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TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 19-Apr-13 12:19:23

We hope lots of you tuned in to the latest Boots Feel Good Forum but if you missed it, please listen to the podcast. The show discusses tips and advice on getting ready for summer, from travel health and sun safety to how to get your body beach-ready! MNers have been posting about this all week - please see their comments below.

The show features experts GP Dr Rob Hicks, Boots Skin Scientific Advisor Mike Bell and Michelle Mone, founder and CEO of Ultimo and creator of body sculpting skincare ranges Usculpt and Utan. Mike has answered some MNers' Qs that he didn't have time to cover on the show on this thread so please scroll down for those - there will be some answers from Dr Rob very soon too.

Please do listen to the podcast and then come back to this thread and tell us what you think.

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Trinski Fri 19-Apr-13 16:48:42

I'd like advice on suncream for my baby (currently 5 months). What SPF? Does it have to be a kiddies' one or is the one we've got already ok? Is it true suncreams stop working after a while and you should buy them new every year or is this a marketing trick? What about protecting my baby's lips?

Princessdivaaa Fri 19-Apr-13 16:57:39

What would you recommend as the "essential" travel kit/products for holidaying in the sun?

StoicButStressed Fri 19-Apr-13 16:59:11

My top tip is obvious but seems so frequently not doneconfused

Am always staggered to see folks putting sunscreen on themselves (& way worse, on their children) at point they hit the beach/poolside etc. To be effective - & to STAY ON & ACTUALLY BE ALLOWED TO WORK (given most kids will leap in the pool the second they're unleashed!) - needs applying beforehand. Is easy peasy, just do it in hotel/villa/whatever room top to toe 15 min before leaving and THEN cart all of to the pool/beach. Kids can then leap in asap but with no risk of losing vital protection and same for you as you then lie there with your book & cocktail grin

WildThongIWannaKnowForSure Fri 19-Apr-13 17:01:04

My question is about the dreaded prickly heat. Are there any particular sun creams or lotions that can help prevent it? I find that once it appears, there is no getting rid of it until I'm back in the natural cold air of Scotland!

Uzma01 Fri 19-Apr-13 17:14:34

What is the best/cost effective way to protect against glaring sunlight when you wear glasses without having to buyprescription sunglasses?

pdb Fri 19-Apr-13 17:23:02

Every year I get dark brown patches on my otherwise fair skin in the sunny months, most annoyingly around my lipline, looking like a moustache and also around my eyes so i look like a raccoon, and then always one side of my forehead that generally looks like i'm sporting a bruise.

Currently I use sun protection, (factor 30 or 50 when possible), along with daytime moisturiser, foundation and powder, but I still get discolouration that makes me ashamed to bare my face

What else can I do to avoid this, or what can I use to get rid of the brown patches? I've tried age spot cream but this did nothing. the patches are large and get very dark as the summer goes on, fading again in Winter.

Cherrybright Fri 19-Apr-13 17:27:57

Are there any foods that I should avoid, that I wouldn't need to in the uk, to avoid stomach upsets on holiday abroad?

malachite Fri 19-Apr-13 17:30:11

Is it safe to use the sun cream I bought for the kids last summer (and didn't get the chance to use) this summer or do I really need to buy new ones each year?

nextphase Fri 19-Apr-13 17:31:57

How can I sort out the dry, yellow, hard, cracked skin on my feet? Got a decent foot file, and moisturiser, but only hydrates for a few hours. The only time they have been soft was after a hot wax foot soak, but don't know of anyone round here who does that.

flutterbynight Fri 19-Apr-13 17:38:20

Will a bit of sun on my tummy (with suncream on) do anything to fade my stretchmarks or might it make things worse (ie premature ageing)?

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dixiebell Fri 19-Apr-13 18:02:23

What's the best way to protect a baby under 6 months? Is it ok to use sun cream, or should we invest in a sun tent? Don't they just get very hot inside?

Littlecherublegs Fri 19-Apr-13 18:31:16

I have a 7 month old and although my current weight is now less than my pre-pregnancy weight, I still have a wobbly belly!!
Not keen on getting the bikinis out to be honest!!

Any top (quick!) tips on how to tone up a bit before hitting the beach??

Thank you!!

Pluckybird Fri 19-Apr-13 18:38:07

I always pack a tiny bottle of citronella to keep the beasties away and I only use all day sun protection (apply once in the morning) as I'm paranoid about forgetting for the rest of the day - works in the pool too. Not cheap, but I reckon it probably works out about the same because you need less of it!

KelleStar Fri 19-Apr-13 18:50:21

Ooo so much to ask grin

Firstly, I have thunder thighs that chafe when I wear skirts in the summer is there a product out there to help with this?

I have a bit of man tan and would love to balance it out but find lots of fake tans too orange or hard to match. Also my legs are the pastiest part of me, but find it hard to get a natural look for them.

Also would love to know if I am overdoing it with the factor 50. I read an article last summer about it and can't find it anywhere now, typical.

Looking forward to some sunshine!

JedwardScissorhands Fri 19-Apr-13 18:55:13

Tip for feet - rub lemons on to your feet, leave for 10 minutes or so, then attack with a Soap and Glory foot file. Afterwards, lots of flexitol heel balm.

CarrieDon Fri 19-Apr-13 19:19:21

Do UV rays go through clothing?

My optician said a contributory factor towards macular degeneration (bleeding in the eye which can lead to blindness) in older folk is the fact that not so many of that generation used to protect their eyes with sunglasses. Is this true?

SueC Fri 19-Apr-13 19:37:18

My daughter has sensitive skin and struggles to find a sun cream that doesn't irritate her skin. Any suggestions ?

jennycog12 Fri 19-Apr-13 19:37:23

why does suntan lotion feel sticky and horribly greasy? Are there any that feel nice?

is1 Fri 19-Apr-13 19:55:53

Is it ok to use cracked heel balm every day? I find it's brilliant for getting rid of the hard skin on my feet in summer, but should I use it all the time? Thanks.

missorinoco Fri 19-Apr-13 20:13:06

I'm going vain here. In the real world, am I going to get my post three children belly back to a pre pregnany form of tonicity and skin elasticity?

I'm not overweight, I have a small pot, which looks proportionally larger as I am scrawny, and elasticity seems to be a thing of the past. If I ever get the flab/loose muscle to go, which I doubt, am I going to be left with saggy skin, in which case I am better with a wee pot.

As you were, back to more sensible important questions about childrens suncream. <Factor 30 or 50 for us, spray it on liberally, and buy the coloured stuff as it's easier to persuade the objecting children that is "fun".>

sharond101 Fri 19-Apr-13 20:42:17

What is he best way to protect my face from the sun, I am worried about the ageing effect it can cause.

On the off chance that we might get some sun this year (and I won't be 9 months pregnant thus less sensitive to various lotions and potions), what is actually a nice natural not-orange fake tan to use? I've tried a couple of the gradual ones before now, but find they make my skin a bit itchy. My legs never tan well, (even though the rest of me does) and just look so white and hideous. Thanks!

ILoveAFullFridge Fri 19-Apr-13 21:00:37

Why is the selection of clip-on sunglasses glasses always so poor? I generally have no choice but to buy whatever there is, whether or not it actually fits well to my prescription glasses frames.

And why are they so expensive?!

A robust pair of sunglasses often costs less than £15, but the clip-ons cost £20 and are extremely flimsy.

ILoveAFullFridge Fri 19-Apr-13 21:03:26

LaVitaBellissima - wear a hat.

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