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TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 14-Jun-13 14:04:07

Now that the Boots Feel Good Forum series is over, we've packaged up what we think are the best bits - so you can listen to them in easy, short, bite size chunks.

The latest one of these is about how to deal with the signs of ageing (or fight them if you want to). It's a very short clip so please do have a listen to skin expert Dr Nick Lowe's top tips.

~ Do you have any advice of your own to share on how to deal with or fight the signs of ageing?
~ What do you make of Dr Nick's tips?

Everyone who listens and adds their own tips or feedback will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 cash.

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw

SacreBlue Wed 19-Jun-13 19:00:41

Ditto lots of water, I use diprobase ointment at night as I have sensitive skin and it moisturises brilliantly without added 'stuff'

A really varied diet - I eat a lot grin but it's very mixed so I enjoy the tastes, get all the nutrients without depriving myself or oding on one type of food.

Regular exercise and de-stressing activities. Until my cats killed it I had one of the exercise balls to balance on - more often used to play about with but that made me less stressed so with actual exercise happening elsewhere it still did a good job.

I would like to tighten up my stomach (after loosing some weight) still working up to doing the necessary sit ups but have introduced poses at work to help (a bit)

Best thing is to relax more, nothing as ageing imo as a face that's been scrunched up in anger or angst lots.

Reastie Wed 19-Jun-13 19:02:32

Don't look in the mirror wink . OK, seriously, I'd say drink loads of water and try to get as much sleep as you can and maybe don't have children confused as all my friends without children are so much younger looking and less wrinkled than those who have wink

AllSWornOut Wed 19-Jun-13 19:31:12

I agree with a lot of what's already been posted but would add in addition try to de-stress and relax face muscles whenever your face starts feeling scrunchy. Laughter lines I don't mind but the frown lines in the middle of my forehead I certainly do!

carmenelectra Wed 19-Jun-13 20:46:33

Sleep is so important. Even though I don't follow my own advice! Recently though I was off sick from work for a long period with an injury. I went to bed earlier, ate better(no picking at work) and drank less alcohol. On my return, people commented how I looked better.

Generally though, I try to be more groomed as I get older.

Brows-make a huge difference.

Moisturise from head to toe every day.

Nails- not necessarily long talons, but well manicured neutral.

Hair coloured regularly- no roots.

Those things plus a smattering of fake tan, make me feel miles better.

2712 Wed 19-Jun-13 22:05:24

Only use face creams that contain Retinol
Drink lots of water
Stay away from sugar

janekirk Wed 19-Jun-13 22:58:38

Less sun, more water and don't bother fighting it with cosmetic surgery.

magentastardust Wed 19-Jun-13 23:11:36

Sensible advice like everyone else has added-lots of water and try to get a good nights sleep.
SPF moisturiser/make up to prevent sun blemishes/pigmentation on your face as you age.
looking groomed and keeping make up natural looking rather than caked on helps!
you have to be more careful with what you eat/drink and how you care for your skin and hair as you get older, you get away with a lot less.
Smile makes you feel happier and gives your eyes a twinkle! smile

brummiewoman Wed 19-Jun-13 23:47:27

See the signs of aging as positive signs that you have lived! Keep looking for new experiences and get some good sunglasses!

AUDNAY Thu 20-Jun-13 09:12:49

Drink plenty of water,
Eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg.
Don't smoke, its bad for your skin
Sun screen on face even when its dull
Don't wear make up, (I have never ever worn make up)
Smile (it costs nothing and you usually get one back)

jinglejanglebangles Thu 20-Jun-13 10:44:28

Drink loads of water and eat plenty of fruit and veg. In fact I chop up a whole load of fruit in a container and eat it at work (whilst the others are chomping on biscuits!).
I swear by Oil of Olay. Both my mum and grandma have been using it for years and are 63 and 81 respectively and no way do they look their age. We have all never smoked. Although a lot of it is down to genetics, you still must look after your skin.
Keep active, walk whenever you can and eat lots of fish and not too much red meat.
Also, use lots of natural products on your skin like olive oil on the body and avocado and honey facemasks.

mignonette Thu 20-Jun-13 11:22:06

The best thing about laughter lines? The fact that you have them.

Think about the many people who have had their lives cut short and then think about how shallow it is to worry about looking old.

Worrying about Being old with its possible health concerns, money and pension worries, loss etc is not the same as worrying about looking old.

Eat well. drink moderately, don't smoke, live, laugh and love. Wash your face, use a cheap basic cream like Nivea, Astral, ponds or even Johnsons baby lotion, wear sunscreen and check your moles.

Enjoy make up but do not be a slave to it. Smell nice-wear lovely perfumes. Use lipsalve especially in our inclement weather to keep lips and the skin around them supple and emoliated.

But please do not listen to men and women who use pseudo science to scare you about your normal healthy ageing process. A process that adds character.

astralweeks Thu 20-Jun-13 11:27:47

No leggings if you can remember them the first time round? I'm 49 and I still look good in a pair of leggings, thanks.

Dolallytats Thu 20-Jun-13 12:49:26

I swear being fat keeps the wrinkles out......that's what I tell myself anyway!! grin

BellaVida Thu 20-Jun-13 12:55:11

Having recently discovered my first grey hairs, so hair dye is more frequent!

I have always been fairly good about keeping out of the sun and slathering on the sun ceam. I never go out without foundation, so I make sure it has sun screen and lifting treatment in it. That way I don't need to apply multiple products.

I have recently started moisturising my body. One with a slow summer glow stops me needing separate fake tan and no need for sunbathing.

I do take a multivitamin every day now and plan to step up my exercise. As I get older I find my body reacts differently to a lot of things- foods, sleep, change, gravity!

I don't feel mentally old and I want to look as good as I can, but in the end I would rather be remembered for having a kind, cheerful face and a personality to match.

My children are my biggest fans and tell me I look nice and love my squishy cuddles. My DH is too kind and I guess we are both ageing together so it doesn't matter. I am my biggest critic, but I guess we all are...

BigFairy Thu 20-Jun-13 13:11:28

Nick's advice is spot on - the sun is very ageing.
My tip would be to remember the UVA rays are there even when not really sunny so always use a face cream with SPF and 5* UVA protection whatever the weather, e.g. Boots No7 Protect & Perfect day cream, and don't forget to use eye cream morning and night. Liz Earle's daily eye repair has SPF in for daytime. You need protection from UVA rays which age and UVB rays which burn - SPF only refers to the latter so also look for UVA rating.

nutella81 Thu 20-Jun-13 13:38:35

Lots of...
Fruit and veg
Moisturiser including a high SPF
Love & Laughter
Touché eclat on a grey/puffy eye day!

Alcohol (boo)
Naughty food (boo again)
Driving without sunglasses on (even on an overcast day I find myself squinting without them)

Rubbing eyes when tired

maggiecockbain Thu 20-Jun-13 13:55:27

Walk tall. It was callled deportment at one time but standing and walking correctly helps you to look younger and keep fir for longer. Having had a bad back from time to time my physiotherapist found I have been standing badly (bum stuck out) for years. Yoga is absolutetly brilliant in this area too.

majjsu Thu 20-Jun-13 14:55:43

Agree with so many tips here, along with Dr Nick. My aim to grow old gracefully. So I try to eat well, use SPF moisturisers, make up hopefully to enhance. My LO keeps me active along with housework. I do like to read Sali Hughes tips too. I think just be yourself and don't worry what others think, not so easy at times, I know.

PolkaDottery Thu 20-Jun-13 15:14:35

Lots of water, not too much sun without protection are the best tips.

Never go to sleep without taking your make up off and a good cleanse too!

dilanddan Thu 20-Jun-13 15:20:47

Embrace life's course... It's not about what you look like on the outside, it's about who you are on the inside. Those around you will still love you even when you're old and grey!

Love, laugh and live smile

weenwee Thu 20-Jun-13 15:56:00

~ Do you have any advice of your own to share on how to deal with or fight the signs of ageing?

1. Cover up! Loose clothing + wide hate + sunscreen = awesome skin.

2. Don't think vanity, think heath. Fine lines around my eyes don't bother me; a weird shaped mole makes me VERY worried. Examine your skin everywhere, and if you see something weird, don't reach for concealer, reach for your GP's phone number.

~ What do you make of Dr Nick's tips?

Good, but based on chemical 'stuff' - I understand, he's there on behalf of Boots, who sell fine products by the way, but some more prevention based tips (meditation now can result in less worry lines later!) should be pushed as well.

Babycarmen Thu 20-Jun-13 16:16:50

At least 7 hours sleep a night
Drink plenty of water
Moisturise EVERY morning and night!

toffeefee Thu 20-Jun-13 17:48:17

See, I always think that all this 'drink loads of water, wear sunscreen, etc is stuff we should do for health, not for fighting the signs of aging. I also think that it isn't a bad thing to age in a healthy way. Of course if we eat lots of junk foods, drink lots of alcohol and smoke it isn't going to do our bodies any good and so we will look worse for it as our bodies weren't designed to cope with these things.

My main tip is to make sure that you don't get stuck in a style-rut. Make sure you get advice on your hair style and colour, make up, and clothes. There is nothing more aging that still sporting the Kylie-style perm you had at school! grin

Also, use products on your face, hair and body that make you feel good. I use a face oil as my skin sometimes feels tight. I also use hair produces that suit my hair to make is feel smoother and fuller. If you feel good you will look good!

JedwardScissorhands Thu 20-Jun-13 17:55:44

Agree with toffeefee and others; being age-appropriate is key. Also wear sunglasses a lot if the time, especially when driving.

serendipity1980 Thu 20-Jun-13 19:24:17

My main tips would be not to smoke, wear sun factor - so many people who sun bathe/use sun beds, look so much older as a result of this. I would also say to moisturise daily and try to get enough sleep - not easy as a parent!

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