Where to find nursing bra clips (for DIY nursing bras)

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LionRock Sat 26-Mar-11 14:47:18


Does anyone know where to find nursing bra clips in the UK? I intend to convert a normal bra to a nursing bra but can't find where to buy clips.

Note: Instructions for how to do this are on Jan Andrea's US-based site (and other websites.)
The website linked in this MN thread is now shut down (no surprise after reading the thread).

holidays2010 Sat 26-Mar-11 16:00:26

Hi, i bought myself two non wired bras when i was pregnant and then thought of buying two more nursing bras but realised i could convert my non wired bras into nursing bras simply by cutting the strap near the cup and using an extention strap as the clip.
You can buy the extention straps on ebay in different colours for just a few quid or less, then cut them and stitch onto your bra.
Sorry i cant be more detailed, but it's simple enough to work out, just too long to type out! Hope i helped?

bitingfairy Sun 27-Mar-11 12:54:34

There's a seller on ebay (search nursing bra clasps) selling 9 for about £6 including shipping - I'm not a customer, but they seem to have lots of good feedback.

bitingfairy Sun 27-Mar-11 12:55:51

Sorry, that's 9 pairs (thought it was stange to have an odd number!)

LionRock Sun 27-Mar-11 15:33:00

fairy thanks for the tip - just what I'm looking for!

narmada Sun 27-Mar-11 15:51:40

John Lewis do plastic bikini clasps which do the trick.

LionRock Sun 27-Mar-11 16:25:29

Thanks narmada. I don't see them online but will try the haberdashery section instore. I'll be near a JL tomorrow so that would be ideal.

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