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Massive klaxon! Mumsnet BlogFest is here!

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KateMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 19-Sep-12 12:14:40

We're completely thrilled to announce the launch of Mumsnet BlogFest 2012 - a jam-packed event to celebrate everything there is to love about blogging, and help you get the most from what you post.

The event will take place on Saturday 10 November at a slinky venue in central London, and we've got a fabulous roster of bloggers, writers, and techie experts lined up - including a keynote speech from the lovely Caitlin Moran. She'll be joined by Jeanette Winterson, Zoe Williams , Liz Jones <gasp!> and a host of others, including (but not limited to!) our very own MmeLindor, Eliza Gray, Mrs Tiggywinkle, Cath Elliott, MmeGuillotine, Slummy single mummy and Cari Rosen.

There'll be sessions on finding your voice and improving your writing skills; dealing with trolls and related nasties; drawing the line between public and private; and a kazillion other useful and intriguing subjects - have a look at the programme for full details.

There'll also be plenty of opportunities to chat to fellow bloggers, or make new friends, over a delicious lunch at the top of the Millbank Tower - plus a glass or two of something lovely at the end of the day. And don't forget to grab an expert for one-to-one advice on everything blog-related in our Blog Clinic, which will run throughout the day.

We canvassed 300 of our bloggers on the sessions and speakers they'd like to see at BlogFest, but there are still plenty of speakers to be announced. So if you've a yearning to hear from someone in particular, do let us know here and we'll do our best to oblige.

The event is open to bloggers and non-bloggers alike, so if you haven't yet started blogging but want to dip a toe in the water - or simply want to hear some great speakers - do join us. If you're quick off the mark, you can catch the early bird offer (£50 per ticket - a third off!). So help us spread the word on Facebook and Twitter (#mumsnetblogfest) - and don't forget to tell your friends, your colleagues and your mum - the more the merrier!

MmeGuillotine Wed 19-Sep-12 13:36:19

cough ahem ;)

JessMumsnetBloggers (MNHQ) Wed 19-Sep-12 14:19:24

Yikes! Sorry <offers gin as apology> All in place now...

Tee2072 Wed 19-Sep-12 14:24:08

grin MmeG.

Wish I could be there. Have fun!

MmeGuillotine Wed 19-Sep-12 14:35:25

Hurray for gin, otherwise known as Mumsnet Ruin! smile

Tee, oh no, won't you be there?! sad

Would love to be there too but due to have c section a week or so before so making the trip over to London would be pushing it a little. Hope you all have a fabulous time, and that you do another event next year.

Tee2072 Wed 19-Sep-12 14:45:41

I can't afford to fly to London right now MmeG. Maybe next time.

MmeGuillotine Wed 19-Sep-12 14:54:34

Oh no that's a shame, Petite and Tee. sad

I'm currently in a slight panic as I've just seen where it's being held and I'm absolutely terrified of both heights and lifts! Getting me up there is going to be pretty interesting... ;D

Tee2072 Wed 19-Sep-12 15:02:51

I'm more concerned that the map on the info page has the venue smack in the middle of the it a floating building?

MmeGuillotine Wed 19-Sep-12 16:28:37

That would be AWESOME. They should have hired a Thames cruise ship for the day! smile

Do you know if anyone would sponsor bloggers to attend? I've already paid for another conference and him indoors will go ape if I buy one for this too

MmeGuillotine Wed 19-Sep-12 18:01:29

LazyGirl, you could try asking companies that you have worked with in the past to see if they're interested in sponsoring you? I believe that's how it's done for this sort of event. smile

Yeah I may do, but IME recently companies just aren't shelling out for sponsorship anymore.

DillyTante Wed 19-Sep-12 19:55:47

Aww Petite and Tee that's a shame. I'll be there smile

MmeLindor Wed 19-Sep-12 21:59:06

that is a shame. I was hoping to meet you.

Now, you know that having a CS a week before is not an adequate excuse. Why, in my day we popped in to see the GP (or the vet, if the doc was busy) , had a CS in the morning and were out pulling up tatties in the fields in the afternoon.


Seriously. I am sad that you won't be there but we will have a HUGE glass of gin wine and toast your new arrival.

Ok, I am off to book flights and a hotel once I work out where to book the hotel. Who is staying overnight in London? I am going for cheap as chips, so likely a EasyHotel. I might have to stay 2 nights, cause flight too late in morning to get to venue in time.

MmeLindor Wed 19-Sep-12 22:01:47

OMG. Just looked at the venue. Wow. That is gorgeous.

MmeG I will meet you at the bottom and feed you lots of gin

DillyTante Wed 19-Sep-12 22:02:54

I'm going to stay with my mum which is about half an hour train from Victoria. But I can stay out as late as I want grin

Oh sadtimes... I am skiiiiint.

But would love to go.

FairyGodsMumsnetter, can I have my one wish now please?

MmeLindor Wed 19-Sep-12 22:06:45

I stayed in a B&B near Victoria earlier this year, so might book there - or the EasyHotel near the station. Will see which is cheaper.

Never thought of looking for sponsors. D'ya think P&G would sponsor me. I am a MUM, after all ;)

eggdipdip Wed 19-Sep-12 22:08:49

Oh exciting! does happy dance just what I need to cheer me up while I'm in bed with man flu. <runs off to style & beauty boards for emergency advice> wine

eggdipdip Wed 19-Sep-12 22:10:17

mmeLindor I think you should ask P&G for sure ;)

MmeGuillotine Wed 19-Sep-12 22:10:34

Haha, thanks! I'm going to be at the Tate next Monday, which is next door to Millbank Tower - d'you think they'd mind me popping in to see what it's like? I'm actually phobic when it comes to heights and lifts but it might make it easier if I'm familiar with the building? I'm determined to be there so am going to do whatever it takes to get me up to the top of that tower!

The night before is the anniversary of the last Ripper murder so I was planning to be in London anyway. I usually stay in Whitechapel so I'll probably book into a hotel there for the weekend. smile

MmeLindor Wed 19-Sep-12 22:18:54

That might help, MmeG. Would you be ok taking the stairs?

Looks like I will fly in on Friday cause first flight would mean me getting up at 4am and I really can't face that. Will hopefully meet friends evening before.

I will book EasyHotel Victoria then, Dilly. I know that area, so won't be worried about getting lost.

MmeGuillotine Wed 19-Sep-12 22:23:35

Oh I don't mind the stairs at all, although they'll probably kill me! I'd just like to know if they are completely internal or have windows. smile

liveotherwise Wed 19-Sep-12 22:43:28

Made it on phone!

Am expecting to have to stay Friday and Saturday, appreciate (cheap) local hotel recommendations. Will have Tigerboy with me (8 months by that point).

Really really looking forward to it smile

MmeLindor Wed 19-Sep-12 22:49:01

I have booked EasyJet Victoria - £113 for 2 nights. It is v basic though.

Otherwise, I have stayed here and it was fine, but it is double the price.

Last time I was in London I stayed in the EasyHotel near Liverpool St Station. They are v orange and plastic-y but clean and cheap.

Stitchthis Thu 20-Sep-12 08:01:57

I'm aiming to be there too but prob go home that night sad Looking forward to meeting everyone finally. I'll be the one with knitting needles sticking out of my handbag.

JessMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 20-Sep-12 10:05:27


I'm more concerned that the map on the info page has the venue smack in the middle of the it a floating building?

As exciting as it would be to hold the first floating BlogFest (!) I can confirm that the building is on the north side of the river, on Millbank. Tech have managed to re-jig the map now so hopefully no more confusion - we'd rather not have to jump in the Thames to find any stray attendees grin

MmeLindor Thu 20-Sep-12 11:54:10

That's great Stitch. Will be great to see, even if only during the day.

Ha. Could you imagine a floating Blogfest. Sponsored by RNLI

I would love to go to this, if only to cross knitting needles with Stitchthis smile (I am madebytamsin on Twitter)

julesjam Thu 20-Sep-12 15:09:01

<wails> I waaantt to coooommmme!! <looks in disgust at bank balance> sad

Stitchthis Thu 20-Sep-12 15:51:05

Wooooooi rhinestone!!!!!!! Hello!

Stitchthis Thu 20-Sep-12 17:20:09

Idea!!! We cld do a relay-blog of the event. Like a blog hop but we each sign up to document say an hour each then you can click from one to the next.....god knows how you do it technically but what do you think?

<shakes portcullis of MN Towers>

MmeLindor Thu 20-Sep-12 19:51:58

Great idea, Stitch.

You have to come. We could travel down together.

Stitchthis Thu 20-Sep-12 20:07:14

Can I sign you up then Mme?

Stitchthis Thu 20-Sep-12 20:08:53

Subject to objection from MNTowers I will organise the order of blogging if somebody can help w setting up the hop?!?!

MmeLindor Thu 20-Sep-12 20:48:55

I can do the hop.

That sounds like a dance routine. One which involves high up ponytails, bobbysocks and circular skirts with poodle appliqués.


Sounds good to me. Can I do the session on Getting Published at 1.30pm.

Are you doing sessions rather than hours? Then you'd need two for the sessions that run parallel

Stitchthis Thu 20-Sep-12 21:31:57

Yep. Sessions makes sense. Agree re parallel streams too. Excel, you are my friend.

DillyTante Thu 20-Sep-12 22:05:40

Hey Stitchthis, just looking at trains & was going to stay at my mum's sat night & get the train back Sunday but it's really long so think I might just get the paddington train. What was your plan? Have found 9.30pm train for £9 (single).

DillyTante Thu 20-Sep-12 22:07:05

To be clear I meant I might get the train back Sat night.

Stitchthis Thu 20-Sep-12 22:20:40

Not sure yet but sounds gd

KateMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 21-Sep-12 10:24:31

Blog relay sounds like a brilliant idea! We're properly excited here now...

e11ie5 Fri 21-Sep-12 11:07:23

woo hooo looking forward to this ... didn't we have a luverly time the day we went to mumsnet ... and so on : )

liveotherwise Fri 21-Sep-12 11:12:51

Live blogging the sessions is a great plan smile I've put a meet and greet linky on my blog (please join in) and I'm building a twitter list of attendees so that we can find each other before the day.

MummyBarrow Fri 21-Sep-12 11:43:07

<peers round the door>

I have bought my ticket. But have a night out at Gordon Ramsay's place the night before so will be looking decidedly shabby. And clutching a mug of coffee.

MmeGuillotine Fri 21-Sep-12 13:26:09

I'll do a blog hop thingummy, if you like? smile

QueenMaeve Fri 21-Sep-12 13:39:36

It looks fantastic. I'm like Tee and would have to fly over though. Will have a nosy for cheap flights. Whispers <also would need somebody to mind me in London I would probably end up getting lost>

Stitchthis Fri 21-Sep-12 18:53:39

katemumsnet and all the lovely bloggers here glad you're up for it...can anyone who is interested in taking part PM me with preferred slot based on the timetable already issued. I will then post a roll call of contributors so everyone can keep track. Sound like a plan?!

BCBG Fri 21-Sep-12 21:53:03

Booked my place grin

BCBG Fri 21-Sep-12 22:04:46

Stitch - just PM'd you but then read thread properly - do you want us to document a session AS it is going on, or document a session just AFTER it? Or just bang on about the whole mad fest? Happy to do whatever but there are one or two topics I am too crepey and haggish to understand I may not entirely follow ;)

BCBG Fri 21-Sep-12 22:05:23

wink. I rest my case...

Badgerwife Sat 22-Sep-12 19:40:48

Totally gutted I won't be able to be there, it looks like it's going to be amazing. Sadly, we are counting the pennies to the point that I'm feeling guilty when I deviate from the shopping list to buy chocolate. There's always next year, when it will be bigger and better having learnt from first year teething mistakes which are bound to happen (not enough gin to go round probably)

CreativeFL0 Sun 23-Sep-12 10:54:55

Oh that looks like a great event!
I would have loved to attend (but I am too poor and too-far-from-Londony grin)
I look forward to hearing all about it though - including any back-stage gossip! wink

blueish Mon 24-Sep-12 00:24:13

I've just looked at the itinerary and am very interested in all the subjects. I live in London so it seems daft not to go particularly as some people are 'flying in'.
I don't have any bloggy friends however and am a bit terrified of entering alone. especially after experiencing the agony of going alone to the MN xmas meetup a few years ago. I really wouldn't want to put myself through that again.

On a lighter note, as swish as the venue looks, those bar stools look jolly uncomfy, will there be proper chairs ? Is it a sort of huge hall set up with rows of chairs ? Will I be able to sign up for all the sessions ?

Stitchthis Mon 24-Sep-12 06:39:32

I've verb quiet re the blog along but will post something this week. It's been a bit full on round here.

Stitchthis Mon 24-Sep-12 06:39:55

Been quiet. Been.

MmeLindor Mon 24-Sep-12 08:05:15

None of us actually 'know' each other so don't be shy. Come along and join in.

blueish Mon 24-Sep-12 10:46:32

Thank you MmeLindor. I'll see. I want to go but the thought of nervously going to a room full of strangers and left to 'mingle' sends shivers. I will summon up the courage though and sign up for every session.

I've just signed on to your blog and find it so user friendly and helpful (as I did when I started twitter too). I've just joined BritMums (through your link) which I hadn't heard of. Don't know what I'll do with it yet though but at least I've joined. smile

KateMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 24-Sep-12 12:56:30

We'll be there blueish with big name-badges on - it would be lovely to meet you, and we can help to introduce you if you're feeling lost.

blueish Mon 24-Sep-12 13:50:23

Thanks Kate smile

KateMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 24-Sep-12 13:51:07

Ooh and if you're coming, it would be great if you could grab an 'I'm attending' badge here to let fellow bloggers who mightn't be hanging out here know all about it? We think it's rather pretty, too wink

Thanks all,

DillyTante Mon 24-Sep-12 22:48:26

Blueish MmeLindor is right, none of us know each other (well StitchThis & I do so that will be less scary!) but if we chat on here enough before hand we will feel like we do!

Stitchthis Tue 25-Sep-12 08:06:46

Happy to have a large arrow over my head saying 'my name is STITCH" or similar....

blueish Tue 25-Sep-12 11:32:29

Dilly, yes you're right, I will go. It's too good an opportunity to pass up. I wonder how many people the event caters

MmeGuillotine Tue 25-Sep-12 14:12:15

I popped into the Millbank Tower yesterday to quiz them about the stairs, lifts and views (I have claustrophobia and a fear of heights) and they were so sweet about it. They even offered to take me up but I hadn't had my morning gin and wasn't mentally prepared so had to decline but I think it'll be okay as I now know what to expect, have been reassured about the likelihood of the lift breaking down and have a PLAN in place to deal with it. smile

MmeLindor Tue 25-Sep-12 16:33:05

oh, good for you, MmeG. Glad that they were able to reassure you.

I haven't added my badge cause something is not right with the blog. Got someone looking at it today.

Just booked my ticket! Am so excited about the possibility of saying hi to all you amazing bloggers and my the author of my Sunday giggle column (I read Caitlin Moran's column and ALWAYS giggle) and now my hubby thinks I've lost my mind.

I'm also somewhat nervous about not knowing anyone, so if you spot me there, please please please come and say hi. pretty please.

I'm not sure I can concentrate well enough to blog through it for the hop. Great idea though. It'll be good for everyone who can't quite make it on the day, as the info gathered can be shared.

Finally, is anyone traveling down from the North on the day? If there's a few all getting the same train we could create a mumsnet blogfest carriage!!

KateMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 26-Sep-12 12:02:17

Oh good news yummymummyreally. Love the idea of a rowdy blogfest carriage!
And blimmin' well done MmeGuillotine - <whispers> am not that keen on heights meself. Recently sat through a lunch at the top of the BT Tower, with eyes clamped firmly on the person I was sitting next to to avoid looking out of the window.

Alurkatsoftplay Thu 27-Sep-12 11:51:41

I'm excited to be coming! The twitter group have been very welcoming too.

Anyone going in on the Fenchurch Street Line (Essex women!) and who fancy some company, do get in touch.

blueish Thu 27-Sep-12 14:34:01

Are we able to sign up for the talks we want to attend before hand or do we wait till we get there ?

JessMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 27-Sep-12 16:02:28

Hi blueish You will be able to choose from a number of the sessions before you get there - an email will be sent out a bit nearer the time to everyone who has bought a ticket. For now, there's some more info about this over on our FAQs page if you fancy a read.

just realised it's a Saturday. Think I'm going to go for it. Bit nervous though. Unhusband can have kids.

Stitchthis Fri 28-Sep-12 21:40:17

I'm starting a new business (yay!) so the business related sessions are going to be v useful.

MrsJamin Sun 30-Sep-12 20:27:05

I've taken the plunge and signed up! Only 3 and a half hours while its £50 - hurry hurry hurry!
Will anyone be on a train heading into London Paddington from Bristol/Taunton (one that stops at Oxford, Reading, Slough etc) - PM me so we could meet on a carriage perhaps?

DillyTante Sun 30-Sep-12 21:40:10

I'm going up on the Friday and not into Paddington, but Surrey. Am coming back on the 9.30 Paddington train on Saturday even though.

Stitchthis Tue 02-Oct-12 14:51:17

I've put something on my blog about the blogalong...there'll be a dedicated page up there soon too.

starsandroses Wed 03-Oct-12 00:41:05

Hi Ive just done a meme on my blog with a linky at the bottom, join in if your going, try and get to know every one before were thrown in the deep end.

MyLifeMySonMyWay Thu 04-Oct-12 17:22:52

Hello I have bought a ticket.... But not sure I know anyone going.... HELP!!

MyLifeMySonMyWay Thu 04-Oct-12 18:15:51

OK so I've added a link to the meme... I feel like I have been successful in something!! Thank you starsandroses.

MummyBarrow Mon 08-Oct-12 11:27:37

I can no longer make it as husband is away on a stag do and I have a school event I can't get out of.

I have managed to find somebody to buy my ticket off me but do I need to notify anybody at Mumsnet? Name badges etc etc?

JessMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 08-Oct-12 13:42:36


I can no longer make it as husband is away on a stag do and I have a school event I can't get out of.

I have managed to find somebody to buy my ticket off me but do I need to notify anybody at Mumsnet? Name badges etc etc?

Thanks MummyBarrow Shame you can no longer come but glad the ticket has been lovingly passed on! If you could get the person you've sold your ticket to to email with contact details then we can make sure they are the one we send any info to ahead of the event. Thanks.

choochy Wed 10-Oct-12 11:55:41

I'm attending and can't wait! Am beyond excited - we'll be in the company of you think Caitlin Moran will sign my book??

choochy x

harriangel Thu 08-Nov-12 21:12:08

I have a Hotel room going spare Friday evening. Victoria. Double room. The Melbourne as recommended earlier on this thread. My little one taken poorly. anyone want it? Please Tweet @mumoldersingle e mail

emmajames1 Sat 10-Nov-12 06:01:55

I'm really looking forward to today. It should be a massive learning fest. See you all later!

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