Reverse Lent: starting a diet on Easter Monday

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Right, I had a baby 3 months ago. I need to lose 2 stone. I've eaten quite enough chocolate today. Tomorrow I'm starting a diet. Who's with me?

Normally I would do this as 'Sober October', but this year it's Reverse Lent. I'll eschew alcohol, eat lots of fruit and veg and try to get back into exercising. I don't anticipate losing both stone in 40 days, but I'd like to get a good head wind behind me for the rest of it.

I'll start by weighing myself tomorrow (Monday) morning, and weigh in each Monday after.

I'd really appreciate a bit of company with this. 40 days should be manageable, it's got a good (biblical) ring to it and by the time we're finished, it'll be well into spring and we can wear some nice clothes.

What more could we want?

SoldierKatnissEverdeen Sun 31-Mar-13 20:05:14

Ooh great idea... I'm in.
I had my last baby 5 yrs ago. blush
I need to lose between 5.5/6 stone.blush
Every morning I say I am going to start today. Every night I stuff myself with any kind of chocolate substance.

Will do a weight and measurements in the morning amd report for duty.

Goal in 40 days: 1 stone.
Plan: Gluten free, low carbing.
Exercise: Cant do anything too strenuous at the moment due to physical injury, so I will aim to do pilates 5 times a week, to improve that side of things.

Lets go!

Trazzletoes Sun 31-Mar-13 20:10:14

Hi there! I'm in - just logged on to start a thread on "eat less, move more"!!!

I've just weighed myself and am 14 stone 9 shock I'm hoping that writing it down and making it public will shame me in to doing something about it. I eat far too much and do basically no exercise. I used to run. I used to be a size 10/12...

As from now, I am a runner again! I've just been for my first run in, well, ages and managed to keep going for 20 minutes [proud] now it's just a case of keeping it up.

With my weight, my BMI is 31.2 shock I've had to borrow DH's exercise gear because I'm too fat even for my fat trousers.

I am also in for a stone in 40 days and see where I can go from there.

FrantasticO Sun 31-Mar-13 20:12:17

I'm in!
Will def weigh tomorrow.
Have piled on lots of wt since stopping smoking.
A stone would be fab!
Already exercise frequently...will keep it going and stop feeding my pie face blush

Fairygen Sun 31-Mar-13 21:05:08

Count me in!

Followed Paul McKennas Hypnotic Gastric Band for a month (-13.5lbs) but fallen off the wagon and stuffed my face for the past 5 weeks

I just want to eat healthier, smaller portions and hopefully shift a couple of stone.

Champagnecharleyismyname Sun 31-Mar-13 21:31:48

Count me in, I will weigh tomorrow but think I have a stone to lose. I have eaten so much chocolate today I feel sick! Please share some healthy meals and some inspiration! I usually give up after a week.

Ooh, I'm delighted to have recruited people! I forgot to say, I'm in the US, so 5 hours behind, so it'll look like I'm weighing in v late. Not because I'm lounging in bed - chance would be a fine thing!

Champagnecharleyismyname Mon 01-Apr-13 08:33:04

Ok just got up and weighed myself and as op is in the us I will do it in lbs! I am 140lbs, that's 10 stone. That's a stone over my normal weight. I'm short with a small frame.

So I downloaded a free hypnosis ad and have started using my fitness pal again, my weight has gone up 3 lbs since I started recording it in there! I'm starting positive though, good luck all..

FrantasticO Mon 01-Apr-13 12:03:20

Well I'm up and about and stood on the scales of doomsad

156lbs and a bmi of 23.7

147lbs sounds like a good starting goal for me!
Was 138 before Xmas (dieted like mad to get there), then had a lovely time with festivities, gave up cigs at new year...and here I am!


Morning all. I weighed in at 165 lb, which is 11 stone 11. I'd like to be less than 10, but will settle for 10 until I've stopped breast feeding, probably this time next year.

I haven't planned this very well though, as I.have no idea what I'm going to eat today.

Trazzletoes Mon 01-Apr-13 15:35:57

I'm hungry. It's still 4.5 hours til dinner time sad

Must not snack. MUST NOT SNACK!!!

one of my many main problem is that I never let myself feel hungry. I graze constantly on rubbish purely to avoid this. I am not used to this feeling and this is going to be a difficult thing to overcome. But I need to do it. I can't carry on like this. It's not good for me, and it's not good for my children to grow up thinking its acceptable to eat constantly and to eat so much rubbish.

It is not going to kill me to be a bit hungry for a few hours <repeat repeat repeat>

FrantasticO Mon 01-Apr-13 18:15:09

So...I'm starting tomorrow, Easter Monday was not the day to begin it seems!
Haven't been too back suppose, but def not what I planned.

Good luck to everyone. smile

Fairygen Mon 01-Apr-13 18:19:15

Weighed this morning, 198lbs (14st 2lbs). I'm pretty sure there must be some strange gravitational phenomenon happening, either that or, as I'm having accept...I'm a fatty!!

Going back to slimming world on thurs. I really need the structure of a set diet plan, and the fear of getting found out if I cheat!!

notasheep Mon 01-Apr-13 18:28:10

Count me in too!!! I am 11stone 13 pound and want to get down to 10stone 4 pound as quick as possible.Planning to get weighed every two weeks and I shall post my weight loss on here
Feeling very positive and keep on repeating I must not be greedy!

trazzle, I allow myself to snack on raw veg. I can't not eat something, but curiously I find if I can olny snack on raw broccoli I snack less!

Trazzletoes Mon 01-Apr-13 18:47:24

How funny!

Unfortunately I'm sat in hospital with DS today (he's been an in-patient for several weeks) and the only shop in spitting distance sells only chocolate, cakes, pastries... No fruit or veg at all.

I'm really mardy now! (Poor DS) but only another hour until dinner. I've been drinking plenty of water to help but have a cracking headache too. I guess my body has gone in to shock at the lack of refined sugar grin very much hoping this wears off in the next couple of days!

FrantasticO Mon 01-Apr-13 19:18:06

Aww trazzlletoeshope you and your son are both ok.

Good for you starting this when at the hospital.

Think you'll be a skinny minny in no time showing that determination.

Enjoy your dinner.

I'm now feeling like a big fat failure for not even doing day 1 properly...someone come give me a boot up the bum!

Trazzletoes Mon 01-Apr-13 20:46:32

Fran don't beat yourself up - tomorrow's another day.

DS is doing ok, thanks. He has cancer so is pretty poorly, but he's getting there.

His illness is a significant factor in my weight gain though. I was overweight anyway and was just stopping breast feeding DD when DS was diagnosed so immediately my diet and exercise plans went out the window. Then for the last 6 months we've spent a LOT of time in hospital and its usually me that's here. It's boring and I am unhappy so I eat. Tons.

I can't carry on like this forever though. It doesn't help any of us for me to make myself ill too.

FrantasticO Tue 02-Apr-13 09:20:21

Trazzles you are right about today being a new day.

You've had a really hard time, so understandable that you comfort ate.
So hope your son is having a good day today and that you get to relax a bit.

Think you are doing the right thing in addressing weight loss now, I know how carrying extra weight affects me both mentally and physically. More mentally really as my mood is lower and so is my confidence.

Hope you have lots of support with hospital runs, family and all the extra things that crop up.

Take care.

Blimey trazzle you're an inspiration! My husband spent 6 weeks in hospital when I was pg with #3. Didn't help with the weight gain! Do you knit? I find it a really good thing to do while sitting about, and that it can take the place of eating in dull but stressful situations. I actually started so I wouldn't smoke so much.

eagleray Tue 02-Apr-13 22:36:37

Hi - could I join in please?

Baby is 9 weeks old, I'm BF and finally accepted I need to go on a proper diet if I'm to lose this bloody weight!

Here is my waffly weight history - ideally would be 60kg (and used to be a few years ago). Then I got pituitary disease and my weight crept up to 70kg. Then on the day I found out I was pregnant, I was 80kg, rising to 100kg when DD was born. Lost 10kg in a week, and then virtually nothing since! I'm devastated that I've got so big - this amount of weight is not going to disappear before summer is here.

I have an awful lot to lose (and weigh in kg as I can stay in denial that way - have no idea what it means in stones and lbs) but 40 days would be a good start. So here we go:

Current weight - 90.4kg
Goal in 40 days - 1 stone
Plan - weightwatchers
Exercise - just trying to get out and about with the buggy every day - did 7km today, then carried the weekly shop home! Will try and start running short distances soon

Trazzletoes very sorry re DS being ill - no wonder you've been eating lots.

Whimsical knitting sounds like a good idea - I haven't done any for years. Can imagine it's very therapeutic.

Fairygen Wed 03-Apr-13 13:21:58

I don't officially start dieting until I go to SW tomorrow night, but have been trying to cut down on the rubbish.

Having a huge de- clutter of the house which has kept me busy and I haven't had time to think about food.

@whimsical, I knitted when I gave up smoking and i still love it

Trazzletoes Wed 03-Apr-13 14:23:25

whimsical thank you, but I'm really not! Just moseying on the same as anyone else would in the same situation.

I am loving the My Fitness Pal app. It's making me think about what I'm eating, and whether it is actually worth eating it. I've managed not to snack the past few days and managed some exercise last night too (thanks Davina McCall!) so feeling better for that too.

Hi eagle welcome along!

Trazzletoes Wed 03-Apr-13 14:24:07

Ah yes, I can't knit for the life of me. I'm a hooker, me grin but yes, good suggestion. Ill get my wool out!

rusmum Wed 03-Apr-13 15:00:06

I'm in - 1200 cals on myfitnesspal, and 30 day shred my plan. How quickly van I realistically lose a stone?

FrantasticO Wed 03-Apr-13 20:22:44

Im thinking a stone is def possible in 40 days!

Two aerobics classes today trying to forget the Easter eggs, the biscuits and the vino at the weekend

Off to have some soup for dinner now.

Keep going!

trazzles. I'm laughing at your hooking comment until someone tells me not too

rusmum Wed 03-Apr-13 20:54:30

Thanks frantastic! What can anyone advise to help? Get me going? What's worked for u?

twinklestar2 Wed 03-Apr-13 20:59:32

I'm going to join too if you don't mind!

I've been TTC for 22 months and in 40 days I have my follow up appointment at the fertility clinic so I'd love to have lost weight as I'm at the top of my BMI.

I'm 11 stone and would love to be in the 9s in 40 days. Going to do this by low carbing. Tomorrows menu:

Fruit and yog for breakfast
Soup and salad for lunch
Homemade beef stew for dinner

FrantasticO Wed 03-Apr-13 22:40:06

Low carb, seems popular though I've not followed it.
There's a thread on here somewhere with LOADS of info.
If you search Biwi low carb you should find it.
It's got spreadsheets and menu ideas.
Might give it a go myself. I just find it hard to get my head round butter and full fat products being allowed as I've been on the diet / low cal way most of my adult life.

My problem is I'm good for days and days then blow it.
When I blow it I do it big style. Need to work on this bit!

Good luck everyone!

FrantasticO Wed 03-Apr-13 22:40:53

Oh good luck as well twinkle.

Hello newbies. I've had a hard day of loopy children, potty training and walking 6 miles with a double buggy. I'd kill for a glass of wine now. A problem I've just isolated of dieting in a different time zone is there'll be no one around to talk me down!

Oh yes, strategy: my biggest weakness is picking, so I'm doing my best not to eat between meals or while cooking. I also really crumble when my kids are eating, so I'm doing more family suppers (good habit anyway!) Or leaving my husband to supervise.

I'm also aiming to exercise more, which mostly is walking with aforementioned double buggy and just to cut down on portions a bit. I'm breastfeeding so not keen to really starve.

Trazzletoes Thu 04-Apr-13 02:34:39

whimsical don't worry! I'm usually up through the night... STEP AWAY FROM THE WINE grin

Thanks trazzle. I resisted wine but ate some choc. Ah well.

How's everyone doing? Half way through week one!

Trazzletoes Thu 04-Apr-13 16:30:17

Gosh already!

Doing ok here. I've been monitoring my calorie intake (as much as that's possible when eating food that has been cooked fresh by other people) and its certainly been an eye-opener!

I had dinner at lunchtime today and would usually go home tonight and eat another full meal, but I've got some humous and pittas and will do my Davina blush workout DVD again. I've ordered the 30 day shred too as so many people have recommended it.

I was ridiculously proud of myself for walking straight past a display of creme eggs at the supermarket!!! That was 90 minutes ago though and I still want one! grin

twinklestar2 Thu 04-Apr-13 19:36:54

Well done trazzle for walking past the creme eggs! I've stuck to it today apart from a biscuit and a few crisps. Myfitnesspal says I'm nearly 200 cals under my allowance. I'm happy with that.

twinklestar2 Thu 04-Apr-13 23:28:01

I forgot to say I turned down a free curly wurly today!

Trazzletoes Thu 04-Apr-13 23:29:48

High 5!

eagleray Fri 05-Apr-13 20:02:51

Well done on resisting the chocs!

I've had quite a good day, but DP went to the supermarket on the way home from work and then texted to ask if he should buy cake. I said no, definitely not, and he went ahead anyway. Am a bit annoyed as he's the one that raised the issue recently of my excess weight (in a health-concern kind of way). He now says the cake is just for him, but it's hardly bloody helpful is it hmm

Trazzletoes Fri 05-Apr-13 20:33:55

No way eagle!!! How cheeky?!

I've managed to stick to the 1650 calories all week, plus exercise when I've been home and speed walks in to town when I get a break.

Think I am going to allow myself to relax the rules for one day a week though - I really struggle if I can't ever have what I want so tomorrow I'm going to forget the calories but still try to get some exercise in. And the 30 day shred may have arrived by then... [gulp!]

We'll see what Monday brings anyway.

Fairygen Sat 06-Apr-13 20:05:59

Hi all,
Due to making 60+ cupcakes on Thursday, didn't make SW. Decided to go it alone, as I have all the books etc.

So far so good, although I am enjoying a few glasses of wine tonight. I'm following the red plan which is high protein, low carb. I'm also going to listen to my hypnotic gastric band cd.....I need all the help I can get!!

Eagle- we have a 'bad' cupboard in our kitchen, where I put all the stuff I shouldn't eat. From past experience, after a while I forget about it.

Fairygen Sat 06-Apr-13 20:14:07

Has anyone tried the Insanity workout program??

twinklestar2 Sat 06-Apr-13 20:20:11

I've stayed within cals but food has been bad!


Bacon, eggs and beans

Handful of crisps and a cream cake

Chicken Kiev with salad

twinkle there was an article in the BMJ a year or 2 ago about a GP who lost weight by just eating mars bars. Stay within calories and you'll be fine! (although obv it would be healthier...)

I feel like I've had a really tough week and haven't really applied myself to losing weight, although i have done a lot of walking - probably 20 miles over the week.
Still, I hope I've shed a pound or so -for morale at least! See you all in the morning.

Trazzletoes Mon 08-Apr-13 06:36:58

14 st 6 this morning.

I'm a little disappointed because I've been keeping an eye on my weight whenever I've been at home, and yes I know you aren't meant to weigh yourself daily but... And most of the week I've been 14 st 5. Then overnight I put on a lb! Grrrrrr.

To be fair though, I haven't exercised since Thursday as I have a problem with my eye and don't want to exacerbate it until I've been seen by the hospital which should be imminent. Also, I do have an extremely sedentary lifestyle right now, being stuck in a room for about 23 hours a day!

Fairygen Mon 08-Apr-13 07:48:24

Well, that was a quick week!! -2lbs, which is a fluke as I haven't really tried that much!

I've decided to totally give up my favourite tipple, white wine. I only drink at the weekends, more through habit than enjoyment. After a couple of glasses my willpower goes out the window!

Hope everyone is getting on ok x

Well done fairy and bad luck trazzle. Are you about to come on? That always makes me gain a pound or 2.

I was 161 this morning, 4 pounds less than last week which I'm pretty pleased about. All the walking must have helped, plus breast feeding!

Have a good week everyone.

Trazzletoes Mon 08-Apr-13 14:14:54

It is still 3lb down on last Sunday night so I'm annoyed but not devastated.

Have fallen off and been run over by the diet wagon today though. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

eagleray Mon 08-Apr-13 17:52:34

well done on the losses everyone!

My weekly weigh-in should be tomorrow but I weighed myself this morning and have lost 1.2kg! I think that's about 2.6lb so was really pleased with that. The tricky bit will be losing more this week (to prove that it wasn't just some weird fluctuation).

I was speaking to a nurse at my GP surgery last week about something to do with the baby and she said I should be eating more calories due to BF. I told her I was trying to lose weight and she said 'oh don't worry about your figure just now' - I was a bit peed off as it's not like it's totally a vanity thing. I'm about 4st overweight and that does bring health problems, plus my thighs are so fat now they are raw from rubbing together when I've been walking sad

We're planning a beach holiday in about 4 weeks' time - I know it's not enough time to look halfway acceptable in summer clothes, but to be a stone lighter would be a start.

Trazzle you are right, tomorrow is a new day - good luck with jumping back on the wagon!

Trazzletoes Mon 08-Apr-13 18:35:48

eagle perhaps your midwife was concerned you might try to lose weight too quickly and that could affect your milk supply - I think they have to be very careful when people tell them they are on diets not to encourage it too much, if you see what I mean? That's the only reason I can think of for saying that, anyway.

twinklestar2 Mon 08-Apr-13 19:59:06

Well done on losses ladies!

eagleray Mon 08-Apr-13 20:24:33

You are right Trazzle as there were issues with my supply in the early days. The nurse I spoke to said that now BF was going well, the weight would just come off, but unfortunately for me it isn't true! The WW plan I'm on allows extra calories for BF and so I am hopefully eating enough to maintain supply, but little enough to lose weight.

Found a couple of manky bananas earlier, and as luck would have it, there's a WW recipe for a banana loaf using 2 manky bananas! It's coming out of the oven in 5 minutes and I will be virtually sharing it with you all.

Trazzletoes Mon 08-Apr-13 21:18:26

Sounds delish <channels psychic self!>

I definitely piled on the pounds while breast feeding. Being starving hungry and desperately tired is not a good combination for me smile

I get very cross with the whole 'the weight will just fall off' thing if you're breast feeding. It's a lie! And I expect to BF for a year. I'm stay overweight that long!

I just drank a margherita. The whole not drinking thing might be tricky! It was yum.

Trazzletoes Wed 10-Apr-13 20:14:30

Right. This week has absolutely gone to hell in a handbasket! I have eaten horrificly badly BUT it looks like we might be back home this weekend (yay!) and the Drs said my eye is ok so I can now be less stressed about that and also can do exercise!

I am going to refocus myself tomorrow and sort myself out.

Don't worry trazzle, there's still half the week to go. Have a good night's sleep and crack on tomorrow. Great news about your son btw.

twinklestar2 Wed 10-Apr-13 23:37:28

It's not how you start it's how you finish! Get back on track tomorrow and you'll have 4 days to pull it back before Mondays weigh in. Good luck!

Rockchick1984 Fri 12-Apr-13 01:12:02

Hi ladies, am I too late to join in??? I'm currently 10st13. Was always 9st7 pre children, got down to 10st7 after DS. Fell pregnant again however I've sadly miscarried, I want to at least lose the baby weight from this pregnancy however would love to be less than 10st again!

More the merrier rockchick. Sorry for your loss, but welcome to the club.

twinklestar2 Sat 13-Apr-13 22:53:59

rock you sound like me. I'm 10st 12ish (ie I go into the 11s after a meal!) and was always around 9st 7 but then I got married and started trying for a baby and stopped dieting thinking I was going to get fat anyway! Nearly 2 years later and I'm still childless! would love to get down to 9st 7! Will be your buddy if you like? We can swap menus and race/motivate each other? :D

Sorry to hear about your mc, are you TTC at the moment?

Trazzletoes Sun 14-Apr-13 09:06:35

Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm going to have to bow out of this thread. DS' illness has turned out to be a lot more serious than previously thought and all my efforts now are on keeping him happy as we don't know how much longer we will have him for.

Good luck to the rest of you though. I will be cheering you all on from the sidelines with my pom-poms.

Rockchick1984 Sun 14-Apr-13 11:17:24

Trazzle I'm so sorry to hear about your DS - sending lots of <hugs> your way.

Twinkle not TTC just yet but planning on it again in the next few months, so want to lose this weight as quickly as possible without giving up chocolate or wine so a buddy would be great! Have you been trying to lose weight for long?

twinklestar2 Sun 14-Apr-13 12:47:44

Trazzle, sorry to hear about your son. Wish you all the best.

Rock - I've been on a diet for the past 10 years grin

trazzle I'm so sorry to hear about your son's illness. I'm glad you've made the decision not to worry about losing weight. I hope you still manage to have some energy left for yourself though. Best wishes. Xx

Gah. Weighed in at 161 lbs. Same as last week. I haven't had the best week in terms of dieting, but thought I'd have managed at least a couple of pounds. Bit disappointed really.

FrantasticO Mon 15-Apr-13 19:26:26

Trazzletoes I was on at the beginning and fell by the wayside.

I'm sending you every good wish in the world for you and your family.

Take care

eagleray Mon 15-Apr-13 23:01:32

Very sorry to hear about your son Trazzle - sending you hugs and wishing you all the best

Whimsical I had same result as you this week - static weight. I'm really gutted as worried my weight is stuck, but going to try again this week. Also, I walked 26 miles with the pram last week so really surprised that this didn't make a difference, along with cutting out most of the crap food.

Onwards and upwards - we will do better this week!

I'm not convinced eagle - my husband is going back to the UK for the week, leaving me with 4 children and some irritation that we're here because of his job, and he gets to go home!

But yes, best foot forward and all that.

Beccadugs Tue 16-Apr-13 17:00:47

Please could I join in v late? I actually started my diet on Easter Monday! Easter Sunday weigh in at 91kg... Sunday this week 89.4kg!! Hoping to get down to 80kg and start TTC!! Would like to aim for mid may, does that make it 40 days from Easter?!

Something like that becca. Easter Monday was clearly the day to start a diet... Well done on the first couple of kilos.

Beccadugs Tue 16-Apr-13 20:37:33

Thanks whimsicalname!!

I have spent the whole day starving... Think it is just because I am trying to be good!!

eagleray Tue 16-Apr-13 21:24:40

ooh Becca we have have almost identical weights! And interestingly, I was 80kg this time last year when I got a BFP (the result of which is now fast asleep in the corner of the lounge)

I did my official weigh-in today and I've actually lost a tiny bit after all - weight is now 88.8kg, down from 90.4 2 weeks ago.

Really need to start doing some toning exercises, but don't seem to have the energy. However, I did manage to walk 26 miles last week - I log all walks with the pram on an app and it all adds up.

Sorry you're being left with the kids Whimsical that sounds really tough. What's it like buying food in the US? Are there issues with portion sizes/types of food available, or is it pretty much like the UK? My only real experience of food in the US is when I've been transiting through Houston airport and the sandwiches are huge shock

twinklestar2 Tue 16-Apr-13 23:12:37

I'm TTC too Becca!

Beccadugs Wed 17-Apr-13 07:04:09

Ooh eagle, I can feel a bit of competition coming on... wink
Well done for your mammoth walks last week! Today is my first day of walking the 2 miles to work... Hope I don't end up totally knackered!!

Exciting times twinkle! I'm hoping shedding some weight will make the whole TTC/pregnancy thing easier!

Rockchick1984 Wed 17-Apr-13 08:52:28

Oooh Eagle what app do you track with? I tend to walk miles with the pram, but never have the faintest idea how far I'm actually going smile

eagleray Wed 17-Apr-13 22:08:40

Rockchick I use mapmyfitness to track my walking (used to use it for running but that was in a previous life!)

I had an appointment in town today and it would have been really, really easy to jump in the car but there's something really satisfying about logging some miles so popped the baby in her sling and off we went by foot (and that was another 4km and 160 calories burnt)

Becca hope your walking to work went ok today - I'm sure you will soon be overtaking me with the weight loss as I'm pretty hopeless at losing weight. If you don't mind me asking, have you looked at what your bmi would be at 80kg? The reason I ask is that this is the weight I was last year when I discovered I was pregnant. Unfortunately, this gave me a bmi of 30.1, which was just marginally over the threshold for obesity and meant that although I was fit and healthy, I was treated as an obese person (invited to an appointment to talk about my diet, diabetes testing, etc)

If you do manage to reach your target (and I'm sure you will) it may be worth looking at bmi as well, as it would be awful if you ended up being just over the limit despite losing all the weight.

The chances of me getting pregnant again are not terribly high (am 41 and have a medical condition causing infertility) but I am going to make sure I ditch this weight I've put on, just in case!

Beccadugs Fri 19-Apr-13 10:11:53

Thanks so much for your advice eagle! I hadn't thought of that, so am now aiming for 78 to be well within the limits. As and when I do get PG, I think I'll need consultant led care as I've got an under active thyroid, so the less complications the better!

Walking 2.5 miles each way is going well, but v slow, as takes me nearly an hour!!

How's everyone else getting on?!

Rockchick1984 Fri 19-Apr-13 10:24:02

I've still not started the diet blush Am thinking about doing 5:2, but the threads are just way too long - does anyone on here do it or has tried it? I've managed to dig out a load of old exercise DVDs so will give them a try when DS goes down for his nap, see if they help to motivate me a bit.

Beccadugs Fri 19-Apr-13 11:46:54

The is a great sounding version of it by someone called Michelle Harvie. I've got the book coming from amazon (at the delivery office booo!) so will report back once I've had a wee read!

I'm quite interested in the 5.2 diet, but I'm breast feeding and know it would turn me into a harridan.

Someone asked about US portion sizing. Yep, huge. But we mostly eat at home so less of an issue.

Rockchick1984 Fri 19-Apr-13 20:52:14

Thanks Becca hope you lose loads of weight with it smile

Whim the advice I've read is to eat 500cals extra if dieting while exclusively breastfeeding, so I think if you did it you could have 2x500cal meals on fast days rather than just the one.

rock that's still about a quarter of the calories I want in a day!

Right, how's everyone been this week? I've survived my husband being away most of the week and have done a reasonable amount of exercise. After last week's disappointing lack of loss, I'm hoping to have shifted at least a couple of pounds. We'll see in the morning!

Rockchick1984 Mon 22-Apr-13 07:56:45

I'm not very good at this dieting malarkey - just hopped on the scales and I'm heavier than I was last week blush blush blush

10st 13.5 - this week I'm actually going to stick to it, so at least I know my starting point grin Have discussed with DH who also wants to lose a bit, and we are definitely going to give 5:2 a try, Tuesday will be our first fast day. Will try to cut down on chocolate/crisps/cake on non fast days too!

eagleray Mon 22-Apr-13 09:10:28

Morning - I've just jumped on scales and lost 0.5kg. Not huge, but it's in the right direction, and brings total so far to 2.1kg (just under 5lb.) I certainly wasn't losing 5lb before I started dieting!

eagleray Mon 22-Apr-13 09:12:28

Good luck whimsical and sorry you haven't lost rock - dieting with your DH sounds like a good idea as you can support each other

Beccadugs Mon 22-Apr-13 11:40:32

Morning all! 1kg down at weigh in last night! Getting the other half on board is half the battle. Then you can clear the naughty stuff! Our rule is that he can eat WHATEVER at lunch time and them is heathy with me on the evenings... It works for us!!

That's what we do too becca, with the sub clause that he can't tell me!

156 for me today, so feel less bad about last week. 5lbs in 2 weeks is ok.

Well done everyone else. Half way now I think. I'm hoping to get in under 11st nextweek. Hopefully then some summer clothes will fit!

Beccadugs Wed 24-Apr-13 10:53:25

Glad it's not just me whimsical! Today I am feeling v disheartened with the whole thing... I've already had a lit Kat and its not even 11am. Willpower, where have you gone?!

Rockchick1984 Wed 24-Apr-13 12:38:39

Hello all, well done on losses!

I did first fast day on 5:2 yesterday and it wasn't as bad as I expected. I've realised where I tend to go wrong though - I am constantly picking, grazing, snacking on whatever I notice throughout the day. I must be eating so many more cals than I realised - just silly things like I got DS a bag of crisps and automatically got myself one. I picked up a biscuit to eat while the kettle boiled for a brew. I was about to finish DS's leftovers after his tea. I must do these things so automatically as I've never realise it before!

We're clearly partners in crime becca and rock as I'm standing by the kettle eating my toddlers discarded toast while I read through. I've pretty much written today off as I have toddler group this morning which includes compulsory biscuits and then book club tonight, which will involve banoffee pie. My favourite and best!

Beccadugs Wed 24-Apr-13 15:07:35

Banoffee pie is my fave too! The sun was shingling when I went for a walk at lunch time and I seem to have eaten a white magnum... shock

I'm a grazer too! Trying to have lots of fruit and veggies around for grazing as this helps!!

Oh dear, we disappeared for a bit then... Perhaps along with my resolve. I think we must be 2/3 done by now. Heads down for the home straight!

Is it just me left? Oh dear I guess I'm talking to myself. Well, I've actually gained weight this week, proving that just because you're breastfeeding doesn't mean you can go to baskin robin's with impunity, even with the rationale that there's no calories in coffee, therefore coffee ice cream should be fine.

So, weighed it at 157. I'd really hoped to come in under 11 stone this week. Best have a bagel to cheer myself up.

Beccadugs Mon 29-Apr-13 16:30:23

I'm here too! 500g loss last night! Currently waitin for a twain and eating a cinnamon pretzel... Oops!

Althought technically it's lunch!!

Well done on 500g becca. Hope you enjoyed your pretzel.

eagleray Mon 29-Apr-13 23:02:56

Well done Becca I'm sure you've well and truly overtaken me now! How's the walking to work going?

Oh poo Whimsical for me certainly, the breastfeeding/weight loss thing is a myth. Having said that, I've only had to make a few tweaks to my existing diet in order to keep within the WW limits. I think I'm finding that I can eat well and plentifully, but the really 'bad' foods have to be strictly limited. If it's any consolation for you (and I'm sure it's not) I would feel my life was complete if I was 11 stone again. There, no consolation whatsoever. Anyway, onwards and upwards, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for next week.

My weigh-in is tomorrow. Not entirely optimistic as I had to write off the weekend as lost track of logging what I ate and think I went well over my limit. However, back on the wagon today and also managed my first bit of 'proper' exercise last night for nearly a year - did a 2 hour cycle ride! It was knackering towards the end and the baby got awful separation anxiety, but think I burned about 1000 calories!

Good for you eagle. I've overdone the running and hurt my knees which is annoying. And thank you for your kind words about 11st. I'm pretty short though...

eagleray Thu 02-May-13 17:47:51

Sorry for late update - I lost 0.5kg this week! Not as much as I was hoping, but was still a loss nevertheless (and I possibly wasn't trying as hard as had been previously).

Are your knees any better Whimsical?

Becca are we still neck and neck?

Off on holiday in 2 days - hopefully we will be on very quiet beaches so that I don't scare anyone with my 'bikini body' shock

Beccadugs Thu 02-May-13 18:13:13

Yes Eagle we are! I however have had a disastrous few day including some doughnuts, and chocolate digestives for breakfast! Not looking forward to the next weigh in!

Bad luck on the knee front whimsical! My walks have been parred back as I hurt my calf and have had to have deep tissue massage at the Physio and a referral to the foot doctor for my flat feet!!

Morning all. Stuck on 156 still here, but after a difficult week. Looks like we're in for another couple of tricky ones as my husband is going to have to go back to the UK to go to a funeral and deal with some legal stuff. So I'm giving up! No doubt I'll be back in a month or so to shift the last stone. Good luck y'all.

eagleray Thu 16-May-13 22:10:39

Sorry for absence - been on hols. Looked an absolute sight in my swimwear, but did manage to lose a few kilos in the weeks leading up to going away, thanks to this thread!

Sorry you're giving up Whimsical - sounds like you have more important things to worry about at the moment.

Is anyone left? I have some new-found enthusiasm for dieting and am going to carry on - if I can get down to 80kg by the end of June I will be over the moon!

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