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Lesbian/Gay parents to be...

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kandz05 Thu 07-Aug-14 21:59:43

Hello, my partner and I have recently completed all the necessary tests and the go ahead for IUI fertility treatment to become mums. However we feel that we are quite alone in this process and have not been given any local support groups to consider. We both would like to meet others in a similar situation to us and feel that there are other people who may also benefit from talking to other LGBT parents to be. It would be amazing to try and build a support network for our future family and be able to discuss situations that heterosexual couples may not experience when raising a family. Be good to hear from anyone in Kent interested in meeting other light families.
Thanks for reading.

Catsize Thu 07-Aug-14 23:08:13

Not based in Kent, but guess what? I have just started a blog!

Please forgive my first bit of shameless advertising.

My ramblings may bring you something at some point, who knows...

Good luck on your journey - it's fabulous.

SwearyFucker Sun 10-Aug-14 19:50:27

Hi, and congratulations on taking the first steps on this amazing journey. The best thing I can recommend is . (I had IVF and found the site really helpful.) There is a large active LGBT community on there, and someone is bound to be in Kent, given the sheer number of people posting. Good luck, both with the IUI and with finding local people.

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