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Don't use LIVE CAREER to write your return to work CV

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simonw762 Thu 01-May-14 19:45:14

Hi folks, just a little warning. Live Career is an online service you might be tempted to use yourself (going back to work) or to help your son/daughter with their first CV.
It's a mean, sly and costly service that will cause you to lose money and waste time.
Here's the technique they use:
1. They offer you free use of their online template to write the CV.
2. Only when you've done that do you discover that you can't even print it without paying £1.95 for a 14 day subscription. OK you think, nice trick; but you've spent time now writing the darn thing so you cough up
3. Then 15 days later you check your bank statement and discover that £22.95 has been taken out- and will in fact be taken out each month henceforth.
4. What you don't realise is that the £1.95 signed you up for a monthly service for £22.95/pcm which you actively have to CANCEL if you want to stop the payments being taken from your card. Fail to do so and 3 months later you will be £70 quid down.
Clever, devious, mean- and when you talk to them to complain, it's quite clear they are entirely happy to continue duping people this way.
PLEASE Let's close sites like this down by starving them of custom.

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