Stopping scoffing........who's with me?"

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BadTemperedLadybird Mon 15-Apr-13 18:08:30

Right, today I'm drawing a line under the ridiculous amount I've been eating and drinking. I've only got about 3 outfits I can fit into and a wardrobe full of clothes that are way to small. I'm going on holiday at the beginning of June and I don't want to spoil my enjoyment by feeling fat and self-conscious.

I'm going to:
1) rejoin MFP - I've already entered todays food.
2) go to zumba tonight and actually put some effort into it rather than taking it easy.
3) make sensible lunches for work rather than spend money on fattening rubbish.
4) stop hovering up my DD's leftovers.

Enough is enough!

Is anyone with me for some moral support??

monkeysbignuts Mon 15-Apr-13 18:11:33

I'm doing the 30 day shred and watching what I eat. Baby number 3 is 6 months old now and I can't keep using "I have just had a baby" as an excuse.
I need to loose 14-20lbs

ChristineDaae Mon 15-Apr-13 18:14:11

Ohh me! I'm on day 1 of low carb-ing and also doing the shred. I have to do every other day though as with 2 jobs and a 2 year old I literally don't get 20 min to myself some days!!

monkeysbignuts Mon 15-Apr-13 18:26:48

I know what you mean.
I have 3 kids under 5 so 20 minutes is sometimes cut short lol.
I have been doing it for almost 3 weeks and I am definitely more toned yet the scales are still the same sad

Bakingnovice Mon 15-Apr-13 18:34:12

Me me me! I need to lose about 20lbs. I did the shred last year. Felt great but lost nothing.

WeAreEternal Mon 15-Apr-13 18:35:31

I am in.

Since DP went away nearly three month ago I have gained a disturbing amount of weight.
I need to sort myself out.

I have SHRED.

Is anyone interested in being my buddy?
I could really use the support, I'm terrible at the start of diets.

Bakingnovice Mon 15-Apr-13 18:42:31

Weare I started my regime today. Just healthy eating and a walk. I'd love to have a buddy. I started a thread but only one person replied so I could use some support.

worley Mon 15-Apr-13 18:43:27

I'll join in with you..
lost three stone last year with shred and my fitness pal...
since Xmas out a stone on and can't fit into any of my "new" clothes.. have one pair of jeans I've got with the button undone permanently..
need to get back with the shred.. mfp and jogging again.
ds2 still has Easter eggs just sitting there which I keep scoffing every time I go in kitchen ( he had 5 not 29!!)

HeySoulSister Mon 15-Apr-13 18:45:16

Shred will help with fitness but you won't lose much weight with it

How about running, swimming or even power walking?

OnTheNingNangNong Mon 15-Apr-13 18:48:17

I signed up to MFP today. Got quite a shock when I got onto the scales. I'm 1.5stone over my pre pregnancy weight and DS2 is 14 months now so I have no excuses whatsoever.

I really need support as I have minimal willpower when alone.

I really need to exercise more. Did an hour in the pool with DC's and the husband today and I'm challenging him to the UFC Kinect game to help burn some of the calories.

I'm also going to walk to school more rather than drive or take the bus, it's not that far but we're at the top of some very steep hills, but hoping that pushing the pram will help lose weight and tone me up a little.

BadTemperedLadybird Mon 15-Apr-13 20:41:17

Horaay! I got some replies!

I'm not brave enough to stand on the scales yet. I'll weigh in Thursday morning I think as I'm having dinner out with friends that evening.

I've been trying to go it alone for the past couple of months but all that's meant is a few days of healthy eating and then filling my face. So, I'll definitely be posting on MFP religiously and updating here with you all smile

In 6 weeks time, we'll all be at least half a stone lighter.

rusmum Mon 15-Apr-13 21:09:01

I'm in! Worley are u me? I also lost 3 last year and put one on at/since Xmas! Lol shredding too but calorie burn is so low u won't lose weight on it, tone up possibly? Have got insanity but its too tough ( I used to be able to do it ish) hmm

worley Mon 15-Apr-13 23:04:33

rusmum.. it's so frustrating!! I took such delight in throwing my old clothes out and now have nothing left to get into!! I've really just been stuffing myself again and need to get control of it. felt so much better this time last year about it all.

worley Mon 15-Apr-13 23:05:46

I really toned up on shred.. and had little dents where the abs where forming underneath smile and definition in arms and bum smile
need to get a grip gain!!

Ponks Mon 15-Apr-13 23:19:33

Good for you ladybird, sounds like that all-important switch in attitude has happened in your brain - that's what happened to me after Christmas, I just thought "I'm fed up with being fat & feeling horrible" and actually started doing something about it. I'd been gradually piling on poundage for a couple of years and felt miserable.
Haven't been on a mega diet, just eating sensibly and more healthily, I've been doing Shred & getting into lots of other Jillian Michaels DVDs, and 3 months on I feel like a different person.
Go for it. You will thank yourself. Good luck! smile

spilledmilk Mon 15-Apr-13 23:26:48

In brazil there is a saying. She who wants to loose weight must first loose teeth.

ChristineDaae Tue 16-Apr-13 07:23:38

Right - I felt awful last night and went to bed at 9pm when I really should have been shredding. So now I have to squeeze it in between works today cos I'm not letting myself off the hook.
How often do you weigh in? I think I prob do it too often!!
Weight to lose - 29lbs hmm

BadTemperedLadybird Tue 16-Apr-13 08:14:57

Thank you for your lovely, supportive message Ponks

Christine I'm very impressed at your shredding dedication. I confess that I do own that DVD but I've only done it twice blush

monkeysbignuts Tue 16-Apr-13 10:37:52

I am loosing inches with the 30 day shred! Been doing it 3 weeks combined with healthy eating and lost 7lbs smile
My bum thighs and hips are looking more toned to

putyourhatonsweetie Tue 16-Apr-13 12:03:54

me me me (please), pleased to find this thread.

loads to lose ...started last week on low(ish) carb. So far lost 1.5 kg. I know kilos is a bit annoying for some but weirdly i get less emotional working in kilos after years of diet fail working in stones and pounds.

ChristineDaae Tue 16-Apr-13 17:34:54

How is everyone doing today? Have any of you set short term targets? Weekly/monthly etc?
Glad to hear there are some results on the Shred, I don't mind if it doesn't contribute much to weight loss, I'm in it for the toning. Don't want to loose weight and still be wobbly! grin

BadTemperedLadybird Tue 16-Apr-13 18:59:19

I think my long term target is to get back in my old jeans. I've got a specific pair that I haven't been able to squeeze into for some considerable time. Well, I probably could get into them at some point over the past couple of years but I wouldn't have been able to do them up!

My short term target would be to lose half a stone by the beginning of June (holiday!).

What about everyone else?

BadTemperedLadybird Tue 16-Apr-13 20:41:30

Ooh, just noticed there's another thread with a very similar title to this. Whoops blush. Shall I see if I can change this title to avoid confusion?

munchkinmaster Tue 16-Apr-13 21:01:04

Can I join in. Dd is now 13 months so baby weight no longer an excuse. I have 2 stone to lose. I was slimmer when I was 6 months pregnant sad.
I'm cutting out the crap, trying to run when I can and trying to cook healthier meals. I'm also still breast feeding and wonder if that is keeping me fleshy?

Would be really helpful to log down my runs and weights. Going to weigh self on a Friday.

munchkinmaster Tue 16-Apr-13 21:02:47

I'd love to lose the weight by September but maybe could try and get down to 10' 7 (ie lose 6lbs) by the end of may?

Ponks Tue 16-Apr-13 22:26:53

Christine Shred is fab for toning, I have had great results so far, dropped a dress size and am able to fit into some of my old clothes that I thought I'd never wear again. I know I am sounding very evangelical about it but at just over 20 mins it is a great all round workout.

munchkin I also write down my workouts & weights - it does help motivate you. 6lbs by end May sounds like a good target!

I still have a lot of weight to lose - between 1.5 and 2 stone will get me to a nice healthy BMI. I do set targets, but at the moment my weight loss has stalled a bit so I'm just taking things slowly & keeping on exercising & trying not to go back to old habits.

hmc Tue 16-Apr-13 22:28:54

I have steadily gained 14lbs whilst studying with the open university so yes, feeling blobby, and definitely with you

workatemylife Tue 16-Apr-13 23:28:53

Worley and Rusmum - you are me as well! I just put up a new thread about how to get cracking on shifting the stone in weight that has arrived in my midsection since December. Like you I lost a lot of weight last year and felt great, but seem to have thrown it all away in the last few months. Can I join the 'enough is enough' group too please?

Today was day #1 of my attempt to slim down and get fit. I took a walk to and from work, made a salad lunch rather than buying a cheese-tastic panini, drank tea rather than latte, and had fruit for pudding at home rather than cake / biscuity things. Not bad for day one, but then it is only day one. Willpower much in evidence today, but ask me next week.

My target - maybe a bit optimistic - is to lose a stone by the end of May when we go off on hols. Will you hold my hand (and drag me out of bed in the morning)?

Bakingnovice Wed 17-Apr-13 10:02:43

Hi everyone. Day 3 for me and im shocked that all seems to be going v well. Expected much worse as have cut everything out (like an idiot) so no sugar, caffeine, dairy, carbs. Just wanted a fortnight of short sharp shocking before I settle into 5:2 and exercise. I've not started my walking as I'm still headachy. How is everyone today? My short term goal
Is to lose a stone by June. Long term goal is to get to my two stone target by Xmas.

worley Wed 17-Apr-13 16:49:52

well... I did ok yesterday till I found a twirl hidden in the fridge and accidentally ate it sad
today's been ok so far. will be off for an hours walk along beach while ds2 is in beavers this evening. haven't managed to start tracking yet but no bad foods today.. so far smile

ChristineDaae Wed 17-Apr-13 17:13:07

Hi all, doing ok so far today, only up to about 15 carbs, and thinking of making chicken bacon and cheese for tea.
Today is day3 and the first time I've been really craving carbs. But I'm sticking it out as I weighed in this morning and have lost 4.6lb since Sunday. No shredding today, got a rare Thursday night off tomorrow so going to do it then smile

rusmum Wed 17-Apr-13 17:28:16

Had a poopy piggy day. Soooo hungry all day! So nibbled anything in sight! Why???????? sad

BadTemperedLadybird Wed 17-Apr-13 18:31:03

Nice to see more of us getting back on that healthy bandwagon! Welcome all newcomers smile

I got up the courage to weigh myself this morning........12 stone 7 1/2 pounds sad angry blush
I weigh the same as I did a year ago when my DD was only a few months old!! I feel very cross with myself but even more determined to lose half a stone by the end of May and then an additional stone by the end of July. That's the plan desperate hope anyway!

Ooo can I join!?

DS is 2 and a bit so yes, no excuse grin

He just started nursery though so I now have more time to fit in exercise (and a lone parent, a skint one) & do the shred without waking him up!

I'm 5ft 7 but weigh eleven and a half stone (and I don't carry it well aha).

Weighed 14 after DS though! & was a tiny 10 before him so just want to slowly lose a stone then keep it off with watching what I eat, no crazy diets for me.

tried the 5:2 & thought I was going to eat DS I was so hungry blush

Am also very aware that it's summer soon and I don't want to spend this summer feeling as self-conscious as I did the last one sad

It's silly really, you'd think if it upset me that much I'd have some blooming will power grin

BettySuarez Wed 17-Apr-13 18:41:28

Me - I'm in!!!

Have started MFP again as have at least 5 stone to lose blush

Would love some MFP friends - how do I go about that ? Do I just share my profile name?

this is my MFP profile

not sure it's the right link though! smile

OnTheNingNangNong Wed 17-Apr-13 19:45:16

it's your username

I'm not doing too badly, walked to school and back each day this week and have been doing an xbox workout each evening, so I'm feeling pretty exhausted good.

Id like to lose half a stone by the end of May, but mainly I would like to lose the bingo wings so I can go sleeveless when the summer comes.

That's the right link then smile

^ I have the same issue re: arms. I'm not massive but due to my shape it all goes to my arms & tummy, not really my legs or bum. I got really hot last year as I barely took off my cardi...stubborn grin

ChristineDaae Thu 18-Apr-13 07:39:52

Morning all, hope you all have a lovely (healthy) day!
I've set myself mini milestones to keep me going, and hit my first one today. 5lbs down... 24ish to go! grin
I'm finding it really helps me being on here. Don't want to have to come on and tell you all I've gained weight.

Hello christine smile

Well done! I hadn't weighed myself in ages and last time I did I weighed 12st. Have been very happy lately & busy as son's started nursery and when I checked this morning I've lost half a stone! So maybe the next stone won't be as hard as I often make out to myself so that I can put it off cus i'm a lazy git hehe

putyourhatonsweetie Thu 18-Apr-13 08:46:40

Sounds like everyone is making a great start. I haven't been too bad. DH cleaned the fridge and I shopped and as a consequence it only contains healthy stuff (no rogue twirls wink )and looks nice.

One of my key things when i am dieting is to try and make really delicious food, so I don't feel like I am being deprived. Tonight it is stuffed aubergines with salad (and wedges for the children and dh). Have been taking my packed lunch to work as well so that I don't get distracted by toasties and cream buns. Exercise been a bit tricky to fit in. Particulalrly as lasy night I went for a ten minute snooze and woke up this morning grin but up for shred and yoga tonight.

Keep it all up everyone

putyourhatonsweetie Thu 18-Apr-13 08:49:15

oh short term target, exercise three times a week and lose 6 kilos by end of May

Bakingnovice Thu 18-Apr-13 10:00:02

Hi everyone. Beware the rogue twirls girls!

I'm doing well. Feeling good but a bit whoozy having cut everything out. Am caving today and having a cup of tea as I really need a bit of energy. Looking forward to my treat meal on sat night of peri chicken and salad. Can't wait. Hope you all have a good day today. My weigh in is on sat but weighed this morning and I'm 5lb down so chuffed. Don't expect to lose at this rate next week but it's a great start. It's been hard low carbing though!

putyourhatonsweetie Thu 18-Apr-13 10:35:36

well done Bakingnovice, I understand about the woozy, i had a three day headache last week, which I think was lack of sugar and caffeine...I don't normally have too much but the Easter craziness followed by complete abstinence...

Well done on the 5lb. what a strong start

workatemylife Thu 18-Apr-13 10:36:28

I've joined MFP too! I just filled in my food diary for the day, and exercise diary, but it isn't complete. But oh my word, just how bad are grapes as a snack food?! I've chucked a whole handful into my packed lunch for today and that has apparently put me over my 'sugar' goal for the day. Ouch! We're having baked fish for dinner tonight and apparently there are not as many calories in it as there are in the grapes!
My profile is here, if we're sharing MFP

Bakingnovice Thu 18-Apr-13 14:42:22

Im actually starting to think sugar is evil. I bake lots for the kids as I don't like shop bought treats but I'm beginning to think sweet stuff is bad whether it's homemade or shop bought. It's day 4 and I still feel withdrawal symptoms from the white stuff. And i only have teaspoon in tea twice a day. Having said that it doesn't help my headache that I got slapped across the face when I was hanging the bedding on the line. It's blowing a gale out there. The washing dried in ten minutes flat, but I've not gone to bring it in as I'm freezing.

Just had a nice lunch of salad, boiled egg and tuna. And lots of water. Sooo cold now. Keep going everyone!!

munchkinmaster Thu 18-Apr-13 15:12:16

Hello ladies, I am clearly not going as hard core as some of you but for me, I'm looking for a new permanent way of eating. I've had 3 mini malteesers at stressy times (I'm a real emotional eater) but no other unplanned snacks or binges so feeling positive. Tonight it's mushroom stew for tea as also trying to cut down our red meat intake.

I'll maybe check out this mfp thing?

worley Thu 18-Apr-13 23:22:17

no twirls today smile I was about to write I'd done really well today for breakfast and lunch and then remembered we had macdonalds for tea as I wasn't home till after 7 and couldn't be bothered to cook..
really must get the shred out to help me out. I need to move it from shelf to tv unit...

somanymiles Fri 19-Apr-13 05:01:55

Just 7 lbs to lose--had lost all of my baby weight by January and put 7 lbs back on since then! Want to lose it slowly (1 lb a week) then keep it off. I am using the Lose It app, eating smaller portions and exercising more. Still having the odd glass of wine or piece of chocolate as I am rubbish at being virtuous! But at least I am being moderate and sticking to a calorie budget. First weigh-in tomorrow since I started last week - wish me luck. Anyone have any good tips on sneaking extra exercise in to your day? I have three children, the youngest is 2, so I am pretty busy!

BarbJohnson5 Fri 19-Apr-13 05:12:16

I need to lose 2 stones in weight, so i'm in. I bake cakes for a living/hobby so im trying to figure out how to do this and be healthy/slim...Still haven't worked it out yet.
What is shred?

putyourhatonsweetie Fri 19-Apr-13 05:46:24

Hi barb shred is an exercise dvd by Jillian Michaels, 20 mins a day for 30 days in circuits of strength, cardio and abs.

Somanymiles am envious of your chocolate and wine! I would love to be able to do moderation - sadly its all or nothing in this camp.

Bakingnovice Fri 19-Apr-13 08:24:19

Worley I too am trying to get back into shred. I gave myself a week to let my eating settle and should start shred next week. Once I start it I love if but after a break it's hard to get into.

Somany - well done on losing weight. The shred is good, it's only 20 mins and goes really fast. But other than that you could try doing star jumps during the corrie breaks on tv? It really helps even though it's only 3-6 minutes a day.

Day 5 and I weigh in tmrw. Don't have a headache today thank god and am hoping it stays that way.

Barb - I too bake for the family. Im ok with it though as I can't really eat anything I bake for some reason unless it's straight out the oven. This week I did a big choc cake for packed lunches. I just keep telling myself that when I lose a bit more weight I can start exercising and eat a bit more. I'm just dreading next week as its TOM and I get very negative and hungry during that week! I'm going to use this thread for support!

BadTemperedLadybird Fri 19-Apr-13 18:30:16

Right, I've requested this thread's title be changed to "Stopping scoffing....who's with me?" Hope this doesn't confuse any of us, but I think it does need changing as it's almost identical to the title of another thread.

I'll have a proper look through what everyone's been up to in a bit. Hope you're all good and feeling motivated! smile

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 19-Apr-13 19:00:19


Right, I've requested this thread's title be changed to "Stopping scoffing....who's with me?" Hope this doesn't confuse any of us, but I think it does need changing as it's almost identical to the title of another thread.

I'll have a proper look through what everyone's been up to in a bit. Hope you're all good and feeling motivated! smile

WE have done this for you Ladybird
NB I am with you - have been in 'holiday" mode and need to remember that summer is nearly here.

BadTemperedLadybird Fri 19-Apr-13 19:33:46

Thanks muchly Olivia.

worley Sat 20-Apr-13 00:28:29

now Olivia that's just wishful thinking about summer nearly being here!!

I've done kind of ok.. at work all day. didn't eat the cake that one of women brought in to share smile very proud of myself.
as I work full time and am single parent I find I hard work to get out after work and do excersize.. once ds2 is in bed and I've done ally jobs its almost 9 and then I just want to sit down and with tv with something nice to eat!

somanymiles Sat 20-Apr-13 06:01:08

First weigh in today and I lost a pound! Only 6 to go. I did a great 35 minute run today. I discovered (something you probably already know) that if I make a playlist of tracks around 180 BPM (or 90 BPM) that it makes me run faster to keep in time! I actually don't quite get to 90BPM, but Mushaboom by Feist is just right. So I had a much harder run than usual and rewarded myself with 2 glasses of wine and some home made thin crust pizza. Mind you, I only had a little bit of scrambled egg for lunch and was starving all afternoon.... Oh, and I totally failed to resist a piece of horrible shop bought cake at the soft play centre. Useless! Still quite pleased that I managed to lose something despite my weak willpower! How is everyone else doing?
worley I have walked in your shoes and that's really tough. Can you find something virtuous but tasty to eat when you get in? Hot and sour soup or something like that? I think Nigella has a section called Temple Food in her How to Eat book that might help.
Bakingnovice my pelvic floor after 3 kids can no longer cope with star jumps, but I could do knee ups or sit ups or something - good suggestion. Will look into The Shred as so many people seem to like it.
putyourhatonsweetie - moderation entirely depends on my mood. I can easily scoff a huge bar of choccie if in a bad one, so let's see how it goes. So far so good, but I am moving countries at the end of June so I may succumb to comfort eating!

putyourhatonsweetie Sat 20-Apr-13 06:45:44

Hurray for the pound somanymiles, and shred isn't especially pelvic floor friendly

Bakingnovice Sat 20-Apr-13 10:47:49

Another hurrah for somany here too. Oh yes, the shred not good for pelvic floors. Perhaps squats or knee ups would be better.

I'm down 7lb. 1.5 stone to go. Really pleased. But it's a big loss as I've cut all the crap out. Today is my day off the diet. But not going to go crazy. Lots of family illnesses so three hospital visits to cram in. The last thing I want to do as its glorious weather here today. Hope everyone does well and lets cheer each other on for the second week.

BadTemperedLadybird Sat 20-Apr-13 22:37:46

Congrats to those of us who have made a brilliant start. I've had a busy few days in terms of social eating and 2 dinners out over the past couple of days, an indian meal and thai. Not the best for the calorie conscious but they were already arranged!! I've tried to choose sensible options and haven't drunk. So I'm still feeling on track although I'm not sure I'm heading for a significant loss this week. If I can still feel motivated, I will be happy.

How's everyone else getting on?

somanymiles Sun 21-Apr-13 05:05:48

Yes, must get myself down to a pelvic floor physiotherapist (apparently they exist!) and get that sorted. Until then no jumping up and down for me.

Today we went to Nando's for lunch. DH saying "It's all grilled so it won;t be too bad." Unfortunately I checked the calories after I ordered. Oops. Who knew? Lots and lots of calories. Next time I shall order the pitta with chicken and no mayo as I discovered too late that is the lowest calories option.

Still managed to end the day only a tiny bit over my calories budget as we went shopping and left the car at home so we walked for ages and ages, then had healthy cauliflower soup for dinner.

Bakingnovice - wow, you are doing so well! Very inspiring. Sorry to hear about the family illnesses.

Hope everyone makes it through the weekend without too many temptations!

Bakingnovice Mon 22-Apr-13 10:30:00

Somany - I love nandos. Mmmm.

Week two, where's everyone gone? I'm aiming for 2lbs off this week. But I've got TOM in the middle which means I'll gain loads of bloat and then lose it so overall might not lose any actual new weight. Still feeling positive though. Am sure that will change once my good friend pmt makes an appearance.

Have to say I'm looking forward to going back to 5:2 after this blitz. And I'm kind of trying to commit to low carbing, certainly in the sense that I'm going to try and stick to more complex carbs and veg. Good luck all.

putyourhatonsweetie Mon 22-Apr-13 10:55:38

Weigh in this morning, lost 0.7 kg, total loss of 2kg... not too shabby for a start. I've set myself a lot of little goals which I hope will keep the motivation up.

this week we are going away for a long weekend so I'm just aiming to maintain. Don't want to overeat but equally don't want to be a right old fuss pot while we are away. (must pack trainers so no excuses!)

BadTemperedLadybird Mon 22-Apr-13 18:02:25

Well done putyourhat. That's a really good start smile

It seems a bit quiet on here doesn't it? I'm glad of the mutual support and motivation so keep posting everyone!

somanymiles Tue 23-Apr-13 05:02:54

Bakingnovice - carbs are my downfall. I love the Mediterranean diet and it really works for me, but my family want fresh baked bread, jacket potatoes and pasta so it doesn't really work unless I cook different dinners and resist the temptation to have just one slice of toast... so good luck with the low carbing - I'm sure it is the way to go!

putyourhatonsweetie - How fantastic! You must feel great! I have only lost 1 lb and already today I felt like my trousers were a little less snug.

Today was quite a good day for me despite the fact that it was Day One of potty training for DS2 so we just mooched around the house and didn't do anything energetic. (Unless you count changing innumerable wet pants as energetic.) I did fit in a quick 15 minute "power walk" when getting DS2 off to sleep in his stroller.

Strangely though today I did not feel like snacking - my usual downfall - and ate a nice healthy lunch of tomato soup so overall was well within my calorie "budget" for the day. Feel like I am getting into the swing of eating more healthily, smaller portions etc. Hope it lasts!

alwayslateforwork Tue 23-Apr-13 06:13:53

Room for one more?
I need to lose about three stone. I'm going to try low carb mostly, and getting off my capacious arse. grin I do have a pool and gym at work, but no idea how much it is to join. Will find out. I end up sitting at the computer and not taking a lunch hour, which means essentially I sit on my butt for 8 hours a day. <sigh>

My youngest is 9 and I'm the heaviest I've ever been - I'm suspecting it's starting to turn into middle aged spread which will be impossible to fight...

BadTemperedLadybird Tue 23-Apr-13 09:50:15

You're very welcome to join us alwayslate. I'm jealous you've got a gym and pool at work. We've barely got tea and coffee making facilities!!

putyourhatonsweetie Tue 23-Apr-13 10:50:47

Thanks, does feel like a good start and I'm walking a little taller.... maybe this time will be the time it stays off <hopeful>.

Welcome alwayslate, a gym and pool at work? How super. A few years ago when I had a slightly simpler life I was able to go to the gym before starting work at 9. That worked beautifully because noone in the family missed me at that time of the morning so I didn't feel guilty and I was able to dress for work without toddlers mithering. Felt quite efficient. Would that work for you? Empathise with sitting on your bottom for 8 hours.

somanymiles carbs have also been a thing for me....but am trying! I find breakfasts the trickiest.

workatemylife Tue 23-Apr-13 12:13:55

Morning ladies. I'm envious of your achievements so far! I've made a decent enough effort this week, cycling to work, and doing the school run on foot, and although this may not make a massive different to weight loss, it is making me feel a bit better and more determined to get into some nice spring / summer clothes.
I had a sneaky weigh in on Saturday and had lost not an ounce angry and I did have a bit of a naughty weekend with friends over for dinner and no self control on my part. But I stepped on the scales today and my week's weight loss has been 3 pounds grin. The display wobbled between ?stone 8 pounds and ?stone 7 pounds, but I'm taking the seven, as that's where it settled. Wooohoooo. Seeing that has made me all the more determined to keep it up.
We've been eating lots of fruit and veg at home, I've laid off the cakes and biscuits (apart from Saturday night) although I have had the occasional choccie fix in the form of a cup of Highlights. I know it is hardly nutritious, but it stops me caving in to anything else.
How are you all today?

putyourhatonsweetie Tue 23-Apr-13 12:31:28

well done workatemylife! 3 punds is super....and I would always take the lower amount if it helps keep you motivated!

alwayslateforwork Tue 23-Apr-13 14:23:50

Lord, no. There's no way I could get there before work!! (Am lolling at my username is this context!) I have three kids (two have sn) and two dogs, and a dh that leaves for work at 6am. No one would get to school if I swanned off to the gym. Some mornings I'm not even convinced they'll get there anyway!

A pool and gym at work is indeed super. I have yet to use either of them though. grin it would have to be lunch breaks, as I have no time at either end of the day. It would force me to take a lunch break though, which is a good thing. We are unionised and supposed to take an hour, but in reality I never do. I will visit the gun desk today and get some details!

Is there a set day that you all weigh in? Or do you all have your own day?

alwayslateforwork Tue 23-Apr-13 14:25:05

Gun desk?! Ha! Gym desk (but maybe with a gun to my head?)

BadTemperedLadybird Tue 23-Apr-13 18:17:41

I know what you mean about taking a lunch break alwayslate. I tend to eat at my desk while looking at emails. Not very good for eating consciously. If you can find the time, a quick swim before lunch sounds lovely.

Think everyone is doing something slightly differently with weigh ins. I know a few weighed yesterday. I'll be doing mine later in the week, probably thurs or fri.

BadTemperedLadybird Tue 23-Apr-13 18:32:46

Also, the weather has been gorgeous here today. I'm so annoyed I've eaten myself out of my nice summer clothes. I really don't want to be sweating in a cardigan this year. At least it's renewed my motivation to get the weight off!

somanymiles Wed 24-Apr-13 01:45:44

Lovely weather here too today (I am in Canada!). Feeling very sleepy though the last few days and not sure if it is being on low calories (about 1400 a day) or just that my DS2 is sleeping worse than usual. Has anyone else experienced feeling tired? I thought I might have more energy what with eating more healthily!

I am weighing myself on a Friday because I don't have a scale and that's one of my gym days, but I might do it tomorrow too, just because I need the motivation. (Although I will be very cross if I haven't lost anything!)

alwayslateforwork know what you mean about making time for exercise at work. Where I worked last there was a pilates studio in the building and I never made it to one class! However I still seemed to have time to walk to the shops for chocolate and lattes. Odd that. If you are working though your lunch hour could you leave early one day a week and go to the gym before you go home? That would give you more time as you could shower/change at home.

workatemylife well done for the 3lb! Last week I had not lost quite 1 lb when I weighed myself, so I went and did my run and weighed myself again - hey presto! It does make a difference having a nice round number, doesn't it?

Not a bad day today, still at home because potty training DS2 but did a 20 minute brisk walk and stayed off the junk food.

alwayslateforwork Wed 24-Apr-13 04:36:15

Well, I asked at the gym desk and it Appears to be cheap as chips. And they gave me a free month's membership as well, so we'll see how that goes. I'm thinking lunch time swim would be great.

I definitely need destress time, too. Dh called me today and said he had been told he has a 50% pay cut as the company is in trouble. In theory, if they make it, it will all be paid back. But there are no guarantees. So, we are okay if it is literally a couple of months, but longer term I have no idea how we will pay the mortgage. Oh, and we have just signed all the legal paperwork to move in the summer. Feckity feck.

Stress is a pita for weight loss.

Miles, are you in our west coast Group? I can never remember everyone's usernames... <sigh>

Bakingnovice Wed 24-Apr-13 15:24:35

Keep at it scoffers!! I'm still cutting back on things but haven't lost anything this week as my period is due. I wish it'd just hurry up and come. It's so hard not to reach for sugar and carbs at this time of the month. Off to make homemade pizza, wedges and coleslaw salad for the family. While I stick to my cold salad.... Sob sob sob.

somanymiles Wed 24-Apr-13 17:51:49

alwayslateforwork - My cousin Mrs TerryPrachett keeps telling me about the west coast group but I always forget to take a look! I am moving back to the UK in two months, so I am mentally in England even though all my stuff is scattered around the house saying "pack me". That is rotten to hear about your DH and worries re the mortgage. Am keeping fingers crossed for you. Good about a month's free membership at the gym though!

Bakingnovice - you must have resolve of steel. I find it very hard to resist anything that I am cooking for the children. Well done you.

munchkinmaster Wed 24-Apr-13 18:11:13

Pleased to see this thread is still here. It disappeared off my threads im so I supposed it was dwindling. I've still not weighed. I don't own scales and don't really want them glaring at me either so I need to get to boots etc. I squeezed my ass into sone size 12 jeans though. Didn't wear them as still tight.

I've, however, managed to knacker my ankle running last night. Had to call DH to come pick me up. Hopefully it will heal quickly.

Good luck and good work ladies!

BadTemperedLadybird Wed 24-Apr-13 20:16:57

Ooh, nice to hear how everyone is getting on.

alwayslate, I'm very sorry to hear about your husband's job situation. That does sound really stressful. Fingers crossed it's just a little blip.

Hope your ankle's not too sore munch.

somanymiles Thu 25-Apr-13 04:45:26

Went for a run today and had a quick weigh in - lost another lb... hooray!

putyourhatonsweetie Thu 25-Apr-13 08:09:26

Well done somanymiles i love running.... But somehow regularly forget that when sitting on my fat ass.

goodness alwayslate hope things work out and that you are still smiling... Well done for going to the gym. Exercise is a better stress buster than gin and cake honest

i am on holidays for a couple of days and so far the children are driving me demented. If i or they emerge unscathed it will be a bloody miracle. Fingers crossed i can at least maintain... Though i fear i will be reaching for the treats just to stay sane!

Keep up the great work everyone

worley Thu 25-Apr-13 23:01:09

badtemperedladybird - it been gorgeous here weather wise for two days and im so annoued i cant get into last summers clothes sad im hoping its cold this weekend so i can still wear a jumper !

not weighed my self this week yet as use the same scales in a specific department at work and wont be in that place till next week again... but i have been able to wear my trousers all day without undoing button and ive stuck to near enough 1400 calories and tracked everything on my fitness pal. i do need chocolate badly though!!

BadTemperedLadybird Fri 26-Apr-13 18:11:59

Worley I feel your pain on the overheating in inappropriate clothing situation!

I weighed this morning and 1 and 1/2 pounds off. I am pleased but would have preferred a big dramatic loss for my first week! I did have 2 meals out though and this would usually have been a cue for me to eat as much as I possibly could. So I am pleased I've stayed on track.

putyourhatonsweetie Fri 26-Apr-13 23:01:11

Well done badtempered ladybird... Great start especially as you have eaten out.

worley i live in central queensland. .. Permasummer. Still often not motivated despite regular views of self in swimwear. can you buy yourself something lovely and summery for now that you feel pretty in?

worley Fri 26-Apr-13 23:08:57

putyourhatonsweetie - well... found out yesterday ds1 has been nominated for a scriptwriting award.. and the ceremony is sunday!!!! no time for the diet to have worked so have to go but a dress tomorrow !! im gutted the lovely dresses i do have dont fit.. i did just try one in and couldnt get zip done up sad i had mad moment of thinking well maybe i havny put that much on.. but yes i have..

ladybird - fantastic though on what you have lost this week.. i hope your pleased?! are you following a specific diet program?
ive still not started the shred.. just been dog walking. really really must do it next week.. weight falls off then i know from past experience.. just getting the energy and time

alwayslateforwork Sat 27-Apr-13 04:20:20

Work has been mad busy, so no time to meal plan and eating crap. Going to use this weekend to get myeself organised and weigh in.

putyourhatonsweetie Sat 27-Apr-13 05:32:51

Wow worley how lovely... Hope you find something you feel great in smile

i thought i might shred every day in May if anyone wants to keep me company.

Good luck with the planning alwayslate

Have just mindlessly scoffed a load of white bread and hummus. Am muppet.

Meringue33 Sat 27-Apr-13 07:20:42

Can I join? Desperately need some motivation, baby is 15 weeks and I haven't lost an ounce since he was born despite bf. I am two stone over my pre-pregnancy weight and still look pregnant! Getting married next summer so I'd like to lose at least a stone before I start shopping for dresses. This week have been for three hour-long walks in the park and tried to cut down on cake. Still had some treats but fewer, and soon hopefully the house will be empty of them...

worley Sat 27-Apr-13 08:53:51

sweetie - shred 1st may then .. ill start with you. gives me a few more days to psyche myself up !

worley Sat 27-Apr-13 08:54:42

and welcome meringue33 smile more the merrier !

BadTemperedLadybird Sat 27-Apr-13 09:52:27

Thanks all. Yes, I am pleased. Feeling less bloated already. Worley, I'm just logging everything into MFP, which I do find really helpful.

You are very welcome to join us meringue.

And congrats on your award Worley

putyourhatonsweetie Sat 27-Apr-13 10:47:10

Hurray worley. Its a date. Welcome meringue

Bakingnovice Sat 27-Apr-13 11:24:47

Worley you'll look good in whatever you wear because you'll have the biggest smile as you will be the proudest mum.

Well done everyone this week. And hello to newbies.

I'm in for the may shred challenge but I'm going to aim for 3x week as if I do it everyday I end up hating it and getting bulky.

I lost 3lb this week so I'm v happy. Keep it up scoffers. Onto week 3 .......

BadTemperedLadybird Sat 27-Apr-13 12:04:01

Ooh, very good loss Baking!

And sorry Worley, I read it wrong and thought it was your award not your DS1's. Clever boy!

alwayslateforwork Sat 27-Apr-13 15:46:47

Meringue - I don't ever lose anything until I stop bf. I think my body goes into 'conserve energy' mode because of the higher demand on it - so the harder I try, the more convinced it is I am trying to starve, and so it conserves energy harder.

Not everyone believes the 'too, you'll lost weight so fast when you bf' myth. I think it's horse. grin

Oo. Shred. <scared> I might do power of three instead. <hopeful>

BadTemperedLadybird Sat 27-Apr-13 17:49:43

alwayslate I was hoping the weight would melt away through breastfeeding. Unfortunately it didn't. Though I think I probably had myself to blame!!

Meringue33 Sun 28-Apr-13 09:08:10

Thanks Always! Thought I'd get skinny without doing anything! Was stuffing my face during all those night feeds in the early days with the excuse I was keeping my energy up blush

Bakingnovice Sun 28-Apr-13 13:30:40

Always- I agree. Bf never made me lose weight. I was ravenous most of the time. I start the boot camp on another thread tnrw, its low carb which I'm kind of doing now. I'm a bit worried about moving on to 5:2 in a few weeks as don't want to gain anything back by eating more.

BadTemperedLadybird Sun 28-Apr-13 18:03:21

I just turned down DH's offer to get a Domino's pizza. Would bloody love one but need to get this weight off!!!!

alwayslateforwork Sun 28-Apr-13 18:57:38

Ladybird, you are the mistress of self control. grin

BadTemperedLadybird Sun 28-Apr-13 20:10:31


putyourhatonsweetie Sun 28-Apr-13 22:03:07

meringue.. another one here who lost naff all with just breastfeeding!

ladybird. . great restraint.
weigh in this morning and had lost a measly 300g. total loss now 2.3 kg in 3 weeks. my my goal was to maintain this week so not too dreadful. had been reasonably good whilst away though so cant help but be a touch disappointed.
going to be very good this week as in theory no distractions and start shred Wed.

putyourhatonsweetie Sun 28-Apr-13 22:04:58

sorry for dodgy grammar and paras. on phone and drying hair smile smile

somanymiles Mon 29-Apr-13 01:04:51

I did lose the baby fat slowly while breastfeeding (about half a pound a month). However, I have only just stopped and as soon as I did I put on 7 lbs! Hence now the calorie control.

Yesterday was my first glum day and since I am a comfort eater I did find that the wine and chocolate were a severe temptation. But it's back on the wagon today - a walk around the lake and a very restrained breakfast and lunch!

Have lost 3 lbs so far in almost 2 weeks, so not doing too bad.

Well done all for hanging in there!

putyourhatonsweetie Mon 29-Apr-13 02:18:24

well done somanymiles... i am a comfort starver then binge....attractive! glad you are back on the wagon grin

Bakingnovice Mon 29-Apr-13 10:01:07

Im struggling to get into exercise again. It's so cold here all the time and the lack of summer is making me feel low. My goal this week is to start the shred DVD and some walking.

worley Mon 29-Apr-13 13:08:16

ooh first weigh in and a pound a half off. smile not bad i guess..
have oat cakes and babybel light for lunch.. tryin to avoid bread as i bloat so much afterwards but seem ok with oatcakes smile

Meringue33 Mon 29-Apr-13 16:19:17

Am allowing myself to eat as much as I like of "normal" food but cutting out junk completely. Also doing a one hour walk with pram around the park most mornings - he finds it hard to nap so kills two birds with one stone.

I googled this "Shred" you all speak of and have ordered it from Amazon smile

BadTemperedLadybird Mon 29-Apr-13 19:48:29

Well done Worley. And putyourhaton, you thought you were going to stay the same, so a little loss is still progress in the right direction.

somanymiles Mon 29-Apr-13 22:51:21

Bakingnovice lack of summer is very annoying. However, you will feel loads better after a run or a walk, and warmer too!

worley congratulations on the pound and a half... I am now craving Babybel instead of the low fat cottage cheese on the menu for tonight.

Meringue33 well done for cutting out junk completely. I find the same thing with my DS2 - I need to take him for a walk to get him to nap, so I do get a walk in most days. I have take to walking at great speed to maximise the exercise but it does feel a bit odd to be soothing him off to sleep whilst powering up and down the hills!

Have been battling hunger today. DH says "just have an apple" but 'tis not apples I crave, unfortunately!

putyourhatonsweetie Tue 30-Apr-13 04:12:20

well done worley

workatemylife Tue 30-Apr-13 12:12:27

How are we all doing today? It turns out to be quicker to cycle to work than to take the car, so an added bonus from my walk / cycle commuting resolution. Less positively,we went out for a walk at the weekend which ended with tea and cake, and then yesterday a colleague brought birthday cake into the office and I lost my willpower totally. On the bright side, when I got on the scales today it wasn't as bad news as I had thought. I managed to lose 2 pounds this week, although I wonder if the cake eating might catch up with me by next week. The calories probably hadn't had time to find their way to my bum yet grin

worley Tue 30-Apr-13 13:54:46

well done on cycling to work! saving money on petrol too is an added bonus!!
going well today diet wise smile hope you all are too!

Meringue33 Tue 30-Apr-13 16:29:35

Brilliant Work! I used to cycle to work and it kept me skinny as anything, it's great! smile

workatemylife Tue 30-Apr-13 16:58:28

yes, the petrol savings are an added bonus too!
I'm thinking I might start bribing myself with a 'treat bank'. A little bit might go in from petrol savings, but I reckon that if I put in a box the money that I would have spent on 'treats' like fattening hot drinks, chubby sandwiches, and snacks at work, I can spend this money as a reward on something nice to wear once / if the weight has come off. Its a bit shock thinking about it. Buying two hot drinks, a sandwich, and a cake / choccy bar a day is probably close to a tenner! I wouldn't do that every day, and obviously I'm still paying for lunch (just now I make it at home and bring it with me), but I feel a bit sick thinking about how much it has cost to be lazy, buy stuff at work, and get fat(ter).

BadTemperedLadybird Tue 30-Apr-13 18:01:00

I'm totally with you on that work. When I'm in full scoff mode I can easily spend that on unhealthy lunches and fattening snacks. It's such a ridiculously large amount of money when you look at it in the cold light of day. And all it's done is make ME ridiculously large!! grin

I felt a bit light headed and low blood sugary this afternoon so grabbed a small amount of pinenuts to give myself a protein boost. Just logged that into MFP and nearly fell off the sofa! I knew they were full of fats, but good fats in moderation, but didn't realise they were packed with calories too. So I'm over my calorie limit for today by loads. Very annoying!

Hope everyone else is having a good day.

worley Tue 30-Apr-13 22:41:30

wont be shredding tomorrow sad i hurt my back sunday and cant walk or even take a deep breath without pain.. i was looking forward to it to.
done 12.5 hours at work and had crap for tea but stayed within my calories allowance on mfp at least
its a bit depressing seeing how much i lost and then put on again.. aiming for the line to do a nose dive again asap..

putyourhatonsweetie Wed 01-May-13 09:46:22

well done work.

another one having tomake lunch... i work in a peculiar sort of place. .. has a good bakery thoughwink . sorry to hear about your back worley. am minutes away from shred day one. hence mnetting to put it off

putyourhatonsweetie Wed 01-May-13 12:21:28


somanymiles Thu 02-May-13 05:30:57

Poor worley - I know how you feel because I often get a bad back too. Not much you can do for exercise if you can't even walk!

putyourhatonsweetie - well done!

work I do like the idea of a treat bank!

I am finding that some days I am starving and find it hard to keep within my calorie limit and then others (like today) I end up well within my calorie limit, even if I eat a bit of choccie, and it's all a breeze... not sure why?? Did a good run today plus some walking, so I'm sure that helped!

Bakingnovice Thu 02-May-13 10:23:44

Everyone seems to be doing so well. Worley hope your back is better soon.

Week 3 and I never lose in week 3. I weigh in on sat so I still have a few days for a whoosh but it's frustrating staying the same when I've cut so much out. Hoping for a 2lb loss this week. Still haven't started any exercise! Feeling crap about that.

putyourhatonsweetie Thu 02-May-13 10:36:49

somanymiles I know what you mean about different needs on different days.

Bakingnovice fingers crossed. What exercise do you enjoy? Anything that you can trick yourself in to? My Mum used to tell me to go out dancing and drink only water. sadly these days I would have to get on aeroplane to find a night club! Perhaps not realistic but is there anything else?

Right shred day two....

putyourhatonsweetie Thu 02-May-13 11:09:53

done bastard anterior raises

ChristineDaae Thu 02-May-13 16:35:29

Hi all, great to see everyone doing so well. Last week I had a really crap week, personal, work, AND diet wise, and put on 4 of the lbs I lost hmm
So I had a little word with myself on Sunday, got back on the wagon and have got rid of the 4lb plus a couple extra!
I have 7 weeks till holiday so NO excuses now. Hope the weather is picking up for those of you doing outdoor exercise!!

BadTemperedLadybird Thu 02-May-13 19:07:04

Well done Christine for getting back on the wagon. That's something I find really difficult sometimes. Hope you're having a better week with work and personal stuff.

I'm hoping for a couple of pounds off tomorrow when I weigh in. I feel so much better in myself for having lost a little bit already. I've got 4 weeks til holiday so I'd really like to be under 12 stone by then. I think it's doable if I don't go too crazy over the couple of bank holiday weekends we have coming up this month grin.

To those of you actually doing some consistent exercise.....I salute you!

putyourhatonsweetie Fri 03-May-13 12:35:01

Well done Christine for getting back on the wagon. It usually takes me around 3 months ;) and hope things settle down

Today I have done:
- day 3 of the shred,
- wk 2 /day 3 of c25k
- walked the school run (as opposed to car) and
- a bit of hula hooping.

I would be sooo smug about this but sadly dinner was fish, chips and red wine. Really hoping to have counterbalanced it as was doing SO well! weigh in Monday and would love to see a loss.

putyourhatonsweetie Fri 03-May-13 12:35:42

How did you go ladybird?

BadTemperedLadybird Fri 03-May-13 18:13:45

2 pounds off! Horaay! I've very pleased grin Still got plenty to go mind!

I'm very impressed with your activity levels putyourhaton but I know really fancy fish and chips and red wine!

putyourhatonsweetie Fri 03-May-13 21:24:20

oh well done you grin

ChristineDaae Sat 04-May-13 10:18:03

Yay!!! Weighed in today and have lst half a stone grin I have another stone to lst before my holiday in June (fingers crossed) which will bring me down to under 10st finally, then another half to go after the holiday, then I can allow myself to do some serious wedding dress shopping grin
I'm so impressed with those of you exercising, iv got back into m rut of making any excuse NOT to exercise!
Keep up the good work everyone!!

putyourhatonsweetie Sat 04-May-13 11:22:04

Wow Christine good stuff! Lots of goals.

Not too bad a day for me today, once again have eaten too much, mainly due to not wanting to disclose a diet in front of people because it is boring and I tend to go on In fact that is why I love it on here because it stops me yabbering to mere acquaintances about carbs. But managed to for in wk 3 day 1 c25k and day 4 of the shred.

happy weekend all

putyourhatonsweetie Sun 05-May-13 12:20:59

Hello all, hope you are having a super weekend. No bank holiday here (sigh) but at least we have the weather and Mondays at work are good for the diet. As a very clever girlfriend of mine says - imagine how enormous I would be if I didn't diet for two hours on a Monday morning?! smile

Same day AGAIN for me (stuck record) not bad food, though probably a little too much and

- breakfast - two poached eggs
- lunch big salad with big bacon
- dinner courgette frittata and salad tiny glass of white wine and tiny bit of dark chocolate so inlaws didn't spot the diet

- snacks - figs and dates

C25K week 3 day 2 and shred day 5

somanymiles Mon 06-May-13 04:18:06

Christine fantastic for getting back on the wagon. Sounds like you are doing amazingly well. Lots of motivation.

BadTemperedLadybird great stuff! Hope you are feeling holiday-prepped now.

putyourhatonsweetie It's so not fair that it takes so long to exercise off some yummy food! But you are doing a great job with the exercise.

My weekend was slightly extravagent, but had banked some calories so still on track. Lost another pound last week so over half way to my goal of losing 7 lbs. I think I have figured out that I am very active but tend to overeat, especially chocolate!

worley Mon 06-May-13 17:11:17

hi all.. glad your all still at it smile

well my back is seemigly better so i have veen hard at work in the garden all bh weekend so im hoping ive lost when i weigh tomorrow :/
i did have a few vodka and diet cokes last night and shared a jug of woo woo with a friend... and today i was brought a mcflurry.. but hoping the gardening and good behaviour the rest of the week counterbalances it..

BadTemperedLadybird Mon 06-May-13 20:14:49

Thanks all.

Sounds like we're all staying on track.

Hasn't it been glorious this weekend? I've broken out into my summer clothes, rather than the same 3 outfits I've been wearing on rotation for the past year! I've only got a couple of skirts that fit currently but hopefully I'll get back into the other stuff by the end of the summer.

BadTemperedLadybird Mon 06-May-13 20:15:12

PS I love woo woos Worley

workatemylife Tue 07-May-13 10:32:45

Well done folks!

I have to hang my head in shame blush because although I was doing well last week, the holiday weekend seems to have left me one pound HEAVIER. I think I just took my eye off the ball and allowed one treat to become several, but I didn't think I was being that bad.
Back on the wagon this morning though, with a super healthy lunch brought into work and a speedy cycle here because I was late leaving the house. Huff puff huff puff. I'm really annoyed about the weight gain, but at least I know I CAN lose it, so here goes. But it is depressing to see how easily it goes back on shock

somanymiles Wed 08-May-13 05:05:43

Holiday weekend was lovely - we are in Canada but DH took a day off anyway. BUT we went out to lunch and although I had salad and grilled chicken I followed it up with an enormous apple crumble! So... we'll have to wait and see if I still lose weight this week. Struggling a bit but think I am keeping within my calorie budget. Feeling a bit miserable now and wishing for some choccie but resisting!

workatemylife poor you, but at least it's just one pound!

worley glad your back is better - I have sciatica today, but hopefully can still do my run tomorrow if I neck a few Ibuprofen.

putyourhatonsweetie Wed 08-May-13 09:33:57

Well done losers!

After what I thought was a good week I managed to lose no sodding weight whatsoever....sulk.

Back on the wagon with an emphasis on portion control.

Have a really sore throat and a cold coming so leaving the shred for a couple of days - feel considerably less upbeat about the whole palaver. But will get there I think

BadTemperedLadybird Wed 08-May-13 19:50:50

Worley and putyourhat, don't be disheartened. Keep going former scoffers!!

I was at a home visit for work this afternoon and the family had relatives over from India. They insisted I come to the kitchen after the appointment and gave me lots of different Indian sweets and watched me eat them. It was really lovely of them, so welcoming, but impossible to say "No thanks I'm on a diet"!

somanymiles Thu 09-May-13 00:32:50

Just weighed in and (barely) lost a pound. Only 2 more to go for me! Fortunately DH is ignoring both 5th wedding anniversary and Canadian Mother's Day this week so no more being tempted by meals out. (Silver lining!)

munchkinmaster Sat 11-May-13 08:45:12

Found this thread again - its determined to elude me. Wanted to let you all know I weighed in finally at 10 stone 7. So half a stone down. God knows how I did it as my ankle is still absolutely knackered. Going to try to get to closer to 10 stone by the end of the month and maybe even down to 9 stone by August!!!!!

BadTemperedLadybird Sat 11-May-13 08:52:55

Well done somany and munchkin smile

I'm half a pound down. Bit disappointed it's not more as I've stuck pretty consistently to my calories on MFP. But, it's all going in the right direction! My jeans feel less snug around the crotch area today, you'll be pleased to know I'm sure! Camel toe is never a good look!

BadTemperedLadybird Mon 13-May-13 18:01:32

4 weeks in......who's still with me?

Hope you're all well and feeling fairly on track.

workatemylife Tue 14-May-13 15:22:52

I'm still here ladybird. I totally agree about camel-toe. Not good for the image or indeed comfort grin If clothes feel more comfortable, that has to be a step in the right direction, even if the scales don't want to celebrate with you.
I weighed in this morning, and after the annoyance of gaining weight last week I've managed to lose some this week. I'm a bit stunned as it has been a nightmare week at work and that usually sets me off munching, but so far so good. Another lightbulb moment. A week or so back it was the realisation that work-bought lunches were damaging my waistline and wallet. This week I admit I do tend to pick at food after the meal has finished, which is not a good habit. Last night the kids had left some bits of pizza from dinner, and I would normally have nibbled on both while clearing up. But this time the whole slices went in the fridge, and the half-chewed ones in the bin. If I'm not hungry, I don't need it.
Hope all you other ladies are keeping up with your great achievements.

munchkinmaster Tue 14-May-13 16:51:23

Well done work ate my life. I've fallen off waggon big time today - tommorow is another day......

I'm knackered, builders all over house, cranky baby, work to do at night. Excuses, excuses......

BadTemperedLadybird Wed 15-May-13 18:59:06

Glad to hear you've had a loss this week work. I'm trying to channel a similar attitude to you with my DD's leftovers. I tell myself it's her food, not mine and this seems to help me leave it alone.

munch I hope today has been a better day for you.

BadTemperedLadybird Fri 17-May-13 18:27:13

Weigh in for me today. 3 pounds off!!! Whoop whoop! That takes me to 12 stone and 1/2 a pound. I'm out for drunken fun on Saturday evening so hopefully that won't sabotage my progress too much.

Hope everyone is ok. It's slowing down on here a bit.

sixchickens Sat 18-May-13 01:19:32

Please can I join in? I did I and lost 1.5 stone (nearly half way to target) but due to various things going on at home a stone of that has gone back on sad Really need to get motivated and losing again. It's really helpful reading all your posts so I hope you don't mind if I tag along xx

sixchickens Sat 18-May-13 01:20:10

*I did mfp... (stupid phone typing) x

putyourhatonsweetie Sun 19-May-13 08:51:17

apologies for going awol. fresh start tomorrow. Got a bit crook and as I was basing diet on exercise it all went a bit pear shaped ... see you tomorrow!

BadTemperedLadybird Sun 19-May-13 09:44:30

You're very welcome to join us sixchickens. The more the merrier.

Lovely to see you back putyourhat!

BadTemperedLadybird Sun 19-May-13 09:46:59

I had a fun evening out and I'm not suffering today....bonus! So hopefully I won't over-indulge on the hangover food today.

somanymiles Wed 22-May-13 05:15:51

Hi again all - haven't posted for a while. I got over half way to my goal and then put a pound back on last week - boo! I have been really strictly watching my calories and can only think that the antibiotics I was on that really wiped me out slowed my metabolism down or caused bloating or something?! Will weigh in again tomorrow and see if things have got better now that I'm off them.Sigh... Need to keep motivated so will try to check in on here more often!

putyourhatonsweetie Wed 22-May-13 10:56:33

hurray, glad to see folk still on the wagon.

I had put on nearly all of what I had lost sad but am back on it now. Still under the weather though so will need to focus on food rather than exercise boooo

somanymiles Thu 23-May-13 05:40:20

putyourhaton I think weight loss is 2/3 food, 1/3 exercise (possibly heard that on Big Hairy Dieters!). So I'm sure you will do fine and hopefully will be fighting fit again soon.

I did lose a pound this week (weighed myself today) - hooray! - so I have reversed the weight gain thank goodness. I am feeling much better now I am not on horrible antibiotics. Am planning a two day hike this weekend and I am hoping that will help! (Although DH says only if I don't take any food with me, cheeky bugger.)

BadTemperedLadybird Thu 23-May-13 20:19:07

Hullo all,

Good to see what you're up to. Well done on shifting that pound somany.

Hope you're feeling a bit better putyourhat.

I'm still plugging away. Just over a week til I go on holiday but have got family up over the bank holiday weekend so hopefully I won't use that as an excuse for giving into temptation.

somanymiles Fri 24-May-13 05:33:11

Lots of exercise today! Walked about an hour with DS in the stroller and played catch for about 40 minutes. Not as hungry any more either which is great.

BadTempered where are you going on hols? Hope you have a fabulous time!

JojoMags Fri 24-May-13 08:08:37

Hello. New here but feeling in need of moral support. Am in post-op recovery and have put on 5 pounds, half of which was in the last week. The trouble is I cannot do anything physical - not even supposed empty the dishwasher, let alone exercise. So basically I am sat on my arse all day. Not a problem when I couldn't get out of bed to get to the kitchen. But now I am home alone, bored, immobile and comfort eating. Getting a snack is something to do, which is really bad, when all I do is waddle back to bed with it! Made worse by the fact that cooking healthy meals is hard as I can't lift pans.

All of the above are my excuses. Low carb is not for me - rice/couc cous/fruit and veg/the occasionaly slice of toast are all necessities, but was hoping I could join you on a low-snack/healthy meals regime. My weight loss goal is also half a stone. It's not much but it makes a huge difference!

somanymiles Sat 25-May-13 05:24:47

Welcome JojoMags. You are v brave! I think I would find it hard going if I didn't get to exercise. I am also a comfort eater. I found the Activia yogurt pots quite good snacks as only 100 calories but quite creamy tasting.

Very happy today because I reached my target weight. I am now going to try to maintain and/or lose 1/2 a pound a week, as I still cannot fit into some of my favourite clothes, but feeling great, despite having a stitch for the entire 40 minutes of my run today!

BadTemperedLadybird Sun 26-May-13 19:43:37

Brilliant somany! Well done you.

Jojo, you are very welcome to join us smile

I'm having a mini scoff this weekend. Got family to stay and am enjoying myself a bit too much! Oh well. The sun is shining so I can't feel too bad about it!

worley Sun 26-May-13 21:41:01

hello smile i have found you again. after hurting my back and then having a chest infection i have managed to get back on track.. did the first day of Jillians 6 weeks abs instead of the shred, as a bit wheezy still but im feeling it smile
am feeling inspired at moment. Hope your all doing well smile

somanymiles Mon 27-May-13 05:12:00

Just finished a punishing 25K hike with my DS this weekend. Aching from head to toe, but surely must be uber-fit and healthy now? Plan to sit on my a* for the next couple of days though!

worley good for you - glad you are feeling better.

BadTempered hope you had a great weekend! I am planning a weekend "off" next week as I am going out to dinner and don't want to worry about calories.

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