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New Daddy Blog - VIDEOS!

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daddyisafilmmaker Sat 24-Aug-13 22:12:29

ps. I am also on instagram: daddyisafilmmaker
& twitter: @daddyfilmmaker

daddyisafilmmaker Sat 24-Aug-13 22:11:58
daddyisafilmmaker Sat 24-Aug-13 22:11:29

Hello everyone,

I'm very new to parenthood, ...and even newer to this forum!

I'm a filmmaker and since our beautiful baby daughter arrived 2 months ago I haven't been able to put down her or my camera.

To keep myself awake on the night shift I started editing the footage of her in to short retro style home movies.

If you get a spare min (as if, I hear you all shout! ha) you should check out some of our movies.

I'd really like to introduce myself to the community and become a part of it.

Any questions or advice please drop me a line!

Daddy Dan x

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