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New Posts: Sun 19th May- Sat 25th May

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I've waited all day for someone else to go first, but no one did so here is my Silent Sunday

amummysview Sun 26-May-13 21:56:21

We are having a Sad Saturday sad

Lilka Sat 25-May-13 12:12:05

I wrote about why i disagree with public profiles of children available for adoption using the childs real name and photograph. To do with privacy, Internet archiving etc

I also showed a drawing my eldest daughter made a few years ago for her therapist and I - showing her with her protective layers around her

OnlyANinja Fri 24-May-13 18:33:41

Quiet this week!

I am up to halfway on my 50 book challenge and I wrote a review of a YA scifi series of books (not just for young adults, also for medium adults and old adults!)

Month 4 of Wearing braces

I'm very excited because my latest translation has just been published.

Excess - the Art of Treason by Mathias Frey.

artifarti Fri 24-May-13 10:35:53

It's Fromage Friday and I'm eating a Pont L?Évêque. Yumyumyum.

RecipeJunkie Thu 23-May-13 23:03:08
JerryLeadbetter Thu 23-May-13 14:51:37

I started what I hope to be a new series of blog posts today, featuring week-by-week toddler meal planners that I use.

I've often googled 'toddler meal planning' for inspiration, and there's not much out there. Whilst i'm no nutritionist, I thought these might be useful if people with little ones are stuck for ideas.

Hoping other bloggers in a similar situation to me might get on board and share theirs!

meemar Thu 23-May-13 13:52:42

Latest post is about how being active in your own healing from break-up, rather than waiting to feel better will speed the process up.

Oh, we love Dog Loves Drawing, cjfriess - will go and have a look.

A couple of book reviews from me this week:


White Truffles in Winter

cjfriess Thu 23-May-13 07:03:17

Dog Loves Drawing encouraged us to get our crayons out and have fun doodling smile

KateDavis Wed 22-May-13 23:27:26

I needed to go buy some new jeans so did some research into how to buy flattering jeans. My post shows the result; yes it includes photographs of my backside!

HappySnail Wed 22-May-13 17:38:16

How we can put the parenting experts out of a job.

hamsternumber1 Wed 22-May-13 16:18:30

Mine and my husband's hobbies collided when we broke down in his classic car & landed in a bake-off

artifarti Wed 22-May-13 11:08:22

I made Sambocade, a medieval Elderflower and Cheese Tart.

mrsdymond Wed 22-May-13 00:39:53

piffle the links didn't work. Will try again!

Silent sunday

Happy 26 Months

mrsdymond Wed 22-May-13 00:36:42

two from me this week:

Silent sunday

Happy 26 Months


TheNewson Tue 21-May-13 20:47:52

No Spanx to Shapely Swimwear for Middle Age Spread

cjfriess Tue 21-May-13 19:46:07
PigeonPairNell Tue 21-May-13 19:03:50

Two from me this week.

People have told me this post made them cry:
Lost and found
And the first picture in this was terrifying:
A nature walk in London

Take your pick.

RecipeJunkie Tue 21-May-13 16:59:52

What do you when the Husband's surrounded by mamba and the kids are bickering? Bake lemon & almond buns, of course

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