Want to get more volume in your hair? Or got a great volumising tip to share with the Boots Feel Good Forum? £250 cash to be won

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TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 26-Jun-13 16:39:26

Now that the Boots Feel Good Forum series is over, we've packaged up what we think are the best bits - so you can listen to them in easy, short, bite size chunks.

The latest one of these is about how to get maximum volume into your hair, with top tips from expert Trevor Sorbie - please do have a listen - it's only a very short clip.

~ Do you have any advice or tips of your own on how to volumise your hair?
~ What do you make of Trevor's tips?

Everyone who listens and adds their own tips or feedback will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 cash.

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw

tanfastic Mon 01-Jul-13 17:06:40

I rough dry then tip my head upside down for volume then smooth with straighteners. I've a short bob.

heartonsleeve Mon 01-Jul-13 17:19:31

I think the tips are fairly well known and do produce more volume. Trouble is, with me I don't need more volume!! Especially as blow drying results in even more frizz. Top tip for frizz? Cold rinse at the end (but takes some getting used to)

SisterMatic Mon 01-Jul-13 17:29:23

Blow dry upside down, dry shampoo and if I am going out I will tease or backcomb the roots for extra boost.

YoniMatopoeia Mon 01-Jul-13 18:02:41

Like others I part dry upside down.

Then I use a babyliss big hair.

KenDoddsDadsDog Mon 01-Jul-13 18:20:32

Tigi root boost and sugar dust. And Velcro rollers.

Another advocate of the upside down blow dry followed by enough back combing to put Amy Winehouse to shame....

aftereight Mon 01-Jul-13 19:03:18

I use a v large heat retaining barrel brush to blowdry my hair and add volume.

JedwardScissorhands Mon 01-Jul-13 19:07:59

Dry upside down and babyliss big hair.

JacqueslePeacock Mon 01-Jul-13 19:38:06

Part-dry upside down, then I use Babyliss Big Hair. That seems to straighten the upper layers a bit, which doesn't help volume, but if I lift up the whole weight of my hair with it and keep it twirling around for a while, I find my hair has much more volume and bounce. For voluminous curly hair, I think you can't beat a handful of mousse and drying upside down.

bryonywhisker Mon 01-Jul-13 20:20:23

I have Miranda Hart hair. Fibre gum for everyday, good old fashioned heated rollers for going out

TeamEdward Mon 01-Jul-13 20:30:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chebella Mon 01-Jul-13 20:33:18

Use a sea salt scrub - like a body scrub - in the shower, at the roots of your hair then follow the upside down, massive round brush blow dry routine.

Firewall Mon 01-Jul-13 20:44:51

Hehe, really enjoyed this clip! Loved the chuckling which made me chuckle along with it! Love the tips!

The blow drying upside down was something my mum used to show us when we were younger! I tend to use a volumising shampoo too.

babyboo1and2 Mon 01-Jul-13 20:55:39

I only use conditioner from mid length to ends, never at the roots.

A little back combing at times too

sealight123 Mon 01-Jul-13 21:01:53

Eggs eggs eggs!!! After washing your hair and rinsing out all of the shampoo, rinse your hair with eggs. (i know it sounds sick, i was put off by it for a while but it does work and it also makes your hair super shiny smile) Eggs contain thickening agents that pump up the volume of your hair for several days.

I then blow dry upside down, I am lucky to have really thick and ridiculously curly hair already so volume isn't all too difficult for me.

A healthy diet and fruit and vegetables always helps too...shame I like chocolate and cakesmile xx

ChocChaffinch Mon 01-Jul-13 21:09:25

Ah Trevor stole my idea of blowdrying upside down.
A tiny bit of mousse in the roots is all my hair needs, if I want it really big zap hairspray into the roots too, and wait upside down until it's dry

also ... discipline not to keep faffing with it, all that messing and smoothing weighs it down.

sharond101 Mon 01-Jul-13 21:24:23

Begin drying hair upside down then when 80% dry use round brush and hair dryer to lift hair up from the root.

Trevor copied my advice so it's confirmed I am in the wrong profession.

Doobiedoobedoobie Mon 01-Jul-13 22:06:51

Dry shampoo!

Hopezibah Mon 01-Jul-13 22:39:59

I don't get the chance to even blow dry my hair generally but to increase the volume I like to scrunch dry it with my hands as it is drying. It gives a messy-style casual look but does add to the volume! Then hold with a little hairspray.

MollyBerry Mon 01-Jul-13 22:41:48

I find sleeping with wet hair means the weight of gravity pulling it down doesn't occur so you get more lift and volume

LaVitaBellissima Mon 01-Jul-13 22:53:24

Yes I have to admit to a bit of back combing, but having clean hair, dry upside down and using so e root boost works wonders smile

magentastardust Mon 01-Jul-13 23:24:21

I use dry shampoo for a quick volume and sort out! Have recently read somewhere that it is really bad for your hair though? It works for me though!

WhatwouldGemmado Tue 02-Jul-13 01:05:37

Double mousse. Apply one lot then go do something that dosen't take too much time (make more coffee maybe...) then apply second dose of mousse. Dry as you do.

DifferentNow Tue 02-Jul-13 01:44:37

I have thick, straight hair which can look a bit flat. I wash and condition it every day but make sure that I don't condition my roots/crown and then blow dry upside down.

BlueSkySoftSand Tue 02-Jul-13 02:12:05

Same here for first blast upside down, then using brush to create more volume.

Have recently grown my hair but think it is too long now to hold the volume from drying - time for a hair appt!

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