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TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Mar-13 09:31:16

The Boots Feel Good Forum about body confidence is on air tonight (Sunday) - 7pm on Real Radio and 8pm on Smooth Radio.

Experts personal trainer Matt Roberts and Psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos will be answering MNers questions about diet, exercise and feeling body confident see what Qs MNers have posted below.

Please listen to the show and tell us what you think on this thread everyone who posts will be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 Boots voucher.


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A question about dieting: Do you agree that if you eat too few calories your body goes into 'starvation mode' and you stop losing weight? Does this happen to most/all people?

MissRee Mon 11-Mar-13 10:26:13

There is so much conflicting advice out there about the best way to lose weight. I've been advised by a fitness instructor at my local gym that seriously low-carbing is the way to go but then I've read a lot online saying it can be dangerous to have a seriously high protein diet (which this effectively is). What's your advice?

I have a good understanding of health and fitness, prior to having my last 2 children i had a very good regime as it's all about balance, however since having my 2 girls i can't seem to get my motivation back, i never had this problem after having my son, how do i motivate myself when i am so busy all the time and when i am not busy with the kids/work/house i am too tired .. any advice appreciated x thanks x

CMOTDibbler Mon 11-Mar-13 12:25:52

I've lost 3 stone since September, and am now coming to my goal weight (wheeee).

I'm moving to doing the 5:2 regime, which is going well, but do you have any advice on staying at your goal weight?

I do have a bit of body confidence issue, but thats down to my mostly non functional arm and the scarring. I find doing sport things very difficult as people do look oddy at me

I take a number of medications, all of which have the side effects of increased appetite, weight gain and water retention. What's the best way/s to combat this? I also have a mostly non functioning arm so sports/gym can prove difficult for me, what can I do at home to help improve my fitness levels/weight loss?

jaynemum5 Mon 11-Mar-13 13:41:24

i have a lot to lose and have lost weight by following a good health eating plan i just slipped in to bad habits eating and drinking to much back in control now lost 8.5 lb in last 3 weeks , but due to some big mobility isues EDS I find exercising hard and am worrying about excess skin. can this be toned or is surgery the only way do any of the tonning creams work or the slender tone equipments work

OldBagWantsNewBag Mon 11-Mar-13 14:33:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Do you think the Boots marketing team's fondness for portraying women as either vapid and shallow or put-upon martyrs and men as feckless man-children is appropriate or helpful to society?

Natara Mon 11-Mar-13 14:49:04

I know that everyone is different, but typically how long after having a baby is it healthy to be back at your start weight? I know that breast feeding burns a lot of calories, but I'm keen to start dieting and exercising as soon as baby is out but I continually get told it'll be "bad" for my body!! I've maintained a balanced diet and light exercise throughout pregnancy... Surely eating well and exercising sensibly can never be bad for you??

themonstersmum Mon 11-Mar-13 14:53:40

I need to know what to do about my thighs as they have horrendous cellulite. I am slim and fit and exercise 3 x per week cardio, but I seem to be building muscle in my thighs yet the cellulite has not changed. I have tried body brushing, neoprene shorts that make you sweat, an array of creams and massage techniques, and have been focusing on squats etc but to no avail. My thighs are still lumpy. Is it my diet? Should I be weight training rather than cardio? Help, shorts season approaches.... Can anything be done?

I suffer from PCOS and the weight gain that goes with, I'm currently dieting plus swimming for an hour a week plus a 3 hour jive class a week and still weigh exactly the same. Is there anything my GP can prescribe which will help?

ivanapoo Mon 11-Mar-13 15:17:51

12 weeks after giving birth my stomach is still sticking out. Is this down to excess fat (I'm around 7 lbs heavier than my pre-preg weight), muscle tone, posture or something else?

And what can I do to reduce it? All my clothes fit on the arms, legs, bum etc but are far too tight on the waist.

MahnaMahna Mon 11-Mar-13 15:21:17

I'm 5'7 and I weigh 47kgs. I know that I am underweight for my height and have tried to gain weight. I think I neglect myself a bit because I'm always running around after my daughter who is 9 months old, looking after the house and also working.

Lately I have started to get chest pains and I feel quite short of breath sometimes. Could this be a result of being underweight? How underweight do you have to be for it to start having a negative effect on your body and what would these symptoms be?

katiewalters Mon 11-Mar-13 15:23:23

Is there a good exercise to do which can reduce the size of your thighs. They ate the one part of my body I'm least comfortable with and I never wear shorts or skirts or dresses above the kne. I'm a size 10-12 but always felt like my thighs are bigger than they should be. When I lose weight it doesn't come off my thighs. I exercise, but I don't want to bulk my thighs up more with muscle

JennyEatwell Mon 11-Mar-13 15:25:28

Before I had my son (14 yrs ago) I was seriously sensitive to onions - to the extent that I couldn't eat them at all, raw or cooked. Once I had become pregnant, this sensitivity disappeared! I am now returning back to being onion-sensitive in that I can't cope with raw spring onion at all and raw red or white onion only when my tummy is particularly settled, but cooked onions are fine. Can you tell me, is there any rhyme or reason for this?

ClaraOswinOswald Mon 11-Mar-13 15:26:35

My daughter is just beginning puberty and is bombarded by media images of orange skinned skinny women with big hair and lots of make-up.

Any tips on helping her to realise that she is beautiful as she is and doesn't need all that stuff?

Recommendations for an affordable and good skin care routine to help prevent spots on teen skin would also be appreciated.

weenwee Mon 11-Mar-13 16:01:29

Talk to your doctor. Find out what is your healthy weight. Work on a plan with your GP to achieve it. Ignore everyone who tries to give you advice wrapped up in a sales pitch. And finally...

Know that your waistline and weight does not define your worth as a human being.

Jins Mon 11-Mar-13 16:14:28

It would seem to me that it is not in the best business interests of large companies to promote a sustainable weight loss and maintenance regime as there is a significant amount of money to be made from returners

Would you agree that people who are trying to peddle books, exercise plans or low calorie meals have a vested interest and may not actually provide the most impartial advice.

Finally how is it that since nutritional guidance switched to low fat, low calorie high carb diets the level of obesity has climbed?

Please don't put me in a prize draw - I wouldn't wipe my arse on a Boots voucher

BollyGood Mon 11-Mar-13 16:41:06

A question for Matt: I walk around 6 hours a week in 20/30 minute bursts for the school run and I walk very fast. This has enabled me to lose the extra weight I put on after having my third baby last April. I feel fitter generally and my arms and legs are quite toned from walking and pushing the buggy. It's my tummy which I can't seem to tone or find exercises comfortable enough to do. ( Had a c section and have healed perfectly but the muscles still feel fragile) I do not have very much time and am exhausted by 9pm. Is there anything I can do whilst walking to help the tum? Its not too flabby but needs a bit of oomph if you know what I mean! Thanks grin

whattodoo Mon 11-Mar-13 16:44:31

I'm very overweight, unfit and menopausal. I struggle with motivation as it seems like such a huge and impossible challenge!
I've read great things about Couch to 5K and 5:2. Would you recommend following both programmed simultaneously?

borninastorm Mon 11-Mar-13 17:20:35

I've recently been diagnosed with Insulin Resistance and a low thyroid (but not low enough to be treated yet).

I'm 3 stone overweight and have been eating low GI for the past month and have lost some weight but not as much as I'd like.

My big problem is that I'm so tired I don't have the energy to exercise despite getting a small energy boost from eating low GI. I know that the low thyroid makes me tired but I also know that exercise is one of the most important things I need to do to get healthy. I just don't have the energy to do it.

What would you advise?

CheeseStrawWars Mon 11-Mar-13 17:26:59

Our society values what women look over every other attribute they may have - look at women newsreaders as an example, managed out once they hit a certain age. So a lack of body confidence is a valid response to a society which will respond to you primarily based on your looks. But making yourself feel better, or more confident, by making yourself look better seems to be treating the symptoms not the cause.

I don't think it's helpful, especially when you have books like Felicity Wishes' Beauty Magic, a book aimed at 5-7 year olds in which "Felicity Wishes, the fairy for the twenty-first century, shows you how to look beautiful with glittering results. With top tips on looking after your hair, face, and body, and how to make your own face masks and moisturiser." Meanwhile Lego Friends Beauty Shop is manufacturer recommended for 6+. And at the same time they're learning to read, the can dress themselves in a range of slogan t-shirts telling the world how pretty they are... Let's not forget a major retailer only pulled a t-shirt which said "I'm Too Pretty To Do My Homework", in sizes ages 7-16, after protest. Why did it even make it onto the shelves?

Fairymitzi Mon 11-Mar-13 18:04:57

would you say it is better for your health to stick to a calorie controlled, or low fat diet? xx

kayleigh39 Mon 11-Mar-13 19:27:23

Having lost nearly 6 stone I am finding it a struggle to shift the final few pounds. What should I do?

carovioletfizz Mon 11-Mar-13 20:33:12

I have always maintained, after seeing friends on diets who think they can eat whatever they want as long as they spend an hour at the gym, that actually unless you are working out like an Olympic athlete every day you need to reduce the amount of food you eat to lose weight. Am I right?

Hopezibah Mon 11-Mar-13 20:55:59

Having suffered from arthritis since I was a child, I am very limited in what I can do in the way of excercise so it makes it extra tricky to stay fit and lose weight. Are there any ideas / tips you can give for someone with limited mobility to stay healthy?

I've been (v intermittently) trying to do Couch to 5k. However, I'm having some problems with my knees, not so much when I'm running but after a run and also when going upstairs. Any tips please?

EldonAve Mon 11-Mar-13 21:14:18

How do you find a sport/exercise you enjoy?

eteo Mon 11-Mar-13 21:22:40

Does hypotherapy helps to stop craving for sugar foods?

angelwhip80 Mon 11-Mar-13 22:33:38

I'm just under 5 months pregnant with my first baby and worried about how I stay in shape when I have very little energy and then get back to a healthy weight after bump arrives. Not interested in the celebrity back to bikini body in six weeks, but would like to feel good while showing off my little'un this summer!

Pseudonymity Mon 11-Mar-13 22:43:28

Is it true true that women, rather than men, find it more difficult to lose fat?

FattyMcChubster Mon 11-Mar-13 22:55:41

Motivation- how do you get it and how the jeff do you keep it?!

ICBINEG Tue 12-Mar-13 00:10:59

How can something about body image be sponsored by a company that makes most of it's money by undermining healthy body image?

If you support people developing a healthy relationship with their body, then you don't push expensive skin care, make up and hair crap on them. You don't invent problems with 'fragranced' tampons, sanitary towels either. You don't slap up airbrushed photos of models all over your shop...the list is endless.

In short if you want your DD to grow up with a healthy body image then avoid boots like the plague.

ILoveAFullFridge Tue 12-Mar-13 00:28:30

I have fallen arches and have to wear orthotics in all my shoes. Can I put them in trainers? Will they affect the 'bounce'? Or are there trainers that will support my arch adequately without orthotics?

DS is milk-allergic and approaching puberty. How do I keep him full and get sufficient nutrients into him for his growing body without vitamin tablets (which often use lactose as a binding agent).

goldenretriever Tue 12-Mar-13 10:05:42

My best tip, especially when going out, is that nearly everyone is more concerned with their own bosy than looking at yours.

Lent1l Tue 12-Mar-13 11:10:04

One way to feel more confident is to ask friends what part of you they like and why - it can be surprising the answers you get back and you can find that the image you see in the mirror is nothing like the one that everyone else sees.

iseenodust Tue 12-Mar-13 12:42:36

Fatty above has a good question. I've stopped joining gyms as I fall into the type who go quite a bit, go sometimes, oh seem to have stopped going at all by three months. I've also tried yoga but really not keen and think something more aerobic is required. Oh and I loathe running. Open to other suggestions though.

elienn79 Tue 12-Mar-13 14:30:35

I've got back to my pre-pregnancy weight through eating a healthy diet and breastfeeding. However, my tummy is still a little rounder than it was before I had a baby. As I hope to have another child is it really worthwhile doing lots of exercise to flatten it when another pregnancy will undo all of the work?

If so, what would be the best exercises to do please?

I had a second c-sec, 7 months ago and am getting low back pain. I think I need to rebuild my core strength. What can I do to strengthen/rebuild my tummy muscles? I walk my son to school, which is 2 hours brisk walk each school day (10hours brisk walking per week) and I am trying to hold my muscles in when I walk. Is that right?

bestbefore Tue 12-Mar-13 17:10:40

Any ideas for exercising on a dog walk? I need to walk the dog everyday and I need to do some exercise (and walking alone is not cutting the mustard!) - have tried a bike ride but it all ends up in a bit of a tangled mess! Would just walking for longer burn many calories to make some weight loss/ toning up possible? If so how long would you recommend I walk each day?

amothersplaceisinthewrong Tue 12-Mar-13 22:04:45

Just remember that The Chair is the Enemy and don't sit there for too long without moving.

to Little Abruzzen, Pilates/Callanetics will help with the core muscles.

ataraxia Tue 12-Mar-13 22:21:40

What do you think of the feast & famine/alternate day diet?

sabretiggr Tue 12-Mar-13 22:53:11

When there is a birth of a new child, Dad's also end up with less sleep and eating less healthily with less time to exercise. Any tips for Dad's wanting to shed a few pounds?

best tip is NEVER read women's magazines. they are designed to make you feel fat, ugly, smelly and generally not good enough so that they can then sell you crap that claims to make you less fat, ugly, smelly and generally not good enough.

the articles are literally just the pre-programming for the adverts. i can't think why anyone subjects themselves to them.

doctorhamster Wed 13-Mar-13 09:26:10

The best piece of advice I could give when it comes to improving body confidence is to work on your self esteem. I had a short course of cbt which worked wonders, but there are plenty of self help books available. It's not your body that's the problem, it's the way you feel about it.

Dawnywoo Wed 13-Mar-13 10:21:54

Since becomming a sports massage therapist, I have really taken on board the importance of posture. It's amazing the difference it makes if you consciously think about locking in your abdomincal muscles and pelvic floor not only while you are doing things like lifting but whether you are just walking or standing.

katb1973 Wed 13-Mar-13 14:32:40

After training solidly 3x a week for 9 months, my trainer got injured and has taken some time off. In only 6 weeks of being only incidentally active (school runs, biking etc.) I feel completely let down that I'm back to square one. Why does it take so long to get into shape but so short a time to lose it all?

flamingtoaster Wed 13-Mar-13 15:10:29

Don't fall into the trap of thinking the shape you think your body is is the reason for other problems in your life and you can't solve those problems until you have the perfect body image. Start tackling the other problems!

StillStuck Wed 13-Mar-13 17:30:09

My body confidence tip: spend as little time as possible reading glossy magazines/ on the scales/ looking in the mirror!

It sounds trite but I really mean it. I don't have a perfect body at all, but I am too busy playing with my son/reading books/ meeting friends / working to care (most of the time...)

As a former anorexic I am frustrated by the myth that magazines cause this, as in my experience it was triggered by an enormous trauma that led to me feeling that my life was out of control, but, that said, I do think the airbrushed perfection they portray makes normal women feel rubbis h ab

oh i thought of another which helped me.

get someone who works in a magazine house to look at photos with you and show you - look this is where her nipple was, you can see this patch here has been airbrushed and this is where they've moved it to and this is the natural curve of her breast that they've had to shave off and resposition to here etc etc etc.

a boyfriend's brother did this for a living and he would talk me through images. never looked at them the same again as i can now 'see' what they've done.

i still hate my breasts but at least i compare them to normal women's breasts unfavourably rather than comparing them to made up images of breasts that bear no relation to reality.

choccyp1g Thu 14-Mar-13 11:57:18

My best tip is to get older; there comes a point when you realise that the way you look is completely irrelevant to your health and happiness.

NinaNannar Thu 14-Mar-13 15:02:13

its almost impossible to do this if you have small children - I could only control my weight then through eating less - I can only really exercise as much as I like once my oldest could be left in charge with the younger kids.

I now exercise 4 times a week - but the gym is a short walk away. I cant imagine if you live in a rural area apart from walking a dog and IME most dog walkers are pretty fat.

I would exhort ANYONE fat and unhappy to take the bull by the horns and think of reasons they CAN be the right weight for their height, not to make excuses.

I try to low carb all week and avoid booze.

weeekends are more free but even so I try to think of a main meal and a snack rahter than looking at making your meal the same size as your husbands grin. Booze is a killer. thats is masses of calories - if you want a " drink" to welcome the evening have a lo cal tonic with masses of lemon and a white spirit

NinaNannar Thu 14-Mar-13 15:02:57

choccy i disagree - i am MUCH happier as a size 10 - 12 - I dont have to cover any fat bits, I canbear to be photographed.

LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE - not half a life.

NinaNannar Thu 14-Mar-13 15:08:04

also disagree re scales. ( i dont read magazines so that it irrelevant)

weigh yourself once a week - have an upper limit ( mine is 10.7) whereby you think " hey porker - fewer pies"

head in the sand is a disaster

NinaNannar Thu 14-Mar-13 15:10:33

and if anyone else "celebrate curves" i will shoot them

over a size 14 its just fat - stop kidding yourself

ClaraOswinOswald Thu 14-Mar-13 18:48:12

Just had a nice chat with Kate, Linda and Matt (first name terms- get me!). Will be tuning in on Sunday, sounds like a good show.

theoriginalandbestrookie Thu 14-Mar-13 20:57:30

Hi, I have a BMI of 25 but a really high body fat percentage of 36% even though I exercise regularily and have been seeing a personal trainer for specific routines . I'm 42, is there anything I can do to reduce body fat?

Oh and failing that is there anyway I could just learn to like my body. I'm 42 and really don't want to be worried about what I weigh for the rest of my life.

NinaNannar Thu 14-Mar-13 21:33:00

You can love your body.
How is your wardrobe ?

Beaverfeaver Thu 14-Mar-13 23:55:16

When there's music playing - dance

When there's no music playing - turn it on and dance


NinaNannar Fri 15-Mar-13 06:33:42


Lets do a make up thing. Never mind blinking kids

Hi, i just spoke with the team there, i have to say i am left feeling somewhat inspired so thank you very much, they had a lot of realy great advice, i was a little bit nervous as i am not normally the type to join on on such a large way but i am realy glad i did, i just wanted to say thank you xoxox They had lots of really helpful advice that can easily be put to use without joining a gym (sever lack of time prevents that in my case) however having a treadmill at home and not using it is insane so i have now commited myself to 30 minutes each evening once the kids are in bed (no excuses) i put this to the test last night about 7:30 and kept it to nice easy pace no sprinting x this morning i am feeling muscles move that i forgot i even had x did some squats this morning only took 10 minutes, all my time is given to everyone else work/kids/home Linda was correct it's okay for me to take those few minutes for myself the house won't fall down :-D

I will keep popping back onto the forum just to remind myself that it's okay to steal a little time in the day i already feel so much better for just starting which i don't think i would have without that phone call yesterday, Matt's "just do it and stop making excuses" approach was spot on! i only wish i had a Matt at home to remind me once or twice a week lol

All in all despite being nervous this has turned into a really positive experience for me (and just what i needed too)

ICBINEG Fri 15-Mar-13 12:58:52

hmm this is all very well and fluffy but I some how doubt that the best comment on this thread

Jins "I wouldn't wipe my arse on a Boots voucher" is going to make the cut.

Which is a shame because surely the best way to improve your body image is to disengage from the advertising perpetrated by companies like Boots which is specifically designed to undermine your body confidence in order to sell you things you don't need.

yeah i'm guessing my advice on not reading magazines and ignoring marketing designed to make you feel shit will be winning no prizes either icbineg. somehow body confidence and commercial companies that sell cosmetics and diet pills don't mix.

NinaNannar Fri 15-Mar-13 14:34:56

You don't need money to exercise. You need time. And childcare. And no don't tell us you can exercise with your kids. You can't.

NinaNannar Fri 15-Mar-13 14:35:42

Tbh you don't need Boots to exercise. #puzzled.

Where's the make up?

theoriginalandbestrookie Fri 15-Mar-13 16:51:50

I'm really confused about the purpose of this thread now. I thought I was asking questions for Matt Roberts or Linda Papadopolous to answer with a chance of winning a Boots voucher.

Oh and anyone who doesn't want their Boots voucher if they win it - send it to me I'll happily take it. I promise to spend it on non beautifying items such as toothpaste, shampoo and vitamin tablets - wait could they be seen as trying to improve your body and therefore not acceptable? confused

NinaNannar Fri 15-Mar-13 17:23:19

you are ! ask away.

Oddsod Sat 16-Mar-13 10:42:34

Hi I find that at age 40 I'm suddenly more concerned with my appearance than at any other time of my life. I am constantly trying to keep greys and wrinkles user control as well as coming to terms with a childbirth ravaged body. This makes me feel ashamed for being so superficial, I've always been low maintenance. My bigger concern though is how all this will appear to my daughter. I want her to learn to feel comfortable in her skin and to feel confident in her natural beauty but how can I teach this when I'm always watching what I eat and buying new lotions and potions to magically transform the way I look?

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 19-Mar-13 14:32:55

Thanks to everyone who posted here and to those who were callers on the show - if you missed it on Sunday, you can listen again to the best bits here.

NinaNannar - thanks for asking about make up - we're going to be covering that in a few weeks along with all things beauty-related.

The full schedule of what's coming up on the show can be found here

The winner of the prize draw for posting on this thread is...
Congratulations - you've won a £50 Boots voucher - I'll PM you to get your details

Jins Tue 19-Mar-13 15:44:39


Although I do agree with a lot of the comments about Boots and their advertising approach my objection to the company is predominantly financial

Once upon a time we had a lovely little independent pharmacy. I could nip in and buy a pack of antihistamines for 99p or a fluconazole tablet for £3.99. Boots bought them out. Look at some examples of Boots pricing. (I've used as an example)

Canesten Oral Tablet £10.99
Boots Own £9.99
Generic - 59p

Benadryl 7 pack - £3.69
Boots own cetirizine - £2.99
Generic - 99p

Nurofen migraine 12 pack - £2.90
Boots own -£3.09!!!!!!!
Generic - 95p

If you're happy to pay over the odds for everything in the store then that's fine but I'm not. I resent Boots for what they've done locally and I'm not alone

And that's why I wouldn't wipe my arse on a Boots voucher smile

i've had a time when there was a shortage on the meds i have to take and low behold boots had them all - i went to 3 local chemists and they hadn't been allowed to order for ages and i was told that i would have to go to boots as they had a stranglehold whereby they were supplied first.

bit of a fucker for an elderly person who lives in a village and has no boots within 10miles.

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 21-Mar-13 17:18:22

Hi all - just to let you know that Matt Roberts and Nutritionist Vicky Pennington have answered some of your questions that they didn't have time to cover in the show on this thread - please do go over there and have a read!

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