BF in the middle of the night to stay awake!

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MummyPigandDaddyPig Sat 16-Jun-12 01:59:21

( distributes tea biscuits and nursing pillows allround....)

How do yo stay awake at night feeding??? Am struGgling to stay awake and have a sore thumb from playing solitaire on the iphone...alternates with reading muMsnet, daily mail and facebook....

What else is easy reading websites, games apps that dont require any brainpower that I cana entertain myself with? Any tips how to stay awake? Am seriously tired here!

Have cosleept with my dc's from approx 8-10 weeks, which makes night feeds easier, but I have weeks to go until then and wont dare to bedshare yet as older dc's still turn up in qour bed at night....

jaggythistle Sat 16-Jun-12 02:11:29

no help here as i just sit and read mumsnet all night and fall asleep sometimes anyway. blush

i might just steal some ideas if you get some, although my phone is too rubbish for most sites!

PoppyWearer Sat 16-Jun-12 02:14:08

Reading MN, Facebook, BBC News Daily Mail websites on my iPhone or iPad are how I stay awake.

Also sitting bolt upright without a support pillow.

My DC2 is now older and the feeds are shorter, which helps. When he was younger, I used to eat and drink during feeds as well.

domesticslattern Sat 16-Jun-12 03:29:14

I hear you sister!
Yes, eat and drink during feeds. I drank lots of juice in the early days and chocolate too <looks mournfully at unshifted baby weight>
I used to feed sitting up in bed but kept falling asleep on DD2. So now I feed in a nursing chair. V ugly but very comfy and keeps me upright, plus sometimes I rock to try to stay awake.
I know someone's got to say the bleeding obvious which is near impossible to achieve with older DCs, but you are napping every opportunity you get in the day, are you?

melliebobs Sat 16-Jun-12 03:56:05

Lol I'm up for the 2nd time tonight n my girl is a loooooooong eater. See my other thread regarding efficiency.

My feeding routine is as follows

Catch up on Facebook
Check latest headlines on digital spy website
Look at google entertainment
Check mumsnet
Flick through DM showbiz
Catch up on Song Pop app
Play a bit of Pipe roll app then go back to the start !!!!!!

Minstrelsaremarvellous Sat 16-Jun-12 04:23:28

Mellie - what's google entertainment?

Mahjong app keeps me going
Rightmove (house porn)

TessTosterone Sat 16-Jun-12 04:26:34

Hello another one here.

I sometimes put the light on if I am very tired. Generally though I mumsnet or browse bbc news and daily fail. I am not on Facebook and cba'd with games. Would like some other sites to look at though.

Have tried feeding lying down but just can't get the hang of it.

tara0202 Sat 16-Jun-12 04:35:27

Quick check of fb on phone for me and then mumsnet! Think.the bright screen light just about keeps me awake!

I also drink and eat whatever is beside me (usually biscuits!).

I have a very regular pattern of activity - I check my email (although who would have emailed in the middle of the night?), check Facebook (ditto, who would be posting except other BFing mums?!), read my regular threads on MN and browse active convos, then usually resort to playing bejewelled as it requires almost no brain power grin

I did try reading an ebook too, but that was a bit much for my 2am brain.

Ooooooooo DS has gone back to sleep at last! Right, head hitting pillow now - so you all tomorrow night? wink

MummyPigandDaddyPig Sat 16-Jun-12 06:40:15

Thank you soo much ladies, have some new sites to read tonight and will download bejewelled game.

Domestic, I would love to nap more but DS 1 (age 3.5) is not keen on naps so I dose whilst he plays on the ipad in bed for all of 20. Mins ...will demand lie in and nap time from hubby today!!

Thanks for the company see you tonight! smile

PoppyWearer Sat 16-Jun-12 07:30:17

You have an iPad? Use that instead of your iPhone at night. It's my saviour.

What about downloading some TV shows and using earphones?

claireinmodena Sat 16-Jun-12 07:35:04

Mumsnet, news, fb and bejewelled for me too , we're now on one feed a night so less likely to fall asleep, but it's now a bit of a habit!

Babylon1 Sat 16-Jun-12 07:41:37

I'll join in tonight too if that's ok!!! grin

Gwlondon Sat 16-Jun-12 07:42:06

I used to watch tv. Things like CSI.

newmum001 Sat 16-Jun-12 07:44:09

If you like celeb gossip (or even if you don't) is always good for a giggle!

littleweed10 Sat 16-Jun-12 07:47:13

NBC iplayer good for listening to radio easily on your iPhone / iPad / htc type devices. Easy and instant to access podcasts from the I tunes app store.
Tune in radio app is excellent.

littleweed10 Sat 16-Jun-12 07:47:36

NBC ???!! BBC!

vvviola Sat 16-Jun-12 07:49:02

On DD1 I used to go into the sitting room & watch tv (she was a very focused but loud feeder & could never get comfortable feeding in bed). I got through all 7 seasons of the West Wing before she started sleeping through! grin

DD2 is much more distractable, and I've figured out feeding in bed. I check email & FB (most of my friends & family are on the other side of the world so there often is something to read), chat a bit on twitter, check mumsnet.

If she's still feeding at that stage I google random things that I'be wondered about during the day, or write my shopping list.

I swear, having an iPhone is the only reason I'm still sane (DD wakes a minimum of 4 times a night- at 9 months old)

HeadsShouldersKneesandToes Sat 16-Jun-12 07:53:35

Earphones in the ear of the side not feeding on, listening to comedy e.g. I had the boxed set of Mitchel&Webb on CD ripped into mp3 files, lots of radio4 comedy, - I found I couldn't read when I was that tired, so listening was better. Anything factual just soothed me to sleep, but comedy kept me alert for just long enough.

melliebobs Sat 16-Jun-12 07:57:14

Sorry. Google entertainment. Www,google, Click on news then entertainment. smile

SwivelHips Sat 16-Jun-12 08:45:01

I feed in the living room which is next door to our bedroom so I watch garbage that I've taped on the planner. Although last night was Dantes peak on itv. Wouldn't normally watch garbage but I'm desperate. I also have a gander at facebook and mumsnet.
I hate being awake when the rest of the world is asleep. First time I've been able to post on my phone too (dead chuffed emotion) smile

littleweed10 Sat 16-Jun-12 08:53:21

Do the online shopping?!

MummyPigandDaddyPig Sat 16-Jun-12 09:39:43

On the boob again... Ohhh house porn!!! Had forgotten about that!! Will be back on rightmove tonight!smile (grin)

jkklpu Sat 16-Jun-12 09:46:04

Read the paper on Kindle. If I think I'm going to doze off ( do feeds surrounded by pillows in middle of double bed), I set my phone alarm for 10 mins or so to make sure I can switch the baby over to complete the feed. It's so disappointing to wake up, realise you've both slept long enough that it's already about time to start the next one....

I sit on the floor by the baby's cot and read magazines on my iPad. It's too cold and uncomfy to fall asleep. But it doesn't matter because she'll sleep through soon, right?? right??? SIGH.

jaggythistle Sat 16-Jun-12 10:43:49

ooh phone alarm a good idea, I'm always doing the exact thing you described and waking up sitting up just in time for more feeding.

Mustgettogym Sat 16-Jun-12 12:20:15

Iplayer to watch shows and 4od!!!

Tanyaaah Sat 16-Jun-12 14:26:45

Give in to sleep! I usually feed lying down, fall asleep, wake up a while later and pass baby back to DH to put in moses basket. I need all the mins of sleep I can get!

mummysmellsofsick Sat 16-Jun-12 15:39:31

Gosh, I appreciate that not everyone likes to co sleep, but I just couldn't sit up to bf at night. Having DS in bed means he can help himself and I can snooze grin

luckysocks Sat 16-Jun-12 16:11:47

I reeeeally struggle with this. I barely remember last night, beyond slumping helplessly into a horizontal position with DD. I woke up this morning with DD tucked into my dressing gown and the duvet dragged over us both - this is not safe co-sleeping. I find bf to be like a drug at night and don't know what to do about it.

If I can actually wake up I read or MN or shop online. Particularly 'window' shopping. I've spent a fortune in my head but wouldn't have the energy to locate my credit card......

melliebobs Sat 16-Jun-12 19:32:41

Dd is in her own room. The walk there n the nappy change wakes me up ready for the feed

melliebobs Sat 16-Jun-12 19:33:29

Gutted that we cant feed lead down n e more :-( in the first few weeks it was a god send

G1nger Sat 16-Jun-12 19:38:10

blush I used to uh pick at the hairs on my head. It didn't hurt, but gave me something to focus on. It's one of my stress habits anyway blush

mathanxiety Sat 16-Jun-12 21:07:28

Put some sort of temporary bed on the floor of your room for the older DCs and have them sleep there when they visit. Or have your DH send them back to their own beds -- they will sleep better if you get them in the habit of staying put.

Maybe feed in bed and then hand the baby to your DH to burp and take to the cot?

Or get a clip-on cot that attaches to the side of your bed for the baby so everyone has their safe spot in your bed..

I couldn't sit up to bf at night either after trying to do it with DD1 and DS. If I stayed awake enough not to drop them, I couldn't get back to sleep. Co-sleeping with the baby and ensuring the others stayed in their own beds or if not, providing a special 'nest' on the floor in my room where they could curl up was the only way I could manage to get any semblance of sleep when DD2, DD3 and DD4 came along.

MummyPigandDaddyPig Sun 17-Jun-12 01:35:33

Evening ladies!! Ambetter prepared today , have a snacktray ready and more cushions to prop me up.
I laughed at the idea of doing the online shopping, my basket at checkout would consist of a ready steady cook type concoction mostly featuring bars of galaxy choclate....prob not a good idea!

DC 1 is already tucked up in bed with me, doing a starfish pose on my side. DC 2 is still asleep and dC 3 feeding. Love the idea of making a nest on the floor for sleeping kids. Will think about how to work that one!

So ladies, what are we doing whilst feeding tonight then? ( starts on snacktray, shares out pears bananas and raisins ) trying to be good left the tempting pack of choc hobnobs downstairs...

The usual grin although I'm too tired even for bejewelled right now! Just trying to get some wind out of DS show will go back to sleep , but it's not happening!

<snaffles chocolate hobnobs while noone's looking grin>

musicalmrs Sun 17-Jun-12 02:27:03

Facebook, MN, news and podcasts/Iplayer for me too! I'm also finding that shifting to feed on the floor near DD's basket keeps me more awake than bed.

In the early weeks I played a lot of Tetris, but kept drifting off as the game got faster- not good!

SESthebrave Sun 17-Jun-12 02:32:04

Ooh, this sounds like a thread for me. DD is a week old.
I'm reluctant to routinely co-sleep because DH would end up in the spare room. If we had a king size bed and DH wasn't quite so overweight, it wouldn't be an issue. I did co-sleep with DS for the first 6mo and it was a life saver.

I struggje with heavy eyes and have resorted to co-sleeping with DD a couple of times already.

jaggythistle Sun 17-Jun-12 02:34:41

just back to bed after feed, puke, change nappy and entire clothes for me and DS2. he's feeding again, but not looking v sleepy. sad

he's not screaming yet, which is an improvement on last night.

might try some iplayer on my phone and see if it wakes DH up...

Softlysoftly Sun 17-Jun-12 02:38:11

Hello! Tonight I am mostly feeling sorry for myself and eating special k flake by flake after resorting to milky bars for the 1st 2 weeks!

DD2 is 3 weeks and DH is abroad with work so struggling. She has decided since 5am this morning to scream everytime she's near a mattress so I've been awake for 21.5 hours and counting.

VintageNancy Sun 17-Jun-12 02:38:54

I'm another bejewelled player plus scrabble. I used to read the kindle but it sends me to sleep. Luckily DD's feeds are getting shorter now so I don't have to do it for long!

littletommy22 Sun 17-Jun-12 02:45:46

i find eating apples help wake me up, think its cos they take a bit of concentration to do so

SwivelHips Sun 17-Jun-12 03:00:33

Evening all, tonight I am staring morbidly into our Brown radiator wondering why ds1 won't bloody sleep yet can munch my tender nipples for 5 hours. No bloody snacks looked out either. Gah....

jaggythistle Sun 17-Jun-12 03:10:12

DS2 sounds like he has another runny nose coming on. this is not likely to help. i did try saline drops and he sneezed out a bit, but i can still hear loud snuffle sounds.

Can i play? My dd is on the four month sleep regression/growth spurt and shes literally awake 40 mins, sleep 40 mins but i've put off cosleeping as my dd1 3.5 is a terrible sleeper and never in her own bed. I struggle to stay awake.

I'm not joking i use the time to do xmas/birthday shopping! Each night i have a person and spend each feed browsing for ideas and shopping around. It keeps me awake comparing prices and ideas etc. that and pinterest app, mumsnet, daily mail and games like move the box.

When i had dd1 i used to just sit staring into the darkness. Thank god for iphone.

FootprintsOfTheQueen Sun 17-Jun-12 03:40:55

Previous dc I watched the west wing (found 45 minute episode lengths just right). This time round, I stream iplayer t o the iPad. always have a snack and a drink stashed at the top of the crib to help get me started.

Squiglettsmummy2bx Sun 17-Jun-12 03:44:11

Awake here too. I feed lying down so play on my phone, shop on it, use the kindle app, fb, mn etc but have been known to drop it & fall asleep blush

InsomniaQueen Sun 17-Jun-12 04:06:23

During feeding time at the IQ zoo I tend to MN (obviously), read my kindle, catch up on texts and facebook from the day, make lists for shopping and things to do later that day, play fruit ninja (very addictive), think about food and secretly curse DH's lack of boob which would allow us to share night feeds! grin

But I still fall asleep towards the end on some nights so I put her in a safe position when I start feeding so I know if I drop off she will be fine, as I only tend to cat nap if I fall asleep during a feed and she goes back to her crib once I wake up.

luckysocks Sun 17-Jun-12 04:08:38

Tonight, I fell asleep again with DD in bed until 1.30. Since then, we've been in an endless eat, grunt, poo cycle.

She sleeps/eats really well in the daytime confused

I have been reading and trying not to cry <pathetic>

luckysocks Sun 17-Jun-12 04:14:01

IQ I also curse DH for his lack of feeding apparatus smile and begin to wonder if a large part of his pro-bf outlook is that he doesn't have to do any of it. I'm currently in nursery/spare room again while he gets a lovely nights sleep... grrrr

tara0202 Sun 17-Jun-12 04:15:57

Eating apples sounds like a good idea. Healthier than the blueberry muffin I've just devoured!

I'm actually not feeling too bad at the moment as went to bed earlier as ds had a mammoth 2 hour feed so left him with dh. Got in some sleep between 9 and 20 to 1.

I'm also liking the idea of online shopping, might be interesting to see what on earth I' at this time of night!

Babylon1 Sun 17-Jun-12 04:34:46

Morning!!! 1st get up tonight!!! DS went down at 10pm after a mammoth feed and is just up feeding now!

I feel so blessed as he's only 7 weeks, and though not quite sleeping through, it's good enough for me!!! smile

He'll go back down after this feed until probably 7.30ish, then that's my day starting properly!

musicalmrs Sun 17-Jun-12 04:35:33

Back on the bedroom floor here..

Softly, hope you're surviving ok on your own. My DH went off to work abroad when DD was less than 2wks- hard work but got me used to going it alone. Not looking forward to his imminent long trips though <wibble>

Co-sleeping definitely helped me.. But was so paranoid about squishing DD that I wanted to get her back in the Moses basket asap!

MummyPigandDaddyPig Sun 17-Jun-12 08:54:40

Lovely to see so many other lovelies up at night, makes me feel better that I'm not the only one!!! ( purchases huge imaginary kettle for tonight, any suggestions for tonights snacks? Shall we dig in to those hobnobs maybe? Although I doubt they will still be there tonight as I am tempted to start nibbling now....)

Softly and MusicalMrs, I know how you feel, DH has just left for work for the first time since DC3's birth 2 weeks ago and I am now left with the 3 on my own for a couple of days. Although daunting its nice in a way as I am used to my own space and routine, and when DH is home it all goes to pot most days as daddy is king with the older ones. So today we will go back to boring mummys military routine and all will be well (smug grin that will be wiped off by clever DC's in no time) AND I get to be queen of the remote and user of the ENTIRE duvet Whooohahaha.....

WelshRabbit Sun 17-Jun-12 09:48:18

In the early days I got a free trial of Netflix and watched trashy TV series on my IPad with headphones. That and Mumsnet.

InsomniaQueen Sun 17-Jun-12 18:18:19

lucky socks you are not pathetic - bf is bloody hard work and it makes you feel terrible when you see other mothers and they seem so 'together'!

Don't beat yourself up over it, by bf you are giving your DD a fantastic start and every feed you get through is an accomplishment especially when your tired and overwrought.


Ellellie Sun 17-Jun-12 18:33:56

Marking my place for tonight's fun and games!

DS(13 weeks) has decided that he doesn't want to be put down in his cot after an early morning feed, so I have to sit up with him. Not so bad until you factor in me having to watch DP fast asleep in our really comfy brand new bed whilst I sit with DS in the rocking chair (which is actually quite comfy itself, so can't complain really :-P)

See you ladies in about 8 hours wink

luckysocks Sun 17-Jun-12 22:09:35

Thanks IQ smile

Not only does DD feed endlessly, but she is another one who only really sleeps on me. I came to bed at 7pm in desperation but no sleep yet.

Every time I put her down her eyes spring open.

Eventually I'll just stop needing sleep at all, right?

Tonight I am shopping for trainers.

MummyPigandDaddyPig Mon 18-Jun-12 03:23:46

Here again....have been browsing rightmove gasping in horror at the neighbours terrible interior design skills (notes own half finished attempt....) has also eaten DC's chewee bars and a pear....and downloaded fruit ninja app! DC3 refusing to burp so is rocking the house with loud hickups!
no chance of a nap today its been full on, very very tired tonight....zzzzz

justabigdisco Mon 18-Jun-12 04:15:40

Just downloaded fruit ninja after reading this thread... What a great game! Now just need to stop playing and try and sleep seeing as DD has gone back to

Babylon1 Mon 18-Jun-12 04:21:00

I need to download some new apps; bubble buster is great and berry very addictive, but a bit repetitive so doesn't really help with the staying awake thing!!!

Currently on feed number 3 tonight hmm
I think DS may be starting another growth spurt!!!!

We've just come out of the growth spurt, back to one waking except now dd1 has been having weird night terrors so i've got her in my bed, dd2 feeding and dh snoring in dd1's room across the landing.

Back to online shopping for me....

MummyPigandDaddyPig Tue 19-Jun-12 02:45:25

Dr's Wife I liked your idea of online bday shopping! Might give it a go!

Ellellie Tue 19-Jun-12 03:36:15

Gah! I think I may have to put spikes in the back of this chair to stop it being so damn comfy whilst I'm trying to feed and keep my eyes open!

OneTwoOrThree Tue 19-Jun-12 03:39:34


Thought DC had started t sleep through as had 4 consecutive nights of sleeping from 10/11 til 6/7, but.......

jetstar Tue 19-Jun-12 03:40:54

Hello, I have been here but my iPod hasn't been letting me post the last couple of nights hmm
4 week old dd2 in our house and MN has been a godsend smile I also do word games, solitaire and monopoly to stay awake. My screen is a bit small for some things though!
Hope everyone is doing ok tonight ...

tara0202 Tue 19-Jun-12 04:39:49

Evening, or is it morning now? Mummypiganddaddypig - rightmove for me too tonight!

I'm just wondering how on earth I got through night feeds (or actually any feeds) with my dd 3 years ago as I didn't have a smart phone!

I'm actually feeling fine at the moment, I know I'll get back to sleep soon and come getting up.time with baby and dd I'll be feeling half dead with tiredness! Maybe I should just get up now!

ImissMiniPop Tue 19-Jun-12 04:49:17

Morning, I am not actually breastfeeding as my baby is in NICU after being born 10 weeks early, but I am expressing every 3 hours including overnight so this thread has been really useful, as the sound of the pump does noting to help keep me awake!! smile

have also been looking at rightmove, but that's because we need to find a flat to rent in London v quickly.

Also had my snacks prepared tonight smile

MummyPigandDaddyPig Wed 20-Jun-12 01:24:37

Hi Minipop and welcome! Hope you and your little one are doing well. Good luck with the flat hunt! Cant help with London flats, but can recommend several badly decorated houses in the south west...

SwivelHips Wed 20-Jun-12 01:50:49

Morning, is it morning? I dunno so bloody tired. In for the long haul here, ds has woken up after a grand total of 39 mins Gah.
He has the mad farts tonight poor wee thing, nipples are taking a battering.

Babylon1 Wed 20-Jun-12 03:15:44

Morning all nightfeeders!!! I'm here again for my 3.15 am check in!!!

Too hot here in midlands tonight, sticky sleeping sad

Have found the perfect gro-bag for DS though - by george at asda, so lightweight with little stars grin

He loves it and so do I!!

ImissMiniPop Wed 20-Jun-12 03:16:09

Thanks mummypig he's doing ok so far thank you, a little bit of a windy tummy & reflux, but they say this is normal for such small babies.

So I am trying two expressing sessions overnight tonight. 3am and 7am. Will have to see if this produces enough milk, as DS is on 41mls every three hours.

Otherwise, back to every three hours.

Snacks tonight are M&S flapjack cookies (oats are good for milk production right?? grin), dried apricots and some chocolate smile and a glass of milk smile

Morning! grin I've been lurking for a couple of nights. I'm bf'ing ds (dc3) who is almost 4 weeks old.

All this talk of snacks, I really want some food but I've only shifted a stone of the 3 I put on in pregnancy & my weightloss seems to have stalled. angry I'm craving nature valley granola bars which I'm convinced are actually hobnobs disguised as something healthy.

Ds is one of these little buggers babies that wakes as soon as I put him in the moses basket after a feed. He's currently sleeping on my lap & I'm plucking up the courage to try & move him into his basket.

Babylon1 Wed 20-Jun-12 03:30:06

Hi minipop, I missed your earlier post. Sorry to hear your baby is in NICU, any luck with the flat hunt??

mini when was your baby born? Have they told you when he's likely to come home?

Babylon1 Wed 20-Jun-12 03:32:57

Hi sunbeams!!!

Don't worry about the weight loss - all on good time!! DC is only 4 weeks ???

My DS is 7 weeks and weight loss is slow, but steady, not helped by me not craving healthy snack bars, but craving giant sized bars of dairy milk and such like!!!

Babylon1 Wed 20-Jun-12 03:34:48

Oh and full fat coke!!! Need a pint of it on the middle of the night, usually for 3 am feed blush

My poor teeth sad

Omg don't talk to me about dairy milk. When I was pregnant I craved it & could easily eat a giant bar in 2 days, actually I could have eaten it in 1 but was trying to show a bit of restraint!

Also loving hot choc with whipped cream with an apple & cinnamon muffin. Oh what I wouldn't do for that right now.

Right, about to try & move my boy now....

Sunbeams I too have a DS who will stir as soon as I try and out him down in the crib, and kick off with the screaming. He is currently asleep on my chest while I plot the best cause of action.

He is having a bad night with wind that I just can't shift, despite infacol and every winding position known to man. Poor love. I did discover that a good old walk in the pram over rough terrain yesterday evening did wonders for shifting wind - he was farting like a trooper!

Right, tried to put him down, but he started screaming again. Now back on my chest. Hmm hmm what next?

I don't have any snacks by my bed, I should rectify that, I am starving!

PoppyWearer Wed 20-Jun-12 03:57:50

Sunbeams don't worry about your weight just now. Be conscious of it, but don't worry. See my post up thread, DC2 now 10mo and I'm down to shifting the last few lbs now of a 3 stone weight gain. It was even easier first time around. (I recommend WeightWatchers.)

In any case, losing weight when breastfeeding is really tough. Your body is telling you to eat and drink and preserve weight, you are trying to do the opposite. That's why on WeightWatchers bf'ing mums get a whopping 14 (yes 14) extra ProPoints per day. 7 extra if you mix-feed.

The real danger zone, IME, is when you stop bf'ing, having got into a habit of eating whatever but no longer needing the extra calories! And also when thy start weaning, 6-9 months, and feed less.

As for teeth....well, pregnancy and maternity will have done more damage to them that anything you can eat or drink, sadly, at least according to my dentist who has out my teeth back together after both pregnancies. Another one of the little joys of motherhood!

tara0202 Wed 20-Jun-12 04:01:23


Hi minipop, hope your baby is home soon and right as rain smile

I had a snickers as a snack tonight. I must try and be more healthy, its just not working though! All I want is chocolate or blueberry muffins. Think its will power I need.

For those of you whose baby doesn't want to go in the basket, my ds was like that til about a week ago (he's 6 weeks now). He's not perfect now but much better at just settling in the basket so hopefully it will be better for you very soon!

PoppyWearer Wed 20-Jun-12 04:01:48

Tea if he has wind he'll be comfiest on his front, hence not wanting to go on his back in the crib.

Try on his side?

My DS has been comfiest on his front from the start, so have done lots of cuddling and co-sleeping as obviously sleeping on their fronts isn't recommended for safety reasons, but now he can roll it's what DS prefers.

teaandhobnobs it's like a stealth military mission trying to get them into bed! Ds currently in his bed now but is grunting, groaning, bleating like a sheep (wtf?) & the basket is creaking..... sigh.

jetstar Wed 20-Jun-12 04:16:24

This thread is making me more hungry ;) having wind trouble here too, is infacol worth a try? Didn't need it with dd1.

Thanks Poppy, I put him on his side and curled myself around him, and after another 5 mins of screaming he seems to have finally gone off! Am watching him for a bit longer though to make sure before I turn the light off and try to go back to sleep myself!

Sunbeams the bleating noises are hilarious, aren't they? When DS was in SCBU, we decided which animals all the babies in the room sounded like - DS was a goat, there were two cats and a duck grin

Now he is doing these little sighs in his sleep, so cute! except occasionally interspersed with the noise of vomit

Uh oh, a bit of stirring and pulling his legs up... Nope he still seems to be sleeping - I think I might be safe! Signing off until tomorrow!

OneTwoOrThree Wed 20-Jun-12 05:49:41

Morning <waves>

5.30 waking for a feed is so much better than 1/2/3am. Almost feel like I've had a nights sleep grin

The day starts here though as toddler will be up at 6.30 ish.

ImissMiniPop Wed 20-Jun-12 07:07:28

Thanks babylon, no luck with flat yet but some viewings today. Fingers crossed!

munmy Minipop was born at 30wks, and he's 3 weeks old now, but 33+ 4 really smile it's down to him when he comes home now, he just needs to gain some weight and establish feeding. He's started taking expressed milk via a bottle, but is still fed by tube too ad he's so little bottle feeding tires him out.

tea did your little one stop asleep? Minipop suffers from wind too, I think it's because they're premature and their poor little tums have to work harder.

grin re the SCBU animal noises, mine sounds like a little bird smile

morning one waves back and offers virtual biscuit

vvviola Wed 20-Jun-12 11:47:01

I'm getting ready for my night feeds now that you are all wide awake.

Mind you, 9 month old DD who has been waking nearly every hour for months not only settled herself to sleep in her cot (on her front), but has also been asleep for over 3 hours...!

I don't want to settle down to sleep in case she wakes a few minutes later... but she is sleeping so peacefully. (and I'm trying not to stress about her sleeping on her front for the first time)

Ellellie Fri 22-Jun-12 01:23:02

jkklpu I hate it when that happens :-(

I'm back again! Not sure what this small child is playing at though, normally he'll go from 11 till 3...

I'm going to need matchsticks for my eyes!

Ellellie Fri 22-Jun-12 02:46:25

Back again...

I don't know how to cope with this. I hope it doesn't continue for the rest of the night.

MummyPigandDaddyPig Fri 22-Jun-12 02:50:55

First feed tonight for me too, not too bad as wentto bed at 10. DC lazy latcher tonigh, keeps falling off the boob snooring.

I had a bad day yesterday, I tried on ALL my trousers and not a single pair fitted. Am the heaviest i've ever been and it made me really upset. Im one of the silly people who put on weight whilst BF, and both previous pgs havent started to loose the babyweight until I stopped feeding. The thought of being this size Is terrifying and depressing. Sorry to rant but I just want my body back a little bit so I can feel like me again. Boooo. I know i shoulnt worry I have a healthy baby and a good life but seeing all the photos of newborn baby with giant tripplechinned mummy isnt helping either. Rant over.
I will now annoy DH by eating a noisy crunchy apple in bed. Ha!

MummyPigandDaddyPig Fri 22-Jun-12 02:55:29

elleille, poor you, thank god for technology to keep us awake! The light from the ipad is keeping me awake tonight...going back to rightmove now as falling asleep trying to read/post/ use brain...;)

ImissMiniPop Fri 22-Jun-12 02:57:19

Morning! 2:30am expressing session just coming to an end, I am SO tired... Just munching on chocolate to help keep me awake. Blurgh.....!

Ellellie Fri 22-Jun-12 03:03:46

I feel the same way MummyPig (although I'm only on my first child!) I thought breastfeeding would help me lose weight, so far not too much. I wasn't in the best of shape before I got pregnant and having my picture taken was tolerable (ie I wouldn't mind being tagged on Facebook) however I found myself the other day asking my friend not to post a picture of DS and me because I'm just so big and tired looking :-(


Saritabean Fri 22-Jun-12 03:11:15

Hi everyone,

First outing in this thread, 2nd feed tonight, although I'm pleased because DD not been feeding well and not gaining weight! (exclamation mark for 'pleased It's the second feed' not 'not feeding well and not gaining weight') !! wink

Good on you ImissMinipop with the expressing- my DD was also prem-29+4, now is 16 weeks old (5.5 corrected) and been home for 6 wks, I managed to express until she could BF and although having some probs now, am really pleased to have got this far. Hope all goes well with you DS

games I play geared to keep me awake! And MN of course!!

Saritabean Fri 22-Jun-12 03:20:35

P.s. DD also did the grunty burpy bleating noises when put down, and then would wake up- despite trying everythin, it was immensely hard to settle her on her back (even though she was always on her back in SCBU... confused so we ended up trying her on her tummy, and MAGIC!! So despite the advice, it is the only way she or DH and I can get any sleep at all...

Morning all

mummypig same as you re weight. I somehow put on 3 stone in this preg (only put on 2 with my other 2) & have only managed to shift 1. Feeling like such a lardy-arse & want to punch people who say 'go easy on yourself you've just had a baby'. Yeah 4 weeks ago & I still look 8 months pregnant. angry I'm also 1 of these people who doesn't lose weight with bf'ing. It doesn't help when people say you need to eat more to help your supply. It also doesn't help that I'm still eating as though I'm pregnant! blush

jetstar Fri 22-Jun-12 03:46:56

Hello all,
Regular 3am feeder here!
Well done to those of us who are expressing, it's so great what you are doing for your babes smile
I too have weight issues and am determined to get back to a better weight/size for me this time round. Only after the 3 month bf mark though, until then I need treats to keep me going ;)

SwivelHips Fri 22-Jun-12 04:11:58

Hello from the 4am shift if there's anyone left. Ds biting my nipple off.whilst doing the biggest farts poor thing.
I agree, don't think I can cutbthe treats until I get some sleep back. Crikey another 2 months.
My tummy is a weird shape post section, I looked better when pregnant.
Ds was another scbu grunter that slept quite happily on his back, nowadays no bloody chance.
I am ravenous...

jaggythistle Fri 22-Jun-12 04:25:59

hello. just away to try and put DS2 back to bed after a marathon... feed, be sick on himself while pooing, then sick on another 2 sleepsuit and vest combos while trying to dress him, then another feed. <mops sweat from brow>

DH got the easy job of just holding a grinning baby , while i cleaned him up and rummaged for more sleepsuits!

i think I've been up since about 1.30 somehow, except for the bit after the first feed and before the first puke. stop leaking milk baby!

tara0202 Fri 22-Jun-12 05:02:06

Evening all. Up for the first Time tonight so not too bad. He's feeding calmly for the first feed in a few days. He's been writhing around on me!

I have mastitis and have anti biotics and also thrush cream for nipples! Am feeling v sorry for myself and hoping all this starts to feel a
bit easier soon. You hear a lot of "the first 6 weeks are the hardest" and my little
ds is 6 weeks today!

Right, think that's him asleep, time tostart the basket dance!

ImissMiniPop Fri 22-Jun-12 05:42:42

2 hours sleep & back up for 5:30 expressing session confused. our little one sleeps all the time atm in scbu, i did say to DP he's probably saving up all his crying for when he gets home grin

jaggy i've not quite got the hang of timing the extra wee when I change DS , so no matter how much I hover with a nappy covering bits waiting to catch it, as soon as I move he pees everywhere smile

tara ouch! hope things get easier soon,

Saritabean Fri 22-Jun-12 05:50:44

Minipops- once your milk supply has come up to quit a good amount you won't need to get up twice a night... I did just one night express as otherwise far too knackered- you have to make sure you look after yourself too!

Saritabean Fri 22-Jun-12 06:13:33

Mmmm - breakfast 'biscuits' Good excuse for a biscuit wink

golemmings Fri 22-Jun-12 06:25:15

You know, after 8 1/2mo months with dc2 it never occurred to me to eat in the middle of the night. No idea how I coped with dd before I had a smart phone but with DS I've relied on fb, mn, sudoku, BBC news and the kindle app.

He's a reflux baby so feeds lasted for hours; feed plus half an hour sitting up time. But last night he didn't wake for a feed for only the second time. (last time was after jabs).

OneTwoOrThree Fri 22-Jun-12 07:50:32

Morning ladies. Sounds like some of you had tough nights sad

Things were better for me with DC sleeping from 11ish til 7.30. Hope his helps you see light at the end of the tunnel.

Re the weightloss, I know the feeling! I never lost the weight from DC1 and felt horrid after DC2s birth.

I signed up to and it's been fab. Have a look, and read through the myfitnesspal support threads on here, then join us when you're ready grin

I've been following it for 10 weeks and have lost 19lbs. It's not been too difficult - mainly as it gives you an extra 500 calories per day for breastfeeding grin

I'm hoping to lose as much of my baby weight as possible by 6 months as the bonus calories for breastfeeding reduce when you start weaning an no doubt the diet will be harder with less calories to play with.

weedoll Fri 22-Jun-12 08:26:55

Morning! Only discovering this thread after a veeerrry long night sad for a long time there I was going on eBay and sleepily bidding on things Ireallydidn't--need then in the cold light of day finding out I was the highest bidderblush

Ellellie Fri 22-Jun-12 08:45:46

OneTwoOrThree I'm on Mfp but can't work out how to put the extra 500cal on for breastfeeding?! Do I have to put the total cal amount in manually?

My username is Ellellie on there if anyone wants to add me ;)

OneTwoOrThree Fri 22-Jun-12 09:06:42

Ellellie - search under foods for breastfeeding and you should find it. grin

Ellellie Fri 22-Jun-12 09:16:43

Awesome! Thanks muchly :-)

Softlysoftly Fri 22-Jun-12 09:27:15

Morning well after getting dd2 in her basket at 2am eventually she then woke at 3.30 and the rest is a blur! I do know I've fallen asleep reading this thread about 100 times and have spent most of the night asleep in the nursing chair not good!

ImissMiniPop Fri 22-Jun-12 09:27:17

thnks sarita it's nearly four weeks post birth and it's taken me this long to build up to any decent amount of milk, and I'm still not producing enough for all his feeds - always playing catch up. Am on Domperidon, and it's helped a bit but I don't have a huge amount of milk. So I'm trying to express every three hours to keep it going.

The HV did suggest expressing at 1am and then again at 6am, but i'm too scared incase it affects my already-rubbish supply!! smile

IMissMinipop you should try fenugreek for increasing your supply, it really does work. Remember you'll never get as much out when you use a pump as you will when you start to feed minipop straight from your boobs.

This thread is a lifesaver! I don't feel so alone at night any more & although I'm a third time mum, I'm still stressing about the small amount of time ds is actually spending in his basket every night. It's good to hear others are in the same boat.

tara lol at the basket dance!! grin

vvviola Fri 22-Jun-12 09:45:08

weedoll I used to do that too grin. And there was one memorable night when I was staying in a hotel with DH & DC, when I ended up sleeping in a chair as DD1 had got sick all over her bed so had to sleep in mine... I bought all the Christmas presents for my brother & family: managed to pay for delivery twice, sent two to the wrong address & spelt SIL's name wrong. I don't allow myself near shopping sites during night feeds now blush

SwivelHips Fri 22-Jun-12 10:29:40

Lol at basket dancing, I'm a basket dancer but I'm not very good at it.

MummyPigandDaddyPig Fri 22-Jun-12 10:56:37

tara, I can sympathise completly with the thrush and mastitis, its vile! Had it with DC2, and remember walking into local Drs surgery in tears with 2x screaming DC's in a huge double pram, begging to be seen as I was in agony. Think I scared the receptionist as I was seen straight away by a lovely female dr who took one look at me and said " dont worry we'll get this sorted" which made me cry even more... Our surgery is one of these where you can only get an appt if you ring the scary receptionist between 8.30 and 9 and she hands them out reluctantly like theyre golddust whilst asking "is it really urgent?" drives me mad!

MummyPigandDaddyPig Fri 22-Jun-12 21:04:08

Shameless bump to start off this evenings fun and games. Off to sleep now fingers xxed for a few hours!

ImissMiniPop Fri 22-Jun-12 21:07:57

Marking my place while doing the 9:30pm expressing session! smile see you at 1:30

Ellellie Fri 22-Jun-12 22:34:56

Hi ladies!

The start of another night of fun! Please cross all your fingers that I don't have another night like last night!

What snacks have everyone got? I've got some apples smile

Softlysoftly Fri 22-Jun-12 23:30:57

You lot get to go to bed for a bit?? I've been as usual feeding/holding since 6.30 while getting dd1 to bed one handed (DH works nights now he's back awesome). I know I'll be sat here until 2am enforce she even thins about allowing maybe 1 hr in the basket through sheer exhaustion sad

I have special K clusters and a milkybar plus more in reserve.

Softlysoftly Fri 22-Jun-12 23:31:55

*before she even thinks

Not a good sign I already can't type!

Ev'ning all. DS was horrendous last night - woke for a feed at 2:15 and would not go back to sleep! DH came to rescue me after feeding again at 4:30, but I'm sure DS still didn't go to sleep for a while after that. Urgh.

Right, going to try for a conk-out feed now, and maybe he will go until 2:30?

Catch you all later!

(still haven't sorted out nighttime snacks, doh!)

Yardarm Fri 22-Jun-12 23:43:53

I always used to feed in bed - warm, comfortable, often went back to sleep whilst feeding, but this only works if you are happy with co-sleeping.

Saritabean Sat 23-Jun-12 00:57:27

Was just getting into bed when Periwinkle here suddenly decides she's hungry...! Not too surprised though after the mammoth vomit at 2230.

Staying at the in laws tonight, hopefully she'll not scream too loudly when I'm changing her nappy pre-feed! wink

Ellellie Sat 23-Jun-12 01:07:17

Oh no softly how long is your DH doing nights for? My DP was working away last week so know how you feel with the solo bedtime.

I'm up again. Really needing Fashion Police smile

Evening all (or morning, whatever)

Last night ds must have slept in his basket for about 20 mins max, at least tonight is a slight improvement as he's been there since about 10pm & has just woke for the first feed now. The problem is I get sooooo tired sitting up in bed bf'ing that if he doesn't cooperate, I end up just laying down with him & co-sleeping just to get some sleep.

softly have you tried a sling? I've used one with all my 3 & I can honestly say its one of the best investments I've made. It just allows you to get on with everyday things with the added bonus of getting your baby to sleep at the same time. Also it's really easy to transfer them into their cot/basket when they are asleep. The one I'm using this time is by Lifft Slings & I bought it second hand from eBay.

tea&Hobnobs did you sort out snacks?

I've been looking into the pantley pull off method - not as rude as it sounds lol! I'm aware that I seem to be feeding ds to sleep at night & want to stop that before it becomes a habit. I think I tried it at 10pm & I think it worked but I'm too fricking tired
to remember! confused

Yikes scary stuff - just been speaking to someone over on another thread who along with her 15 week old dd & her dh has just been evacuated from her house near Preston as 35 feet of floodwater are expected. Will now probably not sleep as will be running through evacuation procedure for us and the 3dc's in my head - even though we live in Surrey, have no rain & live nowhere near a river!

MummyPigandDaddyPig Sat 23-Jun-12 03:57:03

Morning all, DC3 on boob, and DC1 and 2 must be attempting Euro cup final penalty kicks in their sleep as they are both thrashing about like crazy. DH away again so am perched on the edge of the bed with baby and ipad. its all solo onehanded parenting from MummyPig again.
Kids have been very good, but Im just so tired in the evening and get snappy with them, and then I feel terrible once they are finally asleep. Managed to skip all the booring bits of tonights story though ( hooraayy!) who on earth writes the Disney story books? They make no sense half the time and DC1 is obsessed with them esp Beauty and the Beast....

Tonights snack is bananas...quiet fruit to keep DC's asleep...needto buy some breakfast biscuits, theyre not too bad if I remember rightly! Had the AllBran ones with me in hospital, ate the whole pack during my 48h stay, almost starved to death by hospital food! at least I was prepared and had snacks and teabags with me so I could have a decent cup-of-yummy-yorkshire builders tea. Could do with one now. (thinks of ways to install kettle hotel type tray on bedside table....)

jetstar Sat 23-Jun-12 04:15:49

Morning all smile the birds are already singing here! Dawn chorus.

MLS I haven't heard of the pantley pull off method. Does sound a bit cheeky, whose pants get pulled off? grin
Scary about that flooding, hope the family wii be ok.

ImissMiniPop Sat 23-Jun-12 04:21:23

Morning, after reading a few websites decided to do an extra pump session before bed and then get a longer sleep overnight as getting three two hour sleeps a night isn't enough. Minipop is a bit poorly atm, so I need to make sure I don't get poorly too.

I have some pistachios and some crackers for snacks but am too tired to eat them!


Morning jetstar just posted to you on the other thread. Isn't mn a wonderful thing, I don't know how I managed night bf'ing my other 2 without it! I actually feel like I don't want to go to sleep, posting inane ramblings is too addictive!! grin

The pantley pull off <fnar-fnar> is when you pull your nipple out as you feel them drifting off & you gently hold their mouth shut with your finger on their chin. I did manage to get ds asleep in his basket about half an hour ago but he started writhing around after a bit so I took him out & burped him, fed him & he's now asleep on my lap. Time for the basket dance shortly. confused

Oh dear thinking of little minipop. Sending healing vibes your way.

Saritabean Sat 23-Jun-12 04:44:00

Thinking of you too minipopsmum having been there ourselves very recently... You sound like you're doing brill. I think you're v sensible though trying to get more sleep overnight.

Forgot to bring the breakfast biscuits to MILs... sad

Feel v peckish now.... Mmmm think I might need to raid MILs kitchen cupboards!!! grin

cmm Sat 23-Jun-12 04:57:06

Hi mini pop hope little pop gets stronger soon. Remember you from pp thread. I too am up feeding checking fb mn etc!! My little fella has been up feeding for ages now!!! Well he was one this week!!! Do t think he wants to give it up yet!! X

Saritabean Sat 23-Jun-12 05:30:54

OMG, just had half an hour battle to get screaming rooting hungry baby to latch on.... We're both exhausted!!

jetstar Sat 23-Jun-12 09:49:55

Sorry to hear that Saritabean we had struggles like that when DD was younger. Hospital midwife suggested lots of skin to skin cuddles to try to relax.
MLS I'm near guildford smile used to live in Woking (when I was single!) I agree I don't know how I managed with DD1 and no phone to MN on! May have to try the pantly pull off myself (titter)
minipop do take care of yourself and hope little pop gets better soon

Softlysoftly Sat 23-Jun-12 10:13:09

Hope monipop is feeling better today, well I was pleasantly surprised dd2 went into Moses at 2 and stayed until 5 whoop, then fed and went back down but had woken dd1 who clambered into our bed and would t go back off sad

Got my friends wedding today though so looking forward to that, tonights snacks will be leftover wedding cake!

DH is on nights forever he has a restaurant, gets mon and tues eve free and that's it grrr. Oh and sling is a plan I have booked to attend a sling library in Cardiff so hoping to get some advice.

Babylon1 Sat 23-Jun-12 13:38:48

I missed the thread last night.

DS went through from 9pm til 5.30am grin

I'm feeling very very blessed today and hoping he may continue with this!!

Which actually means he'll be awake every two hours tonight!!! I just know it!! wink

Arrrggghhhh cant even keep my eyes open to type...

Babylon1 Sun 24-Jun-12 01:15:44

I'm here!! Knew I would be!

Saritabean Sun 24-Jun-12 02:01:41

Oh dear babylon1! Welcome to the nights antics... As a plus- at least you know that you're not alone! Hopefully it's a one off and you'll go through from now!

Thanks jetstar - DD is so fickle... Amazing feed one time, fussy feed next, no idea why one or the other! that second feed last night lasted 2hrs before she'd settle... Let's hope tonight's efforts are better!!! Especially as important weigh in tomorrow hmm

MummyPigandDaddyPig Sun 24-Jun-12 02:21:27

Am here too! Breakfast biscuits on hand today! And bananas!
Hope baby minipop is better, and that all our little babies are behaving this evening! smile
Went to bed st 7 with the kids, so feel quite human at 2.20 in the morning!

Saritabean Sun 24-Jun-12 02:39:03

Wow mummypig bed at 7 is amazing! Despite not having more DC than little periwinkle here I may have to try that tonight....!

MILs house last night, mums tonight... No snacks by bed, but Dads chocolate birthday cake sitting downstairs all lonely and may need some company... wink

Aaarrrrgghhh nodding off again. Have nothing constructive to say other than I was so tired at last feed I managed to drop-kick my phone from the bed onto wooden floorboards. What's racket.

karatekimmi Sun 24-Jun-12 03:52:49

Hello can I join in?

Who'd have thought a couple of years ago that 3 in the morning was for feeding and watching baby's poo and trying to guess whether they had finished or if there was more to come! This used to be getting a kebab on the way home time!!

Saritabean Sun 24-Jun-12 03:54:38

Well... 3 attempts for a good feed, 1 vomit/choking episode, 1 DH woken up for help with choking baby, 1 yummy breakfast biscuit and 2 hours later, gonna try and put her down cos my neck's aching from doing the nodding dog!!!

ImissMiniPop Sun 24-Jun-12 04:42:29

Basket dance and nodding dog?? are these yoga poses, or something i should know about for when minipop gets home? grin

Minipop seemed a little bit better yesterday, he was awake all through his feed at 7pm (via a tube, as he was really tired from taking a bottle at 4pm, and his antibiotics).

Good job I put my alarm on as I slept through my 2am expressing session! confused

it's peeing with rain in central london, and left the washing out - doh!!

hope all your babies are being good! forgot to sort snacks and the only thing in reach is DPs chocolate... grin

jetstar Sun 24-Jun-12 05:52:44

Welcome kimmi smile
3rd feed of the night here and we're going for the lying down position this time (DH in spare room getting actual sleep) maybe we will snooze, who knows?
Good news on the mini pop front smile hope it continues, unlike the rain (it's raining here too)
<waves to everyone, but hopes you are asleep>

jetstar Sun 24-Jun-12 05:53:12

Welcome kimmi smile
3rd feed of the night here and we're going for the lying down position this time (DH in spare room getting actual sleep) maybe we will snooze, who knows?
Good news on the mini pop front smile hope it continues, unlike the rain (it's raining here too)
<waves to everyone, but hopes you are asleep>

jetstar Sun 24-Jun-12 05:55:50

Sorry about that, phone went wibbly blush

Softlysoftly Mon 25-Jun-12 00:38:42

Evening/morning --who blimmin knows anymore--all! DD2 slept from 10pm until now on my tummy on the sofa with DH on watch! So technically as he woke me to go into work this is the first feed of the night.

Tonight's snacks are milky bar and special k again! How are we all?

Babylon how old is dc? Just so I know where the light at the end of the tunnel begins!

Ellellie Mon 25-Jun-12 01:29:08

Morning all...

Was soooo toasty in bed, I'm being kept awake now by the sudden cold my body is feeling! Hopefully DS will have this feed and go through until 5 or something. Not sure if I could cope with 2 hour feeds again tonight!

Tonights snacks are Alpen Light and apples.

ImissMiniPop Mon 25-Jun-12 01:57:15

Morning.. Yawn!

My snacks are Chocolate, raisins and a satsuma smile I had to set the alarm for this expressing session, otherwise would have slept through again.

ImissMiniPop Mon 25-Jun-12 02:17:28

Really need to stop eating chocolate now blush

MummyPigandDaddyPig Mon 25-Jun-12 02:29:11

Morning all!! Tonight is pills and water, hello mastitis!!! Grrr! Woke yesterday morning with sore boob and fever, typical on a sunday! Must say the out of hours dr service was fab and I was seen and had antibiotics in hand by lunchtime. Quite impressive! Boob blotchy and sore still but fever down so we are getting there. DCs have been angelic, really proud mummy today...well DC1 who is 3 did wee in the bath....and my kitchen floor is covered in cous cous and gordon the tank engine is covered in green glitterglue!

Lovely DC3 makes a lovely warm hot waterbottle this evening and I am tempted to just curl up with her in my arms, but better not as the bed hopping brigade will turn up any minute no doubt!!

Will download my fitnesspal app next, thanks for the tip!smile

Hope all babies are being good and that mummies are getting some sleep!

MummyPigandDaddyPig Mon 25-Jun-12 02:31:52

Oh minipop, choooclaaate.....ohhh...want some please!!;)grin

Saritabean Mon 25-Jun-12 04:01:33

Morning all! Poor you mummypig, sounds sore sad

Second feed of the night. V fractious DD as the little periwinkle needs to do a poo..! blush I know she's saving it up til 1 hr before weigh in tomorrow today, when we're gonna have a poonami wink

Breakfast biscuits for me on the snack front. Chocolate sounds much better minipopsmum!

Babylon1 Mon 25-Jun-12 04:49:03

Just done 3rd feed of the night sad

What's that all about huh?? Two nights sleeping through then 3 feeds in one night???!

No snacks to hand either, had to make do with flat cherryade sad

ImissMiniPop Mon 25-Jun-12 04:50:12

Ouch mummypig sad hope it clears up very soon.

Lol at poonami grin sarita how much does little one weight atm?

Softlysoftly Mon 25-Jun-12 06:01:25

Oh mummy pig hope it clears soon!

Glad to hear minipop is doing well!

Babylon sorry that is awful the false hope of a nights sleep snatched away!

Dd2 is on her 2nd feed so pleased with her as she slept in
Moses in between yey! Apart from 1 hrs accidental cosleep on a pillow which was so unsafe sad. DD1 is now awake and in our bed do have shifted to nursing chair to be safe and am hoping she goes back to sleep!

Saritabean Mon 25-Jun-12 06:30:29

Currently weighs 5lb1oz (2.3kg) needs at least 2oz gain I reckon to satisfy everyone involved!! Fingers crossed, but after a crying fit now instead of feeding session, I'm not sure what'll happen hmm

Saritabean Mon 25-Jun-12 06:39:30

Finally stopped crying enough latch on smile

DD looks confused at the biscuit crumbs raining down on her grin

ImissMiniPop Mon 25-Jun-12 08:52:51

oh bless her! Glad she fed in the end.. smile I always worry about getting biscuit crumbs in minipop's expressed milk grin

Saritabean Mon 25-Jun-12 22:09:31

Yey- 2oz wt gain! Not dreading tonight's antics quite as much as normal as I know it's having some good effect on her weight smile

Gonna try and go to bed ASAP...!!

MummyPigandDaddyPig Mon 25-Jun-12 22:42:16

Well done Sarita and baby periwinkle! Hope you get a few hours good sleep!! We have weigh in on wed, not too worried as DC3 is bursting out of her newborn sized babygros at 4 weeks, and i'm having to take back alot of her lovely gifts to change them into bigger sizes. I kept all my gifts when DC1 was born, now I m a terror with gifts, if I dont like it it goes back and is changed for practical babygros and packs of vests in bigger sizes. I just think its a shame that alot of stuff doesnt get worn, and all you really need is vests and babygros until they get to the crawling stage. I do try to be sensitive and polite and thank everyone for their lovely gifts (then run off and change them...) smile Bad Mummy...

Babylon1 Mon 25-Jun-12 23:11:08

Good news Sarita grin

I've just fed DS a big long massive feed. He's had both boobs and we got some really good wind up, and he's now in his crib snoring very softly!!

I've bought snacks up tonight of cashews, wotsits, galaxy bar, grapes and strawberries along with a 2 ltr bottle of pepsi max!!

<secretly hopes they'll bd there for breakfast tmrw morning grin >

Saritabean Tue 26-Jun-12 02:45:11

Evening/morning all!

Does anyone else's DC wake up screaming hungry, such that they fill themselves full of wind crying before they've even started...?! Anyone would think that I starve the poor child...! I change her nappy quick as poss then try and calm her down a little to try and burp her v briefly, otherwise she's in such a state she can't latch on confused

What a little wind bag!!!

Whoops forgot the snacks sad

But did download the infamous 50 shades of grey to my kindle... Hope it's as good as the hype!

Softlysoftly Tue 26-Jun-12 04:16:01

Sarita I don't tend to change dd2 until she's had one boob as then she is far calmer.

Just had a mammoth feed from 2 until 4.14 so hoping she will go down now and dd1 stays asleep argh!

50 shades I've been told badly written mummy porn by some and loved it by others so let us know!! ;)

Softlysoftly Tue 26-Jun-12 04:16:44

Oh and tonight has been fuelled by special k and milkybar, I really need new snacks!

jetstar Tue 26-Jun-12 04:30:37

Hello again, I'm still here. Having a fed up night sad (no pun intended)
Wish I could fast forward my life til the part where it gets easier. I bloody hope it does get easier! What I wouldn't give for 6 hours sleep...

MummyPigandDaddyPig Tue 26-Jun-12 05:09:51

Very sloow and lazy baby this evening, snoozing on the boob yet screams when but back down... Had massive poo poo so hoping that will have calmed her now.
50 shades wasnt my cup of tea but Iknow other people loved it. I ended up flicking through the boring bits and just reading the steamy bits...which got a bit dulltoo...But dont be put off by boring me, other people rave about it!
Personally I loved the Hungergames trilogy and anything by Marian Keyes (although her last two were a little off her usual standard, I am really looking fwds to the new one which is rumoured to be the long awaited Helen Walsh story! ) Have downloaded jojo moyles you before me but am too tired to start....the last book I read was the Simon Cowell book, quite interessting if you are an xfactor fan...

ImissMiniPop Tue 26-Jun-12 06:08:09

I was so tired I wrote a post, and forgot to post it..! blush

This is from midnight -
Ahhh, that's great news Sarita. smile I am very pleased as it seems all my expressing is paying off and minipop is also putting on weight. he'd now 4.8lb, and off the antibiotics. yay!

Just doing session 7 of 8 today, snacks at the ready are: choc covered pretzels, raisins, satsuma and a plum :-)

I did 2am express but when the alarm went off at 4:50 I just couldnt wake up, so am an hour late and am being fuelled by jaffa cakes & milk. smile

Softlysoftly Tue 26-Jun-12 08:45:37

So the below message was written and not posted, think i may have dozed off at the end! DD2 just asleep DDd1 up so still no bed for me gag long long night!

I really enjoyed hunger games too, I'm excited about the new Terry Prayvhettfyhcgfyh

Babylon1 Tue 26-Jun-12 14:20:46

I've got the 50 Shades of Grey book, and I can't decide, based in the reviews I've read about it, whether to read it or not confused

And just as I hoped, my stash of snacks became a quick breakfast as little man slept through til 6am grin

He's had 1st injections today though, so expecting a rough few days now sad

HalleLouja Tue 26-Jun-12 20:16:12

If I fell asleep it did used to wind me up a bit as it was usually the first side then she would want feeding the other side sooner. Apart from that I used to just enjoy the sleep. Loved my android.

Oh I've got 50 shades on my kindle but have got to finish the book I'm reading 1st though.

softlysoftly loving your sleep-post!

I've not posted for a couple of days because I've literally not been able to keep my eyes open during feeds! I've lost count of the amount of neck-crunching head-nods I've done & the number of times I've dropped my iPhone.

Righty-ho off to bed, speak later if I'm able to stay awake!

Babylon1 Tue 26-Jun-12 22:22:25

I'll be climbing the wooden hill soon too! Snacks in abundance, eyes feeling like sandpits!!!

Night all!!

Saritabean Tue 26-Jun-12 22:24:11

Evening all!

Have you read the Enid blyton thread on 'chat' - brilliant way to stay awake- hilarious grin

ImissMiniPop Tue 26-Jun-12 23:19:41

Evening everyone, hoep you've all had a good day? Just done two evening express sessions, and now off to catch 2 hours before the 1, 4 and 7 am sessions.

Chocolate covered pretzels, raisins and a satsuma at the ready for snacking... if I am awake enough, of course!

Am sending sleepy baby signals to all your little ones to make them sleep longer and feed well grin

MummyPigandDaddyPig Wed 27-Jun-12 05:46:03

Thanks Sarita, have beeb stuck reading the enid thread all through 2 feeds, hilarious!!! Love it!

Now off for 20 mins sleep before alarm goes and the day begins....

Saritabean Wed 27-Jun-12 06:11:30

2nd feed.... Zzzzz! Tired tonight for some reason!

Saritabean Thu 28-Jun-12 04:13:49

Hello everyone!

DD periwinkle is on a fairly intense feeding schedule tonight..... Hopefully to catch up some of this weight gain so as to prevent admission to hospital early next week which was threatened today (for monitoring feeding and investigation... sad )

So biscuits at the ready, thumb on iphone for some serious MN overuse, and I'm all set!

Hope all good with you all..... Is you LO behaving after his first jabs babylon1?

maples Thu 28-Jun-12 04:28:29

Hi all, may I join just for tonight? DS is nearly one and has a fever so feeding a lot tonight.

Birds are singing here - I've had 3 hours sleep!

ImissMiniPop Thu 28-Jun-12 04:30:18

oh sarita i hope you avoid the hospital admission... sad sending lots of feeding vibes to little one.

Minipop has been moved to the last room before home now, he just needs to work out feeding smile and keep growing and he might be allowed home. I like the nurses better in this room, we've agreed a plan that they'll just try him on bottles every other feed as he's still really little.

I think they were trying to get him feeding a bit too soon, and they didn't show me how to do it properly, anyway, we're getting it sorted now smile

Babylon1 Thu 28-Jun-12 04:48:12

Up 3 times to feed so far tonight sad

and now up with dd2 who has a nasty barking cough and dd1 who has growing pains in her legs sad


Babylon1 Thu 28-Jun-12 04:49:48

Hey Sarita, sorry to hear about your feeding frenzies sad

DS is going ok after jabs thanks, a bit warm and snuffly but ok!! He's just hungry again!!smile

maples hope your DS feels better soon. Rotten night to have a fever.

Sarita hope the intense feeding is going well!

MiniPop that's fantastic! I'm sure DS will now be home before you know it. Glad the nurses are more supportive in the new room.

After a truly awful night on Tuesday, where DS wanted to feed every hour from 2:30am, tonight has been so much better - I went to bed after feeding him at 10:30, then DH gave a bottle of EBM so I wasn't needed again until 3. Got some desperately needed sleep, especially as DS and I have come down with terribly stinky colds.

He has his first jabs today - fingers crossed that doesn't mean a bad night to follow!

Ginga66 Thu 28-Jun-12 06:18:45

My two week old has a bit of colic and jaundice and wakes nearly every hour to hour and a half. I try to read kindle ap and feed sitting up but am so shattered. Have ds1 three dh sleeps on his room after a cuddle. Am havibg breakfast now. Also have a cold soreallyfeeling sorry for my self. Worst though is left boob seems to be drying up! And dc now not keen on returning to Moses basket. Any advice?

MummyPigandDaddyPig Thu 28-Jun-12 06:59:00

Good morning ladies!! Feed 2 tonight, baby slept through to 5 for the first one, and when she did wake I was so disorientated i didnt know what was going on! smile shes hungry now though, full on feeding frenzy!

ginga66 just persevere and dont worry, your LO is still little and will sort a better routine in a few days, hopefully sleeping longer. There willbegood days abd bad days but its just a couple of weeks and in the meantime you can come on here and moan/brag, were all in the same boat!smile ( passes breakdast biscuit)

Cold sores are horrid, get a compeed patch, they are good and make you feel a little less aware of it, also provides a bit of protection if you forget yourseld and cover baby in kisses...

Up to do lunches, schoolrun Tescos and rest for the wicked!

jetstar Thu 28-Jun-12 09:25:53


had our HV appt yesterday and baby weighs 10lbs (was 4 weeks early) so is doing well which is always reassuring. Fingers crossed we may be seeing a few longer gaps between feeds here (sounds like you too Mummy Pig!) hopefully it can only get better (famous last words!)

Saritabean hope little bean puts on some weight and doesn't have to go in to hospital (everything crossed)
Imissminipop sounds like things are going well - great news!
Ginga66 no actual advice but hope things improve for you soon - its all so unpredictable having children!

ImissMiniPop Fri 29-Jun-12 01:29:38

anyone up and awake (and feeding?) smile

Hi minipop, how are you tonight?

Just swapped with DH so I had about 4 hrs sleep - desperately needed as my stinky cold descended into fever last night. Feeling a it better now though.

NoBloodyMore Fri 29-Jun-12 04:17:04

Hi can I join you? I'm currently up feeding ds 5mo, had to bring him downstairs as he's poorly with an ear infection and waking the older 2 up. I'm shattered! Took us until 4am to settle him last night and then I had to be up at 8 sad, just hoping I can get him back down now today

ImissMiniPop Fri 29-Jun-12 04:36:34

Morning/evening tea am envy of the four hours sleep grin although not of the colds sad hope you feel much better very soon.
nobloodymore hope your little one settles soon, I long for the day we have stairs. our flat is so small that DP has to wear earplugs every night so i don't wake him up.

currently on expressing session 6 of 8, am really tired. after a good day yesterday, minipop had a rubbish afternoon. Had a few major de-sats when feeding and puked up loads of mucus. He also threw back up most his feeds and choked on it, had to get the nurse to help me out and get him sorted out. scared me a lot! bah!

today will be a good day grin

Saritabean Fri 29-Jun-12 05:01:27

Hi all,

minipopsmum - sorry to hear minipop not been as good - always feels crap when there's a step back, and chokings really horrid sad he hadn't had an eye test in the morning by any chance had he...? Or been crying loads for another reason? DD periwinkle did that twice really badly, each time after her eye test- must've been either related to the drops , or the fact she'd cried so much and swallowed so much air sad v v v scary- hope you're ok.

Hope your cold clears quick TandH, I have to say feeling ill is something I'm a bit scared of as it's hard enough when feeling well! Get well soon thanks

Hope your night better in the end NbM!

Me - on feed 2, chomping breakfast biccies as per usual! Glad it's cooled down a touch now- was sweltering earlier.

Found another way to pass time- challenge yourself to answer unanswered threads on MN!

jetstar Fri 29-Jun-12 05:05:18

I'm up and feeding smile

Really hope today is a better day for you minipop
We had mega sick here after feeding yesterday, it makes you anxious about feeding doesn't it? And I feel quite demoralised as I don't know how much she had or how much she lost!

Hope everyone gets some more zzz before their mornings officially start!

ImissMiniPop Fri 29-Jun-12 07:39:18

Yes Sarita he'd had his eye test in the morning... which was normal thank goodness, and I was so relieved I was actually starting to feel happy (especially as then I was so upset I felt like as soon as there's something positive, something crap is waiting around the corner for us..! Bah. He's really snotty again too, maybe now he's thrown it all up he'll be a bit better.

oh jetstar it does make you anxious, you're right. feel a llittle less confident about feeding now... confused, still take each day as it comes.. smile
Sorry for the moan blush

did anyone manage to get back to sleep? I did all my three hourly expressing sessions last night, just doing the 7:am one now grin

MummyPigandDaddyPig Fri 29-Jun-12 22:54:36

Baby just feed for an hour, my arm is dead as I was watching come dine with me and just didnt move.... Hoping for a nice sleep now!
Horrified at the news that Katie is finally divorcing Tom, what a weird guy, and weird setup, Im really intrigued by it all! And lovely Adele is pregnant! Must stop reading the Daily mail and turn off the
See you in afew hours!smile

ImissMiniPop Fri 29-Jun-12 23:15:49

I'm just about to start the 11pm expressing session, so I'll see you all back on here at about 2am grin

Softlysoftly Fri 29-Jun-12 23:50:23

Hope mini pop had a better day?

I just came to bed but as usual am sitting in it feeding as DD2 woke as soon as her head felt mattress hmm so if her pattern repeats I will be up until three whe n she gives in.

Am sharing bed also with poorly dd1 who has a temp and cough, what's with all these summer colds on the thread?!

Snacks tonight are minstrels and "Yus" found them in sainsburys little bags of yoghurt coated granola they are lush! Hiding them under the covers though as dd1 keeps cracking her eye open at the rustling grin

Saritabean Sat 30-Jun-12 01:19:22

OMG- been feeding on and off since 9pm!!! On one hand really happy cos it means she's gonna grow, on the other hand feel shattered and desperate to go to bed...!

DDs put on 2.5oz in 4 days though - yey! So if I need to feed all night to avoid hospital next week then that is what we'll be doing! wink

Have also started reading 50 shades of grey... Was a bit shocked to find out what it was about- had no idea, just thought it was a really popular good book...blush

MummyPigandDaddyPig Sat 30-Jun-12 23:37:32

Sorry missed out last night got carried away reading the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes thread in chat....very enlightening indeed Ive learnt alot of things I didnt know I was supposed to
Hope everyones LO are being good!

ImissMiniPop Sun 01-Jul-12 02:34:07

Evening/Morning... how is everyone? smile

Saritabean Sun 01-Jul-12 03:37:47

Hello all! Hope everyone's having a good weekend...?

Second feed, no snacks yet as still full from yummy meal last night smile

Playing geared on iPhone instead of reading tonight. Not feeling quite as tired tonight as DDDDH left me sleeping for 2hrs this afternoon instead of the quick nap that i'd planned!!! Must've really needed it!

Overfed DD this evening at one point and then got covered in milk sick sad !!

How's minipop doing? X

jetstar Sun 01-Jul-12 05:11:25

Still here, still feeding and endlessly winding...
We also had massive sick here yesterday evening - really need to find out why she is sometimes violently sick and sometimes not.
At the moment she seems to think its time to get up already but I disagree ;)
Hope everyone has a good Sunday!

Babylon1 Sun 01-Jul-12 05:19:56

Morning all! Still here, still feeding!! grin

ImissMiniPop Sun 01-Jul-12 06:57:34

arrgh, stay awake stay awake! I keep nodding off with breast pump in hand... must stay awake... confused

Softlysoftly Mon 02-Jul-12 04:12:00

Argh 4am and baby has yet to give in and go to sleep!

ImissMiniPop Mon 02-Jul-12 04:42:25

oh dear softly hope you've managed to get baby off to sleep now? I have no snacks and I'm hungry. There is a box of quality street staring at me, but feel guilty as I have the dentist at 11am confused

jetstar Mon 02-Jul-12 08:20:21

Set myself the target of making it through one more night.
I made it smile
Hope everyone else made it too!

MummyPigandDaddyPig Mon 02-Jul-12 09:34:56

Have people coming in 30 mins, kidsnot dressed, im not dressed and breakfast has gotten out of hand (tv on dcs running riot with buttery toast....) of course baby needs feeding so here I am....hope you all have a peaceful day!

Softlysoftly Mon 02-Jul-12 11:35:03

Baby gave in at 5.45, up again at 7-8, then down until 10. Toddler has hacking cough so was up in between, grand total of one hours sleep that has been by far my hardest night I hope if I made it through that I can do this, though dh is giving ff tonight but that's a whole other thread!

Hope you didn't end up with ebf on your lap missminipop from falling asleep and gave into the chocolate temptation?

Good luck mummy pig just look pitiful and let your guests sort it out.

ImissMiniPop Tue 03-Jul-12 02:57:17

need sleep...grin

jetstar have you made it through another night?

2am expressing session going ok, resisted the chocs last night so am being fuelled by oat cakes and an oat & honey granola bar thingy tonight

should've made a cuppa. yawn

ImissMiniPop how's LO doing?

I think DS has been asking for feeds ever 1.5 hrs tonight. Urgh.

Saritabean Tue 03-Jul-12 05:33:05

Morning all!

DD periwinkle had massive cluster feed from 10.45-01.45 last night, so I feel a bit disorientated now!!!

She's finally started gaining some weight: 80g (just short of 3oz) in 3 days, and managed to avoid the threatened admission to hospital at the eleventh hour. Woo hoo grin
Now weighs 5lb8.5oz - a little pudding!!! wink

Mmmm breakfast biscuit hits the spot again, washed down by pints of water for my raging BF thirst!

ImissMiniPop Tue 03-Jul-12 05:58:14

Tea 1.5hrs? ouch! Tonight I am sponsored by tea and Rich Tea smile

MiniPop is doing well thanks, he might even be home with us in a week or so, just need to work on feeding a bit more, as he forgets to breath somtimes and almost chokes, which scares me as he goes all floppy sad, and he still has the odd de-sat but corrects himself, so the drs aren't worried.

I noticed he is waking earlier for feeding now, he was awake hungry about 2 hours after we fed him yesterday - I assume it was hunger as he was properly sucking on my finger, and the dummy and making a bottle face... :O

Just finished the 5am express, am now off for 3 hours sleep as a treat - wooo hooo (normally just 2, but I only got an hours sleep between 11pm and 2am... confused

Softlysoftly Tue 03-Jul-12 09:28:55

Glad minipop is getting there and congrats on the weight gain Sarita!

E has rewarded me for the previous nights hell by sleeping! 1-4 and 5-8 longest time down ever and we didn't give formulae whoop! Just need to sort DD1 now who has a chest infection and keeps coughing herself sick sad

Sarita that's a great weight gain! Woohoo!

IMissMiniPop there was another baby in DS's SCBU room who always used to de-sat when he was fed - the nurses said he just loved his milk so much he forgot to breathe! But that must be scary, and I hope he grows out of it very soon. Amazing that he could be home very soon! And great that he is showing feeding cues more frequently - I forget, are you BFing him when you are in the hospital, or does he always have bottles of EBM? Either way, wanting to feed more frequently suggests he is (or is about to) put on a growth spurt, I would think?

Not sure what's up with DS at the moment. He was pretty cranky most of yesterday (apart from the couple of hours I went out for coffee with a friend, where he slept like an angel, therefore discrediting me when I tell others he's being cranky!), and through most of the night. He's still recovering from the cold we had last week - is still very snotty and has a cough - so I don't know if his discomfort is making him want to feed more frequently? Anyway, hoping to sneak a couple of catnaps in this morning!

jetstar Tue 03-Jul-12 13:27:29

One more night survived (needed dh help to settle her at 5am though) she is so difficult to wind and gets so wriggly and distressed then I do too sad

ImissMiniPop that's great to think he will be well enough to come home soon!

Saritabean good news on the weight gain, long may it continue!

Wishing everyone else a better night than last night, roll on 6 months when things might get easier!

MummyPigandDaddyPig Wed 04-Jul-12 07:54:58

Good morning mummies and babies!!! Woke up in wild panic at 7 ( soaking wet nightie and bed, boobs about to explode) as baby slept through from 11-7! Am very sure this is not a new routine but at least I slept solidly and didnt even notice DC1 turning up! Baby is only 5 weeks so I doubt it will happend again for a while, but I did feed h constantly from 7-11 last night ( got through all the recorded episodes of Gordon behind bars, and started panicing at the very thought of any of my DC's ever turning out like that and going to jail! Totally irrational txt rant to DH followed....) so I think baby had a very full tummy...

So pleased baby periwinkle is gaining weight and we look forwards to baby minipop coming home!!! Jetstar, there is hope at the end of the tunnel, bby will learn to settle and are baby Softly and baby Hobnob getting on?

Saritabean Wed 04-Jul-12 11:02:50

Wow mummypig- that's great! It may be the start of more sleeping... Fingers crossed!

Still up every 3 hrs for me! DH on leave this week so been able to lie in in the mornings which is great! DD periwinkle will now take about 1oz in a bottle, then refuses to go back to it, so has BF top-up.... Wish she'd take a whole feed from the bottle to give me a break!

See you tonight!

jetstar Wed 04-Jul-12 11:16:25

Morning (made it again - although the feed times seem to be changing each night - just when you think you know what's happening!)

MummyPigandDaddyPig yeah I know it will happen eventually I'm just impatient <keeps reminding self about 4th trimester> smile

Saritabean We are also going to start trying for a bottle, I have expressed 4oz this morning! I could never get DD1 to take a bottle but I'd really like to get a bit more sleep and/or be allowed out on my own sometime so here goes nothing! Hope it will work out for you too! How old is Periwinkle now? Jetbaby is 7 weeks today (but was born at 36 weeks)

Have a good day everyone!

Saritabean Wed 04-Jul-12 12:52:08

Hi jetstar, periwinkle is 7.5 weeks corrected, 17 weeks actual... Think I'm gonna be night feeding for a long time to get her weight up!!!

ImissMiniPop Wed 04-Jul-12 12:58:42

I am in the other corner, Minipop takes bottles but I want to try and get him breastfeeding without confusing him.

Saritabean Wed 04-Jul-12 23:15:28

Evening all!

Thought we were lucky this evening with periwinkle feeding 2hrly and settling to sleep between... We even managed to eat uninterrupted and watch some TV without playing pass-the-screaming-parcel!!!

And just as I was planning to get into bed (15mins ago) who should become a writhing wriggling unsettled milk monster...?!!! wink

I bet I'll be up for many hours now trying to feed/settle, whilst DH is snoring away down the corridor envy

Oh well, thank goodness for MN, kindle, FB and iPhones! And of course the brekkie biccies!!

ImissMiniPop Thu 05-Jul-12 00:06:50

Evening, just did 11pm expressing and going to bed for 2 hours before 2am session (maybe 2:30grin).

Been a very tough day (as you can probably tell from my other posts in this forum) and very stressful... am absolutely shattered... confused

Wishing you all happy-feeding and sleeping babies...

MiniPop comes home Monday, so that's going to be an adventure..!

Can't believe minipop is coming home on Monday, that's amazing! Just spotted your other threads re getting minipop onto breastfeeding - maybe see if you could get a breastfeeding counsellor / lactation consultant to come round to you to help once minipop is home? I found the nurses on SCBU quite rough too sad although the babies can take 'firmer' handling than we'd think! Hope you can get some better support - I'm sure you'll be able to get things going smile

I've just realised that at least 4 of us on this thread have preemies, don't you think that's interesting?

BabyTea is still being a nightmare - we were back late this evening as we went out for my dad's birthday, so he went down at midnight, then woke up at 1 and just wanted to feed and feed and feed. In the end I just had to put him back in his crib as I was about to pass out from tiredness, but that meant he just kept crying until I picked him up again. I need sleep in more than 1 hour chunks!

Saritabean Thu 05-Jul-12 06:16:39

Oh TandH I know how you feel.... As predicted, after we were lulled into a false sence of security by periwinkle in the evening, she was awake til 2.30 am, mostly feeding and whingeing, only settling on my chest, had massive heaving sick at 1am after which I had to wake DH for some help (both practical and moral!!) I felt like she'd completely emptied my boobs and was frustrated coz there was none left... I was shattered and didn't know how to settle her. She suddenly flopped at 2.30am after a final attempt at what mainly seemed like dry sucking, and slept through til 5.30am, with a big wet nappy, so she must've been getting more than I thought!

I hope the weighing scales confirm that this morning.... hmm !

ImissMinipop- great news he'll be coming home, do you bed in with him before he can be discharged? If so, see if you can do it before Sunday, and then be at home Sunday night for a better nights sleep before he comes home Monday... We did that just so we were slightly fresher for the night she actually came home! I don't think I've seen your other thread- I hope you're ok and not too stressed... You're doing a brill job and you should be really proud you've got so far even with continuing to express since he was born grin

Well... After another v fussy feed where it felt like she still wasn't getting much, I'm gonna try and put her down so I can catch some more much needed zzzzzzzzzzz's yawn smile

ImissMiniPop Fri 06-Jul-12 00:27:50

Thanks Tea I am going to look into sorting it out when we get home, it's just too stressful there.

How did weigh-in go Sarita?

I am rooming in at the hospital over the weekend, and have been there all day this week, except today as I had to leave early to get things organised for Minipop coming home. It's all very exciting, but very scary. I am booked in for Sat & Sun now, so no chance of a nice sleep - oh well! smile

Thank you all for your kind words, I'm not entirely sure how I would have got through the last two months without the support and kindness and advice from MNers :O

I hope tonight is a better night for you all and your little ones, I've messed up my expressing a bit over the last two days as it's been so hectic at the hosptail and back here sorting things out, that I've not been able to do it very regular during the day, so my milks a bit lacking today - wish my boobs worked properly... angry

See you back here at 2:30 grin (Or maybe not if your night's go to plan..)

brew thanks

Saritabean Fri 06-Jul-12 02:02:00

Hi all!

So glad everything going well minipopsmum for planned home on Monday and rooming in over the weekend... Try and get lots of naps in in the day if you can when minipop sleeping! smile

Periwinkle only gained 40g=1.3oz this time, but at least it's a gain, and hopefully Monday will prove more again... More settled night tonight so far... So changeable!!

McPhee Fri 06-Jul-12 02:42:46

Checking in :-D

I'm sat her feeding my 6 day old daughter. Ooooh she's scrummy, and just gone from half mine till two a.m!!!

DP sat eating very stinky crisps. Nice.

ImissMiniPop Fri 06-Jul-12 02:48:43

Morning (or evening!) McPhee congrats on your little one, how's the first six days been? smile

Saritabean Sat 07-Jul-12 00:30:02

Hi everyone!

Night feed 1... And I managed to get 1.5hrs sleep before now for first time in ages- yey!! grin

No snacks of yet and trying to keep DD periwinkle calm before feed so no routine night nappy changes anymore....

ImissMiniPop Sat 07-Jul-12 02:24:07

night expressing two here, shattererd and literally falling asleep sitting up as i type. God knows what I'll do when I've got to control Mr Wriggles (aka MiniPop) and try and feed him, when he gets home grin

Off to bed for 2 hours, back here at 4:30 if anyone is up and wants to share a virtual oat cake with me smile

Softlysoftly Sat 07-Jul-12 02:31:59

Evening all having a sitting up session with DD2 as she has caught DD1s nasty virus so unsettled with a terrible intermittent cough sad

Tonight will be fuelled by twix

jetstar Sat 07-Jul-12 04:23:25

Morning all, trying to encourage dd back to sleep here. Glad to hear all the good news on the thread smile
I have some galaxy caramel bites in the room but I can't reach them just now, they are not as nice as I had hoped though.

ImissMiniPop Sat 07-Jul-12 04:54:42

Ooooh, softly, a Twix! not had one of those in ages... smile

MummyPigandDaddyPig Sat 07-Jul-12 09:14:29

Ohhh Twiiiixxx baaaar ( drools and adds to shopping list) ....

Congratulations McPhee!!!

The sleeping through the night lasted exactly 1 night and were back to a twice nighly sesion. I think if I actually got to sit down with her every evening and just feed then she would sleep through but I desperatly try to get jobs done and feed in between which is stressing us both out. I will learn to prioratise and the house will fall apart...

Babylon1 Sat 07-Jul-12 09:54:26

Glad to read all the good news here too grin

I've not checked in for a few nights as ds has been sleeping through from 8-6 grin

I feel so so lucky smile

Aware it could all change again next week though hmm

ImissMiniPop Sat 07-Jul-12 21:00:29

So, I am going solo at the hospital today/tonight... Which means I am (bottle) feeding on demand and I have got to try and express as well

It's going to be a long and tiring night... confused

Good luck Imissminipop smile

MummyPigandDaddyPig Sat 07-Jul-12 23:07:58

Good Luck Imissminipop!
I'll be here all baby has slept solidly since 7 and has just started this evenings marathon least house is tidy laundry is away kids room is tidy and bills are paid, and I've had a HOT cup of tea!smile

ImissMiniPop Sun 08-Jul-12 02:25:07

Thank you. Not slept yet, just not used to Minipop and his sounds yet. His half ten feed lasted until 2am, and he just guzzled 70mls, I think he would have taken more but that's all I had in room.

Just settling his feed now, then onto expressing smile

I am knackered, and no cuppa tea in sight. Hope you're all having good night's, and thanks for your wishes!

mummy how you doing?

Softlysoftly Sun 08-Jul-12 02:48:32

Hope all going well with minipop!

Mummy a hot cup of tea? It's like a fairy tale sigh

Still trying to get DD2 down she's just too snotty sad

jetstar Sun 08-Jul-12 04:48:37

Hope you are doing ok Imissminipop
You are a star to be doing all this for your LO
It's a sad night tonight, so lots of positive thoughts going out to those who need them.

MummyPigandDaddyPig Sun 08-Jul-12 22:38:33

Evening ladies and babies, marathon feed here, has been on the boob since 7....
Hope everyone is tucked up in bed. Have just eaten a choc-a-block bar...feeling slightly sick now.

Will be back at 1 no doubt. X

ImissMiniPop Mon 09-Jul-12 02:37:22

Morning, getting on ok with Minipop, did write a huge reply yesterday, but MN didn't post it! Bah!

It's a pain in the arse that I have to bottle feed him expressed milk, then express, buy i am desperately hoping that Minipop works out breastfeeding very soon.


Saritabean Mon 09-Jul-12 04:03:21

Hi all!

Was away last night, back home now with more cluster feeding... Yey for the potential weight gain (smile) boo for the fact that I'm dead on my feet and not sure that any of the milk that's there is being released due to sheer exhaustion...! hmm

Whoops...! Thought I'd just cat nap on the floor of periwinkles room whilst she settled down and woken up 2 hrs later with a stiff neck ... Should've gone back to bed!!!

Hope your night is a better one minipopsmum and really excited for today.. Will be thinking of you!

jetstar Mon 09-Jul-12 04:44:58

Hi everyone
4am madness shift here. This seems to be a regular time for us to be up and feeding for aaaaages with lots of fussing.
Excited for you today Imissminipop, hope it all goes well and maybe that minipop gets better at feeding from you!

Saritabean Mon 09-Jul-12 07:59:20

jetstar I have found the same recently- 3-5am fuss fuss fuss fuss fuuuusssss!!!!! She seems hungry, but really really windy/retching and hard to feed. Today periwinkle's doing the same now at 7.30am aswell.... And yesterday's feeds were all fantastic and mostly without any fuss. It's sooooo hard to know what's going on with her- she's soooo fickle!

I hope jetbaby settled in the end and you had some more kip!

ImissMiniPop Tue 10-Jul-12 01:26:01

MiniPop is home but we're having trouble settling him in. So far he's fed at 3pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm and midnight and he's not settling into his bassinet. He sleeps fine on me, but as soon as he goes down on his back all hell breaks loose.

He's really snuffly, and bunged up, but that's to be expected as our flat is way more dusty and horrible than the NeoNatal ward he's used too, and he's got really bad wind (and no poo for 3 days), so I think he feels more comfortable on his front, bunched up than on his back.

oh well, on the plus side earlier he breastfed for longer than he ever has smile

Gonna be a long night... (again!)

Hope all your babies are soundly sleeping...

Saritabean Tue 10-Jul-12 02:23:26

Yey for minipop being home!! Periwinkle here was the same about sleeping- fine on her back in the unit, once home would not settle there and been sleeping on her tummy ever since!

Yey for managing a good BF too! Once he's able to BF well, make sure you keep up with one or two bottles too so you can have a rest sometimes... That's where we're now struggling with periwinkle... confused

Feed 2... Knackered already! A mean friend put a picture of homemade pancakes on Facebook earlier and now that's what I'm craving sad !!!

Fantastic news Imissminipop - that he's home, and that he is taking to bf already smile

It's quite normal for preemies to be rather snuffly. To get him to settle in the bassinet, You could try the trick of putting so etching that smells of you, like a top you've been wearing, into the bassinet? Or warming it with a hot water bottle? It could just be that he is adjusting to his new environment, so he may be easier to settle in a few days. The nurses told me they can find the silence unnerving, as they are used to the hustle and bustle of SCBU at night.

Awwww give minipop a big cuddle from me? I am so so pleased to hear he is home now smile

ImissMiniPop Tue 10-Jul-12 06:53:26

Thanks tea I wondered if it was cold and will try the hit water bottle trick tonight.

I have just managed to get him to go in it, after having to hold him until his 6am feed. But have had to wedge blankets all around him. He seems to like this....!

Behind on expressing so no milk got next feed yet! I hope the breast feeding picks up grin

How did everyone else get on last night?

Saritabean Tue 10-Jul-12 09:09:59

Fuss fuss fuss again chez periwinkle... sad

She just doesn't seem to be able to go back on the boob a second time after coming off to burp, despite seeming really unsettled and hungry confused. It especially seems worse for the left boob over the last 24 hrs, but a few days ago was completely the opposite.

As a result, feeds are taking forever, with long burp times and I'm getting less and less sleep, feeling more and more stressed and wondering if this is why she's fussing so much, although it was only Saturday night/ Sunday day that she fed like a dream and settled easily and I wasn't stressed at all...?!?

Hopefully it's just a phase and things'll settle again!

Good idea on the 'nest' front minipopsmum, the other thing I've found that helped is swaddling- with an extra large muslin so she didn't get too hot.

Hope it continues well, sounds like you're doing a great job x

ImissMiniPop Tue 10-Jul-12 16:48:22

sarita Minipop is the same, he's a tricky customer to feed after a burp, he just falls asleep and then can't finish the job!

I have been swaddling as he likes that, he is a real fidget and his little jumps and fidget wake him up, so think it works for him.

The HV said what we'd done with the basinette/blankets was fine as our flat is quite chilly. Phew!

Just need to make him poo now grin

Evening all. DS has just gone down for the night. He hasn't had much sleep today, so I wonder how he will be overnight. He's still not very good at achieving the magic 3 hr interval!

Maybe see some of you in a few hours smile

ImissMiniPop Thu 12-Jul-12 04:15:51

morning tea I'm just doing an extended 3am feed as Minipop pooped halfway then managed to wee over everywhere, so needed a complete changed of clothes. He hates being changed as well , so screamed the flat down.. sad

He hadn;t pooed for days, and he's done two big ones in three hours now, was worried it is diarrhoea as it's quite runny, but the baby centre's description of curry sauce seems quite accurate, although minipop's tum is making some funny noises confused and he was quite sicky yesterday...

Hope it's nothing...

Yep, we've just had a screeching nappy change and full change of clothes too!

Don't worry, DS has done exactly what you describe on a number of occasions! Is it very runny darkish yellowy orange or yellowy green poo? Minipop will probably have another break from poos for a bit now.

And the sickyness isn't unusual either - it always looks worse than it is smile DS needs a change of clothes every night and strategic rearrangement of his bedsheets because of his vomiting!

You can always ask the neonatal nurses if you are concerned - are they coming to visit you now Minipop is home? But I expect it's nothing to be worried about smile

DS is filling his tum again now - for some reason he woke 30 mins after I put him to bed for more, and then managed about 2.5hrs until the next one, so not too bad for him. Hope he can do another stretch like that now too!


Saritabean Thu 12-Jul-12 04:46:21

Hi there, hope everyone's night is faring well....?!

Periwinkle had her 3rd lot of jabs yesterday so was pretty exhausted afterwards and slept most of the afternoon, making me worried about the night ahead... So far on feed2, managed 3 hrs of sleep in between woo hoo! She's seeming bigger to me too- length and perhaps a bit fuller on her legs/bum.... I hope i'm not imagining it....Weigh in again today! smile

Hope minipop and all the other babies are doing well...

Pint of water and 1 breakfast biscuit down, both boobs sort of fed from and think a fussy DD is starting to relax a bit! Maybe there hope for another 2-3 hrs sleep wink

ImissMiniPop Fri 13-Jul-12 03:15:32

Morning everyone. Hope you're all ok at little ones are sleeping soundly? I am having real trouble staying awake.... Help!


Bibblebobbleparsnip Fri 13-Jul-12 04:01:26

Hey Ladies, can I join in the general fun? I have BabyParsnip- 9 days old. She's my third, and last, baby. Other two are now 5 (DD1) & 2 (DS). She was a hefty 9lb 8 at birth, but we've been struggling a little on gaining that again. Had a hosp trip Wed where they thought she was yellow, but no treatment needed. Back again tomorrow/today for a repeat test, so desperately trying to fatten her up and pink-ify her!
Do I get to join in? Really wish Smartphones had been invented when I had the other 2- MN keeps me sane at night!

jetstar Fri 13-Jul-12 04:53:14

Welcome Parsnip! And congratulations smile
Chez Jet we have had a couple of nights with longer gaps between feeds so hoping that may continue.
Hope everyone else is getting as much rest as possible and that babes are doing well.

Urgh I have D&V sad not fun

Saritabean Fri 13-Jul-12 13:37:34

Oh no TandH, hope you're ok... Must be horrible for you sad

Welcome BBParsnip and congratulations on baby parsnip!

Hope jetbaby continues to sleep better jetstar.

Did you manage to stay awake minipopsmum?!?!! Hope minipop is behaving better on the belly front!!!

Just got back from hospital.... Not been admitted thank goodness, but no real further plan, just to persevere with trying to get her to take a bottle so we can get the nutriprem in her.... hmm gonna try all kinds of things to get her to take it (not that we haven't already...!). I'm sure I'll be marking my place tonight again! See you later!

MummyPigandDaddyPig Fri 13-Jul-12 23:29:44

Welcome BBParsnip ! Congratulations on DC3! 3rd (and last) baby here too and weve just hit 6 weeks and are doing better on the sleeping front! Shes a very hungry baby though, and Im still learning new tricks! Just today learned that envelope necked vests can be put on babies from the bottom up, and Ive been struggling getting them over the head for years!!! Feel like a right silly mummy for not figuring it out before!!!
Sarita, fingers xxed for some weight gain for baby, and hope all the babies will let us sleep tonight! See you in a few hours no doubt....

Bibblebobbleparsnip Sat 14-Jul-12 00:02:31

Why, thank you! We've had a couple of trips to hosp this week too. On Wed am MW came & weighed Parsnip, who had lost weight sad She'd also gone rather yellow & her poo wasn't yellow enough. After v.long wait for some lovely (but clueless) medical students who gave slightly daft advice & blood tests we were allowed home. Had to go in today for repeat tests & all good- she's put on 30g & bilirubin levels are going down. Hoorah!
Had a faffy day of feeding though today which isn't helping! Trying desperately to stay awake and it's not even that late yet...

ImissMiniPop Sat 14-Jul-12 01:36:32

Day 5 of Minipop being home and he's had a really funny tummy, neonatal nurses say it's his digestive system getting used to the new formula he is on.

Anyway, just did the midnight feed following a complete nsppy/clothes change due to sick, then he did the most massive explosive poo, had to do another complete change, and the he was sick again (as I had changed him too soon after feed).

Ran out of cotton wool rug couldn't find emergency wipes, then Minipop peed everywhere. Over me the towel rail floor etc....

My oh my god what a night... And it's not over yet.. DP fast asleep with earplugs in. Bah!

Oh IMissMiniPop what a palaver!!! I'd give DP a swift kick if I were you wink

DS seems to be being quite nice fo me on the sick/poo front - maybe he can tell that I have my own issues in that department at the moment! grin My DM came up to look after me and did all his nappies for the day, including the massive poosplosion that went all the way down his leg.

Welcome BBparsnip! And sarita, glad the hospital didn't do any intervention and I hope things work themselves out.

Saritabean Sat 14-Jul-12 03:48:43

Hello all!

Feed 2- she's gone 5 hrs between last feeds so I've just had 3.5 hrs straight sleep- amaaazing feeling, but with her poor weight gain not so sure it's a good thing...?!! I guess if she feeds more frequently in the day, and is sleeping well then shouldn't that help improve her growth...?

Feel a bit sick myself tonight, but may be body not used to sleeping as long, and also ate quite a lot yesterday evening greedy pig!!!

Hope you're ok minipopsmum and woke up DP with the poo/sick fiasco...?! Sounds similar wo what sometimes happens chez periwinkle! The only bonus is that with so much to keep you busy with it sometimes makes the night go faster ...!!! wink

Bibblebobbleparsnip Sat 14-Jul-12 04:18:06

Don't you just hate it when these blow outs happen at night? Just when you're trying to keep things calm & snuggly, you have to strip 'em half naked & hose them down! Not cool.
Baby Parsnip has been struggling with wind/poo tonight too. Woke at a feed time but just wanted to parp, I was in too minds as to what to do, (especially with her weight issues) but took easy way out & went back to sleep!
She's since woken, filled her nappy & is back on the boob. Aaah newborns... It's laugh a minute, eh?!

ImissMiniPop Sat 14-Jul-12 06:42:01

I couldn't get Minipop to settle in his cot, he was fine sleeping on me, but as soon as he went on his back I'm cot he was sick.

Kept him on me until 4am, but then went to bed for half an hour to between feeds, and only just woke up so he had missed a feed too sarita /

Saritabean Sat 14-Jul-12 09:00:32

Things change so much when you bring them home minipopsmum - they turn into a completely different baby- periwinkle was like that too- ended up settling her on her tummy and she's slept that way ever since- more comforting and she can bring up her burps herself If they haven't already come up wink

I spoke posted too soon last time... She only fed from one side, then refused any more but seemed windy and awake. Eventually (1.5hrs later) she looked like she'd settle, but still rooting/woodpeckering/grunting, so I picked her out of the basket after a while and she fed on the other side, until suddenly getting all burpy again- she falls off and proceeds to burp/cough and then retch, resulting in a large vomit... sad it felt like the whole 2 hrs had been pointless sad. I know some will have gone down, but having gone to 5 hrs when she's not gaining weight it really upsets me. Oh well, just had a good feed now again and a really pale wet nappy so she must've got more in than I thought smile

ImissMiniPop Sun 15-Jul-12 03:10:02

Hope you had a better time of it last night *sarits-.? My DP did the midnight feed, shock meant I could sleep.

Just had four hours sleep, magic! Can't remember last time that happened.

Just settling 3am feed now.

Minipop is really snuffly, he had coughing up mucus yesterday. Think that might be what is causing the sniffles, it sounds horrible thought. Like hr can't breath properly. Hope he can clear it ok

Saritabean Sun 15-Jul-12 04:48:10

evening morning all!!

Unfortunately last night set a precedent for the day with a v fractious baby, poor feeding all day and then evening from hell, but did a big poo so likely what some of the fuss was about! We were also trying the bottle intermittently, without success and with quite a lot of upset, despite trying to do it at her calmest periods etc.... She really does not want it! And with that, and giving her vits/iron and now reflux medication via syringe (mixed with my milk), she gets herself in such a state crying that she swallows loads of air and gets v windy and then doesn't want to feed from me, or feeds some, and vomits after... I hope she starts to settle down soon and puts on some weight sad

At least the last 3 feeds (since the poo) have been fairly good ones.

Right, time for the 'basket dance' and hopefully us both off to sleep for a few more hours hmm

ImissMiniPop Mon 16-Jul-12 01:55:35

hope tonight is better Sarita?

Minipop has been waking early for all feeds today, so we're out of line a little bit, not sure if he's having a little growth spurt? keeps guzzling loads but is then a bit sick and scrunches up like his tummy is hurting.

Also, the extra feeding means we've had to give him more formula as I am not expressing enough milk for him, and he's still not latching properly for bf, so can't imagine that will help his little tum.. sad

Babylon1 Mon 16-Jul-12 16:08:04

Ok we seem to have gone all backwards here sad

DS was doing really well and sleeping night time 6-8 hours, only the last week or so he has reverted back to feeding 2-hourly sad

The tiredness is killing me slowly, I'm back to retiring to bed at 7pm with the DCs and sleeping in 1hr30min bursts sad

I'm soooooooo knackered, much more so than I was in the first few weeks.

Any ideas how long this may last? Is it just a growth spurt??

He's still ebf and that is going well, my milk is plentiful in supply and it seems to fill him. I can hear him swallowing it so i know he's getting enough, he brings up good wind etc.

So I'm now back in the guise of day time naps when ds sleeps, but I thought I'd be almost there (sleeping through) by now like my DDs were.

Have I just been spoilt by my DDs??smile

Saritabean Tue 17-Jul-12 02:56:55

Oh Babylon, welcome back! But so sorry it's all gone tits belly up! sad

I don't yet have any experience to offer, only that it sounds likely due to a growth spurt. I agree with you on the sleep deprivation- I'm finding it harder and harder- just wish DH could do a feed!! wink

ImissMiniPop Tue 17-Jul-12 03:07:13

Oh no, 2 hourly feeds? Eek! Minipop takes bottles but DP is fast asleep - bah!

Really tired this morning. Taking Minipop to the GP today for check up. He is in such discomfort after he eats I am going to make sure they check for reflux. It makes him cry and wryth about in obvious discomfort!

ImissMiniPop Tue 17-Jul-12 03:07:44

Oh no, 2 hourly feeds? Eek! Minipop takes bottles but DP is fast asleep - bah!

Really tired this morning. Taking Minipop to the GP today for check up. He is in such discomfort after he eats I am going to make sure they check for reflux. It makes him cry and wryth about in obvious discomfort!

scaryg Tue 17-Jul-12 03:36:15

Morning all, I thought I'd pop in and say hi! I'm currently waiting, yes waiting for scarybaby to wake up for her next feed... I'm not a sadist, she's having an operation in the morning and has to be nil by mouth 4 hours before hand so 4am is her last feed.

She normally feeds every 2 hours 24/7 .si my smartphone and mumsnet are my saviour .

Bibblebobbleparsnip Tue 17-Jul-12 03:51:23

An operation scaryg? Is everything ok? How are you feeling about it? My DS (20 months at the time) had an op - only really really tiny- but I found it really hard blush
Last night's feed was rubbish- I fell asleep & couldn't say how long we were there, long enough to give baby parsnip bad wind though, which I paid for the rest of the night. Gone much better tonight though- hoorah!

I got out of bed and sat in rocking chair which was comfy but kept me awake. When I couldn't fight the crushing tiredness and was actually willing to fall asleep feeding, I just fed lying down in bed with my arms in such a way that I couldn't roll on her or move without breaking my own arms lol or waking myself up again!

Babylon1 Tue 17-Jul-12 06:12:01

Morning all, 2 hourly again last night sad

I am soooooo tired sad

Hope all is well with everyone smile

Saritabean Tue 17-Jul-12 06:57:50

Soooooo tired here too Babylon sad

Hope scary baby's op goes well.

scaryg Tue 17-Jul-12 09:15:03

She's having a cardiac cathater (keyhole type thing) at southampton general, she's just gone in and I'm expressing she should be out in a couple of hours.

She'd been up since 5.15am and as she normally feeds to sleep it's been a tough couple of hours but she was very good being carried around the hospital corridors.

Will update tonight


scaryg hope the operation went well today.

I feel utterly knackered and it is not even 11:30 - this does not bode well. If I'm lucky DS will now give me until 2:30, we shall see.

Babylon how old is your LO now? Could be a growth spurt, or the much hailed 4 month sleep regression, if the timing is right? Not fair though, when you'd become accustomed to much longer gaps!

parsnip hope you get a good night tonight. katie I've been feeding lying down for the last feed before we get up in the morning, it's like my snooze button feed - desperately trying to have a little bit more sleep!

<waves to sarita and imissminipop smile>

scaryg Wed 18-Jul-12 03:06:20

Well that was a tough day, scarybaby came out of surgery at mid day and feed every hour/half hour until she kicked into nightmode at 8pm and now it's every 1.5/2 hours.

The op went according to plan but they wernt successful in correcting the faulty valve, so she'll now need open heart surgery :0( big bummer really.

Saritabean Wed 18-Jul-12 03:35:02

Oh poor you scaryg, I'm really sorry to hear that the op didn't go to plan sad thinking of you.

Hope everyone else is having an ok night... Kindle and iPhone at the ready (apps being updated as I type!). I can hear the rain pounding down outside and it feels quite cosy being inside... Hope it clears up for the day though as I was hoping to go out for a walk hmm

Hope you're feeling better TandH, and hope the other babies are behaving...!

Saritabean Thu 19-Jul-12 02:55:42

Evening all! How's the night treating everyone...?! Periwinkle having a very fussy windy feed at present- squirming and writhing around so it's hard to keep her on!

MummyPigandDaddyPig Thu 19-Jul-12 03:21:14

Hi all! Too tired to type, dropping my head and terrified of falling over whilst feeding tonight...very busy week!
Waving to everyone.

catinboots Thu 19-Jul-12 03:32:42

When I was feeding DS2 I became obsessed with the shopping channels blush

I used to watch in wonder at the latest steam mop/nicer-dicer/paint-pad-pro/aah-bra grin

I AMA a marketing man's dream.

Luckily for DH I never took my credit card up to bed with me grin

Babylon1 Thu 19-Jul-12 04:08:59

Aaaargh, nipple pain sad

DS has no teeth yet it feels like he's biting me sad

So flipping tired too.

How is everyone doing? I'm going to be a birth partner for my DB and Dsis in a few weeks, they asked me today and I'm very excited grin

Babylon1 Thu 19-Jul-12 04:10:15

Oh scaryg sad

I'm sorry op didn't go to plan, do you know how long to wait until next one?

ImissMiniPop Thu 19-Jul-12 22:57:42

Evening everyone.

Have been off post for a bit as I've just been so tired I've not even been able to see straight to post. grin

Think MiniPop heard the dr say he could eat more (as he got weighed and is now 6.4lb) so was up nearly all night the other night, and I got about an hours sleep. Was much better last night, after a huge poonami, so maybe that was what was unsettling,

Sorry about the op scaryg, hopefully they can get you're little one sorted asap.

Sarita how is periwinkle doing? When is she weighed again?

Right, 9:30pm feed done off to bed for an hour before the midnight feed. I have some breakfast biscuits to keep me company tonight - thanks to whoever suggested them uppost smile

Saritabean Fri 20-Jul-12 03:17:39

Hi minipopsmum, and any other night feeding MNers!! Glad to hear minipop is doing so well smile

Periwinkle doing ok... Hoping to hit the 6lb barrier today at clinic, and if gaining ok to avoid being admitted to hospital (again!!!) She's been feeding well (apart from big vomit at last feed hmm) so virtual fingers crossed! I'll post later to let you know!

Mmmmm breakfast biscuits- my favourite tipple grin

Babylon1 Fri 20-Jul-12 03:30:52

Evening/morning all grin

Nice to hear minipop & periwinkle are doing well - fingers crossed for that weight gain sarita smile

Feeds getting quicker here now, but baby babylon still needing that middle of the night feed!

I'm almost walling around sleeping during the daylight hours now!! My Biggest problem is getting back off to sleep after the night feed, I tend to be awake between 3&5am (hence now) while ds is only up for 29 mins or so blush

I've tried all sorts to get me back off to the land of nod, but the only guaranteed thing is the threat of the alarm - usually when I'm then so knackered I'm likely to sleep straight through it!!!! grin

Saritabean Fri 20-Jul-12 20:08:02

Woo hoo! Periwinkle weighs 6lb 3oz today- a 5 oz gain in 1 week. Really chuffed! And now following a curve (albeit the -5 one on a special low birthweight chart!!!) which means we can carry on without the threat of admission to hospital looming over us at present... So relieved! grin

Hope you've all had good days, catch up with you later wink

jetstar Sat 21-Jul-12 00:59:00

Great news Saritabean! All your hard work is paying off smile
Glad to hear minipop is doing well too.
We are having a mixture of nights here, sending all the babes good sleep vibes for tonight.
<need a sleep emoticon>

Saritabean Sun 22-Jul-12 05:08:16

OMG... Periwinkle been having a really fussy 24hrs again you'll be shocked to hear and feeding only one side at a time, refusing seconds but feeding every 1-2 hrs... Crying lots, belly making loads of gurgles etc (we thought it mainly due to wind) and then she's just gone for 6 hrs without a feed.... Not sure if I'm smile or sad !!!!

I certainly feel better for the sleep, so let's hope she does too and she settles down to some good long feeds over the next 24hrs!

Hope your nights' are going well...?!

ImissMiniPop Sun 22-Jul-12 11:47:14

Blimey 6 hours is amazing. Hope she is as good today well done on the weight gain too smile how old is periwinkle now? X

Saritabean Sun 22-Jul-12 23:23:58

Hi minipopsmum, periwinkle is now 20.5 weeks old, 10 weeks corrected today! Hope minipop is doing well and his belly is settling down a little and the feeding's going well.

Fingers crossed for a good night all round! grin

ImissMiniPop Mon 23-Jul-12 00:25:14

MiniPop's been a bit weird iwth his feeding today, seems to want to guzzle loads and I mean loads (for him) like 100ml at each feed, but then he squirms around like he is in so much pain (probably from guzzling so much so quickly). Really trying to get him to breastfeed, which would hopefully avoid issues liek this.

He did well yesterday, but just doesn't latch on properly. sad

See you all on here in the early hours, about 2 or 3 for me I reckon.. grin

Gonna try and catch some Zzzzzzz before then.

Saritabean Mon 23-Jul-12 02:19:22

Hey all!

OMG!!! Another long (5.5 hr) stretch... 8.30 - 2 amazing!!! And a good sleepy feed now - I can't quite believe how different she can be one day to the next...! smile

Wow minipopsmum - 100ml per feed- you have a hungry one there! How old is he now?

Hope everyone else's night going ok... Not heard from a few people for a while which suggests less night feeds...?! smile

Hey everyone!

DS has been much better the last couple of nights, going for 3hrs pretty consistently, which has been nice smile I've also been sleeping in the other room the past two nights, with DH just coming to wake me up when DS is hungry - I think that DS not being able to smell me next to him has helped him go a bit longer too, and being in the other room allowed me to get some slightly better quality sleep.

Periwinkle is doing amazingly there sarita! Here's hoping the weight gain continues satisfactorily and she keeps herself out of trouble wink It is funny how they can change their feeding pattern so quickly.

I guess minipop could be having a growth spurt? DS went through a stage a coupe of weeks ago where he just seemed to be feeding all the time, and that did coincide with a big change in his size - everyone who saw him before and after that commented on how much he had changed in size.

Right, first feed down, nappy and clothes changed, not too much vomiting (so far...) - time for some more sleepage! See you all in a couple of hours wink <waves>

Bibblebobbleparsnip Mon 23-Jul-12 04:28:32

Sorry been MIA- I too have been dozing my way through the night feeds of late. Have found the "put a timer on for 10 mins trick" very useful so thanks to whoever posted that (couldn't remember & CBA to look!). BabyParsnip seems to have suddenly got much faster at feeding these last couple of days, either that or she's not eating as much hmm Am having a slight wry smile as we're being monitored for growth/jaundice by hospital- but in comparison to the teeny one's on here she's a real chunk. She was 9lb 8 at birth, and is just being slow gaining (my other 2 were the same), but no one seems to believe me that she's fine & doesn't need anything other than my milk & time! Back to hospital again tomorrow for yet more blood tests- seriously, they should leave me to it & give some more attention to someone who needs it!!!! Sorry, rant over!
Sorry scaryg that the op didn't achieve what you wanted. How long will you have to wait for the next one? My sister is a physio & sometimes works with tiny babies who have open chests after/between surgery/ies, must be heartbreaking to go through for you sad I was bad enough when my (then) 20 month old went for a 20 min op to have his eye/nose probed- pathetic, eh?!
Right-oh think baby parsnip has decided to use me as a dummy, so best sort her out...

ImissMiniPop Mon 23-Jul-12 06:47:27

MiniPop is 8 weeks old today, 38 weeks really (or minus 2 as I like to call him).

I really don't know what to do, he will scoff down so much and then be in agony with his tum. It took me over an hour to settle him after his feed today, and his tummy seem to be giving him so much discomfort.

Do I let him scoff as much as he wants, or do I just limit his intake and reduce his discomfort? He wakes up starving, I don't want to not let him have it, but I don't know what to do for the best.

He had 90mls at 3am, he would have taken more if I'd let him, but every time I tried to give him more he just choked and coughed up, then it took me an hour to settle him and he still wasn't asleep, so had to put him back to be awake (actually v impressed he settled himself in the end).

He should be fed at 6am, but he's still sleep, might leave it until 7 am (4 hours since start of last feed) and then wake him up. HV says he is still too little to go too long without feeding.

You'd think I'd be grateful of the extra sleep instead of worrying grin

ImissMiniPop Mon 23-Jul-12 22:14:15

Well, Minipop had been a funny thing today, feeding every two hours and I can't settle him for very long after feeding unless it's on me!

His tummy seems to be really troubling him, it makes him squirm and cry after feeding.

He's got very bad wind, but have spent ages winding him, without much coming up.

Could be an interesting night! (by interesting, I really mean 'without sleep'!)

We've had a "trying" day too - I swear DS has been latched on for 75% of the day. I assume it's the heat making him thirsty.

Bizarrely he still complains of feeling cold, despite how warm it is. He still has blankets on at night! Weird baby.

Hope minipop does settle, and hope the other babies have good nights too.

Bibblebobbleparsnip Tue 24-Jul-12 03:38:36

Need sticks for my eyes tonight!

Babylon1 Tue 24-Jul-12 03:43:52

I have a pair we can share bibblebobble!!

Ds being very hit and miss with sleeping through, last night went from 10pm til 8am but not today!!sad

Keeping me on my toes!!! grin

Susieloo Tue 24-Jul-12 03:44:02

Hello I'm new can I joinsmile, ds is two weeks old tomorrow and was quite happily going 3+ hours in the night but last night and tonight he's awake every hour, must be the heat, my eyes are stinging they are so desperate to close.

Saritabean Tue 24-Jul-12 04:11:13

Hi susieloo, congratulations on your little bundle of sleep deprivation poonamis milk sick JOY!!! grin

They certainly keep you on your toes don't they....! Periwinkle up 2-3hrly again tonight... Needing the matchsticks too!!! <yaaawn>

Bet it is the heat that's thrown them all off. I hope you're all doing better than you'd feared... hmm smile

No breakfast biscuits for me tonight sad My mum's come up to help, and for the first time has told me I've visibly put on weight... It's all due to trying to get periwinkle to gain weight, and i've obviously overdone it a little!!! wink

ImissMiniPop Tue 24-Jul-12 05:12:18

Sticks needed here too! smile hi susieloo & congrats on little one.

Minipop woke early years had just fed, writhed about in discomfort thrown upon and is desperately trying to fight going back to sleep.

sarita I have breakfast biscuits, I feel bad for you now. Glad you have some help though. Makes such a difference.

Susieloo Tue 24-Jul-12 19:15:54

Anyone else think they are in for a long night with the heat? Ds has been fractious all day and is just waking up from a mammoth sleep so I don't think he will settle very well tonight at all, glad he is waking himself up to have a drink though, any tips for keeping him cool, I've got a fan in our sauna of a bedroom and I'll keep him in a nappy until it cools off about four ish, anything else I can do? X

Saritabean Tue 24-Jul-12 23:08:54

Hi susieloo!

I would reckon your DS will be perfect with what you've done/doing temperature wise... My DD is still very skinny due to having been prem, with virtually no fat on her, so the temp here- 23 degrees now- is perfect for her with one clothes layer and one blanket!!

And for once she's been feeding really well today with little fuss and very settled... Very unlike her!!! Hope it lasts for the night! hmm

ImissMiniPop Wed 25-Jul-12 00:42:27

Good luck Sarita, fingers crossed for good night. Minipop is now 7.1lbs grin he guzzled 100mls then refused to go to sleep. Managed to get him off 90 mins later and now he's too tired for a proper midnight feed!

Hopefully it won't be a repeat of last night's action..

Luckily it's colder in our basement flat, so no issues with Minipop being too warm.

Susieloo Wed 25-Jul-12 00:54:05

Thank you sarita, I keep looking at the weather forecast hoping to see some rain or cloud coming our way in the next few days. Lack of sleep is starting to kick in now and I'm only two weeks in, need to make more of an effort to sleep in the day when he sleeps, easier said than done though!!

Babylon1 Wed 25-Jul-12 04:58:41

Hi susieloo, I found it nigh on impossible to sleep during the day when ds sleeps. Mostly as I've got two DDs who demand my attention!!!

It does get easier though smile my ds was 12 weeks last Friday and now sleeps on average from 10pm (last feed) through to anywhere between 3am and 8am.

It's unusual for me to have to do more than one night feed now. Although there were a couple of days last week when we were back to 2 hourly feeds day and night sad That was a killer sad

Anyhow, congratulations on your newborn, enjoy every second of him smile

Saritabean and minipop, glad DVD ate both doing well wink

Sarita do not worry about weight gain, all in good time huh?? X

Babylon1 Wed 25-Jul-12 04:59:20

Obviously I'm glad DCs are doing well, not DVD ate - stupid iPhone!!

Susieloo Wed 25-Jul-12 07:39:18

Thank you babylon, did you find that sleeping all the way through happened naturally or did you have to do anything i.e. waking early from naps etc?

Im totally in awe of all of you that have other children as well as a newborn, no idea how you do it!!!

Saritabean Wed 25-Jul-12 07:58:45

He he he babylon1!!!!

I know- I am feeling better about her weight gain in general, she's just got quite a way to catch up!

She's 10.5 weeks corrected and at 6.3lb I have a feeling I'll be night feeding for a long long time being as she's so small.. sad. Oh well, at Least I have MNers to keep me company!!

ImissMiniPop Wed 25-Jul-12 12:07:37

So last night was a bit of a mare - 00:00, 01:40, 03:20 and 06:20. Then a long sleep, and I had to wake MiniPop up for feeding at 10:30... now the little imp won't go back to sleep again - an hour after his feed! shock

Not sure what is going on... confused

MiniPop is minus two corrected, so we've got a long way to go before he sleeps through the night grin

MummyPigandDaddyPig Wed 25-Jul-12 22:30:08

Hi ladies, lovely to hear all the babies are doing well, and congrats Susieloo and welcome!!!
BabyPiglet is doing reAlly well and we had one night of sleeping through this week, them back to normal 3 o clock boobfeast again. Shes fed constantly today in the heat, boobs are drained and she is still up for will be aloooong night!smile

Babylon1 Thu 26-Jul-12 01:19:03

Hi all!!

Susieloo it just kind of happened naturally smile

I'm only awake now cos it's too flipping hot blush

Susieloo Thu 26-Jul-12 04:36:48

Thank you for the lovely welcome, me and the baby slept downstairs tonight because our bedroom is just way too hot, he does seem to have settled much better but still awake every couple of hours, I'm relieved that he is staying hydrated though, seems to have an awake hour between four and five so tonight I've kept the lights off and managed to not put the tv on as we are downstairs, might cave if he is still awake in half an hour though! I was hoping to see the health visitor this week so he could be weighed but so far she hasn't called to make an appointment, my midwife handed me over last week, might ring the surgery in the morning to see when she is coming, hope everyone had a restful night, the temperature is dropping by the weekend so I should be back in my own bedsmile

Babylon1 Thu 26-Jul-12 07:09:41

I too have resorted to that Susieloo, but when I was pregnant. Much cooler downstairs and I found it easier to get some sleep on the cool leather sofas smile

Did your midwife give you info about local clinics? If so, and you have the session times, most of them run drop in sessions where you can just turn up to get babies weighed.

Chances are you'd end up seeing the sane HV anyway and you won't have to wait in all day for HV to come to you.

One things for sure, babies love fresh air and it's always helped to settle my 3 - so I try to make sure they eat as much fresh air as possible every day!! grin

Babylon1 Thu 26-Jul-12 07:14:15

Imissminipop - could miniimissminipopgrin be possibly having a growth spurt? I know they always make ds be awake more often as he needs more milk to fill him?

Every 6-8 weeks I think, but again every baby is different - and I'm sorry I have no idea if that is different for prem babies too. I struggle to get my head around the corrected and minus two etc bits blush maths never a strong point wink

Babylon1 Thu 26-Jul-12 07:19:32

Mummypiganddaddypig, babypiglet is sounding very much like minibabylon!!

He had the odd night sleeping through, but if he wAkes it is around 3 am for a little top up, a huge burp then back to the land of nod!!

Its nice to read that we all seem to be coping ok with broken sleep though smile

We're off on a little break this weekend to see SIL in Hertfordshire then my bestest buddies and DCs godparents in Kent. Will be ds' 1st little holiday grin

Not sure about the drive yet as I'll be on my own with 2dcs but we'll be ok!! DH is away in Scotland with dd1 on the motorbike hmmconfused

Susieloo Fri 27-Jul-12 01:37:18

Thank you Babylonsmile hv rang today and I've got my appointment next Tuesday, baby has been asleep all day to escape the heat i think and is now lying on his changing mat with wide eyes and when he feeds which is quite often he's almost panicky, wants to get as much liquid as possible I guess because its hot, I'm so happy I'm going to my parents tomorrow, I can sleep when the baby sleeps, can't wait, my eyes are really struggling to stay awake tonight. Hope everyone is staying cool wherever they aresmile

Babylon1 Fri 27-Jul-12 03:07:20

We're on our first night away from home grin

So far so good!! I'm sharing a room with all 3 x DCs and DH is downstairs on the sofa with a stomach bug sad

I've already had the bug, along with dd2 so he's banished as we don't want it again!! We're staying with SIL who is 19 weeks pregnant so she doesn't need a bug either!!

Glad you got your appt through SusieLoo, have a great sleep at your parents gringrin

Hope everyone else is well grin

ImissMiniPop Fri 27-Jul-12 04:09:06

Glad it's going well Babylon grin It's nice to get away isn't it? I stopped at my DSis at the weekend and we had such a nice time. Enjoy your time at parents, too Susie

MiniPop was very unsettled yesterday, really bad trapped wind and reflux (IMO) taking him to the doctors this morning because it's affecting his sleep, poor little thing and he keeps being sick (more so than usual). He's having trouble passing wind too (both ends), which isn't helping him with either eating or sleeping.

Babylon1 Fri 27-Jul-12 13:25:11

sad poor minipop sad

Hope he's feeling better soon smile

MummyPigandDaddyPig Sat 28-Jul-12 03:16:20

Dh has been out and is snoooooring loudly and breathing horrid beerfumes in the room...uuurrrggghhhh! Desperate to get him to go sleep on the sofa! I would go if I could drag babypiglets cot with me! Am tired and annoyed! Baby feeding and feeding and Im really tired..and annoyed ....and tired....shouldnt have stayed up watching the olympic polava. Hope you are all asleep and babies are being good!

Susieloo Sat 28-Jul-12 03:30:37

Not surprised your tired mummy, the constant feeding is really draining, I had that last night and was really worried it would happen again tonight but he seems to have gone back to every two and a half hours, just fed him now and he's back in his Moses basket but judging by his noises he wants out! Hope you get some sleep soon and I also have a dp next to me who smells of wine, I think I'm jealous!!

Saritabean Sat 28-Jul-12 03:47:00

Evening all!

Had a mammoth feeding day today... Every 1.5 hrs both this morning and this evening... I'm soooo tired! But she has put on 4oz this week smile!

Ended up watching the end of the opening ceremony for final feed, what a shame to end with such an anti-climax - Paul McCartney was not a good finale sad

Hope the night is a good one for all the mums and babies! smile

Susieloo Sat 28-Jul-12 04:06:50

Hello sarita was Paul McCartney actually there? I watched up until half ten then took the baby to bed, as predicted he is up again having another feed although falling asleep on me, hope he stays asleep when I put him down. Hope you get some rest soon smile

Saritabean Sat 28-Jul-12 04:49:07

Oh dear mummypig, hope you're having a better night now, periwinkle here's been feeding feeding feeding too and then just had a screaming fit for last 30mins seemingly without rhyme or reason... Had to wake DH in the end as at my wits end and she wouldnt feed, I think she's finally exhausted herself the sleep and is having a little sleep feed. I wish they could tell you what was wrong with them!!!!

Saritabean Sat 28-Jul-12 04:50:38

Hi susieloo! Yes- he was on right at the end and pretty dreadful too sad. A real shame!

Babylon1 Sat 28-Jul-12 05:17:19

Aaargh matchsticks please sad

Eyes don't want to stay open sad

Susieloo Sat 28-Jul-12 23:22:00

Think I have been too ambitious tonight, baby has been very sleepy all day so at half eight after trying and failing to wake him up for half an hour and feeling really guilty for doing so we came to bed, he's slept until now and my attempts to dream feed him were thwarted by two dirty nappies and two baby gro changes, he's just has a good feed now and is back in bed so will be interesting to see if he goes back to sleep or our day starts now and we are going to be up for the next few hours!! Hope everyone has a good night tonightsmile

ImissMiniPop Sat 28-Jul-12 23:57:09

MiniPop now has gaviscon for reflux & infacol to help with thr trapped wind. He;s slept beautifully all day, but been a little imp since 6pm, waking every two hours & refusing to go in his cot... gonna be another loooooong night...

wishing you all a good night...

chocolate popcorn kept me company last night grin

Susieloo Sun 29-Jul-12 02:16:15

Good news about the gavisvon minipopsmile

I'm struggling to keep my eyes open and no idea why really considering I've been in bed since eight, planning on feeding and putting him straight back down again, I'm really surprised he is going back to sleep, maybe it will be this one where he decides it's playtime, he's also increased my milk supply so I'm waking up and my boobs are rock hard, hoping it wears of soon. smile

ImissMiniPop Sun 29-Jul-12 03:31:45

oK, so we're in a weird situation.. I am awake 4 hours after MiniPops last feed, but he's still sparko. confused He did have a BIG feed, but do I wake him or do I let him sleep..? I never know what's best...

I am prepared and ready, milk is here warming, laptop on, remote in reach, water etc... just no baby grin

Susieloo Sun 29-Jul-12 04:15:02

One of the community midwives told me to wake the baby to feed him and I vowed I would never do it again, it took two hours to calm him down enough to eat anything! The next midwife I saw said only wake him if it's been fix hours since his last feed.

So far the baby (perhaps I should start to call him Neil the baby ala Gavin and stacey ) has gone straight back to sleep after each feed but I'm convinced he will want to get up after this one!

Babylon1 Sun 29-Jul-12 05:39:11

I've just had to wake ds to feed him as woke up with MASSIVE hot rock hard boobs blush sad

Last thing I need is mastitis and as we're not at home I haven't got my expresser with us sad

Susieloo Sun 29-Jul-12 09:27:55

Hope your okay Babylon, I've never had mastitis but it sounds really painfulsad

Babylon have you ever given hand expressing a go? I tried the other night when I was feeling a bit full but hadn't sterilised me pump bits, and I was amazed to get pretty much the same amount as with the electric pump shock Susieloo did you find it weird when your supply increased? Mine has gone up this week and I've found it very strange feeling full again!

DS slept for 4.5 hours from 10 - 2:30 last night! shock shock (maybe they are conspiring, imissminipop wink). Shame I wasn't asleep for all of them myself - but if he does it again tonight, I shall take full advantage! He might have even gone for longer, but we needed to shift him from his Moses basket with DH in the spare room to the crib next to me so DH could go to bed.

I'm going to try and get an appointment for him tomorrow about his possible reflux - he has been so uncomfortable after bringing stuff up the last couple of days, and I'm fairly sure it is what has made him lose his voice. I am paranoid that the GP is going to tell me I'm being silly though! (the nice paed specialist GP is on hols, and the other two I've seen before can be a bit dismissive hmm)

Hope Sarita and mummypig had good nights.

I'm glad the weather has cooled down now, it's much nicer having a bedroom which is cooler than 20 degrees!

Susieloo Sun 29-Jul-12 14:37:30

It is weird when your boobs go back up tea I was getting very blasé about bf and not bothering with breast pads or bras and now I feel like a dairy cowsmilethey just seem to constantly leak!! Also agree about the temperature, I really struggled with the heat and the baby hated it. I know what you mean about feeling silly re gp's and I hope they at least listen to you, I'm seeing the hv on Tuesday and want to mention all the noises the baby makes because some of them really worry me, he really grunts when he is trying to fill his nappy and seems to want all his wind to go downwards and come out as farts, he also sounds really congested to me after a feed like his nose is blocked or worse hes got a cold on his chest, he only sounds like this when he's straining though so I'm hoping she'll reassure me, I'm not entirely sure I know what hv's doblush.

ImissMiniPop Sun 29-Jul-12 16:20:50

Susieloo that sounds exactly like MiniPop, he doesn't make 'baby' noises, or what I thought a baby would sound like, he grunts and strains and moans and sounds like a little goat. He has trouble passing wind so strains so much he turns red, and he's also really blocked up. The GP said they wouldn't remove the mucus at the back of his nose, and wouldn't recommend we do it either. The neonatal nurses suggested saline drops to help soften it in a hope he'd sneeze it out (he hasn't yet!).

I was going to mention it to the HV to.

Susieloo Sun 29-Jul-12 17:55:59

Thank god it's not just my baby minipop he has been worrying me with all the grunting and snuffling he's been doing, this is what wakes me up rather than him crying as he tends to do it before he wakes up for a feed, he's been awake all morning and then asleep or dozing all afternoon so I'm hoping he will have another big awake time before bed later but I'm not holding out much hope!!

ImissMiniPop Sun 29-Jul-12 19:11:13

MiniPop is the same, he'll do it about half an hour before he wakes up - grunting, snuffling, and making the most unbabylike straining noise. He's not a quiet baby at all. He also brings up some milk about 90 minutes after putting him down, so we have learnt to 'ignore' these sounds as he goes straight back to sleep afterwards. The he does a little posset just before he wakes up (due to the straining I think!).

You're definitely not alone -although I never knew that newborns farted so much and that they smelt so bad, or that they made so much noise (aside from crying!)

I am hoping for a re-run of last night where we had three, good, four hour sleeps. Fingers crossed! grin

Susieloo Sun 29-Jul-12 20:54:59

I'm now starting to understand why my milk supply seems to have increased because the baby has had three really long feeds this afternoon and is now fast asleep (sounding like a squeaky toy) so I've come up to bed with him, planning on feeding him and nappy changing him at eleven ish and hoping for another really good feed so he will maybe sleep for 3 hours, I think he might be awake at four again though, hope everyone has a restful nightsmile

Susieloo Sun 29-Jul-12 21:42:15

And we're up and feeding again, already dreading the nappies coming my way later, I honestly don't think he could eat anymore without exploding.

MummyPigandDaddyPig Sun 29-Jul-12 21:46:52

Evening Ladies and babies! Babypiglet has learned several new tricks today, am amazed how they pick up on things! I have to leave her for the first time tomorrow, for approx 4 hrs with DH and a bottle and she is kicking off alreadysmile
A) shes develloped tears...which makes mummy cry too....B) she has also learned the power of the constant persistant whail....C) figured out she has a choice...cue persistant whail with tears....and D) learned to kick her covers off at night so she wakes up cold...cue persistant whail....all cured by cuddle and boob of course. So tonight we are premiereing (spelling!?!?) the GROBAG, the BREASTPUMP and the dreaded BOTTLE... Havent had a chance to try it all out so DH will no doubt have fun tomorrow morning with DC1 DC2 and a seriously unhappy babypiglet...whilst mummypig will be a nervous wreck until Im back home again. Wish me luck and hope you all have a good night!
Ps Babypiglet is a grunter too, shes seriously noisy! smile