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I'm new...

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MrsWolowitzerables Sat 09-Feb-13 21:17:14

I've been fancying blogging for a while so today i just picked up my laptop, set up a google blog account and wrote some stuff.

Am I allowed to share the link? If so its here:

My Blog

If not sorry, I'll slap myself on the wrist and get this deleted.

I literally know nothing about blogging but wanted to just have a place to write a few things and thought it would be a good outlet. Is this the general point of blogging?

What do I need to know? Is it crap and should I just give up before I get started?

I'm clueless so any advice would be great. I'm newly diagnosed as bipolar so I really want to write about that but thought I'd practice a bit first with piffle.

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