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Call-out for tech-savvy mums

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JessMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 15-Nov-13 09:48:49

International Digital Research agency Mavens of London is recruiting on behalf of one of their clients for participants for a workshop. This is what they have to say:

"We're looking for 4 digital expert mums to take part in a 1-day workshop on exciting new consumer propositions in Parsons Green, London on Sunday the 24th of November from 12.30 pm to 6pm. Each of the workshop participants will be getting a financial remuneration (£250) for their contribution.

We are looking for mums who are into new mobile apps and live their life around mobile; heavy users of apps such as Halo cab app, park at my house, rail time app, Whatsapp, Toptable, Shazam etc.
- Two mums with kids aged 2-8 who are super digitally savvy and not necessarily wealthy.
- Two mums with teenage kids (aged 12-15) who are super digitally savvy and again not wealthy.

If you'd like to take part in the workshop, please send an email to saima.paakkonen@mavens.co.uk with the details of the profile you see fit and a short introduction explaining why you think you are the right person.

All candidates will also need to go through a screening process to make sure they fit the criteria.

We'll be in touch with those selected soon."

What relevance is my income?

Paula1960 Tue 24-Dec-13 20:17:57

Hi I'm new to this site and I need some help. I've moved to a new house and plan to put CCTV in the living room kitchen and my sons bedroom.
Can I only watch it currently or can I watch old footage and if so how long ago.

Littlefish Tue 24-Dec-13 20:31:58

Paula - you need to start a new thread of your own, possibly in the DIY section. There may be a tech section too.

ouryve Tue 24-Dec-13 20:37:04

Squirted - I suspect they're looking for people who can't necessarily afford to just buy something on impulse, just because it's shiny, without doing their research first.

princesspoet Thu 01-May-14 11:11:06

Would've love too! Then I remembered I'll be 3 wks post partum!

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