt peach cordial all over the floor.
Been feeding for 2 and a half hours
susie try ambesol liquid, its got a local anaesthetic in it, sure its ok for babies but check with pharmacist

Susieloo Mon 07-Jan-13 02:29:53

Thanks larle I'll look in boots tomorrow, just googled and it is suitable for babies, I'm on third transfer fail, attempting again.....

MrsNPattz Mon 07-Jan-13 02:57:29

First feed here so I have 3.5 hours - the usual really. I start Weight Watchers on Tuesday so am currently tucking into some chocolate raisins while I still can!!

Waves to marbles - sorry you are having a bad time! Keep posting!

How lovely heff - glad you enjoyed a bit of peace!

Hope toodle is doing ok, not posted for a while!

MissingMyMarbles Mon 07-Jan-13 03:53:23

On second feed only two hours since first but that one was four hours after settling so not doing too bad given the horrendous start to the night. Not holdings breath though. She's currently sleeping in me.

Thanks MrsN smile

Susie, going to ditch the spoon for a bit and do some BLW after careful consideration, as she will bring stuff to her mouth herself and seems happier doing that. Started a thread in weaning. Starting to doubt myself thinking that I may have started too early, despite being fairly sure at the time she was ready, although I doubt she would have taken so well initially if that we're the case. Think it's just sleep deprivation.

Hi new people and congratulations. Sorry not to name check further - I'm whacked. Attempting transfer....

MissingMyMarbles Mon 07-Jan-13 03:56:56

Fail. Almost instantaneous.
How can they be so completely sparko on you then so completely awake the second they hit the mattress.
And then seconds later completely sparko again on you confused

MissingMyMarbles Mon 07-Jan-13 04:12:01

Wouldn't it be funny if someone took pictures of us trying to settle these babies??grin
Who climbed into the cot? I so wish I could do that but slightly afraid if would collapse!! I am currently leant right over with head ext to Missmarbles. Have been known to lean over with boob hangings re so as to feed her in situ to eliminate transfer in the often vain hope that she will stay asleep. Doesn't do anything for the back, and goodness knows what I'll have to do when we lower the mattress a notch!

BrainGoneAwol Mon 07-Jan-13 05:12:07

marbles just made me laugh out loud. I've tried doing that and then realised what on earth am I going to do if ds does actually latch on and I am stuck with this 16lb baby hanging off my boob.

Third feed an hour ago (got engrossed reading) Had a few wakings in between but babybrain drifted back off to sleep after crying and waking me. Gaviscon constipation is almost as bad as the reflux.

Very conscious that dp is back to work tomorrow and needs a good night. Especially as probably not sleeping well after trying to cook me a delicious supper and badly burning one hand sad. Christmas present was a big frying pan that goes in the oven, but dp forgot the metal handle would be really hot... shock

StuntNun Mon 07-Jan-13 05:27:39

Short second feed here. It should be brilliant only two feeds tonight but J has been crying and straining and farting and refusing to settle for hours. Poor DH is back to work tomorrow and will be at serious risk of falling asleep at the wheel. I think this is the most tired I have ever been. confused

MrsNPattz Mon 07-Jan-13 05:45:20

Second feed 2 hours after last put down hmm

Lol at marbles! That would be hilarious to see!

larlemucker Mon 07-Jan-13 05:57:57

WOW we have managed 3 hours sleep (in chair) between feeds!!! now need to figure out how to feed in bed and transfer so I can sleep in a bed!!!

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Mon 07-Jan-13 06:12:26

That's us feeding now so went 5 hrs between feeds. Pretty good considering. Hoping for another hour or two before dd wakes up; and wakes Ds. Feed was pathetic tho.

BrainGoneAwol Mon 07-Jan-13 06:15:39


Sigh. I'm turning into an insomniac. Could have had another hour there but couldn't fall asleep sad. Going to have to start napping in the day again at this rate. Why did I ever complain about just two wakes in the night?!

larle step in the rnight direction...

larlemucker Mon 07-Jan-13 06:21:13

however he has woken up, fed for 10 mins and gone back to sleep. hope he has had enough

GirlOutNumbered Mon 07-Jan-13 06:28:07

Oh dear, lots of teething babies. Hope that passes quickly for you. I had a good night, with just a 3 o clock feed, but DS2 is now up and talking to his mobile, loudly! Normally we'd all go back to sleep, but DH is back to work tomorrow, so alarm due to go off in 20 mins. Off to visit grandma for a couple of days :0) which means I can relax!

GirlOutNumbered Mon 07-Jan-13 06:31:58

I must be tired, DH is back at work, TODAY, not tomorrow....

Ameybee Mon 07-Jan-13 07:08:30

We are up for the day! DS went down at 7 last night after bottle, woke at 830 and downed more milk, woke up a couple of times with wind but then went to 315! And then till 630! So pretty good. Although I'm not used to getting up at this time, its cold & dark! I might cut the vegetables up & get tea in slow cooker before DD wakes up!
DD has a hospital appointment today so that should be fun juggling them both - not!
Hope everyone got some sleep! I really struggle to get back to sleep after the first bottle, its so annoying! Think DH can do night duty tonight! X

Smallgreenone Mon 07-Jan-13 07:11:12

Hi all, stupid iPad lost my post earlier and was too tired to re-post.
larle baby small was a few weeks older than baby larle when he took a dummy, he hated it at first but I persevered as hated being his human dummy and hey presto one day he took it! He likes the mam ones!
We had constipation on gaviscon too, I stopped using it because of it. I gave him brown sugar dissolved in water to relieve him and a few hours later out came a poonami! Old wives take from my mum but worked a treat.
Hope teething gets better susieloo, poor little man, sounds terrible for him and you.

BigPigLittlePig Mon 07-Jan-13 08:20:58

Brain - you may as well be my surrogate poster...

Reflux - check
Gaviscon induced grunting & straining - check
Multiple failed transfers - check

Need I go on?

Currently have whimpering/grunting baby with frantic leg action. Am genuinely fearful of what the outcome of said grunting will be and have my peg at the ready

Tooodlepip Mon 07-Jan-13 08:53:01

Hi all

We have had a few good nights well reasonable winkanything is better than the screaming for hours on end confused

Still doing 3 feeds a night well 2 if I go to bed after the 11-12 feed wink

Baby pip has reflux and I insisted on ranitidine as I gave baby Gaviscon once and he then did poop for 10 days so I wAsnt going to be bothered with that. Also my gp said it works best through a bottle not so much with bf babies shock just thought I would share as I know some are struggling with reflux right now

I stopped the ad I feel more normal now shock having dh issues so I think it's circumstances adding to my depression I'm actually looking forward to going to counselling when the app comes grin

I will try and come back later and name check properly smile

MrsNPattz Mon 07-Jan-13 09:33:14

Up here, he woke me at 9 so I got another 3 hours ish.

Glad you are doing ok toodle

BrainGoneAwol Mon 07-Jan-13 09:49:23

Got another bit of sleep from 7-8 so actually feeling ok - oh how my expectations have fallen!

Thanks for the info on gaviscon. I've got another app with the paed on friday so will see if she'll change babybrain to something else. I've already gone to a single rather than double dose as it does help but the straining is hard (ha!) on him.

I might keep the brown sugar idea for emergencies and put some plastic sheeting down

GirlOutNumbered Mon 07-Jan-13 11:38:14

Hi, just a quick word on reflux. DS2 had it really bad until I gave up dairy. Now he doesn't suffer at all.

larlemucker Mon 07-Jan-13 12:45:07

Woo hoo, just managed half an hour with baby larle asleep in cot/basket!
Then my dad knocked on the door, dog started barking and woke him up. It's progress though!

BigPigLittlePig Mon 07-Jan-13 12:53:43

Congrats larle

Thought I'd risk a shower this morning whilst dh at work (usually leave him holding the baby) so put dd in her crib, fully expecting to hear demented shrieks on exiting the shower - was pleasantly surprised she managed to sleep for 2 hours probably because she spent the whol sodding night in my bed

MrsNPattz Mon 07-Jan-13 15:24:55

Does anyone else find their babies feed more if you are in all day than when you are out and about? Is this just because I offer the boob more?

BigPigLittlePig Mon 07-Jan-13 15:30:47

Little pig definitely feeds more when we're home - but have always put it down to the fact that she sleeps more when out due to being in car/pram/sling.

She always makes up for it at night sad

Yup, even now DS seems to feed more if we are in. If we are out he can go for up to 4 hours, but not at home. I think when we are at home I also offer it if he has teething pain, so that's partly why it's more frequent.

MrsNPattz Mon 07-Jan-13 16:37:33

Glad it's not just me!

This is very strange, I'm sat in Pret a Manger with a drink and a Brownie on my own! Doesn't feel right - I miss my sidekick lol I'm just waiting for my counselling appointment and I had to come in early to pay some money into my bank. Does anyone else not enjoy being on there own yet or is just me?

I can't wait to join Weight Watchers tomorrow - have eaten so much crap today. Everything feels tight and my tummy had a spare tyre round it! Dread to find out what I weigh.

Susieloo Mon 07-Jan-13 18:09:59

Optimistically going to say last feed before bed, I've given him some calpol after his bath to try and avoid a repeat of last night-it's definitely teeth I can actually feel one coming through!!

Dp took babyloo and dss to mil's for a few hours this afternoon so I could rest for a bit, woke up this morning with a head cold and no energy-I know what you mean mrsn about being away from them, I'm finding itceasier the more it happens and babyloo is turning into a bit of a daddy's boy now which is great to see, he took a bottle with no trouble too which is great. Can't believe he is six months old in a couple of days.

Hoping for good nights around - here's hoping!

Smallgreenone Mon 07-Jan-13 18:32:45

It must be close to popping up if you can see it! Must be so painful for them, I'm dreading baby small teething.
I know what you mean about being on your own too, its weird without them. Hope your appt went well mrsn.
I've just booked Eurostar tickets! Whoop whoop! Going on a 2 night hen do in Paris in April, well I am if baby small is sleeping better by then hmm. After my night out over Christmas DH has said if he isn't a bit better then I can't go sad as he cant do it on
his own- that sounds bad but it isnt, baby small will sometimes
only settle with me and when i had my one nigt out poor dh didnt ger any sleep at all so i know where dh is coming from. To be honest though if his sleep isn't a bit better by then I think I'll have run away and joined the circus! Excited about going to Paris, I love Paris! The wine, the food, the shops ooh la la!!!
Last feed before bed. Sleepy dust to all.

Susieloo Mon 07-Jan-13 18:51:17

Would love to go to Paris small!! The food alone would have me there in a shot, I've only noticed a real difference between babyloo and dp in the last three weeks, he seems to have finally twigged he's his daddy and will let dp settle him when he's distressed and not just me, now he's nearly six months we're going to try and see If dp can give him a bottle before bed-a question to those bottle feeding-do your babies fall asleep with the bottle in their mouths? Does milk still keep coming out-I've got visions of dp feeding babyloo to sleep and then him requiring a full change of clothes because milk will carry on coming out of the bottle and out of his mouth!

Had the not unusual wake up after 30 mins but hoping he will settle again without a repeat of last nights screaming.

funchum8am Mon 07-Jan-13 19:35:54

hi everyone, glad to hear babyloo is bonding with his dad and that you are feeling better toodle, and amey you got some sleep! Also v envious re Paris small!

We have made a bit of a decision today as we can't carry on as we were, so moving to only feeding babyfunch via bottle until she is reliable with them. Feeding her ebm now and she has fallen asleep but the milk does stop, to answer that question! Will come back in a bit for some advice and to check with you ladies that this decision makes sense!

Smallgreenone Mon 07-Jan-13 20:10:05

Baby small finishes drinking and then falls asleep very very rarely falls asleep with bottle in his mouth, don't think it's as sleep friendly as a boob smile

Ameybee Mon 07-Jan-13 20:53:47

Yes baby bee falls asleep & occasionally has a small choke as he does but I usually tap or hum if he stops drinking so his mouth doesn't just fill with milk!

Seems sensible funch I had really reached a point where I couldn't take anymore & it should of been getting better for us. It was the best decision for all of us, even though I still feel that pang of guilt about stopping bf sometimes. Hope things go ok for you! Xxx

MrsNPattz Mon 07-Jan-13 21:04:09

Attempting bed time here!

Thanks small it went ok - had a bit of a cry but that was to be expected. My counselor is a lady and she seems really nice, and her techniques seem like they will help, particularly Cognitive Behavioural therapy!

We went to Paris in April but it was a bit of a disaster, I was 16 weeks pregnant and spent a lot of the time feeling or being sick! And it was freezing! I would love to go back for a better experience, I hope you get to go small!

Hubby had a go at giving little man ebm from a Doidy cup while I was out but it wasn't very successful!

MrsN I had CBT in July, and although I didn't like it at the time, it worked really well - and now I'm sort of kicking myself for giving up after 3 sessions and not using the rest of my sessions to work on some other ishoos, would have probably done me a lot of good.

I hope you have a good experience and it's great that you feel comfortable with your counsellor (I didn't with mine which was part of the reason for giving up chicken)

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Mon 07-Jan-13 22:05:25

Baby j had his jags today. So far so good. We have some calpol just in case but I think we will be ok.

He's having a big feed just now so I'm hoping to get to bed earlier than last nights 1am!

MrsNPattz Mon 07-Jan-13 22:49:48

Thanks tea!

A surprise first feed here - he's only been asleep an hour and I had just dropped off blush

Ameybee Mon 07-Jan-13 22:53:24

Glad it went well mrsn & I feel really weird without DS or DD, even tho its quite nice sometimes it is strange. I started weight watchers again today - found it hard without the bf extra points! But hopefully it will work.

Well am feeling so guilty today, last few days we've noticed DD stammering a bit & today its been really bad sad me & DH talked about it & when we look back we've noticed it a fair bit (but not realised it in a way) then today I've noticed her not answering me when I ask her stuff and just pointing. I feel so guilty as I've for frustrated with her for doing this lately but only now realised why. DH started researching & apparently its common - & you mustn't drawn attention to it or correct it - cue more guilt, friend came over today & very loudly says 'oh god Amey you need to get that stammer sorted' blush. Feel so awful. I love her so much & I just feel like I've let her down by getting irritated with her & not realising. She's in nursery Tomo as her extra pre school hours have started & I almost don't want her to go. I've e mailed nursery to make them aware. X

funchum8am Mon 07-Jan-13 23:08:59

amey that does sound stressful, you are doing the right thing to avoid drawing attention to it. Will ask DH if he has experienced this with any of his pupils if you like, he teaches primary and often gets parents asking or telling him about issues their elder dc have when babies come along. The absolute vast majority of issues do work themselves out in time, try not to worry, though I know that is impossible!

Do any of you wake your babies to feed around 10:30 or 11, or only feed them if they wake for it? Not sure whether to keep doing this or just let her sleep, she still wakes around 1:30 whether I feed at 10:30/11 or not.

MissingMyMarbles Mon 07-Jan-13 23:38:29

Been exhausticated today and this is my early night hmm Have started Slimming World again today too, and DH is going it with me. I have all the stuff from last time do we're not doing the groups. I also did the first of the C25K tonight as well, as i need to get my fitness back again. Was so sick when pregnant, haven't done anything for over a year and can really feel it. It perked me up and by the time I got in, fed Missmarbles, who had woken up, showered and chilled with DH it is half eleven. Seriously thought my heart was going to thump out of my chest and my lungs were burning but after the first 15 minutes it got much easier and I actually enjoyed it smile I hate running though really. I only do it because its cheaper than swimming which I way prefer.

Feeds so far were bedtime at 6.30ish, 45 min intruder after run at 7.15 then 10.30. Hoping for a long stretch from now.

Hope the sleepy mice nibble at everyone

funchum8am Tue 08-Jan-13 00:01:21

I woke her for nappy change which I never normally do at this time but we get some seriously weighty wet nappies on a morning so am bringing in a night time change before this feed! Then did successful bottle feed of ebm, though took ages - she must have not been taking any really for the last bit when she was asleep!

So, let's see what kind of stretch we get from here!

marbles I need to start week 2 of C25k tomorrow, I am several days late because of a cold but it is going now!

KIT day was great, lots of things I got my faculty to start doing last term were used as examples of good practice at the whole school training today. My team had really worked hard on them since then so I went round asking people for 's quick word' which generally they seemed to assume would be to say they had done something wrong, only to find me congratulating them on a job extremely well done. I do love that side of my work!grin Looks like being on mat leave won't have harmed my career at all which I am happy about evil career woman and terrible mother that I am

funchum8am Tue 08-Jan-13 00:02:47

And after that massive round of self-congratulation can I wish everyone long and lovely sleeps?! Sorry to be so full of myself, just sooo chuffed!

larlemucker Tue 08-Jan-13 00:37:17

We're trying to feed in the rocking chair in the bed room tonight so I can put him down in the cot and hopefully sleep in bed.
Managed 3 naps in cot today but at night he can feed for 2 or 3 hours so could be a while till I make it to bed, yawn

Susieloo Tue 08-Jan-13 02:26:28

Babyloo still asleep-since 6.45-I've just had to wake up to express because boob was going to explode - I think this is the longest night time sleep ever, will now spend the rest of the night checking he's breathing every ten minutes!!

Will catch up on thread at first feed.

funchum8am Tue 08-Jan-13 02:38:47

Fed again at 1:10 but awake again now and refusing bottle and wide awake sad

larlemucker Tue 08-Jan-13 02:41:44

Babylarle just woken up after an hour in his cot, which meant I got an hour in bed!!!
Bloody cold though as I've been wrapped up in a duvet!!

BrainGoneAwol Tue 08-Jan-13 02:49:22

Congrats larle, hopefully that's the first of many.

Agree about the weirdness of being apart from dcs. Very liberating but also acutely aware it doesn't feel quite right.

Not good so far. Fed at 8.30-10.00, second feed at 12.00, woken at 1.30 sad.
I can't tell anymore if it's teething or straining to poo or reflux or all three. Really hope this isn't the pattern for the night...

Hope the rest of you are doing better smile

StuntNun Tue 08-Jan-13 03:10:58

They will write on my tombstone, "But he was asleep when I put him in his cot."

DH has decamped to the sofa so I can co-sleep. I hope somebody gets some sleep tonight. After ages of intermittent screaming in pain, J decided to be wide awake and lay in his cot talking to himself.

MrsNPattz Tue 08-Jan-13 03:21:01

Second feed here, alarm is set for 7:30 so I can be ready to leave for WW at half 9 so I hope it's a quick one!

susie that's a great stretch, hope you got a decent sleep!

funch glad your day went well - I think it's great that you are so focused!

amey aw don't be so hard on yourself, I'm sure it will resolve itself!

MrsNPattz Tue 08-Jan-13 03:48:22

Transfer fail!

larlemucker Tue 08-Jan-13 04:15:33

Think we have finally cracked it! Well baby larle has woken every hour to feed and then slept in cot.
Hope to god this isn't a one off!

Sounds like if one of us has a good night the others don't! The sleep fairy is not doing her job properly!

BrainGoneAwol Tue 08-Jan-13 04:35:08


Third feed here. Guess I knew this would happen when I rocked babybrain to sleep last waking rather than fed, but it's still no fun. Feeling a bit like we're back in the newborn days.

Hoping I get some sleep before the next one. Seriously in danger of falling asleep on the job.

HeyMicky Tue 08-Jan-13 04:59:27

Oof, it's the 5am feed that's the killer, isn't it?

larlemucker Tue 08-Jan-13 05:09:23

And the 1am, 2am, 3am And 4am feeds!

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Tue 08-Jan-13 06:24:35

Lol larle grin

Bit knackered to post much bit wanted to pop in and say hello.

That's great funch, sounds like self congratulations were well and truly deserved smile

mrsn really glad your first session went well, hope they continue to help.

Smallgreenone Tue 08-Jan-13 06:43:24

Baby small up every two hours. Fed a full bottle at 2 and now but just wish I could eliminate the 12 and 4 wakings. Am wondering if he might be ready for food.........wanted to wait until the end of this month when he'll be 5 months but he seems so hungry. Might try some hungry milk.
Congrats on your big sleep susie

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Tue 08-Jan-13 06:54:34

Up for the day it would appear and oh my gosh I feel so unwell sad We had Chinese last night for my dad's birthday and I felt a bit rubbish during the night but thought I was just tired, now I'm up I feel like death warmed up. How on earth am I going to manage the girls today I can barely manage myself sad

Hope there were some good nights last night x

funchum8am Tue 08-Jan-13 07:06:04

Hmm DH took babyfunch downstairs about 3:15 in the end as she was wailing and I was losing the plot a bit. So I got a bit of sleep, then he brought her back up. Great news is that she decided to like the dummy and slept til now save waking when it fell out. And she took a bottle very happily from DH so that hasn't stopped working either despite earlier refusal. Phew.

I have sore huge boobs so am expressing like mad but it is making my nipples sore!

Heff so sorry to hear you are ill, do you want me to come over? I am completely free today.

HeyMicky Tue 08-Jan-13 07:27:55

Larle grin

Feeding again at 7, so that's only 2 hours. 4 month growth spurt maybe? Only just recovered from the 12 week spurt!

larlemucker Tue 08-Jan-13 07:43:00

Hope you feel better soon heff.
Did an hour and a half feed at 5am, hubby had to take him at half 6 as I was aching all over. Ds is now awake again and feeding and hubby has gone back to sleep, I really hate him right now sad

MrsNPattz Tue 08-Jan-13 08:26:42

Morning feed here, I had a shower and breakfast while little man was quite happy in his cot. I was hoping to walk to WW but it's absolutely pouring down so not happening!

Poor you heff, is it food poisoning? Hope you can get some help today and are able to rest!

Susieloo Tue 08-Jan-13 09:07:03

Hope you feel better soon heff.

Sorry to hear you are worrying amey, I'm sure it will pass.

Well we had a great night, he woke at three and after a transfer fail and half an hour playing with the man on the moon he slept through until 7.20-no idea why but hoping for a repeat performance tonight.

Have a good day everyone.

BrainGoneAwol Tue 08-Jan-13 09:21:33

Up again at 6.45, asked dp to see if babybrain would just settle. Ended up in bed with me but at least I got another hour. What a rubbish night - no longer than 1.5 hours sleep in any one go. Really have to get this sorted. I'm sure it should be better than this by 5 months. He's getting worse! confused

Hope others did better

Tooodlepip Tue 08-Jan-13 09:28:13


Hope you feel better soon heff chinese did that to me in my pregnancy and I have been of it ever since smile

we had a reasonable night the usual 4 and then 7:30 feeds smile bedtime was annoying I do a nice bath at 7 for him, he dozes of straight away and then wakes up 45 min later for a fun time of let mummy hold me and watch me while I sleep envy. Then usually around 10 we have a sucessful transfer and thats him then some nights its closer to 11 wink

fun why are you expressing so much are you moving baby onto bottles of expressed milk only?? that must be exhausting for you

so far this week I have been given the "give him one bottle at night" advice along with "isn't he taking food yet" smile

Amey don't feel bad about your daughter stammering, I think its just one of them things and hopefully she might grow out of it soon smile we need to be kind to ourselves as parents its tough enough as it is. I was in floods of tears when I thought I had missed that my son was being bullied at school, but then it turned out ok in the end and I am still always feeling guilty re the amount of time I spend with my other two being reduced or me being grumpy from lack of sleep and hoping they don't notice their mum has pnd its alot of pressure, but the reality is that they are ticking along just fine smile

I just glanced now at baby pip and omg he is actually grabbing his toys on his play gym, they really change so much at this age don't they he is 17 weeks now

ok I'm starting my weight watchers today again there has been so many articles in the paper about how it really does work grin so back to it I guess

hope everyone has a nice day

StuntNun Tue 08-Jan-13 12:05:06

I sometimes feel a bit hungover after a Chinese takeaway Heff. Maybe there's a lot of salt and fat in them that's hard on your system.

Tooodlepip Tue 08-Jan-13 14:34:34

I think it's the salt hmmI had a Chinese on a sat night after being so good on weight watchers the next morning I weighed myself I had put on shock someone said its the salt in Chinese

Baby pip isn't taking proper feeds today it's like he is too nosey to feed properly smile any suggestions or maybe he isn't hungry enough and I should wait longer before offering the booby smile

BrainGoneAwol Tue 08-Jan-13 14:51:46

Babybrain went through a phase of doing that toodle until recently. I found patting his bottom or jiggling him gently made him less distracted.

Agree on the rapid development. Ds is 19.5 weeks and has suddenly really got the hang of his hands and using them more accurately. Feet are beginning to come into play now. Getting trousers on him is... Interesting...

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Tue 08-Jan-13 15:32:37

funch thank you so much for your really wonderfully kind offer but I'm worried in case it isn't food poisoning and you or baby funch caught it so Ive quarantined myself and using practically every tip from the Terrible Mother's Handbook (extensive bribery of toddler using chocolate and television, increased use of play mat and any other baby receiving surface for babylump) My DM should be home by 5 and DH by 6, just got to get that far!

amey so sorry to hear you're feeling bad, I probably can't say anything to make you feel better but do try and remember you are a fantastic mum and your dd will be fine, lots of children react to the birth of a sibling but very few adults still have the same problems! <hugs> for you though.

Got to dash again <yuck> hope you're all having lovely days xx

MrsNPattz Tue 08-Jan-13 17:09:56

Well I did it, I went to Weight Watchers. It was fine and I have started with a vengeance today - loving the extra points for breast feeding! Went to the post office too and that's it, just tried to devote myself to little man instead of constantly worrying about things that I need to do.

heff well done for managing on your own! Hope you get some rest now!

Smallgreenone Tue 08-Jan-13 18:26:48

Hope you're feeling better now heff
I took baby small to clinic today and he is a whopper- 16lb now, I'm very proud of his size as I'm such a stupidly small person so hoping he will be big like his daddy! Anyway the health visitor said he should be sleeping through by now (19.5 weeks) and advised me to up his feeds during the day so he won't take so many at night confused will that really work? I very much doubt it will! Am going to my parents again tomorrow for the rest of the week but next week I may think about weaning him as he is clearly hungry and he'll be almost 5 months then. Did anyone else do earlier than 6 months?
Seriously hoping for something better than every two hours tonight. Good
Luck all!

Susieloo Tue 08-Jan-13 19:01:39

2nd last feed before bed and don't think I will be in for the same night as last night, he's barely eaten anything today so not sure if his teeth are still playing up.

small I started weaning a couple of weeks ago and he's been fine but it hasn't really made a difference to how he sleeps-well apart from last night maybe, I'm hoping that now he is six months, well on two days and can eat pretty much everything it will make a difference.

Dp starting to really get the hump now re lack of sex but to be honest I just can't be arsed!! He's been really patient up to now but pregnancy insomnia and six months of broken sleep mean I'm just too knackered to think about it let alone do it. Really hoping babyloo's six month birthday means we are moving towards the fabled 7-7 sleeping pattern.

Have good nights everyone, scattering sleepy dust as I go.

larlemucker Tue 08-Jan-13 19:17:19

Midwife been round today, baby larle has put on 4oz but she was concerned about my lack of sleep as feeding every hour and he still isn't getting enough. If he wasn't sleeping or feeding he was screaming so we have topped him up with some formula today and for the first time since he was born I've had a cuddle and he wasn't screaming, asleep or feeding.
Sat here crying as I'm so happy, I really thought he was going to cry forever and I'd never get more than 45 mins sleep. Really wanted to exclusively breast feed but I just don't make enough for him.

Ameybee Tue 08-Jan-13 20:25:59

Bless you larle how old is LO? I was also saved by the formula fairy - it changed our baby! Was exactly same with our first. I felt I had enough milk but I think they were too lazy to feed properly. I wanted to ebf for 6 months but I guess it has to be what's right for everyone & things have really improved here.

heff hope you feel better - nightmare when you are ill looking after 1 never mind 2!

mrsn well done on joining ww! I'm missing the bf points!

susie totally with you on the sex thing, we've done it once! It was ok, but I'd rather sleep if I'm honest at the moment! Think we had gone 7 months without, poor DH but its not a priority when tired!

funch hope all went ok today with bottles?

small I waited with DD to wean till 6 months but my SIL started at 4 months and was very successful and my DN is such a good eater, she did a mix of standard and baby led (BL bit from 6+ months) Baby led is not for me tho, I get too paranoid about choking! Think I will give DS baby rice between 5-6 months then start on normal purées from 6 months.

Sorry if I missed anyone - will catch up again later! X

MrsNPattz Tue 08-Jan-13 20:26:30

Zzzzz I'm so tired tonight! Little man is asleep on me downstairs so will attempt transfer soon and go to bed myself. That's the plan anyway!!

funchum8am Tue 08-Jan-13 20:35:41

Heff I hope things are improving for you, must be godawful being ill with two to care for!

Toodle yes I am trying to express every feed. I just want to do it tiki am sure she will continue to reliably take a bottle. She has been fine every single feed today so did her bedtime feed as bf....hopefully that hasn't sent her back to bottle refusing territory. Will find out at next feed! It has been a great day as having her take bottles has taken a weight off my mind about what will happen when DH takes over in feb, and also means my mum and DH can take her for more than three hours from now on. Just need it to continue!

She has also napped properly and also started taking a dummy! If this continues we may actually get this lovely routine I have been fantasising about....and possibly even some sleep at some point. don't be silly funch

No sex here either - neither of us is that averse but we are just so knackered on any occasion it might actually be possible we try for sleep instead! There was one time we nearly did but then realised we didn't have any contraception available, cue teenage trip to Boots to buy condoms next day for me! Made more tricky by me desperately needing to avoid being seen by pupils buying that kind of thing, as we live a mile from my school and on the high street, so bang in the catchment area and the place they all hang out and their parents go shopping too blush. Was quite fun though commando condominggrin

larlemucker Tue 08-Jan-13 20:47:47

amey baby larle is 12 days old so we're very new to all of this! His latch is fine but he does fall asleep easily when feeding but I can feed him for 2 hours and he will still scream when he comes off.
Can't believe the difference in him now he has had a couple of bottles.

As its only been 12 days since birth sex is the last thing on my mind!!! Especially considering I had an episiotomy and a lot of stitches!!! (TMI?? sorry!)

funch another teacher here!! Thankfully my school is 25 miles away so unlikely to bump into kids whilst shopping!

Smallgreenone Tue 08-Jan-13 20:56:01

No sex here either, well literally a handful of times. Just too tired and alsoy boobs are still engorged and sore since stopping feeding. Am wondering if they'll ever go down! DH did mutter something the other night about feeling rather frustrated but he knows that the answer is too tired!!!
Thanks for the weaning tips. I'm going to start with rice and do baby led from 6 months. I don't think it will make a difference straight away but at least I won't worry about him being hungry.
Early night for me now and DH doing the next feed so I should hopefully get a few hours in a row.
Glad you got a good cuddle larle, breastfeeding might be best in theory but it doesn't always work out that way.
See you all later.

MissingMyMarbles Tue 08-Jan-13 21:09:09

Well done MrsN on the WW smile We started back on SW regime yesterday. I always feel a bit hungry for the first couple of days, but I think it's psychological because you are constantly thinking about foodgrin Oh the irony, we have gone from a food porn thread to a diet threadgrin

Hope you are feeling better Heff. Looking after children when you are ill is pure torture.

Well done Funchsmile I would like not to have to go out to work really, but I love my job when I'm there, and it's great when a plan comes together. I am quite excited by the thought of my new jobsmile

Small I started around 5 months the same as Susie. She did well initially but decided that she will not let me feed her (either spits it out/blows bubbles or clamps her mouth shut). 26 weeks tomorrow and we have had to go completely BLW, which is quite successful so far, although obviously she takes a lot less at the minute. I always intended to do a bit of both, but now only doing BLW. Probably not the best person to ask though, as I am stressed by it and wish that I hadn't done purees at all now. I do think she was ready when I took the decision to start but am having serious self-doubt (probably not just about weaning, if I am honestsad) Feel like it is a step backwards although in reality, I think it is Missmarbles decision, rather than inability, if that makes sense.

Tooodle I used to be able to feed Missmarbles quite discreetly in public, but not now! She's terribly nosy. I have to be really quick with my top and upper arm, otherwise everyone cops an eyefulblush

Until recently sex has been a fond and distant memory. I was missing it despite being too knackered to give it much though. Don't get me wrong, it's hardly a regular occurrence yet, but I am glad it is at least on the agenda againsmile

Missmarbles had a late nap so am really hoping it doesn't impact too severely on tonight. She went down a wee bit later than normal and we did have a 45 minute intruder, but we had a four stretch last night between 10.30 and 2.40, so am hoping for the same again tonight. I think the sleep deprivation is causing the aforementioned self-doubt. At 26 weeks, I was really hoping she would be sleeping throughsad Not sure why I am that surprised as DD1 took a while too; I thought this time might be different as Missmarbles is a much bigger baby. I am thinking about introducing a bottle at night when she is 7 months, in preparation for me going back to work, which will be night shifts, so she needs to be in a routine of taking a bottle from DH at night by then.

MrsNPattz Tue 08-Jan-13 21:09:35

No sex here either - well once since we had little man!! Just not feeling like it at all!

small I am starting to consider baby led weaning when we start too, will have to look into it more though.

MissingMyMarbles Tue 08-Jan-13 21:15:51

grin at commando condomming Funch! We did that but then I freaked out about possibly being pregnant so soon, (as that happened to DSiL) even though, we have a 7 year gap between the DDs, and as I can't take the Pill, also did a condom dashgrin

funchum8am Tue 08-Jan-13 21:29:14

I did at one point think well I would be modelling safe sex type behaviour if a pupil saw me but we all know that if you saw your teacher (even the boring married parent ones) buying condoms it just wouldn't work out well for the teacher!!

Just waiting for the steriliser because even though I bfed babyfunch before bed my boobs are really full so need to express! DH has agreed to give her the ten thirty bottle I hope to get her onto, so here's hoping...the challenge will be waking him for it. He has been asleep for an hour already! sad

Tooodlepip Tue 08-Jan-13 21:38:50

Baby pip dived onto cheese cake tonight shock I can't wean him he is far to young

I'm legging it outta here all this talk of sex making me nervous confused

Oh and I think we all about to be hit with the vomiting bug and dh due to leave on sat hmm I won't be able to cope if I get it he better stay and wait till I'm done I'm too much of a chicken hmm I hate vomiting

MrsNPattz Tue 08-Jan-13 21:49:31

2 transfer fails so far..........

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Tue 08-Jan-13 22:44:54

Baby j has been given a bottle of EBM. He has been playing with it since 8pm and had another wee top up 20mins or so ago and appears sound asleep so I'm going to head to bed! Wish me luck!

Ameybee Tue 08-Jan-13 23:00:26

Glad bottles are going well funch grin.

I finally got my eyes tested - I need glasses, good that I went as my long vision is shite & that's why I'm getting headaches and terrible nausea in car confused, so I need to wear them for driving, watching tv etc. cost me £100 tho!
I was brave tonight & checked my bank balance shock wish I hadn't really - it is DIRE! £900 overdrawn already! Had to ask DH to help me out sad listed loads on eBay last week too, most of which is selling so hoping to make some cash! I hate asking him for money. Out if interest hope this Is not too nosy do most of you share bank account with DH/DP? We have joint account that we each pay a set amount into each month (DH pays triple what I do as he earns more) then all house bills/mortgage comes out of that but we each have rest of our salaries. Although I'm thinking if prefer all to be in one as I have no money grin. Its depressing! We lose most of our child benefit too confused, DH earns a smidge over 50k, I know we should be well off but we just aren't - don't know where it all goes hmm well I do - huge mortgage & 2 kids + credit cards etc etc! Please let me lottery win this weekend grin x

Hello ladies, didn't expect to find sex talk here grin

Odd night tonight as DH came home with guinea pigs, cue much excitement from dd1 who woke up dd2. Didn't get either of them in bed before 10pm so hoping they will sleep in a bit tomorrow.

I.wish stitch would take bottles, going to try cup soon. Really want to go back to my exercise class, but don't feel it is fair to dump breast-fed to sleep baby on.DH without her taking ebm from cup first.

Sex here is a weekly event (sometimes more) blush. Mostly stopped by waking of children just when we would have time to or sheer exhaustion. Dd2 will be a year old soon and still feeds at 8.30pm, 12 midnight, 2am, 4am and sometimes 6am too. She used to go 12am to 6am before she started teething <cries>

Goodness, diets and sex tonight! Congrats on the ww mrsn I am trying to go it alone at present and lurching from doing quite well to falling spectacularly off the bandwagon!
Yes, we probably have sex about once a week now, when exhaustion and Kid's extraordinarily well-honed sixth sense allows us. Never thought about the condom run... Bizarrely here although we live prob two miles from DH's school we are not in the catchment so we are probably safe!
I have turned into the mean mummy from hell and have decided that Kid only gets fed once at night. He had been waking at 3 or 4am but not feeding properly at all so I decided enough was enough and he didn't really need that feed, it is just habit. We have done three nights. First two he thrashed around for ages but eventually went back to sleep. (Thank you Ewan!) third he didn't get back until I cracked at 4:45. And then did not feed properly hmm we will see who wins tonight!
Sorry not to ne check. Am on phone rather than iPad to cut back on light.

Name check even

MrsNPattz Wed 09-Jan-13 02:38:27

First feed here, wish he would drop this feed. I'm so tired and have a sore head - tension I think, or a sugar hangover from Monday!!

amey we have a joint account and separate ones, but we don't really use the joint account now - it was for the wedding and then baby stuff! I have one full pay left and am dreading it afterwards. I'm rubbish with money!!

Very impressed with you ladies who are having sex once a week!!!! shock

I just had a nectarine instead of my usual chocolate binge!

larlemucker Wed 09-Jan-13 03:04:43

First feed successful at 12.30 but ds just woke up crying, still managing to latch despite using bottles so bf for a while. Now asleep on me so need to transfer. Then I'll be awake at 4.30 for next feed! Still better than being up every hour. Actually managed to sleep in bed with hubby tonight! Nice to have a snuggle!

Smallgreenone Wed 09-Jan-13 03:10:31

So giving him hungry baby milk made no difference at all to sleep. Will stop that as don't think it's that good for them.
amey we have a joint bank account which I use and I give DH money as and when he needs it! He is a terrible spender and we'd have nooner if he was in charge of the funds. It works quite well! We lose all child benefit too and smp is such a tiny amount I'm quite worried about it really but sticking my head in the sand and carrying on as normal!!

MissingMyMarbles Wed 09-Jan-13 03:16:24

Second feed and just had transfer fail. Four hour stretch from 7.30 to 11.30 which is great and then three hours to 2.30. I suppose it is improving to what it has been of late but would love to have another long stretch from now.

Never thought about the sugar hangover, MrsN! That probably explains the starvation I have when I start SW.

Amey, we only have joint accounts, current and savings. We each have a credit card, although DH is a cardholder on mine, but he's only allowed to put food and fuel on it as I pay it out of our household account anyway. We get more exciting stuff on his grin

Second feed here plus transfer fail so fed again and she's gone down.

Amey we share everything, have own accounts but linked 3rd party so I can access DH's account online. I am in charge of money anyway, but we jointly decide what to do with excess after bills.

StuntNun Wed 09-Jan-13 05:01:56

Third feed here but it was a mini one. We're at serious sleep deprivation now, DH was shouting at J to go to sleep which I found quite scary.

We do the opposite to you Amey, pay everything into the joint account then have standing orders to pay 'pocket money' into our personal account. DH earns more than me but I gave up my PGCE course so he could do his PhD so I don't see why he should have more cash to spend than me. He never manages to stick to a budget though but we've just stayed in the black through Christmas which is a first.

funchum8am Wed 09-Jan-13 05:51:31

Third feed here and for the first time in ages, no attempt to start the day before 4am! Feeds at 11, 2, 4 and 5.30 which for us is amazing, and she is dropping off again now on boob!

Have agreed with DH that we have proved she can do bottles and we will give one or two a day from now on, but I won't attempt to express every feed as it would be a huge amount of work! If she goes off bottles again before I return to work we will book her into the cm for a morning just before I go back as that always seems to work grin

We get paid into our own accounts and then pay the same amount each into a joint account for bills and mortgage. We are lucky as we earn almost exactly the same so we split everything 50/50 more or less. DH is currently paying all the bills and I will do the same when he is the sahp.

stuntshock at your DH, hope you are ok. Mine has been known to raise his voice to babyfunch and has received a right dressing down some helpful thoughts on the topic from me.

larlemucker Wed 09-Jan-13 06:04:37

On next feed, don't think boobs are happy about this as the feel very full for the first time!
Ds fed at about 2.30 but then refused to sleep! Wasn't crying just didn't want to sleep. Think he'll have to go back on boob after bottle as he is used to falling asleep on boob! Might try a dummy tomorrow!

larlemucker Wed 09-Jan-13 06:08:57

Oh and we have a joint account that we put a % of our wages in and which all the bills come out of. Our wages get paid into our own accounts

Third feed and transfer fail, feeding again now, hoping she will go back to sleep.

larlemucker Wed 09-Jan-13 06:31:01

Transfer fail here to

...and guess who won that round... confused

Still didn't feed properly though.

larlemucker Wed 09-Jan-13 07:53:16

Baby larle just won't sleep longer than 10 mins. Slept through till 2am feed but had to wake him for it and he hasn't slept properly since then.
Midwife said to feel him every 4 hours but starting to wish I hadn't woken him now

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Wed 09-Jan-13 09:44:47

Morning all smile

Finally feeling better, just a bit shaky and drained but nothing too bad. I don't think I've ever felt so ill, if it wasn't for my wonderful mum and sister helping out before and after work I don't know what I would have done. Nobody else was ill so although I was blaming the Chinese it looks more likely to have been a bug so glad I managed to shut myself away and hopefully haven't passed it on anywhere.

We had a really good night thankfully, DH & mum had her between them until half 10 ish then rocked her to sleep in the buggy and I slept on the sofa next to her as I couldn't face moving her. She slept through til 5am then was up singing for a bit until half 6, and just up now so I'm feeling mega lucky and so grateful for the rest.

amey we get paid into our solo accounts and I transfer pretty much everything into the joint account. I earn more than DH but we don't split things in a particular way, just put everything into the pot. The only things that come out of our solo accounts are personal direct debits, so DH's car loan payments before that got paid off, insurance and my phone bill. I have another separate account where i put some of my wages to pay for the animals (horse, rabbits, spider, snake). DH is terrible with money so I deal with it all, which means I nag a lot unfortunately sad

stunt that must have been upsetting for you. I remember DH yelling at DD1 when she was tiny and crying, I just took her away and asked him if he really thought that was going to help. He's got a much shorter fuse than me and was getting frustrated I think that he wasn't able to stop her crying. No excuse though and I did have a go at him later on.

funch glad baby funch is getting better with the bottles, that must be a relief now. I've started expressing regularly and I'm amazed how much easier it is than I found it with DD1, got a new pump through MN product testing and its fab.

My appetite is returning, I'm off to raid the cupboards for breakfast. Hope you all have nice days smile

StuntNun Wed 09-Jan-13 09:54:05

Thanks Funch and Heff. I'm a bit shouty myself after four hours sleep so I can't be too critical. It's more the worry that he'll be rough with him when he's in a temper, sometimes he jiggles J a bit too enthusiastically.

MrsNPattz Wed 09-Jan-13 10:03:50

Morning! We got another 5 hours smileit was needed!

Little man has his third jabs today sad hate them! Then I have the dentist, hate that too haha

heff hope you are feeling better!

marbles yes I sometimes get 'food hangovers' - makes it easier to start healthy eating!

GirlOutNumbered Wed 09-Jan-13 10:10:26

H everyone, I started posting a while but have been in Cornwall, so no Internet. I'm another teacher! Baby H is finally settling after 16 week growth spurt, at least he had a good night last night. Fingers crossedr

MrsNPattz Wed 09-Jan-13 13:59:12

That's twice today I have heard of babies sleeping through!! When I was getting him weighed there was a little girl next to us who must have been nearly 8 weeks cause they were speaking about the 8 week check, and I could hear the mum saying she was wearing a Gucci baby grow and had Dior shoes and a Fur coat, and was sleeping through the night! Then the dentists receptionist was saying her grandson is 12 weeks and sleeping through!! Do you think they are lying lol blush

Jabs were fine, he was a very brave boy. I'm just waiting to go in at the dentists, just have a clean so not too bad hmm

Ameybee Wed 09-Jan-13 15:40:07

We had jabs today too mrsn they were not as bad as last 2 lots. smile X

BigPigLittlePig Wed 09-Jan-13 16:12:00

MrsN of course they were lying. If someone were to ask me how dd was sleeping at night, whilst I was, lets say at the dentist, I would put a big smile on my face and say, "oh she's an angel, sleeps right through, I couldn't be more happy" etc etc. Then I would adjust the matchsticks propping open my eyelids and be on my way before I crumpled from exhaustion

funchum8am Wed 09-Jan-13 19:26:52

Talk of jabs on here reminded me to book babyfunch in for her next set and they can't fit her in so we have to go a week late. Should I make a fuss? I wish they would just book you in for the next lot when you go for the 8 and 12 week ones but they don't, you have to queue up or ring and the queue was ridiculous last time and I didn't think the people in it would like sharing their space with a screaming post-jab baby! Actually she calmed down pretty quickly but I had already left. Ok I could have rung a bit sooner but surely they should have the number of spaces needed for all the babies they saw four weeks previously?? And if extra people need to be seen, extend the clinic hours? Grr.

Goat and I did a buggyfit-style class today and it was hardcore...thank you goat for getting me to go and for delicious black bean chili and hospitality generally afterwards! I am going to be feeling the pain tomorrow big time!

funchum8am Wed 09-Jan-13 19:28:55

Mrsn the receptionist's son/daughter probably told her their baby is sleeping through when it isn't so she may be wrong but not lying. Tasteless Gucci lady definitely lying, I can tell by her boasting about her child's outfit <taking my judgypants off again now grin>

I agree with funch about Gucci lady! grin

Ooh my arms ache... I can barely lift Kid!

Ameybee Wed 09-Jan-13 20:20:35

Oh yes people definitely lie! And i think by the phrase 'sleeping through it actually only means like midnight- 5am (I could be wrong but I'm sure that's what I heard!)!
I'm always really honest about it as I always look so knackered anyway!

I went to baby massage today, there was an interesting lady there who kept calling breast milk 'magic mummy milk' pass the bucket she proceeded to feed child - who did not appear hungry at all who then puked back the milk all session! Babybee enjoyed smiling at everyone, but sure I'm going to meet any mums through it but if he enjoys it then that's good.

My brother is having his op tonight - fingers crossed in a week the worry will be over.

Ps I might name change later - just because the bizarre spelling of my Christian name makes it very obvious who I am to anyone nosy work colleagues or anyone else I might slag off inadvertently! blush

MrsNPattz Wed 09-Jan-13 20:49:58

I could not believe what I was hearing - the hv was like 'oh she's got a better wardrobe than us.....', but seriously why spend that money on a little baby! I think it says something about the person (sorry if anyone has said makes for their baby - I'm just jealous grin)

amey how's little man after his jobs? All ok here - been a bit wingy and not slept much so he's tired, hoping it's a quick bed time! Hope everything goes ok with your brother.

goat and funch sounds like you had a lovely time - do you talk about us all when you are together haha

Turns out I have to go back to the dentist next week for a clean, filling and x rays - blah!!

MrsNPattz Wed 09-Jan-13 20:50:29

Obviously meant jabs not jobs blush

MissingMyMarbles Wed 09-Jan-13 20:55:45

Totally agree Funch, why do they not just been all the jabs at the outset. Madness. They did that when DD1 was a baby (iirc), but it's a different practice here and they're crap. They can always be cancelled if necessary.

Also agree that Gucci woman lying, on basis of her bragging about outfit <also takes off judgypants>

Prayers for your brother tonight, Amey. Also like to be very anonymous in case I inadvertently slag anyone off I am recognised.

DD1 sent home from school with what I believe to be noro poor little mite. Typically, Missmarbles woke up to a 30 minute intruder and took ages to settle again (partly because she puked her whole feed all over us both, cue strip down and change for us both; and partly because DD1's yelling for me) so I had to get DH to sit with her why he couldn't think of that himself, given I was feeding, goodness knows, and so I feel like a crap mum. DH claims to have has bellyache and is shivery too so has taken to bed as well. All fun fun fun in Marbles house tonight <sympathy exhausted on the children and therefore not extended to DH>
That is all. Rant over.

marbles that sounds horrible with all the sickness sad hope everyone recovers soon.

mrsn when we are together we rave about how you all keep us sane!

amey my thoughts are with you and your brother for his op.

All together now, babies - we will sleep all night, we will sleep all night...

Ameybee Wed 09-Jan-13 21:26:40

Oh no marbles hope its not novovirus. I really hate any kind of tummy bugs, its horrible. Hope your DH is ok too .. And you and miss marbles!

mrsn he's a bit crabby sad I've just given him more calpol as we are having repeated transfer fails and wailing!

DD's stutter was really bad tonight sad and nursery are worried because she hadn't spoken almost entire day. I'm going to ring health visitor tomorrow, just incase they think referral to SALT is necessary. I asked her why she doesn't talk at nursery and she said its because they all shout (meaning its noisy) she's a sensitive little soul.

Got stingy eyes tonight. Going to watch OBEM and cry then go to bed! Xx

HenD19 Wed 09-Jan-13 22:11:01

Hi all. Was intrigued by this link when browsing Mumsnet as I'll be joining in may as expecting baby no3. You are all scaring me as think I've got my rose tinted glasses back on and have definitely forgotten those horrendous sleep deprived nights. Not sure how I'm going to cope with two other dc? I suppose it's too late now though. Hope you all get some sleep tonight and I promise I won't complain if my dc wake me at 6.45

Oh marbles that sucks, dd1 had it as a baby at the same time as me and dh, if missmarbles has it just keep feeding breastmilk is great for rehydration and you will still be able to produce enough, just keep up your own fluids. Hope magically bypasses you both.

Hope you brother's open went well ameybee and that he has a swift recovery. This site might help you with regard to your dd.

Glad you had fun goat and funch, I am waiting for my kinect so I can zumba at home, can't wait.

MrsN hope your little one has a good night after his jabs. She might have been telling the truth, the gucci baby lady. Bet it will come back and bite her on the bum though, dd2 did sleep through until 6 months old, currently on feed two now and averaging 4 wakes a night.

Hope for a good night tonight.

Oh and welcome hen, hopefully your dc3 will be a sleeper smile

funchum8am Wed 09-Jan-13 22:56:53

Hi hen, at least we may be reminding you to get what sleep you can now! though how much that is with 2 dc already I am not sure smile

Smallgreenone Wed 09-Jan-13 22:58:23

First feed.
Hope your brother is ok amey
Agree Gucci woman is LYING. But also sleeping through is apparently counted as Amy 6 hour stretch so could be 7-1 or 1-7, baby small has slept through three times in his life wonder if he'll make it a fourth tonight hmm
I'm at my parents mad house tonight as its mums birthday tomorrow. We've had bubbly wine and now I'm very sleepy can someone send me a sleepy mouse please????

MissingMyMarbles Wed 09-Jan-13 23:18:08

Ah Small, if you're sleepy, you've already been bitten by a Sleepy Mousewink hopefully he'll but baby Small too.

Just done second feed. I think you're right, sleeping through is a 5 or 6 hour stretch I think. Bit odd to call it that though, don't you think? I would not be happy if Missmarbles 'slept through' and decided to get up at 1amhmm In those terms, she was sleeping through til 2, until the four month regression, and she hasn't slept through sincesad There should be a sleepy emoticon on here!

MissingMyMarbles Wed 09-Jan-13 23:19:08

Oops no -lying! First feed since she only settled at 8, due to all the sickly shinanigans!

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Wed 09-Jan-13 23:36:02

Thoughts and prayers with you and your brother tonight amey

marbles really hope your DD is better soon, noro virus is horrible sad makes you wish you could have it for them when they're ill doesn't it.

Welcome hen hopefully as funch said you'll remember why you need to get lots of sleep in now! How old are your other DCs?

mrsn we're another in the injections club today, babylump was a little star and made barely a peep. We're lucky at our surgery they automatically book your next set for you when you're having the current set, so unless you're a dope like me and forget its usually nice and straightforward.

Got babylump weighed today too, she's such a porker! She's 14 weeks and weighs 16.8, DD1 didn't weigh that much until she was 28 weeks old. No wonder my back is so dodgy!

Had a nice quiet night in with midsomer murders and copious amounts if lucozade tonight, looking forward to Langley Park's legendary hot chocolate tomorrow and hoping for minimal toilet related outdoor accidents from DD1 <prays>

Going for transfer, sleep well everyone xx

StuntNun Wed 09-Jan-13 23:44:36

First feed here. Waking at 2, 4 and 6 would be fine please. Just no unconsolable screaming tonight pretty please baby J?

And she's up again, feed 3, gonna be one of those nights! Think either wind, needing to poo, or the beginning of another tooth getting ready to cut.

Crossing fingers for you to have a screaming free night stunning.

StuntNun, autocorrect luffs you!

Macaroons Thu 10-Jan-13 00:03:32

Haven't been posting much, not because I haven't been up during the night. Just too tired. Hope everyone is well and getting some sleep!

Was going to wake baby mac up for late feed but he's so deeply asleep so I thought I'll let him sleep and see what time he wants to get up. Fingers crossed. (He went down at 8.30. We usually wake him at around 11.30)

Lots of catch up to do tmr! I'd better catch some sleep now! Good luck all

Susieloo Thu 10-Jan-13 01:07:20

2nd feed of the night and babyloo is officially six months old and has been for 1 hour although he was born at 10am so still got 9 hours to go.

Hope it all goes well for your brother amey

Eyes not staying open-will be gutted if he wakes up in the 3-4 zone

Happy half-birthday, babyloo !

Kid just soaked through everything, cue complete change/scream/wide awakeness. We really have a nappy problem - he wees for Britain and even a nighttime nappy does not last even six hours, especially now he sleeps on his front (can't get him onto his back, he just rolls!) how we are ever going to sleep longer than five hours is beyond me!

funchum8am Thu 10-Jan-13 02:23:49

amey I hope all goes well for your brother's op.

Fed at 10:45 and now and managed to delay this feed by half an hour using the dummy. If she can break this habit of waking hourly after 2 I will be delighted. Fingers crossed.

goat sorry to hear of flooding issues sad

Hope everyone has been getting some sleep!

Happy half year babyloo thanks

Feed 4, stitch hot, managed to change nappy without her waking up, hoping transfer works.

Are you using disposables Goat?

MrsNPattz Thu 10-Jan-13 03:30:33

First feed here, but I didn't get to sleep until about half 11.

Ah I didn't realise there was a secret meaning to sleeping through wink

So glad you are feeling better heff

Our surgery booked the next jabs there and then too!

macaroons welcome back!

hen welcome - hopefully we won't see you too often come May hehe

I have a wide awake little monkey..........

funchum8am Thu 10-Jan-13 04:02:04

Feeding again here after some dummy delay. If I train her out of feeding so much at this time should I refuse to do it? or just keep trying to lengthen the gap between feeds? argh no idea what to do but I need this fixed before I go back to work!

funchum8am Thu 10-Jan-13 04:03:08

Sorry to hear you have an early riser today mrsn, it is awful when that happens...huge sympathysad

New to this thread, hello fellow night feeders smile

1st feed since 12.30 so tonight has been more restful. Hoping babynoodle drifts off until 8pm after this wink

larlemucker Thu 10-Jan-13 04:19:31

Hope your brothers op went ok amey.
Baby larle slept from 8 till 2 with a little bit of rocking inbetween! Most sleep I've had in ages!
Unfortunately had to feed at 2, transfer fail, fed again and now he is asleep on me and I'm wide awake sad

MrsNPattz Thu 10-Jan-13 04:40:54

Oh dear, a huge spewnami resulting in me, little man, and bed needing changed when we have already been awake over an hour sad

Thanks funch hoping this feed sends him off!

welcome noodles.

Susieloo Thu 10-Jan-13 05:01:02

Welcome noodle smile

In my sleep deprived haze I was convinced I last fed babyloo at 3 not 1 so when he stirred I put his projector on and decided he didn't need milk and then I retaliated he probably did!

He's quite awake unfortunately so is playing with the man in the moon. Horrible when they decide to wake up for an hour mrsn.

Attempting sleep....

Welcome mmmnoodle and congrats on your new little bundle thanks

Well just got stitch to go down after an hour, she has terrible wind and just kept rolling around. I expecting a poo of mega proportions in the morning.

Morning Larle glad baby Larle is sleeping better, you deserved a good run after the newborn hourly feeding.

Funch dd1 was older than baby funch, but to train her to stop waking at night I offered water only on waking and she stopped bothering, warm chamomile tea another option if water not successful. Be prepared for tears at first (DH took over in our case) and increased morning appetite.

Now to try to get back to sleep before she wakes again.

Susieloo Thu 10-Jan-13 05:23:22

Oh bollocks we're up, long day when it starts at twenty past five....

Smallgreenone Thu 10-Jan-13 06:10:10

That's because he wants to maximise his half birthday susie !!!
We've been up three hourly to the minute as if he has a little alarm clock all of his own. The extra feed the hv told me to put in durin the day isn't making a difference hope its bit going to make him fat?!
My mums birthday today so we will be lunching with baby small and his great grandpa who is 93 and adores him. Also going to try and ring the vicar to discuss christening dates and what we need to do. Have decided to do it in April and hopefully weather will be nice ish so we can do a marquee in the garden type thing mum is quite excited and party planning already grin!

And she's awake again, good thing I ate a cereal bar and yoghurt earlier.

MissingMyMarbles Thu 10-Jan-13 09:22:30

Hope the op went well, Amey, and your brother makes a speedy recovery.

Rubbish night but not really Missmarbles although she did do a 1 1/2 hour patchhmm Basically it looked like this:

Missmarbles in bed 6.30
Intruder 7
DD1 screaming because she hates being sick (understandable) until 7.30
Missmarbles puke and full change 7.45
Missmarbles asleep 8
Much puking by DD1 for next couple of hours (in our room)
Missmarbles feeding 11
DD1 puking at 12
Missmarbles feeding at 1.30
DD1 puking 2
DH puking somewhere before.....
Missmarbles feeding at 3.30
Missmarbles feeding at 5
Co-sleeping with both DDs = no sleep for me having had barely any sleep all night. Today is going to be fun as DH has it now. Praying Missmarbles and I dodge the bulletconfused

MissingMyMarbles Thu 10-Jan-13 09:36:50

Ooh feeling very sorry for myself!! Please disregard my previous tirade.

MrsNPattz Thu 10-Jan-13 10:08:18

Wow we have only just woken up! And I should think so after being awake 2 and a half hours earlier!!

Happy half birthday to baby loo susie!

We have a quiet day planned, going for a walk to Asda, doing some washing and making some soup!

MrsNPattz Thu 10-Jan-13 10:08:55

Wow we have only just woken up! And I should think so after being awake 2 and a half hours earlier!!

Happy half birthday to baby loo susie!

We have a quiet day planned, going for a walk to Asda, doing some washing and making some soup!

HenD19 Thu 10-Jan-13 10:22:58

MMMarbles that sounds horrific you poor thing. Always hate it when my DH catches any illnesses as he's much worse to look after than the rest of us! Hope you manage to get some sleep yourself today or you'll go insane.
I have a DD aged5 and a DS aged is going to be chaotic come may and dreading getting everyone up, out and ready for the school run.

Oh marbles you poor thing <sending anti-bac vibes your way in the hope you will not get it>

We woke up late too MrsN, dd2 got up at 9.30. Dd1 was up at 8.00 but gave her James and the Giant Peach to watch and a cereal bar so I got to snooze a bit longer, bliss.

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Thu 10-Jan-13 10:56:45

Oh gosh marbles you poor thing what a horrendous night you've all had. Hoping for very speedy recoveries all round.

hen you'll have my admiration managing to get anywhere on time with three, I've got DD1 2.4 and DD2 3 months and it takes me an hour just to leave the house! I am exceptionally unorganised though blush and you've probably had lots more practice than me already.

amey how is your brother doing?

I've just had a monster delivery of eBay purchases, one package was a couple of new Next baby grows for babylump that I paid £10 plus £2.50 postage for, they've come and the label clearly shows they were marked down in the sale to £6! I'm probably being a bit silly but it annoyed me slightly, they should have at least taken the label off so I didn't know I was being ripped off!

Anyway we're off to the park now armed with new travel potty and many spare clothes. Hope you're all having a nice day xx

MrsNPattz Thu 10-Jan-13 13:15:43

I would be annoyed too heff!! It only takes a second to take a sticker off, silly things.

Susieloo Thu 10-Jan-13 15:32:56

Marbles that sounds truly horrific, hope everyone is feeling better today.

I would be pissed off too heff, agree they could at least have taken the price tag off!!

It's been a looooooooonnnnnnng day, babyloo has been fed up most of the day which is not surprising considering he woke up at 4.40 and then we got up at 05.20-he's having his third nap of the day which will last all of thirty minutes maximum. My back is killing me-had a bad back for years-and it's really bad today-probably from two days of lugging two stone babyloo around-I was taking tramadol when I fell pregnant but all I can take now is paracetemol and ibuprofen and they are not touching the sides-can't wait to get into bed and I'm seriously considering asking my mum to have him over night just so I can recharge my batteries-not sure I could cope being away from him though particularly as I don't know if he would get really distressed if he woke up and I wasn't there. Feeling sorry for myself sad. Only two and a half hours before I can start feeding him to sleep.

marbles what a dreadful night! I think you deserve a rant. And a lovely long sleep tonight. (Waves fairy godmother wand in the hope that it will work this one time...)

susie I really really sympathise with having back pain with virtually no pain relief. You poor thing, sounds like you really need a break.

Kid is looking extra cute in the hat I have planted on him permanently in an attempt to allow his head to heal where he has annihilated it with his (nonexistent) nails.

MissingMyMarbles Thu 10-Jan-13 17:11:05

Thank you everyone for your support; this is a lovely thread. I do feel better but it has been a long day. I'm allowing Missmarbles a 10 minute snooze before bath time as she is fed up from bring stuck in helping look after the patients. Then I think I will go in the bath with her. DD1 slightly better - hasn't been sick since lunchtime and DH hasn't had the squits since about 3. Hopefully we're over the worst.

Hope you're back eases Susie. It just makes everything such hard work when you aren't on form. Hope you get some help.

I'd be peed off to Heff but try and think of it as you'd have to pay to get into town and the hassle factor and (was it £6 for the pair or each?) you've got 2 for £12.50.

I just took a really funny video on my phone of Missmarbles having her tea grin We are doing solely BLW now because she is too independent to let me spoon feed her hmm Having abandoned purees altogether, she's obviously not taking quite as much solid. Could someone reassure me that the seemingly backward step in amounts is not detrimental?? <feeling very fragile about parenting ability generally at the moment sad>

funchum8am Thu 10-Jan-13 17:52:22

Marbles the independence shows a huge step forward developmentally - definitely not a backwards step! No need to worry about how much she is taking for nutrition purposes so long as she gets plenty of milk so it's all good.

If you can get through the day or two you have had with everyone still alive you are ana amazing parent, and wife too! I nearly throttled DH last Friday for not helping with child duties when he had the squits and 'felt too weak to do anything', and we only have babyfunch to look after!

MissingMyMarbles Thu 10-Jan-13 18:04:19

Aaww thank you Funch; you made me well up!

Bathed and doing bed time feed in front of telly, just Missmarbles and me as DD1 and DH have gone to bed.... And breathe.

Am rather hungry, wonder what Slimming World delights I can much my way through when everyone in bed??

funchum8am Thu 10-Jan-13 18:24:59

Just telling it like it is marbles, you are doing a fabulous job. I cannot wait to get back to work so I am less likely to be expected to be in charge on days like that!!! I just wouldn't be any use, I am far too selfish!

I have lost a couple of pounds so feeling pretty pleased with myself, and am about to force myself to go out and do couch to 5k as I have left it too long to start week 2. I could skive and say I forgot because DH forgot to remind me as he promised to do (he is now asleep on the sofa) but I actually LIKE how I feel after I have done it.

Babyfunch is fast asleep after sleeping from 8-10:40 this morning and the fighting sleep all afternoon. The 8am nap has appeared in our lives this week and gives me a chance to nap but I need to wake her up again a lot sooner else she will sleep all day then go down for the night late afternoon which I do NOT want her to keep doing. I am going to leave her asleep for a bit then wake her up for change, feed and bed around 9 rather than 7. Not sure whether this will make her sleep longer but worth trying.

Bad news is my breast pump has broken! Milk got up the tube into the motor. I am drying it out but suspect I will have to return it and that means being without it, will have to crack out the manual pump a friend gave me. Grr, just when I really need it as using bottled more! This might be what finally leads to me starting her on formula for a feed a day - I meant to start using formula for evening feeds when she hit three months but then realised I could use my freezer stash of bm first. Down to my last four feeds' worth of that, so may be off to buy some formula very soon....means I can get drunk at some point; i haven't had more than a couple of drinks while bfing due to the faff of expressing for feeds to be given while drunk and also to relieve engorgement experienced while not feeding due to drunken state. Can you tell I like a glass of wine or 4?!!!

Marbles do not worry, my dd2 is the same and refused to take purees from a spoon. At our 8 month check she was fine weight wise, has not lost any weight since the first weigh in she had as a newborn. Incidentally she does now at 10.5 months accept spoon feeding and has started to spoon feed herself.

MrsNPattz Thu 10-Jan-13 20:17:31

marbles as everyone had said - you are doing a great job! Be kind to yourself, and I hope you have something yummy! I am planning on doing BLW - any tips?!

susie poor you and your back - take it easy.

Hubby has taken little man up while I watch Emmerdale and then bed time for me too - hopefully!

We have a new class starting tomorrow, a PEEP class. Has anyone heard of it?

MissingMyMarbles Thu 10-Jan-13 22:34:35

Spoke too soon in last post. DD1 appeared within seconds of me hitting post, Missmarbles perked right up after her feed and ended up not settling til 7.45 and I gave been up and down to her four times since then. DH reappeared and then DD1 came down again. DD1 climbed back into our bed and then protested that I had a bit of tidying to do before coming to bed myself. All of this has taken hours as I have been up and down the stairs so many times between the two of them, and although planning an early night, I am just getting to bed now. She has stayed awake waiting for me (admittedly, she's not likely to be sleepy given how sedentary her day has been). I only wanted 10 minutes to myself staring blankly at the telly!!!
Really hope tonight gets better from now and is better than last night or I'll be for carting off tomorrowgrin
I did manage to squeeze in a brief but much needed chat with my mumsmile I wish they were nearer right now but I am looking forward to seeing them briefly next weekend. They are stopping en route elsewhere.

StuntNun Thu 10-Jan-13 22:35:07

We had a great night last night. A great night being only three feeds and not too much screaming. FC for the same again tonight. First vaccinations are next week so I'm bracing myself for those. Sorry for not keeping up with the thread, I have been reading but too tired to post which kind of defeats the purpose of the thread if it isn't keeping me awake! Never fear, I have a cunning plan to make DH sleep in the spare room for a night so at least one of us isn't so sleep deprived. Then he can look after J one afternoon at the weekend so I can have a mammoth post-lunch snooze.

larlemucker Fri 11-Jan-13 00:16:14

My sister came round tonight and got baby larle off to sleep, he then slept ofor 6 hours. Had to wake him to change and feed but he has fallen asleep again and not on the breast!
We went to baby massage this morn, youngest one there and arrived screaming. Was v embarrassed but once he settled down he loved the massage.
Can't believe how much he has changed in 2 weeks!
Stunt, love the idea of other half sleeping in spare room and then getting and afternoons sleep!
Suzie have you tried a tens for your back?

Susieloo Fri 11-Jan-13 00:23:49

1st feed of the night-eyes struggling to stay awake.

larle no I haven't tried a tens, my friend was going to lend me hers to try before I bought one ages ago-great idea, I'll have a look on the boots site to see how much they are but to be honest I'm desperate so don't really care!!

Hoping for a good stretch now

marbles you better be asleep right now! grin

This is our first time up. Latest ever. Clever Kid. And no leaks! Sorry stitch forgot you asked if we use disposables, yes we do... Have a whole system of reusable a sitting there in splendour. Unfortunately they don't make reusables in the slightly bizarre shapes that prems come in!

Uh oh. Suspected transfer fail during writing this post...

Nope, we're good. Night all.

MissingMyMarbles Fri 11-Jan-13 02:18:01

grin*Goat*! I'm not but I have beengrin First feed! 4 1/2 hour stretch. Haven't had one if those in a while. Hoping for another one, beginning........ Now!

StuntNun Fri 11-Jan-13 02:19:47

Just finished the third feed of the night after DH squirted saline up J's nose to help with the snuffliness. He didn't like that much but his nose is clear now. I guess that means another two feeds before morning. I wonder why he feeds so frequently? He didn't even manage an hour between the last two! confused

MissingMyMarbles Fri 11-Jan-13 02:20:54

Not sure it counts as a first feed, given we did fifty million between 7.45 and 9.50, but I'll take it grin

MrsNPattz Fri 11-Jan-13 02:33:03

First feed here, we have to get up in 5 hours so hope it's brief blush

marbles glad you got some sleep and I hope you get some more!

Susieloo Fri 11-Jan-13 02:36:41

2nd feed-bleugh-only two hours since last one

StuntNun Fri 11-Jan-13 02:56:54

Fourth feed of the night since J had a bottle of EBM at 8 p.m. How can he be so hungry?

larlemucker Fri 11-Jan-13 04:08:38

Second feed, this is the best night we've ever had! Think a bit of extra stimulation during the day has helped. Baby larle used his play mat for the first time today and loved it.
Suzie, see if you can hire a tens first as they are not cheap and they don't work for everyone.
Is baby stunt going through a growth spurt?

StuntNun Fri 11-Jan-13 04:34:46

I don't think so Larle as he's eight weeks now. He's a bit bunged up now. He's having a nappy change now then his fifth feed of the night. I got back to sleep for ten minutes after the last feed. It's like torture.

MrsNPattz Fri 11-Jan-13 05:56:11

Second feed here, could have done without it hmm

larlemucker Fri 11-Jan-13 06:15:37

Third feed here, so impressed how well he has done tonight.
Meant to be going to breast feeding support group today, worried what they might say when they find out I've had to start topping up with formula. Do I not tell them? Worried I'll no longer be welcome, I am still breast feeding though

MrsNPattz Fri 11-Jan-13 06:21:12

So second feed turned into wake up apparently sad

larle you would definitely still be welcome and I would tell them - I bet you will find there are others there who do it too smile

smicha Fri 11-Jan-13 06:28:44

Hi all, I'm still a sleepy night time lurker but just wanted to post a tip...swimming! I took mini smich for the first time yesterday and his last feed was 10pm and he has just woken up shock shock shock Would it be acceptable to take my baby swimming every day?! wink

My boobs aren't happy and may explode, but who cares!

MrsNPattz Fri 11-Jan-13 06:42:29

smicha how funny - I was going to post about swimming today! I'm a bit nervous about taking him but really want to - any tips? I think I'm more worried about the getting him changed and unchanged bit! Lovely to hear from you by the way smile

smicha Fri 11-Jan-13 07:09:32

There were a couple of threads in _chat recently about swimming and I took some tips from there. Best thing I did was take him in his car seat so he had somewhere to sit while I got dressed. Also, take a big towel to the side of the pool to bundle him up in as soon as you get out. I got ds a little wetsuit to wear and his skin was surprisingly warm underneath when we got out so they work well! He really enjoyed it, no tears and a few giggles! And lots of sleep grin We will be going again!

Susieloo Fri 11-Jan-13 07:26:27

Thank you larle I'm googling tens today to look at options-great idea so thank you.

Ive been emailing water babies all this week because I want to take babyloo swimming but I need a structured class because I'm a bit of a wimp-I have to sign up for a term so ten weeks which means I'll need to wrangle taking three days leave-one a week-when I go back to work-dp can then start taking him once a week when the term ends-we've been in two minds about it but you've just convinced me smicha

Very productive thread for me tonight-tens machine and swimming sorted!!

shock 8 hours sleep last night with one waking! I think that is the most sleep I have had at night since the start of pregnancy!

GirlOutNumbered Fri 11-Jan-13 07:58:58

We went to waterbabies susie it was great. We did have to stop though as DS1 kept getting ear infections. Not sure but I think it was going under the water.
Lovely classes though

MrsNPattz Fri 11-Jan-13 08:57:57

We are starting water babies in Feb. if you have registered your details with them they should email and text when you book places for the next term susie. I want to take him swimming before it starts so thanks for the tips smicha - where do you leave the car seat when you are in the pool?

Little man went back to sleep but I only got about 15 mins cause then u had to get up shower and breakfast. Off to the PEEP class soon!

goat that is fantastic - Yey!

I bickered with hubby this morning about his comments about sleep - this morning he said he got up for the loo in the night, and the having to get up is not good! Don't I know it! He then said to ask MIL to come up today so I can get a rest instead of going on about being tired - I am not going on about being tired, I'm getting pissed off with you being insensitive and I do not need your mums help!! And breath!! blush

MrsNPattz Fri 11-Jan-13 08:58:36

Sorry susie that should say when you CAN book places!

BigPigLittlePig Fri 11-Jan-13 09:18:31

Pleased to see some better nights being had! I can't wait to try swimming either, but I've got a few weeks to go yet I think - plus given the fact she screams her way through bathtime still it may be a horrific difficult experience!

Minimal sleep last night - 2 hours of constant feeding from 8.30-10.30, then again at 12.30, 3, 5, 6.30, 8....argh. My poor boobs sad

Still, all the feeding is doing her well as she put on 1lb 5oz in 12 days!

Swimming, that's an idea, although not sure about going on my own with two who can't swim.

Haven't had 8 hours sleep since August 2008 before I got pregnant with dd1, so might be worth it!

Was so tired during feeds last night, I tried to read the screen, but couldn't see to post. Was up at 5am for an hour then at least I got two more hours before she woke again.

It is hard for them to them to understand the bone-crushing tiredness MrsN unless they experience it themselves. DH didn't get it until recently he woke up all night with me, since then he has been giving me lie ins both weekend mornings even though he is shattered from working all week smile

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Fri 11-Jan-13 10:23:13

Hooray for kid and 8 whole hours sleep! grin

funch I have a spare 'closd system' electric breast pump I haven't got round to eBaying yet, if yours is broken you'd be welcome to borrow it.

marbles how is everyone doing in your house this morning?

Good to see you smicha, thanks for the swimming tips smile Ive been itching to take the girls swimming for weeks but its me that can't get into the water at the moment (slightly tmi post coil complications confused ) Can't wait though, DD1 loves water and hoping babylump will be the same. DH wants to start teaching dd1 surfing this year, I'm not sure that 2 and a half might be too young but he insists he could surf "before he could walk" hmm

Relatively good night here, and excepting a few outdoor accidents yesterday the potty training is going well at last <chooses to ignore mess made by toddler in car yesterday>. Having another eBay palaver, ordered dd1 some wellies in size 7, received size 8.5 so agreed with seller I'd keep them and buy a replacement at a discount. The replacements arrived today, they are size 5.5 sad Ive given up, told him thanks for trying but ill go to the shop and get some now I think! marbles the irritating thing about the babygros is that they were only £12 full price, and as I live a 5 minute walk from the nearest Next Ive ended up spending more than they were in the shop sad Nevermind, they are nice though smile

Ameybee Fri 11-Jan-13 10:30:30

Good night here grin he did 11-530! Was wide awake at 530 so lots of cuddling and put him in bed with me, god it was such a cosy snuggle! Lovely! He's in a very good mood!

heff my brother is doing ok, said its super sore confused 10 stitches, its right below the bony bit of ankle on the outside so not very fleshy, results in 2 weeks. My parents have gone down to help