Can you take lemsip while breastfeeding?

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have a vague notion that you're not supposed to, but if not why not?

mumblechum Sat 08-Dec-07 22:00:50


MrsCarrot Sat 08-Dec-07 22:02:42

does it have decongestant in it? Maybe you're not meant to have ephidrine or something similar.


bunnyhunny Sat 08-Dec-07 22:03:17

is it the aspirin in it?

MrsCarrot Sat 08-Dec-07 22:03:52

Just have two paracetomol and some honey and lemon if youre unsure.

Oh hello mrs C long time no see!!

I think it is the decongestant that's the problem, but what i want to know is whether it's because it's harmful for the baby or affects milk supply.

I'm hardly bfing these days anyway so it would be if it was harmful to the baby that would stop me taking it.

It's the decongestant I need really. I have been having hot lemon ginger and honey for the past couple of days but it's not really doing th job.

bookthief Sat 08-Dec-07 22:07:46

Yes yes yes!!!! The decongestant ingredient in Lemsip is phenylephrine which is fine.

It's pseudoephedrine that you need to avoid as it can affect your milk supply. It doesn't seem to be in many all-in-one cold remedies any more. Boots and Co-op own Lemsip type things are also fine.

Go for it - it saved my sanity (you can check the Breastfeeding Network drugs pages if you want to double check)

bookthief Sat 08-Dec-07 22:09:33


Cheers BT. How are you?

MrsCarrot Sat 08-Dec-07 22:13:30

I'm not sure, Trixy, I would have thought it means avoid ephidrine in the milk but don't quote me.

Haven't been on here as much, no. Are you ok, apart from a cold? grin

MrsCarrot Sat 08-Dec-07 22:14:23

x posts, there you are, you can have it!

bookthief Sat 08-Dec-07 22:14:32

Touch wood, cold-free at the moment. Ds is prince of gunge though and has a perforated ear drum (which although yuck is not causing him any problems) so I'm sure the next one is in the post..

Hope you feel better soon! It's the pits when you can't just take to your bed for the duration isn't it?

It is hellish being ill when you have a young baby especially if you're not getting a good night's sleep. My parents had DS overnight last night but I couldn't sleep anyway. They are looking after him tonight as well so hopefully i can sleep better tonight.

BT - perforated eardrum sounds sore!!

Mrs C - I'm fine apart from the cold. I haven't been on here that much recently either. Hope you're well!

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