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the moose that belongs to me - suprise delivery

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nailak Fri 05-Oct-12 12:11:11

I didnt order it from here by any chance?

margop Fri 05-Oct-12 12:39:31

This was one of the september? childrens picture book of the month giveaways - well done!

nailak Fri 05-Oct-12 14:10:18

thanks!!!!! Wooohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! i WON!!

nailak Fri 05-Oct-12 14:10:42

am i supposed to give feedback somewhere btw?

DuchessofMalfi Sat 06-Oct-12 09:16:32

Link to Children's book club forum so you can give feedback. We missed out on this one sad but are keeping a look out for it in the library.

nailak Sat 06-Oct-12 14:29:16


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