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Avent manual breast pump - suction and leaking problems

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nello Fri 20-May-11 00:56:03

Has anyone else had any difficulties with this breast pump? I don't have have the option of buying another one, but am having a couple of problems:

1. The top silcon diaphram has started leaking milk. I noticed that the milk was collecting in the top and not tricking down into the bottle. when I loosened the bottle neck, so that it'd not attached to the pump as tightly the milk would then trickle down into the bottle.
2. When i'm pumping sometimes there doesn't seem to be a proper suction and my nipple just moves backwards and forwards without any milk being drawn out. It can take ages until i actually feel this proper suction. Is this normal, or should there be a tight suction straight away.

I don't know if there is something wrong with my pump, whether I need to replace the silicon diaphram.

Has any one had any similar problems?


SoloIsAHotCougar Fri 20-May-11 00:59:50

I had trouble with one of mine in 98, but it was the collar which was the problem. I contacted Avent and they were excellent and sent me a new part. It might be worth you contacting them.

Was it brand new to you? or an older one?

nello Fri 20-May-11 01:07:04

brand new...but bought out here in mexico, and i don't have the language to exaplin the problem in the shop blush

ninedragons Fri 20-May-11 02:01:54

I'm using the Avent at the moment and am finding it much better than the Medela Swing that I used with DD1.

A little bit of milk does pool in the top, underneath the diaphragm - not a huge amount, though. Stupid question, but are you holding it properly, so it's completely vertical?

The Avent website recommends assembling the pump when it's still wet from the steriliser. I don't get proper suction unless it's all fitted together really tightly. Is the silicon cushion for the trumpet bit fitted in properly? Run your finger between the bumps to push out any air bubbles, and make sure it is sealed around the rim.

I'd ring Philips, though - we had problems with our steriliser and they were very helpful.

ninedragons Fri 20-May-11 02:04:07

There are a couple of very clear video tutorials about putting it together and how to use it on their website, btw.

Sometimes I have to readjust my boob to get things going, even when the nipple is going in and out.

nello Fri 20-May-11 02:51:55

thanks. I'll have another go tomorrow and assemble it really carefully, make sure i'm holding it vertically etc and see how I do then.

where did you find the number for philips?

thanks smile need to get it sorted as go back to work in a week sad

I got their number from the website. They were very helpful when I needed a new silicon bit. Hope you get it sorted.

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