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TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 14-Jun-13 14:04:07

Now that the Boots Feel Good Forum series is over, we've packaged up what we think are the best bits - so you can listen to them in easy, short, bite size chunks.

The latest one of these is about how to deal with the signs of ageing (or fight them if you want to). It's a very short clip so please do have a listen to skin expert Dr Nick Lowe's top tips.

~ Do you have any advice of your own to share on how to deal with or fight the signs of ageing?
~ What do you make of Dr Nick's tips?

Everyone who listens and adds their own tips or feedback will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 cash.

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw

newfashionedmum Thu 20-Jun-13 21:08:17

Don't dye your hair once it starts to grey, get good haircuts instead..and be grateful for getting older - its better than the alternative.

HoneyStepMummy Thu 20-Jun-13 21:10:59

Don't cut your hair short just because you turned 30 or 40 or whatever. Healthy long hair that suits you looks nice however old or young you are, hacking off your hair will immediately age you.
Make sure you see a dentist for yearly check ups and that you take a calcium supplement. Stained and dark teeth age you. If you don't want to bleach them wear a shade of lipstick that brightens your teeth.
Make sure your hair colour is the right shade and flatters you. This will take years off you.
Swap fizzy drinks for water. Remove your make-up every single night. always, always use moisturizer and under eye cream. Wear the right size bra and stand up straight. You start to lose muscle tone after 35, so adjust your workout. Wear clothes that you like and that flatter you, not one's that silly magazines tell you are for women 'your age'.

Hopezibah Thu 20-Jun-13 21:39:53

great tip to remember suncare. I use a moisturiser with spf in it. I don't often wear sunglasses so will remember to do that!

I have avoided mistreating my hair (never permed or dyed and rarely use straighteners etc) and it has served me well - I think that way it helps me look younger (or at least I hope it does!).

Not overdoing makeup can prevent you looking older too. Just a natural look works best for looking young.

Keep your body healthy with exercise and that will keep the blood pumping to your skin and keep it looking healthy.

OpalFruitshoot Thu 20-Jun-13 23:10:19

Accept that we are ageing! It's better than the alternative.
Drink lots of water, get lots of sleep, be happy, don't eat meat, don't drink, don't smoke, limit time in the sun - not between 12-3. Reduce stress. Easier said than done, but I do think lots of people invite stress into their lives, and can fix this often!
Exercise, and laugh.

Wheresthecoffee Fri 21-Jun-13 06:42:44

Sleep either on your back or alternate sides to save causeing more wrinkles on one side than the other. I wish Id known this years ago!

TheCameliousHumph Fri 21-Jun-13 09:12:42

People get old. Skin wrinkles. Fact of life. Stop fighting it and embrace it. Celebrate life lines and grey hairs.

or buy a really large paper bag and put it over your head for the next 35 years

katiewalters Fri 21-Jun-13 12:21:07

drink lots of water and moisturise. i dont believe you have to spend loads of money on expensive moisturisers or even anti ageing ones, i just think its important to moisturise your face and body everyday. my mom is in her 60s and a lot of people dont believe it, as she looks so good for her age. she drinks a lot of water too and uses your average nivea moisturiser to moisturiser her face and body everyday, which has kept her skin looking good. i also think if you wear makeup, to make sure you clean it off and clean your face thoroughly after removing it

MsGee Fri 21-Jun-13 12:45:33

I think you have to go with the ageing process and keep changing and moving forward.

Leggings, bleached blonde hair and lots of eye liner looked ok when I was 21. Nearly 20 years on its about finding flattering clothes, a good haircut and sympathetic make up, rather than the latest fashions.

But alongside that:
Learn to accessorize (I am in the process)
Be healthy: drink water, exercise, figure out how much sleep you need and get it
Be thankful: I am going grey and getting wrinkly but I am so grateful for DD (5) - who caused each wrinkle and grey hair. I am healthy and have a lovely family, so do wrinkles really matter...

Firewall Fri 21-Jun-13 16:33:25

Lots of sleep, water, active life style. Eat well (with occasional treat).
Good skin care regime and moisturiser!

Try to reduce stress!

I like the clips in the series. Good to listen to.

snowwhite27 Fri 21-Jun-13 21:14:34

Drink Plenty of water
Everything in moderation
Keep active
enjoy life its to short

wibblyjelly Fri 21-Jun-13 21:17:14

Plenty of sleep and water

smiffy1062 Fri 21-Jun-13 21:42:26

Always remove your make no matter how tired you are and cleanse,tone,moisturise every morning and evening not forgeting you neck.

smiffy1062 Fri 21-Jun-13 21:43:13

should have said make up!

themaltesecat Fri 21-Jun-13 23:18:23

Drink lots of water, smoke less, smile so you get the right kind of lines.

lorisparkle Sat 22-Jun-13 00:04:29

I think I would look much better and prevent wrinkles if I could get more sleep. In addition moisturising, using sunscreen, and wearing sun glasses.

I quite like my laughter lines thanks. I think looking 'distinguished' can be an advantage, eg at work when clients prefer to work with experienced people. Not so keen on my frown lines though, so my tips are to moisturize, drink water, eat oily fish, have fun and enjoy life!

chrismse Sat 22-Jun-13 14:35:20

A great haircut that suits your face.

Always wear tinted moisturiser.

Read, Travel and keep up to date with current affairs so you have interesting things to talk about.

Have a laugh

Everhopeful Sat 22-Jun-13 17:51:13

It's great to see so many Mumsnetters not being concerned about laughter lines - I loved it when I heard how Lauren Bacall, faced with a studio photo of her where the studio had touched out all her lines and wrinkles, hit the roof. "Put them back in!" she demanded, "You've taken away all my personality!"

That said, I do think reasonable skincare, drinking more water than anything else and a positive outlook matter a lot. The bags under your eyes only get seen if you're miserable anyway and surely everyone wants lots of laughter lines (she said, hopefully, probably proving her handle)?

CalamityJ Sat 22-Jun-13 18:35:01

Use a good eye cream like Perfect and Protect before you're 30.
Drink lots of water.
Don't go to bed with your makeup on.
Use a moisturiser and/or foundation with SPF.
Don't dye your hair your 'natural' colour to hide the grey after the age of 35. Dye it a shade lighter and keep lightening as you get older. Your skin tone lightens and it's not a good look looking like a witch (fairytale stereotype) with dark hair and pale skin.
Rejoice in having oily skin in your teens and 20s. It'll age much better than dry/normal.
Get some sleep when you can (ha! This is called mumsnet)
DO NOT have work done on your face to make you look younger. It sends your whole face balance out of kilter and people will look at you thinking 'that face looks wrong but I can't put my finger on why'

garlicnutty Sat 22-Jun-13 23:54:53

Stick your chin forward when having your pic taken.

Did that for years grin but now my Best Photo Pose involves resting my chin casually on my hand ... which is grasping a fistful of lower face! It works, btw, though it might look strange if I went around clutching my jowls all the time.

My best real-world tip: Use sun block on your hands at all times. Instead of keeping hand cream in your bag and desk drawer, keep high-factor sun cream. It would be wise to do this on your chest, too - you know, the bit that gets exposed above the necklines of your tops. The skin's quite thin there and I wish I'd realised sooner! My hands are wearing well, but I'm betrayed by my knackered décolletage.

Control pants are a bonus for the woman of advancing years, hideous as they are. I buy them in a size that actually fits - so, not the death-grip of She Who Would Be Slimmer, but more for support and general smoothing. Important as the day wears on, bringing incremental bloat to the pelvic region blush Oh, and Rennie Deflatine! Can't take those all the time, though, it's not good for a body. So control pants it is.

I thought Dr Nick's advice was sound. I especially liked that he told the caller to keep smiling.

garlicnutty Sun 23-Jun-13 00:05:06

Dye hair a shade lighter and keep lightening as you get older. Your skin tone lightens and it's not a good look looking like a witch (fairytale stereotype) with dark hair and pale skin.

I disagree with this - hypocritically, as I've just dyed mine a very pale lilac! I know this is the received wisdom, but think about it: the pundits are telling us our faces will lose colour & definition as we age, so we should take the colour out of our hair, too! Er, no thanks! I can promise you I didn't wake up on my 55th birthday with an overwhelming desire to disappear into a putty-coloured smudge.

The older you are, the better you can brazen out magenta, turquoise, orange or violet hair. You need dramatic lipstick, is all. And lots of conditioner wink

ratflavouredjelly Sun 23-Jun-13 09:17:04

27! seems young to be worrying about wrinkles. I think Dr Lowes advice was good. He didn't recommend fillers which I worried he might. He pointed out how laughter lines can be attractive which is positive.

I think lots of water, take zinc supplements to boost system. Plenty of fruit - natural yogurt for digestive system. I'm an advocate of everything in moderation - if you feel like eating red meat, red wine, Camembert do it (like the French!) and enjoy it. Balance this with fresh veg, oily fish, chicken, pulses etc. Throw a handful of pumpkin seeds on a salad.

Beauty wise - ALWAYS remove makeup at end f day no matter how tired. Always brush your teeth. ALways moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. This is where it's good in invest cash if you can.

Dont smoke. Pretty obvious but it ages you radically, yellows teeth, bad breath and adds years to your face. keep active. Walk where possible and do exercise you enjoy. Life is amazing - keep positive mindset and try out new things, hobbies etc. Learning always keeps you young as does laughter - kids can help here.

whattodoo Sun 23-Jun-13 10:11:43

Drink loads of water.
Use a great handcream.
I never go out without tinted moisturiser now (not a great make-up wearer).

KnittedWaffle Sun 23-Jun-13 16:54:08

My main tip on ageing is to tell people I am 10 years older than I am. I ALWAYS get told I look great! wink

As far as actual skin care goes I have recently started cleansing, toning and moisturising and I drink at least 2 litres of water a day but my best tip is Sudocrem.
I use it on spots and blemishes - it zaps them super quick and once a week I slather it on overnight and it leaves my skin looking and feeling soft and smooth as a baby's bottom!

Jellybeanz1 Sun 23-Jun-13 18:50:09

Water water every where. Drink it, swim in it. Try to avoid sleeping in your make up. Since I've swapped to BB cream I find it lighter on skin, quicker to put on and has a built in sunscreen. Use sunglasses in summer and embrace laughter lines as evidence of a life well spent.

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