Super Hard Chiefs (don't mention the poo)

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DoubleMum Mon 29-Apr-13 17:41:02

New thread for chiefs who choose their hard - all welcome!
Moving on from this thread which is full:

DoubleMum Mon 29-Apr-13 17:45:10

I am eating so disgustingly healthily today I think I may have turned into Gwyneth Paltrow. If she were a size 22. And liked creme eggs.

Lizzylou Mon 29-Apr-13 17:48:20

Go Gwynnie
You always seem far more fun than Gwynnie anyhoo Double grin

Just waiting for Dh then I can escape house of egg for the gym. Never wanted to exercise so mych in my life grin

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 29-Apr-13 18:05:48

Nah, if you were really Gwynnie you'd replace food with 3 hours of yoga and silent weeping.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Mon 29-Apr-13 19:03:48

You lot do make me laugh, just what I needed after a long day at work (bleedin 4 am start today, feels like midnight now!)

I have taken to weighing pre and post poo, just for research purposes you know. Hadn't thought of taking it to the next level and weighing pee too. I have just potty trained dd and I reckon she could give you a run for your money tea I have never seen so much wee from such a little personsmile

I'm so rubbish at remembering who has posted what, especially today as my brain is fried. Will try harder tomorrow I promise.

Dh still hasn't booked the hotel for my birthday, though he has a short list. He is talking about waiting for a last minute deal (much twitching from me, Lordy knows where we will end up). Then last night he casually mentions there's a hotel at Chelsea football ground, overlooking the pitch?? I gave him the look , say no more. I think he knows he would never be forgiven (but thought he would try his luck anyhow).

Weighing tomorrow, lets hope for a loss. A big loss please.

DoubleMum Mon 29-Apr-13 19:18:49

Sylvia am sending brain messages to DH about some lovely spa, and images of fire and pestilence if venturing anywhere near Chelsea football ground.
I can't do yoga so perhaps I'm not Gwynnie after all. Shame, having just watched her snog Robert Downey Jr in Ironman 3. (Is it only me who is constantly surprised she would be in Ironman?!)

dinkydoos Mon 29-Apr-13 19:19:11

Hello all, quite excited to be in the nice new thread!
Total randallisation at the weekend, so predictably fasting today...
Wonder if Gwynnie randallisation her weekend away?

DoubleMum Mon 29-Apr-13 19:19:43

I missed the weighing wee bit. We don't have to do that now do we? Since am trying to drink 8 glasses of water today I am virtually living in the loo.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 29-Apr-13 19:32:27

Gwynnie would be shit at Randalling. Properly shit.

She'd be all "lets have some mung beans and a yummy okra smoothie, then we can go mad and have some gluten free bread with yaks milk spread".

No. She would not be a good Randall.

I have heard she has vodka in her smoothie and she dips her mung beans in curry sauce now she isn't BFF with Madonna and her veiny arms. And she weighs before and after a poo. And a wee. The only reason she got most beautiful in the world was because she was a Chief in a former life.

Awwwwight new thread.

SDP 4am. shock And don't worry about the I've taken the risk three times now booking on the morning I go (week night and weekend) and stayed in some lovely places - I quite like doing the surprise ones and have never been to the Chelsea one but I hear tis very nice you probably want one in Bloomsbury or around there (I think you're going to a show) as it is a short walk from the west end.

<wonders whether a wee-off is on the offing>

BsshBossh Mon 29-Apr-13 19:50:18

Tea good luck on the interview (when it happens).

Double hurrah for new thread!

Randall hope you feel better soon.

SDP shall we give your DH a collective Chiefs kick in the butt for you?

Lizzy sterling work on the swimathon and how great are your boys?! You must be proud.

Darkly I think consecutive fasts should be fine - whatever you can do really - it's all good for the body and mind.

Well today I went shopping for new jeans (and also tried on skirts and tops). Early last year I was a size 18, slipping upto 20 in some shops. Today everything I tried on except some ultra skinny jeans were size 12. That was French Connection and Gap. My jeans waist as gone from 36 to 30. I nearly fainted in the changing room (the FC shop assistant insisted I took in the 12s along with the 14s I'd picked for myself). Then I fainted at the till. Blimey FC is expensive (by my standards).

SylviaDaisyPouncer Mon 29-Apr-13 20:14:52

Ah but Bssh FC is worth it. Dh has a lovely pair of FC trousers which have lasted ages (though admittedly a couple of those years he couldn't fit into them). You must be doing cartwheels at size're a bloomin star!

I'm still awake, too light to be in bed, plus I'm keeping a sneaky eye on dh and the laptop. I am not telling him you have heard that Chelsea place is nice tea, would only give him false hope. Not sure I could wait until the day we go/ night before to book something, although I bet it would be worth it. Maybe next time......unless the kids play up and my Mum won't have them again.

Ooh forgot to say that I've been keeping measurements of my arms, bust, waist etc. I have lost 72 cm since last November. Crazy isn't it. Very motivating when the scales don't move that quickly.

And thinking of Gwynnie, did anyone see her on Graham Norton? I can't deny she looks fantastic but her cookery book?? How does she get her kids to eat it? I challenge her to feed my two, she would be cracking out the fish fingers in no time I'm sure!

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 29-Apr-13 20:45:37

Size 12! Massive whoops!

Shewhojuggles Mon 29-Apr-13 21:43:08

Bssh size 12 is brilliant, you slinky, skinny-jeans wearing minx! Bet that felt fab, despite the price of FC grin

Randall the silent weeping had me giggling lots, no wonder Gwynnie always looks like a miserable cow. She clearly needs more cake. My DD wouldn't entertain any of that stuff in her book!

Well I'm another pound closer to a Gwynnie-style figure today must have been the big wee i had before weighing in. 31lbs lost in total (25 since i starting tracking on MFP). I'm still a long way off from healthy according to the printed slip you get from the weighing machine which is quite daunting. Might break the 17lbs to healthy into smaller goals...

DarklydreamingofDamon Mon 29-Apr-13 21:53:26

Ooh, shiny new thread! Fasting done today and was v good with no cheating at all....not sure I could do consecutive days though as am now really fantasising about a proper meal and don't think I can wait until Wednesday!

Shewhojuggles Mon 29-Apr-13 22:04:33

Well done Darkly. Defo have a proper meal tomorrow to reward yourself for a successful fast. I've never managed consecutive ones but i put that down to feeling really dizzy if i havent eaten for a while.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 29-Apr-13 23:17:49

Well done on your first fast damon the first one is definitely the worst. Don't do two consecutive days unless you want to. I don't know much about 5:2 but as far as I can tell it's mainly just a different way to control your calories over the course of a week, so as long as you have 2 fast days in 7 it should work fine.

Well done on the loss Juggles, it seems we have similar goals going by those stats. I'm on 44lbs lost but still another pound and a half just to get to healthy. It's so daunting isn't it, healthy was my first goal and it seemed so far away back in January. I didn't set any mini goals along the way either and really wish I had done, it's made it feel like a very long time waiting for something to celebrate. I won't feel like I've actually achieved anything until I hit that goal. Maybe break it down into half stones? Might seem like more manageable chunks.

We'll get there. We need to join Bssh in her size 12s! Onwards and downwards Chief.

Lizzylou Tue 30-Apr-13 06:02:58

Big yays for bssh in her size 12's and SPD's 72 cm grin
Gwynnie would be so proud.

Well done Dinky and Darkly on fasting, after a weekend Randalling I am finding fasting to be quite ok on a Monday.

Dh gone to big smoke at crack of dawn so am awake and have been for over a mofo hour angry

DoubleMum Tue 30-Apr-13 07:56:34

Lizzy I woke at 3.30 to go to the loo and never got back to sleep. Gwyneth must have the same problem.

DoubleMum Tue 30-Apr-13 07:58:51

On a lighter note (see what I did there?) I have lost 3.4 lbs this week. I can't attribute it to the lovely RGPargy's Paltrow Diet as I've only done that for 1 full day. Therefore I have concluded that nutella pinwheels actually have weightloss properties.

Lizzylou Tue 30-Apr-13 08:55:15

I will make haste to get me some of those nutella pinwheels!

Well done Double smile flowers

Have to be good this week, we are off camping at the weekend which mostly means lots of carby food, perhaps fish and chips and wine (medicinal, so that I sleep wink)

Size 12 shock

72 cm shock shock

Juggles well done, onwards and downwards Chief.

Double Just Brilliant. <adds nutella pinwheels to shopping list>

Oh Chiefs ... poor you being early risen this morn. I hate it when I haven't had enough sleep. I have been known to grump but it's ok, Gwynie has the same problem

Oh and I my kids wouldn't eat her recipes either.

Damon I second the Randall - small goals: half stones, reaching milestones like a round stone, BMI changes. I had 3 goals in my first Chief 16 lbs but didn't have any on the home straight and it feels like this last bit is devoid of celebration. I invested some new sports kit, a slinky dress and some pants as rewards. Not expensive ones just enough to keep me feeling good about myself.

It's beautiful in the south-west this morning. There is blue in the sky <faints>

Camping. Brilliant. I love it and especially the wine to help me sleep and chips.

Only another two years before we can go again - we're counting down until DS4 is 5 on account of him being an escape risk. Oh and our last disastrous camping trip which involved me being six months pregnant on a lilo with a 14 stone man, the fire brigade waking us at 3am as our toilet block burned, seagulls stealing lunch on a regular basis and DS2 (8 at the time) wanting to know what a cunty twat bollocks was after spending 30 minutes playing in the play area.

DoubleMum Tue 30-Apr-13 09:14:46

That sounds delightful Tea. I would rush to book the same venue but I don't DO camping on account of having a very long night's panic attack as a 6 man tent with 7 people in it slowly collapsed on me at the Grand Canyon. Which was more than 20 years ago now but still, never again. <deep breaths>

Wow. Camping at GC. That sounds like something to add to my list of things to do. The stars must have been amazing. What a shame about the tent. And sorry about the panic attack sad

Lizzylou Tue 30-Apr-13 09:26:20

shock Tea, where on Gods green earth did you camp???
<<Please say not Anglesey, please say not Anglesey!>>

I always hated camping after 2 disastrous trips during travels with DH pre-dc. Then we did Keycamp and loved it and now we have a tent that we can stand up in and have found a few nice sites we like and that the kids can run wild in (with Cbeebies/CBBC language only!) am sold. Especially after a few bottles glasses of wine.

Do it Double! Do it!

Not Anglesey grin twas a Haven holiday.

I spent the whole time looking like Munch's scream.


me camping at Haven

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 30-Apr-13 10:01:53

3.4lb! That's bloody fantastic Double, well done you!

I love Anglesey Lizzy. It's only just over and hour away from me so we spent a lot of time there as kids. It's beautiful, whereabouts are you staying? (Plus it has the only Waitrose in Wales!)

I love camping, I can't wait til DS is old enough for us to start going together. I'm lucky to live very near lots of lovely camping areas so should be able to avoid all Havens shock

DoubleMum Tue 30-Apr-13 10:35:50

I love Anglesey, my friend at uni had a holiday home there and 6 of us used to go there at the end of every term. Great fun. Although one time the beach did have a rather suspicious and nerve-wracking orange glow on the edge of the sea. However, I am not never ever going camping again. Even if there is a Waitrose. Plus I have a Waitrose here and never go anyway. I'm an Aldi girl, me. <exudes class>

TheTigerDidntComeToTea Tue 30-Apr-13 11:51:26

Oooh, shiny new thread! Excellent title Double!

Lizzy - hows the sick boy? I hate the sicky smell in the house...
Enjoy the camping!

Sylvia -what a long day! I've just done the potty training too and I'm constantly amazed by the amount. Also why does she need to go 3 times in 10 minutes, using a whole toilet roll and a whole bottle of soapy stuff?? Has your dh booked a hotel yet? Your trip sounds fab.

Randall - there's only one Randall! Gwynnie wouldn't stand a chance! I hope you're feeling better, sinus problems are the worst, so annoying and painful!

Tea - not a wee-off. I've just recovered from the poo stuff last week.

Bssh - Size 12, bet that felt amazing! Enjoy your shopping!

Shew - well done on another lb off.

Darkly - well done on the fasting. I do Mon and Thurs because I like to eat the next day, but I think whatever works for you is fine.

Double - well done, 3.4lb is amazing! Nutella pinwheels sound delish, I'm too scared to google because then I'll want some, won't I??

Hope I haven't missed anyone. I disgraced myself on Friday night. Skipped lunch, went to the gym then straight to friend's house and started on the wine. Way. Too. Much. Wine. and not enough food to soak it up with

I am an idiot and am not talking to myself... not quite sure if anyone is actually Dh certainly wasn't impressed with me falling through the front door at 2am.

I fasted yesterday though penance and I'm going to the gym after work.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Tue 30-Apr-13 12:37:37

tiger bet your fall through the door was vair graceful. At least you made it home, I would have been having my stomach pumped I'm such a lightweight these days!

It is indeed a lovely day in the south west today, a little windy but that's good for my mountain of washing. Where bouts are you tea? I'm in Somerset but the end of our road is Dorset. There's a big sign there saying "home of the Jurrasic coast" makes me think I'm living right by the sea (sadly not however). I think you should def dye your hair pink now so I might be able to spot you should we be in the same area at any given time. <gets really excited at shouting "oi tea" at random pink haired skinnys> grin

Some good losses knocking around, must try your Nutella pinwheel diet double, sounds right up my street. Great loss though.
Well done fasters, you have my admiration, not sure I could do that but never say never!

I think I've recovered from my early start yesterday, that will teach me for overbooking myself and having to get a job done before starting my proper job at half 7. Weighed today with a lb loss. It seems to be taking forever to get out of the 170's lb. it will indeed be a milestone to hit 169! On a plus I feel as if I can feel muscle where my abs should be (albeit hidden by flab atm), plus my arms are a little more defined. Hopefully next week with a good loss I will hit that 169.

No hotel booked yet, dh has started reading reviews and is more indecisive than ever. Oh dear...we may be camping at this rate and I'm not a happy camper. Dh takes ds camping overnight sometimes but I don't go as I'm sure we would misplace dd! Last time I camped was Glastonbury the year before dd was born. It was ok as we had a massive tent (and earplugs) plus it was mainly sunny. We were supposed to go the following year but I would have been days from my due date and eventually dh said we couldn't go. Dd was 15 days late so we could've gone anyway (and I'm sure dh could have pushed me around in a wheel barrow or something).

Hope you all have lovely days today. Mine will be spent washing and ironing....oh and thinking of Nutella biscuits, may just have a quick google...

DoubleMum Tue 30-Apr-13 12:58:20

Well done Sylvia. The thought of being heavily preggers at Glastonbury is giving me palpitations. <fans herself>

Tiger grin at the falling through the door. I bet you and your pal put the world to rights though.

SDP Good loss Chief. And wishing you into the 160s. I'm with Double camping at Glasto whilst preggers shock

I too am in Somerset. But I'm up at the NE bit. In Bath. Somerset is fecking huge isn't it? I had to drive to Street with work a few weeks ago and I was shocked that it took me an hour and it was still a Bath postcode! I love it down your way. I spent my 40th on Weymouth beach with a pint of beer and a bag of chips, the boys swimming in their pants in a late summer heatwave and some donkeys. And the New Forest and Salisbury <sigh> just proper lovely.

I'm impressed with the new knowledge that Anglesey has the only Waitrose in Wales.

BsshBossh Tue 30-Apr-13 13:37:20

Well done all you losers. Yeah!

I am fasting today and have proven to myself that I can lift heavy (well, heavy for me grin) weights on a completely empty stomach and not pass out. In fact, I feel quite invincible. When I was walking back from the gym I could feel the strength in my legs. I think I am a little bit in love with weight training and just want to do more. My DH is most amused.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Tue 30-Apr-13 13:44:49

tea I think Somerset seems so big because we have crappy roads that only go from a to b via c,d and e (or is that my fantastic sense of direction?). It takes us an hour to get on a motorway! Haven't been to Bath in an age, usually go to Bristol or Taunton. I went to Street a couple of weeks back, shopping at Clarks village. Kitted out the kids but refused to buy stuff for myself until I am small.

Off to plant out my strawberries now. Maybe mow the grass too. Maybe not though, depends if I'm brave enough to go in the shed where the big spiders live.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Tue 30-Apr-13 13:46:28

Go bssh. There's no stopping yougrin

DoubleMum Tue 30-Apr-13 14:10:32

Yay Bssh! Next you'll be consorting with superheros. <Gwynnie? Is that you?>

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 30-Apr-13 20:36:50

Crickey Bssh, you really are a machine!

I'm feeling a bit better today thankfully. (Not sure if I mentioned my cold yesterday, I don't like to make a fuss)

For the first time since we started this chiefing business I'm actually nervous about tomorrow's weigh-in. I really really want to hit that first goal. I just have no idea if I have or not though, I've kept well within my cals every day but between my hideous disease and totm I can't tell if I've lost anything at all.

<positive thoughts, positive thoughts>

dinkydoos Tue 30-Apr-13 20:49:54

Come on randall, you are the consistent weight loser on this thread with n'er a stall! You can do it!
Been gyming again today, it does actually become a bit addictive which I can honestly say, I would have betted my house against saying a phrase such as that a year ago!
Bit jealous of lizzy camping. Love it, but DP working and not back till Saturday midday so seems a lot of faff to get the efffing huge tent we bought in a excited camping mad phase 2 years ago yet have only been arsed to put up once out for a weekend. Adore keycamp styleeeee though, but we now do mobile home type stuff direct with sites, vair much cheaper than uk operators. Hate all the drinking wine, eating cheese with baguettes outside at night though. Big yuk. Or..... grin

TheTigerDidntComeToTea Tue 30-Apr-13 21:32:29

just back from the gym, where I ran!! Well I did 2&1/2 mins walk then 2&1/2 mins very slow run. FIVE times - go me!! Sorry I'm just so impressed with myself, I'm still so huge but thought why not. now got to work on catching Lizzy! grin

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 30-Apr-13 22:55:46

Well done on the gyming Chiefs.

Just had to share this inspirational quote my friend just sent me. I know we don't go for schmaltzy crap here but it still think it's worth sharing.

"Reach for the stars! You won't even come close, but you need the exercise, fat-ass."

BsshBossh Tue 30-Apr-13 22:58:59

The fat-ass alone makes that quote the best.

Shewhojuggles Tue 30-Apr-13 23:30:18

Loving that quote Randall grin Good luck for the weigh in tomorrow - you can do it! I think we do have a similar weight loss goals to healthy but i'm some way behind you on the journey. I'm 5'6 (was 5'7 before DD) so according to the weighing machine a healthy BMI is 8.3 - 11.1. I think if i weighed anywhere near the 8 stone end of that i'd be tumbling down grids but anything healthy or lower would be fab. I also want to shift the baby weight tum shelf but she's 9 now so that's been a very long journey...

Well done on the gym Tiger and Dinky running on the treadmill is well brave!

Anyone fasting tomorrow?

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 30-Apr-13 23:43:18

You shrank shock

Very similar stats then, I'm 5'8" so healthy is 164lbs - 130lbs ish. I've set my goal at 140 as that is slap bang in the middle of healthy and will hopefully give me a bit of leeway. Plus going by the wrist test thing I'm small build which is rather disappointing to say the least as it means I should be nearer the lower end of the BMI range.

Shewhojuggles Wed 01-May-13 00:17:10

Yep, dignity, tummy muscle definition and an inch of my height! good job she's bloody lovely. Well. Most of the time... smile

My ultimate goal is 147 (medium build) but 5 more lbs will take me into the next stone bracket so thats my immediate target then i'll have a think about the next one. I'd said if i lost 2lb this week i would buy myself some Converse but i only lost 1 angry I wanted them for my birthday trip to Paris next week...

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 01-May-13 00:28:32

Gutted, although if it was me I'd be weighing again the day before going just in case!

I know I shouldn't be any more bothered about this weeks weight than any other but I just really want to reach this milestone. Because I haven't set myself any min-goals along the way it feels like this is my first opportunity to actually feel proud of myself. Sort of feels like I'd be half way there iyswim., like I've finally achieved something.

I only need to have lost 1.6lb but it's on the back of two decent losses in a row and coupled with hormones, bloat and my serious illness (which I haven't mentioned and have endured with quiet stoicism) it would just be Sod's law if I missed it.

DarklydreamingofDamon Wed 01-May-13 07:27:12

Indeed Randall - you've been so brave and endured your cold with such quiet dignity! wink Good luck with the weigh-in, but you've already done so incredibly well that you should be feeling v proud!

Shewhojuggles Wed 01-May-13 07:28:17

You should be incredibly proud already, you've massively changed your weight, and think how healthier you already are compared with where you started. I do know its hard when you have set yourself a goal though. If you don't make it this weigh in you definitely will do soon, you are determined Chief grin and have coped with lady flu this week!

I have fingers and toes crossed for you smile

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 01-May-13 08:08:58

Thank you, you're right I know. Psyching myself up for the scales now!

(It's been hard to be nonchelant when I've been enduring such suffering but I don't like to be a burden.)

Bssh you weight lifting machine. Glad you're enjoying it. grin

Tiger fantastic doing the running - that's exactly how I started. Then I increased it to six, seven etc when I was of the larger persuasion. I did lamp-posts at night so no-one could see me so running in the gym is vair brave.

Juggles Awww <sniff> motherly love smile and defo measure the day before. I have a pair of black converse with neon flashes on them - they are just a thing of beauty.

I'd say the same to Randall if you don't quite make it this week, take a look in a couple of days when TOM and feeling shitty is passing. You are such a big loser though wink and you will be healthy.

I'm fasting today. I am gymming it today. I'm struggling with outdoor exercise at the moment. My asthma is really bad - I didn't have the speed and stamina I usually have at hockey last night and Sunday I wheezed all the way around my run. I hope I have lady flu too so hopefully it will pass for the 10k on Sunday but I think it might be hayfever so I will find it hard to finish in a good time. Boo to be being a woman of advancing years.

Lizzylou Wed 01-May-13 08:56:48

Morning Chiefs.

Dinky - I love Keycamp, we are off to a mobile home in SW France this year, v excited. I actually prefer the tents but the loo sitch is better with a mobile grin
Tiger - Go YOU! I started running on the treadmill, upping my running a minute at a time. Then ventured outdoors. No worries, you'll catch me in no time at all, I am a slowcoach!
Randall - love that quote! Don't be too hard on yourself, we are all in awe of your amazing loss!
Bssh - I have been loving the weights at the gym recently. My shoulders and arms have never looked so good and also my obliques. If anyone could tell me how to sort out my pouchy belly that would be grand.
Juggles- go do a poo and see if you can get the converse? Works for these lot!
SDP- camping in London would be quite cool though, no?

So, am knackered, DS1 woke us at 4.30am having vomitted exorcist fashion all over his bed. Then did same in our bed. Luckily DH is able to be off today because I am not good with puke. So, looks like spin is out tonight as I'll have to get back so that DH can take DS2 to Golf lessons. But I may get a run in later on.

Just hope that all bugs are gone before we start camping, that would be BAD.

dinkydoos Wed 01-May-13 09:47:25

Fasting today, so will link arms with tea and juggles as we drink our endless herbal teas.... Sigh.
lizzy which site, I lurve campsite porn actually, takes me ages to choose, unchoose, change mind, rechoose sites each year. We doing one week at an amazing looking site on dordogne which isn't really in keycamp etc brochures but looks awesome www.soleilplage/ and then week two at Can't wait!

dinkydoos Wed 01-May-13 10:03:51

That would be

Lizzylou Wed 01-May-13 10:14:02

Dinky, ooh both look lovely!
We are off Here
Going on 24hr ferry to Santander (so I think I can legimately call it a cruise?) then driving across to France.
We've always done Britanny and Vendee, so being v adventurous this time grin


They all look lovely. I may waft them in front of DH to see whether I can change his mind about camping before DS4 is 5. Looks perfect for us.

DoubleMum Wed 01-May-13 10:31:19

You're all mad. Camping is satanic.

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 01-May-13 10:49:57


Literally by the skin of my teeth but I made it. 164lb exactly, what are the odds?!

Obese to healthy in exactly 16 weeks, I can't believe it.

Couldn't have done it without you Chiefs, I can never thank you enough, you all rock thanks

Now to tone up and get rid of this next 24lbs, yikes!

I'm soooooooo happy for you Randall <manly punch on arm>

Lizzylou Wed 01-May-13 11:24:22

GO RANDALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done you smile

DoubleMum Wed 01-May-13 11:25:23

Yay!! Well done Randall!!

Shewhojuggles Wed 01-May-13 11:30:20

Randall you are a Super Chief!! grin Bloody well done. And in 16 weeks...?!! Brilliant flowers

BsshBossh Wed 01-May-13 11:35:31

Randall whoop whoop! I bet all your fretting about weigh-in helped burn some extra calories too grin.

Tea hope you feel more fighting fit soon.

Tiger well done on the running. I'm up to 15 minutes now having added a minute each week. Trying to get to 30 minutes doing it this way but have suffered a "running stall" this week in that my body just couldn't be arsed to run so I thrust it up an incline of 12% on the treadmill instead!

Randall gotta come back to you with another whoop whoop! You are amazing flowers wine flowers wine

SylviaDaisyPouncer Wed 01-May-13 11:38:10

Go Randall Go Randall <shakes big glittery Pom poms>
You are amazing. All in 16 weeks as wellgrin. You Super Chief!!

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 01-May-13 11:43:43

Thank you grin It doesn't seem real yet.

I got on and off the scales about 10 times just to make sure!

Oh god, I have to actually do some exercise now instead of just talking about it don't I. <wibble>

dinkydoos Wed 01-May-13 11:45:09

randall you star you! That is a really awesome achievement, enjoy it today! You really must look incredibly different.
lizzy have always liked the look of that one, and like the fact that you can walk to a resort, as that's not usually the case with those sites. That area is lovely, and will be sooooo much more reliable than up north. I adore Brittany but last time in Carnac where it rained virtually very day, we decided that we would always go further to guarantee weather.
tea, go on do it. It's really not like camping tbh of you get a mobile home r chalet thing, and even tough we have done lots type holidays, these ones are always my favourite, kids just love it!

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 01-May-13 13:09:25

I am also very pleased to report that The Jeans That Made Me Cry are now actually a little lose!

Fuck you skinny jeans grin

Lizzylou Wed 01-May-13 13:14:50

Great news on the jeans Randall!
And also on the fact that you now have to do the Pilates DVD!
You did say you would grin

You'll be great at it Randall <channels her inner Mr Motivator>

and I love that expression fuck you skinny jeans. I may have to go jean shopping to tell all the jeans to fuck off as they've caused me many a tear over the years.

Erm and Lizzy WTF is an oblique? No idea on tummy exercises, my sag has largely gone, I have a pot now but it's firm. I'm not sure what happened. I think it was Jillian what did it and the exercising on fast days. Though it could just be a by-product of losing weight because my norks are very small now <sobs>

Lizzylou Wed 01-May-13 14:25:54

Tea Obliques, the bits on the sides of your belly.

DoubleMum Wed 01-May-13 14:26:53

Tea I would kill for very small norks! (Not you, obviously)

Everyday really is a school day.

Ahh, in that case I would say you're going along the right path already. My obliques side bits came in before my belly did. If they're already coming in I'd just keep plodding on and do the plank and some stomach crunches between your weights

dinkydoos Wed 01-May-13 14:57:02

Gym gurus ( you know who you are!) tell me how to get rid of the flapping bingo wing look? My biceps are quite good, but my god, still hate my arms cos not tight underneath. They will never be baguette arms ( would sooooo love them to be) but hope I can improve them. Any tips? Very rarely wear sleeveless things cos of my arms and it's v restricting clothes wise....

BsshBossh Wed 01-May-13 15:10:58

dinky as you lose more weight you'll find bingo wings reducing alot (mine were the last bit of my body to reduce but they did). Nonetheless, I like using the exercises on this page if you have access to dumbbells:

Those dips are hard but great. I do those, plus press ups.

I've been using the heavy ball too - think it's called a medicine ball. It looks like a football but is heavy and hardly bounces.

Stand straight, knees slightly bent, tense core, hold ball straight above head. Bring ball down in one swoop to bounce it, catch it and pull above head again.

<goes off to see whether there is an example on the Internet>


The ball is great generally as an introduction to training with a resistance weight. I really enjoy it.

Shewhojuggles Wed 01-May-13 15:59:41

ah, obliques... I now have a name for those pesky saddle bags of chub. I'm starting the Jillian Michaels DVD tonight while OH is away, hoping that will help with improving the midriff area in general. My ankles are too sore for running and i have had the DVD for a while, still wrapped hmm

Dinky I've not used free weights at the gym but i use three of the machines. There is a little picture on the side of each one which shows which muscle group it works. I made a beeline for the one with the highlighted bingo wings smile. How is your fast going? I've only had water and tea so far but ominous rumblings of hunger have started.

Tea press ups?? I salute you

WiseKneeHair Wed 01-May-13 16:23:40

Hello, er, remember me?
I've not been on here for ages and then I couldn't find you! <lower lip wobble>
You are all doing fantastically.
Kudos to Randall - obese to healthy in 16 weeks shock Respect.
I've been really busy since I got back from holiday with work. First real weekend off this weekend. Yay!
I've become addicted to running. Did C25K, now doing a 5-10K program.
I(mostly) ran just under 8K yesterday. When I get stressed now, I don't crave wine and chocolate, but think "when can I go for a run" !!!! Can't believe it. I've always hated my attempts at running before.
I'm on my phone at the moment, but I'm going to catch up on the old thread tonight.
Great going Chiefs. I'm off to weigh some pee now as that seems to be the done thing now. grin
Btw, if anyone newish wants to add me, I'm HappyKite in MFP and a lot more active on there!

BsshBossh Wed 01-May-13 16:25:59

Wise you are a RUNNER! Wow! I am inspired.

DoubleMum Wed 01-May-13 16:30:51

<waves at Wise>

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 01-May-13 16:47:57

Get you Wise a runner!

I really do have to Pilate don't I, can't very well back out now, damn me and my big talk.

I shall dig the DVD player out of the back of the cupboard after work tomorrow, dust it off, and channel my inner Gwynnie.

Believe it or not I am tempted to Shred again too. Just to see if the jumping really is easier without the accompanying Mexican waves of blubber!

Lizzylou Wed 01-May-13 17:10:35

Wise, 8km is awesome, well done you grin

Randall, yep, you kick weight loss arse, now do the same with exercise grin

Manic day at work, home now with Ds1 the patient, will run once Dh is back with Ds2.

Dinky you can also do squats with weights, hold weight in each hand above your head and hinge elbow backwards, pulling weight down to back. iyswim, I can't link on this tablet thingy.

Aren't we all quite marvellous?

dinkydoos Wed 01-May-13 17:27:26

Hello wise we have all been very good chiefs in your absence!
Thanks all for the bingo wing tricep exercises, will give it a go. However (drum roll) I am about to do my first spin class. Am shitting it tbh, have heard the boss lady shouting whilst in gym, and am sooo scared. Hope I can keep up.
juggles just had a scrape of humus and a bite of salmon as was doing kids tea and am starving. Hope those millions of calories will keep me going through the Spin horror. 1815 tonight chiefs, spare me a thought. I will be the glamorous, non sweaty one, with posh gym wear and a bouncy pony tail... not!

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 01-May-13 17:44:31

I did a spin class once. I threw up.

Lizzylou Wed 01-May-13 18:09:08

Dinky envy
I love spin, can't believe I am missing it today. Enjoy grin

Randall, you zipping ip and hollowing?.. stern face....

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 01-May-13 18:14:41

No, I'm about to eat a delicious M&S dinner blush

After work tomorrow, promise!

Lizzylou Wed 01-May-13 19:52:33

Let you off wink
Healthy weight and yummy M&S food, enjoy grin

Run tonight was easiest so far this year. Still looked like a sweaty crimson guppy but felt good. On it like sonic now Chiefs.

dinkydoos Wed 01-May-13 20:12:13

I'm back. Flipping heck. Rather full on, isn't it?
However it has left me non hungry, so am v tempted to not bother eating till tomorrow now, a la bsshh zero fast stylee. Will see...

Lizzylou Wed 01-May-13 20:20:06

Go Dinky! Did you enjoy it?
I never feel like eating after exercise. Except for swimming. Then I want pickled onion Monster Munch like when I was 7 after a Sunday morning swim with my Dad grin

<grabs Wise in a matronly hug around the busom> I'm not sure we're friends so I will be friending you right up sister. Great running, really great.

Spin? Dinks that sounds awesome - not convinced I can do it but if you and Lizzy rave about it enough I might try it, after my 10k, as there is a free class I have access too. And shock at the thought of not eating - I get really hungry about 9.30pm.

Randall you're a better woman than I am I would have fallen on M&S chocolates, bread and cake. Colin the Catepillar cake anyone?

Lizzy I think we went to school together ... on it like sonic ... monster munch after swimming. Ahhhh. The joys of being young in the North-West. And yey to easier run.

I so chose my hard this evening, I chose it, I wrestled it and punched it in the goolies.

DS2 arrived home at 5pm, wailing, waving a bent finger that he couldn't move after his cricket practice. So I grabbed the smallest boy and took a cab to A&E. A lot of prodding and carrying forms around and walking between departments later tis a mere ligament injury me lord. But DH went home via the fish and chip shop THE GOOD ONE and I, YES ME, went in to buy fish and chips for the chaps. I did not get one for me. I did not steal a chip. I cooked fecking chicken and vegetables so I didn't waste the fast. sad <chants I can eat what ever I want tomorrow>

DoubleMum Wed 01-May-13 20:41:43

Well done Tea that really is choosing your hard.

Lizzylou Wed 01-May-13 20:45:38

Bloody hell Tea shock
Go you!
We could be twins. Though I grew up in the Midlands grin I moved oop North for luuurrrrve.
And because I really, really wanted to have frizzy rained on hair every day. Oh yes.

Try spinning, you'd love it.

<snort at frizzy rained on hair>

I feel your pain sister. It's bad in the SW too - I had lovely hair for my four years in Nottingham and eight years down the big smoke. My swishy hair from the hairdressers is no longer. I have no magic serum at home. I look like I did in the 80s when I hate a shite perm. Fecking moisture. Bah!

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 01-May-13 21:34:14

Wow, massive respect for the chip avoidance, that's some hard core chiefing right there.

Spinning is definitely not for me. Apart from the vomitting once I'd span I couldn't walk. I was like sodding Bambie

It seemed to go on forever then just when I though I'd spun my last the lights went down and everyone went mental.

It was all I could do not to cry.

DoubleMum Thu 02-May-13 07:49:31

Aww Randall. Just find something else that doesn't turn into a baby deer.

dinkydoos Thu 02-May-13 09:40:51

Respect to tea re fish and chips, gawd, I adore that smell but only from a good chippy, ooh, and ESP at the seaside...
Anyway, feel the need to shout about this, I did spin and then did not eat at all until this morning can't quite believe it, and weird thing is I have only had tiny bit of muesli as wasn't actually hungry... There is an amazing deli near my office that does great sarnies, so planning ones of those for lunch. Got on scales and had gone back to my low of last week, but was hoping for another pound tbh. Will see how rest of week shapes up.
I sort of hated yet loved Spin, was a bit full on, but I could see the attraction. Will go again I think. Have a good Day all - randall you know we are expecting the exercise update later grin

DoubleMum Thu 02-May-13 09:51:49

Well done Dinky!

WiseKneeHair Thu 02-May-13 13:27:21

Aw, Guys, thanks for welcoming me back.
Well done Dinky. I'm with Randall on this one though, spinning is the work of the devil. I only did it once, circa 1995, when I was at my fittest and it was purgatory! I vowed to never, ever do it again.
Randall we are waiting for your exercise update now. You're not allowed to be a healthy weight and not do it. I'd go for Jillian, personally, and sod the wobble.
Tea respect for the chip abstinence. I bow before you. I think we may have gone to school together as I grew up in the NW. I also now live in Nottingham, but don't have particularly lovely hair.
Lizzy Yay for the good run. I occasionally have one of those and then the next one tends to be really hard, so I hope it doesn't bite you in the very firm, I'm sure bum!

DH wants to buy some kettle weight thingamabobs and I said I'd go halves with him. I've no idea how to use them, but they're meant to be good for you, aren't they?
I'm running again tonight as part of my quest of being able to run for one hour without walking and also as I am probably going to do my first Parkrun this Saturday as long as I can get out of bed
Then we have our first family weekend for three weeks. grin

WiseKneeHair Thu 02-May-13 13:30:20

<runs back in>

I forgot! How could I forget?
V excited as I booked our summer holiday last night. We are off to Menorca for 10 days at the end of July/beginning of August, so I have just under 13 weeks to lose 9lbs and get to a healthy BMI! Eek! Better get running...

Lizzylou Thu 02-May-13 18:58:47

Ooh Menorca, how lovely Wise grin
You have inspired me to start doing my old 8km run I did a few years ago when I was training for the 10km. Did the 10km and never ran that far again blush
I really should do it, my arse and thighs have never been as good as when I used to run 8km 3x a week. Me all over though, have a goal, train like a mad bugger for it, complete goal and go back to old sloth like ways, eating cake and drinking wine like it's going out of fashion grin

Good day today and have been to gym on way home, whilst dh and boys went out for a chippy tea envy

Lovely weather!

Hmmm. I'm not sure whether spinning is something I will enjoy [terrified]

Wise Kettles are brill. I went to a session using just them last week and it was mental. I loved them actually. And yey to ParkRun-ing, is that at Woollaton? I used to live near there and The Park [poshest moment of my life emoticon] There isn't one near me.

Menorca <gazes into the distance wistfully>. You will get there. The 9lbs. That is, I assume you've got a plane booked for Menorca so I'm sure you'll get there too.

Lizzy It seems you and I are sisters separated at birth, this is my problem too. I may have reached my new goal today <vague about what I decided> and so I've eaten like a horse, I'm there and therefore am going back to old ways. Maybe it's because we have a bug in the family and because I've been fasting and training for the 10k, or because I'm there, but feck me I'm so hungry I could eat a scabby horse between two mattresses - passed off as beef n'atch. Perhaps this means that I'm not quite ready to just trust myself with one fast day. I suspect that some times of the month I may still need to do 2 just to counter my love of chocolate and cake. Anyway my BMI is 21.34 and I'm mid-range on the healthy. The next two days I'm eating normally with very light exercise so I'll be like a greyhound st bernard with my own barrel out of the blocks of the 10k. Once I've done the 10k I will work out what I'm doing next grin to avoid the sloth setting in.

And Randall I wanted your M&S dinner. It looked lovely.

Though I do confess I'm starting to look at Double's diary and wonder whether living in her garage with the red wine and that menu would be my idea of heaven.

DoubleMum Thu 02-May-13 21:40:18

Trouble is I'm not having the red wine with the nice menu!

DoubleMum Thu 02-May-13 21:42:34

In fact if you don't all come up tomorrow you'll miss the wine as my parents are taking it back with them. However, my garage does have some other delights - 2 sacks of granary bread flour, some pot noodles, lots of tins of potatoes (in case of zombie apocalypse), a splendiferous present drawer and numerous packs of dumpling mix and flapjacks from Approved Foods.

If your parents open the garage and find a number of slightly deranged ladies of a certain age, who are doing star jumps and lunging whilst tracking poo size on a graph, sipping red wine through a straw you'll know what happened. We may have a tent with us. And the wine might have gone.

DoubleMum Thu 02-May-13 22:01:22

OK. I can see it's going to be a freaky weekend.

DoubleMum Thu 02-May-13 22:02:39

Actually I just remembered there's Baileys and tins of cocktails in the garage fridge too. You might want to start there first.

Your garage sounds ace.

I have five bikes, some camping gear and loads of sports shite that one kid has grown out of but another hasn't grown into.

The best thing that ever happened in my garage was it had a fire and I got firemen in it.

Wine, cocktails, baileys and potatoes sound way more exciting than 8 firemen <starts to wonder whether this is the peri-menopause setting in>

Perhaps we could get your garage and mine together wink

Shewhojuggles Fri 03-May-13 09:48:04

Morning Chiefs.

Tea well done on reaching the new goal.

Wise I've added you on MFP, 8k is amazing btw! I'm on week 4 of C25K so any tips muchly appreciated. I'm very jealous of your family weekend. I've just taken my daughter to school then she is away with her Dad until Monday afternoon and my OH is working all weekend. Was a bit weepy about the whole thing last night and drowned my sorrows in red wine. Feeling very delicate sorry for myself today and have lots of work to do sad I'm also a bad chief and have just had a piece of toast with butter. Didnt even enjoy it.

Kick up the backside please.

Or maybe i should go and sit in Double's garage until i feel better...

DoubleMum Fri 03-May-13 10:08:11

Shewhojuggles that's not very nice they're all going to be away. sad
Can you do something nice just for you? Spa treatment? At least it's going to be a lovely weekend if you like sunbathing ...
DH just texted me to say all his workmates have gone down for a bacon sarnie. I'm actually quite surprised he hasn't gone, well done him! I bet the weight's just going to drop off him now and it'll be really annoying!

Shewhojuggles Fri 03-May-13 11:40:30

Well done indeed! I wish i had such willpower. I do think for some men the weight seems to drop off easier. Is he fasting too?

I'm planning to do lots of gym and maybe some shopping tomorrow. Sods law yesterday's glorious sunshine is nowhere to be seen today although the forcast for the weekend is lovely smile

DoubleMum Fri 03-May-13 11:48:06

He's not fasting, just doing the same healthy eating as me but with a few extra calories. Don't know how long I can keep it up though, all this veg is very expensive.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Fri 03-May-13 13:06:01

Having serious garage envy here envy

We only have a shed full of spiders gardening stuff but no garage. I'm intrigued by the stocks of dumpling mix double I think we should organise a tour, ending up at teas and her firemen grin

juggles keep busy and it won't be long before everyone is back. Or you can borrow my dh, he has man flu and is a delight. If you're feeling up for a challenge have dd as well, she likes to scream but can be bought with stickers. Ds is at a friends this weekend but his eye rolling and smart remarks make him a most enjoyable pre teen!

I think my scales are unwell. They are reading between 166 and 173 lb. I would like to take the lowest and run with that but realistically I haven't lost that much. Will change the batteries and see if it makes them more decisive.

If the weathers good this weekend then it's time to dust off the barbecue I think. No big plans as we are away soon plus I'm working Monday.

Oh, had a letter from the dr today inviting me to the old gimmers check up. They could have waited until after my birthday to remind me I'm getting on. However, it will be good to go there having lost a fair bit of weight and be able to say I do exercise. At least I will get an accurate weight reading.

Hope everyone has a lovely bank hol weekend!

Double I had that with DH, he restricted calories, didn't increase exercise and he hit his target at the start of April. His problem now - unless he eats huge amounts is not dropping below target. With the food I eat this is a real problem. I have a very different metabolism. Grrrr.

I hope you can continue to find the cash for the fresh stuff. I'm such a fan of them. Have you thought about a market trader when he/she is about to pack up? What about frozen? How about bulk ordering things like chicken breast on-line.

I wish I were Randalling this weekend. I am having a quiet one too Juggles - boys all doing lots of activities. DH is out a lot doing rugby stuff. Just me and the little one (again). I won't even be able to drink on Saturday night. sad But I will have beer on Sunday after the race. smile

SDP I got on my scales two days ago and they told me I was 97lbs - I'd lost stones or a leg over night. I had to sit down and I'm still not quite over the shock. Wish I'd taken a photo. Good idea about the new batteries. And be warned they take blood at the old gimmer check up. I was a little shocked.

Lizzylou Fri 03-May-13 15:01:11

Should I have had an old gimmer check up? shock


DoubleMum Fri 03-May-13 15:57:38

What's an old gimmer's check up?!
Tea have got some frozen peppers and will see what they're like, but carrots just aren't the same frozen. : (

Shewhojuggles Fri 03-May-13 16:38:42

ahh thanks SDP your mention of smart remarks and eye rolling has reminded me why a weekend sans child is quite pleasant smile Can i borrow the broken scales please? I'd like to pretend i'm about 20 pounds lighter than i really am!

I think that you can get cheap (and good quality) veg in Aldi Double. I know what you mean, i spend a fortune on fruit in particular every week. Frozen berries and spinach are good and cheap though.

When you hit 40 you get invited in for them to assess things like heart, diabetes etc. risk. I think if you do go into a high risk group they help people give up smoking. It's where I found out your doc can refer you for 3 months free at the gym if you hit certain qualifying criteria.

DoubleMum Fri 03-May-13 17:20:19

I'm 43 and I've never been invited for any such thing. <channels outrage>
I do buy most of my veg from Aldi Shewhojuggles but this is working out much more expensive than my usual meals.

I think it's new this year as DH wasn't invited either. He asked for it and they did it for him. You could always ask . wink

DoubleMum Fri 03-May-13 17:52:34

Actually I'm not sure I want to know ...

SylviaDaisyPouncer Fri 03-May-13 18:04:43

3 months free gym?

Well then I will booking the gimmer check up ASAP! I've just cancelled my gym membership as they hoiked up their prices (again) yet never plough the money back in to doing up the showers and pool area. Currently looking for a nice new gym so will be enquiring during my check up.

tea my letter did mention a finger prick test for cholesterol but didn't mention they wanted blood from a proper needleshock. Now tell me that's the worst, they aren't going to have me in a state of undress poking and prodding me are they?

I get my veg in Lidl (no Aldi here), but I guess it's the same price. Farmfoods sometimes have huge cheap bags of potatoes if you time it right. I grow some of my own, plus my Dad grows A LOT of veg which is great when it's all ready. But I agree that if you want a good selection/variety on your plate every day that's a lot of veg and money.

Scales are still being bad even after a battery change that will teach me for buying the cheap ones

BsshBossh Fri 03-May-13 18:26:25

I'm (nearly) 43 too and haven't been asked in. I wanna be invited! I'll ask my doc, thanks for the tip Tea.

dinkydoos Fri 03-May-13 19:40:30

Hello all. Getting in a final fast for week (3rd) seeing as it's a 3 day weekend and I will probably do my usual randalling.
Have had old gimmer checks last 3years through a work scheme which is how I found out low carbing, whilst it worked weight wise, played havoc on my cholesterol levels...
Please can I come to your garage double, will bring a nice stew to go with your dumplings!
Me too seeing a big increase in shopping bills, but at least not as bad as when low carbing, that was ridiculous!

BsshBossh Fri 03-May-13 20:05:26

Dinky it's so odd because since I started fasting my weekly shopping bill has gone down. We've always bought fresh veg, meat and fish and that's not changed much but it's the lunch-on-the-runs, breakfast bread/cereals and ready meals (the few that I used to eat when DH works late) that have almost been elminated from my food budget. I'm saving quite a few £s each week and spending them instead on new skinny jeans.

dinkydoos Fri 03-May-13 20:22:49

Think my increase in shopping is more to do with my desires for nice stuff on non fast days. Lots of posh loaves of bread, poncey olives and the like!

SylviaDaisyPouncer Sat 04-May-13 10:05:23

Just a quick share......I am wearing pre pregnancy jeans and they fit!!

Go me!

Dd is nearly 3 so not bad going. But couldn't even nearly get them done up 2 months ago.

All do a quick celebration jig for me then return to your Bank Holsgrin

BambieO Sat 04-May-13 10:44:55

Hahaha love the new name, glad I have found you all again, I seem to have been sucked into the world of MFP and have been neglecting the threads blush glad you are all still doing fabulously

DoubleMum Sat 04-May-13 12:03:30

Doing a little jig for you here Sylvia. (Can I log it?)
How's it going Bambie?
Major tidying/cleaning going on here in honour of parental visit. Have just sat down for a cup of tea.

BambieO Sat 04-May-13 12:16:00

So far so good double, 34 pounds down now so am at my pre baby weight again finally. I think I am a little addicted to MFP though as my target keeps changing. At first I didn't think I would ever see 11 stone again and now I am determined to get back to the 10's and stay there. I am quite tall so 9's are a no go for me but would be chuffed with anything in the 10's.

How are you doing this week? I can't believe the glorious sunshine has gone sad

Shewhojuggles Sat 04-May-13 12:57:51

Well done SDP bet you feel brill! Jigging in celebration here, in the almost but not quite sunshine smile

Hi BambieO <waves>

Double hope you are logging all the hardwork on MFP?!

Hope you are all enjoying the start of the long weekend.

BambieO Sat 04-May-13 19:16:40

Hi shewhojuggles it's good to be back! This is where it all started for me, feels like home grin

BsshBossh Sat 04-May-13 20:37:03

Well done SDP for getting into your pre-pregnancy jeans.

Bambie I'm thinking of changing my target now I've reached goal weight. I've checked all the BMI/healthy weight/body fat charts and am wondering whether I would still look good another 10 lbs down. I'm over 40 now and have a naturally curvy body which Dh and I like, especially now I am officially a healthy BMI. I think I'll step up the weight training as originally planned, continue with the fasting, and take it a lb at a time. If I don't like what I see in the mirror then I'll reassess...

Anyway, let's see how I go.

WiseKneeHair Sat 04-May-13 21:07:29

Hi all. I think I want to live in double's garage as long as there are no spiders although it may not be good for my weight loss! Well done on the cleaning frenzy.
Welcome back here, too BambieO
Also jiggling for SDP for getting into her pre-pregnancy jeans. grin my youngest is 4.5, do you think I can blame my fat on him? wink
Bssh I know what you mean. I am starting to look at body fat as much as weight and I think when I get to around where I want to be, I'll concentrate on body recomposition.
I ran my first Parkrun this morning and really enjoyed it. Hoping to do it again next week. Think my next step is to join a running club! Makes me nervous thinking about it, but I think it would be beneficial and enjoyable.
Enjoy the Bank Holiday everyone. Think we are taking a picnic to Clumber park in Sherwood Forest tomorrow, so fingers crossed for nice weather. grin

RandallPinkFloyd Sun 05-May-13 08:33:05

Right, I've been a miserable old mopey pants the last few days but am off out Randalling today so I shall pull myself together!

Fantastic news on the jeans Sylvia there's nothing like the feeling of defeating a pair of bastard jeans!

Good to see you Bambie although I see from your MFP that you are doing stonkingly well so in whoops for you grin

Have a fab rest of the bank holiday weekend chiefs. Onwards and downwards.

DoubleMum Sun 05-May-13 10:17:17

Hope you're alright Ms Mopey Pants.

BambieO Sun 05-May-13 19:52:04

Me too Bssh, although I want to hit 10 stone 10 to give myself a bit of room to play with so a couple more pounds to go and then I will be concentrating on toning and body fat I think, it's all so complicated!

Thanks Randall smile I have been trying really hard so I'm pleased its working, still a bit flabby around the gills though so must try harder over the next few weeks. How are you feeling today, are the mopey pants banished? You are doing so well.

Hi knee! Brilliant news on the park run! And SDP fantastic news on the jeans you must be so pleased

Hope you are all having lovely weekends

DoubleMum Mon 06-May-13 18:09:21

Lovely weekend and mostly good, but had a surprise pub lunch today and it involved chips. Naughty!

BambieO Mon 06-May-13 19:52:37

Haha it's got to be done double smile

Mmmmmmm chips.

This weekend I started off doing a Lizzy and I finished it by channelling my inner Randall.

Wise - that's great a running club and your first park run. I wish there was one near me. I fancy a challenge to improve times.

SDP you look right lovely in your jeans. You go girl grin and tell em to feck off on your way out of them again and into a smaller size

Yey Bambie good to see you.

Randall hope the Randalling paid off and brought much sunshine and booze to your life.

I did it. I did it. I did it. The 10k. And I did it in 55.26 which I'm pleased with - passed my own expectations massively. And I had energy in the bank at the end to run a mile to catch the train home after a pint of lager to rehydrate with my pals. And if I'd have lined up with the right time at the start I would have been probably a minute quicker as I got caught behind a lot of slower runners for the first 6k. I really enjoyed it. So I'm now thinking of doing a half marathon on my 41st birthday - 16 weeks time. Not sure if that's a stupid thing to do but I will decide by the end of the week when I've invested in new trainers - mine are older than my youngest child and I use them daily at the moment shock

Unfortunately I managed to wet myself no pooing though when I speeded up to under 8mins per mile during the last 4K. So as well as new trainers I might need to have a look to see if there is a solution to stress incontinence. It is not glamorous being an old fucker <sigh>

Lizzylou Mon 06-May-13 21:11:41

Tea, that time is amazing, truly!!
I wet myself on my first ever sponsored race thing too, was only 5km, but there was a queue before the race and..... blush
You are far faster than me, truly.

I have spent weekend in a tent in gale force winds with the shits!? When I had nothing left in my body to produce said shits, it went all alienesque belly rumbling and windy. With rotten egg breath. I had no wine due to stomach probs and so didn't sleep for 2 nights, lying listening to howling wind and next tent snoring like bastards. So we came home last night and all is well.

Went on scales this morning anticipating fab loss, nowt. I am seriously considering just hacking off a limb.
Certainly less embarrassing than having explosive squits in campsite loos.

Glad to be back!

SylviaDaisyPouncer Mon 06-May-13 22:20:04

lizzy that sounds awful, bet you are v glad to be home and feeling 100% soon.

tea well done, that's fan bloomin tastic impressive running. Was it the one in Bristol? The local radio were talking about it today and I thought of you (running gracefully, not peeing yourself!) I feel your pain there though, just star jumping worries me, wish I'd done my pelvic floors like the mw said. Half marathon sounds beyond impressive, you star!

Hectic work day then barbecue here today. Dh only had dd to look after and has been sparked out on the sofa for the last hour. Hard life eh?

Fasters, tell me something.... Does the fasting day have to be say 7-7 or any 24 hour period? I only ask because I did a trial yesterday/today from 5pm yesterday until 5pm today, just sticking to max 500 cal. I reckon I could do it this way but would struggle starting at 7am for example and going through. Any ideas?

DoubleMum Tue 07-May-13 06:55:50

Tea that's fantastic! Really well done you (for the fast running, not the weeing). A half marathon is like science fiction to me.
Sorry you had a crappy weekend Lizzy (pun absolutely intended). I bet the weight all comes off next week though. At the moment your body is thinking 'Bloody hell, we'd better hold on to everything we've got!' Next week when you're less squitty it'll be happier to let go.
Sylvia I always did fasting in the same day, so let's say I had dinner at 6 the night before I'd try to wait until 6 that day to eat anything. I found it was better than splitting it into smaller meals anyway as once I'd starting eating I didn't want to stop at something little. But in the TV programme he didn't do 24 hr fasts, he just confined himself to 500 (600 for men) cals so there's definitely health benefits to that as well.
Have lost 5.2 lbs which am very happy with. That takes me over 2 stone and also over 10% of my body weight so definitely a nice milestone.

BsshBossh Tue 07-May-13 08:17:33

Tea that's an amazing achievement. Wow! And here was I thinking, "Oh I can't be arsed to run 15 minutes (my current maximum), I'll just ease my way into today's workout with a 10 minute run." Well, can't do that now seeing your post; gonna have to crack on with the running now.

Double terrific loss, that healthy diet plan of RG is definitely working for you.

Lizzy we've all be where you are, just keep at it, eventually (as you well know) the lbs drop again.

SDP I always do a 24 hour fast cause I find it easier to eat at a single setting. And I try and make that "break fast" meal as close to bedtime as possible so I'm not tempted to overshoot my 500 calories. This means I fast from 9pm on, say, Monday to 9pm on Tuesday. Dr M split his meals but only because he liked eating two meals with his family (and he admitted he found it hard to wait a full 24 hours).

BsshBossh Tue 07-May-13 08:22:11

SDP forgot to add, just do it any way that makes it easier for you to stick with. Eventually, as you get more used to fasting, you can build up to a full 24 hour fast. Health benefits are optimum (apparently) around 24-36 hours but any break you can give your digestion would allow your body to repair itself eg 12 hours or 16 hours.

Lizzylou Tue 07-May-13 09:00:19

Double, you star! Well done smile

Bssh, I know and now my stomach has settled I am back down to weight I was before.
I am planning a "Tea" run tonight as well, couldn't have done it yesterday, oh no.

Gorgeous day and I am back at work! Boooooo.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 07-May-13 10:21:11

Wowzers Tea well done you, a half marathon next shock you rock! (Soz about the pissing and all that)

Lizzy gutted you had such a rubbish time in the fair country of mine, I hope you don't bear any grudges and come back soon. I reckons the weight will come off this week, it's probably just post-shits bloat.

Double what can I say, 5lbs in a week is simply amazing, you must be so pleased with yourself. You bloody deserved those chips!

I have Randalled my little arse off for the last 2 days and it was fab. Lovely pubby day with friends on Sunday and spent the day in the sun in Chester with DS and XH yesterday. Had a fat tea in Frankie & Benny's but did loads of walking too so hopefully that offset some of it!

I did 2 fast days Thursday and Friday in preparation and I'll do another 2 today and tomorrow to repent so that will have to do.

I'm not too bothered tbh as the weekend has really lofted me out of the guns. My friends finally noticed I'd lost weight, although they were all shocked at how much. Turns out I really had hidden the extend of my lardiness very well!

Plus The Jeans That Made Me Cry are now so lose that I've invested in a smaller size. I haven't tried them on yet but they have been dubbed The Pants of Motivation. I haven't worn size 12 jeans for well over ten years. Fuck you skinny jeans, fuck you right up the arse!

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 07-May-13 10:22:54

Lofted me out of the guns? What the frick does that mean?

* lifted me out of the glums!

<iPad stealth boast>

Lizzylou Tue 07-May-13 10:24:43

Oh no Randall, I lived in Wales for 4 years and it very much holds a special place in my heart, have been called Miss Wannabe Welsh smile
Except for when the bloody rugby is on!

Glad you had a lovely weekend of Randalling and well done you on size 12s!

DoubleMum Tue 07-May-13 10:57:37

Fab news on the Pants of Motivation Randall. I expect when you're not looking they'll give the Jeans Which Made You Cry a good spanking.
Very nice that people started noticing at last. Nobody here has noticed yet so I guess I've got at least another stone to go before I can expect any comments. Good motivation to keep on eating the veg though (as long as my bank balance can take it).

DoubleMum Tue 07-May-13 10:58:21

Also I was imagining you being fired out of some kind of cannon which seemed rather extreme, so relieved you corrected.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 07-May-13 11:15:43

Double that made me lol!

Glad you still love the hills despite its effect on your arse Lizzy however if you really do want to be welsh I'm going to have to have a word with you about your shocking attitude towards our national game angry

People have only really started noticing my weight-loss once I hit the 3 stone+ mark. I think when you've got a lot to lose it sort of comes off all over so it's not so noticible iyswim. Plus I think people are worried about upsetting the fatty by mentioning it just in case they're mistaken and you're just wearing better clothes!

Certainly my friends were shocked but I think they were more shocked that they hadn't realised how fat I actually was if that makes any sense.

DoubleMum Tue 07-May-13 11:37:05

I've always thought, Randall, that I don't look as if I weigh what I actually weigh. But I thought that might be wishful thinking.

BsshBossh Tue 07-May-13 11:44:30

Randall hurrah on a lower size jean! I've had people saying to me, just last week, that they had noticed I'd lost weight but hadn't wanted to mention it to me in case they offended me (ie that they'd noticed I'd been oerweight in the first place). They only brought it up for the first time last week because they heard me talking about exercise with someone else. Very sweet of them.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 07-May-13 11:52:12

That exactly it Bssh, somehow "have you lost weight?" gets translated to "god, you got fat didn't you?".

You probably don't double, I didn't. That sounds like I'm in denial I know but at 15 stone I was still only ever a size 16. I've dropped well over 3 stone but only one dress size.

I read in a magazine the other day about someone who lost the same amount of weight as I have and dropped 5 sizes confused

DoubleMum Tue 07-May-13 12:24:31

Easier on the wallet to drop one dress size rather than 5!

LaundryLegoLunch Tue 07-May-13 12:57:54

(I'm HeyHeySaturday under a name change)

Ah, I do feel a bit better about you only dropping a size too. I've lost 2 stone and while my size 16's feel huge, when I tried a 14 a couple of weeks ago it was too tight confused. I think I was probably actually a size 18 before but in denial so maybe my clothes got stretched?

This week loads of people have commented on my loss, I guess the better weather means fewer clothes and therefore it's more noticeable. It's an amazing motivator though when you get a lot of compliments grin

DoubleMum Tue 07-May-13 13:01:49

I've gone down one size in trousers Lego but I'm wearing the same clothes (I wear pretty much the same clothes - multiple ones - the whole time, that's how very exciting I am) so perhaps it's hard to tell.

DoubleMum Tue 07-May-13 13:02:42

And that's lovely that you're getting lots of compliments. smile

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 07-May-13 13:20:40

Kudos on the compliments, it's an awesome motivator isn't it!

There seems to be a huge gap between size 14 and size 16. Size 14 stuff now fits perfectly (apart from the aforementioned jeans!) but my old size 16 stuff looks massive. It seems like maybe 'fat size' starts at 16 so the cut is totally different or something because 18's were only slightly big. It's weird. My belt is about 4 inches tighter but my pants are only one size smaller confused

LaundryLegoLunch Tue 07-May-13 13:32:50

Lol at 'fat size'

LillethTheCat Tue 07-May-13 13:55:29


Not sure if any of you may remember me. I was on the last thread, but my laptop broke so had to use DH's ipad to check emails and I couldn't get used to it for MNing so have been without for a while, but now Im back grin and lighter than before grin

Just popping in to say hi while I catch up with other internet activities Im doing. Will be back in a bit properly.

WiseKneeHair Tue 07-May-13 16:53:44

Wow Tea well done on the 10k! As Jillian would say, you are aspiration all! Now go and run the half marathon! grin I would love to be able to run that quick!
Sorry you had the squits Lizzy can't think of much worse than having that whilst camping!
Well done on the Pants of Motivation Randall I grew up in crappy lovely Ellesmere Port and have many fond memories of getting drunk in Chester. grin
Well done on the fabulous weight loss Double, it's a major milestone to get to 10% loss, I'm sure there is some study that shows that is where the health benefits start coming in.
Welcome back Lilleth, my how slim your got! grin
I've eaten/drank over 550 calories in Costa this afternoon shock because DS3 had his first taster session at school and I was nervous! He was fine and you would think after being through this twice before, I would be too. Obviously not, though! I've not comfort/ stress ate for a while, so I'm not going to be too hard on myself and I'll try and go for a run tonight to partially make up for it.
Keep Chiefing everyone.

Lizzylou Tue 07-May-13 17:53:21

Hi Lilleth and well done smile

Wise, aww, it's only natural, I am hoping for a run tonight as well. Will have to miss spinning again tomorrow as Dh is at work thing and I have to take Ds' s to golf lessons. Will be able to go to gym whilst they are there though, not all bad.

Sizes in general have gone bonkers I think. I have 3 pairs of H&M chinos in different colours. All size 14. One pair fall down without a belt (I heart these), one pair fit perfectly, the others are slightly tight on the thighs and hips. All same style confused

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 07-May-13 19:20:35

The slightly tight ones are clearly defective.

Lizzylou Tue 07-May-13 19:53:50

Oh yes, the very loose fall down ones are obv true size grin
Have ran, was difficult at first as was feeling a bit weak and feeble after the weekend of minging bug. Got better though. I also realised why people have thought I was a fast runner, have been logging at 9min mile when it is 10 blush I do a 9min mile on treadmill for no longer than 15mins, but not for a 5km. Luckily I don't eat back my exercise calories.
I most certainly am not in Tea supersprinter's league grin

Lizzy - you poor thing - there is nothing worse that feeling wretched in a tent. Glad you're feeling a bit better though. I think the only reason I was fast is because Bristol is flat compared to the hills I have to run in Bath. Normally I'm a 10-11 minute mile girl - perhaps the excitement of the race or the need to get off the course because of the pissing

I think you've got more determination than me - I was meant to run yesterday but I seem to swerve past the gym and missed it when I got off the train. Not sure how that happens. I was also meant to fast but I fell of the wagon big style - I went to meet a lovely MNetter who needed some ears - and it seemed rude to refuse the food offered and I needed cake when I got home just to get the energy to walk home.

Welcome back Lilleth and whooping right at you being lighter. You look good girl.

Lego I'm having the same issue with trousers. I've gone down a dress size and skirt size but my thighs and bum seem to make the next size down a little tight. Though the waist is baggy. I hate my shape for trousers. I have a lovely pair of royal blue skinny cigarette pants which I wore out for lunch .... sitting down was a challenge and don't even get me on the walking up stairs.

Lovely about the compliments from people for all the dudes on the thread.

I too have fond memories of getting drunk in Chester <sighs and remembers that her pants and bras used to match in the days of drinking in Chester>

Double FECK ME CHIEF. BRILLIANT. On being able to keep up affording the food. Drastic measures perhaps? Could you sell one of the kids? Send one of them up chimneys? Rent out your DH? Well done. You really, really deserve that grin

Wise Oh bless. How did it go? Did DC enjoy? I quite like a costa binge grin


dinkydoos Wed 08-May-13 09:35:16

Well done double awesome loss for you last week! And tea proper respect for your run. I am shite at running, truly I am, but I finally had my gym induction yesterday with a gorgeous young fit trainer and he told me just to power walk instead, on a big incline, he said he hadn't run in over a year and he looked pretty good to me! Asked him lots of questions on how to get rid if the bingo wings so we will see. Think a scalpel would work best tbh...
Still sort of same weight which after 4 fasts in last week or so, including one fecking zero fast, I am not that impressed with. Must be all my muscle... wink
Welcome back lileth you have done sooo well. And lizzy can so sympathise with h&m sizing nonsense, I recently bought 3 tops all the same, as I had tried one on and liked. Then when I tried to wear the other colours the arms were much tighter on the second two ( shudders remembering stuffed sausage arm look). Gosh I'm a catch....
Glad to hear you did some good randalling randall , if we cant rely on you to have a bit of fun on our behalf then where would we be?
Right enough essaying, must do some work...

dinkydoos Wed 08-May-13 09:36:41

Oh and wise 550 cals in Costa? That's only a bite of a cake in there isn't it??? If you try a teeny bit harder you can easily do a quick 1000 if you put your mind to it grin

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 08-May-13 09:48:11

I love the days when my underwear accidentally matches. Really makes me feel like I've got my shit together!

When XDH and I first separated I used to always paint my nails. You can't possibly be having a complete live destroying melt-down if you've got nice nails. Painted nails = coping like a bad ass!

Clothes sizes really are weird aren't they. I think the cut off really is size 14. Anything over that and you've clearly let yourself go so couldnt possibly want your clothes to have any kind of shape hmm

My size 16 jeans were so baggy all over that I could take them off without unfastening them, the legs and arse looked like clown pants. Only then did size 14 just about fasten. (And I really do mean fasten, not fit. The muffin top was stunning!)

Now the size 14's are just starting to get slightly lose and the size 12's already almost fasten. Another inch or so and they'll be fine.

Tops are the same, 16's look like shapeless tents but 12's are only slightly tight. Perhaps if my budget stretched further than New Loook I wouldn't have quite the same issues blush

WiseKneeHair Wed 08-May-13 09:48:35

Ok, so I'm hiding in the snug in my PJ's whilst a man fixes our shower! Had to rush into work in the middle of the night whilst very grumpy and half asleep so thought I'd have a bit of a lie in this morning. I forgot he was coming and now feel trapped. grin we do have a ridiculous number of showers in this house, so can shower in another one, but I'm being silly and don't want too. Should really go to work, but looks like I'm stuck MNing instead.
Tea I'm pretty sure you are allowed cake after a 10k. In fact, isn't that the main reason to do one? And yes, DS did enjoy it, but said he didn't want to go again! Oops! Never mind, he's only got 14 years to go.
dinky sorry, I'll do better next time and aim for th 1000 calories.
I agree with the sizing oddness. I bought two Seasalt dresses last week. Same style, different patterm. A size 12 in one fit perfectly, but drowned me in the other pattern. So, I ended up getting a slightly tight 10 in that pattern with the aim that I would shrink into it. grin

DoubleMum Wed 08-May-13 10:20:08

I'm not sure my underwear ever matches except if I just happen to be wearing a white bra at the same time as white pants. I don't think I own any matching underwear. Does this mean when I'm thin I have to bother about stuff like matching underwear?! As really I cannot be arsed.

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 08-May-13 11:21:38

Oh, I only mean the same basic colour palate. Good lord, I haven't bought an actual matching set in about 10 years!

At the moment I only have one bra that fits. That's really bad isn't it, I really need to pluck up the courage to get measured. Between my amazing pregnancy norks shrinking to become chest flaps and losing weight around my back I have absolutely no idea what size I am blush

DoubleMum Wed 08-May-13 11:35:55

Have to say getting measured is one of my personal dreads. I shall put it off as long as humanly possible.

LaundryLegoLunch Wed 08-May-13 12:08:34

Stupidly I often buy matching sets but never rarely wear them. It's standard M&S comfy pants all the way.

Have just bought four pairs of jeans in size 14, haven't tried them on yet but surely one will fit?!? If they do I'll be blinking delighted, I had resigned myself to always being a 16.

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 08-May-13 12:36:44

I'll bet they look fab!

I defy you not to shout " fuck you skinny jeans" at them though. It's so immensely satisfying I can't tell you grin

LillethTheCat Wed 08-May-13 12:49:38

Tea well done on the 10K. I did one the week before and was chuffed to get under an hour (59:04), would love to knock some more time off that before the end of the summer. I plan to do some more 10Ks this year and finish the year with a 10 miler in November.

Im considering trying to get on a very popular half marathon in Jan, but a bit nervous as it is so popular and its usually only regular club runners who take part in it. I dont want to be last, but I suppose someone has to be. The good thing about it is that it is completely and utterly flat. Failing that I will do the half marathon on the North in Sunderland next April (will do that anyway)

This morning I went out for a 7 mile run. I was back, showered and dressed by half 7. Good way to start the day, but I feel tired now.

Lizzy sorry to hear you've been ill, while away too sad Hope you feel better now though.

Randall Size 12 envy. Im hoping to get into that size this year. Currently a big 14.

I have some matching sets of underwear, but that was only because a couple of years ago I had a christmas job at M&S in the lingerie department. I never wear them. T-Shirt bras and pants that come in packs of 5 for me.

Good news on the compliments everyone <hopes they are not far off for me>

Wise smile ... cute.

New jeans to shout fuck you at. Brilliant Lego

I brought some matching underwear for my wedding day but ended up wearing the new bra with some comfy pants to go under the spanx. I hid the nice pants in the bathroom so I could be all nicey, matchy, pants and brasy for new DH. He was too pished to notice. I have since this point made feck all effort. I too feel smug on the days that I have black everything on, not so smug on the white days as they tend to be a variety of shades of grey.

I may buy underwear when I win the lottery. I too need a new bra measurement as my norks have gone since the intervention thread with the last 7lbs. I have no bras that fit. I'm using t-shirt bra things from M&S at the moment and hoping no-one notices, other than the toddler who likes to put his hand in for a good fondle whilst shouting "boobs"

Lilleth Another good time there smile Are you talking about TGNR? <respectful silence> I would fancy doing that too but I think I will do the Bristol and maybe the Bath and then retire before I get to 42 because at that age I will discover the meaning of life, and I know the meaning of life does not involving running. It involves gin and cake.

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 08-May-13 18:00:49

Oh I'm not in the twelves yet, not sure I ever will be tbh as I'm rather big boned shall we say!

A girl can dream thou grin

Lizzylou Wed 08-May-13 18:52:35

The way you're going Randall 12s will be hanging off you soon!
Tea, I like your plan for 42, may join you grin
Lilleth you are another fab runnerenvy
I don't mind running once I get going and love the results, but am no natural. Built for comfort, not for speed as me old mate told me in 6th form (when I was an old style size 10hmm ), still bear him a grudge for that.

Have had fleeting 40min gym sesh whilst boys at driving range, was good but that gym is low on weight machines, high on free weights thus crawling with meathead macho types, so stuck mainly to treadmill. Worked on speed and felt v good.

No explosive belly thus far today so fingers crossed that is that!

LaundryLegoLunch Wed 08-May-13 19:59:28

They fit!!! grin

It made every single biscuit I haven't eaten since Jan worthwhile. Thanks chiefs, you have no idea how grateful I am for that first thread <wells up a bit>

LaundryLegoLunch Wed 08-May-13 20:02:04

Oh and well done to all you runners. I look like an elephant in Lycra when I attempt to run...

Lizzylou Wed 08-May-13 20:13:42

Yay for Laundry grin grin grin thanks
Well done you.

<bundles Lego and rubs hair>

Lizzylou Wed 08-May-13 20:35:47

And less of the elephant comparisons Miss Slinky! smile
You have done so well, don't dare talk yourself down (am in scary Lizzy mode) grin

DoubleMum Wed 08-May-13 21:23:46

Yayyyyy Lego! Fantastic!

LaundryLegoLunch Wed 08-May-13 21:24:49

Ah seriously no matter what tis true. Even if I was a size 8 <dreams> I'd still be an elephant. I'd love to be good at running, I've downloaded a c25k app so I'm halfway there grin

BambieO Wed 08-May-13 21:26:38

Ah brilliant Lego!!! That's so great I bet you are thrilled flowers

Lizzylou Wed 08-May-13 21:38:32

Laundry, no, you wouldn't, promise.
If my old PE teachers knew I now ran and enjoyed exercise it would finish them off grin Everyone has to start somewhere, have a go!
I know plenty of lithe lovelies who would die after 5mins running. Kiss my (decreasingly) fat arse grin grin
Us chiefs kick butt.

BsshBossh Thu 09-May-13 09:42:53

Right, you weight lifting Chiefs, this is my new free weights routine that I'm going to start from Friday. Aim is to do this twice a week at first then ramp it up to three times a week (lifting progressively heavier) and reducing cardio (running & HIIT) to twice a week. How does it look and can I add/amend anything (I don't want the routine to be longer than 45 minutes as I have a life grin)? All with dumbbells:

3 sets, 10 reps (only 10 reps cause I want to lift heavy)

Plie squat (hold at bottom for 30 secs)
Romanian deadlift (slide dumbbells down legs)
Lunge (all reps on one leg first)

Floor press
Floor flye (hold 5 secs at top)
Bent-over row (both arms together)

Overhead press (one set do arm at a time)
Upright row
Bent-over lateral raise

Biceps curl (one arm at a time if tired)
Triceps kickback (one arm at a time if tired)

Dumbbell twist

Lizzylou Thu 09-May-13 09:52:45

That looks fab Bssh. So good I am going to nick it!
Great plan.
I think I may invest in some heavier dumbbells as well.

LOVE Dumbbell twists, Romanian deadlifts and Plie squats. No idea why but I just enjoy doing them!

Will you do these at home or in the gym??

Hey Bssh that's brill - I had to go and look at what most of these things are.

Looking good - the only thing I'd add were some hamstring specific exercises [bitter experience emoticon] - perhaps a ball leg curl or something like that. I have found at my advancing age that squatting and lunging without targeting the hamstrings specifically (rather than as a consequence of other stuff) it can give a lower back niggle.

The only other thing I'd say is that when I had a trainer she recommended starting weights with a 5 min cardio burst and breaking up the reps with a burst. So you might go 10 plie squats, 10 floor press x3 back to back. Then do a 30 second sprint or some star jumps or a bit of boxing. If you haven't got the time to do this, but still want to, what you could do is 2 weeks on half of the exercises then 2 weeks on the other half.

On those weeks you can't fit in four sessions I would definitely recommend interspersing cardio and weights in this way.

Lego I run like Phoebe from Friends <sigh>

I have been through my wardrobe as I've decided I might just stay this size and I've got quite a few skirts/tops/frocks - suitable for work, mainly black - that are in the region of large 12-14 that I was going to recycle but the conversation about how people are changing sizes but still getting smaller has made me think .... does anyone want them? Happy to post on. I'm short and curvy (well I was, now I'm short and got no boobs, a smaller arse but thighs the size of the hulks) so they might suit someone similar (short, not like a green grumpy guy). I thought it might make people feel good about not forking out on clothes for when they're temporarily this size or indeed give someone the start of a wardrobe at their ending size. Some are in great condition. Some probably should go in the bin but I love them. Some have little quirks. Some are quite distinctive. Mainly things like topshop, new look, M&S, topshop, oasis, topshop. Did I mention topshop? Let me know and I'll post them on.

I have just eaten a muffin (bread not cake) and it was delicious. I love non-fast days grin

BsshBossh Thu 09-May-13 10:26:03

Good tips Tea and Lizzy thanks. Yep, will be doing these at the gym (pay an extortionate monthly fee so may as well get my money's worth!). They also have loads of weights so I can lift more without having to buy any myself (we have a basic set but even DH now uses the weights at his work gym).

BsshBossh Thu 09-May-13 10:37:02

I get the US fitness magazine Oxygen as it's focus is weight training for women and the routine is from the March edition. It's online with photos too - you need to click through the slides:

BsshBossh Thu 09-May-13 10:37:21

*its not it's

DoubleMum Thu 09-May-13 10:37:26

That's a lovely idea Tea. I would love to say yes but I feel it may be quite some time until I can squeeze into a 12-14 sadly.
Bssh that looks a good routine. I've been looking at weight on amazon but I don't have a clue what I'm meant to be looking for really, what weights do people have? Am not ready (or rich enough) to join a gym yet.

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 09-May-13 10:38:35

Huzzah! Fuck you skinny jeans grin

(Bssh, I'm more terrified of you by the day!)

BsshBossh Thu 09-May-13 10:43:05

Double we have these at home:

They're great because you can adjust the weights depending on your strength and buy more plates as you need. Argos also do interchangeable dumbbells.

Double say yes anyway, they don't have to be worn immediately .... some of them I was able to squeeze into with some control tights when I was a 16-18. One of them I wore at size 16 18 and six months pregnant. And the rate you're going on the lovely food you'll be there quicker than you imagine smile

Some of them you may just want to throw straight away. PM me your address and you can have a laugh at what I consider to be style!

Bssh I'm LOLing at the thought of postage and packing on weights but I see it's free delivery with amazon!

Have you thought about wrist weights Double? you just attach them to your arms and legs and walk so you build resistance that way. It's a good way to start and make existing exercise a bit more challenging. If you want to be really cheap and cheerful on weights I still use 2L bottles of water or baked beans - the cans - as weights. If I want to do squats at home I squat holding the toddler or if he's too wriggly I hold a big pack of six bottles of water. I think I read somewhere that 1L of water is equal to 1kilo.

I did wii-fit holding water bottles when I was starting with the exercise (probably when I was about 15-16st and didn't feel I could deal with sweating in the gym) (along with some Pilates to get my core stability into gear)

DoubleMum Thu 09-May-13 11:39:45

I suspect some others here are much closer to that size Tea, I should give them first dibs. You're very kind. thanks
Bssh those have great reviews, am going to ask for them for my birthday. I've already asked my parents for money towards a fitbit, my family are going to think we've gone crazy. We've already had my parents to stay for a weekend with no alcohol (we did offer!) and fed them on salad, chicken and roasted veg for 2 days.
Tea I do have some wrist weights (they don't do up around my astonishingly fat ankles, I don't know if they are supposed to), so I'm going for a walk in them right now to balance out the mars bar icecreams I scoffed down a while ago. Don't know what came over me. I bought them for the DCs, I thought, but obviously not. Won't be making that mistake again, and the DCs can have healthier ice lollies anyway.

Lizzylou Thu 09-May-13 13:07:25

Tea, I am 5ft 9" or else I would have snapped your hand off!

Just booked a weekend in Belfast for Sept with friends. Bit overexcited now grin

Those weights do look good, but I am on spending ban now, been bleeding cash this month!

DoubleMum Thu 09-May-13 13:34:41

Lizzy is it a Randalling weekend?
Have never been to Belfast, must go sometime.

Sounds brilliant .... Belfast. I'm over excited and I'm not going wink

I just did an hour of Jillian on some sort of kickboxing lunacy. Never mind fuck you skinny jeans. I wanna shout ... fuck off Jillian.

Lizzylou Thu 09-May-13 16:27:30

An hour of Jillian? shock

Oh yes, will be Randalling with aplomb, with some culcha thrown in grin

DoubleMum Thu 09-May-13 16:47:08

I'm sure I read somewhere that Jillian is selling her house for some large sum. I guess she's made a lot of money by driving women to the point of exhaustion!
I'd expect nothing less Lizzy.
Very hungry day today, would have been one of those shove everything possible into my mouth days.

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 09-May-13 17:32:48

That sounds faby Lizzy! well jel envy

Tea, I would have bitten your hand off to. Especially after realising this week that all,y work trousers now look like clown pants hmm. I'm 5'8" though.

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 09-May-13 17:33:37

The combination of Jillain and kickboxing would bring me out in hives.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Thu 09-May-13 19:09:32

Evening Chiefs!

I've been missing again the last couple of days, been up to my ears making sugar flowers for a few cake orders. Glad it's all done now, need a good nights sleep. It's near impossible to do fiddly flowers with dd wanting to help so all production has been once she is in bed.

Did a fast again today and aimed for a complete fast. For some reason it's easier to do on a work day (even though I'm surrounded by food). So I had an early dinner then fasted from 5 last night, had a banana at 10 am then sailed through until dinner tonight. Just got to get back into shredding most days and I will be happy.

Just reading back and remembered someone (Randall?) saying about bra measurements. There was a great thread a while back about how to measure yourself properly as a lot of the shops aren't that accurate. It's worth a look, though I very shamefully do not know how to link on here. I now wear a bra that fits, first time in years I have been comfy in one.

Both dh and ds have commented on my weight loss, though ds said he could tell I had lost weight now I was wearing my nice jeans...."You dont look, oh I don't want to say it.." Long pause as he tried to not say Fat. grin

tea I want to snap your hand off over the clothes but don't think I would be able to shoe horn myself into a 14 or <gulp> a 12. My next step is to attempt 14's but not there yet. I hope someone can make use of them.

Just under 2 weeks until my London trip. Any recommendations of things to do/ places to eat before we go on the London Eye? Bssh I'm sure you can help here. There's so much we could do but only have the morning and don't want to waste it.

Right off to explain fractions (again) to ds. Though year 7 maths is about my limit. We will end up in an argument as I very patiently explain how to divide them. Wish me luck!

BsshBossh Thu 09-May-13 19:33:02

This thread is full of fasters grin

BsshBossh Thu 09-May-13 19:42:06

SDP if the weather's fine I'd simply stroll along the Southbank taking in all the buskers, browsing through the books stalls under Waterloo Bridge, enjoying a coffee and cake in the NFT cafe, lunching on Mexican food at Wahaca (where I regularly blow 2000 calories in one go blush). If you have more time you can walk down further to the free Tate Modern.

If you go on the weekend then there's a great food market behind the Royal Festival Hall. Also a great restaurant there called Canteen - good British grub.

Alternatively you could walk the other way up the Southbank towards Vauxhall - go under Westminster Bridge and have a coffee (and cake!) from a lovely waterside coffee stall there with fab vews of Parliament. Actually ogling the awesome architecture of the Houses of Parliament up close (even if only from the outside) is well worth a trip across Westminster Bridge.

Lizzylou Thu 09-May-13 19:54:50

SDP, you are fasting whilst making cakes shock Respect!
I am trying lowcarbing just to shake things up and because once my stomach settled after my bug I was ravenous so thought it was good way to manage appetite.
We shall see.

DoubleMum Thu 09-May-13 20:03:29

Today has been awful. If a horse had appeared in my living room I wouldn't have rated its chances.
I second Bssh's suggestion, there's loads to do near the London Eye itself, it's a wonderful part of London. My fave restaurant used to be the Oxo Tower but that was for publishing lunches, it might not be the in place to be now. You can sit on the balcony at the top though, right over the Thames looking to the Houses of Parliament.

dinkydoos Thu 09-May-13 20:07:45

Hello all,
Trying another zero fast, al la bshh . Best give me a result tomorrow or I won't be happy grin
Am away for weekend where I will be fed lots of cake so need to prepare! sdp how lovely to get compliments even backhand ones! Well jell of lizzy randally trip, may joking TEa in the excited from a distance thing.
Right, time for herbal tea number 98 of the day.....

BsshBossh Thu 09-May-13 20:31:27

dinky I'm on a zero cal, 36 hour fast today too. My 4th. Finding it difficult today but will try and keep at it and remember that I can always have a 500 cal meal if I need to. Thing is, it's not hunger but greed habit that's making me drool over think about food tonight.

dinkydoos Thu 09-May-13 20:43:42

bssh will stick with it, nice to know I have a companion! I did one last week , plus 2 normal fasts and never lost a pound, so will be a bit miffed if nowt again tomorrow. Consoling myself with thought of cheese and wine this time tomorrow night! We can do it!

LaundryLegoLunch Thu 09-May-13 20:48:41

I attempted my first fast yesterday. 24 hrs from 1pm Tues to 1pm Weds. It was more doable than I'd expected. I'll try it again from time to time I think.

Tea I'm only 5' 4" so would happily take some bits but it really is totally fine if you can't be faffed. Really, really fine.

SDP also recommend just hanging out on the south bank. The oxo tower is fab for a cocktail or two and Tate Modern has quite a nice, reasonable restaurant on the top floor.

BsshBossh Thu 09-May-13 21:14:52

Well dinky I'm over the slump. I have to admit that it didn't help that DH texted me from work to tell me he was having a Mexican burrito for dinner. But I've overcome all fantasies of sticking his face in burrito. My mind is clear and I've got a spurt of energy suddenly. So looks like I'm going to not sleep at all last the full 36 hours.

DoubleMum Thu 09-May-13 21:24:07

Bssh you rock!

dinkydoos Fri 10-May-13 06:43:08

3lb off today finally, that 36 hour zero fast of yesterday finally did it! Roll on the weekend!
Good luck to all you chiefs weighing, we rock!

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 07:17:52

Yay, Dinky, well done! Great loss.

BsshBossh Fri 10-May-13 08:02:23

dinky fantastic news. My first 36 hour fast got me out of a 3 week "stall" and I've been losing ever since. If you don't find it hard to do then it makes sense to prolong a fast by a few extra hours - think of all the accrued health benefits and extra fat burning time (well, that way of thinking gets me through a fast at least).

I lost 2lbs this week (inspite of TOM), so am 3lbs under target goal. Happy with this cause I want to drop a few more lbs to give me wiggle room to bounce up and down a bit without guilt.

dinkydoos Fri 10-May-13 08:07:28

Just saw your mfp update bssh , another great result. And agree, it's nice to have some wriggle room, i have another few pounds to go before I can relax!

Lizzylou Fri 10-May-13 08:53:21

Well done Bssh and Dinky! smile
I am the same, despite not really consuming (or keeping in my body) food for 4 days! Never mind, feel good for all the exercise and this is a long haul thing.

Going to be uber strict this weekend with no Randalling!!

LaundryLegoLunch Fri 10-May-13 08:56:35

dinky and bssh fantastic losses! We should attempt to add up the Chiefs total losses - it'd probably add up to a whole person or two....

LaundryLegoLunch Fri 10-May-13 08:59:01

Lizzy I've had a few weeks of no loss after being strict then big losses after pigging a bit. There is no sense to this business sometimes. You're right, it's a long term thing - here's to next week!

I wish I was tall. I'm looking at my pile of clothes and wondering whether they were actually meant to be short on the wearer as I don't buy petite wink

Lego I can so be faffed. PM me your address and I shall feel like the last eight years of collecting clothes hasn't gone completely to waste.

Double and SDP some of the clothes are more giving (I was wearing them when a 16 and six months preggers) so, as I've got loads, how about I pop some of those ones in packet to you guys? Again, if you're interested PM me your address.

SDP arrgggghhhhh fractions. I have a Y6 small boy and I've had to explain them at least 8 times since Christmas. He keeps forgetting. I might just find a pithy couple of sentences and say them to him each morning instead of good morning. May you have survived.

Exciting the trip to London. We're meant to be going in two weeks too - our house swap has fallen through though so I'm awaiting patiently to see whether this job is materialising before deciding whether to fork out for an apartment or go to Warrington for a week's holiday at my parents grin Tate Modern and the walk there with all the people and a walk about across the pedestrian bridge is a lovely way to spend a morning if it isn't pissing it down and I too recommend being taken up the OXO tower for your birthday wink the food is lovely

Respect to Dinks and Bssh ... 36 hours - no food. I could not do that. I manage from 7pm to 7pm eat 500 calories and then go to 1pm the next day sometimes but I couldn't manage with nothing. And great losses. Well done Chiefs. You really do rock.

Lizzy I know exactly how you feel. I think apart from the height thing we are body twins. I seem to spend long periods of time lurking around the same weight. I do that carb cutting when I want to kick start my metabolism - not sure whether it's that that works or my TOM going - but it does go eventually.

I have gone up this week after exercising like a loon and one fast day plus quite a restricted diet. So I'm fasting on a Friday. Gah. I hurt. Jillian hurt me yesterday with her kick boxing lunacy.

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 10:04:57

I have PM'd you Tea. I have a Yr 6 boy too and I don't seem to have been explaining fractions so I'm a bit worried now! With SATS next week there's been constant papers but I've just let him do them. Maybe he's been getting them all wrong. <bad mother>

SylviaDaisyPouncer Fri 10-May-13 10:35:14

tea have also pm'd you. smile

double perhaps your ds is a fractions master and doesn't need any mummy help! Though I can't remember having fraction friction with ds last year. I found bbc bitesize invaluable, explains maths to mums with great success. Also have some year 7 revision books which have helped him (and me) along the way.

Must spend today tidying, cleaning and being followed by a very whingey dd. if she hadn't spent half the night waking up she would be a lot happier today. Ah well only 8 hours until her bedtime.

Will be back later....

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 10:42:42

Sylvia I got Maths o level but it was never my strong point, so I'd be very glad if he was some kind of maths genius but he hasn't shown any signs of it so far! And if I ever have to explain moles in chemistry I shall just die.
Right am back on it after yesterday's awful eating.

I suspect your DSs can deal with the basics of fractions without the friction at Yr6. It's the basic it means 3 eighths of a whole thing he just can't get his head around and the converting it to percentages. I have tried pizzas, every birthday cake this year, pieces of paper. He has learnt nothing and I have learnt that I do not have the patience of a saint.

Bags of clothes sorted for SDP and Double. Whoop. Lego send us a PM and I'll bung some over to you too. I suspect there will be more when I try to wear what I've got left in the wardrobe to work!

There were moles in chemistry??!! I had to learn about fractional distillation recently for a job interview - I thought it was fascinating. If I'd have known there were moles I might have gone further [history student emoticon]

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 10:55:21

Here you go Tea.
We had a dreadful chemistry teacher, and when we, collectively, told her we didn't understand moles, she said we hadn't been listening properly and walked back into the lab.

Lizzylou Fri 10-May-13 11:07:10

I am another History student (deffo twins Tea!) who doesn't do science or maths. DH is opposite and we have 1 of each with our boys. It is always a frustrating day when DS1 has English homework and DS2 Maths. I have no patience either so do struggle to hold temper.

I did Chemistry GCSE and can't remember Moles blush I remember frantically revising the blast furnace though. I was told in no uncertain terms by Teacher not to do Physics as I was so bad at it. Physics lessons were like sitting in a Japanese lesson to me, no clue what was going on.

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 11:13:56

Lizzy I did O levels, maybe they abolished moles by GCSE, lol! I did all 3 sciences for O level as I wanted to be a vet. However by the time I came to choose A levels and realised I'd need 3 As in science to become a vet I changed my mind. I am a history and English girl too. In fact I have S levels in both, and a degree in English and Classics. DH's degree is in Egyptology so not very useful for homework purposes but luckily he has more of a grasp of maths <and a great deal more patience> than me. Weekend maths is his job.

Oh. That is complex!

Have either of you read the Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson? I felt like my physics GCSE suddenly made sense when I read it about 10 years ago. I though the nano-physics was particularly interesting and now spend much time in meetings wondering about particles and where they've been before they were in the person talking.

Perhaps we are twins Lizzy my DH is <whispers> an engineer, he likes maths, science and technology. We too each have one DS that seem to be following our interests and another two that seem to be on another planet though I do like it when every now and again I get to explain the maths and get it right. I do like the logic of maths, it's a thing of beauty.

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 11:24:03

DH has it, I haven't read it. <Oh the shame> In my defence, I get sent at least 10 books a week to read and it used to be many more (work in publishing) so I don't get much chance to read stuff of choice. It's sitting around reading which has assisted me in being a Hefty Chief no doubt!

SylviaDaisyPouncer Fri 10-May-13 12:15:12

double I think I need your job, I read anything and everything! Though I don't need an excuse to sit down so probably a good job I have to be on my feet at work.

tea I think Bill Bryson is fab. His "Notes from a small island" is real laugh out loud stuff.

I can't begin to think about Chemistry (or moles), my brain doesn't work that way at all. I did a lot of drinking American history and Politics at Uni but never had a career plan and ended up totally re training which was great as it opened a lot of travelling doors to me. I think I was quite bright but very lazy. Hence being on ds back all the time as he is too similar to me. I set him extra fractions revision last night as he has a test today....I bet he called me several names behind my back!

Have managed to calm dd with "Ben and Holly" She hasn't said she wants Daddy for at least 15 minutes! Things are looking up grin

dinkydoos Fri 10-May-13 12:24:42

ooh i did English double! not much time to read now though.
can totally sympathise re the non patience teaching kids thing...
me. p---i---g. (sounding each letter) what does that sound like
dd - blank face
me- ppppiiiigggg
dd- blank face
me- pppiiiiggg
dd - hmmm
me - for heavens sake, im blardy saying the word!!!

def not designed to be a teacher..

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 12:28:00

LOL Dinky my mum was a reception teacher for 40-odd years, she has more patience in her little finger than I have in my whole life!

I need a compilation of not-too-bad ice lollies for the summer. I shall start us off.
Solero - 90 cals (ish)
Mini Milks - 30 cals (but you need 2, let's be honest)
Del Monte smoothie lollies - less than 100 cals

SylviaDaisyPouncer Fri 10-May-13 12:59:32

You're going to banish me from mn for this one...

Fruit shoot squeeze up lollies 67 cals.

<gets coat and hangs head in shame>

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 13:02:28

Really Sylvia? Must be full of aspartame but I guess they probably all are.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Fri 10-May-13 13:14:03

Let's pretend I never said that, our secret okay? smile

I have always liked frozen yoghurt, ate a lot of it when I lived in Oz and I wasn't fat then

I like clotted cream ice cream but don't imagine that's going to be on my menu any time soon. Might go for a bit of a google.

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 13:24:13

If we're being naughty my fave is the peanut butter icecream at M & S. But the calories are horrific. Frozen banana mashed with a little peanut butter gets me by.

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 13:26:10

After a little lunch experiment I can confirm that egg scrambled with cottage cheese is, despite Pinterest claims to the contrary, absolutely rank.

Just in case you were wondering.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Fri 10-May-13 14:18:12

I have always wondered what cottage cheese with scrambled egg tastes like grin

LaundryLegoLunch Fri 10-May-13 14:24:50

Double lol at interesting lunch choice.

On the contrary, I can confirm that Sainsbury's Taste the Difference cheese and onion hand-cooked crisps are most definitely not rank blush

dinkydoos Fri 10-May-13 14:25:24

Maybe the cottage cheese and scrambled egg recipe was from a dieting site, and works because you don't actually eat any? Sounds very unappealing combo though I must say.

Lizzylou Fri 10-May-13 15:02:32

I hate eggs, except for a well cooked omelette.

Colleague just ate an egg butty at her desk, I was wretching envy - sickface

Does pinterest do food as well then? I have had a play on it but am not clued up on pinterest.

All this talk of peanut butter has made me want Reese's cups.

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 16:21:11

Haha does Pinterest do food?! I can tell you have not seen my boards Lizzy blush
There are some healthy things on there. Honest.

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 16:23:02

And Dinky I did eat very little, so in that sense it did work. But I am hungry and liable to eat ANYTHING if it comes too near me now.

cottage cheese .... I just don't really get it. Nor do I understand Pinterest. <goes off to look>

OMG Double that looks heavenly. The gingerbread houses are brilliant .... I love making them. DS1 wants one for his birthday next week.

Oh God. I'm fasting. I'm licking my screen. It all looks lovely.

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 16:49:10

Sorry Tea. Probably best not to look at the trifles board.

Oh. I heard look at the trifles board ..... and I went via cakes .....


I'm off to cook low-fat mexican chicken with quinoa.

IT ISN'T WHAT I WANT. I want gingerbread, trifle and cake.

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 16:59:07

It sounds nice though, how do you cook the mexican chicken?
<tries distraction techniques>

Lizzylou Fri 10-May-13 17:06:13

Oh my goodness shock
I don't think I will do Pinterest for food.

So many gorgeous recipes!
So much cheese and cake and treats.

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 17:26:24

Sounds yummy. I shall have to buy some chipotle paste. I apologise for polluting the board with calorific treats BTW. I shall go and stick forks into my legs.

Don't apologise. It's lovely to look at. And I have felt inspired to join Pinterest now. I will be cooking and baking over the weekend now and that always makes me vair popular with the chaps in my life grin

DoubleMum Fri 10-May-13 17:52:08

Until quite recently I was running a catering business from home making this kind of stuff all the time. No wonder I'm the size of a house. Pinterest is fab though, I love it. If you let me know your Pinterest name I'll follow you.

Lizzylou Fri 10-May-13 17:58:10

Don't apologise! Blimey, it was bloody wonderful reading grin

dinkydoos Fri 10-May-13 23:32:13

Oh my good god. Have had wine, and in bed with a quick chief catch up ( not sure that sounds like it should) and just went onto doubles pinterest. That is true hardcore food porn. I want it all. Now! Those brunch thingies. Arrrghhhhhhhhhh! My eyes!

dinkydoos Fri 10-May-13 23:33:48

Oh and i am on pinterest after o e evening where I joined but I have neveR had any idea what to do. I pressed follow all, gawd knows what that means.... But think it basically means I am stalking double...

DoubleMum Sat 11-May-13 08:11:48

LOL Dinky that means you'll see me pinning lots of stuff. If you get fed up with that, you can unfollow me and just follow individual boards. But if you don't go into Pinterest too often anyway it won't make any difference.

I really want to invite people for brunch but I haven't got round to it yet.

Lizzylou Sat 11-May-13 10:35:35

Dinky grin
I need to get to grips with pinterest, can't quite work it out yet blush
Rainy parkrun done, weekly shop done. Can I go back to bed now?..

Lizzylou Sun 12-May-13 13:02:12

Have gymmed and now am lost on Pinterestgrin
The whole world is jyst waiting to be pinned, love it smile

Off out for a family swim to one of those pools with waves n slides n shit soon. Hope everyone is having fun smile

DoubleMum Sun 12-May-13 15:00:07

Just been to see Star Trek ('twas brill) and negotiated not one but two trips to Greggs without eating anything. I might be back in the swing of things, hopefully, have been a bit lost the last few days ...

RandallPinkFloyd Sun 12-May-13 15:52:38

I bloody love Pinterest. I'm RandallFloyd on there too if anyone wants someone to follow.

I warn you though, I'm neither crafty nor arty. I mainly pin texts from the dog, food, and cats with bad grammar.

DoubleMum Sun 12-May-13 15:53:18

I'm impressed your cats have any grammar skills at all TBH.

RandallPinkFloyd Sun 12-May-13 15:54:35


Lizzylou Sun 12-May-13 18:47:34

Randall you have opened more ideas for me yo pin grin

Weeeeellll, went to pool with sludes n waves n shit, good so far. And to be fair I played with boys, jumped waves, slid down slides and managed some swimming for about 1 1/4 hrs.

Not enough to make up for the fact that we then went to the best and most authentic Indian buffet ever on way home. On a whim. I am so stuffed and it was so good blush grin
Very strict muslim though so no booze.

I will repent my spur of the moment binge tomorrow blush

DoubleMum Mon 13-May-13 09:32:09

Strangely quiet on here. WHat's happened? Are you all scoffing chocolate? Where's mine?

LaundryLegoLunch Mon 13-May-13 12:43:38

I'm here!

I did have a big fat scoffy weekend though, I'd didn't log half of it. I knew it was bad when I was eating leftover curry at midnight on Saturday....

I was going to do another 24hr zero-fast from 5pm last night but got locked out this morning and had to eat to cope with the stress (difference from old me was I chose fruit in Sainsbury's and not the giant chocolate croissant that I really really wanted....)

How was your weekend double?

DoubleMum Mon 13-May-13 13:25:40

Well done on avoiding the choccie croissant! My weekend involved Dominos Pizza AND a Chinese takeaway so not good from a healthy eating POV but quite nice all the same. I will be struggling to even stay the same this week though, as a consequence.

BsshBossh Mon 13-May-13 13:35:32

I'm here too, just recovering from a) my very intense weights routine on Friday - couldn't walk properly all weekend blush but it should get easier once my muscles get used to the new routine and b) the usual over-indulgent weekend.

Lizzylou Mon 13-May-13 14:03:15

Is it me or on Monday are we always fasting/atoning for our weekend blowouts? wink
I can be really strict all week but the weekends are too much temptation, was really good until yesterday evenings Indian buffet extravaganza. Lots of exercise though all weekend, so not too bad.

BsshBossh Mon 13-May-13 14:12:37

I'm not officially fasting today (that's tomorrow) but haven't yet eaten today because I'm still stuffed from the weekend. I am seriously thinking of dusting off my old Paul McKenna book to revisit his Golden Rules of Eating (which I recollect as being very sensible). I seriously need to condition myself to stop eating when full (well, before it gets to that point actually) cause it's not that nice to feel bloated - no matter that the grub tastes delicious.

DoubleMum Mon 13-May-13 14:15:21

I struggled with not preparing this weekend, and then being too knackered or too hungry to be strong enough to avoid temptation. Planning is key ...

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 13-May-13 14:20:36

Haven't been on MN much at all recently, too busy being a maudlin old arse. Thought it best to stay away lest I besmirch all the chiefly positivity with my blanket of misery!

I even had a binge on Saturday night. Not a good fun Randall, a proper old school binge. I haven't done that since we started this. Feeling very ashamed of myself but maybe it was a good thing because I really didn't enjoy it and felt like shit afterwards so no temptation to do it again any time soon.

I've done two fast days to atone for it so just putting it behind me. No point beating myself up about it for too long. Onwards and downwards smile

BsshBossh Mon 13-May-13 14:37:59

Oh no Randall sad. Is what you're going through something you can see yourself getting over soon? Feel free to vent on here (if you want to that is).

Lizzylou Mon 13-May-13 14:40:03

Are you OK Randall? You know we are all here for each other no matter what mood we are in!?
Don't worry about Sat, it's gone and you have done so well 9and already fasted it off I'd wager).

Really hope you are OK matey smile

DoubleMum Mon 13-May-13 15:54:44

Randall we are Chiefs. Who can talk about Poo. We can cope with a bit of maudlinity, if indeed there were such a word. In future please talk to us, you never know we might even cheer you up. And there was me thinking everyone was scoffing chocs without me.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 13-May-13 16:01:07

Oh I'm fine, just being a miserable sod. Lots of I'm going to die alone, woe is meeeeee sort of nonsense blush

Saturday only totalled just over 2100 cals so not completely horrendous but it was just proper 'sitting by yourself eating chocolate' calories so a complete waste.
(Very jealous of everyone's weekend deliciousness envy )

Hopefully two days of fasting should rectify things, we shall see what weigh-in-Wednesday brings!

DoubleMum Mon 13-May-13 16:25:19

Well I'm glad to know somebody was eating chocolate at least! New Model Randall will soon have to be beating the blokes off with a shitty stick I expect.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 13-May-13 16:34:57

Oh I certainly ate enough delicious chocs for both of us grin

dinkydoos Mon 13-May-13 19:19:07

Hello all.
Hands up here also, totally went mad over weekend. Highlights included fish and chips ( bizarrely from the hairy bikers fave chippy!), 3 tons of home made cake, cheese/biscuits, toasted tea cakes with butter.
Reader, I embraced them all....
So my new low of Friday is probably a distant dream now, but fasting today. I do actually think though that a blow out every now and then followed by quick severe cut down, actually is good for you. Gets your body all confused! Yup, that's my science and I'm sticking with it! Hope you feel bit more chirpy soon randall , think you need to line up another randally drinking day soon.

I'm here!

Actually I'm there. In the north. In Warrington. Visiting my parents. So I am currently feeling like a teenager. Am off to circuits with my Pa. Will Chief proper like when I get home tomorrow.

Oi Randall <manly punch on arm> if a fat short arse like me managed to pull a nice chap. Tall healthy Randall will have many opportunities smile

DoubleMum Mon 13-May-13 20:08:12

Well it sounds like the weekend was full of Randalling the likes of which has rarely been seen.

BsshBossh Mon 13-May-13 20:16:14

Randall I spent many a night with my face in a bucket of chocolate wondering if I'd ever find a decent chap to share my chocolate bed life with. Finally met him at the grand young age of 36 and a half. And to be honest it was completely unexpected. I suspect most of us Chiefs know a little of what you're going through.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 13-May-13 20:21:48

You're all too lovely.

Sadly as XDH is my only babysitter romance is not really on the cards for at least the next 15 years or so. I'm thinking of investing in a few more more cats, and maybe some dolls. Start rocking the crazy old lady vibe!

All is not lost though, I have rallied the troops and have a day of Randalling pencilled in for Wednesday. It will have to be fairly sedate as I work on Thursdays so we are off to Chester for more dress shopping and lunching.

That'll kick my miserable arse into touch!

DoubleMum Mon 13-May-13 20:32:12

Randall I'm sure XDH would like to meet someone too, so who knows perhaps in a while you'll both be at the stage where that will be OK. Never say never. Perhaps we'll need to put together a Chiefs' Babysitting Schedule for you.

Lizzylou Tue 14-May-13 05:57:24

Oh Randall, the futures bright, the futures size 10, inyerfacefuckyou skinny jeans smile
You are not going to be stuck in alone with cats, not at all. As Double says xdh will want freedom as well and I bet your friends will want to help out.
Hell, I will venture into the Wales and babysit. Just don't make me watch rugby, ok?grin

Had a migraine yesterday and bed early so no exercise, dh not back until late tonight so will have to dig out the shred/ripped or even insanity.

grin Ahhhh. Randall. It's hard when there are no easy sitters nearby. I was like that for the Lone years too. My brother had to once travel 2 hours from his house, stay overnight, go home so I could go on a DATE! I didn't like dating on XH's night because I didn't want my business known IFSWIM. Once my DS was bigger I felt more comfortable leaving him with neighbours teenage children - not so expensive either. I completely understand how you feel about being alone, singledom, cats, and can add looking at saga brochures for single ladies and going to matinee theatre alone with a bunch of 70 and 80 YO widows to your list just for company.

If I were closer I'd so help out too. And I'd get DH to help out so I could Randall in the flesh with the Randall-meister wink

I spent yesterday in Chester. It is very, very lovely. May you enjoy your day.

The most depressing thing about going to stay with your parents is when people you can vaguely remember know who you are instantly because you look so much like your Mum <sigh>

Hope you have an easy day Lizzy - insanity with Jillian shock

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 14-May-13 08:39:07

Size 10??? Good lord woman, calm yourself!
(I'd only force rugby on you if it was 6 Nations or World Cup season, you'd be safe the rest of the year, promise)

Loving the idea of a Chiefly babysitting club, we could look after each other's kids and cast disapproving glances over fridge contents and snack cupboards!

Next time you have some free time in Chester Tea you let me know, we shall Randall like demons grin

SylviaDaisyPouncer Tue 14-May-13 11:11:45

Randall just echoing what everyone else has said, just wish I lived close enough to be some use. Perhaps we could all be on the look out for some eligible bachelors in the meantime wink Hope you get to spend the day out buying more skinny clothes and post me some of your leftover choc so you don't get tempted

tea I picked up the package today, missed the postman yesterday but luckily they left it at the village PO. Off I went in the rain this morning really excited....guess what, some of it fits grin. The bits that don't are my next milestone as I have no small people's clothes in my wardrobe! Thank you so much, a couple of the tops are coming to London next week! The running shorts are a reminder of the work yet to be done!

A good loss for for me this week and finally out of the 170lbs. Next goal 165lb. Fasting going well, managing to fast completely but 24 hours is my limit, I find myself counting down from 2pm knowing I can eat at 5!

If I disappear for a little bit it's because BT are coming to sort a few problems with our broadband, last time we went nearly 2 weeks with no Internet <starts having palpitations> the signal on my phone is rubbish where I live but I will check in as often as I can. I am preparing myself for the worst!

I'm off to twirl around in my new clothes, onwards and downwards Chiefs!

DoubleMum Tue 14-May-13 11:21:15

I received my Tea package today too, and they are all lovely! I'm not there yet, but they are part of my motivation for Chiefing on, despite sitting here hungry at the computer.

LaundryLegoLunch Tue 14-May-13 12:09:13

Ooh how exciting getting your clothes!

Is anyone else really struggling this week? I decided to attempt another fast today but met a friend in Carluccios and ate a load if crusty bread, butter and jam hmm

It's as if the big scoff at the weekend has made me miss eating freely. I need to dig deep to choose my hard! Or should I forget fasting and just stick to my 1300 cals?

DoubleMum Tue 14-May-13 12:35:48

Lego I think only you can decide if you feel up to a fast. If you're finding it really difficult perhaps you need a week off just sticking to healthy eating. I must say eating bread is giving me horrible indigestion now which is quite good at putting me off it!

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 14-May-13 12:53:25

I do a bit of both tbh.

Generally stick to the 1200 cals a day but if I go little bit over I pull it back the next day, basically I take the 1200 a day and use it as a weekly goal.

Then if I'm going to be having a really big day, any more than say 1800 I fast around it. It's certainly not proper 5:2ing, just my way of offsetting a Randall and getting to enjoy it instead of feeling guilty.

I think it's trial and error, you need to find what works best for you personally. If you find something too hard and feel like you're depriving yourself it just isn't sustainable.

Dont be afraid to keep tweaking things until you find a routine that suits you and don't feel like you have to follow any set rules. There's no right or wrong. As long as it's healthy, sustainable and it works that's al that matters.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 14-May-13 12:54:25

Hark at me sounding off like I know what I'm talking about hmm

Shewhojuggles Tue 14-May-13 12:55:12

Hello Chiefs, I'm back! <waves>

I've walked the length and breadth of Paris in my new Converse this weekend but doubt I burned off a fraction of the yummy goodies I've stuffed myself full of grin

In honour of the big birthday, and in Randall style, I'm putting my next goal down in black and white so I can't renege on it. This year I'm going to lose at least another stone (think this would get me to almost healthy) and run a proper timed 5k. There, you can hold me to it Chiefs! Last day of hols today then back to work and fasting tomorrow.

Well done to all this week's weight losers, you rock.

Lego I would try to be good today but if not, write it off and pick another day to fast. That's the great thing about this diet, you can have bad days and still not derail yourself totally. Hope the Carluccios was yummy!

TheTigerDidntComeToTea Tue 14-May-13 12:55:25

Afternoon chiefs, I briefly lost my mind/motivation whatever!
Need a gigantic kick up my gigantic backside, if anyone is available??

It has rained non-stop for 4 days now, dd has been under the weather, and work is a pain-in-the-aforementioned-backside. I can't sleep, can't get up in the morning ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Ok I feel better having got all that out, everyone back to normal. I'm away to read everything I've missed, and get some inspiration. You guys rock!

Will catch up properly later.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Tue 14-May-13 13:12:58

lego maybe just stick to your calories for a bit then re try fasting of you feel you want to. I've only just started fasting but it seems easier than tracking calories every day. I'm still careful on my non fast days though. I think everyone gets tough stages and you're right, it's about choosing your hard and getting your head around it all. Look at how well you have done so far, maybe set yourself a mini goal to get you back in the swing.

Double I don't eat a lot of bread at all now. Don't miss it at all, and I used to be a complete toast fiend. I get v bloated from eating it. Much prefer a jacket potato! Really wanted a sweet potato today but had none in, did look in the village shop but the most exotic they go is a 2 pack of lemons!

Thinking about next week.... I know I will have an indulgent couple of days (well it will be my birthday), including a very fine looking afternoon tea I happened to see dh booking! Will fast Monday as normal then again on Friday when I get back. Hoping the weather is good and we can go sightseeing and have a wander. Need to start crossing my fingers now seeing as its cold, wet and windy here today. Looks like I will be needing my waterproofs!

BsshBossh Tue 14-May-13 18:10:33

Lego I've found fasting really hard today - have felt like giving up many a time. The rainy weather isn't helping. I'm going to keep fasting because I really fancy eating some nice food tomorrow (ice cream, nice bread, pasta for dinner) and if I keep going today then I can do so tomorrow without guilt.

Lizzylou Tue 14-May-13 19:14:51

I have another bad head today, am thinking it is hormone related, I was like this during puberty and both pregnancies, bring on the menopause! hmm I have been having some disruption to normal cycle so must be that.
So to cheer myself up I did a Just Dance Marathon whilst being cheered on by my boys (who are now seemingly too cool yo dance at 9 and 7), was very freeing and feel better for it.

Glad everyone got their inspirational clothes from Tea and hope all fasters keep the faith.

LaundryLegoLunch Tue 14-May-13 20:20:19

Thanks all for the advice. It's the old chestnut that I just want to lose more weight quickly and inevitably there are ups and downs aren't there? I've got a couple of events coming up and I desperately want to feel thinner. I'm also due my period at the end of the week so that won't be helping.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Tue 14-May-13 20:43:29

If only there was a get thin quick solution that didn't involve surgery lego. You will get there though 'cos you're strong (I have been listening to Jillian far too much)! How long is it until your events are coming up? Do what I do and invest in control pants. grin
I try not to look at the 'big picture' though my long term target is to be at my ideal weight in a fantastic dress at dh Christmas party. My goals so far have been to get into the 160's lb by my birthday (next week, just managed that). Next step is to try to lose a stone by the time I go in holiday in July. After that I don't know but will find a way to break it up. Sometimes looking at the grand total is too much and I think the reason a lot of 'diets' fail.
Just keep going or we will kick your ass!

LaundryLegoLunch Tue 14-May-13 21:17:57

Well one is a 40th on Saturday and I wanted to be over 2 stone lost and in size 14's which I've done <just>

Next is a few days in NY for just me and DH in 48 days (who's counting? grin). By then I'd love to be another stone down and in a dream be in 12's. not looking likely at the mo.

Then our family holiday in August. I'd love to wear a bikini for the first time ever at the grand old age of 37.

Do you know what? I just want to feel normal, not the skinniest around but just normal.

Sorry how self-indulgent! Think it's also hormones talking.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Tue 14-May-13 21:51:51

Not self indulgent at all. I think you hit the nail on the head....wanting to be normal. It's a hard being overweight, doubly hard to stick at losing it. But you have hit a goal which is great, if you don't quite make the next one then don't beat yourself up, I bet you won't be far off. Focus on that bikini in August (there are some fab ones about, I peeked at them last week and thought "just maybe..").

It's easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself but sounds to me like you are doing a great job! Lots of nice things to look forward to as wellsmile

DoubleMum Tue 14-May-13 22:11:52

Gosh I'd love to be normal too. Have never been normal, even in primary school I got teased for having fat legs.
Fingers crossed for your bikini Lego (actually that sounds a bit weird but you know what I mean!).

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 15-May-13 08:51:32

I totally get what you mean by being 'normal', I have a friend who's been overweight all her life and I know that's exactly how she feels. Her personal goal is to walk into a trendy clothes shop, pick something off the rail, and buy it. It may not seem like much to most people but to her that's huge because she's never shopped anywhere but plus-size shops.

I think you really do need to find a goal that's personal to you and is about more than just the numbers on the scales. Wearing a bikini and rocking a fab dress for a Christmas do are fab motivators!

For me - I'd just like to sit down in a pair of tights without them rolling down and my spare tyre flopping over the top!

Whoop - the clothes made it grin

One more bundle to send off. Lego will be popping it in the post today. I probably have another bundle in my wardrobe but I won't be ridding myself of them until I've secured FT gainful employment. I think the job that I've got down to the last candidate has gone on hold sad so it's back to the drawing board for me. Booooo. It's a right pain in the arse having specialist skills, being relatively expensive and living in the West country.

sad Double ... I used to get called Nanny at school after that lumbering large creature from Count Duckula .... school can be quite cruel. I was huge compared to my peer group - same height and size I am now at 11 - when I look at my two oldest boys I do look big next to them. But then I am very small next to fully grown adults now. I found a picture of me at 15 on Sunday at my parents and I actually look normal but my feelings were that I was much bigger than everyone else because I guess I went through puberty quite young.

Juggles glad you had a lovely time in Paris and the converse did the job for the walking. Are you doing Cto5K? Or are you already a runner who just needs to convert it to a timed run?

Tiger Welcome back. Come join us on the path of onwards and downwards.

Lego me too - I've started to fast twice in the last week and then fallen, with my mouth open, on some form of bread or chocolate. In my case I think it's my body adjusting after the 10K in cold weather coupled with my ongoing TOM which seems to last most of the month these days [peri menopausal emoticon which is shaped like a moustache]

Today I'm going to be better. But I'm setting myself a target I think I will manage. I'm just going to do one fast day this week. I'll do two next week. I really need to do a long run this week too to see how far I can go as this half marathon is in 15 weeks now.

Randall I soooooo will wink

DoubleMum Wed 15-May-13 09:49:22

Yes all of those goals sound good Randall!

Erm .... I still have rolly down tights and a spare tight flop. I think I'm coming to the conclusion I spend to little on them!

Lizzylou Wed 15-May-13 11:09:02

I too empathise with the wanting to feel normal. I was always taller, broader and bigger than my peers. At school I felt ginormous, although was actually just slim and curvy (36 24 36, sob!) whereas my mates were petite.
I hated dancing, felt so self-conscious. I was worried about getting married as I thought I'd look like Danny La Rue in a wedding dress, I always wore black (I actually looked rather fab and loved it).

But you know what? I am tall, I have size 8 feet. I am not built to be a waif, I can be the best I can be but I cannot make myself petite and waiflike, not going to happen.

And today I am rocking a hot pink pencil skirt. In your face black clothes grin

All we can do is keep on making the best of what we have and being healthy and fit.

I too am hormonal and a tad reflective today.

That said, Tea you are a nutter to be even considering a 1/2 marathon!

Lizzylou Wed 15-May-13 13:28:44

blush I have killed the thread with my rantathon, haven't I???


In my defence I am very pre-menstrual and feeling a bit glum!

DoubleMum Wed 15-May-13 13:35:35

Don't worry Lizzy. Rants definitely allowed. I have very little work to do at the moment and am researching cars as mine is going kaput. Oh and converting the garage (sorry to anyone who follows me on Pinterest!blush)

dinkydoos Wed 15-May-13 13:47:54

Slouches onto thread, In sulky manner....
Am doing fast 2 of the week today, as cant really do tomorrow. Not feeling the luuurvvve, ladies. Want a cake. And it's pissing down. And will piss down forever. And having quite stressful work week. Sulk.
Like the sound of your skirt lizzy think I need something like that to perk me up!
Someone give me a slap, I'm sort of annoying myself with this mood!

Lizzylou Wed 15-May-13 13:52:40

Double, I need to follow you!? How? blush

Dinky, you and me are in the sulky corner. My colleagues and I just spent an hour discussing cake.
I need a new job to do some work!

DoubleMum Wed 15-May-13 14:04:38

<Virtual slap> Dinky. There. Bet you weren't expecting that.
Lizzy, no no, you don't need to follow me at all, it's just that any poor unfortunates who do are being flooded with ideas for my garage conversion today!

Lizzylou Wed 15-May-13 14:23:13

No, I DO need to follow you, I just don't know how!

Shewhojuggles Wed 15-May-13 15:15:43

I'm following you Double! Your food pins are DELICIOUS. Think I'm just about getting the hang of this Pinterest thing now. I'm looking for book storage inspiration as we currently have a library's worth crammed into our under-the-stairs cupboard.

What is your username Lizzy? The pink skirt sounds fab btw.

Tea I'm doing the C25K - is that how you started the running? I can't imagine myself getting anywhere near a half marathon though! I'm going running after work tonight, first one since the hols so hoping its not too hideous. I was up to week 5 but may repeat week 4 at least once to get back into the swing of things. Also fasting today, urrrghhh. I feel your pain Dinky. All i can think about is cake envy

DoubleMum Wed 15-May-13 15:57:32

Oh sorry Lizzy. OK follow this page and you can either click 'follow' at the top which will follow all my boards, or click individually under the boards you want to follow. Then when I pin something new it will come up when you log into your home page. I personally like to follow lots of great boards so that I have an interesting and constantly updating home page.
Shewhojuggles there are some book ideas I've just pinned, although there won't be books in the garage conversion, they are everywhere else! Our spare room has one whole wall dedicated to a specially built bookcase designed to fit as many paperbacks as possible!

Pinterest is fascinating. It seems that my wedding dress and husband and some of my children when they've been caught looking handsome rather than sweaty or muddy were there before I was shock.

And I've worked out how to pin things I covet. So I can go virtual wardrobe filling. Whooooooooop. I would like a hot pink pencil skirt on account of me enjoying mixing monochrome and neon currently.

But Lizzy I too have been foiled by the following people <sigh>

juggles no. I just ran for 10 minutes, then kept going for longer each time. I wonder whether there is one for 10k to 20k because that's what I've got to do and I'm blatantly avoiding it by pinning stuff on a webpage

Dinks <bundle> You can have cake tomorrow wink it's the only thing sustaining me right now.

DoubleMum Wed 15-May-13 17:31:31

Doh. I forgot to put the link to follow.

I think I did it grin


<steps away from the lovely things on the computer>

DoubleMum Wed 15-May-13 18:33:14

I am now following you Tea!

dinkydoos Wed 15-May-13 18:52:55

Have had another dabble on pinterest... Have 'repinned' 2 foodie things from doubles page, get me! And think I am following tea in her gorgeous dress!
The food pages aren't doing my fasting thoughts and good tho!

Dinks I completely agree .... I have got the butter and eggs out of the fridge so they're at room temperature tomorrow and I will be making blueberry and lemon cake of some sort.

For now I have chicken in a mustard and sour cream sauce <wob>

which is obviously what Jonathan Ross would do if he were on MN!

DoubleMum Wed 15-May-13 19:39:19

Ooh that sounds nice. I have chicken stirfry. Again. Ironic really, isn't it?

Lizzylou Wed 15-May-13 19:57:43

I am following Double and she is following me, my first follower blush
I am quite into it, I tried it a while ago and could not understand it, took me a while, but I think I have got it.

Great spin tonight, first time for a while due to dh's hectic schedule, will be missing next weeks.

dinkydoos Wed 15-May-13 20:06:47

Ooh! Think I am just following you lizzy. Have you some lovely garden pics? I love them.
I must actual put something in my boards as still don't really use.
Also I seem to be following 60 people?? Gawd knows how, must have been when trying to work it out. Think I will 'unfollow' some....
Anyway, is this 'chiefs go pinterest crazy' week? Anyone else on there I can stalk follow?

SylviaDaisyPouncer Wed 15-May-13 20:39:34

Ha! I just popped on here to say I have been lost in the world of Pinterestsmile

I'm not sure I get it but its a great way to collect pics from when I lived in Australia. All of my photos got stolen a few years back. I lived there way before iPhone and digital cameras so all my pictures are gone. Tonight however I am lost in memories and have started my virtual photo album....oh and tried to decide on a new haircut!

Have no idea how to find people though, it's a little complicated.

Lizzylou Wed 15-May-13 21:01:28

Ooh, another follower, check me!
I too am lost in memories, we had some fab holidays pre-dc to lovely places, but all photos are hard copy type. Has been fab reliving memories. Had forgotten about Oz, off to pin more!
Remember Chiefs, when your pinning, you are not eating!
Double am getting excited about your garage project vicariously. something I would like to do but I think we'll move first...

I think I got you too Lizzy

SDP If you follow Double's link and her instructions we're lurking around there somewhere

DoubleMum Wed 15-May-13 21:09:20

Lizzy I'd love to do the garage project but it won't happen until DH has a permanent job (12 month contract ends in November). It can be done pretty cheaply though (£10K-ish) and while I'm not sure I believe it adds 10-15% of the value as I've read, I do think you would make your money back. It might well put off people who want a garage of course, but TBH a lot of new houses are built without garages now and we have a 2 car drive and a big shed with room to extend the drive by losing lawn and potential for a further lean-to down the side of the house. Anyway, we're planning to stay here a good while, and the children's rooms are really really tiny so it will be nice to have a den for them and their friends as they get older.

I too am enjoying the result of your pinning.

We did a "cellar" project in the same vein a couple of years ago to add another bedroom and bathroom to our house. We got a new kitchen/diner as a result so doubled our family living space. I think we'll be lucky to make the money back we spent but you're absolutely right Double space for the family to live is worth the investment it as they get bigger.

DoubleMum Wed 15-May-13 21:23:22

That sounds lovely Tea. Now I just need to find £10K of course!

SylviaDaisyPouncer Wed 15-May-13 21:25:09

Right am going to track you all down.....well will try to anyway.

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 15-May-13 23:49:36

I'm back. Had a bloody lovely day of Randalling. Not sure I will be quite so chipper about it when the alarm goes off at 6:30 but totally worth it!

I'll catch up with the thread properly tomorrow.

(I'm RandallFloyd on Pinterest, I'm seriously un-inspirational though blush )

grin at Randalling on a school day.

Lizzylou Thu 16-May-13 09:03:10

Randall's Randalling, all is well in the world smile

BsshBossh Thu 16-May-13 13:34:19

Hello all. As of today I'm giving up weekly weigh-ins and going back to monthlies. Suits me much better and takes the focus off weightloss. So won't be much around MFP. Hopefully will pop in and out here though. I seem to have settled into the maintainers' 5:2 thread. Still can't believe I'm maintaining at the lowest weight I've been since a teenager!

DoubleMum Thu 16-May-13 16:31:42

That's so fab Bssh. Don't leave us though ... <sobs>

Lizzylou Thu 16-May-13 18:57:07

You have done amazingly well Bssh, you must be so proud of yourself. thanks smile
But yes, please don't leave us altogether, we need you!

Have just done a run, ran further than usual, slow but sure. Felt good and finished strongly, which is what I fail to do at Parkrun hmm
Oh well, practice makes perfect.

<hangs onto Bssh's leg>

Very sensible Bssh .... wish I trusted myself to do the same. I think what you've done is amazing. You're a braw Chief Chief smile

BsshBossh Thu 16-May-13 20:53:14

Yeah, I do sound very sensible, yet I'm also shit scared. I'm trying to be very rational about this next stage (as I was completely rational about losing the weight, what with all my TDEE, 10/15/20% cut, 16:8/5:2/36 hour fasting rules). But ensuring I don't put the weight back on? Oh my fuk!

One thing is certain: I will continue to fast - for the health benefits as well as a maintenance strategy. Fasting and Randalling grin go perfect together, feast & famine is what our ancestors did (so the books claim).

Oh, another thing is certain: exercise! Am loving it. Next week I switch to 3 days weights, 2 days running.

DoubleMum Thu 16-May-13 21:13:48

Bssh you sound like you will do just fine!

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 16-May-13 21:16:39

I can only imagine how scary it must be to get to the point where you stop losing. It must be seriously daunting to try and stop focussing on it and just trust yourself again.

You'll be fine though, you've settled into your routine and you've got a real feel for knowing when to splurge and when to cut back.

It's going to take time to get used to I know but this is you now. This is you for the rest of your life. You did it!

You bloody well rock chief.

Lizzylou Thu 16-May-13 21:20:39

Bssh, you always seem so intuitive regarding your body, you have it sorted and just need to trust in yourself.
Enjoy the new you! You totally rock grin

dinkydoos Thu 16-May-13 21:28:22

Evening all. bssh you have inspired so many people! I honestly think you will be ok. Without wishing to be a 5:2 bore, I do think this suits so many people. I have always had to work at my weight, but for the first time ever I can really see how I can just continue this forever. I love food/randalling and don't mind having a couple of days where I have to atone for my sins. Its simple really and something I have always known but it's taken something like a doctor making it into a science that has convinced me which is a bit weird really....
Anyway, just had first jersey potatoes of my year, with a bit of butter, mmm!

DoubleMum Thu 16-May-13 21:37:56

Ooh I looooove jersey potatoes

BsshBossh Thu 16-May-13 21:48:21

Trust. Yep, you're right. I've got to trust myself. We all have to.

Jersey potatoes with lots of butter and some grilled sea bass or bream... Oh, I think one of this weekend's meals is sorted smile. Thanks Dinky.

dinkydoos Thu 16-May-13 23:00:16

Meal to die for :
Jersey with butter and herbs
Simon Hopkinson lamb with anchovies. ( google it)
Salad. Naaaice.

Did I say before, I looove food [ grin]

BsshBossh Thu 16-May-13 23:05:54

Oh, we have the Hopkinson Roast Chicken book. Will wave it under DH's nose (he's the main cook in our house).

Bless me Chiefs. It's been a while since my last confession.

I am avoiding running.

I need to go and see how far I can run to work out a training plan for this fecking half.

So if I write it here then I'll have to come back and tell you about it.

<goes off to bake gingerbread iPad whilst wearing running kit rather than actual running>

BsshBossh Fri 17-May-13 12:54:16

Tea I'm waiting...

Lizzylou Fri 17-May-13 13:53:23

Run, Tea run!
Just had my lovely lunch cancelled, ds2 has thrown up. He seems ok now though, had to get him to lie down and stop playing. Whatever it was was obv shortlived hmm
Darn it, I had smoked salmon, fera and pine nut salad on order!

DoubleMum Fri 17-May-13 14:09:37

Oh what a bummer Lizzy. Hope DS is OK. Salad sounded lovely. sad

LaundryLegoLunch Fri 17-May-13 14:34:42

Tea the clothes arrived!! Thanks soooo much, the red long sleeve blouse-top is gawjuss. In fact I'm going to wear it tonight to meet DH for dinner <v v rare night out together shocker>. Thanks again flowers
(....Channels Jekyll and Hyde....)
Now go for a run dammit!

LaundryLegoLunch Fri 17-May-13 14:36:42

Lizzy what a shame, I had to dash home from dinner out last month when our (poor teenage) babysitter rang to say ds1 had thrown up all down the stairs...
Can you rearrange for next week? Hope your ds2 is better soon.

Mmmmmmm Lizzy that sounds delicious - could you put DS in the car and go and get it as takeaway? wink

I never really understand how they can be vomiting one minute and leaping around like lizards the next. Wish I could do that.

Lego grin I'm intrigued to know what you'll wear under it. Tis vair sheer at the back (which makes the buttons look particularly delicious) and around the shoulders/sleeves. I tried bra-less, vest top, bra, all sorts and I could never really decide whether it was best to have jangley norks or show off an under garment tended to jangle.

Thanks Chiefs. I've been. I've been avoiding running since the 10K. I managed 10 miles in 97 mins but I was right at my upper limit - the climb home was hard going. But it gives me an idea where I need to train, what time I think I could get etc. Just looking at the stats that was only my eighth run since I started running again but I guess the gym and hockey have really improved my fitness because I struggled at Christmas running a mile with the boys. The biggest difference I think, to the ability to keep on going for so long, is the stone and a half I lost. I just want to say thanks dudes because six months ago doing something like that run was just not even on my radar.

Now onto the important business .... Randalling this weekend anyone?

DoubleMum Fri 17-May-13 15:59:30

I'm out tonight to friend's house but am going to do my best NOT to Randall.

WiseKneeHair Fri 17-May-13 16:15:16

Arggghhh! What are you Chiefs doing to me? Have had a catch up read this afternoon (between doing some work grin) and you've all gone Pinterest crazy. So, I had to have a look. They have an app, apparently, so I had to download it and then I had to spend time I don't have ogling at your boards! I think Tea is even following me! grin brew, some bugger already has the name HappyKite on there, so I'm HappyKettle instead!
Some great Chiefing going in, well done everyone.
I'm on my phone and can't remember all the posts, but just to say:
Bssh we all now at your feet. You are such an inspiration
Randall you are too awesome to die alone. When you least expect it, that special person will be bowled over by your awesomeness.
I see a few of us have been through year 6 SATs this week. Thank the fuck they are over! Can't believe how stressed DS got about them. I think he must be more like me than I realised. Contrary to other posters, I'm the maths/ sciences one out of DH and I. DS1 seems to rake after me, whilst DH and DS2 are more into the humanities. DS3 is mostly into fighting, but hopefully that'll change when he starts school. grin

WiseKneeHair Fri 17-May-13 16:19:52

Sorry about the iPhone typos!
Forgot to say, very impressive run Tea. I would love to be able to run 10 miles, I'm only about half way to that at the moment.
Not Randalling this weekend as I am working sad. Does reducd the alcohol calories when you can't drink for four days straight! I also made the -stupid- wise decision not to have mt weekend drinks last night, so will be at least nine days dry! Must do my liver and weight loss some good. Bloody better had, anyway.

BsshBossh Fri 17-May-13 16:51:25

Well done Tea!

I am most certainly Randalling this weekend. MIL is here so DH and I are out for most of it (leaving DD with her beloved Grandma). But my weekend has started today = fast fail. So only one fast completed this week. I'm in it for health benefits so it's still important to me. Oh well, next week I will on top of my fasting game!

grin at DS3 ... perhaps he can go to ninja or jedi school.

Thanks Wise you have given me an excuse to Randall this evening having fasted all day I'm going to blow my 500 budget and drink Gin! I shall drink gin to the fact I've got half of the childrens' Y6 SATs out of the way. They are perhaps the most pointless exam in the world - poor DS2 has to go to his secondary school after half term to sit CATs - they have so little faith in the SATs!

DoubleMum Fri 17-May-13 17:47:32

Poor DS2! I'm happy to say DS hasn't been the slightest bit concerned about the fact it might have been nice to see him showing a bit more concern really!

Lizzylou Fri 17-May-13 18:35:13

I am randalling tomorrow, tonight I am slobbing and pinning and being lazy.

Tea, 10 miles???shock That is blooming fabulous.
Wise, aha, I think you may have followed me today, will follow you too. You really are doing so well with the running, respect smile

Ds2 seems fine. Both boys are shattered. They will have the 11+ here, Ds1 in 18mths shock , Sats not so important.

Well done Sats survivors grin

RandallPinkFloyd Fri 17-May-13 18:45:33

10miles shock <faints>

Fasting today as I shall be randalling tomorrow. It's Eurovision people, and Eurovision demands randalling.

Soz about the puke Lizzy hope it was a one-off.

(Thank you wise smile )

BsshBossh Fri 17-May-13 18:46:53

SATs, CATs, 11+... Oh my goodness! Best of luck Chief children!

Ahhhh, the laws of Eurovision ....
1. there is booze
2. there is a smorgasbord of various nationality's cuisine
3. dressing as the country you are supporting
4. grumping off in search of the gin bottle half way through the voting because it's just too political
5. lamenting the loss of TW five minutes later
6. deciding that you're going to stay to the bitter end because law 1. has been followed to the letter

My DSis's claim to fame was that she took the wrong turn at an event once and ended up on stage at the Norwegian qualifiers with a choir. She mouthed her way through and left hurriedly laughing like a drain. They did not represent Norway that year. She may have also followed law 1 of Eurovision.

Lizzylou Fri 17-May-13 19:50:39

Tea shock
That is hilarious grin
I no longer watch Euro vision as I get unnaturally angry and annoyed at the bastard political voting. If I have booze as well then it is a recipe for disaster grin
Do love ole Tezza tho.

Me too. And this year I will be able to add much depth to my Eurovision evening by discussing TWC when at stage 5. thanks to MN

<sighs happily and basks in one's opportunity to impress one's husband>

RandallPinkFloyd Fri 17-May-13 22:49:53

You've just summed it up perfectly Tea!

We have Union Jack bunting, score sheets and a sweepstake too though.
(We may have also made an effigy to old Tel too blush )

It's turned into rather an event.

<<watches last scraps of dignity sail out the door>>

<adds bunting, score sheet and sweepstake to list as dignity and I have never been in the same country at the same time>

Lizzylou Sat 18-May-13 10:33:42

Oh Tea, we so need a Chief meet up for Randalling!grin
I am similarly undignified.

Rainy Parkrun, done. Gym to work the muscles when dh gets back from triathlon training. Just been embarrassing the boys with my dancing to Will I am and Juatin Bieber grin grin grin

Cor. Well done Lizzy you are the master of mixing it up. Love it.

Imagine these conversations happening in 3D, pure technicolor with surround sound. I might expire through snorting if there was a gathering of the Chiefs ... maybe it would like the highland games and there would be randalling, Bsshing and doing a Lizzy - prize the dumplings in Double's garage.

I have kick boxed for cake with Jillian. It is DS1's 12th birthday. I have made a huge feck off iPad gingerbread biscuit and the lemon and blueberry bread of off pinterest. I may try to pin them. I was just saying to DH that it would be really good to be able integrate (but keep separate) FB, instagram and Pinterest as they all have slightly different functions but being able to use them all together would be fab. Hopefully he will sort that out for me wink

RandallPinkFloyd Sat 18-May-13 13:22:52

Well, I can't claim to have kick boxed for cake (ossom motivation btw) but in preparation for some serious euro-randalling I have spent the morning re-arranging all the downstairs furniture.

It's one of my favourite pass-times and happily it burns calories too. Win/win grin

Now off to a local food fair. Today is not going to be a chiefly day!

Lizzylou Sat 18-May-13 14:50:04

Happy 12th birthday mini Tea, enjoy the cakes smile
Randall, enjoy the food fair, sounds lush.

Back from gym, making a caramel apple cake with ds1 shortly.

It's all about the balance, innit grin

SylviaDaisyPouncer Sat 18-May-13 17:04:30

Happy Birthday little tea enjoy the cake and gingerbread!

Caramel apple cake sounds fab lizzy

Actually everything sounds fab, I have squeezed in an extra fast and finding it tough, though only a couple more hours and I'm done. I know I'm going to eat and drink to excess this week so an extra fast sounded like a good plan. Weekends are not the place for such ideas though.

I wish I was going to a Eurovision party with costumes and food.

I'm off to pin some things and stop myself eating. Sure there's some nice cake and bread to drool over.

DoubleMum Sat 18-May-13 17:16:00

Have a happy birthday Master Tea, your cake sounds scrum!
Have been to Ikea, Laser Quest party and bought a new car today (separately), so the DCs have ruled their must be celebratory Chinese. I can just about fit it in as I've eaten very little so far.

RandallPinkFloyd Sat 18-May-13 18:48:59

Hope mini-tea is enjoying the cake!

I did a bad thing. I only had a tiny lunch before I went, rookie mistake. I bought a fuck tonne of cheese, a bottle of booze, then fell face down into a massive bowl of freshly made Massaman curry blush

It was bloody lovey though!

Never mind mini-tea. I loved the cake and the gingerbread and the booze. I am awaiting the small boys fecking off to bed so I can discuss Terry Wogan's cock with Eurovision in the background. Is anyone else following it on Karaoke channel? My DSis has just called to say she has sung in Lithuanian and I am vair jealous.

SDP you deserve a great big badge for fasting on a weekend. I'm not sure that it's been done before.

Randall falling with your mouth open helps break the impact due to extra air. It's unfortunate sometimes that tasty, calorie laden goods get in the way but shit happens wink

May the beautiful, and tone deaf, prosper this evening and may I have a small hangover tomorrow

Mmmmm apple and Carmel - that's my next Pinterest cake. Oh after a minecraft cake for DS3's birthday next week <sob>

DoubleMum Sat 18-May-13 21:33:16

You appear to have embraced the cake-making ethos rather tea!

SylviaDaisyPouncer Sat 18-May-13 22:05:45

Well I'm not so sure about a badge but I did deserve a huge king prawn chow mein....sad thing is I couldn't finish it. I did however find room for a huge very moderately sized blueberry and raspberry sponge.

BsshBossh Mon 20-May-13 10:37:33

Hola all! Much needed fast today after a typical weekend.

Have spent non-eating time ( oh the irony! ) reading up on the value of not snacking in between meals to give our digestions a complete break and allow the body to burn fat reserves rather than constant supplies of food fuel. It makes perfect sense to me for non-fasting days and a natural progression of 5:2 as I'm already used to long hours without food. I am a natural snacker, even whilst losing weight, but am aware that it's a better longterm maintenance strategy to knock this habit on the head.

There's a good summary here if any of you are interested:
The dangers of frequent eating

And I've also read a couple of books:
The No S Diet
The Leptin Diet

Double - a new car! What did you buy?

Tea looks like the birthday weekend was a hit!

LaundryLegoLunch Mon 20-May-13 11:01:39

<rolls onto thread after lovely and drunken weekend>

Bssh I should fast but today will be all about staying under 1300. I may fast later in the week as otherwise I may gain on last week and I'd hate that. I'm getting sooo close to being under 150lb and I have exactly 6 weeks to NY where I'd love to be 140lb (I CANNOT believe that is even possible, six months ago I was denying I needed size 18 jeans)

Tea the red top had two outings this weekend, I went for a red bra tart and it looked lovely, thanks again. It is my current favourite thing!

I missed Eurovision completely as it was my brother's 40th and sadly he did not welcome the option of showing it at his party hmm

DH is abroad all week and that's always better for my eating as the only stuff in the house is healthy. I really need to start exercising but am not feeling the motivation at the moment...

Here's to a good chiefly week for us all!

LaundryLegoLunch Mon 20-May-13 11:05:56

Bssh interesting re the no snacking as there are lots of eating programs that promote the opposite, arguing that lots of small meals keep the digestive system working at all times and avoids binging and therefore overloading ourselves. I think in the past I've subscribed to that view and therefore have just eaten too much. This time I've tried to snack only when I'm genuinely hungry and not as some kind of preventative measure.

BsshBossh Mon 20-May-13 11:11:52

Lego that first link (Dangers of frequent eating) made so much sense to me. When I think back, it's snacking that made me put the weight on in the first place. As usual I'm not going to be so strict on weekends but certainly for 80% of my week I will try to only eat at proper mealtimes. Even a carrot in between meals will make my body burn the carrot and not the fat. Makes sense (for me).

TheTigerDidntComeToTea Mon 20-May-13 11:19:50

Morning Chiefs, did everyone have a good weekend?
My in-laws took us all out for dinner last night, an unexpected surprise! I had a huge bowl of pasta, which was delicious, but way too much. So I am definitely going to have to stick to my fast today.
I also have such bad cramp, the pain made me sick last night and I had to have a hot water bottle strapped to my tummy to get to sleep. Sometimes its rubbish being a woman...
Be back later!

DoubleMum Mon 20-May-13 11:29:51

Bssh we are getting a Skoda Octavia. It made our current car (which we are part-exchanging) look like a piece of junk TBH.
Very interesting re. snacking. I am currently thinking about how to reduce snacking in my children as well as me, as I suspect they may have inherited my propensity to put on weight. When they are out, I guess they are distracted so it's not bad but when they are at home it's an almost constant stream of asking for food, and while some is healthy, some isn't. I'm trying to think how to stem the flow without inducing some kind of eating disorder! We don't let them have many sweets, as DD has dodgy enamel on a couple of teeth which didn't form properly in the womb, but really it seems like they want to constantly be eating and this can't be good.

Lizzylou Mon 20-May-13 11:30:51

That does make sense Bssh, constantly grazing sounds a bit daft now confused

Lego, you'll get there, you are doing so well!

Tiger, I too am suffering at the moment and have bitten the bullet and made a GPs appt for today after 6mths+ of procrastinating. There is something awry with my uterus and I am going to fix it! Sick of feeling so ill and drained and having 2 weeks a month of hideous sciatica.

Had lovely (if also menstrual and hormonal) weekend, beat PB at Parkrun by 6 seconds (in the mud and rain) and gymmed lots. Yesterday went to a food fair which was fab and boys really enjoyed it. Had a yummy (if not bit peculiar) dinner last night of Gravadlax, Wild Pigeon breast, salad, and lots of local cheese that we were enticed into buying grin

Happy Chiefing.

BsshBossh Mon 20-May-13 11:46:09

Double Skodas are meant to be excellently made and highly reliable cars so good choice. I am the main snacker in our house - my DH always laughs that when ever he comes home from work I have a bowl of something (crisps or grapes or raw nuts or...) by my side. I'm stricter with my DD who's nearly 5yo. She's allowed to snack (as she's very tiny, no weight issues at all) but only at scheduled times - during the week it's only just after school and in the weekends it one time in the afternoon only (though we're more flexible on long car drives or train journeys).

It's science of snacking that has finally made sense to me - the fact that if I'm constantly feeding my body with even healthy foods it won't ever get a chance (except during fasting or sleep) to burn my fat stores.

dinkydoos Mon 20-May-13 12:28:35

Hello all. Yet another indulgent weekend, couldn't really be arsed, logging the details on mfp, so just did quick add calories. All fairly healthy though.
Haven't weighed for a bit, but think my new low I glimpsed around 10 days ago, has disappeared . I do seem to get a good result then relax a bit much, it's so silly! Must do better this week. Am fasting today.
lego our weights sound similar, my best is 147 and tbh, would just be happy around 145 ish, but am sure I am around 152 ish again today.. Let's head for the early 10s together!!
By the way, I have only made about 3 cakes in my entire life, but if I look at pinterest anymore, think I may turn into Mary berry, sooo tempting. Someone recommend me something, * tea* how was the lemon blueberry thingy?

Thanks for the link Bssh. Made an interesting read. And has reminded me of the importance of fasting today grin

What you say about your kids Double has prompted me to remember something which I think needs to be taken into account with regard to snacking. And that is body type. There are three basic body types - mesomorph, endomorph and ectomorph. Linky for pictures. Most of our family are mesomorphs and we are able to function without snacking IYSWIM, however we have one lone ectomorph - the body type that is tall and carries no fat at all (DS2) - he has to eat six times a day not just to be able to do the sport he wants to but actually, because he has no fat reserves, to control his behaviour even if he's having a sedentary type of day. I think body type influences your ability to process things too so things like yoghurt (fat), nuts (protein) and bread (carbs) are better suited to different body types in the world of snacking or indeed in building a basic good for life balanced diet. I suspect we chiefs are not ectomorphs naturally, otherwise we wouldn't have had our chiefly status wink, but it's important to know about them if we do have one in the house.

Personally I've done nothing but snack this weekend blush I think I am going to have to change my eating patterns and what I eat if I'm going to do a long run once a week. I fasted the day before and ran on an empty stomach but I have paid for it over the weekend because I was so hungry. I think I'm going to have to separate my week out into fasting at the beginning and building up the amount of food I eat to allow me to do the 2.5 hours worth of exercise without crashing and burning for two days after <sigh>. If anyone has any thoughts on this I'd be really interested in them because I want to continue to get the health benefits from fasting and maintain my weight too.

Tiger and Lizzy sad hope you're feeling better and good luck with the GP Lizzy.

Yey to PB at parkrun. That's great.

I'm going interval training today.

Lego grin I think wearing it with nought under was much more tarty and that was my default option with it wink

dinks It was lovely. It's the one on Pinterest.

BTW I'm not experienced. I'm learning to bake at the moment, I only started really in the last year. I try to do something different every week or two. I'd really recommend the bake off series of books to start because there is variety, some easy stuff and some more technically challenging things. It also does cakes, pies, bread and savoury stuff.

TheTigerDidntComeToTea Mon 20-May-13 14:54:25

Lizzy, hope the doc can help. Mine usually just lasts half a day but it's been going since last night and disrupted my sleep making me extra grumpy. I'm just hoping its not my age...! Well done on your PB at the Parkrun.

Bssh - I'll need to read the stuff on snacking. I have noticed with the fasting though that I can last much longer without food than I ever thought possible.

Double - a new car, how exciting! our neighbour has an Octavia and loves it.

Lego - Your weekend sounds like fun, and a trip to NY to look forward to, how exciting!

Dinky - Pinterest is too tempting isn't it. I made a carrot cake last week and both kids turned their noses up - I had to take it into school and give it to the other mums so it wasn't in the house tempting me! Lemon blueberry sounds good though (healthy??!) and it is dh's birthday on Thursday...

Tea - That's interesting about the body types. I've noticed my Dh eats completely differently to anyone in my family. He's always snacking but is the same weight as he was when I met him 14 years ago (annoying face!) - I can't tell with the kids yet I'm hoping they take after him though!

I have less than 5 weeks to go till the Algarve. It's the first time we've taken the kids abroad so if anyone has tips on how to keep DD(3) and DS(8) amused on a 4 hour flight plus all the waiting around, please let me know. Also what on earth do I need to pack? I need to do some research I think.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 20-May-13 17:48:50

<<tiptoes shame-facedly onto thread>>

I may have Randalled my arse off on Saturday blush
It was lots of fun though, plus I now have a fridge full of locally made delicacies!

Fasting was not possible yesterday as I had the post-Randalling hunger so I'm doing it today and tomorrow instead.

Sorry about all the ladies problems going about, sounds seriously unpleasant.

Massively impressed with all you runners and exercisers, you put me to shame.

Here's to a week of losses, onwards and downwards chiefs smile

Lizzylou Mon 20-May-13 19:08:17

Oh to be an Ectomorph, Tea grin
Tiger, you will look fab on holiday and the dc will LOVE the flight, trust me !
Randall, you will pull it back, no fear.

So gp thinks could be menopause shock He laughed when I exclaimed "But I was only bloody 40 a few weeks ago!", having a fasting blood test next week to test, erm hormones n shit.
Least I have set ball rolling anyway.

Have ran (badly, was humid and legs of lead) and done some pilates for my core.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 20-May-13 19:38:40

Blimey, I had no idea we had to worry about starting to dry up this early shock

I mean I know it could be worse, and I'm glad there's nothing wrong as such, but bloody hell.

BsshBossh Mon 20-May-13 19:40:12

Tea the body types info is very interesting. I will look into that and observe DD closely.

Lizzy the menopause? Oh goodness, well at least you'll have a plan once you know what's what.

Not sure if any of you lurk on the 5:2 threads (main one and maintainers one) but there are quite a few of us now trying out the no snacking between meals thing. Tomorrow is a non-fast day so I will attempt to put it into action. My plan is to leave at least 5 hours completely free of food between meals and, as I have no interest in giving up my goodies (chocolate or crisps or cake etc) to include them as part lf the meal (eg a few crisps with lunch sandwich or a few squares of chocolate straight after dinner as pudding.

Definitely want to take my day's emphasis off food.

Lizzylou Mon 20-May-13 20:02:00

I know, bonkers eh?
I mean, my family is complete, no worries there, but still....
Will I have to get a blue rinse and some sensible slacks?.. confused

It's funny Bssh, some days I can sort of forget about food and not crave anything, other days it is all I think about.....

I know exactly what you mean Lizzy I had to go on the coil because I'm perimenopausal and that was exactly my thought. Rationally I know I have a complete family but I like to have to option of just one last hurrah wink It's odd to think that 600 years ago I would have approaching old age and about to pop my clogs smile luckily modern medicine is great and I feel like I'm still in my twenties - except I seem to have a large tash and wake at night because I am sweaty. <sigh>

Great service by doctor though. Sent off for tests and he laughed at your joke. Got to love the NHS, worth the tax wink

Hey hey Randall I was a hungry caterpillar yesterday too. Booze is great, except the things it makes me eat the next day. Ahhhh. I too have atoned today. Just broke a 24 hour fast with a light paella after 55 minutes interval training. Lovely but I appear to have got stuck at the dining table, I am unable to move and everyone else has fecked arf upstairs to lounge like lizards in front of the telly. Bah. I may sit here til breakfast!

Tiger magazine/book, some food and a DS/iPod type thing will make the flight relaxing for you too. I bet you'll look fab in your bikini. We went abroad last year and at a size 14/16 didn't feel out of place IYSWIM. This year we're off to the Lake District and Northumberland so no swimming type opportunities to look thinner. I'll be the one walking fells with a toddler on my shoulders taking it in turns, with a tall very pale man, to shout at a herd of boys.

dinkydoos Mon 20-May-13 21:10:52

Ooh, lizzy don't go all blue rinse/twin set on us! However sensible slacks you say? Bet they are comfy.... grin. My system has gone bonkers, am now on a 22 day cycle it seems, how crap is that? It seems like I only have 10 minutes of being 'normal' instead of either being 'pre' or actually menstrual. The joy.
Am trying to zero fast, as DP away for night, and want to try and undo some of my indulgences. Herbal tea number 17 coming up....

Lizzylou Mon 20-May-13 21:18:10

Coil, you say? Hmmm
Least we have more options now I spose.

Dinky, I am the same. And so blooming tearful!

DoubleMum Mon 20-May-13 21:50:09

Aw, unmumsnetty hugs to the tearful ones. Bit of a day of it here too as DH has (finally) decided he may be depressed and went to the GP tonight. Have had to stop him googling the side effects of his prescription of course. Plus DD had a headache which causes her drama queen side to come out, all of which means I haven't made good food choices today. Ah well. Am in this for the long term after all.

<grabs chiefs and squeezes tight>

Lizzylou Tue 21-May-13 06:20:09

That is good about your dh though Double, eh? Admitting he is depressed is a big step.
Hope Dd is better today.

Have been awake since just gone 4am. Because I was too, erm, warm hmm
My mind is obviously very open to suggestion!

Have done 30mins of Pilates to strengthen my core. Or powerhouse. Only exercise I could face at that ungodly hour.

DoubleMum Tue 21-May-13 07:06:33

LIzzy am very impressed that you'd be exercising at 4 in the morning. That's dedication for you. Hoping you feel less warm today though. Hormones eh?!
DH had an OK first night, long may it continue. Am v pleased he went to the doc though, he has refused for years.
To my astonishment I have lost 2.6 lbs this week, taking me to 34.8 lb loss. I think this is more than I have ever lost before in my life of diets, so I need to build on it and make sure it never goes back on again.

Well done Double that is an amazing achievement. grin onwards and downwards.

And glad to hear a good first night for your DH.

Gah Lizzy may coffee serve you well today. I feel your pain. I woke up last night in a sheen of sweat. Perhaps it was just humid last night? <grasps straws>

I have put on one pound. hmm But my percentage body fat continues to slowly reduce so not all bad. I think I'm going to have a funny few weeks whilst I change what I eat to exercise more efficiently.

I'm going to spend the day with 45 11 year olds playing quick cricket. I have no idea how to play but will be calling into costa on my walk there so I should get through. Ye Gods. Give me patience today.

Lizzylou Tue 21-May-13 09:02:38

45 11 year olds??? shock You'll need something stronger than coffee, Tea!

Double, wow! Go you, that is fabulous, you are doing so well grin

I didn't do the pilates at 4am, I lay there for an hour getting increasingly frustrated and got up at 5am. It was nice though and I feel all stretched and, well, knackered if I am honest!

DoubleMum Tue 21-May-13 09:23:50

Tea you were probably sweating at the thought of 45 11 yr olds.

LaundryLegoLunch Tue 21-May-13 09:36:53

Quick cricket?! Now that sounds bearable. not sure about the 45 kids

Big chiefly hugs to all having tricky weeks. Hormones are a rotten bugger aren't they? I'm more up and down than ever before even though I have sprung my last offspring and so no longer need all that fancy ovulation gubbins.

double that is a fantastic loss! And well done to your DH for taking that brave step, many never manage that much.

dinky yes! Lets be weightloss twins wink. What's your weighing day? Mine is Weds so I always spend Tuesdays desperately craving cake hmm

Lizzy well done for even contemplating exercise in the early hours! I've been reading some stuff recently about confirmation bias (so when you believe something you keep finding evidence to support it while ignoring evidence that doesn't. It's really hard to stop!)

TheTigerDidntComeToTea Tue 21-May-13 10:45:11

Lizzy - oh no the m word?! That's why I'm not going to the doctor. I'm with Tea, I know I can't have any more but I really would like one more squidgy, ickle baby? Oh I can't believe I said that out loud! blush

Randall - so glad you've been Randalling, I'm living vicariously through you at the moment! Too scared to drink here after my disgraceful episode a few weeks ago...

Tea - no bikinis, I'll still be an 18/20 but better than the 22/24 I was at Xmas. DS is already planning his hand luggage so I'll make sure he has loads in there. Good luck with all those 11 yr olds!

Dinks - 22 days must be a nightmare, hope your fast went well.

Double - great news that DH saw the doc. And well done on the loss, you are doing brilliantly.

Laundry - hope the cake cravings aren't too bad.

It's lovely and sunny here today after a whole week of rain last week so I'm going to go for a walk at lunchtime and maybe pop to the shops to look at holiday clothes - woo hoo! Its so nice to think about going somewhere hot, the last few years we've been to the Lake district or the Borders and it has rained non-stop. All our holiday photos feature cagoules!

dinkydoos Tue 21-May-13 13:40:12

Afternoon all. Well I made it a zero fast yesterday, so now sat here with crisps..! Anyway lego I don't really have a specific weigh day, I just weigh when I feel light, and then only record any new lows! So will update when I get past the 147...
tiger you will have a fab time on holiday if you are used to rainy ones! Honestly it's just sooooo easy when the sun shines, time just flies! V jealous' its ages to August when we go!

Lizzylou Tue 21-May-13 18:33:34

Well done Dinky on fasting.
Dinky is right Tiger, you will love your hols. Sunshine cures all.

I have been such a grumpy old cow today! Tired and moany.

dinkydoos Tue 21-May-13 19:10:19

<strokes lizzy hair> have a little look at some keycampy stuff for your hols lizzy, that always cheers me up!

Lizzylou Tue 21-May-13 20:19:28

grin Thanks Dinky, I think I might smile
I do that too!!

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 22-May-13 12:05:49

I bet you're all off being uber healthy and weightlifting aren't you!

Well yesterday's fast didn't go quite according to plan. Ended up going for lunch with XDH and had mushroom and Stilton risotto followed by a giant bowl of Eton mess blush it was fricking delicious!

Amazingly after my Eurovision/food show/1200cal 'fast' day escapades I've still managed to shed 2.2lb this week. It finally takes me over the 50lb mark so more than happy with that.

I've got 18lb left to hit my goal and I've got a feeling it's going to start getting a lot tougher now so I'm breaking it down into small chunks to try and keep myself upbeat.

First one was 50lb, next one will be 25%. I'm at 24.6% now so hopefully that should be achievable before too long.

Double you should feel massively proud of reaching that milestone, it means you've beaten yourself and let's face it, that's the biggest battle of all. Hope the medication helps your DH, he's done a very brave thing.

Hope all you hormonal old biddies haven't succumbed to beige slacks and comfort fit mules just yet wink

Onwards and downwards chiefs!

LaundryLegoLunch Wed 22-May-13 12:24:48

I'm not being healthy, in fact I just ate the Heston-at-Waitrose Shepherds Pie. Although surprisingly it was under 500 cals and really delish.

Randall another great loss this week, you are unstoppable!

I lost 2lb this week and for the first time in forever got under 150lb! That means 4lbs to healthy. Oddly the last few weeks have seen a faster loss than a month or two ago, not sure why confused but I'm not complaining. I'm glad I stuck at it instead of giving up like every other diet I've tried and I would never have done that if it wasn't for the chiefs so I'm thankful for all of our (formerly) fat, wobbly bits grin

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 22-May-13 12:40:12

Wow lego so close! Bloody well done you!

And well one for getting out of the 150's, I've only just got into them!

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 22-May-13 12:55:03

Forgot to say, last week I tried on The Pants of Motivation and they fasten!
They do not look good, but still, they fasten, it's a start grin

I am also thrilled to report that The Jeans That Made Me Cry now require a belt lest they fall down!

DoubleMum Wed 22-May-13 13:24:59

I wonder if I am wearing beige slacks today? Might depend on what the definition of slacks is.
Woohoo, 50 lbs Randall! You deserve a nice little pressie to yourself (non-food-related!). You can buy yourself a lovely belt in case those jeans become the Jeans that Made Me Flash My Knicks. Great news about the Pants of Motivation. Oddly I feel so bloated that it feels like no trousers would possibly do up - I've had hot cross buns the last couple of days and they definitely haven't agreed with me so let that be a lesson learnt.
Lego brilliant loss, and so great to be in the 150's!

Lego and Randall fecking brilliant dudes. I love it when the thread is full of losers.

I really do quite like the Heston stuff ... the truffle macaroni cheese is like a plate of hugs on a Sunday evening in front of a fire. I think I became Chiefly on the back of his mince pies. And the earl grey hot-cross buns were delicious too. Can you tell I'm fasting today? At this time of the day I can mainly be found thinking about food and concentrating hard on a peppermint tea.

Oh. Mushroom and Stilton risotto sounds lovely too. Mmmmm cream and strawberries and meringues.

I'm about to go and make a minecraft pig, sheep and man with pick axe for top of DS3's birthday cake. Next time I add to my brood of small boys I shall be checking to see whether their birthday's are nicely spread out before they're allocated sleeping quarters.

Love that the jeans are all being beaten into submission.

Might you have a wheat intolerance Double?

<ahem> I may be sweaty, moustachy, generally grumpy and have to colour my hair every 3.5 weeks to cover the Morticia white stripe in my hair but I have never, ever worn mules. I don't think I've worn beige slacks though I did once have a pair of biscuit linen trousers which probably could pass the beige slacks test in a tea dance at the end of Weston-Super-Mare pier

DoubleMum Wed 22-May-13 16:35:04

See I've got beigy herringbone trousers on at the moment. I'm a bit worried in case they're slacks.
I don't think I'm wheat intolerant Tea, at least it never used to be a problem. I ran a sandwich catering business until fairly recently and ate the leftovers every day!

Oh. I just LOLed! You are a very, very funny lady Double grin

Lizzylou Wed 22-May-13 18:58:14

Yay yay and thrice yay for Lego and Randall grin
Double grin

No slacks or mules here. I will embrace middle age by being outrageous. A bit Joan Collins, a pinch of Nancy Dellolio, a soupcon of Grace Jones. Pinching waiter's bums, saying inappropriate things and behaving badly.
I was quite a tame teen, so now is my time.

Lizzylou Wed 22-May-13 18:59:15

I think they are slacks if they have elasticated waist and a crease down the front double.

DoubleMum Wed 22-May-13 19:32:10

Phew! Definitely not slacks. I can relax.

Lizzylou Wed 22-May-13 19:55:58

grin Come join me with the outrageous shenanigans

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 22-May-13 21:35:08

Ooh, go nuts. Get a mac in a racy red instead of taupe wink

If it's any consolation, some of the cheese I got from the food show last week I bought because it came with a free mini cool bag which I though looked rather useful.

<<kills self>>

DoubleMum Wed 22-May-13 21:50:08

Given I pretty much wear black, beige is racy enough for me at the moment. If I tried a red coat on I might just spontaneously combust. When I am a size 10 supermodel of course it might all be different.

DoubleMum Wed 22-May-13 21:52:29

Have just realised supermodels are probably not size 10. But think perhaps size 10 is all I can realistically aim for, given I haven't seen it since about age 10.

dinkydoos Thu 23-May-13 00:20:26

Does the fact that I have just got in from being at a gig and on a school night mean I am officially a non menopausal, non beige slack wearing , veritable slip of a girl???
However I will admit to a disturbing little peak of interest in randalls mention of the little cool bag that the cheeses came in... I have done the same at food shows, really rather exciting (wonders if it had any cheese branding on the outside)..... Ok, shoot me before you do yourself Randall.
Fast day tomorrow, big yawn. But it's working so will keep on it. Night all.

DoubleMum Thu 23-May-13 07:23:52

You might just be the coolest Chief Dinky. Unless it was a Cliff Richard gig.

Lizzylou Thu 23-May-13 09:07:19

You rock Dinky!
How were Showaddywaddy? grin

I once saw Boney M. Which is almost on a par with Bucks Fizz ... whose 'gig' I also attended. I realise this does not help my old lady image. But I feel I need to share this information.

I don't do no beige though. Unless it features in Vogue at which point in time you can find me scouring the high street for beige and wearing it head to foot like the "mutton-dressed-as-lamb' dresser that I am. I wonder when I am going to discover age appropriate dressing. My boys think I'm embarrassing but do consult me over clothes purchases and discussions about what is cool to wear

I've lost a lb to take me to the weight I was before. We're going on holiday on Sunday for a week so no doubt I will get the opportunity to loose that pound again!

DoubleMum Thu 23-May-13 11:13:43

I saw Michael Jackson when I was about 18, which was ever so embarrassing at the time (went as friend had spare ticket) but now luckily appears to have been magically transformed into something cool.
I have discovered I do own a pair of trousers that have an elasticated waist at the back. However, they definitely do not have creases at the front. Does this save them from slack-hood?

Lizzylou Thu 23-May-13 20:14:53

Boney M, Bucks Fizz and Michael Jackson? shock
Only thing I have ever won was a Bucks Fizz album when I was 9. Thrilled is an understatement. I luuurrrved Bobby from Bucks Fizz.

My first ever concert was Spandau Ballet when I was 10. With my Dad grin

LaundryLegoLunch Thu 23-May-13 20:39:55

Ahh Bucks Fizz, my dream was to get one of those snazzy skirts that could be pulled off to reveal a shorter skirt. I loved Making Your Mind Up.

<wonders whether ripping skirts are on Pinterest>

DoubleMum Fri 24-May-13 10:30:22

For your viewing pleasure:

I have had a satanic icecream splurge. Feel a bit sick.

I have licked the bowl out for two cakes ... pecan and lemon ... and I too feel a little a little sick, more specifically like someone has crapped sugar paste in my gob.

I will atone later with a run. By writing it here I'm hoping the running becomes true without me having to put too much effort in.

With that video you have really spoilt us. They were brill.

TheTigerDidntComeToTea Fri 24-May-13 10:52:49

Ah Double Bucks Fizz were brilliant -weren't they!
Tea did you find a skirt on Pinterest?
<Trying to decide whether to own up to the MC Hammer concert with my brother? Only because my dad won tickets at work>

Was Dh's birthday yesterday, I made this cake. It was huge though so I've brought half of it into work today to get it out of my fridge. I had a tiny slice but it was very rich so I couldn't each much anyway. The kids ate loads - but they need fattening up! I shall divide the rest round family tonight.

DoubleMum Fri 24-May-13 11:34:37

OMG that cake!
It's not so much the MC Hammer concert it's whether you were wearing nappy trousers. Mind you Justin Beiber wears them, can't you just imagine how embarrassed he's going to be in 10 years' time.
Tea licking the bowl makes you lose weight. Scientifically proven.

TheTigerDidntComeToTea Fri 24-May-13 11:43:42

Definitely didn't wear the trousers - OMG no!

I love making cakes, but tbh after a day of whipping cream, melting chocolate and creaming butter - never mind the packets of sugar - I start to feel a bit ill. So I never eat as much of it as I think I will when I see the picture. It's going down well in the office though!

LaundryLegoLunch Fri 24-May-13 12:54:12

I've just made these for DH as he's been away with work all week, I use smarties instead of choc chips. I have eaten my own weight in raw dough. It's clearly something about the hideous weather making us all comfort eat.

It's ds2's birthday tomorrow and I'm heading out now to pick up his Spider-Man cake. I'm really excited about eating it seeing his face when he sees it.

DoubleMum Fri 24-May-13 16:19:17

I have promised the DCs I will teach them to cook over half term, so I shall attempt to steer them towards healthier recipes. So far I am doing OK on calories as satanic icecream has replaced actual meals.

Lizzylou Fri 24-May-13 16:23:48

So much cake! shock
That is a beast of a cake Tiger, looks fab though.

I have been undone by flapjack bites. Bloody lush.

Tiger that looks amazing. Just wow. I think I'll have a go at that when I've recovered from my current birthday induced baking overload. I'm such a novice. I've just got the last bit to add to my first tiered creation. It looks a bit shite shabby chic. I might add some twigs n shit to the top instead of some minecraft characters. <sigh> in the meantime happy to get a job in your office.

Lego Cookies? Smarties? I'll be round in a couple of hours. I'm sure I won't get in the way of your reunion with DH wink

I seem to have eaten some marzipan too. Oops. I've also managed to dye myself a monobrow and one sidey in liquorice black, a la Noel Gallagher, whilst dying the icing a variety of shades of grey.

Jesus. I'm a Manc scally with a fake black monobrow and a big feck off cake that looks like it's got rags on.

I thought I might be glamorous and sophisticated if I weighed less. Apparently this is not true!

I'd just like to clarify, as I seem to have implied it is. It isn't a shades of grey cake for 9YO DS3. It's minecraft with bricks. My excessive fake facial hair is a result of bricks not cake porn.

RandallPinkFloyd Fri 24-May-13 19:05:40

I'm avoiding all pictures and talk of cake, it all sounds way too delicious. Even Tea's porn cake wink

After thinking it was going to be me and DS completely alone for the next week turns out this weekend is going to be fun after all. My sister is coming round tonight for a mini Randall and XDH has made a surprise babysitting offer for Sunday so I shall be having a proper BBQ themed Randall.

I have not prepared. This weeks weigh-in will not be a good one!

dinkydoos Fri 24-May-13 22:58:08

Hello? I haven't had my iPad for last 2 days ( busy at work and then left kicking thing in office). I have just logged in and you lot have gone cake bonkers! What's been going on??? Carrots and humous chiefs, not carrot cake!
Loooove the bucks fizz stuff, but im old enough to remember brotherhood of man! My gig was The Specials actually, you mockers (double!) but you know Cliff can be good on his day.... Freebie gig through work so extra good!

Lizzylou Sat 25-May-13 08:25:22

Tea grin
Have such a vision of you now!
Randall, yay to bad ass Randalling.
Dinky, I always wanted to be in Pans people or legs and co. The Specials were good.

Lovely lovely day here, shop done, off to Parkrun now. Happy Chiefing smile

DoubleMum Sat 25-May-13 12:23:31

Very nice day here too, and I thought the weekend was meant to be miserable. Have a lovely new car, need somewhere to drive it to! I had put on this morning (not my weigh-in day) so am forbidding all Randalling in this house, although have earmarked the icecream to be finished so it's gone and I can stop thinking about it! Sorry if that sounds horribly bingeful.
Have lovely Parkruns all of you who do it.

Lizzylou Sat 25-May-13 16:47:10

Yeah pb at Park run, beat best time by almost 1 minute!
I also appear to now be quite blonde (for me!) and have shorter hair than expected after my hairdressers appointment this afternoon.
Still sunny!
Hope you are whizzing around in your new car Double and that those Randalling are doing well grin

BsshBossh Sat 25-May-13 18:46:50

Lost you all in the forum re-shuffle.

Maintaining well on 6:1 (fasting one day a week) and no snacking in between meals on week days (weekends excluded as usual). No longer weighing myself but this morning DH had to punch another hole in my belt.

But the best news is that I'm now running non-stop for 25 minutes! Okay, so I am slow (I cover 3.3km in that time) but I am happy! I love it. 5km here I come.

RandallPinkFloyd Sat 25-May-13 18:48:56

Oh dear. My mini Randall turned into a maxi Randall. It was a really lovely night and something we haven't done for far too long, but we ended up talking crap til 4 o'clock!

After the BBQ tomorrow I'm going to have to fast my arse off if I don't want weigh-in-Wednesday to be a complete disaster.

I'm going on a hen weekend next week too. Bugger.

This week I shall mostly be eating - dust.

Well one on the run Lizzy smile

RandallPinkFloyd Sat 25-May-13 18:50:41

Wowzers, well done Bssh!

Lizzylou Sat 25-May-13 19:13:15

Go Bssh!
Good Randalling, Randall grin

DoubleMum Sat 25-May-13 20:20:34

Well done Bssh, and Lizzy you sound very glam!
Randall, you sound like, well, Randall TBH!

DoubleMum Sun 26-May-13 12:08:45

Oh dear, fish and chips yesterday, today pub lunch! So much for not Randalling ...

TheTigerDidntComeToTea Sun 26-May-13 14:04:28

TMI warning - poo mentioned, well it is the poo thread?

Hey chiefs, the cake is all gone thankfully. My colleagues ate loads and I took the rest to my mums where my siblings and nieces and nephews polished the rest off.

Tea did you take a picture??
Lego did dh enjoy the cookies, they looked fab! And how was the spidey cake?
Randall yay for surprise arrangements and babysitters!
Lizzy you're getting faster every week, well done!
Bssh well done on the running

Well Dh and I Randalled well on Friday night for his birthday. I had a major hangover when I went to collect the kids to be confronted by dd who couldn't "get her poo out!" I had to, well I can't even describe it, traumatic doesn't even begin to describe it. The poor baby. And she is fine now so I'm not sure what to do? Except try to wipe it from my memory?

I'm working today, cup final day, the sun is coming out and I have a healthy packed lunch with me! Anyway, ko is 3pm so I better get back to work. Happy Sunday everyone!

BsshBossh Sun 26-May-13 14:05:06

Bank Holiday weekend and half term is a particularly hard combo Double. I'm going to try not to snack next week but think I will eat some lovely hearty main meals.

DoubleMum Sun 26-May-13 19:02:22

Well, it was v nice, and I haven't eaten much else so will be OK.
Tiger suffice to say I understand!!

dinkydoos Mon 27-May-13 12:54:34

I made a cake!!! I am blaming all you lot with your cakey chat. It was a Venetian carrot cake , no flour, lots of ground almonds. Obviously the carrots in it negated any calorie content. Phew.
Actually have eaten like a horse, and therefore will expect a horse type weight this week. tiger I feel your poo trauma....

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 27-May-13 14:54:26

I Randalled. I mean really Randalled.

Fasting today and tomorrow in the vain hope of negating some of the effects. I'd be more than happy just to maintain this week tbh, as long as I haven't gained that'll do for me.

That sounds grim t say the least Tiger, glad she's feeling better though!

Sounds like some lovely weekends have been had. Hope everyone's enjoys their soggy bank holidays smile

DoubleMum Mon 27-May-13 16:25:34

Had no rain at all here Randall, but have had another pub lunch so I suspect a weight gain is on the cards tomorrow.

Lizzylou Mon 27-May-13 18:06:19

Evening all you Randallers and poo pullers grin
Busy weekend, Dh completed his triathlon, did so so well. Randalled big style afterwards.
Been up doing the Malham safari and lots of walking today.

Hate my hair, look weird. Dh loves it though. Hat shopping this week grin

LaundryLegoLunch Mon 27-May-13 21:38:54

Hello all!

Lizzy it's always odd when you have quite a dramatic change isn't it? Do you get a surprise when you catch your reflection grin?
Tiger poor you! I remember someone saying to me once that you really know you're a parent when you're glad to catch your child's vomit in your hands. I now know exactly what she meant... Oh, and the Spider-Man cake was awesome, ds2 was so thrilled with it.

This weekend is soooo hard. I'm finding more and more that I'm good(ish) Mon-fri then I let myself go a bit over the weekend, but often I feel a kind of food-hangover guilt/regret and shame. I love food (hence becoming a chief) and am clear that I want to be able to enjoy eating out when with friends/on holiday etc but I feel like I'm getting too emotional about food. Not sure if that makes sense. I weigh well record as I weigh myself every morning and night but don't tell me off please on a Weds, maybe I should switch it to Fri so I see the benefit of the goodness and can have made up for any weekend mishaps?

Anyhoo, I hope you've all enjoyed the lovely sunshine and have had marvellous weekends!

DoubleMum Tue 28-May-13 07:30:12

I've put on a lb which is disheartening but not really surprising given how off-plan I've been. It's made a difference to semi-lose DH's support while he concentrates on getting used to his anti-depressants and wants to eat nice things. But I need to get past that.
Good luck to everyone starting half term in the rain! Rain here, they won't be able to go out on their bikes which will make them grr.

Lizzylou Wed 29-May-13 11:58:35

Where is everyone?
Randalling is shedding the lbs like a bugger!

I'm in a queue to get on a ride at Alto Towers. Sadly it is one with a huge feck arf squirrel for toddlers rather than any scary ride.

I haven't exercised or fasted for four days <sob> because I've been at my parents and my Mam's appendix burst so I've been a bit of a Florence so no time to cater for my diet. I've had wine most evenings to medicate life with 4 boys and 2 slightly dotty parents. I'm now stuck at a theme park with a toddler. The healthiest food on site is a fresh apple donut. I will drink booze and go to an all you can eat hotel restaurant tonight.

I'm having the sort of week that made me a Chief. grin

Missing all Chiefing and Chiefs.

Lizzylou Wed 29-May-13 13:03:19

Oh Tea, hope your Mom gets better soon.

Food and drink sounds fab though!

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 29-May-13 13:28:24

Blimey Tea poor Mum, that must have been horribly scary. Hope she's on the mend now, sounds seriously painful.

I envy your Alton towers fun (even if it is only the kiddy rides!), haven't been for almost 3 years <sniff>.

Don't worry about a tiny gain Double, easy on - easy off. You're doing really well to stay focused when you've got so much else going on. Keep going chief thanks

Lizzy you really are too kind! Another 2.4lb off somehow, very confused but totm did start yesterday so maybe that had something to do with it. Anyway, I need a massive chiefly push for the next weigh-in as another 2lb off would make 4 stone lost in exactly 5 months. I'm on a hen weekend this Friday and Saturday which will involve some serious Randalling so it's going to take a Herculean effort and more than a little luck if I want to get there!

Onwards and downwards chiefs smile

DoubleMum Wed 29-May-13 14:48:06

That's so fab Randall
Tea hope your mum is better quickly. An apple doughnut counts as at least one of your 5 a day surely?
I'm not doing well, have actually only eaten cake today. Luckily the cake is now all gone. DH not doing so well and food not a proper priority at the moment, might need to allow myself a week off or something.

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 29-May-13 16:09:37

Just do your best Double it's all you can do. You're obviously having a really stressful time so don't be too hard on yourself.

Don't let it all go now though, not when you've come so far. This is going to be a massive test but just think how proud you'll be of yourself if you manage stay on track.

Don't be too strict, but don't give yourself the green light to binge either. Just make the best choices you can and take it one day at a time.

I don't want to sound like I'm bullying you or anything I just hate to think of you giving yourself another thing to feel depressed about iyswim. You've done amazingly well, look at what you've achieved. You don't use food as a crutch anymore, keep telling yourself that. You can do it.

As selfish as I know it sounds, you can't make your DH better. I know how heartbreaking it is to see someone you love suffering as he is, and how exhausting it is trying to be everything to everyone but nothing you do will change what's happening. The only people who can help him are himself and the doctors.

It's really important that you look after yourself through all this. You're still important, your needs still matter.

Ok, pep talk over. Have a chiefly arm punch and back slap. We're all here for you chief, lean on us as much as you want to. thanks

DoubleMum Wed 29-May-13 16:28:40

Thanks Randall. Today has mainly been about cake. But I'm not actually over on cals as I haven't eaten anything else so far! Will see how DH is later.

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 29-May-13 16:36:25

Then no harm - no foul!

Lizzylou Wed 29-May-13 16:43:25

Randall speaks sense Double.
Hope DH is OK.

dinkydoos Wed 29-May-13 22:50:44

Oh double have some more manly punches in arm.... Randall speaks good sense, it's quite good to keep control in one area that you can influence when rest of life is hard to control iyswim. I know it's early days for you and Dh in dealing with all this, so hope it all gets a bit easier soon ( unchiefly hug)
randall just how do you keep losing like this? Methinks you have a scalpel hidden somewhere and are hacking bits off in a random fashion!

Double depression is a hard, hard illness to overcome. I think it can make the sufferer a bit selfish and it puts a huge amount of pressure on the family. Randall is proving herself to be the wise woman of the thread, she's right. Proper selfishness is required from you at this point .... looking after yourself first will allow you to help your DC and your DH. Think of it as the oxygen masks on a plane - putting your own on allows you to put others on. A walk away from it all will help too.

Mum is recovering brilliantly, thanks. She is a tough old bird.

Another day of Alton Towers for us. Have managed to get my toddler on the rapids and mine train Randall grin so all is good.

Well done on the loss too Randall. Another week or two and your next milestone will have come and gone. Brill.

DoubleMum Thu 30-May-13 10:45:34

The mine train is my lot's favourite Tea, not mine though I'm a scaredycat about roller coasters.
DH is being signed off work which is probably for the best at the moment. Shame he couldn't combine it with half term, LOL!
DS has had a last minute invite for 3 nights away with his friend at the seaside, which he's very excited about. I shall however spend 3 nights in paranoid worry as I was almost swept out to sea when I was a child and it's the one thing I'm funny about.

Lizzylou Thu 30-May-13 20:38:41

Gawd, I haven't been to Alton Towers since a teen!
I suppose I may have to venture there. Only thing is, all my males are wusses and I am the only one who would go on anything.
Blood test done, fasted entirely for 24 hrs. Put on 3lbs? Wtf?...

Oh Double at least he has space to get things on an even keel.

And Lizzy are you sure it's not a fluctuation peak? But easy on, easy off. When do you get your results? Well done on 24 hour fast.

I won't weigh myself until Saturday because I feel very bloated. There is no nice food in AT. All junk. Not even junk I'd like to eat. All tasteless. Boys have just requested two pieces of fruit for supper which says it all really wink I feel about 7lbs heavier at the moment.

I got to spend the morning with the older boys so got on three big rides. I love em too Lizzy - sort of feel alive with adrenaline running through my veins. And we have a one day ticket each refunded because the new 14 loop roller coaster still hasn't opened so we will go back in the summer to try it out. Actually, there's a lot of things that are fun that aren't high adrenaline that they all enjoyed. Just take your own food.

Gosh, you dudes still have half term to come? We are almost done with it. And I am having a gin to celebrate.

Lizzylou Thu 30-May-13 21:50:38

No, Tea, half term ends tomorrow for us.
Dh, the fucker with all the holidays, is at ils static in Yorkshire with boys. Will be there tomorrow. We are doing Morecambe bay walk on Saturday. Quite excited about that.

Not long now tea, keep the faith, hope your Mom is ok.

Lizzylou Thu 30-May-13 21:51:26

Now I am thinking that it is your Dad tea, sorry!

Lizzylou Thu 30-May-13 21:52:14

No, it's Mom! sorry am a bit brain fried.

dinkydoos Thu 30-May-13 23:05:53

Hello mighty chiefs. I need to confess that I haven't been mfp ing. Why, I hear you ask? Well frankly I had 3 days where I ate loads and didn't enter it then just literally couldn't be arsed to catch up and put it all in. Tbh though have been not too bad and still 5:2 ing.
Anyway enough of that lizzy your gain is so not real! Just one of those weird things. Am waiting for your diagnosis as have same issues as you I think ( let's hope it's cos we have got too thin too quick as opposed to old lady syndrome). tea there's another thread at moment about enjoying half terms with kids whilst they still want to. Doesn't matter if you have gained, it's precious time. double your son won't go out to sea, but v lovely for him to be invited away I think. lego how's the mid 10's looking like?...
Night all you skinny chiefs ( ESP Randall, loser extraordinaire)

dinkydoos Thu 30-May-13 23:09:00

Oh and meant to ask tiger whether the Poo trauma was well and truly behind you? grin

RandallPinkFloyd Fri 31-May-13 11:49:58

Well, that's me signing off for a weekend of chees and wine.

As always I shall log as accurately as possible but I can promise you all it won't be pretty!

I've done 3 fast days this week in preparation (yes, I really am expecting it to be that bad) and I'll do another 2 when I get back so hopefully that will minimise the damage.

Enjoy the lovely sunshine chiefs, see you on the other side grin

TheTigerDidntComeToTea Fri 31-May-13 15:52:18