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Introducing milk in a sippy cup

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CruiseShipsAhoy Thu 21-Aug-14 14:40:09

My DD is 9 months and has 3 bottles a day. The HV said to try and move the lunchtime feed to a sippy cup but she just isn't interested at all. If I transfer the milk into a bottle, she'll drink it no problem so it's not a hunger thing. Should I just keep trying every day or do you think she's not ready yet? My best friend's ds is 22 months and still has bottles as she's never tackled it. I'd prefer not to be in that situation if possible but likewise don't want to force it if dd doesn't want it. It's more important to me that she gets the right amount of milk at the moment. Thanks! Xx

ThreeYorkshires Thu 21-Aug-14 14:46:34

Try different kinds of cup-I used an NUK learner bottle (like a training cup) to transition over to to a sippy cup, and that worked really well. The mouth bit is much softer than a sippy cup and it has two handles. Used those for a few weeks then just moved onto sippy cups.

Good luck!

CruiseShipsAhoy Thu 21-Aug-14 16:21:19

Thanks! I'm off to boots right now to try and buy one :-)

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