I really AM going to Low Carb this time...

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WilfSell Sat 02-Jan-10 23:54:24

And DH has promised to join me. But not until after our big night away without the kids next week. So lots of time to procrastinate plan ahead grin I've ordered India's book. And have an old copy of Atkins' upstairs.

I will need a sugar substitute I think. And, ahem, fibre. Are linseeds low carb? Can you eat them in induction? And I will need to plan my snackage.

And how to get through the first week or two weeks? What helped you not cave in at the first cravings or headaches? And did I read somewhere you can test your piss? Or is that not strictly necessary?

IMoveTheStarsForChristmas Sat 02-Jan-10 23:58:06

I;ll join in!

have been half-arsed low-carbing since NYE. Full induction starts Monday!

good thing I love omlettes..

brimfull Sat 02-Jan-10 23:58:12

I am starting go lower when it arrives. £££ i know

I have lost weight doing low carb before but put it back on.

I am def going to keep it off this time.

linseeds are low I think
yes you can test your piss with ketostix-from ebay, helps to keep you motivated as if you cheat you go out of ketosis so stop burning fat

IMoveTheStarsForChristmas Sat 02-Jan-10 23:59:14

you need Custardo for low-carb advice. Ground linseeds are zero carb I believe (please search old Atkins threads for recipe - can't find it meself)

WilfSell Sun 03-Jan-10 08:31:26

Good. That's a few noobs/restarters. We have 11th Jan pencilled in as our start date

<that's just a bit too anal isn't it?>

Is it better just to cut out completely and go cold turkey, or is it possible to gradually reduce? I'm such a carb addict that I think perhaps it has to be all or nothing.

I'm thinking I just have to think of it as being 'ill' for a week and then it will get better.

SantaClausImWorthIt Sun 03-Jan-10 09:23:32

If you're going to do Atkins (or India/Nerys) then you will, effectively, be going cold turkey for the first stage. Usually (but up to you how long) two weeks.

If you make sure that your carbs come from salad leaves and vegetables then you should be OK in terms of the fibre intake. And make sure that you drink plenty of water too - this will also help prevent constipation.

Ketostix are not really that helpful, as if you're drinking plenty of water then you will be washing the ketones out of your system.

Re the sugar substitute, part of the thinking behind the initial phase/2 weeks is to get you out of the habit of eating sweet things - and so you're not encouraged or not allowed (I forget if this is the case) to eat sweet stuff. That said, you can buy low carb/low cal jellies which are nice. Hartleys, I think. Sainsbury and Tesco sell them.

But the best rule of thumb/advice I would give, based on years of low carbing, is to aim to eat natural, i.e. not processed foods. So, meat/fish with salad/vegetables that you have cooked from scratch.

You should find that once you're in the swing of things that you're not actually hungry in between meals, and therefore snackage is not necessary. If you are hungry though, the mantra is eat. Pieces of cheese or ham are good, and I always have a couple of hard boiled eggs in the fridge.

But one of the great joys of low carbing is that you aren't hungry - which means that you stop obsessing about food. It isn't uncommon for me, when I'm being good blush to actually forget that it's lunchtime and not get round to eating till 2 or even 3 o'clock. Something that never happens if I'm calorie counting!

It's great that you and your DH are doing it together as that does help to keep you on track. But if you do it 'properly' you should also see such good results within the first couple of weeks that that in itself will keep you on track.

Just beware that it is not uncommon to find that in weeks 3, 4o or 5 that weight loss does stop/slow down significantly. Don't change anything you're doing, and you should find that the weight will start to go after that - albeit more slowly than in the first 2-4 weeks.

And another thing to bear in mind, some people find that diet drinks or low sugar chocolate products can cause a stall. There is a theory that they can 'fool' the body into producing insulin in the same way as sugar.

Good luck! I am back on the wagon from tomorrow as well.

IMoveTheStarsForChristmas Sun 03-Jan-10 09:38:43

or BIWI is full of good advice too

<waves to IMTSFC>

defyinggravity Sun 03-Jan-10 11:58:32

Can I join too please? I did Atkins a few years ago and lost a lot of weight and found it quite easy to stick to after the first hellish week! Had a baby, the rest is history.... put it all back on and then some. Other diets just make me obsess about food and I always cheat. On Atkins I know I can't cheat at all and it keep me focused. I have about 3 stone to shift before I go on holiday in July so if I get stuck in now I think it's feasible.

WilfSell Sun 03-Jan-10 15:17:08

3 stone by summer seems like a good goal. In the first place, I'd be happy to shift a stone. And can then work on the others one at a time. I guess a stone is roughly a dress size too?

So I can eat steak and salad, and bacon with tomatoes, and grilled fish and vegetables. And cheese. Are full-fat things (cream, yoghurt etc OK in induction? I can't remember...) Is it you that uses vanilla essence BIWI? And now that you have taught me to cook delicious steak, I think I can probably cope. grin

WilfSell Sun 03-Jan-10 15:20:32

OK and since I'm going to be starting a week later than y'all, could you post your experiences on this thread please, so I know what to expect

<sugar/biscuit/alcohol addict needs hand holding and courage>

defyinggravity Sun 03-Jan-10 16:28:11

I would say watch out for things like mints and chewing gum and stuff like that. You can think they're harmless but they are loaded with carbs. The same with tomato sauce/ brown auce etc. Only one that's ok is mayonnaise I think. It's the little things that can mess up your carb intake. Found that out the hard way last time did Atkinshmm

Full fat is definitely OK - Atkins would say that low carb doesn't work if you restrict your fat. I think, though, you need to go easy on the cheese - but worth checking that out if you've got the book. I need to re-read it as it's such a long time since I was really good!

I use vanilla essence in yoghurt - put it on top of stewed rhubarb or berries - but not during induction.

Will report on my menus for the week if you like! Tomorrow's dinner is going to be roast chicken with roast vegetables (leeks, courgettes, peppers, carrots in olive oil), with salad. Breakfast will probably be a couple of boiled eggs. No idea what I'm having for lunch, but as I had a lot of eggs about to go out of date it might also be something egg-based.

And no white wine ...

supersalstrawberry Tue 05-Jan-10 14:31:03

ooooh I'm thinking of joining you all <again> hmm I've low carbed in the past and it's worked very well, I'm not sleeping, I feel like crap, have chronic indegestion and low carbing always makes me feel soooo much better.

I know I need to start when I've got a couple of days off work so friday is my plan, I'm off (or might be working a short shift but thats ok) so I've got sat and sun to detox which always makes me feel headachey and a bit shit.

any meal recipe ideas would be good

also food I can make in advance and freeze/reheat/take to work

I deffo agree with BIWI about the eating non-processed food and lots of low carb vegetables

does anyone have a low carb soup recipe?

Sal - I can recommend Neris and India's idiot-Proof Diet Cookbook.

The only problem is that they don't give exact carb counts, so if you're trying to do Atkins and count the carbs it's not as easy. If you're just doing more general cutting down, it's a great book. The soups they have recipes for are:

Roast butternut squash with parmesan and bacon
Lettuce with parma crisps and basil oil
Thai green avocado soup
Courgette with gingered onions
Curried cauliflower
Oven roasted onion

If you'd like me to type any of them out I'm happy to do so!

supersalstrawberry Wed 06-Jan-10 21:13:17

thanks BIWI if you could give me the recipe for the first 2, that's be great thanks smile

right I couldn't wait so I started today, I haven't shopped ready for low carbing yet so am making do with what I have till I can get to the supermarket.

Breakfast - roast vegetable frittata (mainly peppers, but one or 2 tomatoes as well) cooked last night, reheated in work for breakfast with a rasher of bacon

lunch - salmon, baby salad leaves, couple of cherry tomatoes, teaspoon of full fat mayonaise

dinner - very tired after work so had a rasher of bacon and scrambled egg

lots of water, had trouble though as everyone in work made me lots of tea and coffee - had a couple of sips

Katisha Wed 06-Jan-10 21:20:31

<Checks in as usual on any passing low-carb thread>

Got half a stone off before Christmas (thanks to BIWI's chart) and haven't done too much damage - gain of couple of pounds over Christmas.

I'm just getting through the Christmas cake before restarting...Why am I though? I really don't like this bloaty feeling...And after running for the train the other night for the first time in weeks I felt awfully shaky - doesn't happen when low-carbing.

<Lets DH get on with Christmas cake>

supersalstrawberry Wed 06-Jan-10 21:43:48

hello Katisha

oooh do tell about the chart!

this is the time of night I struggle, there are some biscuits out there with my name on, off to get some more water

am so fed up of feeling bloated and uncomfortable, not sleeping etc etc, can't wait to have lots of energy and just feel better again.

Katisha Wed 06-Jan-10 21:46:52

It's a weight chart that BIWI does on Another Site but it relies on people actually sending in their weight each Monday. It kind of died in the run up to Christmas but it was encouraging seeing a general downward trend (when it wasn't busy being stuck on the same number for weeks on end....)

mummymels Wed 06-Jan-10 22:01:27

Hi everyone, can I join you please?

I have been doing Go Lower for about 3 months now and am finding it so easy to do.

Sal - sorry, have not been around much today and didn see that you wanted the recipes. If you don't mind, I'll do them tomorrow as I'm a bit cream crackered now.

If anyone wants to join in, I've started a three week challenge, which will begin on Monday. I'm not going to do a chart for this, as it seems a bit pointless for only three weeks, but might consider it from February!

Basically the thinking is that there are three full weeks from Monday to the end of the month, so that gives us all a chance to do induction/have a strict start - whatever suits you best - with the aim of losing half a stone.

I'll link to the thread and if you want to join in that would be fab!

supersalstrawberry Thu 07-Jan-10 11:34:31

thanks BIWI, no rush, will join your 3 week thread now smile

OK - first two soup recipes, courtesy of Neris and India's Idiot Proof Diet Recipe Book:

(Actually a lot of recipes/most of recipes were created by Bee Rawlinson, an early member of the website pig2twig, who was so resourceful/creative in her cooking that they asked her to get more involved with them)

Roast Butternut Squash with Parmesan and Bacon

serves 2

1 butternut squash
olive oil for brushing
500-750ml veg or chicken stock (cubes are fine, Marigold bouillon powder is better)
2 tablespoons grated Parmesan
4 rashers of crispy bacon

Pre-heat oven to 190/GM5

Cut the butternut squash in half lengthways and brush with olive oil. Bake for an hour or so - it's ready when it's soft.

Scoop out the flesh and whiz in a blender. Put it into a pan with enough stock to achieve the consistency that you prefer.

Gently heat through for 20 mins or so

Serve with a heaped tablespoon of Parmesan per bowl and some crispy, crumbled bacon


Lettuce Soup with Parma Crisps and Basil Oil

serves 2

8 slices of Parma ham
a large bunch of fresh basil, tough stalks removed
120ml mild olive oil or groundnut oil
50g butter
2 tbsps olive oil
1 leek, cleaned and finely sliced
4 flat lettuces (the soft, floppy 'old fashioned' type), washed and roughly chopped
1/4 teaspoon ground mace
500ml veg or chicken stock

preheat the oven to 230/GM8

Put Parma ham on a non-stick baking sheet and bake until browned - this doesn't take long so keep an eye on them. allow to cool - they will crisp up as they do.

Put the basil and the 120ml oil into a blender and blend thoroughly to a puree. Line a small wieve or tea-strainer with kitchen paper and place over a bowl. Tip the contents of the blender in and leave to filter through the paper.

In a large saucepan heat the butter and the 2 tbsps olive oil and fry the sliced leek gently until softened but not coloured

Add the lettuce and stir around for a couple of minutes until coated with the oil and butter. Stir in the mace. Put a lid on the pan and turn the heat to the lowest possible setting on the smallest ring for 10 minutes or until fully wilted.

Add the stock and bring to a simmer. cook for another 5 minutes and then blend to a smooth velvety consistency.

Served drizzled with the basil oil and with the Parma ham crisps alongside.

brimfull Thu 07-Jan-10 16:53:35

mummymels- I too am doing golower , on day 3 now and in the transition into ketosis so feel a bit rough. The food is really yummy .
How much have you lost having been on it for 3 months ?
Do you use the golower forum -seems really quiet there.

BlueKangerooWonders Thu 07-Jan-10 17:54:13

I can't recommend the India/Neris book enough. I loved the 'diary' part of it, as it tallied exactly with me feeling crap, but they tell you why you're feeling crap at that point.

Lost nearly a stone before Christmas very easily,and am back on it now. And like SantaClausImWorthIt says, I don't feel hungry at all now I'm having proper meals.

And India/ Neris is very good for dealing with overeating through boredom/ tiredness/ bad mood etc.

I got my copy through the library, and it saw me through 3 weeks of induction. Then I found the cook book in a charity shop

Katisha Thu 07-Jan-10 19:10:15

How does Go Lower work then? How does the food arrive? What is it?

JollyPirate Thu 07-Jan-10 19:24:00

Am thinking of going low carb too - does Zoe Harcombe mean anything to anyone - have had her book recommended. Want to start tomorrow.

brimfull Thu 07-Jan-10 19:28:26


the lazy persons way to do low carb

my food was delivered in big box by courier

2 weeks supply in pouches you keep in fridge
you get a daily snack , nutty bar and bacon pork rinds

you have to supply veg to go with main meal , raspberries and yoghurt to go with granola and any other pure protein you want to snack on

so it is very £££ but good for me as I don't have ot think about it

you get counsellor available 7 days a week

food is very tasty

geordieminx Thu 07-Jan-10 19:32:09

Can anyone recommend any good reciepes/meal ideas for low carb?

I am one of the worlds forever dieters, usually just reducing calories but it gets hard, I end up cutting down to under 1000 just to loose a lb or 2 a week, so think a different tactic is needed?

Its the meal ideas that I struggle with more than anything - thinking of interesting/easy/quick/filling meals that arent acompanied by potatoes/pasta/bread.

Any help or a pointer in the right direction would be most appreciated. Have put on over a stone since wedding in October sad

Katisha Thu 07-Jan-10 19:36:14

Thanks ggirl - have looked at website but can't see how long they expect your programme to last. And how much you would be shelling out?

brimfull Thu 07-Jan-10 19:37:35

depends how much you have to lose

some people do it for one month if they only have 1 stone to lose

the more you pay up front the cheaper it is

Katisha Thu 07-Jan-10 19:51:03

I have 2 stone to lose...

corriefan Thu 07-Jan-10 20:22:35

geordieminx- I'm back on low carb after letting go over xmas and lost stone last year doing it strictly during the week and allowing myself to eat a bit more at weekends to have something to look forward to.
Instead of pasta I'll put bolognese on shredded green beans or spaghetti of veg (you need a julienne slicer and quick fry really thin slices of carrot/courgette/parsnip). I bulk up stir fry with bean sprouts instead of noodles. I think you can have roast sweet potatoes (I do) which feels like normal potato. Another one is cauliflower blended with butter (season well) which is like creamy mash.

I may be breaking some rules but it has worked for me. I also drink tea as normal.

BUT I do think I over eat if I'm not on a diet, I have to go back to it on and off as I just feel better when I put restrictions on myself.
Just had a stew of onion garlic and celery, pancetta, beans, tomatoes and cabbage with parmesan on which was lovely.

corriefan Thu 07-Jan-10 20:23:47

2 stone that is!

mummymels Thu 07-Jan-10 21:53:22

BecauseImWorthIt – those soups sound yummy. I am enjoying the Go Lower meals but think I will soon find out when I can start making my own lo carb recipes.

Ggirl – Nice to find someone else doing Go Lower. I haven’t found anyone else on these forums doing it yet. I’ve had a browse on the Go Lower forum but also thought it seemed really quiet so I’ve not been on there since. So far I’ve lost 48lbs.

JollyPirate – I’ve read about Zoe Harcombe on these forums but don’t know anything about it.

Katisha – My food was delivered in the same was at ggirl. I think Go Lower works on your losing roughly a stone a month so you can work out that way roughly how long you feel you need to do it for.

Corriefan – Your ideas of shredding the veggies sounds lovely, I’ve not thought of that before.

brimfull Fri 08-Jan-10 09:28:34

mummymels-well done wow 48lbs that is fantastic.

Do you just have one snack a day from the ones supplied. I have asked on the golower forum but haven't had an answer.

supersalstrawberry Fri 08-Jan-10 09:44:41

KIPPERS!!!! smile

kippers and scrambled egg for breakfast - carb free but due to the offensive smell, I can't cook them till the plumbers gone hmm

BecauseImGarry Fri 08-Jan-10 09:50:11

I enjoy kippers. The trouble is I don't enjoy enjoying them throughout the rest of the day!

I've dusted down my Atkins and Charles Clark books today, to refresh my memory, and will look out for any interesting recipes.

I have a dinner party tomorrow (as long as everyone can get here!), and so I'm looking out for some low(er) carb recipes.

hellsbelles Fri 08-Jan-10 10:00:50

oh low carbs! I'm 1 week into my diet and have lost a far whack already. I'm doing the south beach diet which I find slightly more appealing than the atkins (though haven't checked India/Neris so will do).

I was tipping the scales at about 11st and am down to 10st 8 one week in. I'm hoping to get to near 10st by the end of next week (and at that stage I move onto a slightly easier phase of the diet that allows wholemeal bread, rice etc)

I did get headaches the first few days but I suspect mostly from giving up caffine. The diet does allow you a bit but I did decided to go cold turkey grin

Good luck all.

supersalstrawberry Fri 08-Jan-10 10:12:02

I've gone cold turkey with the caffiene, it's all or nothing for me, decaff green tea and loads of water.

turkeyandALLthetrimmings Fri 08-Jan-10 15:37:08

I've done lo carb before , buy a big chicken, / ham / or anyohtewr meat you fancy - roast it and then u can slice and snack on them throughout the week.

also found having babybels in the fridge really helped.

i think peanuts are also good to have for snackage

hellsbelles Fri 08-Jan-10 15:40:54

yup - you are right babybel (lights) are a huge help!

BecauseImGarry Fri 08-Jan-10 16:08:14

No need for light anything - fat is your friend on low carbing!

hellsbelles Fri 08-Jan-10 17:22:11

you do need to if you are doing the south beach diet (which is sort of low carb) but not atkins!

mummymels Fri 08-Jan-10 22:11:48

ggirl - Yes I have just one snack a day but you can also have one of the chocolate snacks every other day.

hellsbells - wow you are doing really well already, what a good start.

brimfull Sat 09-Jan-10 10:06:37

mummymels-I got three chocolate snacks with my 2 week pack.
Thought they were one a week.

thereistheball Tue 12-Jan-10 17:29:27

Hello, can I join in? I did Nerys / India 18 months ago, lost a stone and a half. For various reasons I have put that back on and more, so am starting again today. Looking forward to my steak au poivre for supper; with spinach, red onion, mushroom and avocado salad. Oh, and cheese afterwards. Mmm. I've heard it's not as effective the second time round, but last time I lost 9lb in the first week (was breastfeeding at the time, which may or may not have helped). Could do with a similar boost / incentive this time too. Anyway, here's to day 1. Good luck everyone!

brimfull Tue 12-Jan-10 18:21:58

well I have lost 5 lbs in my first week -yay!

a whole week with no alcohol and no sugarshock

BulletProofMum Tue 12-Jan-10 18:27:47

I did this for 6 months and stopped when I fell pg.

Definitely felt bette for it - I ad never lnked the gassy tummy with carbs. I was nver strict enought o lose properly.

Great thing is that white wine is low in carb! Also hunger and obsessing about fod wasn't a problem for me the way it is on other diets. i.e. you can 'pick' and the picky things such as nuts and cheese are far more appealing than a carrot.

I fond I could kick start ketosis by lots of eercise in the first few days. The pee sticks were useful at first but I quickly began to recognise the taste on my breath.

First two weeks are quite hard but after that it is easy to have a 'balanced' diet with lots of greens.

hellsbelles Wed 13-Jan-10 19:22:07

ggirl - that's fab! Well done. Are you finding you crave it less now? I'm nearly two weeks into it and certainly not so desperate for carbs as usual (though absolutley gasping for a glass of wine - can have one on Friday - yeahhhh!)

brimfull Thu 14-Jan-10 08:28:47

hellsbelles=thanks, I am not craving carbs at all , in fact my appetite has disappeared.HAd boundless energy yesterday so am obv in ketosis now.

Bit worried about friday night though- we are going to pub with friends and for a curry. Wish I could spend the night drinking gin but grin

hellsbelles Thu 14-Jan-10 09:07:43

Wow - that's really inspiring to hear! I did really well the first week but the weight loss has really slowed down this week. I feel like I"m getting thinner but no actually lbs lost sad - maybe I do have to admit defeat and do some exercise!

curry and pub may be a bit of tricky one though grin good luck with that!

late comer here but been lo carbing since monday - pls can I join you all?

weight on monday 14 st 13.5lb
weight today 14 stone 8.5lb

so a whopping 5lb in 5 days... go LOW CARB!!

off to scoff some salami now!

I agree you just dont get hungry lo carbing, although I have to plan out brekkie, lunch and dinner more carefullyand also make sure I eat enuff veggies to keep everything going IYKWIM

I want to shift 4 stone by June and am using y wii fit to help.

only thing I find difficult is breakfast - dpont want to overload on eggs so any other good ideas out there for lo carb breakfast - I'm all ears

hellsbelles Fri 15-Jan-10 19:26:18

flippen heck! That's brilliant Twitter.

I haven't managed to find an egg alternative yet but have you tried baked eggs? They aren't too bad. Put some quite thick ham in a ramikin, crack in an egg and if your diet allows some grated gruyere (sp??) cheese on top - cook at about 180/200 for 12-15 mins. Tis yummy. If you can't have cheese on your low carb diet just leave that off - it's still nice.

oldwomanwholivedinashoe Fri 15-Jan-10 19:50:13

Just how expensivve is go lower?
Ive been on the site but there are no prices i could find!

oldwomanwholivedinashoe Fri 15-Jan-10 20:05:42


OrmRenewed Fri 15-Jan-10 20:08:05

Will do this soon. I am concentrating on cutting out the booze atm so need some sort of comfort factor to distract me. It works really well for me but it does take all my energy and stamina away for running.

hellsbelles - tried the baked egg this morning - just with plain ol cheddar but still yummy!!

some also told me that tofu can be good for brekkie - spice it up with chillies and have it with mushrooms. Will let you know id I try that one out!

Also found the prices for Golower Oldwomanwholivesinshoe:

Pay as you go - (The Flexible Option) - £10 per day. You only pay for the food you order and can decide to stop during your programme.

Split payments - (The Managed Option) - £8.57 per day. You’re committed to your programme but the cost is spread over several months so you can easily budget.

Pay now - (The Best Priced Option) - £7.23 per day. You’re committed to your Programme and pay the full cost now. This is our lowest-cost payment option.

Eeek - 10 per day is more than my family of 3 spend on foood for the week so I guess my DH and DD would have to startveif I did that!

hellsbelles Sat 16-Jan-10 13:03:35

twitter - I've never tried it with chedder - will give it a go!

mummymels Tue 19-Jan-10 19:36:37

Hi everyone, sorry it has taken me so long to come back on here. How are you all doing?

Ggirl – sorry I forgot that you can only have one chocolate bar a week to start with but then move onto being allowed them every other day when you have been on the diet longer. That weight loss is brilliant

Oldwomanwholivedinashoe – Go Lower works out just under £50 a week. I know it sounds quite a lot but that is for of your food done for the week.

What lo carb diets are everyone here doing?

mummymels Mon 25-Jan-10 07:35:37

I am on here early today so I've not done my Monday weigh in yet.

Just eating my granola breakfast, today with yoghurt and some raspberries mixed in before the kids are up and the house turns manic.

Just wondering, those of you who do Go Lower - do you normally eat your breakfast granola with yoghurt and fruit or on its own. If you have with berries, what do you normally have? Just being nosey!

brimfull Mon 25-Jan-10 18:00:05

mummymels - I have my clusters with yoghurt and a handfull of raspberries and maybe a few blueberries as well if we have any.

I have now lost 11 lbs !!

This is the last day of week 3 for me. Got my boxes for month two today- loads more snacks in it and I get to have a glass of wine.
DOn't know if I want to break my teetotal period - am feeling rather smug . Think I may be too tempted to have more than the allotted glass.

mummymels Wed 27-Jan-10 21:26:50

ggirl - Well done on the brilliant weight loss. Yep, the snacks increase with the second box don't they! I have to say that I'm impressed at how nice they are.

I haven't had any alcohol and it's amazing how quickly you get used to it.

mummymels Tue 02-Feb-10 20:55:45

Hows everyone on here getting on?

ggirl - someone else has joined here on Go Lower now too. Soon there will be loads of us!

brimfull Thu 04-Feb-10 14:37:13

Well my first month and still only 10lbs down , must say I am a tad disappointed.
Waist is 2-3" less depending on time of day and how many farts I've had.Hips down 1" , bust no change.
In the last week I have had no change.

mummymels Thu 04-Feb-10 21:46:46

ggirl - 10 lbs in a month in brilliant. That's not far off a stone. Talking of farts, are you finding the diet makes you very windy? A lot of people seem to say that low carb makes them windy but I'm quite pleased that it hasn't happened to me!

brimfull Thu 04-Feb-10 23:33:42

yup am blowing a gale here

luckily they don't smellsmile

have been really good tonight, went with friends to pub quiz and had diet coke all night and sat and watched them all eating crisps..feeling smug

how much have you lost now mummymels?

Tortington Thu 04-Feb-10 23:59:11

ive been LCing since last may. www.lowcarbmegastore.com has been a lifesaver in terms of bread at 1.9 carbs per slice compared to 15-20 per normal slice.

they also do carb free stuff - notably macaroons - totally carb free - o they are expensive - but oh so worth it.

linseed tastes like shit btw, however there is a simple recipe - google it - to make linseed crackers. 4 tea spoons of linseed to 4 of water - mush it up - roll it out - stick in microwave for 20 secs.

now i thought they tasted like shit - but you may not

i also made the linseed bread - again - shit - but maybe worth a try.

i can't recommend that site highly enough - all comes well packed and the service has been excellent. lots of sugar free and carb free stuff there too

it has sugar free syrups - like what you get in coffee shops - all diff flavours - i even bought the dispenser that screws in the top - i am a coffee addict and those syrups made a world of diffeence to me. but i take black coffee anyway.

my tips are flavoured olive oils and lots of different spices.

also try www.fitday.com to keep a record of your weight loss

digital scales are a must for constant motivation.

and don't worry if you can't poo!

glad to have other people to talk to on a thread becuase i aint half been slated for LCing on MN

brimfull Fri 05-Feb-10 00:01:35

oh custardo
how much have you lost ?

I haven't lost anything for over a week but am in ketosis

and do you have caffiene?

Tortington Fri 05-Feb-10 00:22:36

god yes and how! i didn't ever give up coffee - een on induction.

i am constantly in ketosis - i keep a v. strict amt on the carbs i eat in a day - i will not go over 10 carbs a day if i can help it

i have lost 4 stone. ( well.. i am 1.4lbs off 4 stone mark)

brimfull Fri 05-Feb-10 00:59:51

4 stone- fanbloodytastic well done!!!

10 carbs though, that's so little, are you going to gradually increase it when you've reached your target?

what veg do you have?
and do you have gin?
and have you been exercising as well
any long plateaus?

sorry to interrogate

Tortington Fri 05-Feb-10 01:47:59

what veg do you have?
no root veg - mostly cauli, brocoli, onion, mushroom, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, pepper.

and do you have gin?
no i drink vodka & diet coke

and have you been exercising as well
not a jot

any long plateaus?
yeah, had a few - but its when i am not really watching my carbs, i say i am but i'm not counting everything.

now i am at my ideal weight - i am taking saturdays as my eat what i like day - this means that i can enjoy everything i like.

so today for instance i have eaten - 3 lowcarbmegastore.com slices of bread toasted i took that to work for my lunch that = 6 carbs. then i had 2 fillets of chicken breast chopped into cubes, fried in lemon olive oil and garlic with onion,pepper, mushroom and swartz do a small tin of spices with lemon, ginger and sommat else - stick that in - fry it all up, on a bed of mixed lettuce leaves - delish -

Tortington Fri 05-Feb-10 01:56:39

but it was only two large mushrooms, a thick 'round' of onion ( SO QUITE SMALL) a 1/3 of a pepper etc.

i also take vitamin tablets as i am v. aware of my energy levels and my immune system worried me as i have a history of getting very sick in winter - so i take multivit and vit c.

yesterday i had cod ( no batter obviously) from a pack you get in freezer at supermarket - just cod on its own. in tin foil with lime, lemon buter pepper - serve with salad - thats feck all carbs right there.

i also love to do a bolognaise type thing without the spaghetti. so fry up the mince and onion and mushroom and garlic stick in some oregano or herbs provance, add 1/2 tin of tomatos. - let it reduce over a low heat - yum

tomatos are quite high in carbs - so only 1/2 a tin. and i dont have them on my salad.

chicken breast filled with a cheese of your choice wrapped in bacon.

sainsbury's do the lowest carb sausage - i have looked believe me.

its realy great at only 0.6 carbs per chippolata - do go get some. nowt wrong with a full english on a sunday! i also like sausage browned in frying pan and added to 1/2 tin of tomatos

roasted pepper filled with mince and onion or tuna mayo - delish - but peppers are quite high so watch that one.

brimfull Fri 05-Feb-10 08:09:18

all sounds delicious and healthy

do you have milk in your coffee?

how does it feel to be at your ideal weight ?

so -last question I promise. Can you have a good few drinks without going out of ketosis?

you are really inspiring me, thanks

Tortington Fri 05-Feb-10 09:38:17

no milk.

i haven't been a 'normal' size for 20 years. it feels fantastic.

i can get shitfaced on vodka and diet coke - as theres no carbs in either.

brimfull Fri 05-Feb-10 09:40:31

so have you found that raising the carb levels more than 10gr takes you out of ketosis or stops you losing?

think the diet I am on has carb levels of 40-60

Tortington Fri 05-Feb-10 10:01:31

yes it does - it slows the weight loss down so much that i might as well be on any diet - but i LC as i want the results and i want the encouragement of seeing those results 3 times a week

brimfull Fri 05-Feb-10 10:04:30

right I am going to lower my carbs then
I need the incentive of quick and regular weight loss.

What do you have for breakfast?

Tortington Fri 05-Feb-10 10:06:07


Tortington Fri 05-Feb-10 10:08:04

but am not a brakfast type of person

brimfull Fri 05-Feb-10 10:08:43

not hungry then?

so even though I am in ketosis on a higher carb intake than 10grams do you think that the higher carb level is slowing weight loss down?

I thought I would be burning fat regardless of carb level as long as I was in ketosis.

Tortington Fri 05-Feb-10 10:16:59

but how do you know you are in ketosis at that carb level? atkins induction is 10carbs p/day iirc then you make it higher by trail and error when you are at your ideal weight.

no i never have been a morning eater

tuna in sunflower oil for lunch = no carbs or if i am out i will have a chicken salad.

i have always been an evening muncher. when i was fat, i wouldn't eat all day then get in eat my tea and not stop eating til bedtime.

Tortington Fri 05-Feb-10 10:18:37

its really hard but try 20 carbs for a week and see your weight loss - its so inspiring that to maintain it and not plataeu you will want to reduce it

brimfull Fri 05-Feb-10 10:19:12

I have ketostix to wee on.

brimfull Fri 05-Feb-10 10:20:11

Have paid a fortune for this golower diet , will have to add up their meals and see what they come to.
I think you're right I need ot lower the carbs.

Tortington Fri 05-Feb-10 10:59:34

oh i see.

best of luck - am off to buy my bread and snacks

just found out that website does zero carb peanut butter but its out of stock. angry i love peanut butter

brimfull Fri 05-Feb-10 14:20:38

spoke to the dietitian about my plateau
she said to replace the yoghurt/granola/fruit brekkie with eggs and bacon every other day

I'll do it everyday as i am a rebel grin

brimfull Fri 05-Feb-10 14:21:53

custy-what do you snack on? Am guessing my cheese snacks mayalso be reason

Mitchell81 Fri 05-Feb-10 15:26:29

Everyone sounds like they are doing well and managing to stick to little carbs. I am sticking to less than 20grams of carbs per day.
I started on the 1st of January so far have lost 7kgs, so just over a stone and have the motivation to carry on. I have another 3 stone to lose.

brimfull Fri 05-Feb-10 15:54:00

Mitchell81-well done mitchell , looks like lowering my carbs is the way to go.

custy can you link to the bread you get

Tortington Fri 05-Feb-10 17:30:39

i buy this like melba toast, with philly on its a great snack

i buy three of these a month

i buy this for sausages

i buy the plain one but there are lots of flabours here - all sugar free - you see, some sweetners ae 1/2 - 1 carb each and they mount up if your beng strict.

carb free expensive but worth it

all these sugar free carb free i buy a couple

i buy these nice for a snack

i buy these so fucking tasty i cant even tell you

and there is a 0 carb peanut butter but its out of stock

Tortington Fri 05-Feb-10 17:33:06

cheese is low carb ggirl

so if i want a snack - i have some squeezy cheese on celery

get one of those cheese selections - i adore the cranberry wensleydale - but alas no crackers

in fact over xmas - xmas eve i came off diet and dh bought be a cracker selection and i just ate them as were - i just adore crackers, and pringles.

Tortington Fri 05-Feb-10 17:34:15

teres also 0 carb preserve on that site somewhere - also out of stock - im so having some of that.

brimfull Fri 05-Feb-10 18:07:34

I would eat a whole packet of those marshmallow things.

Do the sweets have sorbitol in them-am allergic to it.

brimfull Fri 05-Feb-10 18:08:07

well more intolerant really -gives me major shits

brimfull Fri 05-Feb-10 18:22:24

the bread looks nice

mummymels Fri 05-Feb-10 22:58:26

Ggirl – well done on being so restrained when you went to the pub tonight. I didn’t realise we could drink diet coke on Go Lower although I’m not really a fizzy drink person anyway. I’ve now lost 59 lbs since October so keep going at it, it really does work.

Custardo – thanks for all those brilliant links. I will soon be at the stage where I can start making my own low carb meals and not only eat the Go Lower ones so these links are useful. Did you start off with no carbs at all and then gradually introduce a bit again? Well done on your loss, similar to me, it’s such a great feeling isn’t it. All your food ideas sound yum. When you have your Saturday off what sort of thing do you have? – do you still try to keep the carbs low so you don’t come out of ketosis?

Mitchell81 – welcome and well done on your loss.

brimfull Fri 05-Feb-10 23:59:22

mummymels -wow 59lbs since October that is amazing! Was that all on golower?
I was out for dinner tonight with some friends from work.Had tandori chicken and salad .
As I was telling them about my low carbing one woman said she had been low carbing for 9 yrs since losing a lot of weight .
She does it as a way of life now to keep herself at her ideal weight. SHe had perfect figure and said she had previously been overweight since the age of 16 , she's now 47.
Very inspiring to meet someone who has kept it off.

Tortington Sat 06-Feb-10 22:53:06

well done at the wieght loss.

today ( day off) i had

peanut butter and banana butty for breakfast.

2 packes of microwave popcorn

chicken jalfrezi, popadums, pilau

ao yes will have come out of ketosis - but thats cool - three days til weightloss - but it will come off

Tortington Sat 06-Feb-10 22:53:52

next saturday i am going to eat cornflakes with ice cold milk.

and buy shitloads of fruit -i really miss fruit - specially melon

brimfull Sun 07-Feb-10 12:56:25

custy-do you stick mainly to salad for your veg intake?

Have just looked closely at the carb values of the veg I eat and was surprised at how I could so easliy go over 10gms a day on veg.

From today I am going to try and keep a record of my carb intake.

Good news though , yesterday was much stricter on the carbs and lost 1.5 lbs ..and I had 2 g&t's.!

brimfull Sun 07-Feb-10 12:56:53

sorry that Q to you as well mummymels

Tortington Sun 07-Feb-10 16:53:56

my main veg intake is a variety of salad - i usually buy the packs because i am lazy and i haven't had a working fridge until this week (huzzah at last) mushrooms cauli and onion.

i deffo eat those daily.

seriously watch your veg carbs - its surprising. root veg is really high as are tomatos - dh made me a bed of salad last week ( bless) covered in tomatos and was mightily offended when i cast them off.

brimfull Sun 07-Feb-10 17:04:26

am unsure whether to keep to 10 or 20 grams a day
today have already had 7gms

am i right in counting zero carbs for egg, bacon and cheese?

TimeForMe Sun 07-Feb-10 17:11:16

ggirl I find this site useful for helping me to keep a track on carbs. HTH

brimfull Sun 07-Feb-10 17:31:49

TimeForMe-thanks that site is brilliant, have just set up an account. I need to lose 2.8lbs a week to be at my goal by the end of June.Greta incentive thanks again!

TimeForMe Sun 07-Feb-10 17:47:16

You are welcome, I'm pleased you like it and hope it will help you smile

Tortington Sun 07-Feb-10 20:55:28

yip 0 for egg and bacon - just check the lable for the cheese but its pretty low.

i used to use fitday and it was a help

brimfull Sun 07-Feb-10 22:45:09

Thanks for all your help custy

Tortington Mon 08-Feb-10 01:15:46

let us know how you get on.

supersalstrawberry Tue 09-Feb-10 23:57:55

I didn't realise this thread was still going, I'd joined BIWI's feb challenge one

bloody hell Custy! you must be a shadow of your former self, you were slim and looking fab when I saw you before xmas.

well I'm still going 16 lb's down, need to rein myself in a bit though and have a few strict days, as I'm getting older I'm developing a very sweet tooth so might order some of the sweets on that website. They'll make a change from sugar free jelly.

Tortington Wed 10-Feb-10 00:01:10

wow sal that's amazing - over a stone - how long you been doing it?

supersalstrawberry Wed 10-Feb-10 00:40:55

just over 5 weeks, I'm feeling much better than I was, I was feeling fucking terrible by NYE.

I've have had a couple of nights out which throw me off course for a few days, I can't drink vodka and theres a limit to the number of G&T's I can drink, went out on saturday and found myself drinking singapore slings (well they have got gin in them hmm) but when I'm properly in the low carb zone it's great, I just don't feel hungry!

Am really pleased I've dropped a dress size, my work uniform had got really tight it was embarrasing blush gotta keep going loads more to loose!

Tortington Wed 10-Feb-10 09:46:46

great stuff.

how is everyone else getting on?

Mitchell81 Wed 10-Feb-10 10:22:14

Everyone sounds like they are still sticking to the diet well. grin
I have lost another 1 kg (just over 2lbs)this week. So I seem to maintain losing that every week.
I am finding it alright this time and am motivated to lose another 3 stone by the summer. I think it does help losing every week so it keeps me motivated. I got to get back into my size 12 clothes that have been in storage for 4 years. (Although might need a need wardrobe as fashion has changed blush)

Tortington Wed 10-Feb-10 18:24:41

well done thats fab.

brimfull Wed 10-Feb-10 18:35:26

I have lost a stone now!
Lowering my carbs really helped , thanks custy-although now I am bunged up
. AM sure if I have a crap I will lose another stonegrin

My unifrom fits so much better.

Mitchell81 Wed 10-Feb-10 19:31:49

Custardo after your fantastic weight loss, how much are you losing now per week and how far are you from your goal weight?

Ggirl Well done on your stone, that is great

supersalstrawberry thats great dropping a dress size. That is a good motivation to carry on.

Mummymels That is a great weight loss, well done.

Sorry if I missed anyone off

MABS Wed 10-Feb-10 19:52:42

Custardo looks amazing,she can't lose more weight!

Tortington Wed 10-Feb-10 23:26:43

blush mabs

ggirl, wow thats amazing, so whats the weight loss been like since cutting the carbs?

Mitchell, i am pretty much content at the moment. i a LCing during the week and then eating whatever i like on saturdays.

Mitchell81 Thu 11-Feb-10 08:01:41

Custardo ok now I understand that you are just maintaining your weightloss. Sorry. I like your idea about having a day off on a sat.

brimfull Thu 11-Feb-10 08:16:04

custy -I was stuck at 10lbs , so 4 down since I lowered carb intake to 10 grams or less and I am still having a gin in the evening .

Tortington Thu 11-Feb-10 09:22:06

wow 4 thats great. So you are doing the strict 10grams too eh? any weightloss this am ggirl?

- this am lost .6 of a pound, i need to lose another .6 to match last weeks weight

hows everyone else getting on?

brimfull Thu 11-Feb-10 09:30:10

well have had a poo , and a coffee so will wait and weigh after I wee out the coffee

Tortington Thu 11-Feb-10 12:18:36

lol. nah!

Tortington Thu 11-Feb-10 20:33:59

got my lowcarbmegastore delivery today.

sugar free fruitella rock!

mummymels Fri 12-Feb-10 00:58:59

Hi everyone

Sorry I've not been on for a couple of days. Life hectic as usual and DS was vomiting today. Lovely!

Thanks ggirl, yes it is all on Go Lower. Wow, low carbing for 9 years. I have to admit that I’m not sure I could keep it up for that long but will see how I get on once I reach my goal although I hope it doesn’t take 9 years. Lol! I do have some other veggies too but there aren’t too many of the list. On another thread they rave about celeraic but I haven’t tried it yet.

Custardo – it will be interesting to know how long it takes you to get back into ketosis and how it affects your weight loss.

Supersalstrawberry – hello over here too!

I know I've missed a lot out but getting late now so will call it a night soon and catch up with you all tomorrow.

supersalstrawberry Fri 12-Feb-10 17:30:11

erm two night shifts and a total relapse, my student bought me a present which included my favourite chocs, she also bought loads of goodies for the ward including a big bag of those yummy jelly belly beans

well I didn't even touch my lovely low carb salad I scoffed jelly beans and chocs, I also ate a extra chocolatey M&s choccy biccie

am paying for it big time today though with indigestion


Tortington Fri 12-Feb-10 19:29:55

oh no sally.

mummymels - i usually count three days to go into ketosis.

btw those fruitella give me the shits - i won't get them again.

brimfull Fri 12-Feb-10 23:22:36

ah that'll be the sorbitol in them custy. Does the same to me .
Once ate a large bag of sugar free sweets in the cinema ...that was a mistake shock

Tortington Sat 13-Feb-10 13:01:07

so hows the lower carbs going ggirl?

brimfull Sat 13-Feb-10 18:41:44

good thanks
am snacking on cheese and chicken- cheese maybe a bit too much today

still on a stone down today

have bought laxatives grin

Tortington Sat 13-Feb-10 23:39:19

pmsl. how many carbs do they have?

brimfull Sun 14-Feb-10 07:44:01

senna tablets, no info on box about carbs

<<feels rumbling>>

brimfull Sun 14-Feb-10 07:54:17

hmm could be down a lb but not sure as not digital scales and a bit shortsighted grin

FrazzledBlob Sun 14-Feb-10 10:19:16


Can I jump in for some advice? I am going to start on a low carb plan this week and wondered what basic essentials you could suggest I stock up on?

I have been looking at the website Custardo linked to but wondered if there was much available in the supermarkets?

Oh and just to make this interesting I am veggie (pasta addict!). I have just got the low carb veggie book so I am hoping to get some time to have a read later on today.

There are some fab losses here

brimfull Sun 14-Feb-10 11:12:01

Depends how low carb you are planning to do.
You don't really need stuff from the carb megastore initially imo , you can do low carb by eating normal food.
Just cut out bread, potatoes, pasta, sugar and high starch vegetables.
I would recommend you read up on it I eat a lot of meat so can't really help you with regards to meals.
Do you eat eggs?
Good idea to get a carb counter book then you can judge how many carbs are in veg.Green veg are the best.

I was dieting on 40-60gm carb/day and losing weight for a fw weeks then I stalled. Custy's advice to cut my carbs lower have really kick started me again.
I have just had lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon , love the fact that I am never hungry on this diet.

But this is going to be a way of life for me now, I have low carbed before and lost weight and promplty put it back on when I went back to eating processed carbs again -doh!

brimfull Sun 14-Feb-10 11:13:17

just read that you've got the book -sorry

Tortington Sun 14-Feb-10 15:57:04

i dont know how you would low carb as a veggie - but if youcome across some recipes under 10 carbs i would be very very intrested so please post them.

i suppose veggie staple has to be cheese.

do you eat eggs? if so then eggs.

do you eat fish - or am i pushing it there? i mean fish is amazingly great, good for you and low carb - but unfortuatley i don't like much of it.

supersalstrawberry Mon 15-Feb-10 00:09:26

I've been bad really really bad sad

brimfull Mon 15-Feb-10 07:11:40

another lb down this morning -yay!

off to work now with my chicken salad , breakfast is hard, haven't been able to bring myself to eat anything this morning yet

Tortington Mon 15-Feb-10 09:34:26

ahh but was it oh so good sal? wink

yay ggirl. well on saturday i ate

1/2 tea cake avec marmalade - it was rubbish so i didn't bother with the rest

almnd croissant

physillis punnet of x2 ( type of goosberry)
bag of cherries
small bag pistachio nuts

bar of peanut brittle

chips and gravy on a muffin

went up to 9st.02 yesterday

today am 8.12.6

want t get to 8.9 this week. so might skip this saturday

Mitchell81 Mon 15-Feb-10 10:19:28

Lost 2 lbs this week, but was naughty this weekend with wine, crisps, toblerone and dinner out. (I blame St Valentine) blush
Will have to be so strict this week as need to keep losing otherwise will lose motivation. Only 14 weeks till our holiday.

Custardo I am sure that will be no problem for you. Envious of your 8/9 stone, my ideal weight is 11 stone as am tall.

Strawberry I know how you feel

Ggirl well done

supersalstrawberry Mon 15-Feb-10 12:01:03

I had a bit of a carb fest over the weekend, including chips, lasagne, chocolate brioche, apples, wine, chocolate............

back on the wagon today, I've got vegetables roasting in the oven ready to take to work this afternoon with some smoked pork sausage and spinach, 2 slices of cheese for breakfast

still not sleeping properly since my night shifts sad feeling irritated and pissed off generally, which isn't a good combination when I'm trying to steer clear of carbs

supersalstrawberry Tue 16-Feb-10 12:24:45

I was good yesterday, plan to be good today although we are off to Bath in a bit, have had bacon and eggs for breaky, can't drink too much water or I'll want to pee all the time hmm

brimfull Tue 16-Feb-10 17:45:09

anyone know if the carb free choc eclairs on low carb megastore are actually carb free
seems too good to be true
am so tempted to get some as my local waitrose sell them but I may be tempted to finish the pack ..not good

supersalstrawberry Tue 16-Feb-10 20:52:34

omg show us a piccie ggirl, theres a Waitrose a few miles away, I'd go there especially for carb free choc eclairs!

we went to Bath today, I wanted to go to the Jamie Oliver restaurant, theres one in Cardiff but as theres one in Bath as well, we thought we'd go there after a trip to the Spa Museum.

it's perfect for us low carbers, I had anitpasti, then 1/2 a deboned chicken cooked under a brick apparently, with a rocket and parmesan salad, and a diet coke. WOuld have been even lovelier if dh didn't whinge about how prententious the place was and ds (who moaned all fucking day <teenager> angry) moaned about how they didn't serve pizza fgs hmm

I have killer pmt and am a complete bitch to live with btw

Tortington Tue 16-Feb-10 20:56:06

sounds larvelly lunch sal envy

well i didn't eat all day (silly bitch emoticon) got home and ate 2 packets of prototoast ( look at lowcarbmegastore)

i'm thinking its 2 carbs per packet - but i go check the site ( after eating them ofcourse) and its 2 carbs pr 2 slices - well i ate 10 slices - thats 1- carbs plus the full tube of primula that went on it

so i blown my days allowance and more shit fuck wank.

anyway - don't know about the eclairs but i do buy the chocolate covered marshmellows - and whiute frankly they are orgasmic with a nice hot brew.

supersalstrawberry Tue 16-Feb-10 21:10:41

btw there are 2.9gm of carbs in a sugar free worthers original

I'm having 2

brimfull Tue 16-Feb-10 21:14:46

these are the eclairs sal sorry not pastry ones

your jamie lunch sounds lovely

I am going out with some friends for pub meal tomorrow night-hope there is something low carb there.

supersalstrawberry Tue 16-Feb-10 21:16:54

it says theres 81.9g of carbs in a 70g bag

brimfull Tue 16-Feb-10 21:16:57

I am not trusting the net carb thing
80 odd grams of carb and still carb free hmm

supersalstrawberry Tue 16-Feb-10 21:18:59

lifes just not fucking fair, why can't I just be one of those people with a fast metabolism who are naturally skinny and eay what the fuck they want hmm <PMT>

Tortington Tue 16-Feb-10 23:20:47

here polyols

the eclairs

Carbohydrate 81.9g
Polyols 81.9g

in the article above

What are polyols?
Polyols are sugar-free sweeteners. Polyols are carbohydrates but they are not sugars. They are used cup-for-cup [volume-for-volume] in the same amount as sugar is used, unlike acesulfame potassium, aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose which are used in very small amounts.

How should they be calculated in exchange lists for meal planning?
Experts in diabetes management advise that if less than 10 grams of sugar replacers (polyols) is consumed, that serving is considered a "free food." Above 10 grams, subtract half of the grams of sugar replacers (polyols) from the grams of total carbohydrate and then calculate the exchanges.


so if you were only going to have a couple - its carb free!

however who opens a bag of sweets and only has a couple?

supersalstrawberry Tue 16-Feb-10 23:34:23


they sell sugar free low carb jelly belly beans on that site!!!!

brimfull Tue 16-Feb-10 23:34:50

thanks for that custy- interesting.

I would be very likely to have more than a few so shall sterr clear unitl I have lost the weight

Tortington Tue 16-Feb-10 23:43:05

thats why i like the lollipos Carb free - cos i can seriously eat one or two lollipops - its not like a handful of JELLY BEANS sal!

they do carb free peanut butter

they do carb free jam preserve - which i presume is again all polyols - but i can do two toast ( LC bread of course) and jam.

i would just sit there with the jar of peanut butter and a spoon though.

Tortington Wed 17-Feb-10 15:11:33

how is everyone today?

lost another pound so i might keep my saturday treat this week as yesterdays pancakes smelled and looked so lovely

supersalstrawberry Wed 17-Feb-10 15:59:09

not bad, having a busy day today cleaning, apetites gone which is a good thing, made american pancakes for the dc for breakfast and didn't even want one.

so far I've had a slice of cheese and a decaf coffee with cream, got some leeks so might do something with those for tea.

weighed this morning and I'm about a pound down (had put at about 3 back on after my baaaad weekend blush) my scales are dodgy though so it's hard to tell exact amounts, I'l have to invest in some new ones.

I'm supposed to be going out with some friends on saturday, it usually involves a night on the lash with me starting off well with G&T's then getting pissed and drinking whatever comes my way and generally throwing myself round the dancefloor hmm (it's excercise I suppose). But I'm really hoping they'll want to go for a meal this time, I'll be much more likely to be better behaved that way an stick to my low carbing.

Mitchell81 Wed 17-Feb-10 16:00:19

Got to wait till weigh in day on sarurday, but between last weekend and pancake day not holding out much hope of losing this week. I was good in that I just had the mince and creamed spinach without the pancake, but my downfall were the sweet ones. I ate 3 blush

I think I need to do an order from that website as need something delicious for a change. I am hoping I get back onto being srict as still got a long way to go.

supersalstrawberry Wed 17-Feb-10 16:06:40

you're doing so well Custy!

I need your teenage advice though, teenage ds and me not getting on at all, he completely despises me - or at least acts like he does, and I'm starting to feel the same about him tbh..........constant sarky comments, totally refusing to do anything I ask him, he was a fucking nightmare yesterday when we were out, it's really getting me down sad. He's not like this with dh, just me. Dh has had words with him about it, and so have I .......gawd teenagers are such fucking hard work!

We're going out for the day tomorrow with my sis (dh not coming) I'm dreading it and really hoping ds won't want to come sad how sad is that.

Mitchell81 Wed 17-Feb-10 16:23:41

Supersal- sorry you are having a hard time with your DS. I am not looking forward to the teen age years. Although I am sure the fighting between my two ds's (21 months and 3years 8months)will get a lot worse. I count myself lucky to have DD(9years) who can't answer back. wink grin

supersalstrawberry Wed 17-Feb-10 19:03:00

he's just metamorphasised (sp?) into lovely son again........I can't keep up hmm

anyhoo enough of that..

I made an omelette with spinach, spring onion, little bit of red pepper and some cheese, was yummy, sugar free jelly for afters and some squirty cream, lots and lots of water.

Tortington Wed 17-Feb-10 19:41:36

wow sal, you sound like your really sticking to it. i agree you need new scales it makes such a difference to have confidence in them and if you have digital ones then even 1/2 pound is an achievement that you can notice.

sorry about your son being difficult, your such a great mum that i am sure i couldn't give you any advice - i think they are just like that. DS2 has a trick of saying he has told me something or making a decision and telling me i made it - i swear to god sometimes i think i am losing the plot!

Mitchell!! what are you doing pmsl. i'm sure you'll get back to it soon. have you not got your own scales?

Tortington Wed 17-Feb-10 19:43:43

ooh forgot, for mi tea i had

tuna i sunflower oil small can - i like it oily! a roasted bell pepper ( yellow is the sweetest yum) fried some mushrooms and onion mixed it in with tuna - stuffed the pepper and served with a larvelly salad. i am more stuffed than i have been in a long time

supersalstrawberry Wed 17-Feb-10 19:58:56

Mitchell step away from the pancakes!!!

thanks Custy, your ds sounds like my dd and shes only 8! Theres no hope for me is there? Between the 2 of them they'll drive me nuts!

am liking the sound of the stuffed pepper, will give that one a try.

will buy some new scales on the weekend, the restaurant is booked we are going for a curry.

Mitchell81 Wed 17-Feb-10 20:03:22

Custardo- I have a digital scale but only measure on a saturday as I like to see a whole kilogram/ over 2 lbs weight loss. I do get on the scale during the week but only record it on the saturday iyswim

supersal- nice to hear

For dinner I made a roast pork and had cauliflower and broccoli with grated cheese and spinach sauce made with cheese, laughing cow and feta!!

Mitchell81 Wed 17-Feb-10 20:06:41

Oh dear curry,rice and nan bread aren't so good on our diet.
I would agree definetley get a digital scale as so much easier to see.

supersalstrawberry Wed 17-Feb-10 21:26:02

no rice I'll have salad
instead of curry I'll go for a tikka dish (no sauce) or a prawn dish with a tomato, pepper and onion based sauce
side dish will be bhindi balti (okra, onion and green pepper)

I've got it all planned wink but any other low carb indian restaurant suggestions would be good smile

Tortington Wed 17-Feb-10 21:29:27

i always have tikka when we have a take out. with salad - and i push the boat out and pour over the cucumber raitha - which i am sure prolly has lots of sugar - but you only ge midget pots so i risk it! tikka is the best option i think

supersalstrawberry Thu 18-Feb-10 18:30:04

good day so far today,

bacon and egg for breakfast, coffee with cream and splenda

beef stir fry, mushrooms, broccoli, peppers, celery, baby corn, little bit of asparagus, spinach (approx 2 cups of vegetables in my serving)

dh and the dc had rice with theirs, I couldn't finish mine had to give it to dh, but managed a sugar free jelly for afters wink

need to drink lots of water tonight, took dd out in the snow today we had a long walk.

Mitchell81 Thu 18-Feb-10 18:37:17

I have also been good today. Boiled eggs for breakfast, salad with chicken and cheese for lunch and fish with veges for dinner.

WilfSell Thu 18-Feb-10 18:42:17

Ooooh I didn't know you'd revived this thread. Will read Custardo's tips now. I'm still doing it but on a bit of a plateau hmm Still, I've lost nearly a stone which I'm, pleased about

supersalstrawberry Thu 18-Feb-10 18:45:48

Hello Wilf, I sort of hover between this and the feb challenge thread

supersalstrawberry Thu 18-Feb-10 18:47:40

well done on the weight loss btw smile

WilfSell Thu 18-Feb-10 19:10:53

I'm trying to avoid buying low carb products as such, mostly because I'm pleased to have kicked my sweet tooth temporarily. I'm afraid if I buy fake sweets, it will tip me back over into addict mode grin

But I am getting a bit bored so we'll see...

Have you read the Diet Delusion custardo? I'm gonna whip it out everytime someone has a go about low carbing. The basic story is that there is hardly ANY proper evidence that standard nutritional advice is healthy either... And even that the low fat advice might be responsible for the big growth in obesity, heart disease, diabetes in the time that 'low fat' has been given out as advice by govts. And there's some really interesting bits about hormones and hunger (as the bits that standard diet advice really aren't able to deal with properly: yup, you can tell people just stop eating, but for all kinds of reasons they just can't/won't...)

I think the very best bit of this is the limit on appetite. I have NEVER been able to control my 'need' for certain foods except in the last 5 weeks.

Tortington Thu 18-Feb-10 21:13:46

no not read that - that is intresting, i think we each know our own bodies and diferent thngs work for diferent people.

and whilst ok - i admit i don't eat fruit - my veg and salad intake have increased monumentally.

sure thre are probably healthier ways of eating - but the way i look at it, this works for me and its either this - or a packet of pringles and a walnut whip EVERY single night after tea.

and like you said - its not as easy as just don't eat it.

i would venture that my diet ATM is healthier than it has been in a very long time. Just becuase i ate a shedload of fruit and nuts before, doesn't cancel out the shedload of crisp and chocolate.

i gorged. i was a fat gorger! when i went to visit rhubarb, i would eat in the car on the way there so i didn't look like i was eating a lot when i was there. i hated anyone watching me eat becuase i was fat. i didn't eat at work.

about 10 years ago i went in a KFC - and i was about a size 16/18 - so not like so fat i needed a scooter to get around or anythng - and as i was tucking into a chicken breast from the bucket i was sharing with dh & kids the people who were serving actually pointed at me and laughed.

i have a kfc aversion now!

and as i have already said ( i think) my SIL keeps saying " oh but its so unhealthy that diet, dh says its really unhealthy" and i told her it needn't be unhealthy its the way you do it - but i hate head butting against family so just left it

then she said it again on another day and i had enough and said " it;s no more unhealthy than you going to KFC and Macdonalds twice a week" blush

oooh gone on with miself there!

brimfull Thu 18-Feb-10 22:40:46

It is surprising how mny people are still emashed in the low fat way of thinking.

My friend who is a nurse ,as I am , is completely brainwashed about low fat being the best and healthiest way of eating.

I have given up talking to her about it and just say 'yeh yeh my diet is low fat as well as low carb'

I get really pissed off , as so many people are not up to date with the most recent thinking about a healthy diet.

<<waits for a nutritionaist to come on and tell me to shut up and go to the gym and cut out the fat>>

supersalstrawberry Thu 18-Feb-10 23:00:50

lots of people just find it totally confusing

"what, you're on a diet but you can have cream and cheese and full fat mayo? confused"

I explain it time and time again to my mum but she still dosen't get it hmm

but different diets work for different people, I know ww or sw are not for me.

Tortington Fri 19-Feb-10 01:22:34

trawling the net i came across an explaination that states When the carbohydrate intake is restricted, the insulin level goes down and the level of glucagon increases. Glucagon is a hormone that stimulates the burning of body fat and the removal of cholesterol from the arteries.

so there!

mummymels Fri 19-Feb-10 01:25:49

Hi everyone

You are all doing so well. Reading all your meus is really making me look forward to when I can start making my own meals. I need to write a book of all the tips.

supersalstrawberry – you have lovely students buying you chocs.

Rockbird Fri 19-Feb-10 09:10:37

Morning all

<barges in>

I'm low carbing as of today, have got my head round meals thanks to Custy. But what do you all drink in place of tea or coffee? This was a problem for me before, I remember and one of the reasons I gave it up although it was working really well. I can't function without tea but I have to accept that tea with milk is a no no. I don't like coffee, well, lattes and cappucinos but I guess they're out too Lemon tea has carbs, not keen on fruit teas or green tea which probably would be out anyway. Am struggling with a hot drink for the mornings especially. Am I going to be reduced to hot squash then, like when I'm ill?

Tortington Fri 19-Feb-10 09:17:56

i drink black coffee one sweetner - you can take cream if you would like as long as its full fat and you count the carbs

you can drink diet coke or lemonade - they are zero, lots of water.

Tortington Fri 19-Feb-10 09:19:32

oh and congrats at starting. have you noted your weight down this morning? it really helps with motivation, becuase by monday, you will fall off your chair in surprise

noddyholder Fri 19-Feb-10 09:21:17

I am giving it another go too The induction is very motivating just to be low carb I can't be as rigid after the 2 weeks as I feel terrible but needs must now

Rockbird Fri 19-Feb-10 09:28:03

Yep, stood on scales, fainted, gave self a slap and made two slices of lovely buttered toast for dd.

I'm going to try to love black coffee I think. I've trained DH to bring me tea in bed every morning, I can't let him slack so have to drink something.

Jacaqueen Fri 19-Feb-10 09:52:35

I'm another one starting today.

I have been fannying about since New Year in total denial about my weight and health. On Tuesday, after a total binge fest of a long weekend, I decided enough is enough.

Since then I have been slowly cutting down the carbs and stocking up on all my low carb favourites getting ready to begin.

Tempting though it was to wait till Monday I jumped on the scales this morning and have decided to start today. I plan to spend the next three days eating as much low carb as I want. The idea is not to lose weight but to detox from the carbs and get myself into deep ketosis. Then come Monday I will plan my meals more. I know strictly speaking calories shouldn't matter but I can just as easily binge on low carb so I have to be careful.

I have masses of weight to get rid of but I'm just going to take it a stone at a time.

Tortington Fri 19-Feb-10 09:58:58

great! this is exciting <sad bastard emoticon> can't wait to see how much yo have all lost on mon/tues

however i do think you are all mental starting on a friday grin

Rockbird Fri 19-Feb-10 10:07:05

I know. I've got family coming on Sunday and we're taking them to lunch in a pig out restaurant. I'll be like this --> envy and they'll be like hmm

Rockbird Fri 19-Feb-10 10:21:54

DD has just brought me a plate with half a plastic bagel and a slice of plastic toast on. She's only 2 fgs, am I being that crotchety?

Jacaqueen Fri 19-Feb-10 10:28:28

I have started a diet on a Monday for most of my effing life. Lets see if staring on a Friday is any different.

I'm sitting down to sausage bacon and eggs with a big mug of black tea. Can't decide on chicken with blue cheese and avocado for lunch or poached salmon salad. Decisions decisions.

I feel better already. Why I dont eat like this all the time I'll never know.

Rockbird Fri 19-Feb-10 10:37:16

I haven't had breakfast yet but will also be having bacon and scrambled eggs, without milk. Sounds quite luxurious, doesn't it? I don't really do breakfast so this will be hard though. Someone mentioned berries and cream which I think I will switch to after induction.

noddyholder Fri 19-Feb-10 10:43:38

Have had bacon egg and 2 cherry tomatoe plus decaf coffee and sweetener.

Rockbird Fri 19-Feb-10 10:58:08

Well DD and I have just shared bacon and eggs with a smidge of grated cheese. She's not low carbing, she's had porridge and toast already! Am trying not to overdo the cheese because I can see myself eating loads of it if I'm not careful. Black coffee was vile though, two sips ugh!

Jacaqueen Fri 19-Feb-10 12:11:00

For the first 3 days I am going to eat unlimited quantities of cheese, cream etc. Just to get me into ketosis as quickly as possible. After that I'll have to be careful too.

Try putting some double cream into your coffee. I can only drink it black if its really good quality. I can also drink black tea but I do prefer it with milk. I may introduce a little milk in a few weeks (5 carbs per 100ml).

Green tea is fine to have as is peppermint. I'm going to try and not have any diet coke etc for a while as I think I may be addicted to it.

It must be the day for bagels because DS has just requested some for lunch. I'm not in the least bit hungry yet so I wont be tempted.

Rockbird Fri 19-Feb-10 12:36:45

Well DD is now having cheese on toast. She's her mother's daughter, loves her carbs.. I have diligently been grating breadcrumbs, cheese and herbs for DH's cod tonight and the same minus breadcrumbs for mine. I'm very impressed with myself, I'm not a great cook and that's adventurous for me!

Does anyone use the pee on a stick sticks? I can't decide whether to be completely obsessive about this and make sure it's working as I'm going along or wait for the weight to fall off wink

Actually, one last thing about tea and milk before I promise to stop beating this dead horse! Could I have one cup of tea per day and allow for it in the carbs or should you steer clear of milk for induction anyway?


Jacaqueen Fri 19-Feb-10 13:06:17

Ideally I think you should steer clear for a few weeks as the idea of induction is to rid you of all your sweet cravings. However I dont associate milk as a sweet food.

If you think having tea with milk is going to make this more doable then measure out a set amount and count it in your daily allowance. I'll probably do this in a few weeks.

supersalstrawberry Fri 19-Feb-10 14:14:41

Hello rockbird and jacaqueen smile nice to have you join us.

sounds like you're both really keen, we all tend to do things a little differently, I cut out caffiene on induction as some studies show it can slow down your weight loss, I drank caffiene free green tea (not the nicest tea but it's also an apetite suppressant) and water lots of water, kept it really strict for a week, then introduced decaff coffee and double cream with splenda (only 2 a day though).
I'd be careful with the cheese, apparently it isn't unlimited anymore.
I try to avoid processed food as much as possible, although I do eat smoked pork sausage, smoked cheese and smoked salmon also tesco do a really good frozen cauliflower cheese that is fairly LC and can just be bunged in the oven wehn I can't be arsed with the boiling and chopping.

Greek yogurt is good with blueberries, but obv its the full fat one, Total is the one with the lowest carb count, but as you've already mentioned it's best left till after induction, I often add a handful of flaked almonds and a bit of granulated splenda to sweeten it, or a few drops of vanilla essence.

apart from that in induction I tended to eat steak, chicken, salad (mainly spinach), small amounts of red pepper, celery (with pate or philadelphia), courgette, broccoli, cauliflower, eggs and bacon (be careful with sausages they can be quite high in carbs). Celeriac is just like potato and celeriac dauphinois is bloody lovely, cauli mash is lovely I made colcannon with it the other day (added some leeks and cabbage that I'd fried a bit to soften) it was yummy!

Good luck smile

supersalstrawberry Fri 19-Feb-10 14:19:33

bacon and eggs for breakfast/lunch, coffee with cream and splenda

I've got a spaghetti bolognese cooking for dinner, will have some of that with grated cheese for dinner, no pasta obv, might make some cauliflower rice to go with it hmm

house full of teenagers here at the moment, ds has friends round and I just made them all bacon bagels, got to go and pick up dd's friend in a min, can't wait to have some time to myself god knows when thats going to happen.

WilfSell Fri 19-Feb-10 14:20:34

<ponce alert> re the tea thing. I am a tea addict. But I have successfully found a replacement... Rooibos Chai teabags from Waitrose. Spicy and lovely, and is even OK with a splash of cream. It can pass for a really good cup of tea sometimes.

I don't like the Rooibos on its own but the spicy version is great.

supersalstrawberry Fri 19-Feb-10 14:28:04

oooh I've not tried the spice version, I like normal roibos, when I'm in work I have milk and sweetener in my decaff coffee, it was hard enough getting my colleagues used to the idea that I would be drinking decaff, it would totally throw them if when they were making me coffee they had to put cream in/leave it black instead of milk wink

brimfull Fri 19-Feb-10 15:19:16

TMI alert - have been bunged up to the eyeballs , finally the senna tabs worked this am. Still no weight loss, am due on so hoping it's that.
Or could it be the gin and tonic I'm having every night?
I am having about 10-15 gr carb / day .Probably less yesterday as was on a late and had no break so no dinner.

supersalstrawberry Fri 19-Feb-10 18:39:00

are you drinking plenty of water ggirl - to help keep things moving iykwim

Rockbird Fri 19-Feb-10 18:58:38

OK, I'm starting to get fed up now. DH neglected to point out that he used all the veg yesterday in some sort of massive veg-fest. I really can't be bothered to go out and get more now. I seem to have a kitchen full of rice, pasta, various potatoes etc all of which are verboten. And I really really really want a cup of tea and some toast.

I'm not giving up, just having a first day moan. Tomorrow I'll go shopping properly and stock up on useful things. It's not as easy as you think, is it?

brimfull Fri 19-Feb-10 20:37:04

sally -no probably not drinking enough , will try and up it thanks

rockbird- I had awful detox symptoms for nearly 4 days when I started to go low carb. Literally felt like I had the flu.Stick it out you will feel great once the pnags are gone.
If you really miss tea do as jacaqueen suggests and use full fat tea but count the carbs in to your daily intake. I drink black redbush and at work I drink normal tea with milk as I only have the one so want to enjoy it.
I use ketostix , in the beginning it helps to keep your motivation up when you see your body go into ketosis.I got mine from the golower co. but you can buy them on ebay.

mummymels Fri 19-Feb-10 21:32:57

Rockbird, noddyholder & Jacaquee – Welcome and good luck on starting.

Rockbird –I drink black decaf coffee, peppermint tea and lots of water. Men eh! Hopefully you’ll be able to stock up on lots of low carb goodies tomorrow.

supersalstrawberry – your colcannon sounds lovely. I understand you on busy days – had one with lots of children here today too.

ggirl – hope you are feeling better now that you have been.

supersalstrawberry Fri 19-Feb-10 21:51:16


sorry I'm having a moment, blame AF sad

just had a square of 85% cocoa choc instead am going to have a cup of decaf coffee, I have to be good cos I'm going out tomorrow and I know I'm going to be bad.

mummymels Fri 19-Feb-10 22:55:28

I hope the square of choc helped your craving. I've just had a cup of black decaf coffee too.

Mitchell81 Sat 20-Feb-10 07:55:43

Welcome Rockbird, noddyholder & Jacaquee, nice to have new people starting so everyone can encourage each other.

Been good this week, so have managed to get back on track

Tortington Sat 20-Feb-10 09:04:24

how you all doing?

Jacaqueen Sat 20-Feb-10 10:29:41

I felt like a stuffed pig by the time I went to bed last night. Infact I think stuffed pig is what I'm having later. I more or less grazed all day yesterday on chicken, cheese and avocado. Dinner was a steak burger (0.5 carbs) topped with avo and blue cheese served on a mixed salad with mayo. Later on I had some olives and macadamia nuts.

Not in the least bit hungry yet but will probably have some eggs in a bit.

Going shopping later and will pick up some anchovies for a ceaser salad and may get some pork scratchings for later on.

So far so good. I think gradually cutting down carbs since Tuesday has helped ease me into this as so far I feel great.

Hope everyone else is good. Weekends can be hard.

WilfSell Sat 20-Feb-10 10:30:38

I had been on a bit of a plateau but [fingers crossed] seem to be losing again. I realised that I'd been introducing a few too many new things (I'm broadly following the Idiot Proof Diet) on too many days so have cut back a bit. But jesus I am BORED with bloody salad.

I've been having protein shakes for breakfast as can't face much else then. But lately have been adding strawberries, and realise I need to limit this to a couple of days a week!

And had been having too many tomatoes! Who knew they could make such a difference. I'm planning scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and avocado with lime and black pepper for my lunch - yum.

Custardo, you sound very disciplined. I can't bear the idea of measuring and counting things but I guess as I go on, I'm probably going to have to do this aren't I?

brimfull Sat 20-Feb-10 10:34:37

Lost another lb this am !

Wilf- tell me more about the protein shakes, are they very low carb. I need something easy for the mornigs before work.

Tortington Sat 20-Feb-10 10:34:52

yes will! grin

as your probably in ketosis - just cut back for a week, count things properly just for one week and weigh yourself daily and see if you are not encouraged! i bet you are.

jacaqueen - sounds delish!

Tortington Sat 20-Feb-10 10:36:48

great Ggirl - how many is that? are you still cutting back on the carbs? has it made a difference?

i lost......0.2 of a lb this am angry

am off to go get my saturday treat in a bit

brimfull Sat 20-Feb-10 10:41:27

18 lbs down now

Tortington Sat 20-Feb-10 10:41:52

fecking hell!

brimfull Sat 20-Feb-10 10:42:39

since cutting back custy i have lost 4lbs , so yes def working
am due on anyday so hopefully will lose a bit more when i come on

WilfSell Sat 20-Feb-10 10:53:23

Yeah good advice, I might do the full proper counting thing from Monday (we have weekends a bit more, um, flexible - so glass of wine on Fri/Sat and bit more fruit. Do you have some kind of book for carb counting?

I'm interested you can see a 0.2 loss - what scales do you have? I think I need some new ones as mine are a bit unpredictable. If you don't weigh yourself for a while they seem to get stuck.

ggirl, you can buy whey protein powder from most supermarkets and Holland and Barrett etc. It has sweeteners in (the same as splenda) but otherwise no other carbs. We mix it up with soya milk, a good glug of double cream and some ground linseed (for extra, erm, mobility - does the job!) Just whizz it up with a handheld blender. It keeps me full all morning. The powder does come in different flavours but tbh we have stuck with vanilla because I'm not keen on fake flavourings. Sometimes we add extra vanilla extract, strawberries, and I've just bought some cocoa powder but obv will have to be very sparing with this!

Jacaqueen Sat 20-Feb-10 11:05:25

ggirl that is fantastic. I will weigh on Monday but as I have been cutting down prior to starting properly I wont be too upset if I dont get a big loss. Just as long as I am firmly in ketosis.

I have some shakes in the cupboard that I got from the Avidlite site. I bought them a while ago in an attempt to do my own version of LL or Cambridge but couldn't stick to it. These ones I have come in a wide variety of flavours and mix with water. They work out at about 2 grams of carbs each. Be careful though as they also do total meal replacement shakes which have a lot more carbs. Once I get into the swing of things I'm going to start having one for breakfast or lunch on the days when I dont feel like having much.

Jacaqueen Sat 20-Feb-10 11:09:27

Actually the whey protein powder sounds like a much better idea. The ones I have are full of all sorts of artificial stuff but I will probably use them up first as I have them already.

Enchilada81 Sat 20-Feb-10 11:11:59

Can I join? grin I have around a stone and a half to lose. I currently weight 11st 7lbs and I want to weigh 10st.

I'm going low carb grin are tinned chopped tomotoes ok to add to breakfast (induction weeks) or do they have to be fresh? I'm skint and lazy so looking for easier/cheaper alternatives but I do want to stick to the rules.

I'm thinking of making myself a frittata on Monday morning with cheese, onion and chopped tomatoes. Is this ok during induction phase?

Jacaqueen Sat 20-Feb-10 11:25:24

Hi I just replied to your other thread. No tomatoes on induction (I dont think) and not too much onion either. I would just stick to eggs and cheese.

brimfull Sat 20-Feb-10 11:33:28

wilf-thanks . I need a shake I can mix with water instead of milk.Would that be disgusting?
off to sainsburys today so I'll have a look

tomatoes -not good on induction unless you are being strict and count them in your daily carb count.

brimfull Sat 20-Feb-10 11:48:19

someone mentioned very low carb tortillas

anyone know where from?

Rockbird Sat 20-Feb-10 11:54:52

Well, I survived yesterday, just about. I know this low carbing is meant to be quicker at first but I appear to have lost 9 lbs since Thursday night confused. I've done enough weighing on scales over the years to know what's what and that's weird. I do have lots and lots to lose and on a low fat diet would do 9 or 10 lbs the first week.

Looking forward to weighing myself tomorrow morning when it all goes back on!

Tortington Sat 20-Feb-10 13:04:31

they do em at low carb megastore .com - but they arne;t 'that low' let me have a look

Tortington Sat 20-Feb-10 13:04:54

thats amazing rockbird - are they digi scales?

Tortington Sat 20-Feb-10 13:08:18

only 3 carbs lat is quite low they look tiny though

Rockbird Sat 20-Feb-10 13:22:53

Yes digi scales which go down to the quarter pound. I am expecting it to shift back up again though, that amount isn't right.

Am going to Sainsburys in a minute to stock up, someone said that tomatoes are out during induction. Is that the case? I was going to do your mince, onion, mushroom and tinned toms concoction tonight.

Tortington Sat 20-Feb-10 13:30:30

you can eat tomatoes. 12 carbs per full can

Tortington Sat 20-Feb-10 13:33:13

wilf, got my scales from robert dyas - don't have a book - but have you tried www.fitday.com ? it calculates what you eat - the carbs and calories and does an apealing graph too!!

supersalstrawberry Sat 20-Feb-10 16:07:39

Well done everyone, wow ggirl you've done so well!

ok weighed this morning, and according to my dodgy scales (I will buy some decent ones promise) I'm approx 3lb down, so that 17lb in total since I started.

and I'm going out tonight and will no doubt put that 3lb back on hmm theres been a change of plan, we are going for dim sum, they serve the most amazing Japanese prawns (bloody breadcrumbs!) and cocktails (bloody singapore slings!).

Good news is I'm working for the next couple of weekends so no temptations for the next couple of weeks, although one weeked is night shifts and I struggle not to eat crap when I'm on nights hmm

nothing to eat so far today just lots and lots of water, I know thats not good, I must have something before I go out.

brimfull Sat 20-Feb-10 19:00:41

sal- we are only a lb apart ! Shall we have a race? wink

Nights are so hard , my friend copes by not eating or drinking anything all night shock

Me? I fart all night long grin

Enchilada81 Sun 21-Feb-10 09:38:25

Can I drink milk on induction? if not, where do I get my calcium from?

Can I drink green tea on induction?

I'm going to have to take this one step at a time. How does this sound for tomorows menu?


2 egg omelette with one rasher of bacon and a sprinkle of cheese. Cup of green tea.


Tuna and sweetcorn in mayo with green salad leaves.


Chicken stir fry. (chicken, veg and a tiny bit of sauce).

Tortington Sun 21-Feb-10 11:18:10

Can I drink milk on induction? if not, where do I get my calcium from?

NO MILK - vitamin suppliments

Can I drink green tea on induction?

I'm going to have to take this one step at a time. How does this sound for tomorows menu?


2 egg omelette with one rasher of bacon and a sprinkle of cheese. Cup of green tea.



Tuna and sweetcorn in mayo with green salad leaves.

take out sweetcorn -
Food Quantity: 1 ear
Carbs: 19.3g
Dietary Fiber: 2g
Net Carbs: 17.3g

full fat mayo


Chicken stir fry. (chicken, veg and a tiny bit of sauce).

what sauce? what veg? how many carbs?

TimeForMe Sun 21-Feb-10 11:27:18

Sorry to butt in ladies but Custardo, i don't think you can drink green tea on induction as it contains caffine. HTH smile

brimfull Sun 21-Feb-10 11:43:01

green tea fine imo

I drank caffiene on induction with no problems-as lon as you aren't mainling the stuff should be fine.
Obvioulsy if you don't lose then caffiene may be the culprit but I doubt green tea has enough tbh.

Tortington Sun 21-Feb-10 11:45:15

me too i can't go without caffeine

atkins says to cut out caffeine and alcohol - its part of a detox. but i didn't cut out coffee or vodka - i mean life would just be rubbish!

noddyholder Sun 21-Feb-10 13:08:17

I also have coffee

supersalstrawberry Sun 21-Feb-10 14:03:12

I cut out caffiene mainly because I wanted a total detox and was drinking way to much, if you want to you can get caffiene free green tea, it is supposed to be an apetite suppresant (tastes like shit though)

supersalstrawberry Sun 21-Feb-10 14:09:37

I had a good night out last night, bit of a carb fest mainly due to sugar though, I had 2 mai tais, numerous G&T's, there was some white wine iirc, and possibly a bacardi and diet coke (I think I'm still a bit pissed tbh hmm), apart from the Japanese prawns and some duck in pancakes, I was very good food wise hmm

today I'm cooking a beef casserole (mushrooms, onion, celery), cauliflower mash with cheese and leeks (really yummy), and I've just put a sugar free jelly in the fridge ready for when I have munchies later.

Long day in work tomorrow, need to plan what I'm taking, probably egg and ham salad for lunch, blueberrys and greek yogurt for breakfast and I'm making a chicken curry for dinner, I'm going to try cauliflower rice, I did grate some the other day ready to use but ended up chucking it hmm

Tortington Sun 21-Feb-10 17:28:36

whats in your chickenc ury sal - i would love a curry

Jacaqueen Sun 21-Feb-10 18:21:57

Well I have almost completed my first alcohol free weekend since I dont know when.

No way I am giving up caffiene (though I'm not drinking any diet/zero coke). I'll probably reintroduce alcohol next weekend.

Yesterday and today I've had a late breakfast/brunch then dinner. Last night was steak and salad with blue cheese sauce. I had more cheese and olives later on but that was more out of boredom than hunger. Tonight dinner was salmon with pesto and steamed veg.

I'm not in the least bit hungry which is such a relief. Have had a headache today and probably need to drink more water.

The scales haven't moved that much but the object of these 3 days was to stop me binging and get my appetite under control. Anyway I did start cutting down last Tuesday but didn't weigh till Friday so have no idea how much I lost between then.

Tortington Sun 21-Feb-10 19:23:16

well done Jac,
i did my usual saturday piggin out and i ate pancakes, pistachios, crisp and more.

will weigh myself tomorrow, i have a busy owrk week next week so i hope that some of that movement will help too!

supersalstrawberry Sun 21-Feb-10 19:29:50

Custy I just buy a jar of tescos own balti sauce, and bung in some chicken - 3rd of a jar is 9.3g of carbs but I just scoop out the chicken when its cooked, and have very little sauce, so I still get the taste of the curry, I have it with spinach or cabbage but am going to try the cauli rice tomorrow. Usually I'd add some low carb vegetables as well but tbh I can't be bothered today.

I do have a lovely butternut squash curry recipe, not sure how low carb it is though.

I'm trying out your stuffed pepper recipe, it's in the oven cooking - does it keep can I reheat it because I'm not actually hungry hmm
I softened some chopped leek in a frying pan then added a tin of tuna, a spoonful of left over mediteranean vegetables, some grated cheese, black pepper bunged it all in the pepper and into the oven, am waiting to see how it turns out.

Tortington Sun 21-Feb-10 23:31:40

oog hope it was nice. did it keep? i have a suspicion that roasted pepper deflates and goes all mushy - but its so sweet and larvely! hope you enjoyed it.

Tortington Sun 21-Feb-10 23:34:37

I was wondering whether You magnificent low carbers have some recipes that you cook regulary that you could put a carb count to - and i could put on my Mumsnet Blog ina recipe section. ofcourse you;ll get the credit - thought it would be a good future resource.

Enchilada81 Mon 22-Feb-10 07:40:11

Thats a good idea Custardo. I'd certainly find that helpful. I'm useless at making up my own dishes.

Enchilada81 Mon 22-Feb-10 09:38:25

Can all you low carbers please re-assure me?

I've just cooked my breakfast:

2 egg omellette with a rasher of bacon and a sprinkle of cheese. All cooked in butter confused

This seems so alien to me! I'm used to non-taste low fat rabbit food on diets and I feel like I've just cooked up a meal of fat and grease! and Im trying to lose weight!

Please reassure me that I'm doing this right. Eating fried food for breakfast whilst on a diet seems so wrong. I dread to think of the calories in this! blush

WilfSell Mon 22-Feb-10 09:43:17

Just do it! As long as you stick to it, it works (eg you can't do the fry up AND some low fat crackers on the side etc.)

I have just lost another 3lbs, on a diet of meat, eggs, vegetables, cream, cheese, nuts etc..

Enchilada81 Mon 22-Feb-10 09:45:50

It seems too good to be true though, I've not had a breakfast this tasty for months! grin

I have nothing to lose I suppose, I'm already a porker, things can only get better!

amazonianwoman Mon 22-Feb-10 11:05:13

You have lots to lose - lots of pounds grin

I had poached eggs & bacon every morning last week (scrambled eggs & serrano ham leftovers this morning) and lost 6lbs - so it does work smile

amazonianwoman Mon 22-Feb-10 13:51:03

Sorry, just reread my last post and it might have come across as v rude - didn't mean that you have to lose lots of pounds! Just that the pounds will fall off on low carb.

Don't think I've explained myself, but hope you know what I mean smile

Tortington Mon 22-Feb-10 14:20:59

wow wilf and amazonian - thats amazing.

will post on weight loss tomorrow - only weighed myself after this weekends debauchery this morning

amazonianwoman Mon 22-Feb-10 14:25:07

Enchilada - have a look at this thread too - quite a few low carbers on there and a good place to record your weightloss.


Enchilada81 Mon 22-Feb-10 14:32:04

Thanks amazonian Must admit, this morning after breakfast I felt great and I've not been hungry all day. However, I am starting to crave something sweet! I will resist!

I was hoping to be able to cheat a little later on and have a cup of hot chocolate with DH. SO i looked at the carbs content and saw it has 20g per cup!! so that's that out of the window LOL

Can I just ask, even if I cheat a bit (for instance having one cup of tea a day with milk in it, maybe eating the wrong kind of veg in one meal and having reduced calorie mayo (only one I had in, I will replace in tomorow) will I still go into ketosis? or do I have to play everything by the book?

amazonianwoman Mon 22-Feb-10 14:45:39

I'm not the low carb expert!

I still have 2 cups of tea per day with milk, I also ate carrots last week.

I'd try to avoid the hot choc, because I reckon I'm seriously addicted to chocolate/all sweet carbs so I'm going cold turkey. I have to say I'm not craving chocolate quite so much now.

The sweet cravings DO subside - have a little bit of cheese? Or just water? The urge will pass...

Jacaqueen Mon 22-Feb-10 15:19:43

Hi all

Weighed this morning after 3 days of eating like a king and I have lost 2 lbs. I was going to say only 2 lbs but I am not too concerned as I am sure I would have lost a few pounds just by cutting down before my official start so probably didn't have much water to lose.

I certainly feel better a lot calmer and have loads of energy so must be in ketosis.

I had a hot smoked salmon fillet and some cream cheese at 8am and I have just now at 3pm eaten my lunch. 7 hours without food is unheard of for me.

Enchilada in my opinion if you can just go by the book for the first 2 weeks it will be
so much better in the long run. That way you will go into ketosis quickly and lose more weight.

mummymels Mon 22-Feb-10 22:09:27

Jacaqueen – your food sounds lovely. What did you end up buying at your food shop? Well done on your first weeks loss.

WilfSell – I agree sometimes it can be surprising what is high in carbs. Your protein shakes sound lovely.

Ggirl – Well done on your loss this week. Your total loss is brilliant.

Custardo – Just wondering how you can weigh 0.2 of a lb! What was your Saturday treat?

Enchilada81 – Welcome to the thread and good luck. I’m also rubbish at making my own recipes and the recipes that everyone else put on here make my mouth water.

Rockbird – Wow, 9lbs in a couple of days is brilliant.

supersalstrawberry – Well done on your loss, you are doing so well. It sounds as if you had a lovely meal out at the weekend. Your menu yesterday sounds yum.

Amazonianwoman – 6lbs weight loss in one week is brilliant.

Had weigh in today. For the first time since starting Go Lower I haven't lost any weight this week. Bit disappointed but can't complain in the whole scheme of things really as I couldn't go on losing like I have been forever.

WilfSell Mon 22-Feb-10 22:16:26

Well done everyone!

Enchilada, I really think kick starting the induction phase by the book is a good idea - you will get a good sense of what it feels like and then you'll be in a better position to know what the reaction is to different things you might introduce later. And it is very motivating as you can lose quite a lot in the first couple of weeks (I lost 9lbs!)

I also wanted to ask Custardo about the moving in and out of ketosis this... (once out of induction)... You know you have one day 'off' a week? Well how does that work... Do you go through withdrawal again each week? How long does it take you to go back in ketosis? Do you always lose weight doing that? Have you tried having one or two carby things instead of a 'free day' also? Is that quicker to get back into it?

Sorry, loads of questions, but you're such an experienced lowcarber!

I'm quite interested in ways of doing this longterm and think I am going to have to introduce some variety somehow.

supersalstrawberry Mon 22-Feb-10 23:45:07

Custy I didn't reheat it...........I ate it blush well tbh I shared it with dd, it was lovely!

busy day in work today, took an egg and ham salad (enough for lunch and a snack in the afternoon) my avocado wasn't ripe enough to eat though unfortunatly. Blueberries and full fat greek yogurt for breakfast, came home and stuffed another pepper! grin am loving those stuffed peppers!

will have a think about recipes but tbh I'm not very good at working out exact carb counts, I tend to work it out roughly iykwim.

Enchilada81 Tue 23-Feb-10 06:52:32

Well, got on the scales this morning (I know I said I'd only do it once a week ... but I was curious!) and I seem to have lost 2lbs since yesterday!

I am finding it difficult to be honest but if that's the result it has it has to be worth it!

Going to look at recipes later, there's only so many times one can make up an omelette grin

Tortington Tue 23-Feb-10 07:04:51

i seem to go into ketosis really quickly. i eat what i like on saturday - don;t weigh myself sunday.
weigh myself monday - and i can put anything up to 3lbs on - for one day.

but i know i will lose that the next week.

i have been around the same weight now for a month. and so i thnk my body is telling me thats where i'm going to stay.

unless excersise is involved, i don't think i could lose any more weight i can't lower my carb intake. - and i'm not about to jog or anything grin

on saturday i ate mushrooms on granery bread for breakfast, pancakes with sugar and lemon, pistachios, 4 pcks crisp

yesterday i ws 1.6 pounds up on saturdays weigh in and this am i am 0.8 of a lb off last weeks lowest weight ( which i mark on a calander every day)i think marking it down helps me see any trends or patterns.

i don't know how this is going to work long term, but having a saturday off maintains my weight and over the last 3 weeks i have lost lb a week - whilst trying to maintain my weight - if that makes sense.

sorry bit of a ramble but its way too fecking early for me to be coherant.

enchilada - everyone else is right , try and stick to it for a couple of weeks, the thing about sweet things is your body wants more sugar and more sugar ...i always think of those adverts for quit smoking where those little 'brain ' bugs are telling you just one more - well its like that.

Tortington Tue 23-Feb-10 07:07:14

and a bowl of cornflakes - i had them on sat too

Ohforfoxsake Tue 23-Feb-10 07:12:02

Hi, can I just ask what's ketosis?

(of course I could google it, but I wanted to join in as I need motivation to drop a dress size for a big do in 6 weeks)

I'm a big fan of low carb, especially the Harcombe Diet as it knocked all my cravings on the head. But I've fallen off the wagon and although I'm not having cravings, I'm really, really struggling because its cold and miserable outside and I want to stay in and eat toast. And I'm knackered and stressed.


Tortington Tue 23-Feb-10 07:23:01

if you click on my Mumsnet blog there is a full explaination ( as full as i can give anyway)

Tortington Tue 23-Feb-10 07:23:57

here i think

Ohforfoxsake Tue 23-Feb-10 07:31:02

Do you mix fats and carbs in the same meal? So would you have a 100% burger in low-carb bread for example?

Ohforfoxsake Tue 23-Feb-10 07:31:27

Thanks BTW, good blog

Tortington Tue 23-Feb-10 07:50:46

yes i would have 100% beefburger = zero carbs

and low carb bread from lowcarbmegastore = 1.9 per (midget) slice

Tortington Tue 23-Feb-10 07:51:49

and zero carb tomato sauce from same website too!

Ohforfoxsake Tue 23-Feb-10 09:34:58

I miss tomato sauce with my bacon and eggs - top tip

noddyholder Tue 23-Feb-10 09:38:06

Custy what is the ketchup like?

supersalstrawberry Tue 23-Feb-10 12:42:16

hows everyone doing today?

went to tesco to do some shopping this morning and was lured into the cafe for bacon, eggs and a norty sausage, I had black pudding as well but only ate a bit because I wasn't sure of the carb count (it tasted carby and I had terrible indigestion afterwards hmm).

drinking lots of water as I'm feeling thirsty and very very tired after my long day in work yesterday, working loads this week so stocked the fridge up ready.

amazonianwoman Tue 23-Feb-10 13:32:46

Great! Back on track after the weekend.

Tried the celeriac dauphinoise last night BIWI. V nice smile

Had a minor panic when I realised there were no bacon & eggs in the fridge for breakfast, so had some cheese & serrano ham. What does everyone do for breakfast? Would berries & yoghurt have been OK?

Went to butchers this morning, so had scrambled eggs & bacon for lunch.

Steak, asparagus & salad for dinner. Yum.

Coat felt marginally less tight this morning and (best of all) I don't feel so bloated and look around 5mths rather than 8mths pg grin

FrazzledBlob Tue 23-Feb-10 18:18:55

Hi all

sorry to post and run the other day, I officially started yesterday as it was too much to get my head round on half term!

I am following the low carb veggie plan (ggirl linked to it earlier). I eat eggs but can't stand fish. I am loving the all the different cheeses I can tuck into.

I have started to drink lots of water (seems to help shift the headache), hot water and lemon at work and the occasional coffee with cream at home. Is it worth switching to decaf?

Custardo - thanks for the link to your blog and the fab carb basics. Do you not eat nuts and seeds then? I have been munching on soya beans, peanuts and pine nuts as they have a good protein over carb content. Also, is it right that you take fibre content away from carb value?

I had the sweet craving last night and saw hot chocolate mentioned on here so thought i would mention the great hot choc drink i had last night from my book. It's made with 2tsp cocoa and unsweetened soya and works out at 2g carb and 10g protein.

Right I am off to taste the spinach bread I have just baked, hoping to have cheese on toast for my tea grin

Tortington Tue 23-Feb-10 19:07:49

no i dont eat nuts
yes you do take fibre away from carb = net carb count.
quick google gave me -

1 oz peanuts:
6 gram carbs
2.2 gram fibre
= 3.8 for 1 oz

1 oz soya beans:
Carbs: 5g
Dietary Fiber: 0g
Net Carbs: 5g

pine nuts:
1oz =3.70g carbs
1.05g fibre
2.65g Effective carbs.

too high for my personal carb count, i'd have to eat the whole bag of nuts - self control issues

the no carb spinach bread looks great - did you enjoy?

Noddy ketchup tastes great - but i never was a heinz snob about it IYKWIM, its a bit runny but great. Put it this way my kids nicked my v. expensive t.sauce to put on hot dogs!

supersalstrawberry Tue 23-Feb-10 21:10:20

I bought some lilt zero, sugar free but dosen't have the artificial sweetner taste, I've had 2 cans blush <no self control whatsoever>, don't feel very hungry at all today since my breakfast, I made an omelette for dinner, 2 eggs, cheese, spinach, mushrooms, spring onions, and a little bit of smoked pork sausage - I ate half then finished the rest off later, have drank loads of water today though as well as the lilt zero hmm

I had 2 squares of 85% cocoa choc as well, didn't really want that either but ate it because it was there .......theres no escaping the eating just for the sake of it for me, even with this diet, although before started low carbing, it would have been numerous packets of crisps, peanut butter sandwichs, and whatever else I had stored in the cupboard for the dc's packed lunch.

I think I just need an early night, I tend to eat for the sake of it when I'm tired.

JeremyVile Wed 24-Feb-10 02:20:02

Hi all. Just read the whole thread and v v impressed at everyones progress.

Started Atkins induction phase today (yesterday?) and feeling full of motivation.

Ihad smoked salmon and cream cheese fro breakfast.
Omlette and smoked sausage (which was right minging) for lunch.
Rocket, spinach, watercress, pepper, onions, 1/2 avocado and prawns all doused in vinegar and olive oil for dinner - was lovely.

Glad to hear some of you are still drinking coffee - I'm not a huge coffee drinker but always fancy it more when I'm cutting back on food.

Never done low carb before and its going to take some getting used to that I cant bulk out my meals with tons of veg but all in all I'm v positive about it.

Skinny jeans and cheekbones here I come!

Tortington Wed 24-Feb-10 08:45:28

oh well done JV.

how is everyone today?

i'm the lowest weight i've been so far. so ded chuffed.

made my toast for lunch at work.
have my sugar free lollipops.
don't know whats for tea, maybe roasted pepper stuffed with tuna.

Jacaqueen Wed 24-Feb-10 09:31:16

Congrats Custardo on the weight and well done everyone else.

Another 2 off for me which is 4lbs in 5 days plus the few I would have lost before I weighed myself.

Not in the least bit hungry but like some of you I just want to eat because it's there. I'm tring to stick to bfast lunch and dinner with no snacking/picking.

For those who like nuts macadamia, brazil and almonds have fewest carbs. I would stay away from peanuts and soya nuts.

Jacaqueen Wed 24-Feb-10 09:39:05

Forgot to say I had some coke zero and pork scrathings last night. I'd had a pig of a day and it was either that or a bottle of wine. I only bought the one small bottle of coke though and I'll have the rest of the scratchings with a ceaser salad instead of croutons.

FrazzledBlob Wed 24-Feb-10 14:24:36

Spinach bread was lovely. Not entirely bread like but I had cheese on 'toast' and had a bacon (veggie stuff) sandwich for breakfast.

I am going to try some of the other bread recipes so will report back on those. first off is a microwave one using ground almonds.

I have just checked my nut stash and it reads as follows:

25g Roasted Soya Beans: 1.7g carbs, 5.4g fibre & 11.5g protein

25g Roasted Peanuts: 2.0g carbs, 2.5g fibre & 25.2g Protein

25g Pine Nuts: 1.0g carbs, 0.5g fibre & 4.1g protein

I don't think the above is too bad as I weigh 25g portions out for work (loving my new digital scales)

I have started to write down all I have as it motivates me at the end of the day when I am craving bad things and I can see in black and white how well I have done.

I don't feel physically hungry and yet my brain is screaming for food - always stuff full of carbs. Will this pass?

I am going to jump on the wii fit to see if there is any change.

FrazzledBlob Wed 24-Feb-10 14:35:29

I am 3lbs down since Monday

I am aiming to be at least a stone down by easter for my holiday. will tackle the other three or four later!

Is diet coke mixed with alcohol bad? I have a rare night out on Saturday and wish to let my hair down a little

WilfSell Wed 24-Feb-10 15:44:59

Well done frazzled!

I keep saying this but I strongly believe the chromium supplement I am taking works on cravings (psychological or otherwise) I have had, ooooooh, maybe two or three cravings since starting 6 weeks ago. And I mean 'momentary desires for something I shouldn't have' and it has passed as my brain has gone: 'actually' I don't really need that' With no psych anguish AT ALL.

Now if you knew what a carb/sugar addict I was before (imagine jumbo packs of haribo, followed by plates of toast, sugar with everything, hot chocolate all day blah blah blah) - no control - you would know how unbelievable this is.

So eating enough fat/protein to feel full, and the supplements have solved this for me. That and not having any fake sugar either except for my one shake in the morning. I don't miss it or not miss it TBH, I just don't, erm, think about it very much... WEIRD but great <17lbs down since Jan 11th grin>

Enchilada81 Wed 24-Feb-10 15:46:29

I have mixed emotions. I am 5lbs down since monday which is an amazing result. I've only fallen off the wagon once (chocolate cake for DS's birthday) and I think I've done quite well.

But I am a complete chocoholic and the cravings are becomming unbearable! I want crisps, I want chocolate ... even a cereal bar would taste good at the moment!

How do you beat these cravings? We have choccie eggs in the cupboard, toffee crisp bars, pringles ... I'm not hungry, I just want to eat something sweet!

I know its working, the weight is falling off but at my worst moments I find myself thinking "Am I really that bothered about the few extra lbs I carry around? is this really worth it?" but I KNOW straight after that toffee crisp I'll be thinking "why!! why did I do that??!"

FrazzledBlob Wed 24-Feb-10 16:15:52

Enchilada - you are doing so well and as a former chocaholic (3 days choc bar free!) I feel your pain.

I am finding writing everything down is helping me stay motivated. When I am feeling really tempted I have a coffee with double cream.

I have also had a hot chocolate one evening as I was feeling twitchy and wondering in and out of the kitchen looking for a fix! Its in my low carb book and is 2tsp of cocoa and 9floz of heated unsweetened soya milk and a touch of splenda.

I also keep reminding myself that "i am not hungry" and that DD wants to go swimming which means I have to wear swimwear in public!!!

I can post some more low carb choc treats if you would like but it may be best to try and ride it out for a couple of more days as with me the more I have chocolate the more I want it!

Thanks for the tip on the supplements WS and well done on such a good loss

I have been looking at options for breakfast and there are some whey protein shake recipes in my book so I wondered if the stuff on offer at Holland & Barrett at the mo was any good? Here

Enchilada81 Wed 24-Feb-10 16:24:07

Frazzled, please tell me about the low carb choccie sweets grin I will try and ride it out but I'd like to relax a little at the weekend. It kind of helps having something to look forward to also.

I'll definately try the hot chocolate! I miss that on an evening.

brimfull Wed 24-Feb-10 16:29:51

fRAZZLED - THat protien shake looks good, only 1.6grams of carbs per serving. Think I may get some for a protein fix at breakfast.

Tortington Wed 24-Feb-10 18:53:34

wow some great weigh losses here well done.

frazzled - i would so eat those roasted peanuts - which ones are they - thats only 0.5 of efective carbs - tell me! tell me! i love nuts.

Enchilada Please look at www.lowcarbmegastore.com

they do zero carb sweets and chocolate - but you can't have loads of it - only 10 grams per day - even though it says its no carbs - the sugar substitute called polyol does have carbs and you are only allowed 10g of this for it to be considered 'free'

its also helpful as it give you the shits - and as we all know this diet isn't that great for having a good dump!

JeremyVile Wed 24-Feb-10 21:58:48


Well day 2 has been fine but had a horrible headache all afternoon. On the plus side I have been very calm today, unlike me normally. I have at least one tantrum a day and am generally an irritable sod.

Too soon to say if either of these things is down to the diet but we'll see.

As others have said, I have not been at all hungry but really craving. Its been toast and jaffa cakes for me. But its cool I'm just telling myself that I need to push on and I'll soon stop wanting sugar and carbs all the time.

Coffee for breakfast (am trying to get better at breakfast but its not really for me)
Prawn salad for lunch
Roast beef for dinner. Big slabs of. No veg sadly as I think I probably overdid the salad at lunch. Def going for some brocolli and cabbage tmro.

I'm peeing constantly but i have bad water retention so not fussed if my initial weight loss is water weight. It needs to go. Actually thats another reason I decided on atkins - I think the carbs have aggrevated, is not caused, the water.

Love that low carb site - nothing atm but looking forward to trying a few of the things (bread!) after induction.

I've had a few glugs of pepsi max today - dont know whether to feel bad about that or not. Where do you all stand on soft drinks?

Custy - I look forward to sying that I am at my lowest weight so far, well done.

supersalstrawberry Wed 24-Feb-10 22:35:44

Lost another lb, thats 18lb in total since I started, so am pleased about that. but otherwise I'm feeling generally pissed off, working some horrendous hours this week, just got home and I'm back up at 6am and working till 8.30pm so I'm roasting some vegetables to take for my lunch.

just has some cauliflower with melted cheese and a couple of slices of ham, a sugar free jelly and 2 squares of 85% cocoa chocolate, for lunch I had a salad with avocado, grated cheese, 3 cherry toms and some smoked pork sausage, 3 coffees with milk and sweetner, 1 can of lilt zero and now working my way through a litre of water, have a stinking headache and am generally fucked off.

Tortington Thu 25-Feb-10 00:03:15

JV so very glad to hear that someone else doesn't 'do' breakfast - i get odd looks and comments - but i would much rather have a coffee.

blardly hell sally thats amazing.

brimfull Thu 25-Feb-10 07:07:34

custy- well done , amazing weight loss. You are my inspiration!

I was bad last night, pissed off about not losing weight all week so ate too many of my allotted choc rasp snacks.
Will weigh tomorrow, off to work now.

brimfull Thu 25-Feb-10 07:08:13

Couldnt face brekkie either , two black coffees will do me.

Jacaqueen Thu 25-Feb-10 08:19:38

I often dont bother with breakfast either. I like to have brunch around 11-12 then find that kepps me going till dinner time. If I'm going to be out and about all day I'll just have some cheese or ham for breakfast.

Well TOTM arrived yesterday and I was a bit taken aback as I have had no PMT what so ever. Hopefully that also means I'll get rid of a few more pounds once it's over.

Be careful of deducting fibre from your carb allowance. As far as I know that only applies to American products. UK products already have the fibre deducted.

Enchilada81 Thu 25-Feb-10 08:19:45

Well yesterday I managed to get through the cravings without giving in. Very unusual for me because my will power is shit.

It was hard though, the hardest day so far and I very nearly fell off the wagon.

Got on the scales this morning and I've lost another lb (that's 6lbs lost since monday!) and it is keeping me motivated to see it coming off.

I just need to get through this cold turkey phase. Doesn't help though when DH is doing his best to sabotage it hmm

"Do you fancy a garlic burger and chips?"
"Shall I pop to chinese?"
"Try these sour cream crips, they're gorgeous!"

grrr he's doing it on purpose, I know he is.

amazonianwoman Thu 25-Feb-10 10:17:10

That's mean! Does he need to lose some weight? If so, once he starts to notice you looking fab he might shut up...

The cravings do get easier - I could easily put away 2 choc bars + sweets + toast etc every day. Plus a big glass of milk at bedtime (still crave that sweetness). I've definitely started thinking less about chocolate (well, apart from the 85% green & blacks yesterday blush)

WilfSell Thu 25-Feb-10 10:34:14

Hi everyone. I insisted my DH do it with me because I couldn't bear him sitting on the sofa glugging wine and chugging chocolate. He has lost almost all of his belly now and is quite chuffed, even though he's well within a healthy weight range.

I made some low carb pancakes for breakfast this morning. They were a bit, um, weird but very filling

200g ground almonds
4 eggs
vanilla extract
small spoon of splenda
large glug of double cream

Slathered in butter obv.

Not quite the same as pancakes and tbh needed a bit more flavour but they were OK. Perhaps needed to be a bit sweeter somehow.

Enchilada81 Thu 25-Feb-10 11:16:16

Is there any "fast food" I can have? the previous post got me thinking about pancakes ... DH and I often used to buy crispy duck in pancakes for the weekend. Now I know the duck won't have many carbs in but what about the pancakes and the hoi sin sauce?

Also, where do we stand on donner kebab meat? If the rest of the family buy pizzas and burgers at the weekend, can I buy myself some donner meat as a one off? is it a lesser evil (iyswim?)

Pollybloodyanna Thu 25-Feb-10 11:49:56

Hello everyone, I think I may have posted on this further down??

Anyway, I have been doing Atkins since Monday - have read the book and everything!

I have a question though - I have been doing very well (I think), not having many carbs - maybe 10-15g a day. But, my ketostix went only slightly pink yesterday, and back to nothing this morning (I am being slightly obsessive with the testing!), but the most annoying thing is that I HAVE PUT ON WEIGHT!!! about 2-3 pounds - but how can this happen?? will it come off? (I thought the pounds would drop off and am a bit shocked tbh...)

Thanks! Hopefully someone can give me guidance before I go and eat a biscuit in despair!

Mitchell81 Thu 25-Feb-10 11:53:25

Well done everyone on there weight lose this week. I have now lost 19 lbs since the 2nd Jan.

I also am not a breakfast person, will just pick on cold meat/cheese unless I can be bothered making eggs.

I have a problem this week as got 3 of my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday so have stitches, swollen and sore jaw to contend with so can only have liquids so just writing off the next couple of days till I feel better. Chocolate milkshakes, yoghurt drinks, smoothies have never tasted so good grin blush I am hoping that because I should be eating less calories, I won't gain so will just go back into ketosis once I reduce my carbs again.

Tortington Thu 25-Feb-10 14:18:58

you really shouldn't put weight on polly, and your ketostix aren't showing you in Ketosis?

you must be counting something wrong or not including something.

give us a run down of every tiny morsel from a day and lets have a look.

Enchilada - amazing weightloss! wrt take out - i just have a chicken tikka - after a quick google i found that some other low carb forums seem to think that doner meat allso has an added filler ( so isn't just meat)

however if you google perhaps you could make your own

found this - not that i would ever cook it - but if it helps

1 1/2 kilos leg of lamb
50 gr. black pepper
2 kilos lamb fat, ground
1 egg
150 gr. salt
1 liter onion juice
1 cup olive oil

Remove any bits of skin and bone from the meat. Cut into serving-size pieces. Pound with a meat tenderizer or the edge of a heavy saucepan until 1/8 cm thick. Trim. Prepare a marinade of onion juice, olive oil, salt and pepper, and soak meat in the marinade 12-24 hours. Soak lamb fat in hot water. Remove pieces of meat from the marinade. Spread over each piece of meat the lamb fat and ground lamb mixed with egg. Thread pieces of meat on a long skewer, starting with larger pieces. Trim the chunk of meat on the skewer and add trimmings to the end of the skewer. The chunk of meat is broiled in the Doner Kebab broiler, made specially for the purpose.

Tortington Thu 25-Feb-10 14:21:26

btw i put on a 1lb yesterday. my weight has been the same for weeks ( with the exception of a saturday bender grin) and that is totally fine.

i think my body is just saying this is where i need to be at - think i lost the weight cos i had the squits grin TMI!

FrazzledBlob Thu 25-Feb-10 15:19:52

Hello all

custardo i am munching on Tesco value roasted peanuts. They are yummy and cheap so suits me. lol at your summary on the impacts of the diet on the digestive system grin

I will post any recipes i have scoffed taste tested. Have just spotted a lemon cake recipe that sounds yummy.

I am another 2lb down

DH is on a healthy eating kick. He is moaning about being tempted by my cheese selection so I suggested he joins me but no he does'nt want to do it 'this way' I am waiting for him to say he's doing it properly or in a healthy way and then I am going to set you lot on him! is that ok?

I have just cleared a cupboard in the kitchen so I have a space for my supplies. It was all packet pasta I had to rehome blush

wilfselll can i ask where you get the almonds from? I want to try the pancakes as something different for breakfast so wondered if i could buy bulk amounts. I have also just made bread in the microwave with ground almonds, it looks like bread - all springy and dough like. Will report back on taste in a mo as I am going to tuck into some tomato and cheese soup for lunch.

Oh and today I feel fantastic Full of energy and no headache lurking

Pollybloodyanna Thu 25-Feb-10 17:49:07

ok, will let you know what I've eaten today, once I've had some dinner.

Hardly a carb has passed my lips so far that's for sure!

JeremyVile Thu 25-Feb-10 18:09:55

Custy - if you've reached your trget weight what will you do now? Just carry on as youare or ease up a bit?

I know I shouldn't be weighing myself already but I have and I'm 3 lbs down since tuesday!

Tortington Thu 25-Feb-10 18:50:57

oh well done JV. well now i am taking saturdays off and scoffing what i like - putting on 3 or so pounds then going back to my diet during the week, have maintained for 3 weeks so far - actually losing a pound or so but over that whole period.

it's suiting me at the moment.

had a pants day today.

I forgot to pack my lunch so got home at at 3 and was starving hungry - so i ate my lunch and 2 slices of edam, then made a sausage casserole thingy that isn't really a casserole - using some sausages that dh bought which were higher carb - but i fancied a change ( bit sick of chicken) and the whole thing was horrible - i ended up eating the veggies and soupy liquid with 2 slices LC bread and have eaten todays allowence of carbs and not really had anything nice to eat iyswim. so bit pissed off.

glad to hear about the tesco value nuts - i will deffo look out for them!

Tortington Thu 25-Feb-10 18:53:26

willself, how many carbs are in the pancakes? they sound delish

WilfSell Thu 25-Feb-10 19:20:40

Dunno how many carbs... I'm not measuring em so much, been following the Idiot Proof Diet and just slightly tweaking things so I keep losing weight...

I guess those amounts would make a lot of small pancakes (the sort you get in packets, crumpet size). DH and I had 2-3 each and couldn't finish them, and there ws probably enough mix left for another 4. So say 8 pancakes minimum from those amounts.

So each one is roughly half an egg, 25g almonds and I dunno with cream (don't measure!) I guess it was about 2 tablespoons so for each pancake you'd have about a teaspoon?

Someone else will have to look up the carbs!

I got the ground almonds from the supermarket - they're quite widely available in the baking section.

I think I would probably try whisking egg whites next time, adding some baking powder and maybe more vanilla/splenda. But they were definitely 'breakfasty' and I guess you could freeze them/keep them?

supersalstrawberry Thu 25-Feb-10 21:22:02

I buy ground almonds in tesco, by the baking stuff.

I used to make blueberry muffings with ground almonds, (think the recipe is on the pig2twig website), I've got some ground almonds in the cupboard waiting for me to make somethings spectacular and low carb but cake like..............so far I haven't got round to it but I might give your pancakes a try Wilf.

Slightly less pissed off today (good friends funeral, tomorrow think thats the cause of my general feelings of fuckedoffness sad).

Anyhoo back to the food -

breakfast (I don't do eating first thing either, I had this about 10am) blueberrys, flaked almonds, greek yogurt, bit of splenda.

Lunch - roast peppers, tomato, courgette, mushroom, bit of melted cheese on top, couple of slices of ham, spinach.

Dinner - (lovely dh made for me) cauliflower cheese, broccoli, roast chicken, a little bit of gravy.

Pollybloodyanna Thu 25-Feb-10 21:41:11

custy are you ok to analyse my day:

I had

Breakfast - scrambled eggs made with butter. One medium mushrooms

Lunch - tinned tuna (in oil), a hard boiled egg, some leaves and tomatoes (half a pack of salad - whole pack was 10g of carbs).

Was in a long meeting all afternoon, so no snacks, and only water to drink

decaf coffee at work with double cream (lower in carbs?) x 3

Dinner - steak, spinach, 3 mushrooms, some mayo

a slimline gin and tonic (or 2)

a cigarette (oops - am going through a tough patch).

When I got home i peed on a stick - and was more in ketosis.

That is fine isn't it? I have done this pretty much every day this week, and am 2lb heavier already.

WilfSell Thu 25-Feb-10 23:09:59

sorry about your friend sal - hard to focus on much I imagine, so you're doing well...

Polly, aer you weighing at same time of day? And have you been, erm, going properly. A bit of a backlog can make quite a lot of difference IME. And weighing first thing after going to loo but before eating/drinking is helpful... Then there's the period period - in which you might retain water and gain weight.

And finally, your scales could be knackered!?

mummymels Thu 25-Feb-10 23:47:47

Hi everyone

Just realised it has been a few days since I posted on here. I've just had a quick read back and everyone are doing so well. It's so motivating.

I stayed the same this week but not too fussed as I have lost so much over the past 4 months that I know it can't go on forever.

Tortington Fri 26-Feb-10 08:12:06

wilf has jsome good points - that sounds like a highly excellent day there polly.

hope everyone is ok today, i am off to make my LC toast for Lunchtime ( lunch in the car whilst on the go)

wish me luck i am going to get shouted at by old people ( and quite rightly as my organisation are fuckers)

Enchilada81 Fri 26-Feb-10 09:19:44

I know I'm being daft here but ...

This morning was the first morning since I started this that I havn't lost a lb over night. Yesterday I was 11st 5.2lbs. This morning I was 11st 5.6lbs.

Please reasure me ... I know I can't expect to lose a lb every night but I was kinda getting used to it and my confidence has been knocked slightly blush

I have been cheating a little though. Quite a few cups of tea with milk in, a couple of peanut m&ms, a couple of chocolate fingers ... blush but when I say a couple I litrally mean 2. No more. Is this really enough to sabotage everything???

Pollybloodyanna Fri 26-Feb-10 10:37:46

ha ha wilfsell, am definitely not going - need to sort that out soon! (eggs are rather erm binding aren't they??)

and am possibly near period too, so that could be an explanation.

But scales ok.

Anyway, back to starting weight today, so hopefully now I'm in ketosis I can lose a few pounds.

brimfull Fri 26-Feb-10 17:05:12

enchilada-the sugar in the sweets and choc fingers could have taken you out of ketosis.

I am going to cut out caffiene, spoke to nutritionist today about my stall in loss and she thinks it may be that as caffiene raises insulin levels.

supersalstrawberry Fri 26-Feb-10 18:46:58

thats why I've tried to stay off the caffiene ggirl, had to have 1 cup today and 1 yesterday though as I was shattered in work and had some meetings to go into and was worried I might nod off hmm

After being good all week, I thought I'd treat myself so I had 2 profiteroles roughly 10g of carbs.

breakfast (lunchtime by the time I ate it) - blueberrys, greek yogurt, flaked almonds.

snack - prawns with a marie rose sauce dip (went to M&S after work).

dinner - (M&S meal for 2 for £10) Cajun Stuffed Chicken Breasts (cream cheesy garlicy spicy stuffing with some peppers), Caesar Style Vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, green beans, parmesan cheese) I added some more cheese. 3 cherry tomatoes and my profiteroles.

working all weekend so it makes it easier in some ways as I'm so busy.

Jacaqueen Sat 27-Feb-10 09:41:58

Hope everyone is managing to stay on track.

I've just lost a massive 3lbs overnight bringing my total to 7lbs in 8 days. Now that is more like it!

DH is away from this morning till Sunday evening leaving me with the kids. We were supposed to be going together but our childcare let us down.

I'm going to let the boys run feral (no change there then) and have a lazy weekend. Pizza or something out of the freezer for them and a cooked chicken for me.

I would love to have another few pounds off by Monday. I'm also going to measure myself on Monday, then again on the 1st of every month.

Enchilada81 Sat 27-Feb-10 10:21:26

Everyone is doing so well! I've never known such a successful diet.

Well I've just been on the scales and I'm now down to 11st 4lbs (started on Monday at 11st 11lbs). BUT, this is usually the weight in which I get stuck so it will be interesting to see if I can push past that barrier this time.

Tonight I'm treating myself to a chicken korma. I know the carbs are high but I'm passing on the rice and naan bread and just having the curry alone. My sugar cravings seem to be disapearing which is good news too.

Loving this diet grin I'm NEVER hungry. Infact, this morning I had to litrally force myself to eat some breakfast!

Jacaqueen Sat 27-Feb-10 10:59:26

Fantastic Enchilada well done.

I'm really trying to make the most of not feeling hungry to try and train myself to stop picking in between meals. I tend to just graze all day which is not good for your blood sugar as it means there will always be insulin in your system.

I'm trying to look on this diet as a medical programme to get me healthy rather than a diet to lose weight.

Enjoy your Korma. I would have chiken Tikka or Tandoori platter and salad if I was going to indulge but as I said earlier I am being hardcore this weekend.

FrazzledBlob Sat 27-Feb-10 16:42:28

Hi everyone

Jacaqueen & enchilada those are great losses!

I also started on Monday and I'm 8lb down grin

My cravings are easing and I am finding it easier to worry less about chocolate etc.

I stocked up in Holland and Barrett today. Got the half price whey protein and some soya isolate powder for �£10 which is even fewer carbs per scoop. Just need to find some peanut butter to add to my shakes now.I forgot to look in H&B so wondered if anyone had got some off the high street?

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Are you having your usual satuday off custardo?

Night out tonight with DH some I may have a drink or two but I am taking some peanuts to nibble just in case!

Tortington Sat 27-Feb-10 18:23:53

well done all, yes have have truly over indulgent day.

i told dh yesterday that i faniced pastries and we happen to have a french patisserie in town, so he came back with a veritable feast of freshly baked croisants, pain au chocolat, and from french fancies ( which were too sweet and are still in the bos even the kids didn't like them)

then i went to town and had a maccy d burger and fries grin

am now drinking a nice glass of cole milk

<skips off for another pastry.>

WilfSell Sat 27-Feb-10 19:17:03

I can't wait until I can have 'off' days like those grin

Meanwhile my Big Saturday Night in involves indulging in some, erm, roast tomatoes with my fish later, and half a bottle of wine... But I really look forward to my weekend wine. To think how much wine, chocolate, bread etc I chugged down every evening before!

supersalstrawberry Sat 27-Feb-10 22:05:44

those pastries sound bloody gorgeous Custy

well done everyone!

I think I'm eating too much veg hmm need to cut down and increase the protien.

breakfast - 2 slices of ham and a chunk of cheese

lunch - tub of M&S prawn cocktail today with some salad

dinner - bolognese and spinach

1 coffee with milk
1 can of lilt zero
2 pints of water

2 squares of 85% cocoa choc

in work again tomorrow <sigh> will cut out the choc and milk in the coffee and increase the water, probably be a good idea to cut out the lilt zero asit's probably messing with my insulin levels hmm

Enchilada81 Sun 28-Feb-10 10:09:54

Had a bit of an indulgant weekend. Days have been fine but on friday night I had pancake and crispy duck and then last night I had a chicken Korma with 2 onion bahjis.

Weight has stayed the same since friday (not suprising, I'm lucky it hasn't gone up!) and my ketosis level is right down to the pale pink.


I intend to have a good week next week. I'm buying some protein whey shake so I don't have to keep eating cooked breakfasts. My stomach can't take anymore! grin

Enchilada81 Sun 28-Feb-10 14:39:37

Ok, DH has decided to support my diet and today, put on his chefs hat and made me the following:

Pastryless quiches (cheese/mushrooms/spinach/onion etc) made in silicone cupcake cases)


Low-Carb pancakes for breakfast tomorow (I'm sick to death of egg and bacon!)

150g ground almonds
4 eggs
1/2 tbsp of splenda
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1tbsp olive oil
salt to taste.

Great thing about these is you can add various stuff such as a tbsp of cocoa powder for chocolatelly ones, cinnoman (sp?) cottage cheese ... ok so they're not mega low carb but no more than 3g per pancake, even with the added extras I'd say.

DH is back in my good books wink

FrazzledBlob Sun 28-Feb-10 17:18:48

pastries yum!

is the 85% choc not too bad then? i will not be having any now as I am breaking a habbit of a lifetime by not having any chocolate but would be good as a treat later on.

I survived my night out. nibbled on nuts and had bacardi doubles. Had a kids party to go to today and was not tempted by any of the party food grin

Enchilada - do you have a recipe for the muffins you mention on your other thread?

any suggestions for fruit to add to my soya yogurt?

supersalstrawberry Sun 28-Feb-10 17:46:59

Enchilada your dh sounds wonderful

my dh is making cauliflower cheese for me (but he's not happy about it)hmm

love the sound of those pancakes, I might make them as a treat on one of my days off.

well today I've had

2 coffees with milk and sweetner
pint of water

greek yogurt and blueberrys

cheese omelette

am going to have some cauliflower cheese and possibly some chicken in breadcrumbs (I know I know) but the only alternative is steak and I can't be arsed (knackered).

supersalstrawberry Sun 28-Feb-10 17:49:19

dd has eaten all the bloody ham!angry

I've got a 13 1/2 hour shift in work tomorrow, think I'll make a spanish omelette with leek, peppers and bacon to take with me. plus some salad and an avocado.

I really need to go shopping on tues

supersalstrawberry Sun 28-Feb-10 19:10:53

I had one small peice of chicken in breacrumbs hmm roughly 11g of carbs,

I made a lovely spicey ratatoile type dish, some sliced leek, peppers, mushrooms, courgette little bit of tomato from a tin of chopped tomatoes and some tomato puree, smidge of chilli powder and paprika, ground pepper,

bunged it all in a small frying pan, cooked for about half hour then took the lid off and turned heat up to reduce it a bit......... and it was lovely, don't know the carb count though reckon it was fairly low.

would have added garlic but couldn't find any.

Tortington Sun 28-Feb-10 19:18:03

like the sound of that sal!

back on the diet today, had two toast so far with philly on.

just cooking mince, onion, mushrooms,pepper 1/2 can tomatos ( all bol no spag!) for tea.

not partic hungry, think i'm running off yesterdays sugar!

brimfull Sun 28-Feb-10 19:32:22

well i fell off the wagon yesterday

invited to friends for dinner , I did warn them I was low carbing .
Got there and their 12 yr old son had cooked dinner curry was fine for me with veg but hed done a special dessert of mango and raspberries for me.
I also drank a whole bottle of very dry white, got v pissed and ate a handful of choc buttons..was bliss.
Anyway 1-2 lbs up today sad but on the plus side my bowels are fine grin

Back on diet today out of ketosis so will see how long it takes me to get back into it.

Enchilada81 Mon 01-Mar-10 08:21:03

I think its very difficult NOT to fall off the wagon over the weekend!

Well, checked this morning, weight has not changed since Friday but I am back in ketosis thank god. (Twas a good girl yesterday grin despite DH trying to tempt me with chocolate cake and maltesers!)

Tortington Mon 01-Mar-10 08:49:10


2.5lbs up today, so hopefully i can lose that by Friday.

pepper stuffed with mince and onion for tea.

lowcarbmegastore had nothing i want in stock. Dh has just been paid and i really wanted tospend his money ( rather than mine grin)so bit dissapointed.

hope everyone is well, good luck for this week.

Enchilada81 Mon 01-Mar-10 09:18:17

Custardo, what do you think of the odd protein shake in place of breakfast (say 2/3 times a week?)

Tortington Mon 01-Mar-10 09:20:11

i don't know as i don't 'do' breakfast.

in theory though, the protein should keep you feeling full and stave off cravings ( i would have thought)

OrmRenewed Mon 01-Mar-10 12:53:30

Ok I'm in! And I am not happy about it. I did this for about 2 years just after DS#2 was born and lost 1.5 stone and kept it off but got so fed up with it in the end. I then changed to a more low-GI diet and that combined with lots of running helped me drop further and stay slim. But menopause and increasingly crap eating habits as well as injuries that stopped me running have taken their toll and I feel fat.

So dusting off all my old meals and routines. Had brilled sausages and bacon with half a tomato and some mushrooms for brunch. Litre of water so far. And coffee. off to buy some bits later.

OrmRenewed Mon 01-Mar-10 12:56:06

<sigh> grilled!

Looking forward to not being hungry. That was the best thing for me - the ability to look at a plate of food and think 'meh'. And not want to stuff something else later. Roll on that blessed day! But it will knock my stamina for six sad

Tortington Mon 01-Mar-10 14:16:22

yay! how much dya want to lose?

OrmRenewed Mon 01-Mar-10 14:34:27

I don't know in terms of weight. I suspect about a stone. I know I want my smaller waist and flat belly back sad

JeremyVile Mon 01-Mar-10 14:50:09

Hey all.

Everyones doing so well - love this thread, its v motivating.

I'm down 8lbs since last tuesday! Pretty chuffed with that.

I'm feeling good too, less erratic and calmer... definitely must have been all the sugar ups and downs.

Still not feeling hungry...still craving bread and potatoes tho. Grr.

Tortington Mon 01-Mar-10 14:52:37

envy flat belly

wow JV - thats amaaaazing

brimfull Mon 01-Mar-10 19:23:30

mmmm dd just brought home choc biscuits with 2.4 grams of carb each !
ludicrously expensive but nice

Tortington Mon 01-Mar-10 21:22:24

twins Birthday today. i am saving my cake for saturday - but it;s looking at me.

supersalstrawberry Mon 01-Mar-10 21:30:43

HELLO ORM!!!!!!grin my ole low carb buddy, welcome to the new wagon!grin

well I think I've plateaued <sigh> I'm just not shifting it hmm

breakfast - (at about 10.30am) half of my omelette.

lunch - prawn cocktail, sugar free jelly.

dinner - some of the vegetables I made yesterday with a bit of steak (very small amount)

snack - slice of corned beef, pepperami.

2 cans of lilt zero, pint of water, 2 coffees with milk.

supersalstrawberry Mon 01-Mar-10 21:32:05

oh btw tesco organic sausages 2.7g in 2 sausages, bacon egg and sausage planned for tomorrow smile

supersalstrawberry Mon 01-Mar-10 21:35:26

here is Biwis March weightloss challenge thread for those who want to join in

supersalstrawberry Mon 01-Mar-10 21:40:55

interesting info about stalling here it's probably the citric acid in the lilt zero hmm

brimfull Mon 01-Mar-10 22:41:44

great link sal
I really need to drink more water

Enchilada81 Tue 02-Mar-10 07:01:53

I've lost another lb. I'm down to 11st 3lbs now grin

I'm enjoying this now, simply because I'm discovering allsorts of things I can eat and it no longer seems so restrictive.

Yesterday I ate:

breakfast: 2 low carb pancakes smothered in butter

Lunch: 2 mini pastryless quiches and 3 sticks of asparagus.

Snack: a small packet of pork crackling.

Dinner: Pork stir fry (without the noodles)

Snack: a cheese string

Supper: another pancake

God I sound like a greedy fat pig don't I! grin I love how you can just eat and eat and still lose the weight.

I've also decided to do what Custy does and have a day off at the weekend. I did this last weekend and ok, I did drop out of ketosis but it did rectify itself quickly by Monday and I REALLY enjoyed that korma grin

Off to buy some flax today. Going to experiment a bit.

brimfull Tue 02-Mar-10 07:03:50

wow enchilada you are doing so well

how much do you have to lose?

and where do you get the pastry-less quiches from ?

Enchilada81 Tue 02-Mar-10 07:11:23

I need to lose 5 lbs to reach my goal of a stone off by easter. If I achieve that earlier, I'll set a new goal for easter though.

The quiches, DH made. We bought some silicone cupcake cases from the £1 shop and DH just filled them with what he would make a normal quiche with (egg, cheese, bacon, spinach, prawns ... ) so it was just a quiche without the pastry

I'm no longer getting cravings either which is making this so much easier. Chocolate isn't even appealing to me at the moment and for a chocoholic, that's is something! lol

Jacaqueen Tue 02-Mar-10 09:37:58

Hi everyone I'm still plodding along.

Encilada you are certainly getting into low carb. Fantastic weight loss and great recipe ideas.

Supersal try and find some low cal drinks that have malic acid in them. I have Tesco Diet Premium cola and lemonade. They are sweetened with sucralose which is meant to better than aspartame.

My scales aren't moving much I keep losing and gaining the same pound. Hopefully once my body realises I am definately sticking to this it will start to let some weight go.

Enchilada81 Tue 02-Mar-10 09:48:20

Thanks Jacaqueen

Just tried my protein shake ... mixed with water it tastes GROSS! like dishwater! lol ... Can't I just have milk with it if I'm only having it once a day?

Jacaqueen Tue 02-Mar-10 10:31:25

Regular milk has too many carbs. I think you can have soya milk or try adding a glug of double cream or maybe some Greek yoghurt.

I've just had pancakes made with ground almonds eggs and cream. I can't move. Should keep me going all day I reckon.

OrmRenewed Tue 02-Mar-10 11:33:04

enchilada - "I'm no longer getting cravings either which is making this so much easier."

That is the very best thing about LC. It is as if you are eating for nutrition only. The fun bit has gone. I can look a plate of food and just not be bothered.

supersalstrawberry Tue 02-Mar-10 12:49:17

thanks Jacaqueen, I'll get those from tesco

Well done enchilada sounds like it's going really well for you smile

weighed this morning not shifted at all hmm

I know I've been haveing a couple of cups of tea in work with milk, but thats because other people automatically make me a coffee usually (god bless them) and they just add milk, it's taken weeks for them to come around to the fact that I'm having decaff, taking out the milk would throw them completely, and I feel rude to not drink it or to go and make another one hmm.

but I feel like I'm still loosing, I can see cheekbones! and a couple of people have noticed that my face isn't so fat lol (they can see my dimples!)grin I always wish I'd measured myself at the beginning when I get to this stage.

supersalstrawberry Tue 02-Mar-10 12:52:21

anyway 3 days off work now and I'm going to try to be really strict

loads of water
no milk
no fizzy drinks
limited veg
back to induction basically

breakfast - 2 slices of corned beef and a slice of cheese, black decaf coffee 2 sweetners.


OrmRenewed Tue 02-Mar-10 12:56:54

Last time I did this I was part-time and DS#1 was still in primary! I don't have time for a cooked brakfast when I'm not working from home. Had a piece of cheese hmm.

Will need to get better organised...

WilfSell Tue 02-Mar-10 13:29:23

enchilada, the key to protein shakes is to mix them with unsweetened soya milk, and add in a big slug of double cream. Vanilla extract too if you wish. We also chuck in some ground flax seed which makes them lumpy (and kind of gloopy if you don't drink it straight away)

Vair nice!

Enchilada81 Tue 02-Mar-10 13:43:27

Thanks, will try that! Cannot drink it with water again, no matter how disciplined I tell myself I am grin

Can you buy soya milk in regular shops like tesco etc?

Also, does anyone know where I can buy flax seed? I've tried Holland and Barrett and the low carb megastore but I find it really expensive ... is it expensive everywhere or am I looking in the wrong places?

OrmRenewed Tue 02-Mar-10 13:54:54

I just got mine from a supermarket - Sainsbox have it in the health food section. You can make a sort of bread with it with egg and baking powder. I tried it many many times before I gave up and admitted it was vile! grin

janajos Tue 02-Mar-10 14:00:55

Sounds good, I have a stone and a half to lose before the summer, I was going to do the BHF diet once a week until I'd lost it, but I'd forgotten how booooring it is. Is the a list anywhere of low carb veggies? If anyone can tell me I'd be grateful.

supersalstrawberry Tue 02-Mar-10 14:23:29

I've just booked our holiday, I need to be able to wear a swimming cossie by the 2 July!

OrmRenewed Tue 02-Mar-10 15:13:20

LC veggies - well as a rule of thumb any green veg apart from beans and peas. So all leafy veg and brocolli/cauliflower. Onions are high so avoid in favour of leeks/spring onions.

OrmRenewed Tue 02-Mar-10 17:16:11

Uh-oh... have discovered smoked almonds! Bloody lovely1 They are lowish carb (6%) and perfectly oK for later but not for the start. Oh dear.... grin

WilfSell Tue 02-Mar-10 17:20:00

They are lovely! I am also a massive fan of macadamias (one of the lowest carb nuts).

I can also strongly recommend celeriac and fennel as decent induction veggies. It was BIWI wot turned me on to 'em.

Celeriac dauphinoise is BETTER than the potato version and is a proper treat. And roasted fennel is just delicious.

Butternut squash is good roasted too but there seems to be lots of debate about how many grams of carb (one book says one thing, another says different etc)

Tortington Tue 02-Mar-10 18:02:42

right you lot.

i want carb counts.

you can't tell me of bloody lovely 'low' carb pancakes

and bloody lovely dauphinous.

becuase that just makes me hungry and its totally not fair that you are eating this delish stuff.

do dish it grin


back to my normal weight, this is where i get pissedoff becuase not one more bloody pound will come off before weekend.

anyway. neeeeeeeeeeever mind.

sucked on some sugar free lollipops

had 3 LC toast with primula, very hungry today.

planning on chicken stir fry with veggies for tea.

when i can be arsed dh is working late, kids are out and i am knackered. now is about the time i would just order a takeaway.

FrazzledBlob Tue 02-Mar-10 18:21:28

Hello all

Weighed today and I am 10lb down

I had a soya isolate shake this morning and it was bleurgh, so I will be making these with soya milk and not water from now on aswell.

enchilada you can get a tesco value soya milk. some supermarkets have the soya in the chilled section with the milk others have it with the long life milk. I picked up a 30g bag of ground flaxseed in H&B for 69p to try so I am going to use Wilfsell's shake recipe in the morning (thanks WS).

Veggie wise I am having loads of spinach and cauliflower. cauli mash was yum.

Can I ask at what stage you included fruit? I am still on 20g carbs a day and was thinking of adding some fruit in (berries)or is it too soon?

Has anyone done anything other than make shakes with the whey protein?

Think its gonna be curried tofu for me tonight if i can be bothered to make it as i am not hungry!

OrmRenewed Tue 02-Mar-10 18:55:42

Don't do carb counts. Sorry grin

I just avoid the things that I know are not allowed and major on the OK stuff. I don't bother with prepared lc foods - ie nothing bought in a packet at twice the price and half the taste as normal.

supersalstrawberry Tue 02-Mar-10 19:48:08

bacon, egg, 1 sausage and mushrooms for dinner

sugar free jelly

supersalstrawberry Tue 02-Mar-10 21:55:36

oh gawd dh has just placed a cake next to me HELP!!!!!!!!

supersalstrawberry Tue 02-Mar-10 22:05:03

its ok, it's ok the cake has been removed from the vicinity

Hi on 2nd day and feeling a bit woozy with a stinker of a headache
Bf-1 so bacon /1 egg
lunch-crustless quiche(eggs broccoli bacon from am,cream,cheese)& salad
dinner-poached salmon ,kale,green beans
1 tbl Tartar sauce
sugarfree jelly

i looked up the green beans as it said in the atkins book they are low ccarb but 10g of carbshock
Kale 7 carbs
I cant believe I wasted those carbs
The headach is a good sign .yes?
i keep thinking if you guys have done I can too.

Tortington Wed 03-Mar-10 00:02:34

i have the twins birthday cake waiting for me still...mmmm

dh told me he has bought me seabrooks crisp for saturday and they are in the bot of his car ...as we speak.

don't know if headache is good sign, stick with it, make sure you drink plenty of fluids.

supersalstrawberry Wed 03-Mar-10 00:27:14

loads of water motheroflovelies, headache isn't completely unusual but if you drink plenty of water it helps avoid some of the more umpleasant aspects of induction.

supersalstrawberry Wed 03-Mar-10 00:28:50

enjoy the cake Custy, I'm months away from being allowed cake, although I have a recipe for low carb muffins somewhere hmm


just had a pepperami, I've gotta go to bed before I'm tempted to eat anything else I shouldn't

Enchilada81 Wed 03-Mar-10 08:02:30

Urgh ... soya milk is vile! picked some up from tesco last night and made a protein shake with it this morning ... gross. I had to add vanilla essencse and a tsp of spelda just to make it drinkable.

I miss milk. Infact ... I miss crisps, cereal, alcohol, chocolate ... sad

But on the plus side, I'm now down to 11st 2lbs which is the lowest I've been for AGES!

**must ... soldier ... on ... **

Tortington Wed 03-Mar-10 08:29:03

oh your doing so well enchilada, don't give up now.

what about having an off day if you're feeling down, then get back into it?

Jacaqueen Wed 03-Mar-10 09:19:11

Keep going Enchilada until you get into the 10 stone bracket then maybe have a day off.

My scales are still not budging but I will not give up.

I feel fantastic
I am sleeping better
I have more energy

I have never eaten better or felt more nourished than I have in the last two weeks. All those nuts, seeds, veg, meats, oils etc seem to be agreeing with me. My nails are growing and I think my skin looks brighter.

If the scales dont move by the weekend I will cut out cheese, nuts and cream.

Last night I had pudding! Mascapone mixed with a little double cream and a pinch of splenda topped with toasted almonds and grated 90% chocolate. It wasn't much, just enough for a little ramekin, but my God it hit the spot. I estimate it had around 3 grams of carbs.

Enchilada81 Wed 03-Mar-10 09:54:47

Its so difficult because on one hand I'm missing certain foods so much (but not craving, which is good) but then I stand on the scales and they're constantly giving me good news. It's like they're saying to me "look what you'd be giving up..."

I don't want to give up. I do feel great. I feel slimmer, healthier, more energy and my size 12 jeans are falling down grin

Ok, I'm not giving up. I can do this. I received my atkins book yesterday and although I'm not going "full blown atkins", it will help to read the science in it all.

Today I've had:

protein shake made with soya milk (urgh)
a portion of scrambled egg with a sprinkle of cheese

Load of water

For lunch I'm going to indulge a bit ... I'm going to get a battered fish from the chippie with gravy blush I've estimated the carbs to be around 20g. Not brilliant I know but I'm not getting carbs from anywhere else today really apart from my veg... tell me it will be ok ... grin

Enchilada81 Wed 03-Mar-10 09:59:47

(btw I'm not having chips with my lunch, even I know that would be carb suicide!)

Also, does anyone else find that during the day they feel full of energy but by around 10pm they feel absolutely shattered? Last night I actually fell asleep on the sofa around 9.30pm! highly unusual for me ... I'm an insomniac for goodness sake! (which incidently has not been a problem since I started low carbing!)

Sputnik Wed 03-Mar-10 10:14:14

I've been lurking on here a while and, inspired by all your success decided to start on Monday. I am doing Atkins induction by the book (apart from coffee, but they seem to have changed their minds on this as the Atkins site says it's ok). Got a real shock when I got on the scales this morning, 3lbs in 2 days! Ok, some of that will be water but it's all stuff that has to go, right?

Found a lot of info about low carb here and on the Atkins site here.

motherofluvlies don't forget you are counting net carbs, so carbs minus fibre. So, according to fitday a cup of cooked green beans has 10.7g of carbs and 4.3g of fibre, so 6.4g of net carbs.

Jacaqueen Wed 03-Mar-10 10:38:18

Welcome Sputnik well done on taking the plunge into lowcarb.

Enchilada I know exactly what you mean about feeling energetic during the day and shattered at night. But I think thats a good thing as my sleep is so much better for being properly tired. Having some weird dreams though. Very vivid!

Fish and gravy? Are you sure? I would remove some of the batter and have it with mayo and salad.

As for missing certain foods it would be the same on any diet. If I was doing Weight Watchers I would miss butter, cheese, pork scrathchings, mayo, nuts, avocado etc. I would also be starving all the time.

Enchilada81 Wed 03-Mar-10 10:49:13

Actually you're right Jacaqueen, its the fish I want, the rest is just adding to my indulgance. I'll have mayo with it rather than gravy and I'll take off some batter No point in over doing it just for the sake of it.

supersalstrawberry Wed 03-Mar-10 18:36:58

Enchilada its not easy, some days its really fucking hard, but your are doing so well!!

I'm struggling a bit at the moment, I'm very very tempted by things, I have double choc cookies in the cupboard they are taunting me!

I had 2 cappuccinos (one normal one decaf) today with sweetener, and bacon, scrambled egg, 1 sausage, black pudding (met a friend for brunch).

cup of tea with milk and sweetener at my parents

steak stir fry, broccoli, baby corn, pak choi, red pepper, spring onion, mushroom.

I don't feel hungry but I'm craving a choc chip cookie............need to drink more water.

supersalstrawberry Wed 03-Mar-10 18:44:49

am treating myself to blueberrys, greek yogurt, double cream and splenda.

Thanks for the info.Feeling much better today.headache gone but v "fly of the handle".An early tomorrow so a testing day with the theatre tomorrow night.
Nite nite.

supersalstrawberry Wed 03-Mar-10 22:08:06

I ate a cookie hmm 12g

I blame all the milk in the cappuccinos this morning, it started a craving rollercoaster

supersalstrawberry Thu 04-Mar-10 00:09:34

make that 3 cookies hmm I need to go to bed before I eat anything else I shouldnt

mummymels Thu 04-Mar-10 01:16:57

Hi all, everyone are doing so well. I stayed the same again this week.

supersalstrawberry Thu 04-Mar-10 08:13:58

ok big movement on the scales this morning, it seems to come off in chunks fgs!

I'm down by at least another 4+lb!

I'm really regretting those cookies now, I'm on nights fri and sat I hope no one brings any sweets/cakes/biscyits/crisps in, it's sooo hard to resist temptation when I'm tired.

Remember the pig2twig mantra, Sal - weight loss is not linear!

Well done, despite the cookies.

supersalstrawberry Thu 04-Mar-10 08:43:14

I know BIWI 3 shock

anyhoo am pleased that the scales are finally on the move again, I think I've dropped another dress size on my bottom half, dh actually noticed that I'd lost weight yesterday, he said he could see around my shoulders.

out for lunch again today and tomorrow, prawn and avocado salads probably.

Jacaqueen Thu 04-Mar-10 10:30:04

Fantastic news Supersal. I hope I get a woosh on the scales soon. I'm going to be super strict today and drink lots of water. It's my 2nd official weigh in tomorrow and I would love another few pounds off by then.

Enchilada81 Thu 04-Mar-10 10:37:05

Just want to thank you Jacaqueen ... for yesterday when you convined me to re-think my lunch.

I did have the fish, left half the batter and swapped the gravy for mayo. It was gorgeous and I didn't feel as guilty for having it. And ... I'm still in ketosis and have lost another lb this morning grin

OrmRenewed Thu 04-Mar-10 11:03:04

Well I have a slightly flatter tummy and a little less flab on the waist. Of course it's just water loss but I don't care! grin

Tortington Thu 04-Mar-10 13:24:54

well done everyone.

Please can i ask a really simple question. A lot of the recipes that you do include leeks.

should i fry em or boil em up?

its to go with chicken.

OrmRenewed Thu 04-Mar-10 13:27:32

Steam them, or stir fry them in butter. Or eat them raw in salads. You can steam them and then serve them with a cream and cheese sauce.

Tortington Thu 04-Mar-10 13:29:10

right o thanks
will stir fry with chicken and maybe add some grated cheese. thanks

OrmRenewed Thu 04-Mar-10 14:39:01

BTW bean sprouts are OK - very low carb and good for stir fries. I did one last night with red cabbage, bean sprouts, cauliflower and leeks with chilli and garlic. With roast pork.

supersalstrawberry Thu 04-Mar-10 15:05:33

I'm welsh so I'm naturally good with leeks wink

leeks with cheese sauce

you can cut the leeks into 2 inch long peices, steam or boil till soft enough to put a fork into (but steaming is better because they retain less water), put about 3 tablespoons of double cream into a small saucepan, add some grated cheese (a good handful) and heat gently whilst stirring, until all the cheese has melted, pour over leeks ..........yummy!!!! leeks and cheese sauce.

leek and celeriac soup

slice 1 leek, cook gently in large saucepan with lid on until softenend, with some olive oil and butter, peel and cut celeriac into chunks (I used about half a large celeriac), when leeks are softened add the celeriac chunks and just enough water to cover. Add one vegetable stock cube or a tablespoon of granulated stock, salt and pepper. Cook for about 20-25 mins until celeriac is soft. Then whizz with a hand blender or bung in a food mixer till smooth, add some double cream, you can thin out with a bit of wter if the soup is too thick (or milk if you'are not too bothered about the carb count), when serving sprinkle grated cheese on top of the soup..........tastes just like leek and potato.

Cauliflower mash with leeks

cook cauliflower till soft, add a table spoon of double cream, knob of butter (childish smirk @ knob wink) salt and pepper to taste, whizz with hand blender (I prefer the texture than if you mash it, but mashing is ok), gently fry half a sliced leek until soft then mix in with cauliflower, you can add grated cheese when mashing as will, makes it even more yummy.

supersalstrawberry Thu 04-Mar-10 15:11:54

I'm feeling a bit rubbish at the moment, it's times like this I'd reach for the chocolate/cake/crisps/sweets.........even my weight loss this morning wasn't enough to make me feel better and keep me on the straight and narrow tbh..............just been out for lunch,was very good, black decaf coffee, glass of water, avocado and prawn salad as planned.............came home had a slice of cheese and a pepperami hmm

having a bottle of water now, hope that'll help me resist temptation

there were slim people around me eating amazing puddings, why can't I eat like thta without being a fat bloater sad

Enchilada81 Thu 04-Mar-10 15:16:29

"knob of butter (childish smirk @ knob wink ) "

pmsl this really cheered me up on a crappy day grin always nice to see someone with my sense of humour! wink

Enchilada81 Thu 04-Mar-10 15:18:16

Supersal, I feel like that sometimes about the skinnies eating puddings. I look forward to the day when I reach my target weight and CAN have the odd pudding when out for lunch. Because it will happen if we stick to this

supersalstrawberry Thu 04-Mar-10 16:00:22

Enchilada smile I just made my own pudding

blue berries, greak yogurt, double cream and splenda (binge eating moi?hmm)

have drank nearly 3/4 of a litre of water and a coffee with cream and splenda, am feeling bloated and full now hopefully that will be the end of it.

brimfull Thu 04-Mar-10 16:51:36

Finally back in ketosis after my splurge at the weekend.Felt like shit for a few days like I did at the very beginning...puts me off going out of ketosis again.
Have lost the 1-2 lbs I out on but still plateaued really.
Will see how the rest of the week goes.

Bloody massive box of chocs on the nurses station at work today ...god just wanted to devour the lot , managed to abstain though and feeling smug.

FrazzledBlob Thu 04-Mar-10 17:20:28

Well my weight is sticking this week. what is going on??? i have not cheated once so i am very hmm

You deserve to be very smug ggirl. I appear to be surrounded by cake at the moment, at home at work in my dreams at night, suppose its better than being in tummy grin

Today I have had some almond bread cheese on toast, 2 coffees with cream, a mug of lemon and water and im now having a soya milk shake with strawberries, flaxseed & soya isolate.

I am starting to find it hard to eat even three meals a day so i wonder if thats slowing down my loss? Can't complain though as I used to binge in the evenings even when doing SW as I used to just munch free food til bedtime.

Is anyone else exercising?

Enchilada81 Thu 04-Mar-10 17:52:09

I am exercising but to be honest I'm finding it VERY difficult. I do 3 body combat classes a week and since I started this atkins thing, I've been pathetic. Last nights was the worst ever, I was knackered after just 10 minutes. I couldn't keep up and considering I've been doing this for two years, I really shouldn't be having problems now.

However, according to the atkins forum, ketosis can make exercise difficult in the early stages as the body is still getting used to burning fat rather than carbs. I'm trying to keep at it though.

I am also finding it difficult to eat 3 meals a day. I have no appetite at all. I had to force myself to have lunch today, I could quite happily have gone without.

Supersal ... that pudding sounds gorgeous! grin

supersalstrawberry Thu 04-Mar-10 19:03:53

roast chicken
roast peppers and cherry tomatoes
cauli mash with spring onion, topped with melted cheese
bit of gravy

I think I must be hormonal

we have a constant stream of chocs in work as well ggirl, I remove them from the nurses station and put them in our handover room, so at least I don't have to look at them so much.

supersalstrawberry Thu 04-Mar-10 19:08:18

am thinking of making some ground almond cookies

found a recipe, will have a go and report make, apparently they are 2g each

WilfSell Thu 04-Mar-10 20:07:16

Not got any vested interest here, and I haven't tried many of the sweet recipes, but the IPD cookbook has some really good looking pudding and baking recipes, if you're prepared to use Splenda (almond cakes, mousses etc...)

I've been avoiding too much artificial sweetener because I've so successfully ditched the sweet tooth for now. But if you're really missing stuff could be worth a try.

OrmRenewed Thu 04-Mar-10 20:09:19

enchilada - me too! It's a well-known problem with lc. I just did a 4-mile run and I nearly died sad But I accepted that it would be dire and allowed myself to take it slow. Hope it won't last too long.
Omelette for dinner - with salad,

supersalstrawberry Thu 04-Mar-10 20:13:36

when you're over the yuckyness of induction you'll have bags of energy, I feel so much more energetic, I'm sleeping better etc etc, I generally feel better all round.

I did 6 shifts in a row in work last week, 2 of them were 13 1/2 hours, usually by the last day (which happened to be 13 1/2 hours) I would have been on my knees and not really functioning as I should, yes I was tired understandably but I was no where near as bad as I would have been before I started low carbing.

Sputnik Thu 04-Mar-10 20:40:40

Been finding that problem with exercise, I usually do 1/2 a hour on the cross trainer 4 or 5 times a week. Today I was finding it really hard. Gad it's not just me.

OrmRenewed Thu 04-Mar-10 20:46:55

Oh and a quick warning! Ketones can make you very smelly blush when you sweat. Try to drink lots to flush them out through you urine and don't stand too close to anyone when you've been exercising!

supersalstrawberry Thu 04-Mar-10 20:53:40

right almond cookies have just come out of the oven, am boiling the kettle ready for a decaff coffee with cream to have with my warm cookie <excited> grin <tries not to be impatient and risk burning tongue>

jenduff Thu 04-Mar-10 21:14:57

Been lurking here on and off since new year when I was supposed to be restarting low carb.

I'm a terrible over-eater but low carb works for me - lost 3 stone 2 years ago and kept it off but overdid it at xmas and went back up half a stone so time to restart and try and loose the further stone that I was supposed to.

Restarted Monday and was back in ketosis by tues lunchtime grin and 3lb lighter this morning.

Just to respond to something way back up ^ - my fave 'on the run' meal is to grab a hot chicken portion from the rotisserie counter and have it with coleslaw - 5.7g carb - 1.1g fibre per 100g.

Also re coffee / tea - I've never given it up and never had it black, just been careful not to have too many cups to keep an eye on the carb intake.

I've also discovered Boots diabetic range for lowish carb chocolate these are lovely with a cuppa and only 1.1g carb per biscuit.

supersalstrawberry Thu 04-Mar-10 22:03:23

<supersal runs to boots!!!>

welcome jenduff smile, wow 3 stone loss and kept it off, please tell us all your low carb secrets.

right the cookies, I overdid it on the splenda sad, half the amount would have been fine, they were so sweet it hurt hmm

jenduff Thu 04-Mar-10 22:41:08

Thanks Sal - sadly no easy secrets just pretty much like custardo - keeping my carbs in check - although I'm very prone to binging so when I see my weight going up big time I go back to induction for a week or so to discipline myself. But always having some nice stuff nearby that I can eat to stop me blowing it by eating bread / chocolate.

The Boots diabetic stuff is loaded with artificial sweeteners though so contributes to excess windiness - still eating too much addresses the old low carb constipation issue grin

Nice recipe for the blog -well I think so anyway - big flat mushroom / halved pepper, smother with a tablespoon of pate then cover with grated cheese and pop in the oven - the carb content is roughtly 1.5g. I also top mushrooms / peppers with a mixture of cream cheese, garlic and herbs then grated cheese on top to give something crispy to bite on.

Tortington Thu 04-Mar-10 22:57:18

thnaks for leek recipes - as it happens, i had two small cans of tuna then prepered a dressing on olive oil, oregano, pepper, lots of garlic and stirred in. this was meant to be a late lunch, but ive been full since. i had three lc toast earlier in the day too.

i realised only yesterday the simplist of recipes - boiled egg and (LC) toast.

thats going to be my lunch tomorrow.

will do the leaks and perhaps the cauli mash - although i havent any cream - so might load up aon the butter and cheese. will this be ok?

we have cakes and biscuits all the time at work too - im always tempted by the fruit that is brought in - and i work opposite a huge tesco!

mummymels Thu 04-Mar-10 23:37:06

supersalstrawberry – wow brilliant loss this week, for you. Well done. Good luck with the night shifts over the weekend. Sorry to hear you are feeling rubbish though. I so understand you on skinny people eating puddings. It isn’t fair. You’ll have to make another lot of biscuits now trying will less splenda!

Enchilada81 – Well done on your loss this morning.

OrmRenewed – I’ve never heard of eating leek raw before. What’s it taste like? Sorry for silly question.

Ggirl – Well done on resisting the chocs and getting back into ketosis.

FrazzledBlob – Hopefully you’ll have double the loss next week to make up for it. I’m very bad with exercising.

Jenduff – Welcome. Good luck with losing the last little bit.

I have been really good at drinking water but today for some reason I really fancied a tango (strange for me as I rarely drink fizzy drinks at the best of times) so had a diet one and it gave me a headache. Maybe it was a shock to the system having something like that when I’ve been good on the diet

Enchilada81 Fri 05-Mar-10 06:52:07

Someone please tell me to stop weighing myself everyday sad after a great success of 11st 1lbs yesterday, I jumped on the scales this morning to be told I now weigh 11st 3lbs!!! how on earth do you just put on 2lbs like that?

I didn't cheat yesterday but I did do the idiotic thing of having a double scoop protein shake with chipping cream last night at 9.30pm. Right before bed ... why ... why???

And I had my dinner late too (around 7pm) so I'm hoping its just volume weight. I've not been to the bog since yesterday morning grin

Where is this recipe blog? or do I have my wires crossed?

OrmRenewed Fri 05-Mar-10 10:43:07

Dump the scales enchilada! I haven't had any for years after I started to let the damn things rule my life. I used to go to Boots once a fortnight. IME the change in shape is what matters.If you are following the diet the weight will come off in it's own time.

Raw leeks tastes a bit like spring onion. Tis nice.

supersalstrawberry Fri 05-Mar-10 18:27:30

Right low carb cookies take 2 -

I made the cookies, while they were still warm I put thick double cream on the top of one, added a few fresh blueberries and sprinkled with a teeny bit of splenda.......what a treat!!! looked lovely as well smile

much less splenda this time, and I used 2oz of almond flour, 1 oz soya flour, 1 oz of flaked almonds, 1 egg and 2oz of butter, they were a smidge dry could of done with a bit more butter maybe? Only 2 level teaspoons of splenda, they aren't sweet but lovely with a topping on.
Soya flour is 16g carb per 100g, I used about a quarter of that, so the amount of carb in each cookie is still no more than 2g roughly.

Breakfast - slice of ham, chunk of cheese, pepperami, coffee with cream.

Dinner - courgette, roast peppers and tomato left over from yesterday, chopped spring onion, chopped smoked pork sausage, chucked a bit of chilli and paprika, fried it all in a small pan, then put some grated cheese on top....lovely.

working tonight going to take a prawn cocktail I think, it's hard to know what you'll want to eat at midnight hmm

brimfull Fri 05-Mar-10 19:44:36

ugh night duty
I found nights hard when dieting, always want something sweet in the middle of the night.
Take some cheese as well sal .

supersalstrawberry Fri 05-Mar-10 20:02:22

its a bugger isn't it ggirl, last time someone brought in loads of goodies for me, ........I ate them, set me back about a week.

prawn cocktails made, I've got an avocado as well, will take some cheese and a sugar free jelly, gotta have something for the sugar cravings when theres a biscuit barrel sitting on the table in front of you full of chocolate digestives hmm

mummymels Fri 05-Mar-10 21:35:22

Enchilada81 - hopefully it will even itself out by the end of the week.

supersalstrawberry - your cookies sound lovely. I admire people who work shifts as I think I would find it really hard.

Enchilada81 Sat 06-Mar-10 11:43:29

Ok, 11st 2lbs this morning. I'm not going to weigh myself again until next saturday (simply because I'm planning on eating a Korma tonight and I don't want to know the damage grin )

If anyone is interested, this is a good site for low carb recipes:


I've just had a go at making these:


They're in the fridge now so I'll let you know how they turn out. Next time I do them though, I'm going to double all the ingredients ... it didn't make many and those it did make were tiny (((greedy sod)))

rightfootfirst Sat 06-Mar-10 14:00:01

Hi mind if I join in?

Have been dieting on and off much of my adult lfe, always been about 14 - 20lbs more than my ideal weight. Have found I lose weight most effectively on low carb diets like atkins - after lurking on here have found the India Knight reference (now bought the book), thanks for that

I started her diet yesterday, want to loose 14lbs by end of April, struggling straight away with sugar cravings but will stick it through; always bad the first week or so then eases off!

Mitchell81 Sat 06-Mar-10 15:22:03

Lost another 4 lbs this week , so very happy. I have lost a third of what I want to lose. Only 2/3 to go, seems so far away now. Feeling great, ate lots of crustless quiche this week which I am sure helped with the weightloss. Well done everyone else and thanks for the great recipe ideas. Where can I buy almond flour from? Good luck for next week and hope everyone continues to do so well.

supersalstrawberry Sat 06-Mar-10 18:52:30

ooh I like the look of those cookies Enchilada, can't wait to find out what they are like

well I managed a whole nightshift with only 1 custard cream, so thats bloody good for me hmm

breakfast - 2 low carb cookies, celery stick with cheese spread, slice of corned beef

lunch - bacon, egg, mushrooms

I've got a yellow pepper stuffed with courgette, springonion, tuna, a tablespoon of sauce from a jar of lloyd grossmans chunky veg sauce (bogof in tesco), cheese on top...............but I don't feel very hungry am wondering if I can reheat it in work hmm although I doubt I'll want it at 1am hmm

I'm being a bit bingey, I think AF must be round the corner hmm

brimfull Sat 06-Mar-10 19:18:56

sal -well done on the night shift !

Does anyone have a recipe for pastry-less quiches?

enchilada-the cookies look great

welcome rightfootfirst

i lost another lb this morning!-yay 20lbs so far in 2 months which is a bit slower than the golower diet promises but at least I am on the way down again.

Enchilada81 Sun 07-Mar-10 08:45:02

Well I've kinda messed my diet up by binging last night but all is not lost, I'm still slightly in ketosis and I'm weighing in at 11st 2lbs still.

Soooo I'm not going to weigh myself again until next sunday. I'm going to really try and have a good week.

Out of interest, what do you all eat when you're out? We're going for a ride to York later and I'm stressing about what I could have for my lunch. Obviously the usual "steak Bake" from the bakery is out and I can't exactly grab a bag of chips anymore lol

WilfSell Sun 07-Mar-10 09:08:20

I take stuff with me increasingly. Or I demolish sandwiches (pick out the filling!) Or buy salads.

Mitchell81 Sun 07-Mar-10 10:14:41

When out if I'm near m&s pick up a piece of cooked chicken, carrot sticks and dips, coleslaw or ready made salad or if out for meal. Burger and salad with no roll or chips, steak and salad.
Or take some pre packed cheeses like babybel or laughing cow

jenduff Sun 07-Mar-10 12:02:29

Agree out and about is hardest when low-carbing - requires an element of planning - Mitchell81's suggestions are great - I sometimes grab a small pack of peanuts - not ok on induction but good for filling up on. Also some ready made sandwich fillings - chicken & bacon / egg mayo etc are usually pretty low carb.

OrmRenewed Sun 07-Mar-10 12:04:42

I buy cooked chicken legs. Or take a nice salad with feta cheese and ham. Quite often a lump of cheese or a bag of almonds will do. I always take salad to work.

FrazzledBlob Sun 07-Mar-10 12:46:23

I am in heaven!

I have just had a baking session and now have spinach bread and blueberry muffins.

The muffins are divine grin even if i had to fudge the recipe a bit! I made 15 (silicone cases from 99p shop are fab) using the ground flaxseed I had left and some whey protein. I think they are less than 1g of carbs each <fingers crossed firmly as I am munching them with a coffee>

I am 1lb down today. Had awful tummy ache yesterday so got some half price fibre sure in waitrose and I feel lighter grin

The times I have been out I always eat before I go, take a bottle of water and weigh out some peanuts/soya beans and cheese.

ggirl have a look on here for the quiche recipes as I think i saw a few yesterday.

Enchilada81 Sun 07-Mar-10 16:37:04

Can I eat salted peanuts?

brimfull Sun 07-Mar-10 16:38:20

peanuts are fine in small doses i think , I have come out of ketosis by eating too many of the damn things

Tortington Sun 07-Mar-10 16:38:36


i had a massive over eating weekend don't wanna weigh miself tomoz eek

supersalstrawberry Sun 07-Mar-10 19:25:21

don't weigh Custy, just be really good for the rest of the week

It is hard eating when your out, pepperami are good but not carb free, whole almonds or walnuts, it takes some organising which can be a pita, but if you go into a supermarket instead of a bakery it's obviously easier.

managed 2nd night shift with 1 chocolate digestive

went to the beach with the dc, we had a lovely time, did some serious walking ups and down some huge hills and along some cliff tops, got very out of breath (unfit blush), then walked down onto the beach..so a good few miles, went for dinner afterwards

breakfast/lunch - pepperami, slice of cheese, 2 lc cookies

dinner - chicken breast stuffed with spinach, mushroom and wrapped in palma ham,with a red wine gravy and broccoli, asked for chips instead of mash in a seperate dish and gave them to ds (he had a sandwich) and had a side order of mushrooms instead.

ds gave me a tny bit of his icecream and melt in the middle choc pudding.

supersalstrawberry Sun 07-Mar-10 19:26:15

baby bels as well, or any cheese slices, small pack of ham/chicken.

OrmRenewed Sun 07-Mar-10 20:04:03

I got some lovely smoked almonds from Sainsburys. Not too bad on the carb front. Then bought some from Asda and was happily munching away until I checked the packet and found they were 12% shock

jenduff Sun 07-Mar-10 20:18:15

Orm thats a big difference between brands shock

Well having been on this thread a couple of days I have blown it big style today although am recovering from a nasty tummy bug which resulted in nil by mouth for 48 hours so hoping for a cracking drop in weight nonetheless <<every cloud has a silver lining emoticon>>

WickedWench Sun 07-Mar-10 20:39:00

Room for another one? smile

DP and I are both low carbing. I lost 2 stone doing it a few years back and need to take action again. 5 pounds gone so far so am pretty pleased.

I got some goodies from lowcarbmegastore. I really recommend those tortilla wrap thingies. Only 3 carbs each!

For snacking DP has started baking trays of pork belly strips. They keep in the fridge for ages and are handy to munch on. Mind you today we bought a whole slab of belly pork to cut up at home and when he unwrapped it it had 2 piggie nipples on it! Ewwwwwww

Tortington Sun 07-Mar-10 21:22:10


5lbs nice one!

WickedWench Sun 07-Mar-10 21:35:09

Thanks just another stone and a half to work on now lol

supersalstrawberry Sun 07-Mar-10 21:36:53

step away from those scales Custy!

go on tell us what you ate?

brimfull Sun 07-Mar-10 22:49:25

can anyone explain to me how these bars have only 3g of carbs when there is 9g of sugar in them??
I'd like to order something for a breakfast/snack at work


Tortington Sun 07-Mar-10 23:22:03

friday i at 4 packets of crisp. they were seabrooks cheese & Onion though.

sat, i ate an iced bun, a custard finger ( was rubbish) then i made stew with french bread to dip ( twas loody lovely)

i have to go on the scales - its how i function - i need to know the weights coming off.

will give you the verdict tomorrow.

Tortington Sun 07-Mar-10 23:25:07

had a look ggirl, cant figure it out.

supersalstrawberry Sun 07-Mar-10 23:46:58
Jacaqueen Mon 08-Mar-10 08:07:12

I've been away for a few days with no internet.

Well I'm pleased to announce that the scales have finally dropped by a few pounds. Last week I kept losing and gaining the same poxy pound but now it looks like my body is getting used to this.

I really noticed over the weekend how I am no longer hungry or thinking about food all the time. I went for hours without eating which is what normal people do, but is unusual for me.

I'll need to go back and catch up on all the posts I've missed.

Tortington Mon 08-Mar-10 09:05:07

congrats Jac.

i am up by 3 lbs this am. better than i thought.

brimfull Mon 08-Mar-10 09:51:26

fuck i am still on plateau

do you think one G&T a night could be the reason?

do i really have to drink copious amount sof water?

surely if I am restricting my carbs to about 10-15g a day

no caffiene (until right this minute as I am pissed off now)

I should be losing.

Not time of the month for a few weeks yet.

supersalstrawberry Mon 08-Mar-10 12:52:23

Same sort of situation for me ggirl, although I have been stuffing myself recently but sticking to lc stuff (apart from the biscuits), I've been feeling really hungry, but today I don't, I feel very empty, I'm going to go with it and be really strict with myself....loads of water, no lc cookies (finished them yesterday), I want to be 2 stone lighter by the time I go out on 20th March and I've got 6lb to go!

I think the excerise I did yesterday has helped tbh.

Custy not so bad then wink

Enchilada81 Mon 08-Mar-10 13:49:46

I seem to be going backwards too. I don't really know what I'm doing differently TBH ... I'm going to give it a week and if I still havn't lost anything (or if I've put anymore ON!) I'm going to take a serious look at what I'm eating.

Is anyone missing cereal? I was and I found a recipe online for Flax cereal using flax seeds, peanut butter, water and cinnamon. It's quite nice, great for the digestive system but I found I had to add a splenda to it before I could comfortably eat it grin Makes a change from bloody eggs though.

OrmRenewed Mon 08-Mar-10 14:44:03

Chill enchilada! grin

Stop it with the bloody scales! I mean it.

And try to stick to the basics - meat, fish, eggs and salad. If you want a treat try coffee with whipped cream or berries with greek yoghurt (great for breakfast). Perhaps the odd handful of brazils or almonds.

Lots of water.

You are following the rules - it will work but it will take it's own sweet time. Have you got lots to lose still? Sometimes it's hardest to shed the last bit.

Enchilada81 Mon 08-Mar-10 14:57:06

Ormrenewed grin I can't chill! summer is just around the corner and I'm still a porker!! grin

No, seriously though I have around a stone to lose altogether although I'd settle for 11 lbs for summer.

OrmRenewed Mon 08-Mar-10 16:44:35

Is that weight you need to lose or weight you'd like to lose? Doesn't sound that much.
I'd like to lose about 2 stone wink but I need to lose about 10lbs to be near the bottom of a healthy weight range. When I was 12stone I lost very quickly and it slowed to a gentle pace (very infuriating) when I reached around BMI or 21.

FrazzledBlob Mon 08-Mar-10 17:10:54

wii fit reckons ive gained again today so I am still stuck at the 10lb mark that i lost in week one. I am very envy of seabrooks crisps. I reckon 2 packs and I would gain 10-12lb at this rate!

I realised late yesterday my muffins were nearer 2gs than 1g of carbs as i forgot about the vanilla extract but I still did'nt go over my carbs for the day.

I am on 20g a day. Can I ask what the rest of you are on? I'm not sure about going lower as I'm pretty restricted being veggie or do you think I'm not trying hard enough?!

And whats the deal with peanuts? I had been having 25g-50g a day of them for the past two weeks but had some brazils for a change today. Should I ditch them for a bit?

supersalstrawberry Mon 08-Mar-10 19:12:30

breakfast - pepperami, coffee with cream and splenda.

lunch - 2 slices of corned beef

dinner - 2 sausages, 1 egg omelette, sugar free jelly

snack - blueberries, flaked almonds, greek yogurt & a bit of cream and splenda

I feel stuffed, only managed half of my snack, need to drink more water

Jacaqueen Mon 08-Mar-10 21:17:55

supersal hope you dont mind me saying but I think you need some veg and salad. Not much fibre there. Are you taking any supplements?

supersalstrawberry Tue 09-Mar-10 00:23:17

thanks for the concern Jacaqueen smile but I eat loads of veg and salad usually, way more than 2 cups a day (look through my previous posts I have an irritating habit of listing what I eat through the day wink), but I have the odd day when I can't be arsed.

today I have been mainly eating corned beef wink

JeremyVile Tue 09-Mar-10 00:52:59

Hi all.

Sorry to be negative but I must say I am so totally fed up of this food! I'm fed up of thinking so hard about what I'm eating and I cannot be arsed to talk about it. Grumble grumble...

That aside I am 6lbs down this week so 1 stone total in my two weeks induction.

I'd check my book to see what I can have now that the two weeks are up but that would involve thinking about it and as I said I cant be arsed. So I'll just carry on as I am for now.

<sigh> Feel free to chuck stuff at me for being such a misery. Potatoes would be particularly welcome.

JeremyVile Tue 09-Mar-10 00:56:47

Oh, and I heartily recommend copius amounts of cockles doused in vinegar.

supersalstrawberry Tue 09-Mar-10 00:58:33

wow a stone in 2 weeks thats fantastic, won't be long inductions nearly over

I hadn't thought of cockles, thanks for that smile

JeremyVile Tue 09-Mar-10 01:03:02

Cheers sal.

The cockles really have been a godsend, great for snacking and very satisfying. Oddly I find them good for when I'm craving something sweet too.

Enchilada81 Tue 09-Mar-10 09:30:56

I don't know what was wrong with me yesterday, I was eating like a pig ALL DAY!

Here's what I had:

A bowl of flax peanut butter cereal
A 2 egg omelette with cheese and prawns
A pork burger with mayo, cheese and salad
Three peanut butter cookies (low carbs)
A little pot of prawn mayo
2 peppers stuffed with beef mince, tomato, mushroom, onion, cream cheese AND grated cheese blush
A bag of pork rinds
2 cups of coffee made with double cream ...

This was all in the space of a day! ironically I've 1 lb down on the scales this morning which is the first loss since Friday! It seems eating like a pig kick started my weight loss again grin

Tortington Tue 09-Mar-10 09:49:52

just been reading all your food and now i'm hungry

JV - take a day off - pig out on potatoes, get it out of your system then go bak on it.

lost 1lb this am.

mummymels Tue 09-Mar-10 20:08:13

Enchiladad81 – I hope your korma was yummy. Thanks for the links for low carb recipes. I’m going to start making my own meals soon rather than eating only Go Lower ones so am starting to try and get some ideas. How did your cookies turn out? Because I’ve been eating mainly Go Lower food I’ve really tried to avoid being out for meal times and then just take the Go Lower snack with me or some raspberries or blackberries. Can’t be bad losing more the more you eat.

Welcome rightfootfirst and good luck on your new diet. I remember how hard it was at the beginning (I was a real chocoholic before and had to wean myself off!) but hopefully it won’t take you long to go into ketosis and you will start to feel better.

Mitchell81 – Great weight loss. Those are great ideas for snacks when out and about.

Supersalstrawberry – Well done on surviving the nightshift. I suppose you must be used to working shifts but I think if I was working all night I would be tempted to stuff my face all night to keep myself awake. Those stuffed peppers sounds yummy. I will keep that on my list of ideas for when I start making my meals myself. I envy you living near the beach.

Ggirl – Well done on your loss. You have still lost lots so don’t be disheartened. You are doing so well. My weight loss has really slowed down now. I think you do have to drink lots of water but not sure how it would affect you losing or not. Have you spoken to your counsellor?

FrazzledBlob – I hope you are feeling better today. Well done on the loss. I can smell your baking from here. It is lovely!

Custardo – Your food for that day sounds lovely and it making my mouth water! That’s good that the consequences weren’t as bad as you thought.

OrmRenewed – Wow that is a big difference between brands.

Jenduff – I hope you are feeling better now. Hopefully the 2 days without food with cancel out the bad day.

Welcome WickedWench – Good luck although it sounds as if you have got off to a great start already. Ooh, I love wraps. I will have to look into those for when I start making my own meals. At the moment I am eating just the Go Lower ones.

Jacaqueen – Well done on the weight coming off now and great that you are not feeling so hungry. I get where you are coming from as I used to eat constantly and could never have imagined me not to feel hungry.

JeremyVile – 6lbs in one week is brilliant and 1 stone in 2 weeks is too. It does get easier.

I lost 1 lb this week. Not a major amount but considering I have stayed the same the last 2 weeks I'm not complaining that I have at least lost something again.

supersalstrawberry Tue 09-Mar-10 22:40:18

I made a spaghetti bol yesterday, with red wine, pesto, courgettes, garlic, tomatoes, celery, onion, peppers, you name it, it went in it lol.

I had a bowl with spinach for lunch, and another bowl with loads of grated cheese for dinner, I'm feeling very full.

3 coffees - 1 with cream, 2 with milk (in work)

and ...........ahem 3 chocolate biscuits hmm.........they were small wafer ones with dark chocolate on them, it was my fault for not eating before I went to work.

mummymels sounds like the scales are going in the right direction smile, the sea is a 15 min drive away, but S Wales is a lovely place to live, we have the sea, mountains, countryside and city within 20 mins, very lucky smile

Enchilada81 Wed 10-Mar-10 06:59:15

The peanut butter cookies were ok but I'll adjust the recipe next time and make them bigger and not as sloppy! blush

I made some almond cookies yesterday which were basic and simple ... they taste nice but next time I'll cut back on the almond!

I bought myself some 86% cocoa chocolate last night. Carbs per serving: 4g, fibre per serving: 3g ... so basically "bad carbs" were only 1g per serving. I'm still in ketosis this morning so it didn't do much damage grin

Tortington Wed 10-Mar-10 09:03:54

lost another lb this am.

must remember to take tuna to work for lunch

Enchilada81 Wed 10-Mar-10 10:34:30

Custardo, you know you have a tendancy to throw the low carb thing out of the window on a weekend? Can I be nosey and ask how it affects your weight loss? I mean ... assuming you either gain a couple of lbs or simply stay the same ... how soon does it start to drop off again?

I've been letting go on a saturday and I tend to put on about 2lbs over the course of the weekend.

So say, on Friday last week I weighed 11st 2lbs. On Monday I weighed 11st 4lbs. This morning I weighed 11st 2lbs but by friday I may only weigh 11st 1lb ... say I put 2lbs on over the weekend ... I suppose that means I'm losing 1lb a week with the cheating, the temp weight gain etc ...

Do you find this?

OrmRenewed Wed 10-Mar-10 13:06:21

Oops! Just posted this on the wrong diet thread grin

Waist now out of heffalump zone. Back to 30". Need to shed another 2 and I'll be back to normal. Hurrah!

Tortington Wed 10-Mar-10 13:27:40

yes enchilada its the way i am maintaining my weight in the long term.

this is a trail and error process. i realised that i can't spend a whole year getting to my ideal weight and then just eat.

i need rules and boundries to my eating, want to maintain my weight for the longterm but not sure how to do it yet. so for now - its pig out saturdays - i might put on 3lbs - then lose that weight and if i am lucky maybe half a pound to a pound more over the next week.

FrazzledBlob Wed 10-Mar-10 19:20:08

Enchilada81 can I ask where you got the cocoa from or what brand it is? I sometimes have a hot chocolate with soya milk if I've had a manic day at work/ with the kids but my cocoa is'nt that good! The peanut butter cereal sounds good - does it taste good?

mummymels if you want more low carb recipes check out the moneysaving expert forum as there are lots of yummy ones on there.

I am cooking mexican fudge and some quiches for work. Had cauliflower fried rice last night which was good.

We are having a curry night saturday so if anyone has any good recipes for curry they would be much appreciated

supersalstrawberry Wed 10-Mar-10 19:23:11

I had a "I'm fucked off with low carbing" moment in tesco, I really wanted to run wild in the chocolate and crisp and icecream aisle............but I didn't hmm

breakfast - bacon, egg, mushroom, decaff coffee with cream and splenda

lunch - smoked pork sausage and boiled egg sandwich with mayonaise

dinner - one of those microwave in the bag (can't be arsed to cook) fish things with some sort of sundried tomato and herb butter, with ratatouille (peppers, mushroom, tomato, spring onion, courgette, paprika and chilli) grated cheese on top and had 1 small peice of garlic bread to mop up with afterwards........was actually bloody lovely!.......so I felt better then.

I don't actually feel hungry, but I start to get a bit grumpy and I know it's time to eat then I feel better.

sugar free jelly for afters.

supersalstrawberry Wed 10-Mar-10 19:25:34

Enchilada, I use half soya flour/half almond flour in my cookies, otherwise I find them a bit too almondy

Mitchell81 Wed 10-Mar-10 19:35:40

Today I had crustless spinach quiche for breakfast, chicken pieces for lunch and for dinner lamb chops with salad. I am just counting down the weeks till I reach my goal, I have another 19 kgs to lose hopefully I can keep at my 1 kg/2.2 lbs a week weightloss. And will achieve that by the middle of June (middle of summer). So far since starting in January have lost 11kgs/ 2 and 1/2 stone.

supersalstrawberry Wed 10-Mar-10 19:35:51

just had a minstrel (dh's) straight after a bit of 85% cocoa chocolate...........it tasted bleaurgh, far to sweet

supersalstrawberry Wed 10-Mar-10 19:38:27

bloody hell Mitchell thats an amazing loss in only a couple of months!

I've been at it for about 6 weeks, and have lost 1 1/2 stone hmm.

brimfull Wed 10-Mar-10 19:39:07

god mitchell you are doing well!

I have only lost 1st 5 lbs since january and I've been stuck for 3 weeks

getting pissed offf with it nowas it's just not working

Enchilada81 Thu 11-Mar-10 09:03:02

The cocoa powder is just tesco's own brand ... not value range, the one just 'above' that wink

The peanut butter cereal is "okish" ... it's edible but not exactly something you really look forward to eating. TBH I eat it more for the fibre than anything else. It REALLY helps constipation problems grin

supersalstrawberry, thanks for the tip on the flour, I'll do that next time.

Well, I had another "fat pig" day yesterday ... I'm ashamed to say I ate that much yesterday I was actually sick after my tea. A total wake-up call and I'm going to be sensible now.

Was suprised at this though ... I ate half a bar of 86% cocoa chocolate last night (also good for constipation problems wink and this morning I expected my ketosis to be zero ... was shocked to see it an even darker purple though!! So I can safely say, this chocolate is ok to eat on low carb diet ... if you can tolerate the bitter taste that is.

11st 2lbs this morning.

Mitchell81 Thu 11-Mar-10 09:31:56

Sorry that should have read one and half stone since January.

OrmRenewed Thu 11-Mar-10 19:38:55

Nice recipe adapted from one of DH's favourites.

Heat some olive oil in a pan (lots) add some chopped bacon, garlic and chilli. Wait until the bacon is a bit crispy. Pour over some green crispy salad with feta cheese.

mummymels Thu 11-Mar-10 21:00:16

supersalstrawberry – It sounds as if everything else you ate was good so a couple of biscuits will hopefully not do too much harm. It sounds as if you live in the perfect place. At least when you eat our low carb food it helps your cravings. Hopefully you feel better now.

Custardo – Well done on losing more. Are you at your goal now then that you are trialing this new way of eating?

Enchilada81 – If you are happy with losing slowly it sounds perfect doing it that way as you are getting the best of both worlds. Losing as well as having treats. I think I might do that as I get nearer my goal. What did you eat to make you sick? Great news on the chocolate!

OrmRenewed – Briliant that you are so close to your goal.

FrazzledBlob – Thanks for the tip for more recipes. I’ll have a look at it when I’m ready to start trying them. I have to say I do like that website but hadn’t realised they have recipes there too.

Mitchell81 – Wow, you really are losing it fast. You must be feeling great.

Ggirl – You have still lost quite a lot. Do you mind me asking how much you need to lose? Maybe if you don’t need to lose a lot that is why it is coming off slower for you.

Ok day here. Looking forward to my snack this evening. Got some Go Lower chocolate brazils. One of my favourites of the snacks.

supersalstrawberry Thu 11-Mar-10 21:28:24

I have had the day from hell, there are no words to describe the hellish day I have had

if I was able to tell you how difficult my day had been, you would not begrudge me a plate of chips and a tub of ben and jerrys

I haven't had either, I have been quite good, and if I didn't have to go with dh to a hospital appointment at 9am I'd have my head in a bottle of gin

wiifat Thu 11-Mar-10 22:01:02

back from work-am on the gin
can't you just have one sal ?

Mel- I have loads to lose at least another 2-3 stone

wiifat Thu 11-Mar-10 22:01:33

oops I am ggirl grin

WickedWench Thu 11-Mar-10 22:01:36

OMG - my parcel containing fresh low carb bread from lowcarbmegastore arrived today. I am SO happy. It tastes like real bread and not that rubbery, nasty stuff that I made from some awful mix I bought last time I did low carbing.

Tonight I have had a pate and cheese sandwich and after nearly 2 weeks of no bread it was heavenly. Ladies, I seriously recommend it. Only 1.2g of carbs per slice.

supersalstrawberry Thu 11-Mar-10 22:08:48

I might have to wii, I can't even offload to dh about my terrible day as he's knackered and went to bed at 8.30pm hmm

that bread sounds great, which one did you buy WW?

wiifat Thu 11-Mar-10 22:21:01

was it bad day at work?

off load to me
I have just had pretty good shift so I can take it smile

supersalstrawberry Thu 11-Mar-10 22:36:52

aww thanks for the offer wii smile

what do you do?

WickedWench Thu 11-Mar-10 22:39:01

It's the fresh bread. If you look at the bread section they have 'fresh baked bread, despatched...' and it's that. It is better than I ever imagined. £2.50 per small loaf but worth it IMHO. I will be buying more for sure.

wiifat Thu 11-Mar-10 23:17:37

sal it' me ggirl
will change my name back hangon

brimfull Thu 11-Mar-10 23:19:50

ta da!
tis weird being someone else

supersalstrawberry Thu 11-Mar-10 23:20:49

oh ello ggirl grin

lets put it this way, without going into details........I'm not a mental health nurse, I'm not mental health trained........as you probably find working in the area we do, mental health comes into it a great deal.............but there are times when only properly trained MH nurses can do the job

I had one of those days ..........looooong day....

supersalstrawberry Thu 11-Mar-10 23:22:29

basically not fair on the patient, not fair on the surrounding patients, not fair on the family, not fair on the staff

do you get my drift?

brimfull Thu 11-Mar-10 23:24:05

yes, I can imagine-stressful!
I did my RMN training after my RGN but have let my registration go for that part of the register-didn't appeal to me.

supersalstrawberry Thu 11-Mar-10 23:29:03

ahh well day off tomorrow hmm

dh has a cardiology appointment though, so I shall be spending my day off in ............a hospital hmm

brimfull Thu 11-Mar-10 23:30:47

hope he's ok
and appt goes well
atleast you can watch others work

supersalstrawberry Thu 11-Mar-10 23:34:51

thanks for letting me offload ggirl

I'll look forward to watching others work tbh lol smile

night xx

supersalstrawberry Fri 12-Mar-10 19:56:22