How many 240ml bottles you can get out of a 900g tin of SMA powder?

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GCSMUM Fri 13-Mar-09 21:55:53

We have only used ready made milk so far and want to move over to powder SMA in time for holiday. However I cannot work out what size tin I am going to need as it doesn't say how big the scoop is! Can anyone tell me how many 240ml bottles you can get out of a 900g tin ( or how many g per scoop!)?

nancy75 Fri 13-Mar-09 21:57:13

how many bottles a day does your dc have?

GCSMUM Fri 13-Mar-09 22:29:24

Never really counted! (Legacy of breast feeding on demand) I guess I offer 5 240ml bottles though he may not drink it all.

nancy75 Fri 13-Mar-09 22:34:56

i can't tell you how many grams, dd doesnt have bottles anymore so haven,t got a scoop! i know that a big tin would last 8 or 9 days if i was giving 5 bottles a day. i used to buy 1 tin per week, but the one from the week before would still have enough for 1 or 2 days - sorry can't be more precise!
depending on where you are going on holiday you can get sma, but if going for 2 weeks 2 tins would be enough

elkiedee Fri 13-Mar-09 22:38:41

When and where are you going on holiday? Don't forget to plan for the other things you may need for preparing formula feeds. We were on a two week holiday in the US and bought local brands of milk there, but we also found buying an electrical kettle quite a task (as opposed to a coffee machine!)

SlightlyMadScotland Fri 13-Mar-09 22:40:19

I think that it used to say on the side of the tin "this tin is enough to make xxx 4oz bottles" or something smilar.

I know that a tin used to last between 10 and 14 days for most of the first year I guess...

Coldtits Fri 13-Mar-09 22:41:03


Coldtits Fri 13-Mar-09 22:41:49

A tin lasted ds1 5 days until he was about 9 months old.

GCSMUM Fri 13-Mar-09 23:02:28

Thanks every one & for tips...

Did expect it to say on the side but doesn't seem to!

Only going for a week so sounds like one may be enough as he doesn't always have the whole amount.But better count up more carefully how much he takes / crack open the tin to trial as not keen to risk local varieties if not needed!

am trying to give up b feeding but perhaps should wait to supplement if necessary!

Staying self catering so there are kettles etc ... necessary


Coldtits Fri 13-Mar-09 23:10:58

It's 28, honest.

elkiedee Sat 14-Mar-09 00:08:03

Coldtits' figures sound about right - 28 feeds and about 5 days.

SlightlyMadScotland Sat 14-Mar-09 08:21:29

I have found some (not corroborated) info that a SMA scoop is approx 4g (or was in 2002).

That means a tin holds about 225scoops.

A 240ml feed is approz 8fl oz which is 8 scoops. A tin will therefore contain 28 feeds as Coldtiz says!

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