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Help me solve the mystery, please...

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Ah! I found it too! It's back on the feed! Thanks EffieTheDuck ! You can be my mascot!
[stops sobbing and smiles]

EffieTheDuck Mon 18-Mar-13 22:22:04

here it is!



OK, going to lie down now!


Aargh! Now my links have gone wonky!

here it is [ A Teacher Writes]

My blog, [ A Teacher Writes] has disappeared off the feed! Can anyone help? It's one of the mumsnet blogs and one of the nice ladies from MNHQ said she thought it was very good.
But where has it gone? Look in Education > and you'll find it's still there. So where are my lovely posts?

Please help! I've put a lot of love into my blog-child. Thanks!

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